Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 26, 1898 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 26, 1898
Page 24
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OAILYJPELABOS WEDNESDAY. JAN.26, 1898. GITYNRWS. The country schools will soon begin closing. , Miss Lottie Tyner is visiting relatives and friends at Muacie. Mls3 Grace Wlnkleblecic has returned from a visit at Muncie. John Easterday, an old soldier re- aiding on the Northstde, u quite HI. Lamp burner, chimney and wick all for 12ic, tomorrow only.—Traut. Don't miss our last week of January muslin underwear sale.-Trade Palace. Prof. William Stelnliart went to Somerset, Wabash county, today on business. The Eastena Pleasure club will give its next dance on the night of Feb. 14th. „ Mr. Landman, of Toledo, the well THE OTHER SIDE Of the Controversy Between Edwin P. Ferris SCRAPS »f SE«8. In the city. Isaac N. Clary, an fU.1 , AJOtMW *""•*- I — - known wholesale liquor merchant, is aged citizen of xanav J.^ • -w—.JT o Harrison township, is recovering from a long Illness. Andenon will build a new UO.OOO high school building. The old building will be used for the grades. Miss Bessie Hayes, of Lafayette is in the city visiting Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gray, on the Westslde. More room wanted to tear out the walls. §25 jackets, HO; $15 jackets, $7 50. Come quick.—Trade Palace. Dr and Mrs. 0. B. Stevens are entertaining the doctor's sister, Mrs. Roberts, and her children, of Farmington, Ills. Lafayette Courier: "Misses Oella and Mary Cullen went to Logansport to take positions in the flew Murdock hotel there." No warrant has as yet been .issued to Sheriff Homburg, and as a consequence, John Camblne has not been recommitted to Longcliff hospital. An entertainment will be given by Western Star lodge No. 1«01, Knights and Ladies of Honor, tomorrow evening, at McCaffrey's hall. The public is invited; admission free. Stanley, Count de Lonzo, an alleged Bulgarian nobleman, now on a tour or *b4 United States In advance of Jamei? A. Hearne's drajia, "The Hearthstone," is in town. Rev C M FlUmore, of Peru, returned to Logansport Monday even- Ing to continue his services in the grand revival in progress at the Ninth street Christian church. Mra. Fred Drey fuse, of Lafayette, was in the city yesterday, a guest of Mt? Eli Greenstelder. She came here to meet her daughter, who had And the State National Bank Eiplained by 6. W. Fuak. Holds That the Plaintiff Was Paid $+50 and There is fto Real Foundation for the Salt. Desiring to learn the other side of the controversy between Edwin V. Ferris and the State National bank, a representative of the Pharos applied the pump to G. W. Funk today, as follows: "Mr. Funk, I see that you are one of the attorneys for the City "National and State National banks in the litigation against them by Edwin P, Ferris. What have you to say In answer to the complaint?" "To begin with, the City National bank would not least, should Mr The stockholders are not insolvent. They are abundantly able to pay all its debts. This claim was not as- Belatins to the Railroads and Their Employees. Panhandle Switchman Joseph Graff, is off duty on account of illness. John Baird, a former fireman, bas be aftected in the Ferris win his case. been promoted tu an engineer on the Panhandle, Claim Agents Sample and Purcell, of the Panhandle, are moving into rooms In the R. R. Y. M. C. A. building. The Pallman shops now have 4,520 men on the pay roll and are in all departments working to their fullest capacity. Freight tram 91, on tbe Wabash, westbound, covers 342 miles in six teen hours, which the Wabash people claim is tne fastest scheduled train for such a distance in the country. The man Ed Williams, a coal miner, who was struck by a Vandalia freight train Monday night, was not killed. He was taken to Terre Haute and placed in a hospital. Despite the denial of General Manager Ramsey, that his road will not build a line from Toledo to Montpelier, surveying parties are locating such a line, and when built it will, it Is thought, be utilized by tbe Wa bash for a Toledo-Chicago line. It