Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 12, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1916
Page 2
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STERLING, lUINOlS,THURSDAY, OCT. 12. 1916, JMf-fkft.., \$ *< r< <**?>«'. lha'- t ..«.<«',.-,n Jan<l nce«V«<") jwy Tvi-n i, A v\ \,-mn rfS'Sng :!*•• I, U'.'fK % n r ,'•••!:• iv» i' •':>•-c. -"• It your sy.«trm rteaJr of f« you t-ntirriy? Have yoo •<f» ynu TI i ' -• catarrh? Ha\f ,-.;: •..- r • ...» ox'crrom*' all < rTf • • i "• :!.•;• • ' f If you ius-v.:, i. r.--t<»r. _. .ur i- «*y 4# fall vigor with oH f t.itidby PERUNA It'sifee tonic that rtr ir« n<vay t ho pftSgiftfesn.paflfi* the blivwl -vr' U ENTE STAtN AT DINNER f Mr. ;»nit . flrs. < hari. -: M.i. K!m 'n Mii*S Fli-fr-m r .\HE--H ftil! ••!::<! !.UM ;ir i ri west Vv ,-d! ."trc-i't. o.f' f*;i-!.i> i -, rti- rtnta, in tablet form, in ha»ly to M*s«!t i They form no J :«;»it cad have tK»unpl«Hh ant effect*. '„ >nlniggisl can supply yoo. , Cofa«i**,Oti» ISON DAILY GAZETTE , ILLINOIS, TfittHSDAY, 00?. 12, 1916. PlREGTORY FINISH NEW k Plrtctory Co, Will Put Out F '"« lwprov*ment Fini»h«d in Grove C«im*y Directory _____ *'" Cemetery ' l>irc<<- ' ^~nTT.- rri: rtf r\"fF.~' nonius had fwwn i,*on<> through «-ith th*- lunrh Mr*. city tw*t!a\ K.itherlnfi m«* tl|ll<< tlrivf> KaMii* hern t-ontlrm- r'a n«-W rminty .lire. toj> 'Hi.- <•" "'i' f ' (ll( ' hill, in tin- nothcrii p 'Kbi?l«pn will bt> thtMtMiKhUV" U<"..«i'"iind.« «vh?n thf «ttwt rro hern t-ontlrm-twi pan tf ^jEktlMt, afu>r wnlUi bf n f B »«i !•«•«• < II.H rtirfntt rout". Atn? .JK?.U*>'. <\hnl»-~ *"*'*''' * !>1> ( ' lt - v '"Onell fur th<« brtek in drivi-vvay, «« th*»rf "*>rH. Th"' «1ri\p lAJBt Morrison tliio.t<.,\, «hi«.h «•"- ''"'"^ i» r »'«* «*TH. ih«» on\. afifliaWvt In 1911 N rapi Hi «ft- > '"' 'i'' 1 "'"' f*'' 1 ' W'id«» anil ninety fcf will )>robably b«* nun h (l , Tin- ycatfi.of M will almi prnvoiit th«» (Ti <"K «-nni- i i- 1 * "'•"" b*'lnir tripd «m, In tl*o brick f in had '^S?lJ^ J *-J«'«TH. JJL Ht«uJlnE-_Jot j STiwielvp yt-ar* and have com* for thti citlep of and .tvs In thr. cfmrtfry for 4n»«y tr. .8ir*4u>f. BROKEN INTO raltitiK th»- leave* on the < r and Hfttlm: them In »hai>« for with • gnniM . nr?A n I' "tTM-fl hv thf !:o*tf«!<> AT BRIDGE it i i heir h"« >»^ on IJnenin Wny u»>!«ilfty tifo-l nrmn, Thf flf c-»! - ntfon 1 ' t'cf (lie oc c«4 slon v. erf MH-iriify !•«»#»« antJ a Uinehec'!) «a«-«C! vc<1 late in tbo afternoon. Mrs. nnrt Mi««« Fc*«t<«r WHj in- tu>«t- ««*efl njrnfn f*n Thtffwlnv to *^\*'rnl frlenJ?. Mtc. ^^. Orli.iW.«hy .%faf)«» to d>r n A'lslt with frlfrulf>. \\ to fimtnd y foe a Fltort visit with >V. M.. Mr. and Mr«. (*. «5 Tupmliy fvpnlng fyf>ilt i\ vicit with re- J/ltlV£a.-Jii LtJrpsham - atid oibar. In Kcbrrt»ki«. Mr9, Alvinft, Snytlc r ami Mary vifclt<Hl r»fotlf«?