Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 12, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1916
Page 1
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READ IT TODAY 'IN THE GAZETTE AND STANDARD STERLING DAILY SIXTYtTHIRD YEAR—NO,87. WAS REELECTED : M ' Theodore Trouth, Of This City, —TAlMTl^fTOStTT IPresnteritrrr Of tlw Assembly. The Association Has Paid Off All But $12,000 On Its Valuable Property. AND DAILY STANDARD:.. STERLING, ILLINOIS, THURSDAY, OCT. 12. 1916. THEN READ IT TOMORROW IN CITY PAPERS PRICE TWO CENTS. ILK INSTEAD At ,**'in!>l\ ir m.v-tlt!i; <tf the In le-e >ear. Thoodi>r.«' |ccted ,p|-i-«fid Thin t* ii'i 'f 'he in l;,< n 'a '-I Ts.estl: 1 )}' Tn !>'!;, i-f Strt pt t sm Ui In. nor .Vs- aft-: inK. i>m- fur ""-. In FIRE NEAR ERIE torlcty, as belni; '.mo of fh tlif country. J-'"r twenty-nine year* the ;l.«.<iOC!llf loll lias flourished nllil fiiV- r-n HIP people most evclb-nt (ah-nt, In Ini't «otric nf tin. VO.JY t>e«t, falnnblp.. .Mr. Tronth'* worl; us head of the nPpocCjtl'ftl Mint •(•» Iir';itl of the >Hi-e :irn1 i'»itrim!f tff'M .luit It hti* li(">n tif irtt-.-it \.-iliic ly In-lit t!i«'* vi-nr ylcldi'il r<<- of oTfr Hixtci'H Jnindri'il i!nllnr,« thnn th iTi'liillM ll mi ti'-'w \v<-r o liVfMt T(i< - »i'' (.(ami-. , tint!'- ktck'-i! < i'tTiii^i in I'.'ini t t '' o'f ln<-k bis! •>!! tit" aiitl t :•> t"!l~< AM T a tinjr i)i:!it. .Uif'in Hi -hito-ly. tli t t -nj < d, l*!icr'' vva »k Im i:hl>.>i .- lu' tire. '!i Hi" ( 'fit kf d until Tfirrr Mas ^trns .-tl jifii rn)dnit:ht :<miic in- FALL MEETING Rock River Association Of Con- —-pipHSiiat-CRufcRes^Coflh Vened Today. The Disagreeable Weather To Held the. Attendance To Small Crowd. HOLDS MARKET DAYS Jonas Bacr Discovered a New Municipal Stunt On His Visit To Menominee. IIM-HUH: i.f Hie Kn.-k i;iv«-r i.f ( 'onuici > .altou:il ,min< luuvh.'?* .wart callcil t-i i.r- t!(•«• in (!,<• in Sid bo.r. ' In. 1 ; in ,,i| ( ,, k i »,\ jnir !<• thi .-ml "i"' ni •«•. a C! < -at ( Catcs (lom th" chli! frlcl were uhab'e lo intended < lc*i tl'-all n ihi'iK .«h flirty. absence nf H"\ LMldi-ll: !'t. U'. .M I be St.- rltnt; i haich. the o>-\ I'lii-nal cv>-t >r;rani/.iit (mi I' r. Ijidd lHTl v;;\ti< IIHIHT r.tisi i rn;inv 'uf th chi-yi (>! j)if» attend, a>> miiur bv iinti'<. 'I'iii re twc«^t> present. till* il.U iit It nleht del- djs- they were fore- been PLAYERS SHARE THE '' SUWTEVCff jo t!i" lot Tt!" fit '••( ur earn'"?! pla \ > I'M, • ^rm?' hi' the o tbi.-ir cut wax if tor. th" t;ami- I'.roi.fcKn. y $!i'»L;.f>.;7 nliitr t'-a.m thf Iiiwins; They tvill fait .«.'!. Of I his th>' will KI-I *io ppr c»-nt 4'* |>r>r rmt. Th'-- .-!!<'.'«t )' r * vit>t!« Ktim dividrd f«y th«- pliiyt-rs was ."(IHTM) in by the Itrd Sox. ()f-fiTitr,1 tin- ffifuitw in i;»ll'. Nf-w Vi»fh nnii Htixtnn pt-'t clivi(i«'d th«' .-.'titn of $! 17. ">"!-• \-r-r IHEARST BARRED British Government Acts! ::: Against tntemattoiTal: Newsservice. Debarred From Press Bureau, Cables and Mails Under Government Control. TOURING STATE Special is Illinois Tovvns Today. TTmTT t « n ii);iny In fncf thr* thf tlinn It hud Till? fnllowlllK Louis utiilii'.H,H hy I'r.if. I,I nf .McxICH Fritt* ..' fisi-i-!iMi»n was !IIH I!, l-'rltls mi t'h«' HIM talk was i wnfl iniin for many !•» tll<« lift i 'hlhuiihua.. rtn 'Ttir—"ATii The iKair "ItoariT ~>'> 7 vi>u!"« and Trnuth. Htorlliur, prfs!il»-r\t, of txillillnKi*. enniml*, clislrman nnd P, I>. able to country 'from u'an he H. M. 'Uiwrh, f.-iH*rft!ii >, ln.imi. Hinir- ittiin tlrkctH nnrl KHd'H, \V. K. Tr*'ln, trr.'i.iuK-r, Htxnn. rhalrmnn Kanii'« mid !imiif<eini'iit.«. A, I* CJe'lKPtilifltniT. Oixon. chnlr- innn printing nml ofh'erllHlnK. CommittBOS. Pr««WiJpi./,-^-A,jtniiui, (if (H Troutli nnd I>«'rr.' rrlntltii? 'nnd 'A<1voril.