Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 12, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1916
Page 3
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\ IRUNG, nxnvtifs. TWinsimr. OGT, 12. ww. *• * '-'* ?*$* NATIONAL COMPANY ' l\ II ii- ! \ i ' > . ^f-TT "T'~ *~?'-~ ( ' i t \\ '• 'I ACACSMV PROMISE TREAT <R-\x---.-*?Srf -<-^*** -'(!l!r< ! l! ,'lt! in',|-r1i:it li-- f'.tft inntrnitu.t'- Automobile Bargain YEAR OPPORTUNITY Veie '.'. '!"!;! It.I '-, «• r«-'p!it;iti..rt. i |W tin 1 llt'f;i. ti"H i:! t)l« AflHe'MV ,-' Mil- i. , .\loft.>;,-.-. (h i. M. -A'- 'pn acti>r of OUi. i li;rr;>. I* f.« |ih«it-ably no ;iui«!t .rm thv A fD'-r'n ,-in th*- Amerit»;i»r pitblic (hat; Mr N.-tVin His "I'.Mt" -i renti'ins hat* 1 eonvuts-'ii ;i!id|eiii <-s of Myo i-ontlju^ntR with huiKhter are! firr years ln-» Itas (»•• n si i.<;olif>tf h<-a.lli!>" f'r-at»m» ift (ill th" biu Ciinili-viNe M'ussef. ftftd r'-COtftllKJ'.l a* IMC of it« hiuif-st s»ntnfl«'d tnft«t"tflln« rs Ilnl I>a\ if! hii« »t<tiiin**d p*4nnl pro'tiln- •tn.e, nnt ciniy HJ* a vait'l<H U|i;>n. l.nt IK .i )<->tdinc llftht I'oitHHilnn ami ha? t'-:f,|l i! |tl;(Jiy (|;i'. .-IJUJf; r»T'«t stock flf riTnlttitlorm of note. Th-»v lmv«- now 'ut-Niik'-n- tic- \ fiiiil(*> il!i- Ho>ld rtnd ai h*-- -h'':!'! : i.f tht-tf own rompany- t>f )f>in!>le nrtlutv. Mi'e pr^W'tHlrif*. in tic eiritamate tin-.if r an t ntertaittniettt •ofi«istlne. of (OUT one-ait plrtvf*. «-a« i? lileh ll.i,jt (n e|| u time tried Slle- iinil «'IK Ii of which has been !•>(('•I <>f piift'li lent Importunes to o, •.". leading pftn"i—rrr th.' \.iTntrTTTP~ fill m m m m m m mwmvm BinmimiiraiW mmm m H "During iTil.i Jnvr-iJ^rtil.m, .^PJ-W*? -sfeuim f a MAI r.r_ii,. ». U, ;J3 . j»*kfnl flip percent.I^P <'f ^onl In I heir,.!«•ad ing uu m L c i j Ijpio ranee."" TV-}' knew nothing of flic* Jun-l nf wool ot the djr* tr-ril in- th<' fabrics'*—/rom, a report n/ //m I'tiilal St(itf$ •Drpiirttrrnt.of Ctmimtrcaafter nn {-"r^^al'iin (i Uieclathf.K-jnakin irJn'itn nnrt The tjrnit" by th." !at< Krl I'.ty, lit-Herilierl __ ;\*t ;}....IJli.lll!,.;tLl ; "A Ti'iteii of Js'iituri'" by Tom Nn'\tn, 'A l.ti-sy Pay", it fareinil i om- !«i!y by Seitrle Allen; an<i 'The t'si- n ."jH'cdy raritm i ornc-l) b\ tte l>:d\vard l»«y" all i-ombine to a full rvfnfnir'F entrrtsiln- of inut h rlnss and nicrit. Oomjiany .«ii|iportln>r • tiie Miiii>i tl t" !