Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 11, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 11, 1916
Page 5
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STERLING. ILLINOIS, WCD^CSOAY. OCT. H. 1916. $® , f^jm^m^^ \ < £t i ''/t<.\ / ~ ' '"f '!» T :i: TV' *|Ii i*i' i 'Htttt A MERCILESS JUDGE W'• o S'•io -,\"> No Motorists buy a certain make of tires for the first time because it fa , sold to them—through advertising, salesmanship, or the good words or 4 satisfied users. But motorists continue to buy that make of tire only because the first tires have made good- have given satisfactory mileage and service. Motorists bought United States Tires to consist- 1 ently that, during the first seven and oneJialf months of this year, we sold and delivered more tires than during the entire twelve months or last year. __ And motorists are continuing to buy United States Tires at the same phenomenal rate. 7 fl^ei«in^~MoW8, such • fir- Ai •Knth* phenomenal sale&Jftcreases certainly show where the best tire sernice comes from. I t.i-. nl .Qui.vann. Martin <: Cr.'.f linl} !i Kigps ;ir> *. iti-i.v-, ;u!il (^h'!*', 1 * in< •••§•••»•***•*****•*•*§§** : MotherV Cook Book^f •••••••••••••••••A******** \ Date Bars. n<l<l n rnj'ful of walnut meats, Hirer-fourth^ of n cupful i»f siiRnr I" two well beaten .yotkx, then mid filx tnblpspoonfuls of flour, a. tenspoonful of bakinK powder, tf'aspoonful of unit, nnil ndd thn dates nhd'nnts, then fold In tht» benten whites. Unke Iti ri sheet and cut In bars the size of n niiblsoo wafer. i Mr, "f •nriirt h<- flv yr.Tf« I ll IVf nt !lfl'(1 TIM UH> t'»'>n't r< com- .Plops,. Hn(T(ilo. V. nnd sorvitl rtu 'lelluctf \vlih n dressing makes a most fmttafylng ttul»d" one cnsy to j»repare. Cheese Cu«t«rd. Rutlcf n bnkliyj <Hsh, put In n of brciul ('tit In Inch squnrcs, nprlnklo with tblnly sllrptl <']II'PSC. dn«t with salt end paprika and a 'few trains of payt'imo. Add other luyt-rs of l>rend and rliwso, seasoning n« before until half bf a ninnll.lonf Is used, one cuj»ful of cheese und u biilf ten.spoonful nf salt. Heat two O»:K» slightly. »dd one pint of milk and pour the mixture over the bread and cheese. Bako half afi hour in a moderate oven. Aberdeen Sandwiehe*. Heat one-fourth of n cupful of chopped coltVtonRue and half a cupful of veal or chicken with n half'ruptul. of gravy and two tablespoonfub of curry powiier, mixed with enough wn* ter to form u paste, «lti!toer together five inlntt!e», then cool. Cook ullct-frof bread until brown In *a little butter, drain and spread with the inixttirc 1 and heat over hot water. Serve hot. CLASSIFIED BATES ONE CENT A WOED HELP WANTEB—MAtl^ \VA.\TIOf >--He »Y To To DO IJKLIV- lid |r!trn dry touilM bu.«iw\«*. IK ,n OVIT \Vyn*'-l'i"as<-r l>ry c,. " - S'df How to Save $260 i; \ ,,•> -M- ,- <) ,-i u .-' !., !'<•!• i'i;i- ' i ;• f ;•. ":t ••••• i' 1 : tay/ -t-jno ;ii|.:} ,';' , MI!.•?•••-!. I 1st VO!| k)H>W V. :; ••!