<* in i'Mnt<>n VVc«l iv Vifftor jri Morrbton Witln«*«J*y. winter. BIRTHDAY DINNER Mich»«iCrah«n EnttHain* FrUndt en •8«venty-Ninth Birthday onnivtnmry tlil«v0ii but no clm-s b«en found. wn'(f« n vis- r>, itor In FuHon If. P. Brewer of iProi>hHBtnwn In Morrison Wi>«lniJ«dny ,l«>tvlnV'r a VIsK *lth |relatlv»«s in Khcln- nurt Vinton, lown. ,- William lloitriw of R^rling 1« vlnltinp reliitlve«* In/ this city. SHw Ivy Jterry 'wunt to Chicago far a vl«lt with frtemls. "J, W. 3t«trier wf-ht to QUown. an of thp "old duys" thoroughly i>njoyed by all IROCC9 OPERATION who lttr**t, and. who Him taken to hospital on W«Sn*«lny , fat-*«xpected thai flho will un" it Ion In a taw clty and hl« many friend" with him ninny tnor<* nn happy hnnlversarlwi. ACCEPTS NEW' POSITION Lloyd Harrington who ha* b^n pinpln.vod for some- tlrA'e tlrlvjnp tho delivery wrtjjon or the Bnsrrt Meat <1u» fjlfr ar(.d Mrn. Ttoy Hnwjio np«tit ;W«ln«iday i wlttr rrienWii In CHjiton. Mr. nml Mr*, ^trby KornJhaun of arc vl*ttin(f*at tlw home of Mrt». MV. &nU Mrs. C. Jennie of tblg.clty, , Minn Alice Blager' Jeft for a" v{»U with ~ r«8attv*« In Thomnon. .and Pavrltport. 8. M. McCiUih'oht) went to Sterllnff on butlnwis WednfrwJay. Mr*. Chrtu Plain j of I? for a visit at th* W. H. Ulnlr Imme. Mrs.- R V. P»rk«r of miton i« vUlt- Ing. %t too hom«* of J» % r parents Mr, . P. S. Owoll«. builnew* . Kdilh 'tind Bentricfl Mat how- want to Round Prove VV'edneaday to 6Trwd~lfi^~sn7~Pl« ; a8ani Corn Carnival • • • ' Ml«« Pearl Allen of rrophot»to\vn <ri*it«U frli-nds in Morrison Tuesday. , Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Snmlti. CbriBtlna Bmaltx ami Roy Smalts returned Tuo*dny ovenlitK from a motor trlh, througli Iowa, durlnK which they visited GeorRe 8m;iltz, n brother uf . Jowa. axA '**# sfB* t ^lp ^^^Wpwl^ Wl^^ "-^^i ^P^-^BI™ e fail to realize that the common habit (lee drinking may, sooner or later, h»ndkap fy:* It ie a scientific fact that jcoffee i which with m»oy, through regular £, cause* nervousness, headacne, heart flutter, or wise move is to quit coffee and use '' T^p|^^^ ^Blppl ^^HP^^ Mp ^|p wj^§ wheat and a hit of wholesome molasses pure food-drink has a rich, snappy flavor :« ittlUt JftvaHcoffee, yet contains/ ftq 4f Hiftnful element, comes in two forms, The original ill must be boiled; Instant Po form, is made in the cup with boiling e same delicious lfth nk>-WJiutn>Lhs and Imghteaa the Sold by Grocers everywhere,. Minn FVrno Weaver will l<-ave 1-Vlday for 8toux City, !»., for an extended vinlt at the .home of an aunt, Mm. Nina- Ward, COmTOBDERS U«w And Chanocry Ord«r» 'Mad» by < Th* Cirouit Jud0« The -circuit court ha* made the following chancrry »nd law orders: •— Chancery Cat«« Noon v* N«on. county< Treasurer ordered to w money In hiH bandit bo- ^ to tjeorg* 1 Ijord to Hannah Wrti»ter adrolntatratrlx of naTd e»- tftttv -v~- - -• . Mohan v« Mohan. Original hill und i dlnmlBWHl cauB« of 'notion Bfttlsfled. ,fach jKtrty to |»uy his coats us peratipuUUion Type 55 is Here T JIHHK is one thought in connci-tion with, the eominir of this new Cadillac which we would like you lo-^rasp at once. • . • .'With the advent of this' ear. the Catiillac "Ki,uht" enters upon its third successive .season. with no radical change in the basic principles c»f its design^ ........ ________ ........ ___________ _______________ : — Thi* is perhaps the. first time such a thine has happened in motor ear development, and yon will' ij.uiekly see its sitrniticaiice as a)»plied to the Cadillac. (,)uit«rprope.rly, we-believe. the World has always looked. .to the Cadillac Coiupaii} for ad-' vanced ideas, improved ]>ractice and progressive principles. The fai't. tliefefore. that theT t aniTlirc~eaTli'as : ''|>rovt'n itself beyond the need of radical change, is, in itself, ^^m^tii^'sM^rt^-^ttrd^w^rtittttimHti^ •!«• trail i\ir eotuiiu»tit'. It does not by auy manlier of means, imply that the Cadillac process of refinement had come " ' • ^ JUi JLJJlilll ' Ludje_«. ilL^ii^ of univuiittin^: rt'^"Jircii and srit+ntiiic ln-Honiu-ui in si-tnv.^ uf «U i f«iil.-. AVUat the nhsciu-t' of radical flump* really nH'itns i" tli.'U-tlio uixh'rlyinir principle^ <if_r'adiHt>i' V-fvpt' figlit-i-ylhuicr constnM'ti*»u have hctMi proven fundanienfally >otuui by- the perform-. , of Ml.jHH) cat's. ~ '___ j -M. v« . of iiirc. afiuitur in. Cluuicary ^ to jiny liln ilo«criptive nh«r« of proceeds 'of fn\*. Wolb*»r v» Wolbi»r. Ma«t«<r ii i p«»rt of flail dlnturbutlon fllfd u«d nporovod. •I»»t*r«»n v» Swart*. ISxwption to an»W«r sot for Thursday nfxt. v» By»rn. Hill d Urn I used with Johniwm va Meyer»iof, Btilt dlamlased Ut COmpl»l»UM>t'« coils. * (Mrrtm v« Nlcliols, Call clefpndanUi called unrt di>r«ultod. Shear v*~t»hrarr-borr-winm- defaulted. nahuo va Berry. All mild io,- answer Instimter, Annwer not and are dPfauJt»d.for wo^u of an* title and for iwmiiion. ^ (|fay vs Omy, lk?f«ndat tfallrrt and d»(HuUed. Young v« Young. Dt-fondaiu colled and defaulted. I'ark ami de- li tiU^UH that the Cadillae Company,- with n'-oiirecx at iH eomniaiitl prohnlily Miperior io ( posKt'ssi'd hv any otliei 1 niotor'cnr plunt in tlie \vorld-, IUK arrived at the tleiiheratt* jud^:- nifiit that the kind of a motor ear \vliicli it ii- no\v building, represents a higher degree of etTieienev tluin auv other in existence. » * • , It means that I hi* is jht i joint jmlyinent t>f every expert nund a.>-M>ri;ited with this Company. It oxpres^e.s the judgment of !M,0*K) owner*, who nuinnLi'oneeivttut'amy reaped \i\ Avhivli Catl- ill'ac principles eoyUl be changed to their advantage. Tlse new Catliliac conforms tojjie^tinest t'udjjjii»\j,jjliiiliiili^^ii^viL-iii-lii<-' U'a>4-^Ki4-4tt7-4-t»f~T{r -- tails—;ufd li advanee> them >till more clo.sely toward perfection. Jt is, u bountiful cur to look upon. The superior ridinu muiliti«>s, with which yon are familia^uare cnhanci'd ami inteii-Mlicd. The driviiiy; ea.-e of last year and the year before. asscntuutV'd by longer wheelba.x* of the new t:ar, is mure marked than ever. Jt is doubtful if motoring can M'ivt 1 ((• a situation which can .successfully challenge Cadillac powers, . » The old feeling that it i> folly to ^eek further—the old ,-ense of security that the Cadillac rt.-pre M'nls tlie in a motor ear- will cyme m er \on more slron^ly than over,' Wo arc sert«ne[y contideut of the cxhilanition jind enthu.siasm which you will experience on the occasion of yi.Mir jij-st ride in this unusual car. - ' •• • .----. i0 SpeeiUcatio!^ in Brief ENGInfE—Eiflht cylinder V-type. KTigh>»pe«d. High offi- wheel, hinged to facilitate entrance.