Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 12, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1916
Page 8
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STERLING DAILY GAZETTE Jte- THURSDAY OCT. 12. 1916. AMUSEMENTS. AMUSEMENTS. AMUSEMENTS. HOUSE OF FEATURES GRAND TODAY J, Warren Kerrigan VAUDETTE TONIGHT VAUDEVILLE ."three Fine Acts Academy of Music Monday, IN; \ i. ., r -... i •; i,.,- V. lii.ii), • HI M'- . : i». "The Gay Lord Warring" /'THE FGPL/S GAME.- .M-., K.H Extra! .' • ! '' ! ' M "''''""'^ Burton Hutm-'-i'rnvrl i V^irn-^^,,.,'^;'"'^ MARIE DORO ;• N«-«- ^..-..I.MI?,.. -hr,«. i.i, : : , ;/ « |N ", : KXTHA. th'::t tVMM.I'-rf't! J'i-tiin-, "The "The Heart of Nora F.lynn" - - -.j YcHew Menace." JV..-,') ,,;i«* i». I| ' BRAY CARTOONS i:\i-iyhody .-••f:trts t<>:tifi Uj ,, )n ,, h ., !!«-• ur« if. 'flu n(or> nitrii; J'..n [>,. v , 2 Shows-^-7 nnd 9. Usuaf prices. [I SATURDAY Harold Lockwood ACA0AMY OF MUSIC SA ™ RDAV October 14 CIRCUS DAY Walch for the circus clown en the street BOISTTROUJIT rvRKT HATS-ANTICS" CHAMPION TRCuPo Matinee 2:30, 3:30, Night 7:30, 8:30, 9;30, ,-Thf- Tr«nt-Ocf snic Stum, Favorite* of Two C fOM HAL and tf><»ir Mtociata player*? pr«- tenlinf st every performance _.' 4 ONE-ACT PLAYS 4 that have been recognized fiiti in the leading big time theatrei of America, England itnd Australia "PAT AND THE CENII." "A TOUCH OF NATURE." "A-BUSY DAY." "THE UNEXPECTED " , Price*, 25c, 50c, 75c, $1 8«':if« now nt HHtHtii," I'h:irill,'ti v nd ains & DANCING SCHOOL IN MYSTIC WORKER HALL Evory Monday Evening From 8 to 10 P. M, •l*or prtvfitf l(«««*>i!i« <-atl H. H. KELLEY, Bell phone 430R Everybody Can Save ly-a^eJjm-^in-^^M-tliis^^-^l^iihrs^ point to oner unusual bargain? for the two days only. « you want some unusual values, watch our "advertisements for in them mar lurke the very article that you want and at a great reduction in price. * Among- tomorrow's and Saturday's "offerings are unusual values at prices that are extraordinary low. , A Special Purchase of Women's Coats Permits us to Offer you these UNUSUAL BARGAINS The value of th^se suits are incomparable and it will he with an exclamation of tr«>mmie surpnsc and delight when you see them. Below are the unusual bargains: ' * One lot Women's Suits, all'of the very latest styles and in the most fashionable materials; present values from $20 to $22, while they last at . ":•'. One lot Women's Suits, all late models; present values 1528.00 to $32,00, while they last ... HOME FROM THE BORDER. Karl dud Kuri^^inu'iii'iminn' hnvt to imhlirun i-otnniltitH* and n!|<» |*> IH. a' v« v iy Mfon*,' suft'niKl.'it arid hnx UliMir- c-onxldrrahlf, work in ht-r nin-.-r I for thai (twit'.. ' ' ' NtorliiiK Kff-'r a lew month* I LADY DRIVES CAR ON CURB along tin 1 .Moxtoo lHird«-r. hriitg nu'tn- :, Tht. |.«-i>|-li' '»( b««r« of iU«» whieh ri'tunn-d .to tu nn itvf'ntii< wcrt- in.-id'.-iit THI-H. . .1 ft-w .KI.VN at:... Th.-y have j day ,-v«-iniiK abuiit.7 o'rl,,,-!, nrar the .. Jit I** I U*, ' when ;i U'4ttiut t!