Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 27, 1898 · Page 18
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 18

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 27, 1898
Page 18
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That Is the Opinion of Some Peo- About the Trial of Young Keifer. has begun. Chas. Rlley. an uncle of de- ceas»d testified to a conversation had with' \ll-r, ten minutes before the kill- inc. in which Allen clenied h ^ Vin ",,f' the elopement of Roy Allen pie BOIEIO CITIZENS ABE I1TDIGNANT. B.ldaM«t!n B und Denounce tl.e Whole Trial, Including «'« Bullnc* of the .»«!«<» -Man Who Inherited Some Money Harris and Di*»i.pe».rH-We».th«r «» «.e MartlnsvlUc Vicinity Oive» « ConlinuooS Performance—Smte Jiote*. Sclplo. Ind., Jan. 27.-Much discontent has been shown in this community over the rMult of the trial at Madison which acquitted young Keifer of the murder of his father on the ground of self-defense, and it finally found expression in a mass-meeting, at which time resolutions were adopted without a dissentm* which begin with a preamble de- in the claring that in the Keifer case a,, overindulgent father had been slain b> a depraved son and that he had been ac- quittedby perjury. The resolutions then proceeded to Eay that "Never days of witch-burning and the darkest rollglous fanaticism do we find where a 1^ of twelve men presided over by a judge and cheered on by a screaming; populace and backed up by the entlri; ' the n ad"nis"pistol in his hand, but did not 1 "charge It until Al*n had fired a «c- ond shot. Allen's third shot k, led Kiev Allen fired twice after Riley had •allr-r Othe- witnesses corroborated the evidence to the effect that AHen fired first. _ __ Biiil >V at Shipl»<l t" Chicngro. Tndianapoll*. Jan. 27.-Clty Sanitarian Clark 'has lor two weeks been making ri"id examination of the dairy cows ciw milk is «>ld in tills city, and as a result hundreds of cattle have beer. condemned because found to be suffering with tuberculosis.. - ertain In order to what became of the diseased cattl» Dr Clark placed detectives upon the tra.-k of the milkmen, and he says thev discovered that many of the condemned cows were sent to Chicago to be slaughtered and put into corned beef He informed the United States author. _ , ^, ____ ___ «™,. mnkincr aninves- itise and they are now maKing aninves tigation Dr. Clark says in the future all cattle found, diseased will be kiled Cyclone Work in Indiana. Indianapolis, Jan. 27.-The cyclone anted from the west had largely ticipated from c spent Its strength before reaching In DON'T BELIEVE IT When Friends Say "You'll be All Eight By and By." You Mast Act for Yourself if Ton to Get Well. Yon C«n Certainlj Be Cored By l)r. Greene's terrors. •Whein'you are 111 from overwork, orry, exposure or excesses, when vour vigor has departed and your strength and vitality is lost and your friends say, "Oh, don't despair.yoti'll be all right by and by," don't believe It. When your friends tell you to cheer up and hope WOMEN'S CKITICISM. JUN1US HENRI BROWNE ON ITS ASSERTIVENESS. The Way the Averse Woman Approaches Art In Any Form-She Prefers Gossip »„<! Pertonalitie, to Anytbme EI«s. JUld Criticism From a Close Keaooner. [Copyright, 1S9S, by the Author.] Although it is that American women advanced much generally admitted have as a sex more than men during tbe last 50 years, the last 30 particularly there are still a great many average for recovery their well, through the ordinary processes of nature, they simply express wish. They want to see you but their wish will not save you. You must act yourself. You are on the downward road and need a sure and effective medicine to arrest the progress of tbe disease and restoe you to health and strength dianapolis. Four buildings were un- j ^ T $ jg pply one medicine Which %5£z srssA.Tg»? »"' »"'^:'r^ th ,l'±« prized and remembered.. Those speeches recall tbe readers and surely readers are the standard of humanity oday It is the padding that fills what they conceive to be their souls, the shemply sentimental that conquers their "if * a violin virtuoso wears a diamond on his finger at a concert, the average ?