- FRAME — Channel , Timken Martin v» Nl Awooiation. l*t'f«indut tu % 8hi-at vs Shpftr UfarliiB wtul »ltv<r,w>, Tiuunnann ' v« 'Kl»w»n»s. l>vf.tuli «>r» d«r o^ Oct. 4th viwAi^rt «nd ^1* t'uwy \« l)t nlon All " ih-t fa''H cull*Hl and dt'fnultt'd Gray vs tiray. Hearing and diu-n'O Sjierry vs S|iy»y. Hviinng and do of tall- tt|»' Sny«l««t' VB tJnyiJt-r vori'* <S< v «,i«' Kaild.ill \n til l- l'4lU»rt,Vl'!«'l lu <*haim»y U> i«' ,d i Ulld r in <J .'I -nr— i.i>ol»i(ii \« i t.i j >•'",,!, i it K _ mor* tn 60, COOLINC«-W*t«r. RADIATOR— CadilUc Ingt, fitted with demountable rims for ttraioht »ido tirSsT tubular.and plat* typo. IGNITION, STARTING, LIGHT- TIRES— 36 moh x 4'^ inch. WHEELBA8E— 126 and «32 ING— Cadillac* Deico. improved »y«tom. LUBRICATION— inches, TREAD— 56 inches, (Option 61 inches), SPRINGS Automatic pressure feed. CARBURETOR -«- C.idillic. Front, semi-elliptic; rear, three-quarter platform. CON- CLUTCH— Multiple disc, dry plate- type. TRANSMISSION TROL— Center control. GASOLINE SYSTEM — Twenty ~»8eteotiv« type sliding gear, three *peed« forward and fi»- gallon tank with gauge at rear. STANDARD EQUIPMENT verse, AX LES-»-Ro«r,- Cadillac Timken, full floating: Tun- — Cadillac "one-man" top; windshield; full lamp equip- ken bear inge; Spiral type bevel driving gears. Front »*lc. metvt; GabHe|Sj>ubberj^ Clock ;W£rjer A^tpm»t» r i " _ — drop forflod, I beam% — DflfVC— Tubular ahaft. — BRAKES — trie horn; Power "flirii ppmp; Foot Vail; Robe raij: One internal ar\d one external, brake direct on wheels, 17 teg holder*; Tire carrier; Tool box with locks; Sot of toola; inch x ZV Z inch drums. STEERING GEAR— Cadillac p.»t- Tire repair kit; Handy lamp. Universal key fitting (ool ' ented worm and worm gear sector type; 18-inch box, ignition and lighting switch and tire lock. " "" Hotly Style* and Priut\s Th*' 'lYiM'-fii I'uUiUm- «llt In- u\aUuLtl«> With n cotHltU'li' Kmr l'»l t>ln v ii >\ !u»flKi.-»«s s i " ft'illi )„'.• mi Ii \vin'«-1!«»,««•, I'lnu I'.is,, tun f lUmij'li.iin $»".i.'H> t-iii**. T»>» j|>|icariat: vuih AIM) li'oso I'-utt t\ Si'."-. IJt Mill, Km | L« l',i>M l nui i jticni, F. (i U lA-tioif J'IM-S ,uv M:l'jf« t ft ailviiU'i with )',(! iu>tli r. We would be #lad to j^ive demonstration at any time AT J. Pratt's Garage 20:^*0,5 Ka^t Third St., SteHin«, Jll. uiiKritit It" '!» It^ i ! 'l ..,-! - \\.1U (' > - \» ft). ' («r j'li-.Mi l)v M'.n I,;-, U u ti-s * \\ , itn i > j i< .t«l Jti-t tl li i In most hut In Dozen. is nl- C««m U*ed by Romin ' Th^ Remedy. A 4,,,-, Uli!l /, ,,_ ;.,_,, ,, , ( , __ /,,„,,„, u \V. <:f i.| <„>» iff.o •...»«•. t»til«- «•« your " "'" ' ,. !t ,. u , nt . {•„ lllu th-'» , r ,. r , ; Inn (f , him-"'" u-k ,, >U , I%) v "t"VHtiiiR lifr«-' tli:,( will -,,,','j, lnl » » ^""i "'Jiilns <>ur." "I don't i ',,.,' ! "' ! '"'» M " » tl<l »!..- DI'MI »u UK- t-lwtir, the World Better. -thn~-\j-r>r f t - ',; srrrra-rri v hr r'. IUt.,'tl> tll-lt Illi- 1 ., -n^ tllutU , ." tl i ' II •v,,!! -H- i', ., u i !., -uf-,.\ tl. ; nt) <-i ' ! j. 7.- •!.. .1 ( 'i,* 1 *' la »- * ' i i <' -Z-U-1™- -ii^ti I. M~ "T ~ , - . \ . i -." 1 !!'• -.1 • , ,,i *ifi. .;, ,"!,7~. , , ,,, •,. u . »i. i i.c ,,»i, .*4 i/ncle Ebt-n, . ,t ,,. u ... 1U ,. (.!.,,-,•" _,', M^ .

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