>•> of the |jr-<t rlans, In- i:\iint:eilne " Jjixey. daimhtvr enry }'. I>ixey. Kvelyti Watson, hine iH'ffrey, Hlehard OiiHtlllo. Koixne, Beimell I'iiui. and In flic light of this"startling • stater»f«t~Jby ihe-Ufritel States ";fe?vc]n(i_HiCTfe:;it.. is intercsti ng to -tnow that in Kiiiclibaiim Clothes nothing but pure all- wool fabrics are used. . ,. ' . V \ •—fabrics acid tested to detect the slightest taint of Cotton; —.fabrics Weather tested under all atmospheric conditions* —fabrics made lustrous, almuldess and soft by the London Cold Water, Process. 1 . ... - '• ..y.**«W * New Fall styles for men and young men at $15, $20,_$25 and up to $40* ULLIVANV ( AMUSEMENTS jN^ruur^uS^-i"!;;:";^;:;;;^ ^ -...-- .-...-. : ^ '.«_». .'.!._ . . j. • . . _. THE SLUE PARADISE The Mirei'sn of "The Hine l';u «t Ihf CbU-affo thfnter l}< HU i>i-"' "T'TI Dial artanKcinciitM imvc'~iit.-«Ti To Ihe Wife One Who Drinks Hall for niiiny tnonthx to «-mn'<*. It * woniij not he Kurprlninu i-f "Tin* Hln« I'arudiM." .should I'ljtijil in ''hii at;c-> the , \vv.!id»Tiul~i"e-e.ird it (-• -t- in \eiv Vofk, I/»lu-n- it tt}i|)<Mrvd for near!. 1 ,' ftiur i hundred i:onKv<-iitH'e -|>erfonnanei'H7 j f^e,'il Lean. ChlraK*> idvl'and the icad- f has a jM'Su-luint far r«H-i»rdh ! and !ils five hundred performance* at I tmvo an Impnrtiintcohfldrntialnio** ; , (l e <.|,| i^Sall- theater in "Tho time sage for you. ,lt will fome In a -}daln I T)l ,, |. (U( ,. .,,„• 'j* ll( , ,; h | •• j. t j|j Ht ., n ,iJ «nvelo|t«. How to conquer tho iktuot }„„'„,, unbeaten nrorrt. >«.> if in iliea- ' 'IJWI In 3 UavB anjl make homo napp. | lh ,, |S .„„, w . l , IM ,,. rfu , ,, 1W ,, M . BH ((M11U for i Wondi-rful. nafo hiMh, B . i*HaW*. In-i U)l th( , llUra( , ti ,, n , 8 „ , t ,, oxprnaivo method, KuarnT3te«"<!r -Write fy, j -•—:• \~~,- --,--.•••.— ~ — **—-'• to Edw. J. WoodH. 129T -K. Station E, i , il , ' , ' i»t« % «>--<> way ., t. ._ , — —LL-—Li— —___ balmy <lay*« of next KprSi ." mi immfm —«^»-—».-. m*lmm*^^*m~m~m «... '. 7C1RCDS in»\ *•( sttiiit in th* mn.Vlnff'pictUro will IH- .Hhnivn ii^ th«' Ai'iHlPiny Miixic Saturday nlRM. "t'lrruu " will tii>|war t'lt'lv <in. (ttr fi<ii!«'n Itic )>k"tun',s uf ..tin* lIuKctilx<ck- lai,«- rirctif "ill !••> pliown and. It li<- just Hi;i- ttiturwSillK ,tli«' ri-al i? It %\ill i»; Kn-at 5|>ort fur tho Uiilx iind Ui> l.oantv cf it all i.-* i( Aou't i ojit aitywln. :•« iit'tir'(In* aUmi>- ^ii'H In a rt'.ii i-irruri. • " ANNA ELIZA-8HUMAN Anna Klfsta' Keller was horn;July " Sept, S, IStlii. At tho ane of 111, H|I<> »vn« nisi t+*«lct and Mr.i, Hluitnan t*t-UHrmiin-O; In Try Our LEMON EXTRACT and PURE HiPICES Co. First Aw; isuii« him .to Much perfection.- It al| !n\v* aH- i th«''(*1j)'v "i' Ills l^Pthy comedy, ! it in'rmiJK him to niiikt- K»»nl use of I ihe remarkable YOH-«- lie p(iH«eMs>en and j i>y the way, how many i-omedianK are there on the MUiKe today who i-fjn re- ttlly »mK?