Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 11, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 11, 1916
Page 6
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fAG« SIX. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE WEDNESDAY. OCT. 11,1916. AMUSEMENTS. AMUSEMENTS. VAUDETTE Tonight — Vaudeville ...» r *'**"•*- ,rf -.--.• - — •*•• •;..*... -.!--•- r ti •-,.». ^ »-*- e , THREE EXTRA FINE ACTS 6—PEOPLE— 6 HOUSE OF FEATURES GRAND Broh— -Comedy. 1*11 «nd Bfill- F r a n K Keen e n ami Enid Markey IN "The Phantom" AMUSEMENTS. Academy of Music October rfsncrprg. ]_ [1 GRIP OF EVIL" 1 No. 1, featuring Mj*t Jacki* ; undnr*. Produced by Path*,' th« ; m* eompuny that made the "Iron * It humanity in the grip of j P Se« thia picture tonight. Itt • t. Rtmtmb*r tHi* big (how lit j il pric*«. Two shows, 7 and 9. j ,Tottiorrow, see <» Napoleon, j lonkcy fllm star. iday, "The,Yellow Men- M < r Slaff" TOMORROW J. Warren Kerrigan • IN • . "The Gay Lord Warring" E*tra! Burton Ilobiis'Travel Pi<-fur«'s FRIDAY "Th* Heart of Nora Flynn" . SATURDAY Harold Lockwood Tr»n« Oc^nnic Star*, of Two Continent*. HAL TOW ISE THE CLASSIFIED ADS, HE GRIP OF EVIL"; I, TONIGHT nirtf, 5*ntational and Powerful. Al»o VAUDEVILLE i VAUDETTEJC1 INFORMAI p ANCE .*• Woodman Hall Sterling Friday, October 13 Hull's Orchestra Couple i 50c, Gentlaman 35c, ' Lad!«« 25c, •nd their •*toci*t« pl*y*f», pre- ftenting »t every p»rform*n< e Q 4 ONE-ACT PLAYS thai have tx>«n recognited hilt in th<s l«*diog big tim* th*«tr*i of America, England nod Autttftli*. "PAT AND THE CENII." "A TOUCH OF NATURE." "A BUSY DAY," , "THE UNEXPECTED " SOc, now nt Sterling Phnrmnry. Tho (M)kt' liusiiH'ss IIJIH now potno to tho poiiii who)'o it is up to tho I nit If to realize that thoiv is a tliflVr- (•rico in coke, ami <>no trial will convinet' you as il has , othufM, that our INDIANAPOLIS BY-PRODUCT is the WHOLE Difference STERLING BOY8 IN CHICAGO. Oi-rAipyinK it jiniftHiM'iii jHisMlmi in the I^iSnlle Kxtftmion t'nlvevHiy. CM- t'liK", Iw I'Mimr- I'aul Hermann. s«>n <•( our wi'll-Vniiwti rilixcn, ('*. f!, lf»ntwnn. KdKitr !M liiMtrurtor In KiiKllHh. niul he I IIM jut! jKdi'iril ii lionklt't i'f thlrt\ |>nK«'«. "I'llTtrtriiry ill Mi'Hdlnt;," whlcli (•f-rtnlnly In n oorninu'l furm (jiv«*s ;i tll'iiMH of Vn!llill>I< % >iilKK''Kll»iHS to the 5'(itll1K Nluiloilt iti ^cikfiii' 1 ' I" ''"' i'lli'ic>- of liunhH. ihc niPthfiii of ifudinp, ih<- us*' <if Illii iiflt'H, AimllHT nun, "AllxTt iJiiiiilcl lli'imnnn, in In HUHM IMIfi, sit thi' Yuiitt).; .Mr-li'H ('lirlxllrin AKsiiclilllult rnTtf'fi"«TT*mrnK< T : tn of • Hi«> 'O'"> v lltl<\ llii> <'l!l";<, nntnlii t illK \vltli AMBOY DERBY DA Grade Running Horses for County Fas DAILY T!t" ChJc.-iK to<|;i WEATHER REPORT. ther luirfrni for* 1 - i.s us ollows l";iir :uul lnnit;!i!, Th'ii :unl ivarrm-r, KERRIGAN WAfUNr. HAND IN GRINDER MUST COME IN EARLY. holdl;ty<< !l!)