«lit>T h«>lfi«»r,- Altinnn and Hnsi'h. nnd Tli'k«-t» ----- Hn."' r it HI|IIIII'I' wi to (ii-ll their raised on on tliefat ti.'iyw. la also pmvldei) ays h lb>«t HI''' 1 dnllar frtr' highly "t tltrtnet'M dav, A place ha? ill farmers In get around 'ie they have free rmnn produce. Everything in t» be found there A laifc'e ylicd .near by farmers EXPLAINS STAND Hughes Will Not Say a Word That Will Commit Him On European Policy. He Regards Himself a Potential* rfisidfinLand Avoid Traps. fl!y T'nit Hi !*r''<».«. ) ' Kotidiin. J-iriK . Oct. I ^'. I'.ccriilMf nf •'(•niitlnued iraililini; nf mcssai-'cyi and breach "f faith." ll«-;irst'>i lnt*-i national ,N"f.\v< Service hn« Iir-f-n debarred from the I'n ss bnruau anil frmn n»e nf "all uth'-r f ; "'l | 'li ( l'< f"r tb« tianMiji«,;ii.n of in•«•«." which Includes cables and mails controlled by tin rneiit. In an official statement jire'f.i bureau, n. wpeclfic publication of "various pun Ira -•rii --TH-I ial. is loitrir-.i; r.-Titral Hit -,!av c.-itrytnp .f. Frank H.->n!y nnd amlrith. prf-si'b-nfial act! vic-f- jirfs-i- I'fitinl cnndldat»'r«. SJIPI , h'-« will b*> lailf at the followirij: tonn", ' A'ltnwn. at-liiivlllo. •tJir.'ud. V'irden. Ppfinpnold. irii-iiln. f'llnt'in. t'hamT'iilcn, T"iilon. •'(Ti'lit aticl I.trcatuj. Kxcfpt -at l)e- i«;.ir. wh»f" a hie nish't rally will be hi. thf sper-rftr-s wil-1 bf brief. m"stl\" rt-ar p hit form the trei- -fur the !'*rv< II Hnrim nnd ami I'rl Altmiin. I.hiiU-rman, . t*«i||<'o mid Trouth, .Troln. mid «nd ' -Trrln. Al flip mp<"tlni{ T ln« lnt<>ri'«t on HIP linndrt-d dollrir« on . olhc»i' «>X|«MIP»"», thi t»<- tho h , nflor i 1 ami - toi. and - found pay- all to two centn. Thw atini'clatlon .owns thirty-nine a<'r»'n, l>ing alotft? the rher. It fins on .the grounds over t'^fi.iiiiii worth of 'utrtjctures and lli^Ji! n Al'.'Ll??iLy-fiM *1* lie "worth• $7fi,0o.f>. v The association has Itiwn offered IfiO.Oon for a row of tots U half mile long, It l.« thought, by Mr,- Trouth that the. rest IH worth enough to mako up tho |7f>.0i>o.. There IN ft mortgnge of a little over lll'.nftn lut tho park so that the asHociation ban valuable h In which In place their teapix. Kaeh of-neyeful firms In the city nlve the tarnierH all straiiKiTH a free lurich He- Itm a _,«trntu!*'i' Mr. I'.aer nan Invltei 1 and cald the lunch c;»iif<l.«teii of doiiKh- niits. l\vn ,«ainH\ '!» lies, and a cup of coffee There \va« a jr«>o<i Hissed mun- tier preHcnt. ~ To the flrnl fartner i;i'ttln« t" the tnarki't place i-nch time, a prl/.e of five dollar.** IH «lven Hmne nf the farmers come thirty miles with their produce. .y HIIIII who K»=||H un.miline, han a'-rejii riuuii In the hi-nrt of the city for hoth eneii and wtitneti, that In provfriK a j;ood thlnir. Menortiince IIHN hoiiKht fifty- fly/* acn-w just out of town MO. thii atrciit!-t:aiiJi'4t>_y4 1 tt 1 j 1 _im a . been converted ini,o n park and It lian been fixvil up mid mudf ii Krwit resort A lake In H han «wati», rhiekn 1 anil other aquatic fowl. The j-tlrk alRo con- talns a nunilier of deors. heen ill Mesico a much cuncerninK tn the thrm. •« of ninny "SliVfid point 1 '. M^perlally i inn d Kant with the fieeil.M of the country in a r»li,;t"iiM way. H!n talk ouaht tu liif-e lii-eti heard by hundieilM. tMn'ncr was then )*rrved in the basement wh"le tin ladle.t nf the church hail prepared a caffctetia ineai. Tho Afternoon Seision Hoy A. t'raw.|ord. secretary of "SlerTFni? YT SI. «''.~V7," cctihiucteil tlit* votlotiH of the afternoon. Thl« followed by .nn address by Kev; I'eicy * ', l^idd of the Mollim church. HIM Hiibji'ct WHS "The Kn.urce of rower." Air. l-»dil if. not Ji .slriiimer to HterlliiK pcuple nnd bit Jul!