The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 28, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1908
Page 7
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LHffKL ORDINANCE NO. 93. An ordinance imposing a license for the business of handling, Belling or giving away spirituous, malt or fermented liquors or wines, fixing the amount thereof, imposing conditions and making regulations therefor, providing for the revocation of such license, prescribing the method of procedure and fixing the punishment for the violation of said conditions and regulations. The Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, do ordain as follows: Section 1. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation, club or association, or member or members of such dub or association, whether as principal, clerk, servant, agent or employee, to engage in transacting, conducting, or carrying on the busi- nees of handling, giving away or selling spirituous, malt or fermented liquors or wines In any quantity or nUties, In said County of Kern, side of municipal corporations, bout 8rat having procured a H- 60 to do as in this ordinance provided; and any person, firm, cor- pofatlon, olub, or association, or mem. be* or members of guoh club or association who violate any of the provisions of thia ordinance, shall Be deemed guilty or a misdemeanor and punished as hereinafter provided. Section 2. Every person, firm, corporation, club or association, or member or members of euoh club or association wbo engages In, transacts or Mb to hear any test!- r in support of, or n for license, and w a license to is- t shall appear to he board, that the kBuni-. now existing, or hereafter adopted for the lawful regulation of such business, or place of business, If at any time In the Judgment of the Board of Supervisors, the sureties on such bond, or either of such thereupon proceed jetiUoner for the license is not a sureties become >roper person to have or hold such license, or if such petitioner ha« been convicted under this ordinance, or has violated nny of the provisions of this ordinance, or If such petition Is not made in good faith, or if the proposed place for conducting the said business s not a fit or proper place, or If there is any other sufficient reason for such refusal, whether shown by such protest on flle, location of business or otherwise. The Board of Su- pervlors may of their own motion, or tor good cause shown by a petitioner or proteatant postpone the hearing of any petition. Section 6. Any person, firm, corporation, club or association, having been once refused a license, or having failed to posecute his petition there- for, by reason of protests fceing Bled, shall not be grant** a license upon a second petition made within six months after the first petition; and no parson flball be granted a license upon any petition after he-ring boon twice reCtwed by r«Mon of sneh protests; provide further that any petitioner for a llceae* may be examined under oath, and tfiy competent evidence may be produced a* te wbo fa the real party in inter**, and If the Board of 8»p»rvl»ow !• satietM that the petition is not In th« internet of the party In whom name the petition ii mads, they mMr refuse to grant the license, and if loud to be in the interest of one wno ha« already been refused, a. license, they may. treat t*« board may require the principal to execute a new bond with sufficient sureties In like form and amount as the ilrst bond; an(i If he fails so to do within ten days after receiving written notice of such requirement stating the reason therefor, the board may cancel the bond and revoke the license issued thereunder. If at any time it shall appear to the satisfaction of the Board of Supervisors, after having given the principal five days written notice by mail, that he has violated any of the conditions of this bond, and of this ordinance, the board shall at once revoke his license and declare the bond forfeltod. Section 12. No person shall vend, hawk, peddle, sell, give spirituous, vinous, malt liquors or an Intoxicating catflea on tn the County of Kern, StRe of California, outside of munlc- ipfi corporations, the business ol haSdllng, giving away, furnishing or selling any epintuou* , malt or fermented llquore or wines in any quan " l .r.^ ^/^^"Urfi; ihl t ..