Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 12, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1916
Page 5
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STERLING iLLIWOIS.TUE!spAY,OCTOBEg TO, MOB F1TB, Ladies', Misses 9 and Childrens' Coats IN A BEAUTIFUL VARIETY OF NEW MODELS -- •'--. PRK-fiKKFROM Sli)-W"» .V!},.,r e htrrTv .,-.vU tnm- . ».v; *, . Thin vyedv veil will fhid our storo m compk'k' readiness with all that is drsinrbk: in "If nil (Vi'ats,";nft'hr > ' n i»iv in< nfpfsVYts we are "flow < n^f^ay- ?T^I-h^i--fw^^^:^0^-tp<.'-ntAV£i-li«.u:r>- r:rri^hiT[ril_ini^ __________ '.DnYtvs are not. essential to distinction, i- i!li> -f rated by the . .Cunts that wo have on displav. n rri.-il r-.,ti'-. rt, t:. \\MT !•!";'('!•! I','*. _—_. • . / . A HOME WEDDING i i Miss Grace Hanger and Glenn Wade Were United in Murriag-e; SWEATERS \\"r an 1 >i!o\viiiir an fMrrpt lii i-i • of S\V!';ih>i< for- !.-idii l - n -in all vriml. ami (ho popn Pnofil from H to SO. a4i\ nice i hiiili'i'ii, --h:iilf'-. BLANKETS We nro olTi'riii'. r a --fl'Midid \ai'i<' in <'ol)oii an<l All Won) B!ank«'t-.. anil it \\ill pay you josro t!it"-t>. bci'tirr \on Imy. GIRLS' WORSTED DRESSES (lirl^ 4 \Vnr>fod Hrossos in a variHy i»f colors and jrrados of mail-rial. r riii**-i r '(oiT lakes spf'riai paiii-^ in pnr- oliHsiny suitable olotlios for tin 1 children HO you aro assured...of lummy tin* lnis| when yon tnaUo your puivlm-t' IHTO. FURS \V. 'the l«nv MM <>nr ami enti i hi - imporlani -'itt'in. LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S UNDERWEAR HUT -lock of Lndie-s' and I'liiMrrti's I'tiderwear is very j-Dnij'lete and you u ill...liL 1 well f'h'M-ed with any pmvliaH- in thU depnrtiiient. Burkland'n Vests For Infants We arc the exclusive agents in this locality for that very, popular little Burk- hind Vest for Infants. .ji-k at fti nt !1' 1 8 "f tht'. At < -hnn 106 East Third Street .'•fal t" th" ?tt',tir!-< *»f l,«'h' -ti^rrn's wd- ilitm tii-trili l!i<- jn'iriC 'e.'tipl'- nnatt«')vl- • <! tnnk tliclr r«:'Mjtf'<-tivr- pl.-tf-fs in th» :«rch\va.y bi'.wec-n llio i>;illor :in<! the (•••f«-fitl.<..ti. hjl!. A tinit"' whit" tvrihllni: liell afinrned thf cr-fiter i>f th-- arrli- way af.ul viith th" »thor d'-i'iirn!iiin« nf flliWi T4 Htld pr>U'il plants II |HC»<f|ltet| a prt-tty putitr*-, U'V I'. II. K(!t!iet, (..•tstt.r i-f (he f-'ree|Kir» Uii-ttn r>t chinch :inr1 nn <>lil friend of tin- Hnnaer fain- ili' (! HI tin" |trrsf>)iri'> uf tliilty- 'Ife ciit'stti, rneltidlnt; the Imnifdlnt* i(-l;HH', a ,n)il ft i< -luls of 'the ro'itr.trt- iiiR |i:irtl<'M. The hrlde'» K"W'rt wiis n t'enntiful whiie net nvrr xtitm vvitii ;ur<> irifn- tninc^, and .