% was urcat- ly appreciated by them. T!ui , Sunday School Problem wa;« the topic of the nitetiiooli ft»r a»i hour. P,y ISiry .Arnold. espomieni n r |?nite<1 Prexx,) Oct. \2. • --Itcpublicari in drtermined not annwi-r to the Kyi. the de- | Thin wn« in c:harK<« of Mrs. «' i liolHlnift'r, primary m'p.'i tntetuU | iha I'ong'l KuiuJiiy Hchool, takl her milijeet " | and another ^Tifir-W11?ns— THECITYMAYACT Mayor Platt Is Opposed To Allowing Outsiders Sell Produce On Streets. Mart Book, Of Lee County, Is _ Anxious To Dispose Of a Car Load Of Potatoes. An fall' coincH apace.'the- pollc'o of HlerllilK nnlicll'.Hc trouble with people from other tmVn» comiitg in with cat- loud lot« of .potat<icK and_iiiher farm product^ itttd etuteitvoring to *ell ths-rn un .(he KlrceiM in violation of the city ex. Mar' HooU, living eaHt of iUHt o'.er the line in COST OF DYING RISES WITH THE COST OF LIVING (lly t'nlted Press.) ci.. .Oct. 12. — While the iiHtlonal funeral dirertoiV In conveiilion here. IH I||M- "lH expel ieucliifj holiu: Irotllile With « car lom' of potatoes ln> -Is ek- peetlftK in every day. .\lr, Hook nays they were'rained on hi* farm in North l»a(<otu, *lte watt told by Mayor Plan that it .would be all ri»;ht if be muki-h nil afthlavit tu this effect: Tln'« t .M*r, not be 'Mloppnil fi-ntn 'tllMpn^lnn i.f (Jlf In Hterlinn Mr. Hook him connulted ('tjy Attor- >M*y, John AJ, Htutfer Ct-KfirdtUif the matter and l\o WUN tnhi it* he could -U>,t>Ul --- 4n -- Ht'f'>tl«V v il ------ »lwU— -^-tlUi tuhMU wen* raiMi-d on hit* farm he I'ould not b.o stoiiped. If hi* is forec'd ;t»t tafce out n Uci'iiNi' 'it will cost him fl'M* per day for tvcry <lti\ In- is m«ll- IHM. Tl»« mayor hajj Inwtnictfd, the chief of police to Mtop Hook liotn »clliiiK If |sn (tl!vlll|'(H It Jlthl wh.ll Will he I'one IK hard to HIV Tin niav'm' i« iif lint upitiion thiit thi^ oiilinance« ought 'to bo revised KO ont> • in.iy si>l! lu a t ei I nn imntii'i' uidm.s iitid all- olhern Mhoold i--tj ,i hien->e. JTh«» major hujn.u! tin t-» i wnih- In- liTiM "been TlPtn-4 4o ->tnp ciii.iiH mcp Jnim eoinln« in ,md M Hint,' me.u.s Wha Itvu iu distnu 1 to\\iiv <n pntuini-f, trout n»:n ll\inx i" other cities I'cille have «'\,-i- bet it tit u wholi'Maie \t«> there may b/ i iu»)« ii by of prodm'e und ant < ;ninute. tin aHHoclation '.•IIMKillK till Once more the war [# to blame ^•-t'-hetti h-!t i—cTn«i~iTnd—frrclr "rrf~TTj r eM~ JTiF ?diroudN are rcKponHiblo for the proponed Increaxi* In funeral cimtM, DemonNirationx of embalming and motion- picture* Khowlng the latwt and moiit approved melhoilM of bnr>ylog, t<* wlihih the public are Invited. haVfVthuN Hir failed to draw record crowdn. ^ PRIClS HAVE INCREASED. rn.V r T niled Pi-eSf.,) New' York, .N*. Y..' Oct. 11'. "('ommnd ity prii.-e.H have Incrcawd ^r>. per cent since riic"outbreak of tin* war, according to Dtm'H revlc-w which announced today, (hat Dun's -'index number nhow- ; -'-'(iggi'4'gate iiuiitatlmiM on targe list H of-food, clotjiliig. metal, and other articles W.-IH ftr<l35fi on Oct. 1 .'0,7411 on Aug. I, l!M-l.i lit of takimt for tlie l-'ounibitlonx" wax idven by Mrs. Lcadim; thr- talk un to C'hrl.Mt". They were botfi ablo tnlk« and they wen* followed by a jjenVral dl.neuxH!on. "Tho. Iwii'Ker \Vork"--MI>«»«iomi, wan (Staff Ciin Fike^viTF <"andldatr to make itny that he repre*«>ttt<*. the (Jetmnn-Amcr- b-aii vote. He rcgarda himself a« potenliatly ,a prenldent. He holds it i* the duty neither by word or deed to walk Into any trap that shall «eem to commit him, a man who mrty be chosen in November to dictate America's position toward the world, to-any xpec- iflc ronrup- of »U'UOri with "regard to a Kuropeun policy. The I'nited Pre««i preocntH thin explanation of the candidate')* attitude When Hughe.". dlccUfmex arul con- deiniiH the, I.trltlMh biacklb*t. It iH-fur* ther explained it IK not with the idea of any animus agnlnat Orrat Britain. When he hit* at the mihmarlrtfl warfare and the Wilson admintMtrn- tfon'H handling oft hat iHsue, he doeu L-^n?i!k wltn n mind binned ngal-wttr isstifil by Insfnnee of fulfte Mlnte- mt>ni«" purport IIIK to have come from London "My, Internationnl New* • Hf-rv- !