«i tiy or quantities, must first obtain a Potion as if rflade by the »eai license therefor from the Tax Collector of said county as hereinafter provided and make therefor the following paymepts; for each and every year Three Hundred ($300.00) Dollars; aud, pro- | »™""' 1 ^'lah vinoGs Mlt"'^^ 1 ' «<^ n ^ f,, r t^^ *>,„» — H^on.o ohi.ii ho away, or rurnisn vinous, man, niixeo, or spirituous liquors under this ordinance shall be Issued until ordered by the Board of Supervisors; notice of which shall be given to the Tax Collector by the Clerk of the Board ot Supervisors; and provided further that no license shall be Issued by the or furnish or mlxod _ ^ _ drink to otYers within tho County of Kern, ox- cept at a fixed plaoe of business duly authorised. Section 13. Nothing tn this ordinance contained shall be construed, or deemed to authorise the sale, or fur- ntaViM, or (jiving of Intoxloatln* liquors to minors, Indians, habitual dmak»r4>, or to aajr person or claw of persons to whom euch sal* or He- nicking ie prohibited by law. •••tten 14. Upon the trial of *ay notion authorised br thl« or*lna«ee the defendant is deemed not to bfcvi procured the proper llceoae, unleat he either produce It, or prove that he preej»re4 H. Section IB. livery oefsdn wh'o a'5- LCOAL. misdemeanor. Section 20. All ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict with this ordinance are hereby repealed. This ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after the 4th day of January, 1909. H. A. JA3TRO, Chairman of the Board of Supervisor* County of Kern, State of California. Attest: I. l>. MILLER, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. (Seal.) The above ordinance was passed by he Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, at a regular meeting thereof, held December 18th, 1908, by he following vote: Ayes: Peterson, BrlU, Woody, Corsett, Jaatro. Noes: None. Attest: I. L. MILLER, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. (Seal.) 12-19 LBdAL. LEGAL. DOQ LICENSE NOTICE. Notice IB heresy «ven to all net sons ownlnc and Keenlne dog*, wltnu the limits of the Cltv of Bakorsftela that License faes tor the year I»o5 re now readr Jpr delivery at _the_qt ture petition, as If It in the name of the real party in interest. Section 7. No license to sell, giro vided further that no license shall be issued for a less period than one year. Section 3. No license shall be issued to any person, firm, corporation, club, or association, to engage in, transact, or carry on the business of handling, giving away furnishing or Tax Colkx . tor to any per8on , firm. cor. Poration. club, or association, until selling spirituous, malt or ferments* liquors or wines, without first obtaining a license so to do, as in this ordinance provided, or who violates any other provision of this ordinance, or nny of the conditions of the undertaking herein required shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine not exceeding Five Hundred Dollars, nor less than Fifty Dollars, or by im- ROAD NOTICE. Office of the Cierk of the Bourd of Supervisors of the County nf Kern, tttte of California To all non-consenting owners of the hereinafter described lands, take no- tloe, that the report of the viewers on proposed County Road No. 208, described as commencing at the Intersection of the eastern boundary of County Roed No. 99, and the Hne between sections SO aad M of township 17 south ol range 26 east, M. D. B. ft M., thence east aloig and 31 feet on east side of sal* section line, 3404.7 feet to corner of sections 39, 21, M a*d M. thance east alon* and 31 feet en each tide of the line between sections 21 and 28, 22 and 27, 10B77 feet H cwner p.f sections 22, M, 2.8 and 37 a distnnos of 2.84 miles, has bee* set fer hearing before the said Board of Supervisors at their rooms in the County Court House, In ths City of Bakerpfleld, county and state aforesaid, at the hour of 10:30 o'clock a. m., of the 4th day of January, 1909, where any and all persons interested therein may appear and make objection thereto if deeseed proper. The said proposr/i roan or public highway will pass over, thr^'irti and upon th e lands of unknown c-.vners, A. N. Towne Co., H. C. Phillips, estate Bee of the Cits-Clerk. In the basement ot Producers Savlnss Bank bulldln* and on after the 1Mb day of Janu . J wHl proceed to impound aL :s found runnlne on ,the streets thai TV JOES ire not :he year Dated January rina the license ute lo lundmaster. W£ NOTICE OF ANNUAL. MEETlNfl £»f t TOCKHOLDERS OF PRODUCED AVINGS BANK. Notice is herebv el von Hint the lual mcetinjr of the stockholders o 'roduc.ers Saylni's Bank will Dp it the office of said corporation in lucers HsvliiKS Bank Bullninir. in tttol Sity of jBakprsneld. Stnte or Califor~l ila. on Tuesday, the Tilth day of Jnn-l lurv. 1909. at the hour of 3 o'clock It I m.. for the purpose of dlrect-l prs for the enmiliiK vear. and for tnel ransaction of such other business a*| e befoi TAX OOLLEOTOK'S NOTICE Notice is hereby given tnat ta» taxes on all personal property, an< one-half of the taxes on all real prop erty, will be due and payable on th« second Monday in October, and wll be delinquent on the last Monday U November next therafter, nt 8 o'clock p. m., nnd unless paid prior therett fifteen per cent will be added to tht amount thereof, and that If said on* naif be not paid before the last Mon day In April next, at 6 o'clock o. m an additional fire per cent wfll b nav properly ... „ W. Ron added thereto. 