The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 29, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 29, 1908
Page 2
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I I TBS B , DECEM'B6ft 29, 1908. Cbe IMkmffcW TUESDAY ,*DEC. 29. •*«wed Etery Evening but Sundays at DEA TOM* Bakersfleld, Kern County, California. * City and County Meroney's candy--still Xntered In Post office at BakerofleUl, Cal., as Second-class Mail Matter. Official Paper Gruen hagen ' 8 continues to be the JO cents a month; $5 a Year In Advance favorite of the girls BILL. ALFRED HARRELL, Editor and Prop. r ^^^^^^^^^^P^^^I^^^PA^Q^^^^^^^I^^H^^^Ii^^^Hl^^^^^^^lf^^H^^^hri^^HHHV^^^^^^^^^^WMVV^^fe^^M^^^^^^^^^' ^^^^^f^^9Q^i^^^^^^^^^^^^U^^p^fp^^f^^F~~^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ w ^^^^^^^^^*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Telephone ................. Main 31 never know him to t a rtine jimi ,,ft in f h A Beau'tifnl little cut glass Decant* r filled with the finest I. 1). Tiirck Brand} will be riTen 1TI* UMT *itb "very <4.00 purchase at TUESDAY. DKCEMUKR 20, J!)OH *«* "« "> a old Oays and tell us (host- stories about Ills onrly wander- over til*- territory lylnj? between . mi;* over ui" icrniniy lyiriK ueiween Mr. Knox is said to be a aplon- Pa-lm-ah, Kentucky, nnd Union City, p^kcr player. \Vhieh inny urged jis one point in his favor. , nnd tlif story never grew I»|L:I:»M-—although u' must admit that it was pretly hit; '" hi-^in with—HO that in time wo nun* 1 to regard Wear as a man who would stick to the exact truth though a piece of the sky HERGES & COMPANY Phone Main 237 Recent events in Vone/uHa innke it evident that Castro can see about as far into a mill stone should fall our. HM when he tbe next one MH (ll:it ll<! w;ill < r(1 ' nlt OM Kern Klver " lee white hunting lor ducks. blamod A , , *, i . *• if (Mir faith doesn't i?ei a wee bit An exchaniiffi wmils to know ii ; |f |K , w||| ,,„.,.„.,, , h . lt he 1623 Nineteenth Street called to he opened hut one was pre sented. It was from M. W. Buffing ton and J. K. Williams, the designers of the sewer, and is as follows: To the Honorable, tho Board of _ •"•! 1 " t^llllll** •• • * *. 1 t 1 t t *•*», •!»!-- *••!%•-• f f *±S i 1 L* U Lr V^ ^^D A \*f J --** 1 F American wives »r« useless. In«. simply went out to break off a duck the undersigned, respectfully submit ^ * . • * * m i* * < ~ ~ ...... ' > * • _ A ^ AM • _ »_ _ -A ^ _ -4 m fi *• • B* tfh • V*A editor who asks the queston s; that he s;iw stuck in that tee we will th« following proposal for the im- either single or brave more than JheUfve him, but that he should be O likelv single. Tbe bill is before Congress allowing a President $100,000 a year. It all depends on the kind of presidents we get whether the bill should become a law. The rnee track evil ought to be abated. The way to do that is to! prohibit all betting. The legislature that is to be bus a chance to do something for the state if it will. Mr. Roosevelt is ^oiug to try for a white rhinoecnms when he goes to Africa, lie has had MI white elephant on his hands for gome years, but congress still survives. merely strolling around there looking for ame In that little, channel doesn't look reasonable. "Mere, ma!" requeued the boy, hurrying In tv< !ri school before time, iiK my jacket up behind the stove." "It it wet?" "No; Due teacuer eent me iiome to tell you to warm —Judge. cUet Tor me. i» THE TRUSTEES SEWERS proveraent, cultivation and rental of 4 1. , t — 1 t V We will enter into an agreement to ditch, check and level or grade all of that portion of the farm available, doing all surveying. cessary engineering and This work to progress as Johnson, the colored man, is tlu Matters pertaining to (ho sewer cuplod tho attention of the city trustees, for the most part, at their the Increase of sewage demands. We -will build nnd maintain a good substantial fivo wire fence on tne exterior boundaries, the same to become the property of tbe city. We