The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 29, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Tuesday, December 29, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1908 Xo. 127 BIG AUDIENCE SAW LADIES IN CLEVER MINSTRELS 'As good as the Elks'show," or "bet-; "Thursday is My Jonah Day," and the ter than the Elks'" was the verdict as number called for a second and third the big audience fllod out of the Bak ersfleld Opera House last evening at the conclusion of the clever performance given by the Ladles Minstrels. And as the recent Elks' show was the high water mark in amateur presen-j tation, the praise of the pleased public,ker, in bandana dress and a hat of was praise indeed. There were no dull t i ie vintage of 1900, was a feature of curtain, the girls cleverely approach ing professional standard, and the curtain went down on the first part with the certainty that the evening's performance was a success. The monologue by Miss Alma For- moments during the evening; the Jokes were pithy and so localized as to Insure a laugh In every line. The songs were for the most part new and catchy, and the chorus was excellent. "A good show" was the one opinion expressed, and that seems to express it all. It was a pretty scene that greeted the audience when the curtain went up, revealing some forty of the city's prominent ladles arranged in pleasing manner, with a stage setting that added to the effectiveness. In the cen- Iff. Mrs. ^. Benson Wrrnn, han;l.-.ome- the evening, and the local hits, following each other, in rapid succession, provoked a continual laugh. With Miss Baroer as soloist, the Gibson girls formed one of the charm- Ing features of the evening. The young ladles In graceful march, captured the audience, and in response to an encore, went through the same drill to a waltz step that was catchy and pleasing. Those who took part in this number were Miss Bernice Harreil, Misg. Douglas Macmurdo, Miss Rob- DEAD IN A SINGLE ITALIAN CITY ROME, Dec. 29.—The Minister of i partial. The reports from other Marine at 5 o'clock this evening tent a wireless dispatch saying that the dead at Messina numbers 50,000. No news has been received from Regglo. ROME, Dec. 29.—The Pope 1 heads the relief subscription list with a million lire ($200,000). It is understood the King gives two million lire. NAPLES, Dec. 29.—King Victor Emanual and Queen Helena wjll pro- ced this afternoon to Calabria and Sicily. LONDON, Dec. 29.—A special from Rome says the Pope has been notified that the entire religious communities towns estimate the dead at from 600 up to several thousand. Regglo Is still- Isolated and In the silence there Is fearful apprehension. Vandalism In Its worst form has broken out and the government has taken strict measures. Robbers and looters were shot. The prison at Messina collapsed and while some of aided as Interlocutor in a perfect manner. On either side the end girls, dressed in fetching red costumes, were arranged 'as follows: On the ertson, Miss Katie Qrenvllle, Miss . , . , , i Roberta Holtby, Miss Gladys Lightly gowned with white coiffure that i ner , M lss Ardis Hare, Miss Marguerite added charm to her appearance, pre- u g htner, Miss Nellie Grenville." "The Bachelor's Reverie," in which Blmore King tcloli the part of Bachelor, while tempting types of femininity . . , -. appear in hia dream, formed the right were Miss Alma Forker, Miss | c i,, s i nK number and the table-nix were reported that the bodies of seventy Bernice H.yreU^ Miss^Iarjory^ Trade. nlO st pleasing. Those "who took part I English and thirty Germans were 1 ......... "" " ............... were, whh Mrs. Guy Jones as render: burled in the ruins of the Hotels Country girl. Miss Mildred Dixon; golf Trlancrla, Victoria and Bellevue. girl. Miss Clementine King; coquette, ROME, Dec. 29.— The disaster Miss Margaret Robertson; belle of the I the province of Calabria, on the Is- [others. ball, Miss Bernice Harreil; nun, Miss 'land of Sicily, today assumed stagger I Towards UNION ASSUMES MANAGEMENT OF SUNSET ROAD OIL CO. at Messina and Regglo, Including monks and nuns, tho prisoners were killed, the surviv ors joined the vandals. There IB much confusion and no resistance The local chief of police is dead in the ruins of his office. The barracks at Messina were demolished and the. F. F. Hill, superintendent of the developing and producing department! of the Union Oil Company, today closed bis company's negotiations for the property of the Sunset Road Oil Company in Sunset and Midway. "The papers were signed some time ago," said Mr. Hill this morning, "hut there were a few minor matters yet to be arranged before the transfer of management was made and I arrived this morning for that purpose." Mr. Hill declined to discuss the terms of the deal, and would not verify the report that the transfer is bishops, priests, were wiped out. WASHINGTON, Dee. 29.