The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 29, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 29, 1908
Page 3
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TfflB CAUPORNUN. We're Now Making Great Improvements in our Store! We're goiug to enlarge our store rqoin and on account of tke great alterations we hare in vifw, we've also planned to have a big sale to sort of reduce our stock, get it out of our way. Pull details of the big sale to follow later. Phones—Dry Goods, 142 Hardware, 224. Groceries 142 1418-1422 Nineteenth Street. The Keeps Frost Off Windows Don't you dislike to leave the warm living room and undress in a cold bedroom where the frost u thkk on the windows? No need to any longer — a PERFECTION Oil Heater (Equipped with Smokeless Device) makes any cold room cheerful and cozy in a trice and keeps it so. It has a smokeless device—that means no smoke—no smell—no bother—just direct intense heat. Finished in japan and nickel. Brass font holds 4 quarts, bums 9 hours. Easily car- tied about. Every Jl heater warranted. g' ^ «•» is uneaualled / \ / A Irish Drama Sunday Night A rare j-eat Is In store for the people who like the Irish drama, for next Sunday evening at the opera house, Charles Erin Verner, the well known Irish actor, will appear In the historical drama called "Shamus O'Brien" , tbe play so dear to all Irish hearts. Mr.; Verner has played the hero of '98 in every country where the English language Is spoken and has broken the i recbrd of many statements Issued by the box office czar. Mr. Verner this season Is unuer ihe direction of the well known' manager j and actor, Carl Berch, who has playo;) many engagements on the Pacific coast. After playing this part of the; country, Mr. Verner will once more visit the scenes of his former tri- 1 umphs, South Africa, where he is in- j terested in two diamond mines. I Brewsters Millions. "Brewster's Millions", undoubtedly the greatest success of recent years, Is announced for presentation at the Bakersfteld Opera House next Monday evening, by Cohan and Harris, comedians. The play Is a mixture or farce and melodrama. Those who havn read the story know the plot and can readily understand Its claim to popularity. The book has been followed very closely in the main incidents, I but" It was necessary to depart from tbe story in one or two minor particulars to preserve the dramatic unities. Robert Ober will be seen In the rolo I of "Monty" Brewster. supported by the following well known people: i Richard Webster, Oeorge Crossette.i Franklin George, Norman McDonald, i George Harcourt, John Alden. Gone, Foxcraft, Chas. H, Crosby, Gus Chris- I tie, Nat Royster, Frank Hushes, Ro«-1 < er L. McAndrew, June Mathls, Kath- j i rlne Ray, Charlotte Lambert, Marie 1 Horton, Eliza Van Sell and Viola Grant ' • i • ••«* Holiday Suggestions!! Good Things to Eat and Fine China - -W carry the finest line of imported «o«ds to be found in the ^^^^^I^&'^'KS Primes in glass. Shelled AlMoads. Lowney's boxes. Beach Nnt Preserves. Heimze'sMincc aud bulr- Remember we are sole agents for National A visit to »ur store will convince you ot the our goods and »ethod of doing business. Our and Imported Hand Painted China is -complete, called at our store in past week were «™«z«a at niav nf T-Tnvilnnfi Wand Painted Cfnina. Cut Ulass, . , -. SSsKndaScS £general, which appeal to Christmas shoppers. Bakerstteld Grocery Company TelMBlnel86 1715-17 !»«,. Street p. successful l>ldder shall deooslt the Clerk of said Countv. within t , as e . successful l>ldder shall deooslt wit the Clerk tv-four ho bid. the remaining, ninety uer cent ot I in twen- p of his . tho ncqpntanc ety uer In cuso he or NOTICE OF SALE OF FRANCHISE -IHnna n» tr> deooslt as above men : TO ERECT POLES AND STRING WIRES FOR TRANSMITTING ELECTRIC HEAT AND POWER AND FOR TRANSMITTING ELECTRIC CURRENT FOR HEAT, LIGHT AND POWER, AND OTH-, "ie• «jre.jK^u, »n ER USEFUL PURPOSES, FOR' ? N -'- fou > honrK *> TELEPHONE WIRES CONNECTED THEREWITH, AND ALL NECESSARY POLES, AND ALL AP- PURTANCES AND APPLIANCES THEREFOR, AND TO MAINTAIN AND OPERATE THE SAME,, „,__ ALONG, UPON, ACROSS, OVER| wanner OR UNDER EACH AND ALL THE Q „ „„.