__n's attention is drawn from his magic tones to tbe jewel. "Who gave it to him?" "Is he married to her?" That train of thought started, music can no more enchain. Man's criticism may bo criticism, and press of the city liberated the murderer of his father because that father did not subscribe to a belief in the Bible." Called a Perversion of Jiwtlce. ' The resolutions also declare that "While we counsel moderation amid the present excitement and righteous indignation of an outraged public, we feel that the time has come when we must protest against this perversion of Jus- thls farce of a trial; this willful wholesale lying, deception and per- back the false iroputa- u ™, c,.- ..... Bood citizens of Scipio condemn such an atrocious crime and that we deplore the dragging in of vhe sacred Institution of the churchtohound erable property was damaged in Vigo. Gibson, Owen and neighboring counties. Several persons sustained painful injuries rear Gosport and much live stock perished. Immense hailstones fell and a bright rainbow was seen near Dales- ville \t Princeton much damage has been done to property, and in the county especially tojimalTbuildings. Beat Hi» Wife to Death. English, Ind.. Jan. 27.-News was received yesterday afternoon tice; and jury, lion; and hurl that the the memory of one who is in his grave, Take a Whack at the Judge. "Resolved, Tinat an everlasting stigma should attach to such W™>™ ** aided or abetted by word or deed the turning loose of such a criminal in the jr-idst of a long-suffering and outraged people. Especially do we condemn the action of certain persons who went to Madison to create public opinion in favor of the accused, and that, while -we believe in the majesty and Justice of unperverted law, yet we condemn the ruling of the presiding judge as unfeir and unconstitutional. Charge Mado of Intimidation, "Resolved, That we extend our sympathy to all who wished only justice done to both the dead and the living that John Casey killed his wife at St: Croix early He had beaten her with be- year- in the morning. a poker until she was unconscious fore he was interfered with, a 12-ye old girl dragging him 'by the hair. Casey has lived at St. Croix thirty years. ™<- The murderer m *L»~~ escaped arrest and is supposed to have gone, to Louisville, Ky., where he has relatives^ C and S. E. Strike Situation. Lebanon, Ind., Jan. 27.-General Superintendent Moore, of the Chicago and Southeastern railway, endeavored to induce the striking employes to return to work, but failed. U. G. Stover, general counsel for the railway company, is looking up evidence against the men who sidetracked the express train Monday night. The lockup of all but mail Greene's Nervura blood and neirye remedy,the grand health giver.which has cured so many sick and suffering peopls. Mru. William H. Dow, of Argyle, Maine, says: and especially do we sympathize with those persons whose truth and character were impunged because they were too honest to be bought and too brave t. be frightened; further, that we as a community condemn such persons as lave defied public opinion and testified falsely in said cause, and we believe that they should be made to answer in court to the charge of perjury." NEUMEISTEB'S FOURTH WIFE 0eem. with the Help of Spirit, To Be Too Much for Him. Jeffcrsonville, ln-3., Jan. 27. - Two years ago Leonard Neumeister, of Lou- llle. inherited $40,000 from hisbrother, wealthy steamboat owner of Savan- B ah, who died childless. The other heirs were Charles Neumeister, also of Louisville- Mrs. Adam Spleth. Sr..and Joseph Spleth. her son. of this city. Leonard nought a line house in a fashionable neighborhood in Louisville and began to look around for a wife. He had a ready been three times married, but this did not discourage him. While in Cincinnati he feu In with two spiritualists. Neumeister made overtures to the woman, and after he had deeded to her his house at Beechmont she married him. They came to Louisville, and with them came the other spiritualist, a man named Nye, who took entire charge of Neumeister. When the latter called in this city he •n-as always accompanied by Nye. Nye seemed to have him under a hypnotic influence. Meanwhile Neumeister's fortune disappeared, and when asked about it Nye toid the relatives in this «lty that he had bought an orange grove InFlorida forhisclient, and hadsoldhim also a patent bicycle. Tuesday Mrs. Adam Speith swore out a warrant that her brother is insane, but he could not be found. It is alleged that he has gone to Mobile. Neumeister before the windfall of fortune was a journeyman baker nnd poor He had often been under the influence of spiritualistic mediums. HAD A VARIETY OF WEATHER. Town W*. Winter nnS Summer Resort and Otherwise In a. Day. Martlnsville. Ind., Jan. 27.