«I|H* enrriftt rt h<nnn»«*t- of j|»lnh an<l white n»f«'M (if*! with n w)iit< tiilli.' hew. " Koll'iwinK tin 1 rfrcrtiDiiy a tliree- i-iiiir^e widdini.' dlniH-r w«<« wervm!. Th HiUiwf'i- !i(im<. W.-IH f1<-r-ornt«'(l thriii.'uh- I'til the liitiis*- In the hrliie'H I'nliitf!. |tink and white. The hride'.»< talitf WH juval Kl«i^uj ittuJ M\o <:nn)»<ri'i"C" waft ji ni(-ii.sii«'UM l»Mtii|H«'l, of pink uncl whin fii'iey ,-ii'i! nthi-r !nhV i deeoratloDH wrri pink ami wl'lte i'anilie«. which fnrtivh* "<l a Klowiiu; Hcht fi«r the Ulnncf. The 4******************^^ f Our First Suit Sale * Begins Tomorrow and Continues J Saturday is and -to add it fittingclimax to this busy-week we are ^oing to oil er CHOICE OF ALL FINEST SUITS AT A new low price for high class garments. This includes all $37*50, S35.H2 arid $30.00 values and no charge for alterations. t ' ••" _«n/-r "^ '"-vhili- t'.a;. h--i :u<!« d (>y.. the two liUi-- vrr pS.U'-an and ;-\n n-uiul. il with yniilax | SOCIAI^ ArrAIIvS J ; ni.rrs ,.f Hi.- ln-M-.- Miss .loM-pl.inf u hll<- tin- l.uv;.- rh.-sti.!.•!(• r dlr-i-Hly ov V i .n nn.. -i. i i , ' Si hi'ii-U ..nil Misw Miiry l-'nt?,. who ivi-i" i-riu-iul VV.IH >w;ttln-il in pink luil«\ A PRETTY WEDDING |>!< Itii.v i;uv<lii-il ill wiiiU- With ' d|'<tp 'Hiiir ritit'i'i'fi iiiut Vfi«!ii'j; ,)(:•«, phi n" Very ihi'Hrlnu lin» tints In u ilainty Kri'ix h Tin- ill Wills «wll:t\, Ih'- ( iTi'i-t Misa Myitlo Shuck Became the ;wittl tlhlK '••'niati.>n« ,-m.i r, m«. 'n-,. i. ;«••'• •. . « A* ««,,i »» tin- f.r< "i -•-.,-;!. i ii. l');ir« Jin- Si-)iin-J;, J.-ml \\,- Bndo Of Wilbur R. - H,, ,„,(.. ,, f \,,, w , r , M^* i:>tt,., V.-.H.^ M I. I'D! aliiiii* < v viT> whf-n 1 were In •-n-fitt-f !'<t-t-rt ,'t!iil ffl It*—-ttlltl !'. iiiul tin- ii'.i;ir(i ; t!o 'alili-x <if;t?<tj Milh |>,'n k (i\\'i>n< for (ei((i ti'l'!' > aiiil tllf fli'fiiratfiitt -iimflat !<i lh" hrldf'« laMo. Tin- MiKse>< Itnlh iiiiil Marian l-'a« k"- ler, S-ii:i!i KeU< i jirnl Jla/.«'l Udllaiii! intimate friends iif t!n< hride did tin •»> rvinu •Mix, \Vadi- is the daughter uf Mr nid Mr.-.. .1. II. Hnm;er. retired farm. ' r" of thH city, and havirsK attended th" iStf'rltiij: whonlB Kho IIIIH mnny frleml.-* wlm will fxtend congrattilii'- (Mm*. The Kmom l« thp mm of Mr, and Mr«. K;:rom Wude. w«*uMhy far- X * 4* Bates. ,Vti ' ni IrfINt I'vt'liltr; nt < !i;Ut <i < 1 liotili' uf l lie liiSili'-i |i;il'i ii'-, M" ;i?i<l Mrn. pnnU'l Hi-litn-'i. Ji.i 1'aitiivi i iu\vii- «hlp. Ih* 1 tntu.'il.i/ti- i>f y,',' - M-. is'i' C*«*i»lltt • HoJiiii-h to \Vilimr U l!.itt«, -«U»V-tif— M4V— tH^4—XU'-^—-Ui-iJj—,i';i. .^S- YitllltK >>, In:: »t"tt"lii i] ilc chhic iiinl I'.iiiyin;; iiiiinir tin- HUM i -Inn-iit . iii"i;y ami Mii»'|>i-r ti mi Itielf |-;i|'c iitnt Went ti» wh'ji- l>r. I- 1 It, All- S!i-iiin,:^iti)'l fimn th.-ri- li.'iy for IStin- !