(l it ^rt'iTMy to Uif-ir . ..did . t;ri:a.U.v. - hfclp T!i€i tiy._^britiBltic in thc-ii' copy for j i mvt'itisr nii'iitK. urfiii or nrnntl thf l:iy li<-fi.ji.. ptihlir-at ion. iow nii'«t uf UK- atlv citini merits h!iv»> by hand and It takfn four n« 11 at b-ast t« M ! tin- j'nrtif 1 amount ty hiinil that one rn.'M lilno can wt, A iiirnbcr iif ailvi t tiscrncntM bfn| to h«- •arrif'd (.vcr that wcrt» broiiKtit In for imlav, Nufr>-r!-'l si painful »<•< .ili"it >«•."• tftday . u hf'U flit; l-'U tuuul )><•< i(tu> ill. tfi<_'- COita.. lit. U ,L:IU t! . iCritldl .1 tfi*' fir^l linger «\<s l>'in off jit Ihc pfvitri'I J<>lnt nnel flip tniclillf fin tltr''f--!|iuirl«'l'M of .1 Flnn1''«.(y' t«i riri\c iii.t team lift' If ti|i a. ,sitm!'' ftnii i!rov(> to On ,«!irK<'"!i PIIXS dial lie « 111 \'' th" filiL"<jr from the joint rldW'ii util» «« III"' \\fiiittii.t nntnl lln> vai'i i',\|ii'i It-n ilc In a IWflllv, ill" 1 J UH fuels uf llit>ir i' and prctm ration, Ii8inl,«ofn*> specimen «,r«. TIH •r.'H'- and first tlu> 'H uci, all injiit' llin>nt nty\< "f readlnn aiid Two MaiuifjU'ttirt'<l hy the lalest process IVoni dul bent of AVfst \'i rgi nin and 1 ^*'H tli lrcil PINE KNOB Rert Irwln, uwm«r of Pine Knob Farm Will haVO il postponed .public HtU'tiot on tbt> farm Saturday, Oct. Hth, ut which time lip 'will Hell" twenty IS and twenty KprlriK KtllN. The Hale WUH Intended to have been hold Siejrt, 26th, hut'owing '" tlu> hud condition of thi .fluids Ji_ift'.U9 jK'Htpi/ntd. -Free lunch will be nerved tit noon, <*«d. R It. mid Art Fletrher. of Morrlxon, will the auctioneers. 'I,.'A. Petty, Clerk. Thi" hni£H have been wired l>y HIP very bout of bwdern and all are tlrst-eJa»N, -Always in stock People's Ice & BOTH PHQNE8 211 SECOND AVE. )DAY IN ILLINOIS HISTORY. Oet, 11, 1787, the, JlrltlHh Boer*?- 0t .Slate 1 proposed the ftnuuUnK of In Btlbfl for Th* Oft«fttt«. NT, IK)', I WILL CONVINCE ( NEWSINBRIEFJ ->AOVERT«8ED LETTERS. Advertised li-tt<-r«i at thit StM-ling post offlcti, fur tht\ wwk ending. , III.. XH't. Jennh* i^ntltrrow, Mr«. Corn I. Murphy, Mm. Frunk t'nd*'rwuod, M!HH Jlury I ; JIIwibPth WliffU-r, , dentJwnen, 'Frank Ufiiichmiiii, Amvllo C'luflni, John Hiiif," nithulnmr, A. Howinan, M. Capp. Hurry Fr*01and, Chrlnilfin HIHIHOII. 1'rof. A. STARTED CROWDS TOWARD CAVE. VI H. Spencer, the uiackmnilh on liotniHt atreetj nnyn ho is tho mun whu. Htarted the crowdn guinii 'to tins, ca'v? just north of Mt. Carroll. He «ald he watt brotiKht up in that .vicinity and known every part of Ui« territory, and hut* been at the cavt> many times.. In fore part iif.the numnier, lie took Mr. and Mrs. J. C. MelMter out for an tonoa, Cuncer and-Ulcera of th« (auto trip, and th«« cavo wan Oh and Intentinea, Auto-lntoxlca- f«]low Jaundice, Appendtoltia and mentfl re»ult from Btoin- Trouble, TftounandiJ of SJtomacJi era ow0 their conjplojo recovery Wonderful Kentedy. Unlike ; 0ther for Btomach allnienta. For \>y gterllNir Phartnttcy Co. and •The Kuppen and ichaelStern Suits and Overcoats ou see Advertised in the Saturday Evening Post can | Hughtat—^j bermillers' i Mr. MelKter wan HO delighted lie told The Stt'rlltiKf Uuzetto reporter of llnd- Ink (he rave, and thfi "wiory was written up and printed in -the paper.