—The Red Cross Society has telegraphed to all branches for relief for Italy. ROME, Dec. 29.—The fate of American Consul Cheney and Vice Consul Pierce at Messina Is unkonwn. It Is a lease, and that the payment will be strictly upon the basis of a royalty which varies with the different sections of the tract, depending upon the , nature of the ground, and runs all commander killed, as were many en- } the way from ten to twenty per cent listed men. . I of the gross product. The government has sent General j y\ f Hill met with Mr. Dlodget dur- Feirrera Do Cossatti with full charge j| ng ti\e day and now the Union Is in over the devastated territory. This | nL .j ml i management of the big West is the first move for martial law. Ride holdings. As a matter of fact, The night In Messina was ono of horror indescribable. There was flro ami robbery and dead and dying on every side. The city is in the utmost the Union has had the property for a week or more past and already has begun the first of the new work that is contemplated. The first On the left, Miss Gladys Llghtner, MUs Douglas Macmnrdo. Miss, Marguerite Robertson. The soloists, Miss Florence Houghton, Miss Helen Frye, Jane Barber, Miss Bessie M.-irrls, Miss Ysabel Forker and Miss Mollle Harris completed the first semicircle, and back of which were the chorus, each member supporting a decorated stuff, the whole making a charming scene. There was a round of applause whc-n the curtain went up, and following the rendition of the opening chorus. "The Nut Brown Maiden", the end girls started the fun making. 11 was an appreciative audience. drilling contusion and the spell of terror Is j W |H be on'section 35 at Sucset where over all. Many courageous acts of: material for four rigs Is now In place soldiers and citizens are reported, j and work will be under way as soon ! ties of locators. Oil Company will be retained and :_ haps for all t!u e to come. During past few days the Union has dti patchr. J several drilling crews to city for the purpose of conducting til new development work. J. B. Talt, Union superintendent, accompanle Mr. Hill from Los Angeles this mor ing and he will probably be place in charge of the new work. Mr. Bride is the Union's present We Side, representative. While the plan of the develop the property on 5 scale, for the present Mr. Hi of no work that has been mapped out, other than tha drill of the four wells on section 36, Tin- question of transportation, Hill said, was out of his provinc but he said if the new developmen work gives an Increased productli that will require additional means handling It, pipe lines and other clllties will mosl certainly be provld ed. For the present operations will confined to Sunset. The company hi temporarily .withdrawn from the gotlattons for section 34 In the MU| •way, owing to the dispute which risen between tho two different --------- .. _ . in and some lost their lives in rescuing Indeed the veiy excellent jokes, localized for the occasion, deserved. Miss Barbers "1 Didn't Mind the Dishes," added to the laurels of that popular vocalis- and the.duet that followed by Miss Mollle Harris and Miss Ysabel Forker, "Take Me Out to the Gladys Llghtner; hunting girl. Miss Marguerite Llghtner; college girl, Miss Bertram Duncan; military girl, Miss Roberta Holtby; widow. Miss Douglas Macmurdo. The very excellent chorus was made up of Misses Mollle Harris, Elsie Slater, Rachel Smith, Katie Qren- vllle, Millie Smith, Florence Houghton, Helen Hill, Ceclle Richardson, ing proportions. The first stories morning were under control, the worst fires the looting par- appreciation (Signed) of their services. ST. AGNES GUILD. —*-•-»• Football Game," caught the house so completely that the young ladies werej Trude' Bly Scrlbner, Jane compelled to respond to two r-.-.corcs Mrg Scott> Mrs j, Be nson guerlte Coyne, Rachel Qrogg, Hazel Gundlach, Phyllis Carver, Ysabel For- . ker, Anils Hare,' Bessie Harris, Ber- \ tha Owen, Bertram Duncan, Helen Frye, Clyde Nlghbert, Bernice Har rell, Gladys Llghtner, Alma Forker, Maguertte Robertson, Douglas Macmurdo, Roberta Holtby, Marjory Barber, Wrenn, -Someone,' a solo by Miss Florence M Wade Ar g abr it e , Mrs. Harding, Houshton, was beautifully sun;;, an;l |Mg gchlosser, Mrs. G. J. Planz, Mrs. y trivet,-:, i-l ;h,>n c-uro, Hn ^ pl Blodget . It Alone , a Kong ami dnneo I;/ Gladys U.slitner ':nul Mis, Aluia i "I l.'sei! to Bi- Afraid to Co Ii >• in the Dark", by Miss Helen F'. 