•••' i'!l -'MM'• I In'! ! "V,' >;'M' jt' ., ,j-|ii>^< iif ! in- 11) '•!!;! i!i is !h"li f imii'il .-iiifM- j j-r,',|-|-. | < oil |v one inii' 1 f'i •;•','' !M"i!''V ;i!i'l ^•-^ ] - lic-forf it i - -'i-'ii!. When -K'kiM'--' ••'tir.i'- vnur -alary -!<ip>, iiuL vuiir exjH'iiiie.: 1 ;:<' .ri^-hf. nn_.;tt an.jiiLiilL±l! rn t <-. """" : A J'iiiik A<'<'t»unt \- t\ line i'i'i»')ii| in firm 1 t 1 -M'knt'Ss or O(!HT fi'miliic. WAXTKIJ, AT mart ("i fiirm wo lK»'V'itl«>, II! oN'r'i; MAUHlKIt ;. \t, H. I'hatnbej-H. vVANTKU— Learn barb«r trade— ob>. nyittpm of Barber Coth'K*'* In th<« U. H.—f.3 branch -ohooia and shorm. Write for catalog. Trl-Clty Barber College. 201 - "t Gttrntmrt. MnHnrr lllr Mtf WAN 7 T r: f » ( A i t I'M-; N T »•: as ixm o>\- *trnrii<iii. N'o liiltor (rouble, $.1,,'.(i a day, nine hourf. $:V(m n week bo-.ird itniif I ""in. <'ftll A. U l.tifike, N't w York Hotel. Vw|M<rt-. Mi-Hi* "jgLP WANTED--raMALJ^ \v A XTTSh^T'u*£? K~I H HI nv AKiiii ;n , (it once. C'unlunnn'H Cafe. S.'i-hli \£\^-nj~~s~oiuu?i'To WORK AT poultry houne, $1.M> to |2-fer day Cull Hel! 471 -'4. • 82-S6* , Art'a Poor Reward, ' Itjfl remarkable timv lYw men \vh.« - follow Ritltar jihiyliii* for a living K'-t 1 —-' rldt*—-Ll»!t> Hook aiizette.—-. -~-! FOUR ONE. ACT PLAYS J * «T» .ente'rlainnn'iit entirely liew in ''hniacKT uiul which h.'iH.met with (io|uiiur approval everywhere. i IIUKO reprrtfirc of tbo|:r foui SAGE TEA BEAUTIF03S AND DARKENS HAIE JDon't (toy gray! Satw Tea ami Sulphur darkens hair so naturally lhat nobody coo tell. if fin turn Rrny, fntjpd Jiriir hr'nn- if iit'i-ii' liitrgi" t biix. In the leading The Aiad.'tny of Musie will'hiivfr f(»r j vu .iileFi!!o ibeaKr.s .of this ('ountry. ii i (ii.irai'ti<«n tin .Monday pet. J'i, two • • snirs, Tom Nawn nnil lint \\~liu thi» thHr liiiil-iKjoint Mtf«rtiii(f tniir nt the i ( ( l(> ., and Australia'.' They hare .'combinrd tbe four jihii'n in tin evening rnterialnnicnt. nnil with ("ml oi' tlii-ir- own orKHOi/iitlun, jir«>- ttfully il;i;k and rilj?bl If jou'll «et a !,W-cr>»l' ,b<it(|e- <if "\Vyc>t h'» Safti' (ind Hul|iliUt' Cum- IWUIH!" nt nit> dr»u; «!ore. ^illionn i»f bottlt'H nf this old ramiiUM BHK« Tei Heeine, im|(itivet,r by tbe addition n| olh« ( r lnKi>'dieiiiH, lire Hold anitually ff uri>'»» n wi'll-knmvn dru»{Kl«t here, be- rluiKe it iiarkeiiN the hair NO natnnill.v und t'venlv Hint no one nin lell it ha« Th«i«<> whoto biilr l« tuwinn pray > ln»{ thorn, beeiume after one *j|' two ap- plicationK the i«ray hair vanishes nml your locks boc«n»M» liixuiiantly drtik Thin in the ««« of ><mth. Oray- balrwl, unattractive- folks nren't wunt- . >d aruuaU. w K«t- b««y with Wyeii HURU lUld Kul|)lnlr Compound tonight ftliil you'll IK» ikillnhted with.'your durlt. liunilMuino bttlr lnul your yomhfttl .