„„..„.„ ~. ~~.~ • --PUBLIC STREETS, ALLEYS, Cleric ofsald ^tintv t>e remalp^ NUES, HIGHWAYS, PUBLIC line ninety i^er.cent,/)^ h ( ls md.^Jtnin en he said de- will be forfeit- the amount thereof, ami it shall fail to do BO. the., ...... ->--.., posit 'heretofore made will be forfeited, ; nd the award of gald franchise W I bo void, and nald tranchlso. will then and there bv Haiti Board ol Supervisors. bo aeahl offered lor sale to Itio t bidder therefor. In the samo r and under the same restricts, herelnbefpre nrovjdod. and in ise said blJder.faJTs to deiioslt with _•? v ild Countv the remain- Chamborlaln's IJulment Is cue of the most remarkable preparations y«t produced for the rellet of rheumatic pains, and for lame back, sprains an* bruises. The quick relief from pato which it affords lln case of rheumatism Is alone worth many times IW cost. Price, 25 cents; large size. 60 cents. For sale by Baer Bros., BaK- ersfleld; Kem Drug Co.. Kern. I hicliest Yankee Doodle i Boy New Years PARKS AND PUBLIC PLACES. | ffi^S'^W^ ^fffinf- AND FOR LIGHTING THE SAME, will be Bet aside. apd tl|o_ dcnon IN THAT PORTION OF THE COUNTY OF KERN, STATE OF CALIFORNIA, HEREINAFTER PARTICULARLY DESCRIBED. To Whom it Mav Concern: Whereas, the Mt. \Vhltnev , Power Company, a coriiorntlo day of .December.J_90S._ ma^l liie'Coun will bo set asl theretofore ma be forfeited. :i ' ,,.de' nnd , dcnonl' | bv him wil no further .pro wil elvcn .hal work ie. mi. \viinui.* * , . » •orworntlon. on the 14th | so commenced Mil > W !-/*;», «^in«'v>i. 4. w/« •. * V* i "":* sented Its application In writ Ine to Board of Supervisors of the Countv Kern State of California, for a trnn .. __. and within sylq time « be declarei. nbarir orsupervYsors of the Count v of Kern. State of California, for a tran- chise runnlnc to 8,'iid corporation its ,i, v/ti \im\_. ...--j *nf v.»jlllllic»iv.vrii »»«.n»«i m made and lire-' franchise so irrantod shan •«<• ••<-.'-••"» v the forfeited, eomiilet'jd wltji and nower. and tor transmittinu. el; trie current for heat. Hunt and ni'wei. and other useful purposes and, foi telephone wires connected therewith, nil necessary poles, and all an-1 inances and apnllanceH therefor.- for such electric: wires ami telt- and and for sucn e ecinc wires nnu i«-it-- tie t ierK 01 sa'" >", ll " l ,\ ,;,,,„ phoneT wires, and to maintain and ot>- ,,i ne to said Countv in Ano i>eno erMt« the siime. alone, across, upon. o f One Thousand boHa™'. *'.}. and I l .... Btree nubile u the same. p-r e [streets, alia aiouu. t*y> |ll ., nCT t - over'or"under each and all of the: mi.. 11 0 .tiroota iillHvs. avenues. hiehwa\s that State'of California^ lows, to-wit: n descr rib unon. b- s ! ed as fol- steady light, simple construction and absolute safety. Equipped with the best central draft burner. Made of brass, nickel plated. Every lamp warranted. If your dealer does not handle the Rayo Lamp or Perfection Oil Heater write our nearest agency for descriptive circular. STANDARD OIL COMPANY (Incorporated) One day Mr. Tired Playgoer, an es- tlrnalile old gentleman, suffering from 'a seemingly incurable disease, as a last hope, called at the offices ot Powell & Cohan, specialists In amusement ailments. After a careful diagnosis of his complaint, the learn- I ed- doctors discovered he was suffer! Ing from a complication of diseases— I Trampshowitls, Wlldwestonla and I Villainstlllpursuedherlsm—any one of I which is considered fatal. He was given three acts of their new discovery, which Is composed of the following: Four ounces of Comedy. Three ounces of Music and Song. One dram of Pathos. • After taking one dose, Mr. Tired Playgoer was greatly relieved and In a short time a complete cure was ~* footed. The above famous prescription, — . lv --•.