— This county experienced all kinds of weatherTues- dny. Starting out with a snow storm in 'the morning, followed by a thunder storm of no little force, then came rain and hail Not a hailstone was seen in town but at Centertown and Paragon, in Jefferson township, severe storms are reported. In Jefferson township hail foil so fast that the ground was covered to a o>pth of four inches. In Paragon the hailstones were *C » large size, and die! much damage to window lights and ether perishable property. These storms •n-ere followed by trains continues^ Thinks He Will Finally Pay Out. English, Ind., Jan, 27.-Thirty-three and one-third per cent, dividend was paid Tuesday by Assignee R. C. Arnold to the creditors of the Weathers & Willett bank. Dr. Arnold thinks he can eventually pay out. women, as there are average men. who tattle, nonsense, expose themselves to comment and satire by their defects and foibles. Man, being naturally more sensitive to the virtues and faults of women than to his own, may take special pleasure in insisting on "their every variation from the ideal. Be this as it may, it is plain that many women have a degree of as sertiveness, an eccentric form of criti cism, that is not usually shared by men It is easy to find examples. Men of education and self discipline are commonly inclined in making statements to use qualifying phrases, such as "I think," "It seems to ma," "In my opinion, ""As I see it. ""In my apprehension," and the like. Women claimto be educated and to be se. lined very frequently oinifc those phrases, become merely dogmatic, not because they ar« rude-they are as a rule far more politic than men—bnt because they get excited, and the slightest opposition so irritates them as to make them often forget the rules of courtesy. Not so superior women, high bred women. ^ one pretends that their manners are not what they should be. ™~ -*" Rav "Itis," "Itis not," " •rLiill £ \fi.^ LAX. *•?"-* — — .' — . , woman's, too, frequently. .Bat what is the bulk of the average woman s criticism, in all candor, except gossip, .- tittle impertinence.- BROWSE. A CUBAN AMAZON. Author Mid the Mrs. Vir- Something Abont I« Claims of Another. "A Cnbau Amazon," by rinia Lyndall Dunbar, is the title of a novel detailing, with many romantic and harrowing additions, the untortn nate incidents in the life of Evangelma Cifineroa. It is not a pleasant story, but ECZEMA M ost Tortu ri ng, Dlsfigurl rig, Humiliating Of itching, burning, bleeding, scaly *»»• and scilp humors is instantly relieve* by a warm bath with CCTICUKA i>o.uv a single applicatiou of CUTICUKA (ointment), tlie great skin cure, and a full dos« ofCcTict-ttJi RKSOLVSST, greatest Of Woo*. purifiers and humor cures. (uticura REMEDIES speedily, permanently, •»• eccmomically cure, when all else fails- For™ Dmi« ATO CUM. COET. Sole - --, ;KT •• How u> Cure K«r« Skin .nit Bto«l BvUMt. E»t PIMPLY FACES They who You don't know," You're mistaken," "I'm repeating what I know," "I am not to be contradicted," "You're right; you agree with me,-" "I am absolutely sure positive proof," COAL MINE CONVENTION CLOSES. Agreement I« Beached on All the Points That Were Disputed. Chicago, Jan. 27.—The interstate joint convention of bituminous coal operators and miners came to an end last night. The miners are jubilant over the results of their ten days' session, for they mean that nearly 200.000 soft coal miners get an advance of 10 cents per ton and a uniform day of eight hours at uniform day wages. And the operators congratulated one another with a victory over themselves. As to the other point -the basis of pay-it was decided to take screened coal and determine the price of mine run by what is paid for screened coal. __ TROUBLE IN THE HANNA FAMILY. Senator's Son's Wife Sues Her Huatand for a Divorce, Alleging Cruelty. Cleveland. Jan. 27.