The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on April 8, 1971 · Page 58
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 58

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1971
Page 58
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Thursday, April 8, 1971 Don 't Count Wooden 's Whiz Kids Out Next Seasoi D-6 THE SUN By DAN BERGER Associated Press Sports Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) - At last, some basketball coaches around the country sigh, John Wooden is losing almost his whole UCLA team. The Bruins just can't win another national basketball title. Oh? The miracle of Westwood is that the glories of the past bring kids who hope to extend the dynasty, which now stands at five straight NCAA titles and seven of the last eight. The only returning starter for Wooden next season will be guard Henry Bibby, potentially a 50 per cent field goal shooter and this past season's most tenacious defender. Though the 6-foot-l Bibby had an off year shooting, he was tough in the clutch and was a factor in UCLA's 72-fi3 victory in the NCAA finals against Villanova. Wooden's toughest decision this past year was what to do about Tommy Curtis. Curtis hadn't, impressed Wooden before the season began and the fi-1 guard from Tallahassee, Fla., decided to sit, out the year. But he kept coming to practice and worked out with the varsity. Before long, Curtis' improvement was apparent. He was blooming so rapidly that even before the Pacific - 8 Conference title was won, Wooden could have used him. "It was quite a hard decision, Wooden said. "I didn't want to waste the season by activating him but I sure could have used him." Wooden later admitted his decision to let Curtis save an entire season was partially prompted by "what it might have done to the morale of the others on the team who were playing." Curtis could easily become a starting guard next October. At forward he is the ideal type of player to replace grad uated AU-American Sidney Wicks. Larry Hollyfield, 6-5, has played in only two losing basketball games in his career, four years in high school, one in junior college and one at UCLA. He wasn't eligible for the NCAA playoffs due to the junior college transfer rule and, thus, was used sparingly by Wooden during the past regular season. Hollyfield is a quick, ag gressive, good shooting for ward with heft (210 pounds) and strength. He'll be a junior next season and could well start. But the pride of the 1971-72 Bruins are six or more.-freshmen off a team this past year which was 20-0, averag ed 105.3 points-per-game and played defense the Wooden way, holding the opposition to just fifi.5. Bill Walton of San Diego heads the list. The fi-11 car rot-topped stringbean weighs only 215 but Wooden says he is not fragile. In fact, Woo den's praise is virtually un ending. "He's almost as good a shot blocker as Lew Alcindor was at this stage. "And he shoots very well from outside. He's a fine all-around player. Five other freshmen were on scholarship this year, two more than any other frosh team at UCLA. Choosing a star among them is impossible because as freshmen they played like a welded unit. Keith Wilkes, a 6-614 forward from Santa Barbara, Calif., showed great leaping ability he grabbed 240 re boundsand his passes were better than expected. He averaged 20 points per game as a frosh, the top scorer. The top assist man was fi-4 Greg Lee of Reseda, Calif., who passed off 126 times in 20 games. But so unselfish were the freshmen that as a team, they averaged 24 assists per game. Gary Franklin, a 6-5 blond with a soft shooting touch, is a possibility at guard be cause of the late development at forward of Hank Babcock, 6-5, and Vince Carson, 6-6. Carson might be the prize in the bunch. At 195 pounds, he was an asset with his shooting and rebounding. He hit nearly 60 per cent of his shots from the floor and grabbed 145 rebounds. Babcock