«•«•" was cited. These concerned an uir raid on London. • •"r'ollnwliiir IH the t«?\( of the pre.M.i bureau ami'Mim einent ; "in Itie Hotme of ('ointnnll". nn _ the. Uventy-neventh of June last, the secretary of Htate from the home department ftaleil (hat IIJK attenUoti wn« i-alled to nn alleged (elenratn relatltiK to the Jutland battle which appeared SOX ARKHAMPS .... -_ tnadtt much of. Airs. \\'. M» Jonen wan lender, ,"Tho ,MlH«lonary Pageant was I n -oliarff<a -<»f — M m-- !•>-« 1 1 k— VV-,— \V-he*l »ir, Th« hour wan vej^Hhirofltably wpent and niiK-'h KO"«V'~doriv'4'd fiitm-it,- The mihjre.t. WIIH follo%ved by an addrcHN by f'rof. I'VlttH, on the topic of Alex-' ico, He tfolntf further In tho fuibjecl than In the morning tafk. At an hour for hiiftini'MH. the followluK . wtiru appointed IIH a bunliicKH comnilttce: VV. M, .loneM D, l», John llarpham. Mrs. \V. I). lUilKUdK, of Moline. He:- Holutlon <'ommittee — • Uev. U. S. 'llaney ' Germany. He.«|»«akM AK one who ro- gardn AiiH-rlca'rt ppporUmtty n« • tho greatest of. ;m» neiftral natloiiK, the mo»t inomentoiiH to America herself and to the other niitloiiH of the world in e«« tnbtiRh1iifri(fntl.v tl) trality. having been nent from l^ondon by a corre«|ionib-nt of the Internfttional News Kervice. No nuch menBage waK Included in any telegram Hent from this country. "The home m'cretnrUireferred on the •(am 1 " occasion to pt'Pvimhi cawpH wherein nu'HBageH which purported to come from the Ivuidon correspondent of the International NewH Het-vlce bore mi llken»««« to the cablegram actually dew- patched. "On the flr»l occanlon referred to, the manager of the International N'J-WK In tVew V«»rk gave categorlc'al npMuntnce that i«ucli an Inchlent Hhould not hnp- pr-n nxaJn. O.n the wecond occanlon he made a like proinlMe, rttutlng thnt orders had beeii given that extraneoiiH statementM should not bo inserted In euble dlHpalchcK. On Kept. 3 cablegram*! were published in the United State*, purporting' to have coirit! from Lomlitn 'Uy International News Hervlce' giving varioun falMe .HtatempntH about the air raid the prevlouM night. None of thcue Htato- mi s nfn in queHtion was. In fact, eon- lalned in any cablegram dtmpatchM try^ rtrn I**i.imb>u r'orreH('oiuteiH • of fhe^ International News. Hervlce, " "In view t»f this continued Karbling of meHHageK and breach of faith on the JH*£.r£DlfX'A^Z.^tU-'iC-hUtt-iilrcct^l-ihal- no representative of the International N*ew« Hervtre Hhall, be permit tod to Boston Won 'th_e W-orjd^s Title Afternoon BYDeTeal- ing Brooklyn 4 To 1__ : Shore's Pitching Was Chief Factor In the Victory-He Allowing Only 3 Hits. NEAR JCHAULNES French Are Pocketing It Out Of Combles. Aerial Torpedoes Gave Wonderful Aid To British Encircling Movement. Itv Henry • XV' tSt.Ttt ("crri'Spiindent of \\'it!i the Kren'ch' Army Somn>r> l'!i>nt, <ii-t. 12. — t fin -irclintr tuttise in from thf west, portft-j and .«nirthwest. the Frenrh havn vani-f>'l their lines at several point*' on thllfl "TTn sT I'all thi-« Fln'o !«ia|-t (My i'nlti-d I' l'*i"id, Hii.«tiill. 1 thi I let 1 1 Ft (~d Si i \ ". The final HI on J'lLrlU"!? _by. Shore, world'* did rumble* north of tho rlvi la point of wtipport, the ronjut -The I Hpyenil Import a nti._hJRhwa.yg_ mm*- capture will Pliable the French till" inate the -unrounding country tune waft 4 tlj€! in fivo to I. *l«ry wife nail he allowed Hrooklyn only three •mats. He pitched air ti|,'ht throughout.- • The Line-up Hronklyn—Myern. cf; - fiauhcrt, Ib; Stengel, rf; Wheat, If; Ciittdtaw, 2b; Mo wry. 3b, Olson. ».M; Meyers, c; Pfcf. fer, p. Huston— Hooper, rf; Janvrin. 