—Daniel R. Hanna. the only son of Senator Hanna, was sued yesterday by his wife, Carrie May. for divorce. The decree is asked for on the ground of gross neglect of duty and extreme cruelty. The couple were married in 1SS7. They have three sons, aged 9, S and 3 year;, respectively. They separated three weeks ago and have been living apart_ejr_er_since._ The Weather We May Expect. Washington. Jan. «7.-Following ar» the weaiher indication, for twenty-four hours from 8pm. yesterday: For Indiana and Hit nois - Fair weather: westerly to southwesterly winds. For Lower Michican-Generally fa!> weather, preceded by light snow in «trem« northern portion: light westerly winds. Fo« Ihmer Michigan-Light snow; light westerly •v-inas For •Wisconsin—Fair wealher, ire ceded W lic&t snow in extreme northern por. lion- westerlv winds. For lowa-Benerall; fair, warmer weather: aoutberly wmds. THE MARKETS. CblcHRO Grain and Produce. Chicago. Jan. 26. Following were the quotations on the Board of Trade today: Wheat—Janu- arv. opened 9<%c. closed 97 »c: May opened 94Hc. closed «4%c: July, opened and closed S5c. Corn-January, opened »7&ic closed 27*ic: May. opened closed 29Uc: July, opened and 30'4c. Oats—May. opened "S^tc: July, opened and Fork—Jai-.uary, opened $9.95: May. opc-ned $10.02'-; July, opened SIO.OTU, "I want to tell of the benefit I nan; derived from Dr Greene's Ner- Turft blood and nerve remedy. When I commenced using this medicine I had been sic* in bed for nine weeks. 1 suffered terribly with my back, and my limbs were BO numb at times that I would pinch them to see if I could get any feeling in them. I was very nervous, had no appetite and could not sleep. "I suffered so much that I wais reduced to a very weak state, and we.s almost a skeleton I took seven boH- tlesol Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy, and began to improve almost as soon as I began taking- it. For the last six months 1 have toeen able to do my housework fora family of six and have hardly had a sick day. I give thanks for what Dr. Greene's Neryura has done for me." Use Dr. Greene's Nervura and be cured. You can consult Dr. Greene, 148 State St., Chicago, III., absolutely free of charge,personally or by letter. THE VANISHING SPIDER. Animal Llf« I have There's no mistake UUaiUA T V F+v j m , about it, "are the average women. They must be, though they would never confess it The average woman has a mortal dread of being thought so, conscious as she must be of being naught else. All j women but the exceptional woman are the average, folly 49 out of 50 including those who assume to he tha better sort. ., A Etyle of what many women call criticism likewise betrays the average •woman. It is heard continually. It is excessive personality, exclusive gossip, only that. Yet it goes, strangely enough, by the exalted name of criticism, which \ ditions which prevail in Cuba on is pure irony, however unconscious _ the part of those who employ it. it is hard to understand without specimens, which are constantly forthcoming whenever and wherever two or three or more assembled at the close of •women are any performance, any presentation of art any manifestation of intellectual effort—reading, drama, lecture, literature, picture show, concert, opera, serious exhibition of any kind. The comments offered are all alike, resembling those of a merely social occasion. One ignorant of what was "criticised" could not distinguish between a Greek poem and an opera bonfie, a metaphysical essay and a violin solo, a comic song and a Beethoven symphony. Thus tbe feminine talk nins alter the first night of a new comedy, say, at the Lyceum theater, the audience having dispersed and a bevy of women partaking of ices at Sherry's: "That second scene in the third act was very, strong. Mary Mannering MRS. VIEGISIA L. DUNBAR. ; is a graphic one. The work is a not - • • • ' i *- 1 con- and Raowssome knowledge of the topography of the country and the character of tbe Spanish and Cuban inhabitants of tbe island. It is melodramatic, painted in somewhat too lavish colors, bnt written for the most part in good English. It is not a little curious that one of the incidents related in the book—tbe unsuccessful attempt by Fred Burke, the English