- Thin ilivsv the attention of hundreilM n)I iiv- IT the (Anility und im a remilt~tlie c.ivp him bertttne ijuSte noted, there now be- ln« from a tlinuKiind to (I ft pen hundred |u«t|>|(t r^Klwlered Ht Uu* e,ave every Sunday, Thuw Mr, Spenoer elainix the luinor of MlartlnB tho travel toward the Mi, Carroll cave. l.»r. and Mr*. H. It. Khuiuum left rtilnK «>n the 5:45 truln "for Chicago ami ,from thei't* will take a through train f»»r Tuinpu, J-'hiridn, where they will make* their honu*. Tlu> doctor hu» packed up hit* good* mr (hut in tlu* event they to return, their goodu will he hen* for Iliern. .JU> intends APPEAL TO HIGHER COURT. The brief and aruumenf In the case of Mr». ,1. H, of BterlliiK. I rtiive bei'ii.nent to the appellate court by tb« uttoriH»y for the appellee, Jar- vln DlnHmoor, and C, C. A J. W. John«on CounMel, The fa»e" has gone to the higher rfiurt for tl»e October term, Mr*.~Kilnf! wonlior Ktiit, the Jury sivinji her $475, within twenty-rive dollarn of what «h« Baked, ff SOCIALIST LECTURE •The Myntle- Worker's hall on Fourth Htroet, over the offU't* of the Standard Printing Company, IIUH been nee u red for the lout lire of Mrw. Kate HlchardH O'Har« on Hie evening .of Oct. lllth. atul the addrews of tho lady-will start' Ut 8 o'clock, The public i» invited t'» attend thin lecture. The ladle* of Sterling unit, vicinity are cnpecially invited to hear thitt address. . . INJURIES. WERE FATAL. John P, Kiuher; one flf the prominent resident* of Mt, Cwrroll, died Mo'nduy j In a hcixpltal at l'*reeport' frtim Injur- ! IfM HUHiiilneil u week iign today in ». J runaway uccldt'tit, liln arm wan broken AMBOY DERBY RACES i' Will I' 1 ;l l.vvo i';i\' llefdv Iriu in"''l nt Ainh^.v \Vi"lnf'«di»y Tlinrxday, r»ft»iiVj% I :md I)'. Thf Jay uiil l'i' known nn I'l'snocnilK: iliiv a'tViT"" T>ii" "nilS" <lSTi" ilii" T>i ; ni' » ; i n i S ..... of thf» I'onimnnlt'.'Hy will liolil a MK polltl- i-iil in«'«'!lii»r uith llii- Aon (>ixiui \Vill Innis of <Milcat;i> us thi' prltx ipiil .«p«-uk IT. Th" 'l!"h will I'- Itfjinl.llraii «!u ill which linii- Ific followrf! oC jiui piilltlrnl faith .win ln.)d forth. An- noiitir-i-iiK'nt ha.