Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 12, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1916
Page 4
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IOB rocrR. STERLING, ILLINOIS, THURSDAY.j)CT. 12. T91S, SOME PRICES TO IMPRESS ON YOUR MIND tfel^* -p-V-l^CS : «4-- -€tl4 ^d bring it to The Bootery, and we will you these exceptional values. We learn from th e ni aiiiif acttirertfa at we^ cannot replace these shoes at anywhere near the prices we paid for them. Patent leather, cloth top, button ...... •—:•..-.— $9 SA «P*««W. $2.50 Gun metal, cloth top, button and lace Gun metal and patent leather, cloth top or calf top, button, 'A fine number in latest model lace $Q K A shoe. This is a great value at.. «w««*u Two of latest numbers in patent $4 00 leather, calf top, button v-x.y w Gun metal, calf top, button, $4*00 \ Our Ijne of $5.00 shoos in imtHvid Trnd fHnzedKid r tntt- : (on and lace, arc tho latest models, and as for.values it will cost 2f>7c' to 4Q% more for us to replace name. The wise persons will buy their Fall hMsmrJy to in the country whose line of shoes does .not carry the above advances. THE BOOTERY H.O.BRAY it Third SL . ,._,. *B. W. Mason Fine Shoe Repairing Done &TEBUNG 4)AfLY-GAZETTE DAILY STANDABD SiXTY-THHtD YKAjt coin IJighwft>\»inl on many other muln traveled tourist routew, If we could Htl- vertlae the fact _th«t_ we had a m<w jlu»tc-l. with nuMern tHjuliiriiit'ntnrwmndi -l<i tiip city Publiahed imlly -D. W. CJKANOOX Kdjltitra ntul omcc, 111 West Third Street. Hftntered at Postoitien, Stt-rUni?, ____ -^BS' Secon«i t-la GERMAN EFFICIENCY. it-very nlgHt to fill it up. There iif fl j (new hott'l between Chicago nnd 8ti>r- UitiK. H would «)o more than that without doubt. At present the hoti'ls are full all the time, or It Is no reported. A new hotel would brinfjemiiiKh Iran- NifntN to till it and of|4-n make a nice run over for the other hoteta. Buch a moilern organization would be a help JusT Germans licked for the h»*t tim«» bob up with n new • ntunt that IKM tha breath nway. The advent a HUbmnrlne on the American Hide tho Atlantic blowliiK m» allied idlcateB the OermanH huve great r»- power* for n race that ip alao flhnwH that in two years the have, not pUHhed the ck on their own territory. They are U entirely through Belgiutn and far France. They are ole,-,r across ^Poland Into Hunslan territory.' They re clear through Werbla und fust drlv- tha Hou'maniaiiH back. 80 far tu» the actual results of tho arc obtainable the Germans have *h«wl almost their own way. At the tiey aio bt'itig'ilftven-tja^-tHit-of t»ke yearn to drive-them their own territory. The. French have made uliglit saiiis. in Aleace- 15 lioralnc, which ww taj««*n from Fruiu-e \|n the war of 1870, but outside of on* -two umall apota the (iennaiiB are ; flghtlrtif entirely on tho territory of the "•- Allies far outxide of their own country. "4Pj»0p!o niar feel OB they will concern| 'Ing tho rlght«H)u«np»a of the Uertnun I', cause or the Justice of the allie'm flght. land the ccrtiilnLy_lhjiOu__ih«_±. | } d _!h?. will win; but thU much nil hitell- * 'IjBont men mu«t do, and that la admit S the wonderful efficiency of the Ucrr in innumerable WOULD BE FINE IMPROVEMENT. That fine new hotel prospect looks pi too good to bo-true, .but nothing would 44 more tu the city ]hun a fine new hotel. With our location or» the , RAYMOND'S Pectoral Plaster 8al4 by I>rmnfl«U un It* uutril* lof t.'