1. That the remaining one-haW el the taxes on all real property wlO b« payable on and after the first Monday in January next, and wll be d* Hnquent on the laftt Monday tn Apt* next thereafter, at 6 o'clock and that nnlem paid frior five per cent will be added to Vh* amount thereef. 2. That all taxes may be said at the time th first installment, M kere in provided, Is dne and payable. 3. That taxes may be paid in offlce of the Tax Collector in county courthouse between the hoar* of 9 a. m. and 12 in., and 1 p. m, an4 E p. m. Dated October 1, 1008. C. E. DAT, Tax collector, selling liquors or wines In said Kern Oountv In the County Jail not ox„ _ a _... months, or by both such fine and imprisonment. The judg- liquors or wines n said Kern uounw {he arty or artle8 makhlg petition "^ »" a ' t t h 7 defendant"pay the One, outside of munlclp,il corporaUons in for £ uch , lcense 8 , iall nave paid to ™^J^ hnatflhpertd ? h tf ha f be Imprisoned any place or places where any farce, I such Tax collector any and all comedy, tragedy, ballet, opera, play ) ! that mav be due to the count sums County of speaking, declamation, singing, or , Kern fl . om such petitioner, or petltlon- ^.ntnmlmp is holntr •rlvfi.v nr wherfi pantomime, is being given, or where any exhibition of dancing, acrobati< also direct that he be Imprisoned the fine be satisfied, specifying the extent of the Imprisonment, which must not exceed one day for every two dollars fine (provided^ such Imprisonment must ' J .. ,„ ... count of any business heretofore , n , nr ,,. nnTnPTlr m uKi nu feats, contortions or the like, is being tranaactea by suca petitioner or peti- l^K'.M flfto days- given, or In any building or buildings, j u or elther or any of them> aad .hundred and °"» hda ^ enclosure, or enclosures, where fe- ] foj , whlch Bald bU8ln e 8 s license has Anrt ln e e " v males are employed for the purpose not been pald; and lt , 8 here by made lf>1 Kern Oonnty, Califbrala. SHERIFF'S SALE. Nicholas Jacobs, ildi ' Plaintiff. VB i Mln fore th? ly come V'fore t W- H - TKVI8. iVe lbson. Secrefarv. SHERIFF'S SALE. No. 28-1G7. Mattesou and Williamson M,,nufsc-| urine Go.. Plaintiff, vs. Oldersharl jrps., a eopartm rslilp copiposod of C.I 3. OldershHW ana K. II. Oldershaw, Del endants. I .Bv virtue of a:i execution Issued out I of the Superior Court of the Counts! <i IMS Anuclc'- state of ('nlliornla.1 wnerein Mntieson & YVillliimyon Won-1 ufacturlnit Co.. i'laintitf. and Olde^f shfiw Bros,, a coi'irtiuMHtiii) cnninu if C. D. OWcrshuv and K. H. Ol( .-snow. Defendants upon a imlirm rendered the Mli d.r. <>t November. I). 1!K)8. for the sum 01 $i7-i:t.":i. 1 of ti ful money ... ^ -ItloH costs and lay levied, clj riuht. and intn-tst of said ili'fenda States, •itiTcM. 1 have t .. upon all l! ciaim and Interest of s: ., of, in and to IMP tollo-- iuu descri real estate to-wit: ^11 the rlulit. title nnd Interest snld defendants or either ot them, .nd to Ix)t one (U of Block nine " ; Qoester tract, the same . .. .tlllion lo the Citv of llakoi Jiint.v of Kern. State of ('aliforn. " the rlKht. title and Interest ojKinnts or either ol them , that certain leasehold of ed by. _C,JJ. Q n t the add Meo all th< said defojK and to tba show 4 01 6orTit""No.' iiil»"i,9t)j.slrfigi In die Tlaberfeldt build, Inr In the Clt.i ol Buhersfleld. Kern Countv. Callfoi nin. ,ow oceupic hers: Public notltt clvon that 1 will, on Friday, ttie f>ih day of Jann arj, A. D. 190ft. at 2 o cl(>ck o. m. <J said dnj. in front of the.Court H.ous ... ._. Kar ilnc ComiKi- mn-Alax Consolidated nv Defendant, , , . Bv virtue of an execution issued out of the Superior Court,of the Countv of Kern. State of California., wherein Nicholas Jacobs. plaintiff, Karm~ Alax Consolidated Mining Co.. _., aut. upon a wdument rendcret 5m dav of November. A., U. 190 a- the sum ot JfiSfi.fiG. lawful money of ,P .. the 1'iiltt'd States, beside;} costs of soliciting for the sale of. or giving away the same, or where Ot females are employed for the