-•-_;;-,.„ der the attractive title of "The Yan- j " cW i;'Veas. IT is promised bv said Uee Doodle Boy" will be dispensed to] Board of Snoe-rvisorn to of te ra ]|"p 18 |}|^: local amusements lovers at the Bak- j jind «|j}jj "jff."^^^ on th'e term's and /-_,«oflai/v r\t\c»».a Wnnco fnr nno nieht' Conditions hereinafter mentioned: In noTmoVethiin "three-years thorea .or and if not so comnlett'd within l ii.. UI .Vi-.." _ I . 1 .Y.'i franchise so (.'ranted jited- provided that for use shown, said Board mav bv on extend the time for com- etlon thereof, not exceodini: three rn( r?()tio'e Is also hereby si von. that the succosafur llldder lor said ffPf'' 1 ;. 0 __-.... ...t*liin f\*u\ ,\-\\'ti uftcr uiilfl I rll 11* nm B T°wlthln l nv? r «lavJ, »7ier •Mm* oh so is awarded to him. or It, file with t'he ,' lu ^ . lo V " 'V Clerk ol sj ,., af.. ., him. 01 ... .... Countv a bond run the iienal sum with at , „ „ (1 1V1 v.""»« » One Thousand least two irood ana "•VT-H"',."I to be apnroved bv Bttfrt.Board U Olltlll "^ T »" «*••'• V "* ' .' [1 and tjerform eao.h ami iditlon of said iclen't s'u'fe;ties. (it .n l j- :h Ijlij- 'torm and franchise, a mob of condition it of the lolo amount of the allied shall bo tak-1 llnuldatf-d dam-1 icoverablo from Sillli fislilo'aiKl any money nalil therefor will lo forfeited. . , . . That said Irariolilso so to li mid Hoard, of Sunorylsors ^ C. J. m»nz, President Arthur 8. Crltes, Cashier. A BANK ACCOUNT FOE CHRISTMAS There is no gift for your boy or girl that compares with a bank account. It will make many a Merry Christmas for years to come, because it teaches the wise use of money, instils economy and thrift and helps to form the saving habit. "When making up your list of Christmas presents, include a Bank Book with the First Bank of Kern. 4 por cent interest paid on time deposits and Saving accounts. . i c-rsfield Opera House for | only, Friday, January 1. T! e Southern iaiikorsfleld'a Leading Hott) Cultlne, Service Unexcelled i WOMAN IS AT HEAD OF BARTENDER'S UNION. .„... a,.. v nionlioned Now. tl^rotoro. notice is h«;reb\;,elv- en. that ine said Countv of of said Mt. now on tlli 1 IOMI'.I. which referred to - K-rn , .. t te sa hereby offers to sell and grant a Iran' nv.t.u. x^.fOrS IVJ ruTit (ii,,. K.I«»... .. ••••••. chlse for.flftyjvearsU) erect nohjs^arid nsinlitine Barnum Is here Alive and active and , Doing Business. Has a choice list of Ranch and City properties for sale here and In Pasadena. A SQUARE DEAL List with me, insure with me and be satisfied. Room 25, Galtes Block, with J. W. Brockman. , WON FIRST PLACE AMONG AMERICAN CARS AND SECOND PLACE IN INTERNATIONAL LIGHT CAR ROAD RACE After lend in «r ilio ontiro first hiilt' of what proved to be Ihe most exciting and most stubbornly fouyh! speed battle in automobile racing history, the IJuiek Model 10's gasoline tank came loose and because of stops totalling over twenty minutes from this trouble ,the Buick lost the 190 mile Suvanah raee by six minutes. Hilliard in his $3300 Lancia won: all credit is due him. Bur- mau in his $1000 Buiek gave him the fight of his life aud brought his car in with such a lead over tke remaining contestants that there was HO question concerning the standard which the Buick has set in low-priced automobile construction. The great duel between the leaders was n sight which the spectators will never forget. NOTES ON THE RACE The Buiek used was a regular stock chassis except that for the sake of securing less clearance, the frame and machinery were underhung. Our regular motor, transmission and axle parts were used. During the entire race, the hood over the engine was not raised Seventy miles per hour was made on the smooth straightway stretches—The Ihree fastest laps were made by the Buick—The Buiek made each of 17 laps in less than 11 minutes, the length of each lap was 9,8 miles. The fastest lap of the race was made by the Buick in 10 minutes and 8 seconds. Bakersfield Auto Supply Co. CHICAGO. Deo. 28.