2b; Shorten, cf; 1 Mobilize). Ib. Lewis, If; r»ardm<r, 2b: Scott *m; Only e; {Shore, J'. F.irit Inning Hrooklyn—Myers funned; out, V'AiTy to HobJiU< on. SciitfM high throw to Hoblltzel; Beott charged with an error; Wheat to Hoblltzel. No runs, no hJt*c foiilcd on<> f- Hooper • oiif, Cutuhaw to Janvrin «>nt, Mowry to Pauhert; Hhorten flic>d to Wheat. No mils, no hitK, no error*. Hri«»klyn— Ouahjiw walked nnd t(X)k (•econd on .Mowimy'it «ai-rlflc-e Hohllt- Jiel to Shore; Olnon out. Garden to Huhliuu'1, Cutuhaw lulvnnclnji to third; c'utshaw • «t!or<Kl on a puimed ball:' iUuwrcy out. 8coU to Hoblitnel. Qn« Hta'U'iiieht tif his position the follow- leaven to Hock FallM and >lrn. <', \v\, F»nn of PropImiKtow n. For the Evening Session There uill he a lillle ch.mgo" ill the program for Iho evening. The f«l|i»w- ini; will be the proKrtim to be given: AKMoiMalctl Sermon. Hcv. Frank T. Fitch of ProphetNtimn. • 'oinmunlon service -by Uev. 1'. C. l.add of Mollmv and llov, \V, R, Hundy. ii'l the "close - of th, evening'* pri^iVrru'iliero .will be .-in otfeting taken fur tho i.nlnlxii>rial relief fund. CROWDS GREET WILSON Riproaring Welcome GIVcn To tho President At Hoosier Mrs. Bullino^on* of Tampico Died MorfBay Night The death of .Mrw, H. A. liullinfe'ton .Slonday i venliiK Jil about illne (I'cloe.K at the .Jfiiine In the ov<»r the I'extauraiit after an operation which had been iicrformcd during the day In hope* of prolonging her life; Kh0 had been a "«uff«rer for Home time from terhen-iiiiu peritonitfM. the Capitol Today. Hy, Hubert J, Itendcr. (JStulf t'ori'i'MpoiHicnt 'oft Culled ITCH.*.) ItldblliHpo.l.iH, Ind,, Oct. 12,---The HooHlef Capital' today gave President Wllwon a riproarlng welcome when he tit-rived at H -:-3f>- to i-wpend tluv 'day. -•• TnTTrbwrrrc- America leaven no wtone unturned enforce- agtilntU any natlv>n - her i» a gorld power. Jly. no doing tile "fulled State.s_ not only maintain* her own dignity HH a nation but nho cMtabliKheM inure Jlnnly the principled of jiiHtice contained In iuternatloriar hoJdM, Is not u iixed "code. It IH a collection of principles to which the ?ia- lioiiH Jiulmcrihe. 'Those prlnciplcH bo- come tlxed only whl-n Home great na- c'tftiihliidicH their jiiKtlce iind fairness by demands, unflinchingly main- rained for their fullest observance, Jf I'nited States can accomplish IhlH affixation of principlBH of internaitional law by hqjding all nation* Hlrictly, uc- comitublu to the Hpirit of fhenbw only nebulous .principles of "International ' law, America, will have her opportunity to become foremost among tho world power**," The Kepubliean jcandid.ate it IH gal«l for him, feels very strongly thf delicacy of IUH position aa a. presidential candidate in UI|H time when inlernn- |ionrii raw i* in tho making. Ho i« «'Xlreim-ly tiWciilful of any Jockeying n««> o'f all .other tranxmlfiHion of news tie*!." until for further 'the no- The Iru-ident-in tho lioiiHe of Com- nioiiM' on June ^7. referred to In the pre«H bureau Mtatement, IH the t'arllmentary Debut en of tie of thut date. Herbi-fl Samuel, «iecrefary run. no hit*, no ,i?rror». Boston—Hoblltsel out, Pfeffer to Uttutwri:'Lowta -tripled to left; Gardner flipd to Whent nnd. I^ewiH iwortnl H fA!T- I'm.. *'Atch; Alowry dropped JiCuU'M.-fuiil—a.nd \vn»._ given—an— crror- Kcoit -then fouled to Meyers, One rur. one hit, one error. ~~ i ~' TffTrS Inrimg . Hrooklyn—Pfeffer fanniHl: Meyera out Oardner to ITt'blltjsfl; naubert out, Shore to Hoblltitel. No runs, no hl'tw, no error*. •.Hi'tUon-- ''tidy Minnlc'd to important town of Chaulnea. The town wax already menncrd by the French advance Tuesday, when (S'-rman positions ,WWP»-j taken .on ft thref-rnlle front. Tht: Krench nro pfvcketlng it in much th*j snme tnnnncr that the, allies drove out of Cftmbles. '.