«#(t tot WHOOPING • COUGH Croup, Tight Coughs * ««.. t«l . N«« Yorfc City For Beat Service and Call • Fttderal Direcjtors D»y C«ll»- NigH Call* V' ^ ftplt Noia <}VU No. $20 8 dttionc rathf-r than a damage. In fact it wo 4 uld put Sli-rlluK on the map aH much aa anythlne that could be. done, SELECTION OF OOETHAL8. The announcement that I'resldent Wilson « han neleeted Major General (loot lull's to head tho commiHKion that is to investigate the effeclH of th« new railroad "eight -hour law" will b« (ileuHiiiK to the maK«PM of American people who believe in fair play, (Jen. Uoethalri haw been- worklrtw under the eight-hour «y»tem for «o long while In charge of th« actlvo work, of digging the Fiintima canal, that ho known that side of— the proposition thoroughly. That he tfrlngii experience, nhility and Kood'judgnvent to the "commission, fair- apljointment-and-4he—{lubliu- Will be tuUitiUrWwitit hl» finding*!, VERY LITTUE CHANGING. Tihe life-long I>*mocrat, who will vo'te for Hoghes nnd tho life-loin,' ca n who" wi H Vol«T f or W iinon" in evidence, but tl\ere are very fow of them on either aide. There seems tu be very little changing this year. Tha Hepuhlican IB* Jgoint; to vote 'the Ito- luibltcan tleket, und tho Democrat is goTng~tir~vo"tt* the jJenuK;F8lTE~Tfi51{6K" That is about all there, i« to the cum- uaign. And I hut renult Mimpiy means Uepubjican sureesa, U*ea»«e/ there are more HepubUcan votes than Democratic on fctrictly parly linii-uptf.' ' TARIFF 8TANP8 THE Do you notice that the political battle crys change every campaign? l'<v- ory four year* we have »on»e now ilia* aster ahead of us, according to tint i))'wi> who make'a buHinena of polit.its-t, which is forgtitten It.v tbvtiine the next campaign armi*. Tbe only buttltVcry that »tood tht> Ivt-i of tlmo l.s tliu tuiHT i and that i« never Mettled. 'HAVE TROUBLES AT HOME. At l.eary, (U-orgJa, recently .an aged colored woman was" Jyiic.hcd. for a crime counnitteU by her won. We niaitd that fcort of thing in America und ;iKun>i»i outrHgca . ia the olU \\i>rUl, Wv had bu.tu-r clean up our iwn back >ar»l bt-foro we bcgTn to tetj the old vn.'itil what it hl.uulij tlo tu show H »» CAUOHT QH THi FLY tin >v!n H tin..' fill tht Lit t he iiJ-« n . .-d In- jii»»^.; •*> n got- U[» fj,.- l!i»fig!« hf mitoS hu> ul '/"tiate bevtt goinK !»(!. is oi'ili v,.niUi li- I, t|>|>y if lt<- r.nij>! ;il t!u i.i«<st u >ti !, utd Hi-ll ;,H"(F;..' ~<~^~[ ~ K", • U - iTJT "i~>'~jTiil7r. W.yne-Deaiter... Dry\ Goods Co. ===== Ladies' Home Journal Patterns-Samejjld Price, lOc and 15c. Use our Rest Room ^~—— Ac^ffii^^ inr4:leady^^ Garments _ If you intend purchasing a fcoat Dress, Skirt, or Blouse, you should visit ; our large daylight department on the second floor. j^ €r g PU will fiM it be a suit at $15 or a coat at $75. ^ We have a department for children where you will find Coats, aged 2 to 14 yrs., and Wool Dresses, aged 6 to 14 years. This week we have received by express many new Afternoon and Party Dresses in a beautiful array of styles. Also Japanese, Tea Gowns, Kimonos, and Quilted Jackets, Expert alterations of ready-to-wear free. " 7 ' " J ^ Use Dur elevator in going to and from second floor. — - ?—.**.'.— Warm Bedding Th« tim« !• now h«r« v*h«n you mutt supply your winttr ne*d«. We botiflht our ftankeU latt F«bru«ry and are thV«for« «bl» to giva you tho b««t possible values. Cotton Blankets in plain col- Woolen Blankets in plaids and , $5 to |12- Comforters ¥ Silkoline and Sateen Cornfort- or wool, are made In our own work room. They are better made, 1 better materials and larger than factory goods. We aUo make them to order. •wcrj A word about Correct Sizes Home nwiHifaetiirern of underwear lay stress on. the fuel thiH their Karmcnt* are i that..