The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 29, 1908 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 29, 1908
Page 4
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BMBER £9, Jessie Moore Whiskey is one of the best known and best liked whiskeys sul.l. Its purity and goodness Is celebrated and It always pleases. At the bar It's the'whis- Ucy most called for and for medicinal purposes It has no equal. red Gunther Co. Family Trade Solicited Store and Warerooms 1518 18th 8t No bar attached. Phone Main 99. The stranger Advanced toward the door. Mrs. O'Toole stood In the doorway with a rough stick in her left hand and a trown on her brow. "Good morning," said the stranger, polit '\y. "I'm looking for Mr. O'Toole." "So 'm 1." said Mrs. O'Toole, as she shifted her club over to the oth er hand.—Everybody's. CASTOR IA For Infants and Childitn. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of VICTOR STEAM GAS HEATERS New scientific discovery; great boon lo tliroiii and lung sufferers. Cost of gas for 1» hours, Id cents, (lives slimmer bent. No odor ICTOR JET GAS HEATER DS ALL OTHERS a room 11x18 feet i hour for BUS. No. Come and see vonder. 10 the renowned comfort gat* heater J. H. CARR 1609 Nineteenth St. We Lead. Others Follow EMPIRE THEATER EBRITE & SON, Porps. High Class Vaudfvlwe. Illustrated Songs, unU Moll in PIcUups on Saturday and Sunday. 2:30 p. r.,. Doors open at 7. Show beglDH at 7:"0. Second pertV'mnnee, 9 (Contlnuoi:.) T3»rformance i 1 Overture. "Blushes and Smiles" Miss E. H. Franck r- mm THE SEWER Tho city trustees me.t In special BP.sslon thlg nuirnlng to hear the report of Sewer Crawler Oundlach which was madu In private. While the nature of the report has not been made public, the trustees, after the meeting gave out a statement saying the work that hus thug far been examined Is In accordance with the plans and specifications In every detail and the sewer is entirely satisfactory. BOREL IS GIVEN A CHANCE Owing to the Grace Borel to reluctance prosecute of few M™. band, Emll Borel, arrested for making threats against her life, the young man was given a chance to mend his -•onduci by Judge Black thin morning. GUS CALHOUN German Politician 3 Illustrated Song, "Hearts and Eyes Paul Torijes 4 MARIE CELESTINE The Crazy Soubrette 5 DEMARESTIO BROS. Singing, Trick Music, Talking and Dancing 6 EMPIRE MOTION PICTURES "Russian Cavalry" "The Substitute" PRICKS: General Admission loc Reserved S'-pt.!nn liic served Scuts 20r 10 o'clock, was postponed indefinitely pending the good behavior of the defendant and he was allowed his liberty on his own recognizance. Mrs. Borel declares that she wants noth- ( lug more to do with Borel and a* long aa he leaves her unmolested j there will be no complaint from her. j Should further complaint be made I the charge will be prosecuted. i NOTES AND PERSONALS. Prescription Filling is our specialty, We do tills work accurately' and carefully, usin^ only the purest and best of drills. We have only experts tu ilo Iliis work Jiml eluirtre less than stores. I l'rinv all yin;r work to us. C. A. Hively is here from Coallnga today. Fiii :aer County Surveyor C. H. Congdon arrived here from Kan Francisco l.i.-t I'vi'nlng for a short .-'.lay. Mr. and Mrs. .1. returned this morning from rian Die^o, where, they have been .since Thursday last. \j, Hi N. N. Brown has returner! from j-i* l.os Angeles where he spent the .3. ChnstiiuiK v.'ilii n-lfitive.-i. j James Devlne, Hank Dover aiid , ff Tom O'Brien went to Midway this , •$• morning. i The Hub has just received another ; shipment of wool Coat Sweaters for ' men and boys. 132 ! Dr. L. J. Carson has returned from , Los Angeles, where he spent Christ- j mas with relatives. I Martin Barber was on arrival In ' town last night. S. H. Collins is here from Fresno, j C. F. Whittier la here from Los An- j geles. I George Quarrle Is in from McKit- ; trick. Professor George H. Taylor Is down ' from Fresno. 1 A. B. Canfleld is in town today. i Frank Keller has returned from Los Angeles. A. U. McPherson, the Oakland oil man, is In town. JAMES WITT NOf GUILTY James Witt was acquitted on the first ballot by a jury today for the murder of Bradford Peck near Randsburg In August last. The Juy retired about no n, and almost immediately the signal knock came that a verdict had been reached. The defendant, accompanied by his attorneys*. Thomas Scott and J. R. Dorsey, was in court a s the Jury filed in. Witt canned the faces of the Jurymen dosely, but there was no sign until Foreman John S. Oswald read the verdict: "We th.