*«, to n certain extent, hotdB * the «ame important relation to thftj <!erman Ifne «outh of the Homm« ; did f'omt»lpn north of tho river. It njunctlon and i to dotn* inate the fiiirounditiB country for aev* era) mi lex. Aerlwl torpedoes gave wonderful to the Mritiidi lii the movement to ••Irelf 4'hfttilnM*. White thO~timrat ritlc artillery preparation* wen* on. the French Byntemlcally the nermnn wire entanglement!! witllj niplal toj-pcHloes. Th«»He are Inunchc from little trench mortar*. Unllk the «crenmlnK. whlntflng of the nheUl the pa-wine of theiw torpedoea In not lex*, but are vlxlble to the naked ej •throiiKhout their .entire course, Th« describe beautiful itrrhoM nbovs tt French llne« nnd then dart.downwi with IlKhtnfnK like rnpiany Into th< (iermnn trenchea. The havoc and con« was #f> Hoidiern without henltiitlon poked thl liendN out of the trenches to watch thl destruction, though the Oermana only IfiU feet itwny, TAKE GERMAN PRISONERS. tBy Unltwl 1'resn.) l»ndon. Km?.. Oct. 12.—In flvo Brit* i«h raids near Menlnen. Or«nl«r- and HafxeneH, German prlnonem i taken mill cnnualtleH inflicted on enemy, (icn, Hals: reported today. Important nctlonn occurred on Somme front during tho night. attempt to aliJKMi him wither with the altU'ti or the entent«> |K>wer,<«,- lie doe* not: desire in any titteriuu-n to mention the naine of n hin^le <rne o.f the \VarriiiK powern, some in- eorrect deduct ion be made from that mention. Hut in every Hpi.-ecli -from now op lie espeflM to i eilnrate, in #n\. Phillip'. tankwHH* hbi illHH of state for the irHirerrTrT»TiT~aTF^ to a telesram to the New York American, from the London correiipondent of the International NHWH Service in which it was mated.that the admiralty' admitted nn overwIieimliiK jjefoat by u.portion of the (Jermuil hl|jh Heft fleet. Kaniuel replied In part-: -•'••.' "No Kiich lelegra'm *va8 pHHMed by tho jireHN bureau and I have ascertain- that the pasMage In question wan not Included^ in any ^tplcferam Hent from thin coiiutfy. but wVi.n composed In the N"«fw Y»irk office of tjn» liitorniitkmiil NewH Service, with the i'xcebtion of thw word "overwhelming" w.hl?Ut wan inB««rtwl-tn the office, of-'th"4r"*Nfcw York' Amerlflau,". , "Then! were wvernl ca»ieH at the time of the dlHturbanceH in Ireland in which me«Hagi'» iippiNirlnK in the 'New York AiiHirlcan' ami 'New Yot-y ,1'mriial' Shore-fotilded'in Myern: Hooper walk^ i-d; Janvrin hit to oteon who" JUK- Kb'd the ball and threw wild ,fo «ec- o'nd to get Hooper; -. 4 "udy .scored and .tanvhii wati safe at firm;. Oluon was GREECE ACCEPTS TERMS. '(By Unltnd Pnrin. France,-Oct. accepted nil the eonfHtlrmu »mpo*i»d -thn- jillieK,- Inoluding ,dl ftll-fort*.—int«rm»nt of-t and tho use of-'th* rnilwayB and car today. OOVERNMENT TAKES FORM. (Hy United Pr*«n.) rarin. 111., Octi" 12,—Tho new Oree* provisional government; headed Former Premier VenlKelon, fiivorinjr entrance of (ireeco Into tho war, began! taking nliape at iftiout the ttamo the attiex took over thfl Oreek. fle •it, XimkrakaklM, a warm mipporte ___- "t r r- : ontmued""to third on the error; Jauvrin out xteallriK. Meyers to Olson; Shorten wiiiKled to center; Hearing Hooper; Shorten out HtealiriK Myt-rs to Olson. ' Two rutiH, two hits, two Hlookl'yn Fourth Inning -Stengel lined lo Shorten; and red (Ire, toich-aH heralded the of Charlew Kvun«< HuMheH muno' n ago but lu the deinoimtrailon th fine And HI this tn- nil HU, dime milile I'l ' IK mu m . iiilin,," /• tin aboin leu days ago. The remaln'm were taki<n in her old home -at--VVu|nut TtieHday afternoon.- and tho funeral seiHlcex held at the < 'hri.sli.ui .eluirel} at that place, and interment umde in the Waln'H cemetery. Vilii s« HH v\a« both in W.ilnut ^!) vr>,iih .MKII iiivt Aimiifi anil mule that pl.M e h«'i I nine until let r.'iiiu.'n when f<!!o \\Jth lur hubbnnd_uinj_taml- ly moved to T.iinpicit and opened up It le-.!, (Ill 'till iiUMIie.s*, It) th hutldlni: "ii .M.ilu inauii'il l*iiitiiiir\ '( i:iilhn:(ion \\hii wi' leli (-Ilil Mil V he * She il*.'i h.utM hej- father motlui, .Mi ,ui.