Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 12, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1916
Page 6
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STERLING, ILLINOIS, WEDNES0AY. OCT. 11.1916. ROCK FALLS DAILY GAZETTE ROCK FALLS, ILLINOIS, THURSDAY, OCT. 12, raSSlSo fMG. Mrs:. B.v-n:-; If. \V^.t<» Gcsr^et !•, - \.;!., -. ' '-:•!•>," •<• r-; :!•• STOMACH PAIN, GAS, INDIGESTION IN FIVE MINUTES Clark A. McMillen and Miss 1 Eleanor Barnes Married -In e«U silt-. N »-—-OtuS—S-ji p-;Tvn n;' !n i— H-rirrTTT ~~:: : ~',T|T <'!«fV- A .\!'- M'iiii- M'-MHHr rrf ...... -rhl trtktn fr-Tii »' • l»-ti">ir ir..l t.. '!••.( fl'.'l n unfrn . 1. ! tr .-il,', th- r r "" •;f !!••! (tlrnrin'ii in ff\«tnl »Mf-»i Ti'umbo of "tt!V- Vt ;s v, <>\ <• \-.\l *!•- rhri'lc f.f Ciaik \ -Mi .Mii'.eji, .in t!;e 5-=! ,F),i John"* nj.t-rnt <1 tliiMih. Srlti:rd:'V [.j,. \ «|1h "f IVnr |,i r.f.'i'llnt: thf» tnti-lv (h'ii''',i u :!!i i!- URht, till* nmui't' i;tti«i»i ' nilnr, the tliili. .Mi* tv.lwrml P->. ii'. M ..f .in-hid br..e,i<b>d <-M ,.f oivhld nil!... tin< i!-; f:iriil!.^- jij irirtf'.- i nts. MH«t Km ma Kv. im; in liH'-tf on (he a n<m;j r>f (till*. rrnbr'ddered in ciy- in ralrn- n-;< ! t:.f,*<t !n-;iii--. Mi=i« June l",\\inn fir-.«ih A.'ri feathery white wilt! a«torn <-\ 'fry w h< >•<• tulle 'over Mm- Mi ' was lt«M»lf Hi bridal »tnrty--«nd n rr-rferl • K ,,»YM ,,f maizo mrfetti: AU« Petting f. r th" Imj'res.ilve affnir Huff In in tfferitie KI'«H "f Before IN' terMnoliy c'urtif! Hnsher ><,»: fluw «•?•»••! sIlK aii'l \\hitn sang "Come A" 'J'lu> i.itfbt" \<\ Hnehm. with Mrick velvet rit.brms; Mi«. and tilt 1 beautiful muriagf hymn. "<», !'<fir>,; bluett tidlf ovpr 1iU«fl< Pprfort IVaeo," a;-<-c>mj unle-l by Mis^ ; trimmed in jet; >tm William j;;iin"«; Kdnft Hi'nn At thr eoi»elu«ion t>f the blue liberty !>r<tln and fT l! l'l < loth; tteo Bolo«t, ram<> Uio clear fsurej vi.i.-c 'MM. FrlHii ,Mt Arthur pink Htlffnn nt Mff. Hellm MeArthur. MmUiia (he iHmni'*d In brotin mntibmi, and .Mrs. "Bridal t'hfinut" Stum I-niipnferto <»r : Tht-M'ti I'riwerx .lit u pmvn nt v. liitr nc?t in* Wftfdln^ I'tirtv <arn« up th»>—«— :i- niinmctl In tiny.. rwfflrs, t*r ni«k' df tlif c'hurch. ' ' H H. Knicht of \\>Hsvilh> find Mips iri five miriut'-s .-:h/tt-- just. T.TI TTlf""" 5 ' PTfff i '"'7»«Tff t Ti'? In r e :' «itii!r!.i''li rf..'!tl:it«>r in t WTld, If wh?it yrnt cat f'-rmonts Into "t;!!b!»>fn Iiiinfi-', y«'!i bfh H f;;iH ;>n<l r«>i)l; tcn'-ntr r<.*rtr-(<: jvntr in«'id'--? fllh-d tvtfh hilf anil iititlccntfli)' 1 wa«t'-. n*— rtif'trbiT th*' motnfnf' "Pftt«*"fi I^inpep* sin' 1 '•(•ni"M In c«'!>t;i''t with llif «te>trifU-h :il! fMicii i!iu!tc»K \;tnl.