••• I'lni: *i'M-ii-i'. ivTth, Minn Tin- l-ii-ii-V tritvoliim j;r<-> u uaii.'iriliiii- with iniply >;,,( i in iiitit n<-. <>n tlirir fi-tnrii .Mr. l"«n- nj ,,| M,,J | ,(,..» vviTI !•••> nf li"iii' % ti' j.i'ii-. thi it- frii'iuh in a luutii' on tlu< cornor I. ; Mix. Clili-.i I a yotnii; u'onian uf many Dlxiill, liMlk I'llnin-. . Tito i-i-ri-tnuny w»* -•"!• -ninl/«l i.< ? v:.l--i tin- o>ns:n<Miiiiti!--tt.-i ,-i t \»- r!i.u-ni;ii; atti Hint.-.s of mlml Hint Dr. K.- 1). Alttnait In ttti' |.r.-.M-n--r - ..f ,-.„,,-^ w, ,ii|in« Vupi" r W.-IN ' .-M-rvi-il.. «.„! ami lik. IHT luictijind lu»« in.-itiy 06 KUf-Mtrt. tin- liuini> li. itii; n i.i.wrr <-f 'i'tt.- liritl.'s. t.itili- v,j.» in tin-. iltiun;: .-frli-nl" \v(u> Join In wlslilm; tlu-'m ;i fKiWvfM mill ffi-iiM, In tin' lyjirlnf wli'*re II.OIIK iuni tlii ; i|U'ii t«-rte tn!i|i-i« w< -re. hapjiv fuiuriv llc'ln asuot-iiilfil with Ui<> iniirrtii««« t..,.k |.ii,' t . ,'• ln,w, i- tit pi-i,- ..-,\ sll tin- ..tiu-r nmtiiH, ii». tii'tn. !H,H fatht-i In '|HI,'«|M«}.M«I In IHxon. pillk Itllil While ciirtvtfli'im Jitul n>>:. ••< i. v f" it.' !h> • In MfV Kutiiluv Krljiiiil (|IIH,I .\lnin l..-i'iiM jfol wrililiitK Kifl« -of ond itnillax. WIIM fi.nn.'il. A-« Miss Au- .M-rvit,:-. I!H' !.ny;U |.J;ntt;ht»'iV *•!•->. tiiK-iiin.-. ;i!i t"Klif%inw tin- lii^h - os. "Ttrrnw |)iu> r ^r~* T rn T rnis ;nni M. Jliluji.umJie Eretipnrl. .road, ........ lie a htn-ili'iiK VOUHK nitin and hi* many friend* predict a briKht future for him, '.Mr. /ind .Mr*. Wad.- left InM nl«fil i their htitieytnoon trip, which will lie (ipent w-ith relatlvew ninl frl««nil»i in Iowa, Dakota and MinjieMita. Thr bride's .imirnc-y Kruwn .was a brown wool Mahnsdine travt-lini; wuit. with hat and .shoes encoMumrv They will Mart iKiii.HeKei-pin^ Aliirch int. on the Kroom'rt father's farm Vn the I'reejjort road, Th<' nut-of-to\vn KticfttH were: MIMH. ••s Maraiii Jitul Kuth l''!iekler. of A«h- .\li--x r, of Kri>eport. l.i uli orn n nid.ii .|iriH'i'KH|i,u i!,'~.oi-iul«.rl ,,ti ji Un» Btnli-H. urn! took their phu-i-H nn tlx-'ulth ,t Talvlf" WIJH nVr-TiHiti-.T R-)tTt- l« • f-'r n •h^Jiusii.*!, IM iinntiiii'i! ; ami whin'* r»Ki's, <m a cil- ' in Which UH' »omi): pcupic art . . - - i , iiti!; the out-of-lo\yn guests were: DRINK IT AT HOME EVERYDAY -- AT "FAIR ACRES" • -• . - • .w*d—,-••. - "Knir. Ar.rr.-*," *lh<j'. |i^«>rty liuinc of Mr.i.-...J. ...V, Kl!