1 ;. mad':- a Mi with the audience an 1 c: ed for an e;icovc as did the reivliti. of "rfalomo .luckson," by Miss n '.r!-< Miss Forker sane in ln!miu<! ..ii.' :r..'.u, :..'. U'.'t;! "Are Yon £' .MI.I:-L'O .'.iin.i I-~o: kin, i'n,.ii,'c ...'.n.'i;. :,; :r;i;:-K- T'-.i.le, Gladys Llghtne:-, b.,..-,!u.s.i .Macii.urdo and Margtior '.•' Robertson, all six of the colored r>- dies, in song and dance, portrayed COMMITTEE EXPRESSES j THANKS FOR ASSISTANCE. ' To All Friends—We wish to make public acknowledgment to ail who contributed to the success of the Ladies Minstrels. To Mrs. J. Benson Wirenn, who gave BO much of her : M.H- to the work and whose aid was in- :.V.i:ilile: to all who took part in the i'Vi. King's peritj-.-maiu-o, lo ihc business :i. a tor generous patronage, to the i : '<s, ai'.J k'.^: 1 bul by no iuoruis least to Manager W. T. Home are our thanks due, and to each and every one we desire to express our cordial THE KA( MA were not exaggerated. Messina alone tially stopped and comparative order reports 52, 000 victims of the earth- restored. The finest palaces, churches quake and It is feared this is only i and theaters are In ruins. There are countless dead bodies In the wreckage and pestilence will add its horror to ihe devastation, which is more or less complete. No part of Calabria escaped the earthquake. The tidal wave rose 32 feet. Three battleships were order, ed by wireless to proceed to Messina. | The 'British squadron has also left to assist. The Pope was greatly distressed at hearing of the scourge that has affected the loyal population In the south. He could hardly credit the truth of the dispatches describing the devastation and fatalities as ten times greater than In 1906. After kneeling fervently In prayer the Pope arose and said, JIB he said three years ago, that he felt his place was among his suffering children. It was his firm Intention to order that as possible. The plan of the Union, Mr. Hill said, for the present Is to take over the property Just as it stands and "The deal for the Midway sect of course, was called off when it seen that we could not be peaceful! put in possession of the land. continue with the present plan of op- j ^^^0 fight to do our wa t* nit Ion, Tno refinery at riazGlton is * »,„„«, „-,, «!««+.. nt *%inno« »« «**u also included in the transfer and this ""/^ VhUn^sVof'necessarJ along with the road oil ?«•>"«•«• 1 1 \l S SSfttSrtSUtoSS now in the hinds of 'be big corpora- , „ wou , d haye been a dlfferent proj tt PEACE NOGALES, Dec. 29.— An'.^xtra-" official paper at Sonora details the formal declaration of peace between the Va- quls, and the government. A conference took place in the Yuquls country on December U4, Three Yaquis ciilc-fs, and 1C6 armed followers partici,iat. I. The governor granted security i'ur liie lives and liberty and a panU-n ;or instructions be gjven for beginning the journey, but his physician and those In attendance upon him Insist- Stylish Suits for Particular Dressers It's seldom you fiud as swell n store in n small town as ours. \\ T c carry hijjh tirade clothing and all styles shown here are the season's swellest cuts. As to prices, we nan please yon. We have many different prices, but one to please all. For iuen',s sinurt to^'s, always come hen?, V '' '* THE TOGGERY offenses providing the HUbmi:'..-,lfin ! od tna , j t WO uld be Impossible for him was complete. The return <.•;' ' - >- " (,'.;:.-; i',fpurt'.-d tu Yv.c.r, iin I- iluual un the romiuct of i.n .'•ijiV-rin..:. Or:ly a K;nnll ii;.,. allowed to retain arms. Abked if ll'ey ".^roi-d t;j :l.i> terms, all stood without. hats in sandal.-; before the governor .\ ith urnia iokled and with t'lit- voice said "Egul, egui," meaniii.i; "yf.i." The chiefs thanked the) god oi pc-a'ce, tlie soldiers embraced the Yaquis auJ a celebration followed. H:\tb'u'llj VLKiiiU ; to undertake such a fatiguing expedition in Ills present state of health. ' At midnight last night a regiment jol soldiers left here for Calabria. i A flying squadron composed of the ' battleships Vlttorlo Emanuele, Reglna I Klena and Napoll was ordered to proceed lo Messina. The squadron ar- I rived there this morning, together | with steamers of the Italian Navigation Company, carrying supplies and troops. The troops will be sent to various points to keep down lawlessness. Senor