newspaper correspondent,- to rescue Evangeliua from the Carcel Real des Renardios—was a short time after iraccessfully effected by the newspaper correspondent, Karl Decker, whose exploit has now passed into the imperish- ible aunals of history. Mrs. Dunbar is a woman of some so- -ial consequence in Cincinnati, and her husband, Horace Dunbar, is the well known proprietor of the Gibson Souse. She is a descendant on the maternal sids jf Benjamin Cave, member of the Virginia bouse of burgesses. She is a first cousin to the famous Tom Johnson and second cousin to Hon. Harvey Johnson of Atlanta, whom President Cleveland Miss Grace Winfcleblect has returned from a visit at Muaole. $100 Reward, #100. The readers of this paper will be pleased t<r le&rn that there is at least one dreadedldigeMe that science has been ahle to cure in all «•• stages and that is catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure'is the only positive cure now known w- the medical fraternity. Catarrh being R constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment Hall's Catarrh Cure is taiwn internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous ourfacee of the system, thereby de stroying ihe foundation of the disease, and. giving the patient strength by building up tbe constitution and assisting nature in doing: it» work. The proprietors have so much faith in, Its curative powers, that they offer One- Hundred Dollars for any case that it fails te- cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address, F. J. CHSNBV & CO..;Tole«o, BB^Sold by druggists, 7Ec- Hall's Family Pills are tbe heft. Miss Lottie Tyner Is visiting relatives and friends at Munole. One Way to be Happy Is to attend to tbe comfort of your l!a»i»y. Should one Of them catch aCoold or court. «M on W. H. Porter, corner Fourtk ud Mart** streets, sole agent, end get a trial torttto »r Otto's Cure, the jrreit German lemerfj, fr«*. We giye it away to prove that *• e bare * »ui* cure for coughs, colds, asthma. comixj»j»»»« and all diseases »f the throat and lung*. I*rg« sizes 50c and 3*0. ___ John Easterday, an old soldier residing on the ffortbslde, 18 Quite ill. BbenmatlfK Cnrefl in a Mystic r Cure" for rbeu»»ti6»i «»« nc«- d port. Mothers Praise Hood's becanse, by its great biood enriching qualities, it gives rosy cheeks »n* vigorous appetites to pale and puny children. _ _ Hood'u Pills are the favorite finally cathartic and liver medicine. Price 26e Can't be^ perfect health witho»» blood . Burdock Blood Bitters make* pure blood. Tones and InTlgorite* the whole system. never — warm sunshine, anu and closed and closed closed 22% c. q^u, closed .J- _. closed 9.9,i»; closed nominal 'opened J4.S5. closed In the afternoon came rain and a rain- the north. This feature the old weather ob bow seen in astonished even servers. Then came a wind storm that broke over the town about 3 o'clock. The Grand hotel was unroofed, as -vere numerous other buildings. The roof ov-ir Huff's dry goods store, the Opera House and the Commercial electric light plant •R-ere -really damaged, and had ram followed the" wind Ute loss would have been severe. -Window panes and chim- nevs were greatly damaged. To add to the confusion tbe electric lights in the -tPeets were not burning at night. The power station suffered by having both smokestacks blown down, and the sams damage is reported from several sanitariums and factories. TMtinonr in tti« Blley Cue. Lebwwn. Ind., Jan. 27,-rntroaUcUon •t «Yid«nceta the Bitter- Allen murder case per Ib: chickens. Sg'.c: ducks, .c Potatoes—Common to choice. 50<f?60c" per bu. Sweet Potatoes—Illinois, fl.30ff3.00 per bbl. CliiKico Live StocJ:. Chicago, Jan. 26. day. •»• at lh« CmriMltl** of la Florida. A Florida paper describes a. : creature known as the "vanishing spider " On the borders of the Everglades you often see a large yellow spider He swings a strong web from two pliant twigs on each side of a. path or clear space of ground and waits Itor MB prey. The web is in the shape of a hammock and tapers at «ach end to a fine point, though quite broad in the middle Tie bright color of the owi.