* not boon- nuidi 1 win \vlll l>r tin- principal )i|) -lik'-r. PAUL 8CHRYER IN Among tin 1 inK-Kis at tin- Uulny»wn« I'Aul R • Sfhn' TOWN. (Suit Ilonm 'f. nsanuucr p,-iny at Milwaukee, wlu-rc In- 'wr-nt a <»r wi •««<> from {-'rt-cport. aft«>r ii Identttlpd with larK«> inan- uf»<'turlnsr fntrrcslH In th<> lattt-r city fur mttny y«irw. — Mr. Kehry^r Is known to a-'ur^nt m;t-tiy pcoylf In •KtcrliriK an hln city waH hln boyhood honu 1 . H«- Hllll comes Iwrt' iH-caMlonnlly to vl«il I|M old 'frU'iuls and rolatlvt-s. BRINGS HIGH PRICE Thi k hiKht'-st prioiv t-vcr bronKht l'»y "nrtn land In thin vicinity wa» palil Hr«w«., uf ,Kub|«'lt th-'v nniylmm-ii tin- farm of ic:t ticrc.K at 'puti- lo .-.-.ouot Ion for $S3.r.4S.7S which r«p. •psctitt* $:U6.iri JWM- <«•!•<», Tho'.ltvKd H! nf i'ours*-. atnontf tin 1 li»'Ht In 111* 1 tnt«', and' i» Improved by flni' bulld- ntr*. Vand'ttc foniKht "'«r!t> of Kvil Hull Kp< -nt Tws'day In Co.. wfiit t »r n i'nr loi-ni of )',;ir'« Jii^et iir. Call ';in I>i-«-\v f. Co, I'.ok I'all.«.° I jr. liski-y a bu.«iin«<M trip rophi-tslown Monday. I.I. 'Jrwat/. of St. l,onl«, fijii-nf Tti iv IH-IC mi hiifiiii's.". l*ii fif I >,i j'il isi 1 .liiiiin i r- -iy ami l-"r(ilay .it II I'aul liu/.x.-iid Newest in Curtain Nets .-H on" \. $J.4S. Killcn to an i»p<>rntioii •f I'nlo. c v allf*< |{r-d, M»-t) J?RQZE. William* in authority for the that water. froju! u> .the of over one • quarter of a» ich durliiK Monday night. H* 'hod t Kline, against the City j, mrt j n tho yard which ix kept full o »v« been prepared and w .,t,,r for the bird* and Tuesday I l< % (« nri-lhlok UK mentioned above ay« tills nulu tip thi> Kiii'dcii MtN! ftir thiM /all for t«ver^ thliiK thnt wit not *Uuia frce*t»(r. „_ ;;..._. if HE BIRTH RECORD _!:, I'Vom the bctoUu <if .the rrr-Klutr/vr, for this '.ilUUrlcl. Hnrolii K, Ward, It that th«ro wor« tw«.*nty-ont> In .this.'territory during Sfp- KU'Voh of them beliiif K'rln nnd ten hoyity Two of them hnvo not l»pon -irlve.n arty nume«, rind hen<'(« tlu-y nr«> going down to luwterity without UuV.-l f<h l'i l( IK * Kil. Kpulm HI «l the hiis-piial Miiiiihtv, day ;ind l-'rlday at 11 Mrs. .lanteN Hrackcn, on frii'iiiN lici-<« Ai'indny. K. uf h, *pr-riiil tiuiiKhl, Hull.' 'it-re Tuewlny on tiunlncKM, Vntidcltn (uniKht "Crip (if JOvll."" Then. HaHleoni, uf ('llntnti, l« n|i"ml- tifi a. few d»y« h«-r*- with frlfnd«: Mrs. 1>. I'unlon.H went to I'liicn^o Tui-Mday fur n vlwlt with her hnither. MIK, \Vayn>' Johnston, «>f Vnrktown, viHltliiK; n few dt\y* here with friends. Mr. nnd Mr«. A. 1,, Tuldwr. tif 1'vo- dietHtown. Hpent TueHdiiy here on biml, leKH. t'affeterlii dinner and supper '>M'« Jhuroh, Tlinrn, - fii-t, lil 'l fl% "" (l Mm. Letnont Hill, of 1'ro- fefSTuwTl, .