«oiif wn»« Iho H(<t'iit> of tin? iVKiiini' incct !ng of I ho (Jnlhl of t h}' Kjit.srupii) i-lmri'li Tu«*Milay when final lit* *rtt"(ii*'i[t*Mt ** Dainty New Blouses Just being- unpacked as we write this. Latest word in- wonien's blouses. Made of sheer organdies, nain- sooks and linen's; large collars and Goods direct to us from New York. N~p ~w c r~e p <e r d;e chines and jrecfr- gettes, .flesh and whites. i Crepes $2.50 to $3.95 Georgettes $5.50 to S6.95 Again We Have • Received a New Shipment of Dress Skirts \o\v. jfimrantood for five yearn' wear. $5.95 Rlack Satin Dress — Skirts Made with llic noVrbnpr pockets find dark pearl Others to $12.50 New poplins and fluid das finely tailored and cut in the newest fashions. $5.95, $6.95 to $10 $ $ x The New Stock of Handkerchiefs Ready *j Placed on sale yesterday, one hundred dozens of • the very newest in women's dainty handkerchiefs. New niadoria embroidery, colored linen lace ed^es, new v^eallopetl-and embroidered edjfes, new silk crepes, new rolled edtces. They are very attractive and pur .sales- H'oplo will K lad to show tlieni. . *, J_l____ Basement Economics, Special lor Friday and Saturday Selling Buy all the Fancy Striped New Tenis Flannels you want t .1 til IS SO GOOD •iar wliii-h will hi| clvoii tmdi-r the •itjsptct's of thf (iiiild Nov. '.' ami «S. The l.-idii-.s wrn,' liiken tn'tlii' Kllj4i»ir liortic !n uuttis4 nn*i Kprnt thf» cntlro day tht re 4-iiiloyltiK a.plrnlr luiirlt at noon. The t Sine wa* n|.H>nt in making nrtlfli-ii •,o t.e »ii>!d ut tke buxaar. Tho nest nicHltiK will bo held In the i'arlsh htjUMi* all day next Tuesday, itf, People of good judgment and foofrrvear taste waste no time in "shopping about 11 for fall shoes, but make quick tracks for the store that never yet disappointed them. THAT'S HIRE! Smart •,yle»lm tuperior »hoe» lhat, Ht}, r iigh|] and welar| r righl, right down to Ih^ end. For the latest nnci best in foot wear,'try us. STERLING'S STYLE LEADERSJN FASHIONABLE .FOOTWEAR Mrs. Fraser Will Entertain the Ladies of the Fourth Street Church. Mrs, niurli-M • Kii«t>ttr • w4ll i-tHortaln Slu- ladli-H pf th»> Kourtli t*l'rppl M. K "hiirch at hi-r hoax-. |ti| AW-wt Kit-mill, *lr«'( t, l-'ridtty iiftfriHiun from " tc • f, I'rli.irli, Tlii' afl«rnuo!i .wJU In' -uj--!!.iU>- a ml dinnj; • fanry work .vhii'h ri'fi'cwhnic-titH . will !M» Mrs. \Vin. Luiilli; will fi«nlni Mrs i'Ya.Hr'r in i>nii'rt.uiiiiii«. _ SOCIALDANCE Will Be Given Friday NiolU in the Woodman H»ll. A- Aool'ul- tliiht'o will hil ulvtMi l''rid*i> lijtht -in UK- U'oodiiuui hull. ' JIuJI'* iifi-lu-xtra. will furnirih tin' mimic and th<< |»iihlk'- (it-- 1 llf'UVAi jV-nllit'rti";lit- t'jincy ---VanI w'Hlt 1 Indict- IMuu- Tiiildji.^^ 1_n^__jl_j_i___ili__i van I vn r« I {J(»(uLlUt!ju'hetl Muslin.HJL__ lo\v ;is litest llt'rrin.t'liiMit' 'IVill Tifkin 0 ;, vanI ...... ... * iskcn^ 1 Apron rlin'in, vard .. 23c 9c . Xurrovv I't-n-nltv rciiinaiiis, ynrd . Si- A morion n -('jtlit'oos, vd. ... 6c 7c ..] !