—Miss Anna Wll- lard, who wns elected fifth vice president of the Bartenders' and Waitresses' Union of Illinois at the annual convention at Alton, Is president and business agent of the Waitresses' Union of Chicago and an active worker in women's trade union organizations. Miss Willard and Miss Elizabeth Maloney, also a delegate from the Chicago waitresses, returned lo Chicago today. Among Miss Willard's ditties as :i v'.co wsident of the combine:! bar- !j ton tors' nnd waitresses' union will lx i the active direction of a c:i m pal pn in- aupnratcil by the orwinlxiitlon for tin j establishment of tho i-i^lit-lumi- day | for working wonu'i: .in ! '-i''''••' '" "" I nols. I "We are goinn to make a stnm«; icamimlsn for the olulit hour days for | I wovklne koni'-n In llliii'iis.' said Missj i Willard". liotli Miss Willar aii:t Miss Malnnoy are members of tin- Women's Trade i Union League of Cliionso and have ! been for years Identified with women's unions. Miss Willard lived at shrdru unions, CIVIL WAR VETERANS TO BECOME EXTINCT IN 1950 CHICAGO, Dec. 28.—Veterans the Civil War will become extinct ; 1950, according to Past Commander G. P. Basaett. ...„. .or niiv yeui« iu cit-iji. m<.<ro "tl'l string wires for transnilttlnir elect He neat ami power, and for transmlit ne ,„,„., >l«ptrlc current for. boat. _ 1 iir h t Count v, Cl i,<iin . .... .„ limitations aiiulloatlon ol I>r.V'(l|- i'DIllPlit »ii.. .... C'lorU ot said Ho..... mild aiinlieation Ts hereby relcrre for fur lle0t ors I Whitney with tbe said atHiliOiUuiu in mi^>.. , iv , 11 '* ... foi further particulars and is a unit llt>reof ' ' of Sunorvls- Bv order of tho Hoard of a of said Countv ot K ( '\'j] ; . v ?)ated Docombor 1 tth. IIMIS : ( >all 1. 1'. Mll..i'i''!*. :)iinty Clerk of Kern County and ''X- Officlo OJork of the Board of hu- pervHors of said,County <.f Korn. Slate of California. lJ-- s : CUITOIII IUI n;:di. ii^tn '".'!: I,(HUH \ v.,lvl'k Of ISjOl' nower. and other useful purposes, and ,hVwrt' >h0n a e nd W "if,? SS X8T apnftSf ces "Ineref^rW^or nR EMEN'8-OANCB AT vvTrUs 6 b r To W m r a1ntafn ml an ( i e =^ ARMORY NEW YEAR'S EVE the same alone, over, across, uuon or under each and all of the pulldie, A n preparations are made for the fr,f^s a &ur,fi n cT« dance on New Year's eve under tho tin-] oTsaTd Countv of Kern, and for auspices of the Brotherhood of Loco, linhtlne said public streets, alleys, ave- mo ,i ve Firemen and EJnglnemen at liH&B^V 1 !^^^^ Armory hall. The floor has been put !Srat on 'that, will nay to the sad ,„ the be8t of gh ape and the hall will r h °«ISVor" r aRf l a lK rfe 'A?''/nf.."' 1 ?Ci be tastefully decorated. Refresh ' ' '.'oiintv two per cent of tho BI-OBK therefo Announcement! AMERICAN BAKEEY ANU RESTAUEANT, iictnin open. A clean and ap- petising place to eat. » \] " n , )( ; nlt j on O r oossestilo nye voara s{ic<Hc1 1 n ^ C thl h llf " will be «r ran tod to th the ' II i/Iti lllliti*/i» li -, .,— -to nav and miv to the siild (.ouniv o Korn, two l^> nor cent of tin- u'Misi annual roccluis of tho norson. imit iiorshin or corDorallun to wriom franchise Is awarded arts ments will be served during tho even- wi',;;in"t(ie'fr m .i Ing. A late car for Kern guests will uV'froni! is iii".! be provided. Prof. Kuehn and a five l. after Ilio llrst j ])lt , oe orchestra will furnish delightful music This Is the firemen's first dance and a pleasant evening Is promised to all. J. P. Shomate, L. C. Hoffman, H. F. Shackelford, commlt- .