| Aits |, M .-i,.|| H .iij.l thlee oistel-. del l.ilhei lirl^r ill I hi I ».sl hlrf^i - i.l |iitii«H uliihi'i sjUld l.ot CX- (ifcii d IM In <• bin a whotl ttnie Mi.- HullhiKlon )i,ji| l,.-i h a ic>ident f. H nei «ue<'t She «ii< I'IOT to liolitit ,\. loin .sin i'l child and wiu* observed tu have done tlnitdied piece of work, i.They tlidn't intend to Jet their lU'piilificaii mlvcrsarlcM beat them, to, It on the crowd uiut.notae and they were ^ucce«wful, _A Uirofig wax at the utatlon when tho 'tit'H' train pulled in and thou- lined the tmeei« to the I'l.ipiml liotel wtlele tln< pleMtb'lit SVellf lo lest Ulul hliv 1 lutH heoli With Cio\*'inor ;uul Mr.-*;, RulhtotL befoie the ai'tivitlea of the day began. Y.M.C.A. MEMBERSHIP CAMPAIGN. The ilftecn caplaiiih of (he' \.ilioils teaniH ((irivuu; on the Y M f A riiembr }>hip c ,iillp,UKll fuel (!n> ni'on foi luncheon .it Ctj-ittiii.iii'<s C.ife I" ii!li|i<ife it'pnitn and tuiUt<r oig'ini/.e (lit II «olK fii) the UlllUUlib r t.f the week. AlthoilKh no llKurt.-* «vr'e iUvcii out for piiblii ,«iion i(ll r> pot tt> wc'ie fuvi'ii'- 4bie and the Indli. itions .iii f that uilli •••ntlniMd haul uoiK^the I>INOII .I~HH- 'lutlon «iil lie «|\en a still i.oc J"i tin Ttir- th any imder.sJniulintf or agreement or with anybody. INAUGURAtED TODAY New President Of Argentine Finally Gave In and Bode In Taxi To the Capitol. which purported to he from the l,ron- tlon. rorri'Hjiondetit of llni International Service boro no likeness to tl»e M actually di»patelu«d t»nd in *iiutiM itiHtanroH KUV»> Information whit'li-waw.oiiposlte to. thut which had bevii went," ' '•'-..- Wheat fanned; i'uttihaw out, Short* to No riiim, no hitB, no errorn. Bc : »ti>n—liohilt'iel .walked; L<ewiH paci-iflcoil, |)aubert to Ciistshaw. who covered first; <5at»iner out, futxhaw to Oaubeit. HoblitJjgl lakltiff tiilril: Hcoti out. (ilKon to Datibert. No runs, no Kits, .no errors. Fift'H Innina ' Brooklyn — Mowrey out. Gardner to Hoblltxel; ,t)l«on filed to Shorten; •Meyers* knocked a hit off SMort>« glove. the •'first irit off Shore; I'feffer out, to — war -minister. The ceremony took place! at Kaloniki where cnlzcIdM has cstab* '. heailiiuartern. CLEARED THPcOUNThY. (Hy United Prewi.) l^.ndon, KnK-. Octl 12,—A Britjuh] cavnIry tirlgnde cleared tho t'ountr/l around Si»re« of Hulgurlan troopa bufcl found the city of 8^rpn Itueif ntrongly| (Coittlnued to Vngn Four.) hit, no MTOIH, U!)*toii-~Cady out, O|HOII to DHU- bert; Shore filed to Wheat; it wax ft Kt'eat cntvh; Hooper nlngled jiast first-. Junvrin doubled to left -HcoMng Hooper; Jan.vrin went to third on a w|UI pit/'h; Hhorten fanned, one run. two hits, no ^errors, . . Sixth Inning H> fharle.s P Stewart. (Start C'om spondeiit of I'nited lUlenos Anew, Argentine, Oct I'l' Hipoliin hiKiijeii, Ar«enlint-'s i> picsiilcnt. vsd- inaiiKiiuited •ia\ with KJI< inoNl simi'le et that ever ui.nkeikMii'ii an event in II' io- .-n tbi.i||<, ,vii-UU-d pleudiilyn of friend-, and lode c.ipltal in n tu\i ° He. had ruling in ,•« .-.tivet car and puyitiK own ulil} fate otb the th bin enniute i,, Hie JnaiiKural. The ' tolic'ssliin he niade to fot - co,u in,nit lliri in inn »i, -. „ Hill m,ilit> was and hilk h it He. wa- .-\v iJi-1 not hi, I tn the the city or nn ti up htl'in-I« i,U lilt' the- »«to|e».. Th <i» Jilvtj t t tin 1 h>r I ho 1 , ate th LADIES in !U'. I. oil* H HI ii ! i J.IIM h V l,i,,,l I III I (>• (U ! !!« SODALITY ,->' il illtV t," w ill 'In c! nv>n I ' '«' tl \ » I V si I. iinmbtr tif 1'ikn - REPUBLICAN t . nn capital but maUina ath, bowed and i u U'li «u)"l Wu>. -ct " Although the parade, at British Government Orders AU British Shipping To Ke» ., main. In Port. <i!y t <iiilvei<ioii, Tex , Oct. la, -Tho i!r|t Inh Ko.vei niiii'tit ban warned all Ilrit- ihh Hhippltij,* t" lemain in Atluntu poitH unit uihtticd bliippt-ret and UVMHSI- that If they .sail they will do BO at their own riMk and th.