- jury*, find the defendant jnot guilty." j There wre few people in the court room wh< n the verdict was rendered. , No soon«; was the court adjourned than Wir, his face wreathed In smiles, shook hands with each Jnror and thank'd him for the verdict. For Letters of Administration. In the estate of Louis Bassler, W McGinn h;^ filed application for letters of administration. The estate is valued at $1808.07. H. L. Packard is attorney. Mrs. Catherine Duclos has asked for letters of administration on the estate of 1C. J. Rosenagle, deceased. Answers Filed. In the r !.<PS of Tarr & McComb vs. J. B. McCaffrey, answer has been flier] to complaint by G. Muller. Matthew S. Platz Is attorney. Thos. C. Jackson has filed answer to complaint of L. Conn. Judgment Filed In the ease of Pasqual Stieplzo vs. the Karma Ajax Mining Co., the plaintiff is awarded judgment for |2234.50 with costs. .1. W. P. Laird was attorney. Final Account. In the estate of Harry V. Pensinger, final account has been allowed and de-1 cree of distribution entered. H. L Packard P-IT. .scnUd the adminlstra^ tor \V. W. I'ensinger. . CITY BP'EFS. To Hold Meeting.—The W. O. T. 1 T . will meet at the Baptist Church at 2:30 p. rn 'omorrow. A full attendance is desired. President, Mrs. Marl- dux. Dr. Taggart Here.—Dr. Tom Tag- rrart is hen- for a few days' visit with friends. The doctor, who is now enjoying a largo practice in Los Angeles, hays he Intends to make an annual visit to Bakersfleld. Of all the places he has been. Dr. Taggart says there Is none be likes better than Bakersfleld. Prisoner from Mojave. Speial Sale of Men's Stiff Bosom Shirts! Regular $2.50, $2.00 and ' $1.50 shirts. Special while they last, for 55c each. We want to reduce our stock of men's stiff bosom shirts, so have priced them at considerably less than their regular prices, and every man who needs shirts can save a good deal of money by buying now—the styles are good, and they are made of the best materials. The sizes are 14 to 17. Buy all you want now while the assortment is good. Regular $2.50, $2.00 and $1.50 values. Special for 55c each. All Toys Greatly Reduced. All Toys Greatly Reduced. Reed this morning committed Frank Madison to the county jail to serve a sixty day sentence for petty larceny. Germanla Social Tonight—Tonight : In Workmen's hall the Germanla So\ ctety will hold its annual Christmas F. F. Hill, the Union Buperlnten- '. social. An elaborate program has dent is registered at the Southern. , been prepared. The Germanla chorus L. 1C. Donn, the San Francisco attor- ; will have^an active part. The musical ney, is In town. j ••« Julius Fried Is here from Los An numbers have been drilled by Pro-, fessor George H. Taylor, who arrived from Fesno last night to conduct the entertainment. A large Christmas tree, finely decorated, will be on ol the features. There will be dancing and a sumptuous banquet. Jesus Bareraz Buried.—The funeral of Jesus Bareraz was held this afternoon. Interment was in Union Cemetery. Will Bury Sassier.—Louis Bassler, who fell dead at. breakfast in the Walters Hotel lest week, will be burled Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the undertaklrg parlors of Dixon & Son. Rev. W. H. Wleman will officiate. Bass'er was a member of the Coopers' Union of Los Angeles and , the local union coopers are making the Constable arranguueuls for the funeral. DAILY AUTO STAGE SERVICE TO MARICOPA Jack Tlbbetts' biff fiO h.p. Thomas Flyer will leave the Majestic cafe at 10 a. m. for Marlcopa, and return at 5 p. m. for Bakersfleld. All orders taken at the Majestic bar. Telephone Main 161. Fare $5 a trip. If Jack Tebbetts' big 50 h.p. Thomas the Majestic cafe at 10 a. m. for Mar- lcopa, and return at 6 p. m. for Bakersfield. All orders taken at the Majestic bar. Tel. Main 161. Fare, $5 « . » Want ads, SO cento e. week. VI8AUIA DELTA TO CHANGE HANDS AGAIN. The Vlsalla Times is authority for the statement that the Delta is about to change hands again, this time to become the property of a syndicate of Republicans. The sale price Is mentioned at $17,500, • . > ORCHARDISTS SHOULD SMUDGE AGAIN TONIGHT. L. W. Burr, horticultural commissioner, advises, all citrus fruit growers to smudge again tonight as a heavy feeze is scheduled. Manure and straw make ideal material for smudging. t Main 53. Free Delivery THERE'S A FIT AND SET ,'l'n tin 1 harries* we sell Ilia! makes 1 vmir dollars <lu double duly in ils : !iuyin'_' and Ilie harness double •serviee ili its rise. \\'e 1m ve jllst . HM-eivetl a fresh stock oi' heavy ! draft collars warranted inH to j clnifV or mill the horse. | Our line of UOK collars is coin- I [tlcte in variety, style, finish. PIONEER HARNES SHOP. MATTSON BROS., Prop. 1821 Chester Avenue. ORRIS CHAIRS geles. Tim Spellacy Is In town. i W. E. Howard i.s here from I-o-s ! Angeles. t,'iiiirh y Poll* enjoyed hi.