amusement, or entertainment of the public, or where females solicit for the sale, or give away the some without being employed so to do, and where females entertain, or amuse the public In any manner, or in any room, building, or buildings, enclosure, or enclosures, or place whatseerer, where music is being played or rendered, or dancing is going on, or any dancing is being conducted. Section 4. Every person, firm, corporation, club, or association desiring a license to engage In, transact, or carry on, the business of handling, the duty of said Tax Collector to ascertain whether or not said petitioner or petitioners, or either, or any of them, are so indebted to the County of Kern, before issuing such license; and the said Tax Collector shall report the same to the Board of Supervisors. Section 8. A license must be procured immediately before the continuation hereundor, or commencement of any business or occupation liable to such license, as IB this ordinance provided, from the Tax Collector of said county; which 'license shall authorize the poraoM, firm, corporation; club, or association, petitioning the same in such town or particular lo- selling or giving away, any spirituous, | ca nt y i n the county, to engage in, malt, or fermented liquors or wines, shall present to the Board of Supervisors of tlie County of Kern, at a regular meeting of said board, a peti- transact, or carry on the business described In said license. A separate license must be obtained for each branch establishment, or business not exceed one ;) any person is found" guilty of any violation of the provisions of this ordinance by a conviction of an. offense committed after tlie previous conviction under this ordinance, he shall be imprisoned for n period t-f not less than one, nor more than six months without the alternative of paying a fine as the penalty therefor, or he may be punished by both fine and imprisonment All such fines, when collected, shall be paid into the County Treasury of the said County et Kern for the use of the general fund of said county. Section 16. Any license granted under the provisions of this ordl nance may, at any regular meeting of j of H. P. Bende* deceased, S. W. ,, Hoot. Olllo Thomas, W. A. Frkk, W. ' Falconer and the San Francisco Savings Union. By order of the said Board of Supervisors. H. A. JASTRO, Chairman of the said Board. Attest: I. L. MILLER, Clerk. 12-16 NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. e it' , interest, I have this day levied upon rit'ht. title (lerondfi wtiiir deHcrI, . the Knrma-Ajijx mine. s'tiVl follo'wint clnlni and Inton-sl of. .in and to tlie defendant, of. in and to the u described real estate, to-wit: rma-AJax mine, toiretho.r with and to tho or BO much ... iarv to ralstt sufficient nione\ ... sfv said In.H'mcnt. with Interest an; onts. etc... to i he hiu'ht'Ht and l«»st biti • iinove described property! i thereof as mav bo necef to sat Pec. p Bv T. A. HiiKcr. Deniitv. 12-\ NOTICE OF property bpini: of Callfornm Kern-Ulan Utl Company. & l,tco of buBluuss. Bakersde ounty, CnllfornTn. • Notice Is hereby ulven that Principal Id. Kern fit n meetinY "of "" tlie' directors held on the 3rd day of December. 1908. an assessment of one-quarter of a cent per share was levied upon the capital stock of the corporation, payable i™ mediately to the undersigned sec— r of Public noticy is uereyv elven that 1 will, on Saturday, the 'jth (lav of Jan-.. D. 1909. nt 11:30 p'cl.ockii. m.. uarv. A. of said House sell at P u 1 dav. in front 0 p 1 of tho ;ourt ,nise door of the Countv of Kern. _.. 1 at public, auction, for lawful mpn- ev of the United States. said corporation, at the she .ce. Bakersneld. Kern County. tornla. „, _. v,. s , title, chum and of said fendant. or. in and to the above be of in and to the above described .property, or so Jjiuch thereof , as mav be necessary to raise 8umcl to satisfy suld iudcmj>nt. monev ._ .... interest and ,co. est and, best bj(j Dated Dec. 12-1C Bv T. A. to the h I,Y. Sheriff, er. Deputy. at the hour of nance may, at any regular . mBB ""e "t uTe defffiduent ruisessnient.TioRether the Board of Supervisors be revoked W lth costs of H-lvsruslne and exoens- je sold on __ day, of January. 