--h<'s, It's truly ;i-'-'ti>!ifsh)t!p iilttxtst iri.'H veUius,'anft tlv«? jny is jtn hunnlf^sni'MH. 'Vriil'ir'' i *• * iir y~ fitly-??m rasi'iof rar i '* T 3 I>!a* ( . ' j !>i'p«in ivill ir!v«- yrnr A hundred tlnllnri' tulie 1 v '"'''' "'' ' 1/l " s '' li< ' f ' f>|1 "f yur UriiiiclMt \\'llSrr|l f ' in '"' S ^° U - V " Ut " "'"'"'y i'.'H'k. H'.'i tPfflh it^ weleiit in ft«nd to itifti and wnnn'ii tviincnn't f, r '-'t thflr stoiti- nchR rf"i;nlntfd, H behmcM In your home---Hhtntld iilwnyfl tic kept handy in cuwf of n pick. smir. upurt sttunnch dnr- iriK the day i>r jit nltht, lt'«t Ihe (jittckept, fi'ir«>st juul - jniiHt hTirmlcsft stom.ich regulator In the world. Wedding .Attcndanco Enter of Cliarti).iiij:ri i>ut <*l«rflii-o Me«'(f.||find. Arthur »Rd Junior !tarnn«« IH. folUvvvml t>y tin ribbon iflrlf deilnty drr-nni" In cmvnj* cf stiver nnd tnllc>. A ttsht little b...Hn- Refreshment* In Barnes' Home .Kulhrffinsj t)ie UTildijilS .-fri'MIilR «'f I rh»' <;ttH|'I»' r.'iH^l Inf 1 Harriet h<>mc wherf « I t (> Hi'|*Ve<l, With |>tlff» t'f wl»t» t!tlk« at the nitie. Minn Helm Kir Id« Kn«n. M !«:-•• t|ip_sktrt . ahd a Itod1f»» of IWvep rlotl). MlM Mury Adallno iVilm.n .«'«« li< fit tin vtlth tin ovordrOK* "f tuli'-. In filvi-r a.nd .Mlx« Kli.-.,tbeih 3Pa.rhr« hi n lnvHy f,'«v.-n «;f Putin and .Mr. nnd Mrsi lie. 10, mot'-Hju.' to I'fin.-i w V'l'l— t&Kc ._Hiii ..... tralii— tot—aft trij* ut t'lnt Intiftll and they !KS,ir:^!i:'CleafrPeachySkln <-<iffee ttili! cake«! s < > ,' *- •- sSiJSFWSffi^'ri--AwaiMnyoneWhol .NtfMilten left about; "f . * ' > —Drinks-Hot-Water-: four ~|»nnel«« of v.hl(<« et»l- In xilver nml linpd \\lth a thffc tc .\."hviHr, N. r. Tin, ri-'H .:'uin^' n«a> ,«uit «a« of brown '(luvt'-v- IH- tMrnmed In f 1 '-"' '< r "l "'"' woro n r'n-rtdi lial of brown nnd blue. «> t^ thrir Kttiin Iliev wJIL,nutI:e th'-lr bonie in Taylor avenue when* n»Mv |j<ni««' IIU'M hern hiiili fi>r-them. ercen in tin. w*»i^ over a J,I>VM M((|n . »,,, fiuufu , lin ,, ( .,,.,tly »:lftN wrr tullf made ,.v*»r slher cloth, nnd ^, <i)ti ;, ltv „„, IV , llt ,, t .. p r ki-le« t . ,|If"t,(I**U l^» lin* * i * i • | - •» , f««. fight bodlM. wn* ,,f Hitin limn! ^ hinhoRany. ctil K la Sa RIWII nnd i-mbroi.i^p'd in Hllvi r, ; 9 , lvf ;j. HIbhon OirU In Tullr Halo* T • WOMAN'S CLUB and AU of the ribbon j,'lrl« \vi»rc biff hi**' •^Jl l *L* J'l 11 -- tt Jil'J-'^-i-i-'Ii'l:!.-—^ "nnd"~iMrrit»ir urni iM-uipieix i.;t Wild nxtT'i-?' nnd pink ri>:'es<. Their nnd utoi'kliiKH were ;il.