<• litipo Illoaoliod .Muslin, yard 9c l'epp (i nH JM' ODo tin.";, vd £«H/ invi(«-d. Tin 1 Archie l.lnhrfns and Karl I'uwoll. WEDDED THIRTY YEARS. Mr. uiul Min, . Hnnry. IJfUi'UH W<TC THE MURPHY DRY GOODS STORE, "Merchandise of Merit Moderately Priced" >i|«i^»|«if»i^k|;f*|tf»|« <Sf» ifuSfi {ft A <Sjt POSTPONE PICNIC SUPPER. TTit> pleiifc .supiHsr-whU;JU \vnx p!; i.Hi* ii ml ^H li.'iilly npniiiH'il »ank!i-. ;«»;<-, How H wtiirtwl Is u myatery that- WHN tnkitijr her llti«t-le<Nson in nil' T'-ajt not N v lied to I'* 1 hold ut tl»" **<>ujittv cltilt i '" (It'lvdiK anil tuijiid tun * ' • '--• i c l''rli)iiy nl<ilit IIUK teen puHlpiiiud mt.! '"« ''"' «<f it thu Slt'rlitiK l'lull. pirnic. i-iipper nitil il:ni«' *' :l!< >'Ver il.n Vnilt.' tti l»;n.l < uiulilluii, I. Ihruw- f'tH. Tlilr. eii<nii;li TODAY IN ILLINOIS HISTORY.- OH iiit. r.', 17<H, an offlelul Htate- {'IT IMK OIH« voliiclo ami It .wlmulii he' iiient ol' tin- thirty years agu ycwtorday and to i-t«|i'l»i-iUi- the Vyt'iu. |ir«i|K>rly alioiit ililrly nf their ^rlt'iKin n>ii»» lnti.i llu alunil ilHTi'lock last lilgTiT'wIuMr 'Iu» Couplo \vftjj i <i'«.-;inll »>f, the till ncl took |i<m> tunifd down tht- H;)i;t; j:i-.<l w.-Uti'd fur lilt' .('umtl)K O) ilic tiwiiWM. It WUK u roinplfu- Hur, •iris?- ti> HIP lady of thi'.houw nt» -Mlu- li»- room fiilLof her CrietulH. A Jollj ;vVnlng \va.s tht' li'sult of liny «ffuir. dm inn tin v ENTERTAIN AT PINNER. JJi, Hiu| .Mi-H. Anthuny Ki'cinui en- 't'rtatnr<l HI (.linwr Humlify. Mr. aiul Mr». Will Jliitti-n and fiinilly, of m«'r- IUK. Mi unit Mi*.. ^jIvt'Htor HCIII.X ind f.itiulv of Harmon: Mr. and Mit,' Mull KiMrlut and f.iinllj. uf TrfHl|>n 4 u. .\ir tiinl ,\ti- s John Mft'aitliy and IMIII- il> .ind .Mr mid Mrs I'.mii-k Kcctiun and t.uiniv. nf Uiiirn-. MR9. HEAD WAS HOSTESS. ~ s Mi> MU n l|i-ad vvi v |ilc,is.antl.v rii- 1 tiii.Diit-d itii' iiH-iiitn-t'h ut th«' JjnlajUti •Illlt Mdthl,n t\i'iilllK <U hi-r lliiliu- itii Sn-mul .ni'iiiM' K.m''\ work uiul u -'U'i.ll tutu- tt.l^. till' llUl'l^iiil! uf lilt- t-M-niin; At » l.iti' ho'ir l In* hostess sviiid i < n i->lmii'iit»-. PICNIC SUPPER AND DANCE. t hi« Hti rtin-nT tttnh m-miirir. will m jn% .t IIHIIH- Mippfi .HI.I d'HK-iii4 (>Ht\ in iluiriluh i.H.inx rilil.ij nKlit <' ( .c|i ' <tinl i _i>i«ii luiii' liuny luuk'il fi.|V\,iiil A WE IN IE SOCIAL. aoi'iftl will Itit-M!von I-'ri<l.iy nt t!|< lluiuc of I'ay IVu«h's ' «yilth of I'olt'la. (Cyi-t s hiidy lit invitt'd.i ind a K""'l tlnuv in pruinlNi'd all. , i !n in ni ilt-r in iiVuid iii>ri»ilH o,f, J»>»lin Tlu» of tlu* mil In- NEWS IN BRIEF MYSTERIOUS FIRE. i Aliuiit li;ill'-|uisi funr |'"rl ( |ay i ^ |;i iH'iKhliur of Mrs, 'l-'r.un-is Healer, t>f —ri IV'lltiili, 'liiHU'4-it—rr—|'irl),;'ht lurht;—TtT^7 f jjwrnt nut of duor« and found ilif t\i»n yitiain of. ,Mrrt. lU-alitr'.s on lin-. Ttu-y a at __ ,..,..,: i>Hlh-d fur he||i and the Jin' was ,,, ,, ., ';.,""",, . i . smut uul out, iM-fotu it old tnisi'h diin- \V. 1". I'ofic, tho dhftrtrt tnanaui-r u( - -"J.H"__My..HUc....