is announced that tbe Wabash will soon begin to run freight trains as well as passenger trains through sumed by the City National bank. The transfer to the City National was made in good faith. All the newspapers and people of this city done everything they could to assist in organizing the new bank. It seems to be left to a lawyer, who has nothing due, him, to say that it was a fraudulent transaction. The facts, as the bank insists, are these: The State National bank had a judgment at Columbus against Samuel P. Hege from Detroit to Grand Trunk, and Joseph Irwln . McCormick; also and had P. H. judgments UOA D «U i** v-»»» *••—-• -^ been attending school in New York. John Akenbaujsh and Henry Hunt, convicted at Fore Wayne of larceny, were in the city today in charge of J H. Nollstlne and C. W, Drommil- ler, on route to the southern prison. Mrs Leopold Dreyfuss of Lafayette, a cousin of Mrs. Eli Greensfelder, died at 12:30 last night. The deceased was 45 years old, and was w sll known in Hebrew circles of this city. The remains of the late Mrs. Sarah D. McConnell arrived here from Indianapolis at 1:55 o'clock this after- nooe and were taken direct to Mt. Hope cemetery and burled beside her deceased husband, Dr. James T. McConnell. The annual meeting of the Indiana State Medical society will be held in Lafayette in May. The meeting bad previously been voted to Evansville, but. that city said it could not accommodate the 300 delegates who will attend. In addition to a divorce from Chas. O Grubb, Isabella A. Grubb de- mt.nds alimony in the sum of $500 an! the custody of their three children. The couple reside in the city. Trie defendant is in the employ of E. S Rlce& Son. Dr. Marshal T. Shively, of Marion, momber of the Democratic state central committee for this congressional district, was in the city today. He aeems to be possessed of the right qualifications fnr the place, and Is already hustling for the cause of Democracy. Judge Chasu ruled yesterday that the plaintiff In a divorce case need nol submit to an examination, as is common in civil cases. The point was raised by E. B. Sellers, attorney for the defendant in the divorce suit of Ida Woltz vs. Jesse J. Woltz, one ol' the most sensational which has ever been filed here. Objection was made by plaintiff's attorneys, Hale & Gamble. "Shore Acres" and "The Hearthstone" should go hand in glove, having been written by the same author, James A. Herne. There have been mauy bright and fascinating comedy and domestic dramas written, but none equal In point of interest and beauty to "The Hearthstone." It is a most delightful performance, particularly pleasing by virtue of the delicate vigor and daftness with which each character Is drawn. The audience was very demonstrative in their approval of "The Hearthstone." »t Dolin's Friday night. against him secured by mortgage liens that were prior to the bank judgment. Mr. Ferris represeated that those mortgages were fraudulent and through his statement the State National bank brought suit at Columbus to set them aside. Judge 7/lnfield was the attorney for the bank and assisted in the litigation, in fact, bad charge of the case, Mr, Ferris assisting him. The bank lost the suits and paid out over one thousand dollars in attorneys' fees, of which Mr. Ferris received about 1450. He claimed more, but Mr, Johnson, who was then president of the bank, refused to pay Him more. sayiiag that Judge Wlnfield said Mr, Ferris had been paid all he was entitled to receive. Mr. Ferris then brought suit against the State National bank. Depositions were taken at Columbus of lawyers who were In the cases and knew all about Mr, Ferris' services. They Buffalo over the a belief prevalli that in the end that paro of thi Grand Trunk will be absorbed by thi Wabash. There was such a heavy fall o anow Monday night and yesterday between North Judson and Chicago that Panhandle freight trains could not be moved out of Chicago, an there is a big blockade there. A snow plow was sent out from her last night. The Pennsylvania company Is build ing at its shops in Columbus thre bagga re cars without platforms. I the new