-i> o( fll- In her Mm. llarry ro«<e« preceded the bride, hiv- ; It pf all, who followctl «UU her, ithAr WHHnni Hatnen. *h» brM^'it'Ktwn .WUH Hold First Meeting thii Year Saturday Oct. 14. The tlrfft ineetlnK yf the Hock Falls \V«»innn'M dub will occur nest Satur> ibiy. tirt. 1 I. when a full nttflndnnoo • if "nil members are expcctod. The fol- intori-iiting "program will to uld and new tnembeiH. frum I'3x-l'r««ld«nt8. V*H by Mm. \V. E. Tullor. Mor- dlNtrirt county vice prenidvnt. Duet—MI«^c8 Vplma Irapo f of the «itln » with ICarrit* _ Mcther.'« Prayerbook out Krea«e, All dorit? with the celv Wear-Kver aluminum cook of Oil w'n'« tho Imie! _ W-ftffbuj and iillvcr tinsii-l cloth hanglniK ''part of the refreHhinetitH Yuiltlnhorl by IglU from tho whouldeiR in Rllm-jthe conunlHee and Mr". WllHoii.; Huch Itijf |fmc«\ H««r lonjr veil of tulle!,, prognmt u,s 'thin fhnuld n*«uro tho caught with a wre«th «/f ornnKOjeJuti of a large attendance. • nnd hunic the full lenKtli "f; — train. Her-b<»u«iu*t wai. tn«d«« of rtr\\rpli'l>nr« T>V of tho valley and she cnrrte-.lj. v/V/l^VJCUIVJ.-.. X» J. lt« name prayer book thin her moth-' -7— ...... at her -wedding, and which Given Friday Evening at th« Oonflr*- gift of MIS* Muudo Hur- fjational Church, »h«reh;^ — nhotr \vlll civ '.» fi!iij,'« i rt l-'riday evening 1 , Oct. ttTireTifnRrirnU her ultendtinm were win J;IY".» :>'iM-en rn<t.i>• «• net at the cluuicel awp» by «')•• briilu- j' 3lh - a! ( ';-.'.\ l ' l;li| T|'- IFOom nnd hlM bi'Kl.mmi. Uollii Me- 1 »<• tt^iunt \yil coiiHiut EtlHen, nnd thw> tho iM-trolbul pnrt of -number* »nd «-« hf-ld.on th» ihe ceremony wu>*...reud l.ef,,re tbejthc rnorni l-i ,1.0 .•()!<). Vii iveddlnK c<T«'mt>n>' l't<»i"'r which tyoki'iu* 1 - \^-'' ! '"' t-n-im«,'t, »!•««. «i thrt iittiir rull. ( ?" "" HI'cp-Miih' Qua of thirteen {3th day of V'ulan ftt tht* attiir rull. r O«H>rgi» Moort* who read the 6rvlw» the won «>f Hrv. Walter core a former r<vtor uf Ht. »1ohn'H iWrch who perftsrmed thu wtntdlnit the bride' * wedding march man. Jiin» fllu! Quartott. !VK-<-tc-d--MlHH Eldit Ilef- -Ml)<«eH MmJelino At- 1-Yy. UkcU'lP, uc- lei ^Hi ase-TML Ache of ' <Sh«hlciilly mamaging the ikln ~ and~cord» of wlU,«»it or •' p'nin at quick at 120 VarieUes Of Plasters W|%arry pja*t»r» of all va- tlea and (ill «izea for all part* th* feody. OMlar pl«»t*r« har« U '.W* ka»p thtM •trictlv tnd in full »tock . WYLIE Druggist •t l"lr»no ^<-,!<> Agitato Vim WHm— Clare nvli Solo, ^^>rn^t!K— f>it-y Kpcaka and M!HH |Thrumfi Dudley; ' . Ui -uHn;;, SclfcU'il—MlMM EMn. Her.-. 'mini. ! I'll im Dui-:. ffrjUrtcd— Mi«H Hutti .?. W* Johnston. DiunbtTH will al*o dtlur £> «lv, •. G.vrn Last Evening at L. P. Jensen's i Home « Great 8uco«»a. A Uiuvt-ry party. wu» K^vcn last ov- ui tlu< home of Airland Mrs. b. Tliu "i\ i .1 Ci«.«.