\yjjrk.t'.ri< wilt "a 11IMH! of till- lixl« the year".-* wi K fur the |tut«- . Mri*. . Jolji) II, Ityern dii Helen, of J)ixi>n, wore JJIH' tay of "Mc.s.-^ Mnmo J»Uton. \V<-dm-.-- Chirapodiat 8h«mpopina and Scalp Treatment, 908 First Ave. Boll Phone 371-3 A CHIMNEY FIRE. Tho *!li- clcji.ii Unt'iil VVJIM i.ilh'd to I Ilini-i- lirMJ till' IHIAII lmtl>,e \\'i-d- ll's.l;i\ .1)1 ill) ildnii. |<i pill "111 ,i I'll- xhii li I'.uiKTrr^in the ioor oi ih- H.^'II IK r Tin' hini-e ts uWlli-d lis «t MuHl UltiK I'f.u i'• !• I i ,11111 1* iHiilpled l>\ Mi uul Miv 1'aiin-s I ii I'IH- Tlit hjnnu's Ii;n1 In i u huill iil.ii',- \<ais i!i ittr -.jiic ni -i | .n !ltl.>n in i) c I ,.-,•> ^ ', a uul llic bin-Us h.i.l i i uiiililetl .mil din) 'K tul nl.I ,llul tlit'H i m llir.lliii-; t'i .-I ''I* J I (ti tiulll Kittim 1" llu f.lHi'l'- Til' I j^ ill- < \tinf;<ii>-t,i t j .\ith«'iih .1 ! >>*••• ' ^ t( ad-' II ItttUH-lm ih'llaf- lite H •'!,,i I Hus hut -till MI- its the ii ( .»-)l ^ Ulll t ll!UUie\ « Im IU'«>' <lii| }u| tltli-lK ti lie d »i> k y l ul Hie il ' Hi iN" a-' ' t > ,ii>.s lilt- l.iitldliii; ii| >hiiim. s-- ii ill 11« « IHiTl'n'^ Ml tli it "III 'ttl.lV U 1 ill HI 'Ijfd It'illl K'll- llu III II" l\ ll.Mli I IlIIU'llI*, iVlfl II I Mil! I'I !l«! jil.iti h tj> In l'»- l i-' h i' I. ui thi .» r t . ^ •- liemeniber we will sell ym a '.good.- WATCH * Three dollars down and •-' i ' One dollar per week « You pay for it 'yHtiJo...y;Mi woar it. ,"... Mr , thai til tbin tliiu* -tfiere- went eluveti I'liiM,-. ami imir brethren dolnc mis- .•4innary work ntnoiig tlm llllnniM and "'UNDERWENT OPERATION. • .Mrs. ,1, Moon- iinderwi'tii u «i»rlou8 -r>tHH-*H-hHi— |V>y~ the n-ni'iviil of U Kitltro nt the .sterllns,-- ildXHltill Wednesday morniiu;. , Tin- ,operailon wn» very sue* l and Mrs. Mooro IH imelv. vou our POLO PJ-OPtfc HURT \ !.i!^ ( ' ,iM'"rH"iii!->' »«'ni,inii. i j§ jsj^.n'i, ">'"'""JLiJ. J. I"""^. '- 1>l1 'X ''''"''*' Pi'i t'i(ti'<T t'tiiTi <! ~VTi *. 'i.~- i--HI-i 'ii:-!.' 1 "' 'i_^^' l {' ''til J 1 l'' ''' ' o ri.TV""''riii -d"" i." i.'f " '»•" " •' \<>ii;,. v\ nun ii u i-" t.' Tt U'i i ii lilllislii't ill' I i l.llt ll ' 11 HI I 1',' I ' ! - 11,s W • <i il 1't, », I ! I'l- I . I O i I < (111- ( ,i| ;l .| |. t. .-•.(,) f I i ir ;» i V\ l . , ilit .i Uul ,1 i Ii ,) Ml I > ', Avoid the -- / __________ '_' -,.''. i> if you gui poor paint on your liouso .this fall, don't blaulo iiuyono but yourself. p <»«jsy (o ww Wiiliaiu.s .'..Paint y«Mi coutm.ct for work,- It goos fur- h.'s.s •M'ai.lbUH nscdj k>iiM* > i'~ : -i'o.sta loss by '' tilt' 11' Illillt'l'UI wiSJ M» ^c) your, paint ; i'roia us, you '; pit i tit HendricKs¥rug Co. The (*%.

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