-t| |H'nranc«* within a few dayw. This jtrt-iHU'atlciii |N n toiu-t reniiinitt nml l« not Ititwided for the rim-, mitl- gritton nr prevention of dNense. . AUVIUITJSKMKNT.) ERNEST CARTER Caudidutc (or Representative in the General Assembly 3S(h Uutrict Faithful Public Service U*lp tu' coakc a tlrou| uiu] i,-l)ict- Turtcr «t the Election, November 7th til" a ri'tendid IIIK <'"mi«iny an prenentinK one t»i' thn niOHt iiov«'l iind'iinbiue i»eiiiirmiuieeft of the current wenwin. lioih the, nt«rn enjoy high tej'iitutli\nM, and for years have hern recognised »H HltionK Hit 1 a lid most jui (ill la r fefl iXireH i4 the MK iirne 'vaudeville eir- They lmvt> now atiundotied that fU>M for tbe leKltimiite MtiiRe and duke with them till thn phtyhHH that havo done so mueh to maUe tht'in ffimou.M, Their iniiii'uny IK a notable one . for HH ileadintf huly l.>lxey, the boatitlfnl ami Lyonnalse Strinp Bean*. Melt of but,t«r add n finely sltcetl onion nntl satitc to 1 brown; ami a quart of Btrlnj? grating of ruitineft und a Uttlu suit; hent-tboKHighly, r toHsIng the bennn oo caRlotmUy ; ndil. ft tcflflpoonful of mlncal-parsley, & ttfbleispoonfal of lemon Julco u»«J another tablcspoonful of butter in bits, and verve at onco. Mlnwd Hjim. • To each cupful of finely minced hum add n tablespoonfttl of fine bwad wltli tnllk-or STERLING BOARD OF TRADE « bleiivjti. IH "< ;, i!. l<»ir. Maxwrlt rttid Qninlevnn IsfeniliVr nmiril uf Trade, ; Open, High Low Clott Wheat FOft BALB-DIWUIABI.J! l.j«ooM|^HM J-AXB-, /^VK MONJ^TO hfjuwf, cornnr Avomto K nnd Klxtlt Ht HrnsonnlilP pile* 1 . nt 40!» \Vt-st Sixth Rt. 721 f \ t, with (!:uisi>. Any amount |ir(»niiit «!i>rv!i'« nm.1 fair trruttneitU \vlH>n hi »i«"»'«l <>f a hum will nppr* 1 - finf«- yniir jintrutuiiif. H. L. Obaplln, FOR BENT *v^s.^%f*^-^.,ywp.i^y^^^ ran" RENT-•-•".nrjoM Hof^n. Thirteenth Ave. and S«.>n<l St , \u;,v (M.'H ILU'HTnATKO CATA- Hterlintr, Inqntni Cimhafn'M Hdw. | Incite »-x|(lribis how we tfttch tha " Htole, Hock Katli, Vi-^'Jj liilrber tl.'lde qtllektv Dialled free, .I'Vtjl IlKNT••••Modern flat 'i!' "'^1 ' *' 71-9G* r<mtn» ivllti fit >! li'lot-ks !>r <•'! i <iifi' ii'l'K'i; To Till; IM'HI.IC I u ill M"ll ii'i finii mi S' Si utt, i{<" i. r..n- FQfl HKNT—Ol-'nCK SUITIO. .TO]IN llnrpbath lllock. Hell phone 77»-tr- (il-8G* li^T^MolTlUO.' I-'I.AT. V\'i;.ST TJiir-1 St. liniuirt- A. L. 1 t-fiannn. still' -HI-; NT—^7-HooM lUJI'SJ:. ,N'U , otlu-rwlHo innilcro, fH! i«"r niotiib, 'I'M. ArtJ-rbtirn. Ji'II tr,i'W. 407 Ivist Piflli St. *!''-*'•' . Prr(I M-KU* •uixcsu: TOWNSHIP i.i:«'TriiB in'ifi- in -i niiniiiii, ri»iii-i Si'hipp i '«ti( <•! i (' , M i;. ('hlll'rh, ,_-Mli!lll;'ll «'y«'lil_M«, o< t, !(!, Nfi'88 I'oPXJtATIo.N STO.Ni; I'HKB AT 212 Ttiinl St.. H»II 778W. nt FOK BALK —FARM LANDS Ih-e M<«y J;l!^ Corn nee M.iy " Oatt t»»rr I .-:•)> i.r,s« 2 ''I :».'!•% i ;.•", l-.s'a J.;!3"« -4*M;.y Pork <H-t lUT Jon L*rd .Jim Rib* rtrt Juii ;.'t Oil ;•;! <n ;'.i :$; ~HiT<7~ II II.' i;:,r.«' If! "T i.'•.-'»:. i •.;% i,r.'i^ 'i.:> .'•'•» _4Jo;_ r.i-V ' :.'7.7'i L'TI't .. '.!',*» Ts% -4ii!i. ?,!% "1^7" _Ji,ii- l;!..t;7 -r ? 