departure is successful it i the intention of the company to remove the platforms of all their baggage cars. Tne change is favored by the master car builders for both-baggage and express cars. The Pennsylvania company for months past has been giving more attention to the development of its Toledo division, and the results, says one of the officials, have been" 'very gratifying. It is stated that measures are now under consideration which will still further increase the business of that division. ATTEND THE Great Muslin THB fAL |D£RGARMENTS Underwear Sale WHICH IS NOW GOING ON AT THE GOLDEN RULE. Chickens and Dogs no Longer to be Seen at the Rink. The North Central Indiana Poultry and Dog Show closed last night with another good crowd in attendance, and the manager* are highly nieased with the success of the meet- r ^_ii_ti™ «. n va fomnvPn from ](JU WiWt* vuv ine The exhibits were removed from the rink'.today, and the building no with the cackle for the government to locate the armor-plate plant at Marlon The fuel product of these fifty wells Is equivalent to ten thousand tons of coal a day. CHICAGO MARKETS Recelred Dally by W. W. miner, at 6. A. R. Buildlmc. Chicago, Jan. 26, 1898. >s wiuu .,"<= v»— Wheat—For May opened at, or the barking and, 94fcc; high, 94|c; low, 93fc; closed at growls of canines. The members of the association held a meeting yesterday afternoon at which the counties of Wabash. had He Council Meeting R. and S. M, Companions of Logansport Council No. 11, B. and S. M.—There will be a special convocation Thursday even- Ing, Jan 27, at 6:30 for the purpose of conferring the Super Excellent degree on fourteen compinioos from Laporte, Ind., and others of our city, after which the council will confer theRjyal and Select Master degree on several candidates. The officers and members will please be promptly at the temple at 6:30 p. m. ready for at w Carroll and Jasper were admitted to membership along with the counties already in the list, namely, Oass, Miami, Howard and Grant. It was decided that the directors should meet in this city on February 10th to decide on the place of holding the show a ysar hence- It is generally conceded that Logansport will again be the point, as the Broadway rink is a much better place for the meet- . , . Wheat— July opened, 8Hc; closed, I til. m a c u 1 ate Liinera Is the mark of the geatlemt*. We keep your linen as it should be. We do the work quickly a»ol as well as modern machinery, pure soap and good workmen «•& clo it. A postal brings our wag**. Both 'phones 110. Marshall's Laundry, 60S Broadway. 85fc. Corn— May, opened, 2 high, 291@29fc; low, 29Jc; closed at 29J@29|c. Oats—For May, high, 23K<$24c; low 23Jc. Port—May opened, opened, « 23|-c: closed at than any budding that can be testified In substance tbat he been paid more than he earned, has been wanting to compromise his claim. The bank believes that he has been paid too much now, hence refuses to pay him more. He has now filed an amended complaint, making new parties defendants and has the effrontery to say that the work of the newspapers and people of our city was a fraud. The public mar judge who is trying; to perpetrate a fraud. We think there is no merit in his case and he cannet hope to win. De bigger dat you see de smoke Delesideflahwillbe: And de leagtest Mnd of possum ClimbB de biggest kind of tree. work.—JOSEFS L. LINVILL, S. B. RICHAEDSON, Rec. 111. M. She Shot the Well. Miss Lizzie Braskett, a bright and promising little girl of eleven summers, walked into the derrick of the Bunker Hill Oil acid Gas company, after the well had been loaded, last Saturday, as gracefully as a maiden of sixteen would have done, and dropped the "go-devil" that ignited the nltro-glycertne ten hundred and thirty feet below, performing B heroic deed that will be talked of by many for years to come, and she will be presented with a nice gold ring for the brave act. 1UK Ul* 0 *" i*i*j «~•• o secured in any of the other counties. At the meeting next year efforts will be directed toward Increasing the importance of the bench snow, as this department very unexpectedly became a leading feature this year and can be augmented to large proportions by proper management. BESCH SHOW I'lUXES Following is tbe remaining list of prize*, awarded in the dog department: Fox Terriers, o. c., b.