- Kuverntnvnt disavow* lU.v in that cane, it W«IH leain- ill fiom official houicejt toUuv The doej» not apply to the Uulf of Mexico. ' * NO SUCH BOAT A8 K1N08TON. (Hy I'lllteil 1'H'SH ) Wu-binKton, 1) «'. Oct. U'— Admiral (Heaves In t onunaud of the Atluntic de.Httoser si|iiadl',in believew thttt there wax no Mich ven»»H a*, ihe Kinj*Mlon or KinrHtoiuan Mink bv the (icrinan mib- tnarine luideih iciSoited offii-ia||> in the fir p'trtment today. In hi.-* opinion the Kumlsim, one ^>f the seaiueiN nunk. MUM niwtakcn fur He be|li'\<«s that all «ui l« t u acc ( u«n4<»<t for and i i>tio\c|t. i-.jUadl"'!! JJ-H k the Kingston vjvoii have oiibli-d the to Ni M |»'l t HrooKlyn—Myers tiled io Shorten; t rolled out to HobliUet; Bten- j gel po|t|»ed to Scott. No runs, no hits. '•nit-errors.------ ."^ i<oM.ton--.-Hoblitzel rolled out lo Daubert; ixHvJH Hingleti to left; (Jurcrner forced l<*»wls,-Olwni to fulxhiuv; Gardner went to wM-ond on ft wild pitch; Scott -hut, Alouruy • lo Uiiul'iert. No runs, ono hit, no errors. 'Seventh Inning llrooKlyn—Wheat flb-d to H'ooper, ('ul.>>haw 'ait. Khoio to Hohlltzel, Muurey «in«Ied to- left, it wax the lll&t clean diive oi£. Shore, ()|HOII hit to Scott «ho tbj-cw wild and Moftrey weni to second on the en or; Me>er«" <iiil Hcott .tu Hnlilltzel No runs, no lit^ 'one eiror. ' li'iMmi—('ady fouled to Mow re), •tin ii> (iinneii, Hiioper out. ('utsliaw to M'ibori Xo runs, no»hlt*i, no errors Eighth Inning. lliool-bn -Merkl,.' Imitid for i'fcffu nil lined- out to I.i'V«,i.H. MeyeiK tiled to bunt ami popped to Shore. Uau- u'i! out, fcoti to H'/blit/,*•!. No runs, ,u hit*, no enorti Ito^toit * in II H now pitching fm Iroukiju. Jan vi in Mingled to left nnd vent tu »ei ond «UL yh"lltll'a aklClitltv, Muvviej no Daubelt.. Hnb|iji«eJ filed Id A'heat Kewth lllo.l to Wheat No tunt» ine bit. no errors Ninth Inniny. l!'>iuklvn- Httnuel t-iiiKleii ti> liii V !•• .1) l.iniHil. tHitxhavs "Ui MAD KING Dl King Otto Of Bavaria Had Been; Held In Castte Prison For Several Years Past. In Midst Of Rich Surroundings] He Lived .Like a Savage It Is Reported, Tin' hiiiks -.In !!ri'n-t "Hit of the 'li\ Ic i.alU'1 ( Hie aliul>«isu\ mi. l lumbuH~l>i»y nf thi- l.Uii)tim (Hy United Denmark. Oct. iS.—Klnjd otto of Havarla, Kurape'tt "mad king,",' died Middcnly at "the caHU«»—of Fuer»-| MtenrlHI, where ti<t. IIUH bee for m-veral yenru. The miid king of Bavaria WIIK about 70 yet^rs "of ngo at th« -time of bin death. He htarlled Kurupe by hit* ec- centrlctleH before he wan placed ih hit)' (•anile prirtiui on N«»v6mlM-r 6. |!)13, wan Hucceeded by his cousin, {<i Ludwlg 111. Ho had nominally HUC. ceeded-hls brother, 'King JLudwig 11 |q 18«6 when Uifiwig committed miicide by throwing hiifiitulf in a lake in .a tit of liiNanlly. Dm inn the Franco-I'rurtHian war otfo tirut nhowt'd «ymptom«( of when he railed Hqaudron of. <-avalry and urdui'ed them to clmrjje straight ut a Mtorie wall which ho Haiti- wen- i-'iench infantry, l^atcu- he wag aummoncd by (lie Kulner to tuwdq er» where Jt-is reported letters wera found ir\ hfti ininHi'HMion olTering make pesne the French. " Hw then put under a .medical escort, era! >car* ago he was imprisoned in (MHtie ftiul though in the mldnt of rich'- tiui'i'ijuiuhuwti lie It* i'4'pi»iteil to have- lived like H Havag&. refu-slng to hav« bi« bi.iir 01. imiiH icut and rt'fuwliiK food, feariiiK i< had been poiaynpdr Ho wa» fin.tll> induced to eat by hiding food/ •ibouf the palace. He would then dl»» cuver the fond, ivhlch h*> tiulievvtl had (lni ftrrvant.4 fur their . ii a fely Tt i ml T< ( iiiuiju iiiti wn«f npi lo tllt« IHUtiu-. Ua King Otto W.I.H f\i)Vtun* e,«pr Ti-i ltv' ( 0| n f t \y ill uiih a cur-' il tu lie -|iou«iU

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