18 2 o clock D. m. to i • tocet and cancelled, provided that complaint in writing duly by person or persons malting the same shall have first been filed with ! es^of the of Directors. Secretary. SHERIFF'S SALE. E. L. Weeman. PlalntilT. " ed Minlne s. Karma- Company. J _ Consolidate 6Duflllt v virtue of an execuUqn issued out of the Superior Court of the CJpuntv of Kern. State of California. wh"Hn K. L. Wecnian. Plaintiff, and ICarina-Aiax Consolidated Minlne. Co.. neroiidiuit. red tno 5th dav SUMMONS unon a of Nov fne Co tider 190) .....,., r ement rendere .. ... of November. A. p. 190S. for tho sum of 11514.35. lawful money of the Unit- tnr ed Slates, besides costs nnd interest. Notice is hereby given. Chut sealeij bids for the painting of the Oil He pital Ilulldiim Che body of said bull lilK to receive two coats of paint CO posed of bout quality of white lead nu< oil, and the roof of said building receive one coat of paint) will be ceived by the Hoard of Sup-rvlsora their rooms in tho County Coor House in the City of Hakersflolfl County of Kern, Stnte of California, ' the hour of 10 o'clock ;\ m. of Jann ary 7th, 19051. No bid will lie rcccH ed or coiu iderc-il by said Board unlea It is accompanied with n certtff" check or cash deposit in ten per en of the amount of such bid. The sai| Board of Supervisors reserving right to reject nny and all bids. Bv order of the- said Board ot Si pcrvisors. H. A. .IA8TR.O. Chairman of snld Board of Supervlsp Attest: I. L. Miller, Clerk. 12-1 SUMMONS .upeii^r court ot the Count .tnte of California. _ _ ^ouQiictte. PlainUff vs. Pet Rouauette. Defendant. Aci'in brouiint In the Court of the Countv of Kern. State California, and the Complaint filed said Couutv of Kern. In. the offlce the Clerk of said Superior Cpurt. J The People of tho State of Cnllfq nla send creetiuc to Peter RouaueMj You nrti herebv reauired to UPB In an action broiiuht. apiilnKt you : tlon praying for the issuance, of said j separate house, or place of license, said petition shall be signed located in said county. by a majority of. the resident lessees, | >; o n renp , 0 issued under this ordi- and resident owners of property with- nance shall authorize any person, in a radius of five hundred feet of thejf, rnl| corporation, club or association , l . c . <lllll . place in tho town in which it is pro-; ( O ca rry on such business within the j Jj"nl n ']' or itv"thereof, shall the clerk of such board, setting forth and specifying wherein such ordl-1 tn the Superior Cpurr of the County nancp. or any of Its provisions, or] of .Kern. " " any of the conditions of tho undortnk- inir herein provided for have, been violated, if after a full examination of the witnesses produced nt such the Board of Supervisors or Bow posed to conduct the said business, n m it s of any incorporated city or and must accompany said petition by town having the power to impose or a plat showing the location of the i ov v any city or town license tax, un- proposed place of business; and when I OB! J | n addition thereto, a license re- any person, firm, corporation, club,' q U i re d by said city or town be also or association deires a license under. fl rB t procured. the provisions of this ordinance to Sectlon 9. u shatl be the duty of conduct such business outside of any , T Collector to co ii ec t all 11- town fi the petition therefor must Bhowl cenBeg , 8Bued under th , 8 ord , na nce. """"'?»,_„ i and to peeform such other duties ai nOt 1OB8 .__ ._ «t.| n *»<ll Ma ««.« n«ukan|.|fi«jl that the "person, firm, he satisfied corporation, place conduted, and be signed by than two-thirds of the resident lessees and resident owners of real estate situated within a radius of three miles ol the place where such business is proposed to be conducted; and said petition must be accompanied by a plat showing the respective locations or places of residence of the persons whose names are signed to said petition; any person, firm, cor- to procure a license as aforesaid, Bhall deposit with the Clerk of tha Board of Supervisors of the said County of Kern, at the time of presenting the aforesaid petition, tha sum of Three Hundred Dollars, United States Gold Coin, to be applied to the payment of said llcenso for the first year, if said license is granted, nnd if said llcenso be not granted, the said sum of Throe Hundred Dollars shall bo returned by the clerk to the petitioner; and provided further, that no license shall be issued 'o any person, firm, corporation, club, or association, under tho provisions of this ordinance for a period of less than one ytar. Section 5. Every such petition shall bo filed "'Ith the Clerk of tho Board of Supervisors at least ten days prior ,to the first Monday of the are by this ordinance prescribed. Section 10. All licenses issued under the provisions of this ordinance shall contain provisions, and shall be granted upon condition that same may be revoked or recalled at the pleasure of the Board of Supervisors; and such board