—First, lid- ward BU/zell, city: o. c., d , first, Mrs T. H. Simpson, city: uovlce class, b., first, James Burns, city; second, Ed Booth, city; puppy class, b., first and second, A. D. Wood, Carroll; puppy class, d., first, W. H. Labourne, Kokomo: pupPF class, under three months, first and second, Mrs. Blackstone, city. Fox Terriers, o. c., d.—First, Margaret Stauffer, city. Black and Tan Fox Terriers, o. c. d.—First, James Lehmer, St. Louis o. c , b., first, Charles Demerly, city. HAGKMEN FI&HT. $10.05; low, $9.95; closed at $9.97. Hogs-Receipts of hogs 14,000; estimated tomorrow 29,000. Market opened strong; mixed, I3.65@3.85; heavy, $3.75@$3.90; rough, 13.55® 3 65; light, $3.60@I3.8£. Curb, 94Hc; puts, 94|@94c; calls, •10.02; high, m.—Presi- Blrthday Anniversary. Henrv Berwanger, of the Hub clothing house, celebrated his 32d birthday anniversary by entertaining a half-dozen friends at a capon supper, last night, at Dykeman's cafe. The spread was prepared by Charles Smell and was pronounced very fine. Officia'l facsimile of Medal Awarded DR. PRICE'S CREAM POWDER Arrested. Two boy&, aged about 16, giving their names as Thomas Willard .and Roy Wheeler, and their homes at Chicago, were jailed last night by the police and will be held on the charge of vagrancy until word is received from their parents, whose names and addresses were given. The boys say they beat their way here oa a freight train and were bound for some point in Tennessee. Horse Dropped Dead. A valuable horse belonging to Earl Stewart, the liveryman, dropped dead on Broadway today, opposite the entrance to the Murdock hotel. The horse was one of a team hitched to a hack, and was in charge of an employe of the stable. The horse's death was due to heart disease. The hack had been ordered for the use of friends at a funeral. WORLD'S FAtK.CHiCAGO. 1893 Patriarchs Militant. The annual meeting of the Fifth Regiment, Patriarchs Militant, will be held at Lafayette, Ind., Jan. 27. For this occasion the Wabash Bail- road company will sell round trip tickets at a rate of $1.15, good gping Jan, 26; good returning Jan. 28., John Grar is still in the lead with, lovely spring embroideries. There is no better assortment In the city. Come In and look at them. Panhandle Passengers Witness a Scrimmage at Anderson. Passengers on the Panhandle train last Monday witnessed the long expected fight between the backmen of the two rival lines at Anderson. When the train stopped and the passengers alighted, the backmen got in trouble over the grip-sack of a New York traveling man. James Sklpton, the colored man oJ Sells' line, and Charles CopUnger, of Brels ford line, had hold of it. Neither would let go and finally both became mid and ' it Is said CopUnger said he could whip the "nigger." Skfpton said he could not nod they went at it. Florence Pence attempted to help CopUnger and Sells took a hand in it for his colored maa. Police placed all of them under arrest and bond was furnished. Sklpton clung to the valise after the trouble and landed the passenger at the Anderson hotel safe and sound". Meeting of tbe Fifth Regiment. The Fifth Regiment, Patriarchs Militant, I. O. O. F., will hold their fourth annual meeting at Lafayette tomorrow, Jan. 27th. Canton Logansport, No. 15, will at tend in a body, together with their ladies and all others who wish to join in the trip. A rate of one fare has been secured for tbe round trip Trains leaving at 7:30 and 11:30 a m., and returning at 2:30 a- m Friday. The Degree of Chivalry will be conferred upon three candidates in the evening at the Grand opera house, at which, time a very elaborate programme will be rendered as a part of the entertainment. Marion Bidding; High. At a meeting of the Commercia club and business men of Marion 1 was agreed to give-160 acres of lane and fifty gma wells as an inducement Farmers' Institute. The ninth annual meeting of tbe ass County Farmers' institute will be held at the court house In Logansport, Ind.. Friday and Saturday, Feb. 4 and 5, 1898, FKOGKAM. Friday, Feb. 4th, 10 a. dent's address. Reading minutes of last annual meeting. 