-- iirtv^ii** »* turn to .hnlr r,. K im,. m . Thoy havo not ^ ,,„,,.,, t , (I . ,„.,.,„",. ,„ ,LV, 7,-,^ uppn iniiHiori'd otii, hut hiiyc Vici-fi fjjv- i V,.,. 1 ' : iintl t'ontliHicd itn roiiiM- until it ,!"!', i Wl . r " ( ' k 'III! WllHjolVM of till- hl|i|d!ll«H. T^rKTin The» boy* put in u hot » -w*j*k-4«wJ-» the main kuy thfy hnvt» hud abl* csppricni'o. Th*> r«>Klin<-tit "" l|v Tl just us it fTitiu'K tin 1 Her car wax not d.nn- iu-t Jiftrr I aB '' tl '" nny K '' (<at ' <l»'«>' |f « t . »'H Nh*? and ilip hnrdor'and HIP Mtvxliwn*. to iuir <.\ti-rii on " <r l"'» i>! ' 1 i»>ti.'i'.'« \vcro vi-ry insifh CK- fill* . MRS. JEFFRIES WILL SPEAK. 'iit ij tr.irk. r'rlijuy. U.-ind |>ii - Krd. 11. Lantjl'ord,* \\'«»<lncHdiiy IIITI- oi <'ar !i»sul 41) I'f.-'ir'.s -,hif«l in, (":i|| H( FORCU AUGUMENTED. ''",V l ^\^ ! ',"'•,","'"*. 1 ;;. U '"'* l ' 1 .'.Htci \\iiifhili, of lnni|>ii-i., > 'ilfs hdvi' in 1 ' \\'«'diit > .sdav hn<> on |)III*|III-HM. l niK-th"^'-A l ti'^ hH t'-rt-iV'''-'--'''- l '' H - <V ' '" ' loi " ' llu '' li ''l»u».»ln-an j,|jrcinl j .ft'l-'iril. l-V-rd, « Ini i« - I'tMllllu-d in nn rhnt Mis. .t,.irn. : .s whi.'h will ar-iv.> in lld.s i-iiy ThuN- L -r?tl-H-il'! 1V H-H— HH'fHT-—HPr-M^4*if-f: ?tf- j'lili IJif luuO .it. *!\iKiiiii <t Mini «ill l>|. \\ iih (hi in in Hiiti til v on i QAILY --WE A-T-HEift— REPORT 'I'lir ' "liif'.'iuo ut'ilthi'l* l'!it'r:iu fnrc- THE TRUAN-oFFICER. «'ii»lun:iti, truant onk*'r fur th«> !'I'li)"ti •"'•liKiilf, has lif-ii foiviiis? his Mdilttt.' a tin* l>i>yx t!u v v i>«> raujtlit. hut tin- i-ITii'iT has 'iH-in «>vory ihni\ a It hough ht< tins hud No Re-Orders or Special Orders at the above Special Prices ... lici'i> tuu'U i>f • •nlH o'.iKh Miicl luiiivs -N'l hcihcr they arc in or not,. T. Y l>.'i\ is Mr». I-'riitik Pitney ni>i-nt hi STtEri nj ,il STTiTFfl 'Vi'lU |O \Vc>drif-sdii v. . • 1 .>lfi*. Ni/iiif crct'iiu t'lixu VVi'dni.Mday. — • Mrw, ,\inl!i x u ('ahs er«l dayn In l'"i!lt'.'n. Mr..niid Alrn 'A 4 I., imnday in <''hlfi«Ki'> .••••'••• \V. X. Hsiskfll >|M-nl AVi'dncxday In I'hlciiKu on hii.*iii<'HM.. Ml'H. .Ifiio! Nm'in'i. of H|'l"'llt \\ C('Hl'<d.l,V Ill'H', \\'. .1. HnrloU'h waj or in t'hh'Hjio XVriltu'mlay. Hcdiu-i'd i>ijics on all Milliiiory ('hlldron'8 hats at rout. Al MatntliliK JarvlN, I' in K. 3rd HIIVI:!.* I'M, MI -Uniw. "I Tainiiiru, w,\» here cdnttKdiiy on linstliii'i-'', Will- Iioylr'w I'ntatiM'rt arc hi-rc on » O lr:K'k ' 'mm- . itiid Ki-t- tJii-m.* Nii't> rar New VorK rally of the ivimldli-anN in xt Friday .LVOIHHK in the armory, wh-n isu w ,hHli-MH,| \r; ,;. ,<,.,-,,. <lf •„, luilli ini'ii and woim-n arc iinke-d in ( - ltn dld.'iti' for tin- hoard of lew is workiiiK un'-;iioti. Xcnth-iiK-n »!•( j -'niti.Mi.sM';; Itooo u'ld Triv \Vllliatn; Mi-Kfiiv.'ii' o!" .«ji, pi U c,in> - -lay .In f'hiiMjjo ') ilaiiKliiint nail 1 , all day 8at. al .Stoddiild Urns, II, J, .»in»l«>» Is Proving the Event IV of the Season ,.I.IT Scores of women arc flatting ideas '—-y for beautifying thoir homes. "You have given me n splendid suggestion for my living room." one customer remarked. - "I never knew there were «o many r Beautiful'ways of Uiing l.icc and over- drapes at my window. 