~nmJ It «lv<-« full v«-nt for all tho br«»p«y |H>riw>nnlity that I-ean and onlyelJi^ii ran Im'stlie into R |>r*r- f<*rmai"t*. And tht>n thfr« i« th«>'b«?au-* tihil OU«o • Mayfletit, -whose Jm\i<THona- «»f the tplvphono opt-rutor fn>m K" is a, rernarkahh' <-li.:ira«-(eri?.ii- ui-.d one which lint* Rheumatism k Home CJTB 8hen t>y One Whi Had ft .»» wfleri'4 M ealr Ui.Jto wti.i |i*r« U know, for Uawi r*«r«. I tried renje'f »ft«f 'i^l 4>«tor aftf r «i.«-ior, l> tj*. t»t« Ar<t tt If fc» ft n HCV«T UMB, «tnl il tfloiKrj « cs<* la every , I want «v<-nr »i.-ffrr»r from tar fonti «f rteuitiMte tr*iuli!« W uj |! t »> n«f< rln-n ha«l. T'»,r Mmo tcit »'die'* an-i I TJ II »vnj It ffM tu try, After y»u h»v« toad it ttttt .it Jr*« pruvsn Ittwlt it) In) (tint |oa|tf-loDiCMj-»or « ot curing four Ubcuinttlwa, yua m*y tfea Pf' f «» « «». ««• «»«»«, iHlt. «r J J not w»vit j-wariuowy O^IM • r«U*f try un!il ISTtt wlicn tlu»y eamt' to HII- in in, With the pjcrnHiori of 'oh«» yi'nr thHr t-ntlri 1 rcsidoiu'i' was spent In 'lydc, \Vliiii !«|cit> t-imntv, Mrs. J^lui- tiiViii' .was a notili- char«rt«»r. As a rnothor fhi- not only eridi-arcd li^rwdf tn "her ~'rhilrtrm7~bnt -~to~itH— thiist' wlv i-nmi" tintlvr "h<»r kind tnoih^rlj!- rninlB- ittitli>n*. Mm, Shuman \vns a t'lirlstliiis "tvrn~vTiTTj? iTrniatnT'"~fiTn nr~'*ipctn TTSF chiff i-i)iH'»>rn \v.i« tiwt ;n all (.liingH •)iat xln» might |ih>am( Him and •n |«»\T* ht»r . nrli;hb(»r. «» h«T»olf MrH. SlUMinin U'iivi-8 to mourn ncr d«*- imrturt- from ., thin lift- h«-r lumlniiiU Hiirmnn (5. Shuman., nniVthc followlnt! <*hlMmi.' Willium O. of PtorllUK. III.. n .M, \\-itv «if Frank Wolls- uf Fi.rt ••« 'ol<>, H< s nry O, of ^Stprllnsr. Ill,, and .Sura .Kditn, wlf*- nf Arthur Hi'rp of « 1 lydt'. Kjv«- t-hlldn-n bU'««».-rt ilic- Hbmnait hornf, tlirino names abnve •mil Mrx, Margarot Ann <;rm<» "who ilii'il at her homo in HK-rliiiK, HI., July 15; >!'f>l. Thr« fum*ral fur Mrs. tit her m mm mm mm m m » » « «•» » • « » « » ««••«» « « <m n Q • * m HW»!iJllfiil!»!l!it ifillilRIUffilHiiHiilil iltlliWIURIilin fiillJliliiiiiilHIiilJil!! !!!!!H[i!fJ!!!l!!I!i!!f?. H TTWT 1IN *li II .V A LITTLE OLD WORLD. An incident that H!IOWH hott-"n"tnulT"i« .WANTS NEW HIGH SCHOOL. havo .been c)rculut'«tl and \vt-rc hfhJ Hf>(tt. ,'!(> Itonn* nitd «t l-Yanlt- iu*v < 1 bam»HTl:»in of tin ITnitrd Kvaiigchi-al «-*tmn*H at . ITulr- im\i'ti had fhurKt' of (lit* sor\ icc.s ami Tlmnipann— ul. of Slnr- IHid l{t*v. W. F, ROBERT ELLSWORTH GUINTHCR JUilwrt Kllswcrth /BOH of Mi : , and Mrn. J^'Uoy <;uinlh<>r was born Oi Mrs IVfcniMn Poy. Mr«. ('has Mor- rt>H, Mr. and Mrs. Krwl I'ionv niotor- t*d up from Tampieo'ty evening' lir, and Mrn, \V. H. < arohiM ieavt* t*iiday morninK for Vu, fur u< Hovoral ««•<•!'