« NOSE CLOGGED FROM A COLD OR CATARRH ly Cream in NwlriU Open Up Air }*a«8«gea. Says an Inilde bath, before breakfast helps ua look and feel ij sweet, freth, Furnish the Home Correctly DEPENDABLE QUALITV—CORREGT DESfON8™MODEMTE Wit. sistance when "planning- selections ; nnd expenditures for the home. All are welcome to avail themselves freely of suggestions obtained without obligation— bearing in mind the advantage's we secure as large ihirchasers'from leading factories, and our method of marking prices at a moderate advance over cost at factory, . At no time in the history of this store have we shown a finer array and never before have we been enabled to offer such splendid values as are obtainable here 'right now. Many of the really choice pieces of furniture surpass anything in our previous experience in wealth of effects, designs and remarkably low pricings. 5^ DISCOUNT FOR CASH FOR LIVING ROOMS OF DISTINCTION Bed Davenports from $23.25 to $45.00 nnd -n K0<ul, merry nklii nnt' a naturnl. rosy, liwtlthy comitlcxlur aro iissufcti "only by pun? tilmnl. II only every nmn nnd wumnn coul(J Inducud. v tu fulojit .(lie niornlnff take place, Inctonil ^of (h<< tlnni.«;ui(l« nf xlckly, iniiU'inli'-kMiking mott. women arid Kirl.s, with pn«ty or iniidily rom- otTtVP mtillitudpn nerve wnvck^." "randmviiH." "Imilh ^B" find jit'RHlnitjitH \v<» nliMiild Ht««* n virile, optlmlatlc throng of rosy- cheeked ppoplt' everywhere. Innfdn bath- IH had by each morning. In-fore bryivkfitnt,. u if real hot water with a tfn- Rpoftnful of Hm«>!<ton»», i>hosplint«» In It to wnsh frotn the Htumnch, liver, kld- violin dny'M liiOiKi'HtlMo . wn«lt', ntloiiH and pnititMix, - thvia clp«nMlnK. •rttViTti'TiliiK' -mid. freKlienlnt; h»> ^nt'iro alimentary canal bf»for« put- tins more food Into the Momncli. 'hiiHc nubjprt t« Hick Iieudnc1u\ bll- , riHMty brent li. rlieuinatlum, cold*; -nixi-^mrttcbtarly tho.WWho Have »r».! t'OTiHtlimtt-d^very often, aro :o obtain n. ouartor pound of .)l!OHphatr nt Jhe drut; Ht<> will wtn.t but n trlfli', but IH nufTlclent o dcmuiihtriitj>_t)_ui quick, imrtjrt'nmrk- iblo chunije fit both health nnd appear- .store which nwnitinw thoHi* ,who practice In- i>rn«l Minltation. Wo nuiHt rfmom- >or that inniilo olennlineHH IK more 1m- >ortant thiin outhKlo, bccauHe the skin *kioa iu>t nbHnrtr-lR7ptrrttH''» To Von- tho blood whllo tho' port-s in v.fei'1 of Tjovvfls do. bfHutlfu'lly decorated .wllh Japan•se lantern*. Funny nayini?»