1 " exclaimed another. , Have you visited our drapery department? Have you necn our store window Home Grift display? v The ideas and the merchandise are both here regardless of how much or how little you care to invest m decorating your home. Here Are a Few Items Barptins For Friday and Satturdlay Bleached Shaker Flannel 5c Bldached Shaker Flannel llin£ regularly at Vc; special for Friday and Saturday only, > at .... In. Percale 10%e Out 1 hit l>r««< and Hark Quaker Craft Nets Quaker Lace Curtains 2Cc to $1-00 $1.00 to §9.00 "Quaker Home Craft Week Specials • . ». .• !•. ... One lot Printed Draperies, worth 18c. at ^ ;,,.., ,,. .1.... . i<$c One lot Sdkolinos, worth 15c, nt,..11c.,v • One lot Curtain Scrim, worth* 25c, at ' - 19c One lot Lace Curtains, worth $1.25, at ..;..•••• ••• •••. 98c lot Lace Curtaina, worth $1,50, larlv at 1'J '•..«•; special for Friday and Saturday only. al .. 10 Colored Outing Flannel 7V 2 c _Qlii! __ lat __ {Adaw.d~O.ui4 14 f?- "I''llillM«'l,' 'J7 illclics Avidr, neat sti'ipi-s, rcmilar 1CV <|imlity; .special l'(»r Friday and Saturday oiilv at .-..T7.". :.• 36 -Inch Bleached Muslin 6 l / 2 c One lot 36 inch Bleached Muslin, regular qual ity; special for Friday and Saturday /* 1 only, at ...... . . . y2 $L35 Cotton B1an-7 kcts. $1.12 din- !u| (tton kr't.s, Lr<»i<j wciii'lil, rcirnln ^1.."..") tjiuility; s|K'('ial I'Yi <iny,a.n«i Sattir- .•to-onl, at . . fj \ ~ • *" Middies ( •!!»• 'lui ' lu-iivy WliH" Itiill Miil- ilio.x, Hhnri «>f hvnj; .wl«H'\ <*.s whiif, n. ivy nr n'li Ifittillicii; Hjti-cinl fur ami Saturday ;it s 39c assort- 39c '24x36 One lot linir liims, ed i'olors; s|n'ciul niitl Sntiirdji-v only, at . . ....... ... $1.25 Rag Rugs 6< Oni' |oi L'TxTit ling AVOI'th Up to $1.'-?•">; i I'Yiday and Siltur- day only, at ....... 69c One lot Lace Curtain*, worth $1.75, at .....,...,...$1.48 ,, vi , . of tl... Xatlnnal H.- : ' l.. W d.-n und parly-and will i. JP i • I C ^r iaTSflU Remnants! • • • ' t I'misim! intcn'st has bt'i-n shown in the st'parnte .skirts RcmnSints! llns Kail, and luM-iiiist- of tlio dt'in'aihl they aro made in ii-iN •' t<> « y.-ir.i " varit'ly «'f materials; silks, sntius, implins, galiardiui-s, :K..- pi-r yard; siij-Ljos and sti'ikiU.u'K' siiiart 'jila/xU. -Our array of.skirts n all s('y!»'s and niati'rials is Tuuistially line. Priees range from $5.00 to $12.00 i IIM' l»t Cun.'iin M li'ii^ilu?. worih up to ;K.i- pi-r yard; i-hoii-f. pi'i" y-u'd ..............•..•'. 19c i mi- lot I'lirtain AI'itcrliilM, V l'> .5_._>''L li-DKihs. \vorth nt< ('•> '''''' I"' 1 ' >"•'"'''. i-hoi.v. I.-T ;..