„,. 128 ar Hald fmiolis. • person firm or White help only. We sell the famous ternut" Bread. •But- ii, arter &i\ STOCK u ^l DER'S ANNUAL MEETING. of tho y » «7i*i oi*»\» ,""i. francliiftc shall bfds" Notice sealed house the "tno'lr _ , Citv of BaV orsnolt 1950. This 13 the conclusion of men who are competent to estimate the length of human life." Cor. 10th and G Streets Telephone Main 1260 i NOTICE OF BIOS. ' Xollce Is bi-roby given, thai bids for the painting of the Old Hos- pltal Building (the body ot said build- i Ing to receive two IT.'- -f v.'.r < >' • posed (if bout (piitUtv of wliiii' loir' r"'-> oil, and tin- roof of .said building 10 rooeivt' oiie coat i. 1 !' ;>a::.' i "--- l-o •>' oi'ivod by tin- Board of SujH'i'visors at tlu'lr !'ooms In the County ('our 1 House in tin? City of IJ.ikorsllold. County of K"tn, Stale nf C-ilit'i.uil ', n; 1 tin 1 hour of In n'eloel; a. in "t .T.uiu ary Till, imw. No bid will I if rooniv- od or oniisidc!.-:! by said l!o:irl iinl'-s-- It Is acoompauli'il with a rertlfb"' check or ca.-b deposit in ton por coin of Ihe amount of such bid. Tin- s:tld Hnanl of Supervisors ro^i'i-ylng lllo rlsht to rojod. any and all bids. By order of the. said Hoard of Su porv-Uors. H. A. JASTHO. [Chairman of said Board of Supervisors Attest: I. L. Mlllor, Clerk. 12-17 ° feltp'! house in ine, v;nv »i »"5«!;.? ^tfKinl'^'Vh'eVe 1 . | ^nuafv '^'^ SKj^fioTO' '"'''"^^^IWH.'S^S;" lecember llth. 1908. > 1 *' 11 RICHARD HOE8ER, Prop. Open day and night. 1923 Chester Avenue. ! .!._ ori : of pav francfi . and aXJjifg cornorat on, , it cash bit to .', ,,,HT1« . that at HIllCI blllH. wlm id i h m norHon. flrm " make tno doi efor oBlVrtJitU-'i;!' $*\\<w ot the-onehTng v M >\--. f anv ,. ( , SI) onHiblo norxon. ••i »»,«• unto. ot<; .' """ -.->• • tlrm or oornoraiion i)re.Ho,nt or.renr'- >ntod m.av bid oil ,J. ........ I. \ll .',*-.' for said franrhise therefor, not :-!»•!.IAH» ,*.., .. Mini not loss than ten tho bkhost s.mlo.l 1>i, *ild bid so tuado ma\' i)( .......... ...- .- •• i him ton nor cent bv anv other rosiioii- ' ' liiddor. mid. said bld'l nir max HO!EL BRULE STRICTLY FIRST-CLASS. $1 PER DAY AND UP 670 Eddy, bet. Polk and Larkln SAN FRANCISCO Headquarter* for Bakersflel people. .so til finally Kali! Inincliiso ,lmll be striK'k (iff. Hold mid awnr.leil • v said Hoard ot SuuorvlKOj's Id III'' i-.lahosi bidder ilii-ivlor In fold eolu ol ' 1 "KiIo| 1 |"s.'ii^!i"lVl'(i bo aofonnan- MM! with ousb or a oeriirled cnock IK;'• lilo to the Troasiliei; o, .VV'. 1 ', ( "","''< or the I'nll iiiiMiunl nl sal.I t.l'l no /.'del I.Id will be con-idei-...; inile-^ . Vl'loa;,), or check in enclose,! I here ,itb and iicenv.ip-nnes ihe i iii.e. tin- viioressful bldilfi- must dfMio.sltm lensi •Mil per cent nf I lie iillioilli' o; I'.ih bill .|th tin- i'ouniv f.'lerk ..i • lid ' '• ."'t t,.-foro sa'.d friinchise will be 1:1 rijol. ell lo III. And it 1 he shall fall o malic ucb (l.'iios.t iinnie'liiii*' v. 'hen am! in thai ciiH,'... his bid will not I..- re- oiJTCd and will be considered na void. Vnd HtiVt Irunchlse wflt tt»«n an. t bore Im iutn u off<?r«d tor W». .to the iilij- »'r w).( sTiill niMke ^•Jll'' bid tberofor. subiect t* tCe s THE WERINOER ASSAYING CO. I.-i now prep;u< d in make assays of all oren, motnls and water,". Ore Maniples liy mall oimt Ic P( oiiiioo. So.nd for free mulling c[r.'ol(ip«.s and price list. F, J. WERINCER, Assayer and Metallurgical Chemlbt Woody, Cal. Near Bakersfleld Adams Fruit .Company lias enlarged its store and is prepared to accommodate. the public with all kinds of Fruit and Groceries .Just, received mountain npples, trade. n load »f for holiday, 806 Baker Street. Telephone Main 714.

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