shall revoke any license when it Is shown to their satisfaction that the holder of the license is keeping a disorderly place, or is violating any of the provisions of this ordinance or of the state'law, or that the best Interests of tho county will be served by revoking said license, provided, Ivowever, that no license shall he revoked without giving the , , club O r asoclation has been Riillty of the offense charged In the salfi complaint. Section i". Upon the filing of the complaint herein above mentioned, duly verified, charging any person, firm, corporation, club, or association, with the violation of any of the provisions of this ordinance, or any of the conditions of the undertaking, herein, as required, it Is hereby made the duty of the clerk of the Board of Supervisors, and he is hereby expressly authorized to issue a notice reciting the substance of said complaint and commanding the person, firm, corporation, club, or association complained of, to appear before the Board of Supervisors on a day lo be stated thereto, at their next regular meeting after the filing of such complaint, and with any witnesses that he may desire, fo show cause, If any h« has, why such license should not be revoked. The rules of evidence In civil cases f Kern. State of California. J. O. Hodcens. Plaintiff vs. low u" Company. Defendant Action brought in tho S [he County of Kern. ' . and the Complaint itv.of.W. mthe^. of on of rnt... . said Countv Court of the California, .Silver . ._ ..._ Superior ,nt.v_of Kern. State of Clerk of said nd Greetlnu ulu send Greetlnu: to Company, Defendant. tvern. In theoUlce of r Court. - Caller, « lver Bow You are hereby reauired to appear lu an action uroueht aealnst you by the above-named Dlamtifr in the. Superior Court of the County of Kern. State of Callfprnla, and" to answer the Complaint, file*! therein, within .ten days (exclusive of the day of service) after service on you of this Summons. If served within said Countv: ffserved elsewhere, within thirty days. •--• — *-—*•- --Qned that if answer, the ^ni for any Jed in the Contract, or 'or any other — plaint. , e seal ot _ Opunfy of this 2nd day ! apply to In ef demanded Witness my Jiai I Superior Coui orn. State of Call . November. A. D eo? E. Whltater.' ....-'JBR. Clerk .tornev for Pla 'fft SUMMONS. holder thereof an opportunity to ap-1 shall govern the examination of such pear before tho Hoard of Supervisors j charge. of the Co he Countv Silver "or Court fprnla. Counts Clerk The in hi* own behalf. On the revocation of a license no ! t -p n se under the part of the money paid to the county | dlnrtnco, who de^iv- by saiil iieiitioner or petitioners shall i UiislneBs beyond '!]•• lie return. -il, but such money so paid, { H nch license, mu--' and the \\hnl" '.hereof shall he forfeit j same form and ed to the county. When a license of ' the first petition, nny person, linn, 'orporatlon, club or ' goc-nnd license: :\ association is r'".-"l:'-d for any cause, j holding n lic'-n-. un ne\v or otlii-i- license shall be | neglects tn nl-i-i! granted to tiie san:>- person, firm, cor- .commence nt tf <-lul>, or ;I: ; MM iation, within , former one, it shall ' Section 18. Anv party holding a II- gi fend rtrouKht In the Superior Court untv oj Kern. State of Cnli- and the Complaint filed In said of Kern, in the office of the ' said Superior Court, 'eople of the State of Callfor- tine to Silver Bow Ol) , six months from the date of snch vocation. Section 11. NO license shall vl-ions of this or'<> continue s'ich time specined In proci-pd In tho • . u required fur '.:\ <>r<1er to obtain n \". i 'n ! ;lsf - " l )llr 'y 'n;-'i ihls orflinam e :. ;> t" w license- to '• ;.tratlon of the unlawful for to Company. "Defehdaut. You are herebv remitre(l to appear nroucht nii» nst vou bv • ' ' itfff. In the. Su have this dav levied upon all rlnht. title, claim and Interest of defendant, of. in nnd to tho l described real estate, to-wit: Th levied upon all tho and Interest of Rriid ollowlnn . .ie Karnm-Aiax inine. together with the mill, machinery and appliances located thereon, situated about four miles south of the town of Moiave and more particularly described at f>0, Hook 8, mlnlnR records of Countv. State, of Calltornin. The said pron--tv befiiL' In Kern Countv. State of_C4Wor^a.. nuu« Kern ornia, notice Piiblic notice Is herebv clveti that I will, on Saturday, the 9th dav of January. A. D. 1909. at 11 o clock n. in. front of the Court he C tion, Stat intei . in ... ____ __ cfl of the ill nt public nuct. i' of tho United of s^'n dav. House, door sell at publl ev of title. iountv