Bertolinl. the minister of public works, left last night for the south, where he will represent the government. Another regiment of Infantry and reveral companies of engineers also left for the south. Altogether 3,000 " " "" ! i roops have been sent from this city The Inquest Into the death of Geo. hi Iho past eighteen hours, while from Haosslg, the Marlcopa teamster who '-H>er military posts about 15,000 men committed suicide In the Del Monte i are on their way to Calabria and vl-1 rooming bouse Christmas night, will •. cuiity. be concluded tonight. The testimony j Messina, nest to Pa ermo. the chief of Harry Phillips was taken yester-! commercial town of Sicily with moro day and tonight at 7:3.) Dr. S. V. j than 'J«.nuo inhabitants, Is situated West, Uie autopsy Burgeon, and other on the Strait of Messina and is over- witnesses will be examined. Deputy Coroner Mulllns is conducting the inquest. The funeral of Hacsslg will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock from IHE CRQESSUS ! Tho dispute Is still unsettled. Jot j F. Egbert, who wag conducting 1 deal with the Union, has secured assignment of tbo Tultz, Berry, lor and O'Brien claims and has gun legal action, the bearing of i has been postponed for several d A meeting of the Barrett, Dunn an Fried Interests was held in Los | golfs within the past few days A rumor of the sale of the Croesus j *| r - Fried Is here from.the southe lease on section OW2-23 In Midway i* 1 ^' M'day Until the Union secur UBS beru golns about In oil circles a clear t tie to this section It will nd for several days past. attempt to take it over. Mr Hill safl Tim Spellacy. one of ihc owners of| no negotiations are pending for the Croessus. arrive.I In tow:i this I -"Inwny binds, morning accompanied by A. I, .Me- Phorsun, u woll known H! man of scM-ral years hence. 1 McPiirr-'iii Is said to represent a company ri i fan Fnincisco and Oakland ii'i-n ".lin art. 1 nrgotliiting for the MIIP. Mr. irnellacy sliiU'.l that no •>•.'t! for I-H' le:',KO b:iK yet l;ei>ri m.ri»-. H<- ail- iiiltU'd that Mr. Mcl'hers<;ii lius ninth nil fiffcr for Mu> proper;..-, inii M* yet no O'Cislon bus SM-II ic-!*'.: •;. It nil ABUSIVE CITIZEN LANDS IN JAII Spollucy au.l Mcl'lu-rson -vi-n! to I ho vest sid' k thin nuirni/i-.v. The Croessus Is leated I mm H:c 2R Oil Company, tho lease h;'.vlnv? been in operation" for six years. Th»re are four good wells on the property. Mr. McPherson will be remembered one of the organizers of the Kern River Company, He now makes his home in Oakland. SHYS MUSCATINE IS IN OIL BELT the undertaking parlors of Dlxon & Sons. He will be burled in Union Cemetery. ORCHARD MAY TELL OF LINFORTH CRIME. SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. ;.'$.—By a ruling of the supreme court handed down today the issuance of a commission was granted, authorizing the tak- Ing of the deposition of Harry Orchard j teleone" w"as^mo8t affected! shadowed by a range of rugged, rocky peaks. Messina has been the scene of many battles and sieges, and has been so often devastated that there are no Important relics of antiquity. An earthquake In 1783 destroyed almost the entire city. Messlnl lies on the line of contact of the primary and secondary formations on which boundary earthquakes between Aetna and Vesuvius are always most violent. The earthquake of November, 1894, left many traces of Its destructive force. Calabrian Village Destroyed In Calabria, the region around Mon- The vil self-confessed slayer of the late Oov- j lase of stefanaconi. the inhabitants of ernor Steunenberg of Idoha, as to tho circumstances surrounding the explosion in this city on November 17, ItftM. lu the house of W. H. Llnforth, then thought to have been caused by a leak iu the gas main, but which resulted from the firins; ot a dynamite bomb, according to statements niude in Orchard's confession. The issuance of the commission foi- which number 23,000, watt virtually destroyed. Only five persons were killed, but many were Injured. Monsig- bishop of Mlieto, himself In the nor Morabito, the who distinguished earthquake of 190G, did valiant work again today. He rushed Into places ( ry or Al where the ruin was greatest and choice. T he brought aid and encouragement to all. Thousands of persons abandoned O. O. McReynolds, superintendent of tho Muscatlne at Sunset, returned this morning from Los Angeles, whure be spent Christmas with his family, and later departed for the West Side. Mr. McReynolds Is much encouraged with the progress of the Musca- line and disagrees with many well known oil men