-u,l ' ' , 29c Blankets and Comfortables Scores of .AVOIIMMI havi' foiiipliini'Mttod us on our lino showing oi' Ulankcis and' ('oiifl'orlahU's, < hir sloi-ks \V*MV nioro foinjik'tc and prices aroTt• ry attiTir-livi' Children's Coats Coats'of,s and fanev eloekjnss, the largest ,^ li'rt'mn w«- have evej- had. Read Them There isn't a store in this vicinity whieM&givinjr thej^alues that j this store offers. ^ At the Height of the season, just when they they will do the most Rood, we have decided to offer our beautiful line of this fall's suits at a reduction from our regular prices, which huvo been throughout the season below .those quoted • elsewhere. •.- "'":'- ~ \ • "'/ ' <""• '."'"' .-.-.- • - • f OUR SUITS ARE MOVING RAPIDLY.AT TIIJBSE REDUCED PRICES, PUT WE STIIJ, t HAVE A FEW CHOICKTONES LEFT! Il.h m*h quality and lower -prices than yon c^jUmd-elsewhere,appeal to you, It. will be worth your while to respond tjukkly to this unusual oppartunity. Ci-edit tareliable parties willbeM-iven as us- -ing- this suit sale. " lU.oii ;»t tin' i. K. <'lu»f«ti.-r ti(or«-, ' "i i-rrio-.m fo'ra sho'rt viriii. .. • . Friday* 1 niKht Woodman hall-: I 1 :'. »nd Mry.'l U, ('and.iiH uro t-x-j | i'l-rii-d !-oini> Uni.iv I'l'oiu a wi'vcral • o IM w '' t 'k !> ' "''I' UtrnilKh 'III' ««'sl, * * ) ^*^- .. i \«^., r i. \4 -il. l»nhlif. invltt-d ll Ui-rt K<lK,i.t. nf c'li,i-lmuiu. JjuiHs-rn ' Mr ,»n.J Mi-. \V»ltl »m i'oun«n w . \M-IU io \\,Iti ilo i, Iowa. .tod,i> lor u \l8ii. Km Tr«di v tuid^ Kt>v Ijoiu*. "'' I '• (atnr. ,|n-iit XV'c'liH'.-'day. tn thi- i»!.\ ' l\.iii J!ii//:n.i (i-1'inu-d Tih".d ty cv- Mj-.t Mfldti't! Auul It-luiiiid TiK"-.- d i v 1 )>»in an im-r Snnd-iy \ihit in I'tn- nf in ,Mr ,cMt Mis U illi.'iiii lic'iiK aii o I ii-J t'. ( )i i|.in>i |,i I I ^».<\- ,uu! <\ i'l fivr ;u liiMiti in in iKf tlu ir Imiiii' \V.iil/. UNO :>!• |i finil ;ill olh'T : i ii:d•i/.ml tl iru ' s iiiiuht |uj\aii) v .it i!)v i I!-;: ( • Mi ndni i, v\l,. and ;:•- At'iideiwy block Both Phones Sterling III. *™»*»***«>*» \\ HUlll 't>!l VU'l't riav V I' ' M.I! tin ..! ItoMoll \ , I'. irHi)ini; ,t !• \ <(:i>>- l.< i" on IH..M- 1H -,,« • Mr >nd U:- .1 \\". KH|>. oi Tun »>»• o. jrnl \\, iliii^d.ts i.illln^ on rnrn-tre- ' - ( \ll>.^ Ih t \\ i|!iain> iitnmtil hiimf \\Vjtntsd.i.v iroiu'a I>'W i'j\-' \ SMI HI ( 't,!' X'- ' ' 11 in- . fi u. o nu:M \\ O,H!II,,HI l> ill !''il.lii- iiuiud Hull's onhcstia .Mi^ 'K.ii' (in" ic i«'!uijii'.i Stiiiiu T-i-"^/? A"~"rr ui7~' 5 r*"'«."nc vfiTT" %)-.r ni i Mi i i. • i ii • ii :t \\, • -* i < , , l o i • - : i " i'i' !. • » M -,\< i I . '••> i '., O | u r ' j i ' i »i« t «> tT »'" <-'! 4^-««U J-l-lij-' I ill in_ in ! ti's t it v Mr, Mini Mi->. An>"-.«!i 'ri.'Uiii)i.« •,,>-.! PEARS! PEARS,! I * n« d. tilolhir 'id i>! Ilio i annul.? j'«.ii;< .) K f'.itoluh Soli * DR. F. \y. BRODERICK Jt'K»cti''»i LJjiait-d to EYE, EArOtlOSE and THROAT , BRAII? SUROfRy - 8 to 12 a. m ; 'i to 4 30 {t m Fifth Fliwr *j»wre«c» Rldg. lino, HI, ' Both P,hono» Ttvo more cars of that Real Good Underfeed Furnace Coal oft track Have You an Underfeed? It's well to Have a supply in your bin this year. Philip H. Ward ATTORNEV 411-11 1 Uv..tiuc BUig. The Weeks toaT Co;

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