-, breaii/iist !»"ier liiiin ev«'i- !|.'i-m-" 'I\F. \\ltV I l.-.-r. < 1 liini l'\>li;r:'s \iol.ien Can* t'of-'-| Iff iM'uilii.l jllsl liet'oi'i- ilsiii-t. : The Knights of Columbus will hold i their regular meeting and installa- lion of ofllcei-B next Friday alght. ; O. G. Gillette, a mining man, Is ; here from l.os Angeles. He is looking [over the Kern River oil fields with a j vl.'w to Investing. J. C. Sparry, the Coallnga oil man, is In town today. Frank Graham la In town. Mrs. Ida Berry, a former resident of Uakersfleld, but now residing at Berkeley, arrived yesterday for a short visit and is the guest of Mrs. i Qeo. W. Price. County Clerk 1. L. Miller hus returned from San Jose. Mrs. Miller wiH remain in the Garden City for some days yet. George Brundage, a Jjrother of Judge B. Brundage, and a resident of Wyoming, arrived here last night. He was accompanied by bis son and wife and their two children. BIBLE'^OYCLERY ,| Step In and see our new ilne of 1909 wheels. They are classy. See our wheel with a coaster brake, i guaranteed for one year, for $25. BIBLE'S CYC'LKRY, 1807 ChGBter avenue. Phone Main 85n. lino After Christmas Coat Sale AT GREAT REDUCTIONS "We have a IVw left, which we do not intend to carry over. This is the opportunity to »;et one of these tine chairs for your own homo i k T PHILIP W. f> NlEDERAUK Every Long Coat Must Go- Note These Small Prices ^.J.50—For Coats that should be $12.50. $10.00— For Coats that should be $15.00. $13.OO~ For Coats that should be $18.50. $25.00—For Coats that should be $30.00. Every long coat—opera coat and cape in* our immense stock is reduced for a speedy clearance—in numerous instances the snlc prices hardly represent the bare cost of the materials by the yard- to say nothing of the fine tailoring, workmanship and making. Every garment is absolutely new and correct—the very styles you will wear all season. All are made of first class materials only, such as broadcloth, mixtures, coverts, kerseys, etc. Note the descriptions carefully; they are an index to what to expect. AD others are priced proportionately. 1408-10 19th St Main 173 Everybody Buys Kern River Mills Flour It lias the greatest d<>- maml of any Hour nruU- and IK used by nil housewives \\ !io appreciate fine. Hour. When you'iv paying out your mo ii'.v for good Hour, :• .1 II - an I always :isk for h will n-iy yon to try ibis linn" an,| ID Mud out It-, UuM'niiuh . ooilne. s. At all Mroeers. Long and Short Kimonos AT SPECIAL PRICES 35c to $4 Tlii>y are ;ill effffilvely -made of pretty tlannc '<•'!»> ;u\'t fleece ha.'kH in pretty, atfnutivo patterns and colorings. Many are trimmed with harmonizing plain bands — others' with Persian trimmings. There Is nothing huuilier for around the house wear and at our present prices they are senstitiouul luivt;uiuB. STYLE 1. Is made of covert In a pretty pencil two-toned stripe, very mannlshly made with outside pockets, hlxh turn bacl< cuffs, long sh-cves, velvet collar and broad UipelH. It is a loose fitting garment that is really worm $18.50. Sale price Is only $13 STYLE 3. Is made of a fancy mixture in ft two-tone airipo effect, mnx!^ very mannish with fancy poekjets ornamented with buttons! and velvet, collars and cuffs also trimmed with velvet; a sood stylish garment that should be $15. The Sale Vrieo is only All Millinery Reduced STYLE 2. Is made of cheviot and is mmmed with braid and self .straps, is cut double brensted, but velvet, collar, slanting pockets iinil Ions sleeves wlta cuffs, Is further onwmented with fancy buttons and is actually worth $12.50. Sale Price is only $8.50 STYLE 4. A strictly tailored coat made, of ciieviot, IB strapped over thu shoulder, has fancy outsiile pockets, Ions sleeves, is very warm, has largo lapels, collar, cuffs uud pockets Inlaid with black broadcloth; a garment that is worth $30. Sale Price is only $26 ftj' !lT) 2OOO

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