of Kern. .. for lawful nion- tes. all the rlcht. erest of said <le . t" tendant. or. in and to the qbo' scribed claim "and" or. in jjrooertv. or so much as may be necessary, to,rn,Iso suf money to satisfy said 1uds ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Armlnta jOII.Goi the above-named nfiilntrff. in th«L J perlor Court of the Couutv of Ke State of California, anil to answer I Coiiiplaint riled therein, within I da 1 s (excliiHive. of the day of servlc after service on vou of this Summon If served within said Countv: if servi eh-ewhere. wi'nin thlrtv davs. And vou are he'cbv not I find th; you fail to HO appear and answer. plaiiUiff will taUe iuikmcnt for money or damages demanded In CpniPlaltil as iirisinir upon ( on tract, | will apply to the Court for anv othl relief demanded In the Cotnplajnt Witness mv mind ii.ii ild Sn . By Bode! Smith, beputy Clerk Rowen Irwln and J. W. P. Laird, i tornevs for plaintiff. 11*| Annlnta Oll.Oomoany. a corporation. Location of prlncfoal nlace of ousiness. Babeipfteld. Callfprnla. Notice is .hereoy plven:. That at . a meellnu' o' " ta OH Cop the 7th di the directors o opipanv. a corpora' dav of Dec .e Armin.,held on ,..„ .... dav or December. 1908, an as- soHStnont of six and one-fourth cents (6Me) per ijhare was levied upon the capital stock of sa^conwratlon. nay- uple on or before Tuesday. January 15th, 19097 to" Afi at 1047 I street. filmore. ProBnp. Ciillfo tarv, 'ornla. PI UIU. ment iv of t and ilinnuunt a: advertised for sale at, public auction, and unless payment Is made, before will be Bold on Tuesday, tho 2nd day of March. 1900. to pav the .dellnauent us- Hessinont. touether with costs of ud- In ;in action ...,..._.., . tnc nbovc-nnmed plaintiff. In the fcrlor Court of the Countv of Kern. Stnte of California, and to answer the Complaint pled • therein, within ten davs (exclusive of the dav of service) --- - - this Summons. after service on vou of ' Mn said C< , . . .. . Itnlu thirty days. t And vou are herebv notified that.If VOU full Plaintiff a . if served within said Countv: if served elsewhere, with vertfslne: and expense!} of sale. Dated. December 7t.Ti.j5m8.. (Seal) Secretary Fresno. ( NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Grand Prize Oil Company. Prin cal place of business. Bakersfl Kern Countv. California. . Notice Is hereby jrfven that _. meetfne of the directors, heldon 21st day of November. 190S. an asw ment of one cent per shar'' was lei the capital stock of the corw uile immediately tp the uoon derBlened secretary of^sald cor Hon. nt rooms 203-201 Producers Inea Bank biilldnB. Bakersfleld. Counu 1 . California. ., . ... Anv stock upon which this,, ass ment shall remain unpaid Qn'ruesd the llth dav of January. 19J)9. wul dcTinauent and advertised for sale ibllc auction, aue before - in. and . will be of Pebi ird i i ;1 unless _ ie sold on Satu I av of February. 1909. a o'clock p. m. to pay the nuent usseBSPient. tpc«ther w cosh* of ndvertlsinK and expenses sale F. E. BORTEN.Secy. pro I I Sav ern C Rooms 203-204 Producers bank butldrne. Bakc-rBflcld. Ker tv. California. NOTICE OF SALE OF STOCK DELINQUENT ASSESSMENT, W.-llInu T^i... r.ocatlon NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Bukorsftold Fuel und Oil Comnan', Locatloii of principal nliicp of business Selma. California. LocaIon of works Cou Ml VUU nru ntJreitv Iioilliuil Lliui.u o«-ium. v<i»i;vi "it*. IjOCatU... -.- : ,- fnll to BO annnnr und answer, the i Kern County, California. .Nollqe..IH to ontli.'if such liiiRinesa ordlnancB until have executed a ' month, upon which day such petition eran(eil , ln ,| 0r tl) | 8 shall be heard by the Bpsrd of Su- (no pe ,it| 0 iier shall peryUors. and the clerk of said board Jolnt all(] 8evp , b d t Ull , County shall give notice of the filing of said ()f K( ,,. n wl , h two or petition by causing notice thereof to <; Uro tj(«a | n n )( , ue posted at least five days '"*— -.aid hearing ns follows: u«f/,. n before If such business is proposed to be conducted in an unincorporated town, j Thousand shall have filed with the Hoard which bond shall bo rp - • such party iduriuK tho tin.e in'i rvenlnft between be | the expiration of the first license and nnd such party cense, and such part , such bimln .._ more sufficient i of a mlgdemeanor and upon convlc- penal sum of Five'tlon thereof shall be punished as In Dollars, and such bond ] thl? ordlnane provided. Section 19. Kvery pfi-son, firm, complaint will npolv ._ _.., relief demanded In tho comi: witness mv nand niul th .. , said Superior Court F o continuing Kern. State of Cal v po continuing ''Ji v pf Oct.. A. D. If : , ^ „„!