«r seems to mark him oat for desdructton —he is clearly defined again*t the whlt« »and or dead leaves, and you worker what he would do for defense lin ci*« of attack. Approach quietly find te watches you intently. Now raisie your hand suddenly, and he will dismppeiir. WMle you are wondering wh&t 'became of him you see first a blur where he had been, then several spiders, then you catch sight again of the yellow tall that you noticed at first Repeat lie performance and the stag* effect is renewed. Th« disappearance to absc- Inte—there can be no doubt about It, and the little magician trust* to it *n- tlrely for his protection. How ii H flone? As soon ae he is threatened he starts the vibrations of his airy hammock. These become too rapid for the eye to follow, and ht vaniishiis. As these becom« slower you see a htar, Several impatient interruptions. One voice dominates the others and gets control "Did you see that woman without a hat in the fifth row in tbe orchestra? She wore a purple gown. It fitted admirably. Who could have made it? bhe •wore beautiful lace, becoming. She"— It was singularly •was old -- — — -------- .- lor 'the day. 10.000: quotations ranged at S5.10«T5.60 for choice to extra steers H30«S4.95 :rod to choice do.. M. M «E4.90 fair to stood. $S.SO@4.40 common to medium do.. S3.70®4.20 butchers' steers. Ss"o@3.80 stockeVs, $3.SO@4.35 feeders cows. S?.60@4.50 heifers S2.40 *5' bulls, oxen and stags. So.40Cg4.40 steers, and $3.50@6.25 veal calves. Sheep and Lambs— Estimated receipts for the day, S.OOO; quotations »nd several spiders as the eye catches him at different points of his ;rwini, on- tfl finally ha rests befoi* . ranged , . at tS 60©4 fiO westerns, $^,60«r4.iiU natives," and S4.00@5.90 lambs. Milw»nV*e Gniln. Milwaukee, Jan.. 26. TSTieat— Stronger; May, 9^s<x. Rye-Finn; No. 1. 4T%c. Barley— Dull; No. X sample, SSc, A Theatre H»t Tfcat FcltU t?p. X remedy has been devised for th* matinee hat Of late a. collapsible hat has been brought out not quite on tint principle of the opera hat but practical to a way « the brim divides in th« center of 'the back and front and fijWsi over the crown, which enables it to b« packed much more easily. The open- fasten beneath trlnunUig*. JJ-lJiJJfc,. fc,*-- The man just behind her was much interested in her plainly. He stared at her all the time. Her escort should have resented it, but he never noticed it. He must have been her husband. He very plain, and his clothes were fashioned. His coat was three years old, "That young woman in the middle of the dress circle, first row, was very pretty. She seemed a stranger. Her eyes. were very bright. She was making them at everybody. She must be a desperate coquette. She can't be married, but"— So the prattle about clothes, men and women continues until the little company withdraws; no further reference to the play can be induced. There may be a few who wish to speak of it, but personalities are so much more alluring that they engross the hour. All "criticisms' ' are of a piece. The spring or autumn exhibition pi the Academy of Design evaporates in the same way. Pictures are swallowed up in gabble. Somebody, feminine • of course, names a gifted painter who has done an excellent work. It is thought that she is about to give the secret of his power. But she mentions the circumstance that he and his wife disagreed and separated finally. Then follows a diatribe on the disloyalty of artists generally and the folly that many women are guilty of concerning them. A dozen or more scandals are rehearsed in a rather conventional manner acd art is wholly ignored for rumors and tittle tattle. This vein is so much more welcome than principles or knowledge of art that tbe average woman won't release it on any account, What is art. abstract or concrete to appointed consul to Belgium. Her own account of how "A Cuban Amazon" came to be written is as follows: Through her husband she became acquainted with Captain Harry Earle of New Orleans, who had come to Cincinnati to solicit aid for Cuba. Captain Earle had been connected with tha headquarters of President Cimeros, and he read to Mrs. Dunbar the notes he had made while in Cuba relating to the fate of the unfortunate Evangelina. These notes, Mrs. Dunbar says, amounted to 15,000 or 20,000 words. She thought she saw the possibility of a striking novel iu these incidents and so informed her husband. The purchase of