will plant and cultivate along tbe Irrigable portion of the exterior lines suitable, ornamental trees the same to become the property of the city and only removable on consent or order of tbe proper authorities. We will agree to comply witb any laws or regulations enacted or required by the State Board of Health. will acree to dispose of all ; up to a maximum discharge of four cubic feet per second. Disposal of sewage In excess of this amount is to be provided for by subsequent agreement. We will prevent i with the condition of affairs but ii the absence of the clerk the board was not further enlightened Marshal NTcKamy stated that he knew the Chinese were selling liquor but it is a hard matter to gather the evidei. e. Mr. Munzer deplored the fact that the trustees were unable to put a stop to the practice. The phesent 11* quor ordinance prevents the issuance of a license to a Chinese. It wa§ suggested that as long as it is im- poslble to put an end to the iliclt traffic the hoard might as well license It, which can only be done by tfce amending of the present ordinance so as to include more saloons. Further than advising the marshal to exercise the utmost vigilance, no action was taken. GOT HI8 HAIR BACK. Was Perfectly Baia AY ben He Stoned to U»e Neirbro'* llerptclde * milk — T ^^v -^^ ^^r rich, cow retal BORDEN Frederick Marviell. MarOan-J blocH, « Butte, Montana, bought a bc-trle of New. ! bro's HerpicUle. April c. "*). ;LU a l>pgan to use it fo»" entire baldness. Th champion iiirlito I ' ti hist night. The first impor- "^^ or discharge onto neigh- L^^Mr!::^ "LJ," ?£ borins lands if name is objectionable the world, as triitlriK of tho rity was tnkep by tho . tr as JolTrios won't ii<rnt. 11 jnust ho Mtruraviil inu' t«» hr n pkm for ni' hfiior ronson that Hi" champion lluin lins quit fight- John Claudiniios. . s:iys fession was a i'al\o was only after th may hav peoplo iM second story. ilio fill ami his lhat h rewnrd. Ho more (rouble making liis first than his iif ;\ resolution of intention arid Sewor Crawler Gundlach made a partial report. There was an application for another district and one ( hid was opened for the Ion?o of the i sewer farm. [n the Rhsonce of City Clork Lisht- ner. Trustee McDonald called tho roll. Four r members of the hoard. Bailey, McDonald, Munzer and Stoner, were present. Resolution of Intent. n of intention of con- ewer distrlt No. 3, Included In that part of tho city from Chester avenue to Oleander and Fifteenth to California avonuo, waa pass- horing lands if same is objectionable to tho owners. \Vo reserve the right to plant and cultivate or remove any rrops, plant trees, vines or shrubbery upon any portion of the Interior. Also to construct or remove any cross or subdivision fences or buildings. We reserve the right to rent or sublet any portion of the land subject to the same condition or regulations. We reserve the right to collect and sell fertilizing material. We will for the above consideration pay a rental of $10.00 per year for ten years, payable cash In advance j each year, and a rental of 10 per cent | of the net income for the succeeding 20 days ho had hnlr all over his head. On July 2 ho writes, "and today my hair 19 as thick nnd l-'xririnnt i anv ono could wish." Ner>'bro'n HorricKlo works nn;l with a r.^-.v d'b- or»u--p nrvl VPM ro- i.V Ptriv.-fs OM fili;ncr hair. :--t u-Hh t'-.o ATE GENTLE HORSES. We alwaye MaT« on band safe and fettle t.ortes that ladies can dme. T^u will find everything spick and span about our stables, our horns good animals, and carriages, cabs, surreys, etc, etc., in good running order all the time. W. T. RATLIPF Cor 21st and t Sts Tel. Main 88 on nn oUl envory-dcstrty WOVP tho cffrot. ' -it ca (i fin rl ruff t :lruf""' * -s t^ Kl and n now ,_ + f-* • i Two sizes, 50c and $1.00. J. A. HUGHES, Agent. NOTICE TO HEIRS ON PROVING •V i L. In i tho SujKT'.or Court or tno Countv of Korn. State of California. Deimrt- 111* 111 i^ i A western cattleman is ^ for a