—.• * thelr'a are "«nuK »'lr.e»." When you u«k for a «lze 36 you waul, a 30 Jin Inrsrr anil no wenr is correctly InfantH. Children nnd Forest Mills I'nder- i und there, arc no better values for the prices wu ask. Don't delay. Toilet Goods Reduced Prices jAJ ways 01V box La Blaolio Fare Pow<i<T .... ..... ..39c .'A- box of "Java" Face Powder.. ....... ..... 39c 50,- Hind's lion.'y & Almond -.Ova in ...... ,39c aOc Kspeyn Fraurant (Yon in ............ 35c 4<)r box FmiiouH I'omlrc rlo'Hiz ... ........... 29c 50e IVbivo Tooth Taste for ..... ...... ...... 39c 2.V Colgate's Kihbon Cream ............ 19c.' 2at' Colgate's Talcum Powder for .......... 15c 25e Mtninon's TaltMim Powder .. ..... . ..... 15c for ........ ....... .. 2 Tie Vantine's Talcum 40e package Hoger & (Jnl- let Fare Powder,. . .29c 25c Shaving Stick . . . .21c 50e ja r 8t il Imaii i 's Freelcle Cream ...... .......... 39c 2")c jar Pond's Vanishing Cream . . ...... ..... 19c 25e Woodlwry'K -Facial Soap ..... '.*..' ..... 20c 2">e cake Cuticnra Soap "for . .......... . ...20c 75c Vantine's Face Powder for ....... ..... .64c 7.V Vantine's Toilet Water for . ... ---- • ..... 64c $1.25 Piver's Toilet AVn- ter for ...... ......... 98c $1.25 box "PiverV Face .98c . _ Water, large .sixe .. .$1.29 25e Pro-pha-lae-tie or KubbtT Hot Tooth -Brush-- (uj._for ...... ... 21c HOC box of'Melba Powder for ..'...'........-. ...39c -Saturday New creation* just from our tfwn work roomi, in * variety of shapei and trimminfli. W* have not offered their equal in value* tint A fable at :$5 A liibtd at f $7 Wool Dress Goods This department is splendidly equipped to take care of your wants in Woolens, whether It b« plain colorsor-faneies. - --• •- —Wan te.flFall .shades in plain Herjcrei?, Taffetas, Poplins and Chuddalm , .65c to $2 Fancy Plaids and Stripes in navy, f'op'en, burirundy, ^reen, brown, black and white 50c to $2 Silks and Velvets Our sales of Silk and Velvet nro grow- iv by tlay, because of tbe many ex- st'VlFH'WO aTC 1 ibis season. TalTetas, Messalines, P«j>- , (3n>« tie l.ondrt'H, GeorKetti^__a M, il Crepe do in a Kreat variety" of colors ami comblnu*- _ tioilH. .skinner's and Beldlngs guaranteed rsatln lin- vinusuully priced. Our New Fall Neckwear Featuring th* l»rg* collar* of wool flannel, wash ••tin, organdie, voile and georgette cr«f>«, will be on diaplay Friday and Saturday, Pric*d 50o to $1.50. You always find it firrt at Wyna- Dvaver's. » Silk Underwear We art ahew- ing Union Sulti, Combi- n»tion»,Bloom- »r«, V*«tt and Cor«t CovtrB in thi» famout • /• brand ef ttal- i.n 8i»< Un- derwear; and whit*. VISIT OURECONOMY BASEMENT jrraff^ Every day i«~BargaiDfty in our Economy Basement but .for Saturday only some Extra Special Values Sale of Waists, 59c This is a clean up of •garments' from second floor that sold up to $2.50. White and colored in sixes 3fi to 44. Basement s •('ial.v ..... -7; ..................... : ........ ; Sale of Soap 8 bars of 5o Lenox Soap for ........ ;'.'2 bars of lOo Ivory Soap for . lOe cake of Palm 7c BathMatts Heavy frooad«d Bath Matt of good »i*fl whit» with blM«, pink or tan. «t Aprons, 49c »nd Cover-nil stylo, In or n«rcuU»; all 6 Be grade. •Umbrellas, 95cr Plain mission or carved handle Umbrellas for la- djos and gentlemen. The cover is an excellent quality cotton tafTetn, Our regular price is $1.25;' Money Savers Children's «5e Fluid Ging- liini Dresses, KiHOB 2 to (J yrs f 1 .T2"5(ImglTani Hoiise-_i Dresses, sizes MB. to 44 ....'