these notes from Captain Earle was soon after effected, and the novel founded upon the-in soon appeared. Its success was immediate, and it passed quickly through three editions. It remains to be noted that full credit was given to Captain Earle for having furnished the notes which serve as the basis of tbe romance. But now comes the denouement. Mrs. Lucy Scott Earle, wife of Captain Earle. writes to a Cincinnati paper, saying that Mrs. Dunbar never wrote " A Cuban Amazon;" that the book was written by herself and husband and was sold to Mrs Dunbar for publication at the lat- Isaac N. Clary, an aged cltUen of Harrison township: le recovering from a long Illness. From Sire to Sen. Asa amilr medicine Bacon's C«le»yKl"» for the Nerreg passes from «it* to IOM ha* legacy. If yon hare kidney, llrer »r »lo«* disorder, get a free sample paofca#e «f «•*• remedy. If you have indigestion, ooniMpatlo", headache, rheumatism, etc.. this spe«ilo •*« cure you. w. H. Porter, corner Fourtk a»* Market streets, tbe leading idruggrljt, fc Ml* agent, and Is distributing samples free. Lar«e packages 60c and 25c. THK City National Bank. tsr's suggestion Simultaneously with this charge of plagiarism brought by Mrs. Earla somebody has resurrected a number of stories from the old Peterson's Magazine which bear a striking likeness to some of Mrs. Dunbar's stones contributed to a Cincinnati paper. Mrs. Dnnbar Bays this likeness may be explained perhaps by the fact that her mother used to read these stories in Peterson's to her when she was a girl and that she absorbed them to such a degree as to reproduce both language and incident. Such rases of unconscious as is well known, not un- j. D. MILLER- CAPITAL ...... $200.000 JOBS GRAY, President, I. N. CRAWFORD, Vice Pies. F. R, FOWI.EK, Casfcier, — MR.ECTOKS — John Gray. C. G. Newell. J. T. Elltott.Dr. W H Bell. A. f. Jenkg. W. C. ren»oc*. lM*e ghideiei, oeo.W., Funk an* John C. iBguw. Loan money •» personal i»d c«Uausr»J Buy and sell Gorermmient bomd§. _ Will pay "per cent per annum on oeralMM* ol depoiltt, wken deposited «Ut monti«: 8 per cent P«r annum wfce» left one year- Boies In Safety Depoilt TaultF, *)r *U« keepin* "f Tataabl« papen . rented at fn» $5 to *15 per year memory are common. A f«w of the academic* for wliich N«w Znjl«Jd was famoM te days by survive, and one of tk«,,the P am academy, In Vermont, kas just cri- •brmted its centennial by suns at irun- »nd » dinner »t noon, ait-which. tbi *U and jlorifle* th« P«*t. /. _. . .._ breathing, palpitating humanity? Raphael's relation to Fomarina is a thousand times more interesting to women than the elucidation of the inner history of his most fiimous Madonnas. Art may do for formal written essays, bnt for ri-rid talk the average woman cannot spare the luxury of trifles and persoflal- ities. In literature, * novel or a magazine •tory, the befrt parts are skipped, and the sras3S.ss.3ts2 . The Fincoahion's New Tnrn. The pincushion has taken anew turn. Every one must have a pincushion, and The Sun says that if one desires a really swell one it must be at least a yard long, sis inches'high and not quite so wide as it is high. The new cushion, before it is dressed up in net laces and, McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CURX AND YAM IttKEh .f». CHICAGO. ribbons, reminds one more of a loaf of French bread than anything else, but once set off with the proper {rills and furbelows it looks beautiful on s dressing table— far too pretty to stick pins into. The longest size, covered with satin, can be bought ready made for from 75 cents to f 2, and it is easy enough to dress them at home. Football pincushions, made in the colors of the big colleges, are very popular with young women, and judging from the large sales many a one found ita way into the q-oartew of Yale, Princeton, Harvard and Cornell students be- FIRE PROOF. One block from C. IU I. * f- L. S. A: JI. S. iUOlro.* 4e*«t. Improvements costing $75,000X0 k»»e just been completed, and the .bone mow offers every convenience to be found IBUP hotel, including hot and cold water, ekc«t Heht and steam heat hi every **°"* Rates 75 cents per day and upwards. First ciass restaurant in conmecUoa. WHUAM MeCOT,

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