beef that is a cross between a buffalo and a cow; one ol' the points ho ur^es is that such a hybrid will live; longer. That can hardly be, though. Sonic of the beef HI the market bears unmistakable evidence of having eoim; from very lon^ lived s ed. ha v Tho The Bee says tlie Sacra men to River is sometbni^ to be proud nf. Well, Sae.ramento is prond ..f its i Vnmimin art. . ., , ' -, i. i instructor] to proparo description nnd spec\ftcat\nna nnd plan a arefully drawn hy Engln Wlilte and the call for bids and the neossary publication will be made, so that the work of connecting tho district with the sewer "mains can be begun as soon as possible. Another S*wer District. Th'* property owners in tho vicinity of 1 nnd Tenth streets prtltlont\l for the Immediate cnnHtruntion of lateral sewers to connect with the main sew- same to be done under the The city engineer was ten years. M. W. BUFFINGTON, j. n. o «•* < Court House, .._. _ State of Cali- ornla, have been appointed ns the A I ' " « A ' "V-^** 1 ' VJ1 I tl(l I, \ HI Y . the Court room. Department No siud Court, at the in tJje Qountv .of Kern. ft) Japa Want to Sell Sakl. time and Dlace for nrovlne the will of M. Hayashl, proprietor of the Nip- said James Goodwin, deceased, now pon restaurant, applied for a license ^ IfunYlcnuon o" 1 ^ n fc (l Whitt^mmT to sell the apanese liquor, sakl, at for the iHsiinnce to him o'f Letters tes- rnmentnrv thereon. <^~ n« l - L W1U-BR. Clerk. J.eorire Plournev. attornev for ne- titioner. VniTreete kind ;mv -mi ot he Di.'in v river or miller \vo snp|>' it is. has refused to drink of water for ;i years. U, must ln> e 1 hid M thini: would not do it jis ;i inal t*-i t of choice. | pmfil( , O f the .lesired OlstHrt. Th i l s aro .). r, TlliieU, .1. W. Kel- A. Tf. Woods. William Vessfll. R. There have been two or pretty bad bank failures in thi s country in the past few days—j feet. oixe of them in Ohio. The depositors crowded around the Huelo-yc state institution in the vain effort to secure their money, hut there was no hope for them. Jf there vrcre u law to guarantee deposits —hut what's tliti use? That would be bad for the banks, it would be wrong; Mr. Tuft said so, and the people said so and the people rule, But womc day perhaps, the people will begin to think about what in good for the. people instead of what is good for the bank. \V. Urown, Mr*. H. HntU-vfU'ld, H. O Wnrren, I). H. Newell, M. Holmes :u»' Mr 1 -'. Rose lv, Yancey. The Crawler's Report. Flro Chief Oundlarh, who IK tho i.fllfhl sewer crnwler, made an Informal report. He stated that personal* ly he Iwd crawled through l!7n(i feet of the constnu-ted mains while hlfl assistant had gone through 1200 l his place of business. lie was represented hy K. NujIJi. The application wns turned down, the hoard explain- IHK that they have Issued all of the Hoensos the ordJifance provides for. The application was the first presented from an Oriental to come before tho board. Tho application of Hayashl opened tho Ruhject of Chinese RolUng liquor. Marshal McKamy stnted that no i worn paving a license for HquorR. Trustee Munzor stated that ho knew of his personal kuow- l«*(lRp that Ihe Chlnosc aro now, and had boon for tnanv vrars past, selling liquor. Marshal McKnmy stated that some had povernmont receipts. He said that City Clerk Tvlghtncr was fa- >nt»Ml Hoc. 2S. A. D. 10.on * •» ** t/ DUute prone consistency and use fresh Milk. same AVOI BSTITUTES BO&DBN "If you Rontlomcn will meet with mo, somo tlmo at your convenience, we will havo a nice, quiet, little chat about the sewer. I have some things I wish to say io you in private, not in nubile." The chief declared that there was nothing out of the way with the sewer and the fact that ho wished to talk privately with the trustees bbouM not be cause for apprehension. "So far as I have been everything, is o. k. with the sewer from A to Z," he said. "But there are a few minor points I want to discuss. I may be wrong, you know. They say no man is perfect." The board consented to meet with at ft o'clock this morning. Bids on Farm. Whwn bids for the care ami tm- A Xe\v York judge has ^iven it ns his opinion that it is a erime for a nuin to marry n woman on six * *•»»••*' ** ».»