..?, Pound can Sterling' Talcum Powder .. Large size -({lass Lemon .Juiee Extractor, 15e roll Scot Tissue WITeTTapeF 'Metal Hotil) Plshea,; * * * t » t «ood 25f Uluo Sink Htralni-rH $1.DO ten i»U>c«< Ct-mkery S«'t». 4 3 MUlng Howla. ana lOc 15c 6 llamkiits; hrown wart-, white iilied, Tho 1U piece not for QQ/» OUl* Special! A Blanket for Only 58c A large K'IZU gray cotton Blanki't with blue or pink irder; sbelt stitrb ljufeh.on both ends,. Tbis blanket border is worth 7uc today. Sale oi^AIuminum Kettles ;Jl»2 <lt- hollow handle Kettle with lid,"Hpeewl at... . 2 <jt. lipped Kettle, wire bail, values to 65c Extra Speciab for Saturday 2He Linen Finish O1 if» Tubing, 42 ineh *»J.V IDe quality Colored Outing Fhtfttre4/- lie Wearwell Bleached Muslin, M inch ....... it of Loom "Bt TtTTTlT JOe L L Unbleai'lietl +7f* Ahisliu, yO UH»h .' * ^ He llyde 1'ark Un blenehiMl ^luslirt -•-.-. .'JJitt Pepperell, H-4 Blem'lted Sheeting, . bleaehJd Sheeting , 8c blenched Wheeling Hlejielied Sheeting 'J4f I'epperell 4'J iui-li Tubinu: '2tic Pi'pperell 45 iiu-h Tubing .- 20c 8c 12e quality Colored 1 A^' Outing Flannel J-VV lOo Ai»rou Gingham, blue .-L'lieek^__.,,,..... 15.C Toweling, 1 21* bleaehed or bjwvn_. _>_**_^' lae Percales, lights l^r^T lie 14c 16c 20r repperell ( f a»e«. 1 fi/» 45x86 .JlieheH AUI-' U5.- A..C. A Feather 1 Q/» 12Jc ,1 f i J "r. • .1 and darks .. 14c Pillow C'ane«, Si!x3ti incht'K .., liu- 1'illow (JilHes, 4^'x3ti Inchea. .. .^ t of J/tMM 'Tii Iviuu,, ,\anl f."..- JUv.M fu'it 'Flannel. jai>l »'t forget that even though' you the evidence would indicate that all b#e,n voiliiK and have IH-I-II rej;U-1 th*.* mean thin«M tftich *.Mu hurls at the rj'"! .for forty jeurw 'you tiuint rv-j.ubfr xeenu to ba vgiwtk-r il»i« year or. svvvitr la jour , •ni**, The m»t re-g|Htratioii iiay will! Tlicj all think on the (Continued from Page One ) >e.Tue»d;ty next. Oi'totn-r IT. JHsU't forswt. trup. < ( ontinueii rrom i-a^v »»m- > The other Mde that ••*'«-»l'i^ »»y the Hultsm-. » wan «,f. |[ 'liiiullv <u>u4iiinceil li»l.i>. ,Ne,u jhui.tnji liiilu;nuti»n in offioiul ciiclt-M The ilis- '.'»>iy the oeci«i>lo» und the toasting and |..»teh did tut di^-l.iM' wlu-lher or n.»t j ..,„,.; oh.-i-r the mont dell«htful of !l 1 l!!!!!!ll.-." wi ' ltf ' '-> |! Uuv « li "» "^ !U c< ' irai>> f<)r on n- 1 rtnv thr- rrat futlrd calf wu* kill--- PROPHEtSTOWN NEWS a Mm- for the |»ro-j ln ,, |{,,i.,,ii ,>v Ihi-y ale h< tectitut of muiikiud. They keep on . I.nigfite.i tni; their own in.ui Hind in l>iuve it. diHlng into a<i\,iUi>il IHlUall.ill One v>f the drifts of the .cam i uiilid« US (hut fcsijTwt'rka ttefi»rc flee- ji>n tlisi .J'i«-i»i><TJi,ls.i4i<A"firfr, \s"liTr"nii i v -j u j, •)• uiHir«Ai kft ,t mw i'l»;i in t>,(« Tf'TrWj^T-rtfitTTTi^ DROPPED P018ONEP SWEETS, F'INE TIME'CAMPING -. j'til .iial the canto hom6. J uu ilu* i|'i\ llieii'_we}e duckH • ilnif <nii a li-h l.iKt« that made all all tho all III' 1 |MJ«t <Mtche|« fillks ithijiKMfH,- Thi-j wiy that 'iir 1 t "fill > ! t(ii< I. Illil , ,i (,(,,, |n,iuiil« ( that Uiil»' WitH 11 i • \*i iit.-t t'tf ) tt ,i,i\ ^.Hiini . i.f ii.ii !••«• the f •* i . k -3, (t pleaiuro to «»t'o our tlut tv>lkt> and \ult I "Th.tnk \\il-~xii !it-!«.' Ihe ei!.i<iymeul Ttii-i*» Is .'.inutt ii<i! fct.(Jt"lt I'llH i H!IH is .sj, trtV IJi- ( >l ' l! j (!• t t,. ^ 1 I I I 1,1 ,''1 « ,(- . .' . i ! , tti II-ii hit ! • v i,«. i r.'s ti . it ., . f« i. in f i" f«' V/lr -It,i n,i<l' Wli.'h Vi I i I'ln- ^(»i!li! l 'i Ji.- , it ! , «.! tf'V 1 ^*".^ 'i t ^ |j^ j\^ i -. t [. . i (i ! Efiti* i* >! i I....H '1 ill' ll* I'M

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