* and vi»r» PH wfrro pinned annind on tin* wall. his helping to UUiko tho cvenlnn a jully Kvery Ktiewt pn.'Kent wu« dressed n wmie peculiar way. .t»ld time dnnc.ea ' . v'ere Indulged In and an elaborate Nttp- Slut. served ivy Mr. nnd ifrs. It. i:. Johnston ii: and Mr.s. Jl*. I'. .Jcncen in the, eh- ertalnlng.. ThOH<> preaent were: Mr. nnd Mrs, T. J. Wylie, Mr, nnd Mr«. J-\ !I. Goypr, lr. and Mr«, W. J. Howlew, Dr. and. its. Th'ttH. 1'nrkor. ,wf KterlinK. Mrs. A t Kadel, Mr. and M'rn, K JiJ, Itlfo. SERVICE COUNTS UNDERTAKERS; FUNERAL DIRECTORS the chun'h Kvery mum her H l!ei:ttiaj \vh«-r< asked to be present an 1h< re will be . the 1'rnvim Inl Norinal TntintiiK ' will attend home la«t evenifin from Ohlcajro where I \Ve<ln»*day for treatment. an • elyrtlon of offlcerN ' tind (Hh- r tin- ;Afi<-»* xh |ioi tni^l--wurk \\ill !«•» plunnrd. MITE SOCIETY ; teach J.hele, 4 Heh..,,|,j t |,ey utti-nd. d the (; nm <l Lod^e tneet^ M ,^ L . W olfe. of Dlxon. IH il< I' coufHv nhe will illi? • , ,.»,,.». ,, i h here at tin- homo of.Mr. and Mrs. F. ! Htc|, ivin't \Vrtlk. mil Hell f.s.i p. f,,f \Vornioll. BAPI/ CAI I C DDICCP ; I'itfl'idKe A.uttv j*»TVK-K Ite^dtiunrtfrs : Mr». .1, II, .lohnwton in movliiK \wr nUUr\ rALLo oKlbrO jai LnnRiVllowii. 31 ^ |houm>hold Koodn toduy to Wheuton. Ardfii J«tuilerH returned to hl» humn Th* little child of Mr, nnd Mr*. Kr- Will Meet Friday Afternoon Instead . , . Of Friday Evening. < -' ( - K »'"'l nnd .1. A. Kadr-» rettirm-d Miest tirren was taken to the honpiia!'for B^V«T«| The I.'Mlif*' Mite KiM'lety of the Con- i ureuuti'injil chur.'h will.'meet with Mrw. sin Walnut todny after working her« l!nnvn on Third nue l-'riduy a* anno\»ii-.'<l Suinlay. Thi« ehamrc s ItvltiK innde s»> n« not to rontlU t witjt he i-onrort fthieh lit to br held l-'rlday AID SOCIETY Of the Christian Church Will Meet Friday Afternoon. The Aid society* of tho •hureh will meet l-'fiddy ufternooij at ho home of Mr*. H. Ii WIu'fTer oi/ -llh A-il mi>n\Uors arc urged to bv >fost>nt. ENTERTAINED -AT DINNER. Mr. and Mrs. Bnmutjl Wright entvr- nt dinner last eve.niiiK. -Jtov. and ENTERTAIMED LAST EVENING. Mr. and Mrs. John McNeil and fain- ly. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Yeoward and amlly were entertained Tuewdfiy even- HI tlio home of Mr. and Mrs. H. 1. Field. LEFT FOR CANADA. Irene l.imoml left today for Id. Mrs*.- Will Knuoi and lr« FIRST CLUB DANCE Will Be Given Wedne»d«y Evenino in McNeil's Hull. , InvitutionB Iwve beep jKHUod for the .Ht (.