who have about decided that the flat where the Musca- tlne and others are drilling is Just a little wide of the paying oil belt. "W« are down about 1000 feet now and before the end of next month hope to have a R0°d well. We have encountered two good streaks of sand, the last at 945 feet. Many people Bern to think that we are not in the oil belt but I differ with them and before the end of January I nopa fo have a well." BARRY AND KAUFMANN FIGHT TOMORROW NIGHT. Hill Newman, a p;;n Ipi^c is in Jail and \vi!' likely have to trial for vagrancy or a more b ;rloi| offense. A complaint Is to bo l against him by A. I 1 . Byraud, liquor man, wiio this morning dlscof ered Newman in the back room of store apparently for the purpose stealing some of the bottled goi kept there. From all observances fellow was unsuccessful. He wai ter arroMtcd by Officer Doll. N'ewma IIHH been around town for some tin and when (i^nk has been nnnoyic i»nd abusive. On the way to jail bngim , I'lislng OiV.cer Doll, but tl sturdy mi.-i.;'lnn of the law, with ofl '••ml Klap to tho faop, noon made prisoner exceedingly well behaved. —Tho llgbtliiK at Macuro, on tho c/.ui-lan ,'oaHt between the adherer of Castro und a crew of u gunbo working In the Interests of Goirl continues. About twenty were and fifty wounded. The Gomez par WHS obllgod to withdraw but rcturnl und I'tisumod tho engagement. lows the attempt of the Kas compaii> i their homos, although a terrific rain lu this city to recover $lu.Sno paid to ..,,„.„) I)n , va ||,.d, and filled the- air Llnforth for the dumiin'-s done 1.>, with lamentations and prayers. In house, on tlir- fin'!!:::; •/ : ' ' : " '' ' j some places, such as Prizzo, Cotroiie, gas company wj'.s rosJiioiisiuic. ' "" company attempted lo IV-OIM-U liu; i.,i when OrcluirJ'rt c'.;:i!i .,. '.-.jr. . ".'.public, but. was forced to go to t'. higher court to secure iis authority t. tlii' taking of the deposition. Orclui. who Is si-i-vlHK .i life st-iib-MCf In l-.lul;. stated that he blew up tin- I.liiio!' IIOIISH In an irttemiit to kill t.'a[ii;i! Bradley, who then resided ilu-iv. Satitii Severlna, and Pincopio. the- poo- i ;ilc entered the churches almost while tin- latter were falling mid carried out the saints. They bore these in : pri/Cf-,..|ons through ihc open country, iiiM'i.iii^ tin- mercy of (Jod. In the i moiiut:iltious regions inland. UK- ;>n|m- lallon has Inki'ti ri-l'uge In .Hill f.lW-S. WllI'VC pI'HKallt.i, I : :-,nldii-is ali'l !< '"KOIIH of urlitlc ! afi' li\inu; In coiniiiiui. Tb>'y t-l ' tin- -.-round iin-l HI'CH Imrn to I-' 1 will : --iiiu:il.-i. CATANIA, Dec. 29.—-Ktna Is ing conaidcrahle activity. Smoke is fumi the crater and the dotou ATLANTIC FLEET PASSES BY ADEN. ADEN, Arabia, Dec. 29—The slv- teen battleships composing the Anu j v- lean battleship fleet, under comman 1 .„.. „ - of Rear Admiral Spcrry, whk-li u'ationH have added to the panic of tno cruising the world, passed this port people, A great eruption is not ex- today* bound for Suez. The fleet left pitted. LOS ANOBLES, Dec. 29.—Jim Bar Kaufmann—take your two heavyweights who meet In Jeffries' Vernon arena tomorrow night are ready for the fray and present tho best of physical condition, BO it has simmered down to a matter of personal taste in picking the winner. Regardless erf the outcome, the bout Is expected to be the most Interesting and'evenly fought ever seen In Southern California between heavyweights. If. Harry wins, Jack Johnson will be Immediately challenged for the championship of the world, and the tans arc hoping that the Chicago man •H-.V.I-, j will prove vk'toriouti. Kaufman has blrtii, | already announced that he will not 111 on j slop over the color line, HO the hopes •" ''fflof the boxing world rest, with Hurry I and tils chance to Inn the championship crown from black to white. ADHERENTS OF CASTRO AND GOMEZ IN' BATTLE. PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Dec. 29. Whom 'Did Yoa ^forget} Ono of the caramon occurrence at holiday time is the unaccountable oversight of some friend to whom you firmly in- tnmlnd to send a gift. It oftea happens, too, that unexpected gifts come to you, placing you under obligations to make some return. These difficulties caa he straightened out on. New Year's Day. A stock like ours Is too large to be oxhatiHtod and Is largely mado up of practical goods that uro salable tho year 'round. We therefore can provide juat what you mny require for New Year or any belated tokens. ]. A. Hughes The Leading Prescription Druggist

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