•"• gy * -v' ft V * * V % » dollars a week. What li' 1 realty I prow-mem of the sewer farm were said was that it was u erime for n woman to marr.v n man who earus but six dollars a week. Crime may be too harsh a word. hnt both man and woman commit u sin. One person cannot live on any siiclt amount. cert.itMiy ruuii'ii. A uuvn ^ijjht to marry null-.-; hi 4 -«'aii ^u;*- port a wife. A woman is I'onhsh to marry a man who has not a reasonable prospect of heini< able to support her. And six dollars a week is not a prospect, h i^ not Marek's Cigar Store J. F. Marek, Proprietor 1308 Nineteenth St., Phono Main 908. Wholesale a Ed Rntutl LMcrars, To- ho.ccos. Pljio* a>d Chewto^ Oura. Distributor for Bakersfleld of LOVBRA, 12y 2 o Oi^ar AVAL0N, lOo Cigar HAL*, 60 Cigar DON'7 PUT IT OFF UNTIL TOMORROW. FIX YOUR ROOF TODAY If the cost worries you consult us. \Yewill a.L'reeably surprise you. Again you cnn do it so quickly. MALTHOID ROOFING IS JUST WHAT YOU WANT. Comes in rolls, quickly ap- costs so M-ttle. plied, comes in any width; Ht. 18 'S CONDENSED BULK endcr* of Quality," 7. New York Want ads, 50 centc ". week. Pioneer Mercantile Co Phone Main 08. Oui Sohamblia GOOD THINGS »vru a co lor. GEORGE WEAR SHAKES FAITH OF OLD FRIEND. (Tnhuv JJt^i) "c \V, Wear, ''x-odltor anil "Xea to remark thai this M uci \\.^ '()! ^"•': <-''h 11 c\ i • 'in-, v. it in t'li'.ie mrtw," but ihiit on l'-c .".;M- .-\ )u> tiers in '7'..i K<*n» Kh ""' ^*u^ Tox^n over with tin* oxo<»)>tlon of a uirrv.v ohnunel iu Hu* middle, and hat while hunting due.Us h« walker ut six feet t'ruiu shovo on t(.*» i 'l;e writer hereof Uitows- ell iifl b9 krujwii hly bU »p to tea Uinou loa/autl wo If jxM'fihance you i'ur friond, is the time !o uniki* up for tho ov* (MiiiKlil. AVe si ill liHve ft ft» articles nt a kwsficld KAHLER BROt, The Holidays are Here Pon'1 fur-M that we have everything in the Bicycl Main DRINK Try Ital OUT orte the for your caron Gro Liquors Cigars 9th 1209 665 Main Prompt Delivery GOLDEN WEST HOTEL THE LANDMARK OF SAN FRANCISCO—NOW OPEN Cor. Powell and Elllt Streets FRED P. PLAQEMANN, Prop. New building. Modern In every respect. 150 rooms. Oppoalt© Railroad and Steam« ship o#ce8. Especially conren- lont for commercial travelers. IN THH HBAHT OP THB OITY Proa bn» wee<s all trains and bonta. «flake Market St. ean» or Four* aad Hills car t* atttil. PowoU 8t Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplus, $25,000 A checking account with the First National Bank has §o many advantages that you will find it a great aid in your financial affairs. If you have not already such an account with ua we shall be pleased to have yon open one and teat it yourself. ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKERSFIELD OR KERN 19th and II Streets MECHANICAL TOYS WE HAVE A FEW tEFT FROM LAST YEAR WHICH WE WILL SELL FOR COST HOLIDAY GOODS SEE OUR HOLIDAY CARDS, A WEABER. 1822 Chester ave Phone M&ln 4 1&S.F. »!/ Trains Leave Baker sf is ? ' » heave for | Ant]och~T~ . "." Berkeley . . . Oktcaco Corcoran .... Denver Froano OranH Canyon Haaford Kansas City. Johanueab'rg Merced Oakland Ookdale ,, , . . Richmond ., . RanFrnnciaoo Soarchlight . Stockton Tnlare ...... Vlflalla Y«eet»ite A. '^r- — - — - 7:55 7:65 7:30 f • tf v 7:65 7:30 1 * U "j» 7:66 • • \f •** 7:30 7:55 * • %r ** 7:iiO 7:30 7:56 * \ ^f^f 7:56 7:65 7:55 7:30 7:55 M. | •jv^ ^- &v_^v ^^*-«- H- - jf r-rm 8:20 8:20 0:00 \* t ~ f \f 8:20 9:00 (j * • * \j 8:20 V * ff \ t «:6«A 8:20 ^j t •• \f 9:00 8:20 \J * K4 *tf 8:20 8:20 8:20 8:20 8:20 P.M. " 7:30 7:30 7:30 7'30 t * kj ! S 7:30 1 k V* ' 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:3f» 7:30 7:30 P t *• f For detail iuformatlon phcm» or call on 9L HfUDMN, AgeWt, E I

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