«peni TTFeHduy j ii friendK, I'ulilie Hule of household •YhurmJay <>t-l. ,11', '£• p. m. L, U. l-Vldley - went • ht- IJotne. * I'olo TiiPHdny THE BFfEoiNG STOCK. The receiver for the "UiiH 'iiiidwuro xtock, Frank \V, llu«ki'll, will wH the Koodn at the Mtwre Saturday nil day and tvvonlns, Th«ri> ur«» many sintHimnblo goods which will be dix- posed of at thni time. Thin wale iian Mt'derfd by the refer.ei 1 , i onfer £20.00 to $40.001 Z offio«< in Tninpn. and will not go t to hoiiHf koepiiiK ut oni'«>. iThi'i* leave Illinois for the Houlhern [<;lliuo for tlu> t)et(«'tU of Mm. Hhannou, who haji jjeeiLsituhUy ill for.Moino tjine. If HIM climate in Florida iloi'H not llfree with Her, they will «o to uttuT imrt*- of the country, lioth tin; doctor and .Mix. Khaimon are leaving IIOHIM of, frlentlw liehlnd them. The doctor opened his lirwt deijtul Jiffice In H in (Ji'tolH-r, I you. ami huM heen in proft'H»ion ever H)not*. GOOD QUAIL SEASON. Hodney C, Turner,, ttame .and fl*h ^, is an all round »po;-t ami loves to hunt and fljsh, yet lie doex djhlike ii> hi-e wanton destruction of dotn H,H||' nie. ilr, Tucm-r wiytt HH far at> hr- can learn there are luit very few prattle clucKt-ns in the state and he l?< afraid tlioi^ In a few yea is Il5ey will he iilmoM eMiiict. ftif. Turner.MI)H U han ln-en a very prolific year for quail uiul »a>.i thouwindti of tlu'in fun !>««' seen every where In tho tftnte^ Jlln wife hint written from the hotne In canton that quail have heen «ern In the >urd and U!KJ in thw park. N'yt onl> HAD TONSILS REMOVED. Minn CUTtrudo itenrnpi'. who,Hubintlted' 10 an operation for removal of her ton«o thai tlH> li»ne Ktut-k thfiiush ttt» ptiin at the Public Ho»pit«l «>n MUII> lle»jh. (JuiiKi'tne «f>l in iin»1 dvutli n»- nluy niornins wtw able to bo removod *uitra. —« w -: _ -io her home Cretonnes, Chintzs Silkolinc Draperies for Fall now ready. •f* Plain and fancy Voiles, Ivories and naturals, yard 18c to 50c Satin Ribbon and Linen Lace Edged Mar- quisetts, Ivory, Ecru and Whites, the yard 25c, 3J5c and 50e Fillet Nets plains and figured, three colors, yard . 50c to $1.00 Specially selected styles in Silkolines for draperies, comforts, etc. 4* Novelty made Curtains in voiles and nets, Nottinghams, fillets, cable and. madras, per yard $1.00 to $1.50 Burlaps, Damasks, Taffetas, and Shadow Draperies, A .? i ? e of the beg t.stylMjnJheLiiamo.iiB "Kirsh-llo^ "Sa^flat curtain rods. THE MURPHY * * 4* *» * Mr. and Mr*,. AyreH, were vlHltorH Nlnnduy Gooch home. , Vaudette toniKht "Orip of Kvli." Oaffitterla dinner and nuppor ft 1 Con'jf ohiufh, Thin'*:- Oft. J:.'. Come.- Mr«. \V. P. Hullett IM HpendliiK a eou pit* weekK in ChiciiKo with her daughter Mr«, .luiii'H. V"n«'rh!Ut,"miiJi<iiiernde, Thiirn, Oft 1!' Wooitman Mall.'Jloek l-'atJs,* Mr. nnd Mr,-*, j, \y. (iooch motored to AMliton Sundii,^ and upent tho day with friendH. Uftnco in Montmoreiiey hall, ThyrH. evenlnK, «>t't, 1S> * . Plnv ConloiiH in tukiiiK a wtsek'n va- tttlon fron» Ids duties at Oppold'a Jpwelry Bt»r.e Mr. and Airs. K. 1-Vrickn arid family returned, homo Monday from un nuto rip to'Iowa ("ity. Caffeteria dinner and. mipper at Con'K church. ThtirH. Oct. la. Tome.