*<' vitdt with thi'lr d.itiKhtrr, Mr*>. Klo.vd ('roi«<o Mr. ,iUd Mix. Walter I»>wm and clid- t1 "'' w "» ''' «'«'Vel'.ped at the Klks 1 i'lut>j mw iin*8 held, to 'd(«cu»» niul get Ihe unehi.on W.-ilnf-wluy .wlu-n l(. ; llv»ftt ;, ntlV Hnent umlor way for a m«w town- ntrodured Dare M. smith and Vi-nmi, ; sMl , High ' «,-hool for Walnut. any of tho bones wpro broken. Whil* *J the hand wa« badly hurt the picture did not indicate! that uny of tho bonaa Wfro broken, ' Mr. Spbe^ic WJMI taugiit ,. ayracuse, N. Y, "SPB 1 j The Automatic Seating Burial Vault _ _M ot * M.i'lc of ji-int'-l'i t-d impel V iouti In liio.i.Ul e find wuti-r 4 ,m nen o Will t- 1 ('" i *f' t I "<* i * I iloli't li,,e t! '.- 1 < i . S*«3ne or Stec). 1 U.U'et il til tfi' it .\ ..'.xiii.kt, f,, 4 ' U With wat< i ASK ^ i'i"'u Vi\i> I :< ti i I' ' ' ii- Inr S "'i'l t!-f «-irf)' T - > ~& -1K1TJ ,jl III kko."> H. 4 U «,t!;JK»t f.UJ, i under *>'<*,»n hli i, .t FOR SALE 0V ALL J. W. HODGES, Lyndon, III. AT THE T, LET-WORKS , him, < n-t, •! If hi. lip mount his HiiihJon depart u re his tsi'ief Mtrii'ken pun'otSt'TuiF (lst«-r I.uvili-. lirund-fuivutii. mints, 'nrlets, aiul I'ou.slns. lAmeral s«*rvirc ovi-r the rftmainw if JtotMTi Mas- held Haturdwy ufter* 19011 of IUH Is'uent 1 ;. He\'. itobbillh uiHior of the riuiHtian elitiich ufli- •latvU. liuiini! thw nervii'08 Hobprt 54>?n<i« MinK«"i >*tl Hy (Irucp 1 ' and 'Si mt> Time 'HVuli I nilt-r Stand" m this rn>. \Vi>dncftdny they It'fl fof- lioojipolc, wllf>V«< they v.tll tfllil Ille Weddiilg of .'» fll»i " A3 "••TTRt-A-wl fTi>~ ot" Van "TVncir It-Ff day nn?; friend* of All. (•ojiiiiu.s .it.d wa-. sur- ,„„( K ,., busy and get their i.r«u«'r m,uia«er toi Mi. <;i union on the Daflj T. J-i.1. '"'' "' would then tuke wlmt was lelt .u Adii.ii., Muli. f.-i a mint.Jn ),,,„ j, ro \vii that HN u«unl Tumi»if.» 'H'-. Th - vonm, men ni-p| K ,, t {mMO j) rh t mid placed in her York i tiuinmiy- ttml . f.»r Mlnnc:>ii)tolls Minn , Tui-s- lor k short Ktuy. From 'ln» will go to Tr»vi*n«H Bounty lui iii iutvrented hi tt tract of Tito rail Wrte JoJin ''o;»t>*, U-iif»;e. Miller. Huriy r'lwh,' Aittmr Intel nient \*..aH in Ktei'ixiilt* u-l J amid ii bed 01 |'lo«ei=f . lit-r r\- t to leave foe t'hirmjo. Thuisday for «k Mi> ViSttili^ Mr* (ieorgf ., of l\do, it* ., a Kue>t ut the .). R "\*«iwbtinks home in thix city. Tu»««dav «>v<»nln|{ Mr,, ^n m>Bl mutbr* and t'd !