'Planting and Care of an Orchard —C. M. Hobbs, Bridgeport, Marion county, Ind. Which Side of tbe Fence oir Road are You Farming?"—S. H. Todd, Wakeman, Huron county, 0. AFTERNOON SESSION. 1:00 p. m.—Experience meeting. 1:30 p. m.—"The farmer as a student of his business"—J. H. Roher Cass county. "Fruits for tbe farm"—0. M. Hobbs. "Ho wean we best restore our worn out land"—S. H. Todd. Saturday Feb. 5—Morning Session. 9:00 a. m.—"The pig for profit"— S. M". Grable, Uass county. "The dairy cow and what she houldbe"—Prof. C. S. Plumb, Pur due University. "The farmer and the hired man"— H. Todd. "San Jose scales"—C, M. Hobbs. AETEKKOON SESSION 1:00 o'clock—Experience meeting. Only Three Days t« California, Via "Sunset Limited" from Oki- cago and St. Louis. Composite otr with barber shop, bath room and library; ladles' parlor observation room car; compartment and drawing room, sleeping cars and dining cdrs. Aa idea! winter route, not so far south, but just south enough to escape high altitudes and snow blockades. Complete particulars and illustrated pamphlets mailed fiee to any address by your local agent or James Chatl- ton, G. P. A., 0. & A. R. R., Chicago, 111., or H. C. Townsend, G. P. A., St. L., I. M. & S. R.v>, St. Louis, Mo. Election of officers. "Scientific Against Feeding"—S. H. Todd. Now is the Time to Buy Shoes Cheap. tfen'a »5.00 Leather Lined Shoes for 13.51 ilen's $4.00 Leather Lined Shoes for 3.04 Men's 83 50 Shoes for 2.T* Men's 13.00 Shoes for 2.5» ,adies' »4.00 Shoes for 3 0» ladies' »3.50 Shoes for 2.15 ladies' $3.00 Shoes for 2.60 All others shoes aa low In proportion . For Cash Only. STEVENSON & KUNSICK ^ 403 Broadway. Haphazard "Sheep Feeding Experiments"— Prof. 0. S. Plumb. "Spraying"— C. M. Hohbs. If the time will permit a general discussion will follow the assigned speakers' treatment of each subject. All farmers of the county and al others interested in agriculture cordlall-ylnvited to attend each are ees slon of the Institute. JOSEPH , Sec'y. A Big Rabbit Hunt Oliver Heward, of Miami, was In the city today and took home with him a new double-barreled shot gun He reports that a big rabbit hunt oc curred in his neighborhood a week o so ago, in which 153 cotton tails wer< bagged. Tie hunters were divided into two teams of nine hunters each and Mr. Heward was captain of the successful team, killing seventeen rabbits himself. It wa previously agreed that the losing party should give a game supper The rabbits were to be sola and th money used to defray the expenses of j the supper. They brought more' than enough to pay for it- Mr. Howard's team killed 82 rabbits and the losing team killed 71. This is the most successful hunt that has been reported this winter. NO PAIN! NO DANGER! Teetb extracted without pain or after effects, such as eore mouth, sore gums, etc.-Absolutely safe patnles. The most natural-looking artlficUl Teeth on new method PLATES, guaranteed to fit. The finest antf best method ofCBOWJf an* BRIDuE Work. I3f~No charge for extracting -without pai* when new teeth are to be l Dr. W. T. Hurtt DENTIST! I 311 1-2 Fourth St. Over Fi gher"! Druff Btor Tbe Hot Springs of Arkansas. It i» aflnonneed that all three of the hotels at this reacrt will be open thU viatac. The Arlington hog never ckMed. the Park opened January Stl.and tbe Eastman Jemmy 26th. In addition, there arc fifty hotel* an* three hundred boar djna- bonne* gMag modationa at reasonable rategtoall c" people. This if the only health and . resort under direct Gorernment control, curative properties of the hot wateit aM vouched for br the 8urgeou-G«n«r»l of tfc» United Suites. 4end for fitnctntted dewrfr- _ T . „ . . a ... __!»_„«,» the matter and particalm renrdJnff afc» Go to John Gray's for nneemDroia- - LIU ] LJ 1L j uuu q uimiij fiij mimd uip uua* eries, a beautiful line, nicelj 83sorfc-| (iolira ^ ( . toUMManwtooapOD ttcke , M< ^ ed, and at prices to »*it all- ] of the Y«ndali» Lin*.

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