* (ieorne Kngle has returiu'd' home rom Ohlcaifo; where lie spent Movtral layn wild frletulH. .Minn Kl«i»> f)i)t'ken iu «lek and uiuiMe o be at her duties at MunniiiK and arvi« MlllliuTy Store. "Distributers of Quality Merchandise" e, Uciok. Ishuut. Duviinport nnd n Sunday, in thi* tiriihb car, Mr. nnd MTM, M. W. ZlKler Irft Tuea- day for a month'w trip in the eaKt. Their objective" poifft Is I'iiiwburitJi,'' PaV, and they wllr v^»it Oil f'ity, and many other nearby b&r.H in that Htigtc. Miss MfidmCVHuyeti. left Tuesday for Kt. i'nul, Minn., «ml Grand Forks, N. I)., where nho w'lll remain for the winter. The youtif,' Indy liven. In with her vlwit tinue KterlinK frlendit will ixit in the noi'thern con- On GOLF TOURNAMENT. Mtmrtuy. nftfrnoou thw golf tour- ENTERTAINED YESTERDAY. JJr. and Mw. HeUlel, Mr, niul MVH. W, narnent for the IVeKldenl's GM1' wan f-VV-.-l^uvtM rind Susie, wm> tho KU<'«tH the Country club, T, J, .for dl'MH'rj^jJtHl^juid^lrH._Wolfr. y«>»il,t?rjay at r.tieir UuuriouM on Went Third. of liin K i-ailn ami .Uilui Bi-u'R- j with, of Ht^rllng. i»lny<»d 18 h(d«»i« and wore tied, It will lu> neci'HMary to play i the tic off later, j Jjjfit PIAR8I rticr1\'« > d, fancy KROWELDEEN CLUB. he Krowi-lilccn club wa« entertaiif PEARS! 'tnj Monday -w^lng -U>^-70TOS= : Tn* i T car of tlnmo Daveler. The vvvniuy wua spent' J. K. Carolus & ji-rochoihiK, after whinh th«> , 'served dainty re Mernu-e Ayren, of Leaf a couple of Weelin With her riend, MlHH Lenore aiiorh.- Mr. and Mrt*. Murk XeJ^ler left Tuesday for a few weeks' vlHJt with friends und relativeH in tli« ea«t, Cuft'eteria tlinnep ami supper at ''on'fj church, Thui«. Oct. U'. Tome.' Mr«, Hlc-k Allen ban beeiy reinnyed TroriTtlHTu mpl t a I wheri« N|U» underwent an operation a few "weeks a«o. Mra. CtHirlcs •Tahher returned to her home in i'rophetatown after a thiw Weeks' viHlt hero with her mother. HAVE COLOR IH YOUR CHEERS Be Better']^>pjk-ingr Olive Tablets If your skin is "yellow—complexion pallijl—tongue- coateij—apiictito poor— you have a bad taste in your mouth—a lazy, no-gppd feeling—you should take Olive Tablets. -Dr, Edwards' Olive Tablets—a sub* stituic for calomel—were prepared by Dr Edwards after 17 years of study with hisjpatienls. r . ' ~Dr, E3wards r ~Qli.yc... Tahlcls are u purely vegctabla compound mixed with olive oil. You will know them by their olive color,- " • j To have a dear, pink skin, bright eyes, j no pimples, a feeling of buoyancy like j dsildhood days you must get at"the cause, i Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets act on the jjygr..atid 41! JOHN A. Attorney at Law * i MONEY TO LOAN On Kpal ICstute Security MORTGAGES FOR 8ALK Lawrcne* Bldy, SUrllng. HI. REAL ESTATE LOANS Fir«t Mort0MB* lnv*ttm*nt« . dutifully HPiuetud Farm Mon- represent the hlKh«i»t «ypi» Hentrlty, The Income in than that of any other liivt'«trm-iU offo<4ng abnotute- of safety, interent ami principal without charge. JOHN M. STAGER Law Qfflct Stager A A Distinctive Reason • --*»" uf t|ii>4ll in (ViKial 1',-nk. .sierlluK, lint Acvlilf JiK'obs now i'i,ii)e» lur'wuViJ und *t>» theif is a',,-ov> of eiglu <(iiij.H in tlie,luu'K >ar«l iff i'l.if. W, W. 4MU?