•> UjTMUd lU-ttUir f«Tl IUK to Dixon fur thp uliow. Mr. jwjil Mr.s. Kar.t Huckualter and t-idldri'rtj of i'Hlmyrft. Mo., who jrave IH-I n ^uysts at the Mi'i'tln Aiuiifjui honir* i'cr ,-ev^ral daja left TuetduV lor i.iut-a.-itor t'oti'nty, Ihl. uhefe ttloy will nuikt- their hoini>. Tiny ,uo muK- HU; ihotttij.1 itt ih«tr e/a, l»l Ht'lthil l!u»h of Kogeiet iMik. *'liK«t4u. hah i*'»unicd homo lifter fl'ftulutK a nhorutlnu, alter the faster- al of her Hum, .Mr*. t'«»U>fUe Hunh laM S »Mirdiiy Tin* dortor Is it Htiliifisj woman, bcitiK liorn and rutted in U.ib ^^!^ Thv iJoi'tor bus ln*<*o»m» t|Uit<? -imi i- t-alK'd for l con»ult»Timr—tn-Ta - *- Mi.UH iuHH of the stutc. ', eyafcv WAS wnecKeD. Wl'iiU> Air. and M<> I.auaou and iwo Miml! I'hiidrcn were- reiuiniTiiir. t0 ih''lr fiTTsji!' u; H"Vkins in thi'tr )UI^K>- from Hteiii! ; I'rtd.ty i-vt'ntnu ttn-y were run into i.s in .tutu, the iii.\<i cf wl'iih the i!.-\ur»; In,*I Tht !*,«•, on in •• 4> W~i" *-t^-, v-trt-Kt-ti, Itijl }»n4,Uv tLu-iica l'i.j-u. - <'-,i!,t«(l ;it«l »••*»- itift'i 4 . .1! o.•(•<!; f> J...P Lliiiolu Ul^hv/tj .,'.( >'i< i'i !• ',, -...iin »;a^t ot llti'i'i ••"•rr WRS'. MILLER NO BiTTERT ^>U th th id \\«i- vi TV nan a uui'te^-cd with [ tt hieh VV.IM bound tORetln-r by oommun- e KIXH Trtrpl .Hid tin- f-.iod toartw |, y niti»r<'»'tH. It is hardly thought that e l^liii'ool ii)i~hVVt^ IH ihlvillt^ them f •\i>,>.,. fm**v»*.*a A^».«^I..II** i» tif...., tt..». IllK tlM-mfmttJiv ftn-mt-i-B ttflh- Thitj Uiyve thiouKh hea\.v MIOVV in tt mountains in Monl.tna ttud paid all I lie. wuy from K» to r,u i-i-Dtj* a Kullon for ise. Thi-ir vixit tlltiKtruU'K tho iiin-4 tlu- world is a v*>ry hall after nil. Kv««ry wh<-tv jt»u U Htet't MMlle. uiie V^ilo known the .von Know, .making fts ull in M Wiy art(unln!t'd. old nm ,, wo u«a cure to vValiiut. JOHN 6EBECK HURT IN PIT. •Jnhn Hi'beck, of fialt, had Dr, of HUM i ity, muko nn X-Hay itleturai of idh idght hand ywtrrUuy to see 1f Stomach] BIHcrs For Poor App»tit« r NauMa, lnditf«i» •nd Asut. Free to Pile Sufferers *-<r '.-*"^ .The amount ot t-omtort I* truly r»- marknblu. A I'tiKB trial puckiitfe Mill P O 11 V » « O W luijpnt* who Miflei'M tiutu t lc blue-. b t v «• d i M K , ~ *k't y Mt of ^WB^^ ^^-^^a^P^MMMlHMM^ - J& PRJBB S Ai,-i»|i ill. ,Ml' it n f i*»r«Ml0 I'M* m The Money Business Ivvcrybuth U mto routed ill money, '('hi' ojH 1 } liu^nH"--' -is our hu>Uit»>s. Wo HIV lVriii^yuii liu- host plan ever devi&ed for ikifm tli»'/t;vtt,iu^ ofMuuiit-y au easy j i*\j>l;nn i) to \ ui Sterling Illinois

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