was a 78 per cent free throw shooter and came on late in the year as a scaring threat. "They play excellent defense, said Wooden one day with a smile. "There are a few of them who could start next year. But that leaves further "problems" for Wooden because this past season he had others who returned. One is Larry Farmer, a high leaping 6-6 forward who played in spots and was impressive as a rebounder and defender the type of player Wooden likes. He'll be a junior. Another is Andy Hill, a 6-1 guard who handled the ball well in spots for the Bruins the past two years and who has drawn praise for his development. He will be a senior. If Walton ever gets in foul trouble, 7-foot Sven Nater will be around. He's from Sweden and his first two years in America he was learning the game in a local junior coll He's thin but can shoot ball well. He sat out this season and will be a jur Wooden usually gets on two top-flight junior col transfers each season. The All-American Wicks was a transfer, as was Kei Erickson a few years bj Erickson now stars for Los Angeles Lakers. You can't count Wooden for 1971-72. M ' t Pitcher Boswcll Signs Contract With Tigers DETROIT f AP) - Pilcher Dave Boswcll and Detroit Tiger Manager Billy Martin, who engaged in a fist fight in 10(19 when both were with the Minnesota Twins, were reunited yesterdny wlirn the Tigers signed Boswell as a free agent. The tall righthander, who drew an estimated $:!5,0(I0 salary from the Twins last season, was released by Minnesota this spring. He began negotiations with the Tigers two weeks ago and settled on terms in a phone call from his Orlando, Fla., vacation home. Boswell, who lives in a Baltimore suburb, headed for there and will join the Tigers tomorrow when they arrive in Raltimore for a four-game weekend series. The Tigers have been hard-hit by injuries and other ail menls in their pitching staff this spring. Roswell, a 20-game winner in 19(59, had nothing but trouble last year. The 2fi year-old righthander experienced a swelling of the ankles in spring training last year and came up with arm and back problems. After compiling a 3-7 record he was placed on the disabled list Aug. .1. In 19fi.r), he was troubled with mononucleosis; in 19(16 a shoulder s e p a r at i 0 n bothered him and in 19(19, his activities were curtailed dur ing spring training as he severed a tendon in his left hand while fishing. Boswell's brief fistic en counter with manager Martin occurred outside a downtown Detroit bar Aug. 6, 1909, after the temperamental pitcher got into an argument with then Twins' outfielder Bob Allison. Witnesses said Boswell took a swing at Allison outside the tavern and when Martin stepped in as a peacemaker, Roswell swung on him. Martin kayncd Roswell and the pitcher later went to a doctor's office where two stitches were taken in his lip and three over one eye. Mar tin had seven stitches taken on his lacerated right hand. Twins' owner Calvin Griffin fined Roswell an undisclosed sum and made him apologize to Martin and Allison. UCT Lillle League Hosiers SAN RKHNRDINO The 1971 United Commercial Travlers mijor Little League baseball rosters have been selected, with managers to notify players as to times of practices, it was announced by Herb Campbell. The teams: ATMLETirV Dvi(J Hotter. John Unrden, Vitthrw B"1rn. Samuel Gold, Stephen Johnson, Grroory Lerhuae, Oiwvtld lopei. Jerk Nicholson, Christopher P.Arsnn, Denny Peersnn, Put Plymesser. Kenneth Peer), Rubin Senurn. Tnrlrl Vincent. Tlmnlhv Wnllnrrt ArUnener Cy Plvmewr Crh Delhert Peerson Prertlre flt Rrerfley Mineoer will notify. INDIANS nvir( Knoa. Jeffrey Boon. Tlmnfhv (omphelt. Peymonrl fst.rie, Pfnrlt Mrrilliy. Pevtrl Ni'hntaon. Pnnme Ortir. Kenny Jlrllllll. ThnntM Tlrrt.lh, FreoVlle Toltver. Pan 111 ToMver. Pntiert VMinihn, rwnlrl Wrstmrer, Onny Williams, Rofiert Wilsrm WUnaoef J O Rrlen f nrh Port Wt Pmrfire M I lli'ft n rPiOII"V Brent SUMwin. Mer