-lull danro »f ilii.i MftiHon io i\* „. in .. all. Cochran'M t>rclu*stm will furnixh muHlc. Thu reception vomtnittoo ro J. L. Dnticey, irownrd Stanley )ucur Clwflfruy. A|J! What relief! Tour clogged nostril* ontni right up, tho air paBoagcu of your head »ro clear and you ran brcntho trwly. No more Imwklnn. inucouu dUehargts hoad- *, drynetm—-no utruggling for breath night, your cold or catarrh la ^one. may stuffed up! Uet a, small of I31y'a Cr««in Balm from your drugglHt now.' Apply a little of thin fragrant, antiseptic cream in your nou- trjls. U>t it pvnoirutA through evory air Held -Meeting W«dns*da# Afternoon With Mr». Ed. Knabe. The Lurkln vlub met Wednesday nft- '•r/unniat tin- Inane of Mrs. I'M. Knabu'a on Av'enua C. There WHS h very guod Thla duto being Airs. N, {•ith"n birthday ghe waj« glvon u bt-au- fill flft which whe greatly approclat- d. Thu.nftenioon win Mpent miclally iid dellcioTiN refreahmonts were hcrv- «'d. YEOMAN DANCE SPECIAL Supply yoUr needs white fche assort TENNIS «I,ANNB OCKWKS White and "colors, just jspU'iulI4. '1'ho Ks C p r n e 1 1 W o o d B o aT d Invitee). ' THE BENEFJ31PUN0 put t sanitary i<».aM boprd. Tg?gjfi?jig»<> The Yeoman Clo«rod $6.10 For Littl? K«th«rin» Frey. The Vvuiitiiu Imlgo M'fiu »;((•, tin* I.yrU* tlHMtl'f \V< lIlH'Mll;!} lllKlll /Of tll<» iM' lit uf Minn .KaUuntuf Prt-y. wlu> , Lumber and Coal ohnston'Lumber Co, Rodfc Falls ^ . |!atr»iu/.Mt' tuiii Iliev ti)i>l< lit VjTiu-it <"\iH.'ii'!<i't> wi'U' tt-tL-Usiii-"' "J""'; 1 ' ui i """ Th<./ ifijuiiii! i»n utukmti Church P»rlore, ,^t i»tv of tb<» Heavy ISlSpm $1.19 $25.00 UR; O special This h the Kind I Want!" Mother tried all brands, the know* which is best— knout* how to get 'good, " wholesome baking* every b^ke-day — how to save Powder bike-day sorrows. livening »trength — fins ffislng qualities—absolute great ecouowy qf CALUMET KING POWDER "Pori't think the Baking mentis complete. Moim speets of goods being j-any cheaper. Quality considered, we believe we can save you $10,00 Black, andwown: DRESSES $1,00 OORSITS, special ITew HOSIERY n all grades ami qualities, lSc/,,1.25 $35,00 SEALETTE PLUSH COAT, collar, cuffs and bottom trimmed with cape beaver, special 27.50 76c BLANKETS, 65c ALLWOOIr DRESS SKIRTS, made up in tfie latest mode, Nice assortment of Ladies', Misses'. and Children's CAPS & SCARFS to match, * Fast Black UMBREL1AS $1.00 $1,00 . KNIT PETTICOATS 75c AUTO in a large 'colors, ^ TLTjT-^l-.-^J • —-•—-- 50c :„ 1.25 $1.25 FtANNBLETTE KIMONAS 98c $5,OQ CREPE DE CHINE * WAISTS $3,75 $3.00 Combination. JAP SILK and CREPE m CHINE WAISTS $2.58 • Quality OUT FLANNEL lie Children SCHOOL PRESSES from 58c,,1.75 HOUSE DRESSES, a nice assortment just received. They are made right. ^iiiitr Unde mv and OMldren. Children from •' 25CV, " toadies Troin 35c up. ZEPHYR GINGHAMS 1-2 'e specials, $1,75 MERCERIZED PETTICOATS, flora) design „ flounce, $1.25 • value splendid quality PLUSH COATS, '.00

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