<,„ (Seal) 1. 1,. o BO annnnr unn apswur. HIP i i\ern i.ounvy. v,ujouiuiu. .,"•"••>•,,•" will take iudenient for np-s i hereby nlveii. i hat at u niuetliii: or Hie • damiuros demanded In the directors,of the above named fi"rpor- IIR nriHlnt? niton contract, or alien, held oil the 5th day ol Decotn- . money or damages demanded complai as artsiru! UIK>II contract or v to the Court for any othe* plai int. been such approvod by, and 1 of Supervisors, for tho term of corporation, club or said notice shall be posted iu three j o n o year, and shall he conditioned of the most public places in such , that the principal in such bond dur town; Ing the time ho shall continue In tho If the proposed place of business business specified, not exceeding the , Is in the country, one notice at the term of the bond, will pay all license place where such business is propos-; tax that may now, or hereafter be 1m- ed to be conducted, and also In two j posed on such business by this ordl- of the rnopt public places within a | nance, or any ordinance of the Hoard radius of three miles thereof; said no- 1 O f Supervisors, and that he will con- tice shall state tho name of the petitioner, the plac* where the business is proposed to be conducted, and thf> on, in a qulut, orderly and rap«UU)l« nf member of members thereof en- L'od In any business in the County Kern, outside of Incorporated clt- ornla. this 28t LEn. Clerk. . E. Whltaker.Atty for Pltff. 11 p( suld convorallori. cnaruts ft his offlce at flic offlco of tho Recorder of Kern Countv. .. NOTICE. CALLING FOR PROPOSALS TO CONDUCT CITV^SEWER FARM. Hv order of tho Hoard of Trustees of tho Cltv of Hnkorsflelrt. the Cltv ill receive at. his office, room 1. Anv ent day of January, nuJ-nt " and aTvprtlstHl nv^Htock upon wnicn ment shall romalii unpaid on f January, 1909. will 0 lc? who In connection with such bus- In.'ss sells, handles or plvos away nny wines, fermented or distilled liquors or iiittlt liquors In any quantity what- sn'-vor, fhall i'e requ! to all tho rules ns bonds and notices ns duct such business and the place in, cnncp required of persons who | or at which the same may be carried gage in the liinluetin of Heilln? nt . Clerk will receive at. his offi iiil . .. mbe Healed proposals for the dl Savlnir Uank biiildliii?. p. m.. on December 28, oposals for the dlsnon ", o'clock p. .. , for the dlsnonnl of tho sowajco from the Citv Sewer Svs- tnni. ut uin point where If Is dolfvered tlm 9th . Jjo delin- .... for ujil« at. public "auction, und unless payment 18 made before, wilt b« sold on .i ho . 30 i lh (lav of January. IHO'J. '/'.^ w?u, tho costs of 8 a(fverfl"ihir an^JiX^ieijBgi, or Secret/irv. of .the. JlajcerjffjeM 'Puof 8PC i. ut throuuh th(- outfall sewer op vV '-4 Secion 3. T. 30 S. ft 'JS k. KT. D M., Secretary, of the nnkerMfH Oil Co.. Bakerafleld. Cal ~ NOTICE. lima and piaee wben gaid will b« heard. Tae Beard ef petition Super visors in oonformity fenra eC the state, aa« te mtmtft ef the BecH e( te tfct d to conform to petitions, in this ordl- e tire. tail nlone, and shall p:iy the HBine II•MM*, and for the same length ef ••MB Ml • failn-e to comply with the tenti ef taU section shall be a . . . . und for the cultivation and for a Inmrovo- mont of said land for a period raiiK- from ten to twenty years, , The Hiicci-sBful applicant will he ro- iiulrod to E|VP a ernod nnd sufficient To all whom It may concern: Notice Is herebv uivon that the Hoard of Supervisors of thp Oountv of Kern wll not audit nnv bill or blllrf bond to pro'ect said Cltv from nnv and all kinds of daimmos or expenses, arls- Ine froni suits or otherwise, that mav result from the dlnposul of uitld s«w- Hi'O. Dated. 1M6 nnl herein ulvcn theiv Is ... upon the following de-ci ihfid stock the corporation, ep account of nSBCII nieiil of M cents iier share levied Nl veinlier nth. limv. ihe neve.nO ninounl il the ,,.,„,„-. . Het onpo;<lt«' lln- names of the live Bharcholdei.-i. :is lollows: N Nai: . M I Jilt- "" * J •« *• i ' •-• -— 'ill ((leceasedi 31] Jolin K. Baton ,••;!•} J °An.l in acco,.lance w th l Df. , aw. ai )lroctora of the Hoard on tue ninth dav o> ^""="•",""j, • so manv Hhari-s of each tmrcnl HI "" 'viii ue order of the llonrd o. . „._ tUe ninth dav. of November Block w mav pub c auction be neccKarv wi . at the. oClco ot . Kecrotiirv of s:id conionition. ri - - k 18 ind Ahimeda 28th dav- o'cloc' a. . tliC.S irroadwnv. Oiik Crjuijjv. Ciilifor^Ja^on iiv. a of liecember. m. of that dav to pav esKineiitH thereon, t AHeat: 1. L.

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