r!ermyrr. Timothv Fstrmyr. let nnnrto C.erfm. Jeffrey Key. I"virt Kilmer. Divin leliherle. Joseph Lel'herte, Ronerl Menrtor. Pay Nlm mo. Norman Nnrii, John Blous. PorrA PitlK-rl, Welter Snyrter, Jeff Meooef frenroe Crensfnn Coerh Poo f rnhener. Prertire at I Inrolrt PF r SOX Darren Alttla't. Kevin Anrjmm, Mark Aeylerwn, Merc De r imp, John Foen. Joseph Coen. William ori. Keony Kernev Patrlrfc I owe. William Lowe, Terry mettln, orhryay Meprjort. Mefym Nelvwi. (Vary Overtwtft. Jmnel Piper Manaoer John kntrrynn frwKh Lerry K earn prer-t"e et EH". Nrw Oilrr Trainrr HOUSTON (AP) - The Houston Oilers of th National Football Leanje hired a new trainer TwMlay, picking Warren ,nail fmm the New Organs Saints. WHITE SOX: Mark Cheek. Sandy Cnrley. Wenrfall Cnrley, Philip Enolehart. Rohert Fields, Robert Gnllina, Raymond Comer, Daniel Hall. Derrell Johnson, Rnye Velio, Timothy Movede, Edward Myers, James Potter, Rlrky Ramones, Robert Wllmuth Manaoer Wayne Myers Coach Herman Colton Practice t Bradley YANKEES: James V Baker, CralQ Foloner, Steven Green, Greqory Hearn, Ronald MrDermilh. Michael Miner, John Mottott, Scott Morris, William Morris. Carey Stark. Gary Stark, Arlen Stebblns, Ray Stehblns. Richard stiles. Willie Stuhbs. Manaoer Cliff Mirtlrk roarh Fntj Foloner. Piertlre et Bradley COLLISION REPAIRS IU1CH AUTO WORKS 3rd end I $5000.00 IN $200.00 Weekly Cash Prizes LAKE IIENSHAW Annual FISHING DERBY March 21. - Sept 12th EVERYONE ELIGIBLE Fix jMtirnjt infonrities) mult 0 phone Ursort 7M-7S2-5CC1 tx Frailer rVl np Ground 7U-7R:-3S7 ISeets Hettl U P.fre te J C' e?rt t o m p J , 1 W save$16to$20 per tire extra wideTO'series your choice of 5 sizes Polyester cord body plus fiberglass cord belts. . The tire that's standard or optional equipment on many new cars. Same tire that's advertised on network TV. Built for today's fast action cars and for the man who wants great tire performance. 7s 7T 7j rn (QJuW 13nilVAfH 7 mm m . u u ym 3 W White Strips Regular Sale Price Plus Fed. Ex. Tax Tubeless Size Price Vi Off No Trade Needed E70-14 $48.45 $32.30 $2.51 F70-14 $51.20 $34.15 $2.64 F70-15 $51.20 $34.15 $2.69 G70-15 $56.05 $37.35 $2.86 H70-15 $61.40 $40.95 $3.11 7rF c rm ) f p m y MITE ML Offi 4 PLY NYLON CORD "ALL WEATHER HT'TIRE Offer ends Sat ni(ht MOST COMPACTS 4 FOR ohM II 7t Fed. Ii Tti per tit. SO I II tubeless, no turt needed ir 4 for$S4 IT Bk H m If it mmmmmmmmmmmm f mm. OFFER ENDS SAT. NIGHT 3 WAYS TO CHARGE ftionTRYvMrTlei 53 .la Jit- 1 4 i 1 Stsrred Locations Do Not Honor Bank Credit Card. USE OUR RAIN CHECK PROGRAM: Beeauso of an expected heavy demsnd for Goodyear tires, we may run out of soma sizes during this offer, but we will be happy to order your sire tire at the advertised price and issue you a ram chek for future delivery of the merchsndise. Mle0BBRBR5R9 GOODYEAR -THE ONLY MAKER OF POLYGLAS' TIRES .T bit mw;wp includes complete disassembly and cleaning worn parts replaced with new parts performance test to insure reliability otir trommisiion plant has models available to fit most cars. . . ready for fast delivery QUICK EXCHANGE BY APPOINTMENT 12 Ask About Our Easy Pay Plan (PRmum QOOPYEAIi? SAN BERNARDINO 590 W. BASE LINE BASE LINE AT "F" 884-8831 OPEN 8:00 TO 6:00 COLTON 1224 N. MT. VERNON 825-8950 OPEN 8:30 TO 6 SAN BERNARDINO 774 SO. "E" INLAND CENTER 88S-0771 OPEN 9 TO 9 FONTANA 17067 FOOTHILL BLYD. 822-0549 OPEN 8 TO 6 REDLANDS 522 ORANGE 793-2935 OPEN 8:30 TO 6 SAN BERNARDINO 2333 N. STERLING STERLING AT HIGHLAND 862.1410 OPEN 9 TO 6 VICTORVILLE 14596 7TH 245-9369 OPEN 8:30 TO 6 Prices Shawn at Gtatfyejr Stnrici Sttres; Competitively Priced at Geetfear Dealers and at All Service Statiins OisplayiRj the Goodyear Sign. TOM FARRINGT0N CAR CARE CENTER YOUNG 4 LANE TIRE ANGIE'S AUTO CENTER Ban Lint it Sitrri W17 IIS-ltEC HI leer. Rirmidt (tl-JHO 1010 E. Mill, Binltw 256-2:! 1(1 W. Hirhlmd ISMtll

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