«, ;|lld lie IIUM fei-n them every U x4 y ,,r I Wo. WALZER'8~HiEARD FROM. A Mini h:ih. iin-u iftelvia l',y Jolijt »What ,is the .chief reason fiw the super!-. ority of Dr, Price's Cream Baking !*o4vder ? There «re ^verai good re^oni?, but there Is one whiqh distinguishes Dr, Priced from other balling powders, J 5« This reason, which every woman should know, is that Dr. Price's Baking Powder is made from cream of tartar, which comes from grapes. This means a healthful fruit origin. It means natural food as distinguished from mineral substitutes used in Wulu, two Hti-p and all oilier stand* criste'd dunces tansht privately at my resldenet'. Mr«. F, i{. J{e||. HeJl -'Jf, |{i,» Or. and MrH.-John I... Knavely and Mrs. Maniit* Dillon were entertained Sunday ut. Uie home of Mr. and Mm. John H. Flypi-H In nixon, <'affvtvrtii dinner unti snppor u un'jf churi'h, Thnrti o>-|. l'Z. Come. Mr. and Mrw. c. I., l.ottun, of Houtl Heml, hid., urrlvetl here Tuesday fi> i visit with their daughter and Inw mud, |)r. and Mm. Mi-t'amile,^. MiMWH Anna Moi'hen.stern, Kutheriin tnd Anna , U'mkler and Carl MoiKt- teru and Henry Huak. niutored ' V*-eport Sunday and viMlted friends. Mi«;< M, II, liurion retuined to her lotue In Hoekfonl Monday, after h a few days* witli her mother. ami's A. tiull and other reltttive.s. Home l!ii',lnrf .».,)< , st i'aui's l.'tdiet). inssen »V- <;o«k(H'h, > Sat. <*i-l H.» l>r, if, H. Kehr han puie to Ne\v York UU« for a two vvcekV \h-iit. This JH is~ annual vacation trip and be \vill fit maiiv of i|, t . u^uieMint; vitu>n. Itial slab-. no dangerous after effects. They start the bile and overcome constipation, ' That's why millions of boxes arc sold,annually .at lOc and 25c per AL' ^"Kiffsls. Take aw. or t\vo pleasing INVESTMENT BONOS Net 4 to 8 per cent from fttoomf TAX . INSURANCE LOANS 310 Lawrtno* Bldg. III. Hell'H li.llll !>. It.Mll Will !>,« There is no alum nor phosphate in DR ^RICE'S t Wdudllleu iiail'if Sl> loiuljty uiul Kituird.u I'or all ttea^on uni, s .-.h.-ifi" t.i !i. ,\ •..,! d;t'U'\> ill '>• {,-uen i mm y t.i ,i:> Kutv ix-ntj ••» tt>uj-]*- .i~i«li*.j..-;j*!—Ail ;uv vit-tti- •sz- iistj-ttrsi. tci. ;tHniu4=- s«t »ti»^4H^*-™vi..i^f K'W.l i .mil Ii- iu- h,,, I (I li ''.^! Ill -it lit u t. (lu MADE FROM CREAM OF TARTAR FROM GRAPES • n(\ . I !•( fiin^l | < I <.li tin- ti . Ml, .lilt) Ml;: j OUoy, Mr. aud •J." I (I UK tlu4 ilf«, C. K. ' and IMp ami to Two more cars of that Real Good Underfeed Furnace • . 5 Coal on track • •" 7 ° "„. ' Have You an Underfeed? It's well to have a supply In your bin this year. •

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