7,7-- H.nii -t*»r* t ' iti; Kl.ii" t;t>7 Use This Clear Soap For a Clearer Skin Tli* wonderful "Suodny Montinn b .th" is wonderfully pure. The lather absorb^ that "dirly" feeling and instills a delightful freshness. Unexcelled for Shampoo, Ba(h aiul General Tolii't Use. ~~BistFor~Yaui Oily Skiti " \Vfltu jHinf. & K'I!s & CH-, W,»««, U. RA. daiif;bter of the fiimjnis a'etor, Henry K. 'J-Mxi-y,' ami ini;iMd«'» among othom ~""'' lUebnrd CaiXlllo, Karle Itoome. Dennett f'inil, etc. "THE PRINCESS PAT" Tbe new Victor Herbert comie opera. "The- 1'rineeHS J'hvt", unilpr the management of John fort, began what nt. In* u lilghly mii'cesHful en^ tit the tiiirileH Thea!er~Ktm- Uay U without KHVlimr that Vic tur H«-ilit'il'« ncort» can always ed tii'ou l'oi*.««niiri | vnioympm, whllc i ^ Mr. Blohtiiitit'M book niut tyricti have rti-vitr yi't falhnl In tbk-lr inlnaion. Tho nntkspwmd oi\ rounils of niplHt huttpred tonst. Place a poached egg on each slice. , Corn Oy«ter«. Take n cupful , of kornlet, atjd two well beaten oggs, two tablespootifulH of flour, a bnlf teaspoonful of salt, and of j»aj)rlku. Drop by spoonfuls Into 1 " a hot buttered Trying rjun, brown on both, sides. Explained. u caso of the of- the knew Mtory of tbo relaien.tlu' f'llrta- limn* of l'rln<'f'H» 1'utrH'f MoiitulJo, iun iiulili-iiiiiii. Hy IHT li'lcnds nhn is , cHllnl I';U for Hhort. , At a, hounn )>ar- ly on l«oi)K iHluiiil «liii |M drought into runnai i with Antbuny Mi-hniaU, an « Irtrrly ni'flllontiirt', who is about to STrtni-HiiHirotifc Urtnv U W»it-h» vi' with HclnniilK Ina hjs inunuy will mir ri'ljvt'-io thn dt'iilfl»'d ircawnry lu-c inii'lf, with whom »lu- li\t-». Thp ;>i}iii»l of t'ho | •• 1916 Crops Increase Western Farm Values •« » \Vide-SvSijlu- f.illilel'' ji'ie faht tieilllnu 11)1 I be 3«l) .'irre l.ji, ,Mnird< H l.tilldh. hut tl-ieie (^ .in «'M r-lli'iil v Jielet liuii ;• , 1 |til itiu |)inu'';iH mi l in )'.in Inu: lull .•• lu \> I'm , 11 11 U v t'lnm ; in (in ilii 1 ' -"Olva me the particulars." "Thero was no CHICAGO STOCK MARKET. i'''it I!) < •.". •!.. I "• 1 liiK'l "pell --1^-ft over- -.-,•,-,.,... CAEB OF ^^ W-IX^^^S^Ni^^-^M* CAIU) (»!•* THANKS tliiink <iur neik-hhorH for tic tr kind I atirtixtiitiee dilfiiiK the «leiitb Jiild bur- liiI uf mil- dt-ar'Wile H'llM'i't, itl-n fur UK» beautiful llonil <iIT*Tiim" .'.Mr. i nnd MfM. I**ll«iy <!iliiUlni' mid I.H-I file. ' . •oi: SAI.I: LI ACHKS OF WKLfc -i uti|ir>i\eii i.iiui, i inib'H notih of Ster- ItltK. licnr the <il(| l J eJUlblBtii!l I'blCP, Write nr oall Ki.inK .1. Applr>. H4, Slr-rhii!,-. - H5-«7 r JMAIJ. MISSOfHt KAH.M. $10 CAHH I iind |.'« tnnuthty; no interr-st or tax«*-}^ lu«hl> |nmini-live land: elimo to 3 hl<J innrki't 1 *. XS'riti' fiii' piminKi'iiiifiH and full Inf'irmntiirn. Muiuref A-17if. .V. Y- Ufe IlldK.. K«4iwiH City. Mo. 77-102* S!lS KeWitrd, l-'inili r luiive nt thin •(litre. Henry Hnnvn. ''•'i* i xy At vTi:» «•! :ns AND • \ |iliVJl(e"Tuil'nv.~^tTM \ ,-iiji HI-" i «'i'i»trallv It. t| phone •IT'i fimt? I. . Call fi5 r gfl* 1,0'ST i, betwptiii ^Hdemj- He.%vard. " - WANTHD—TO UUY JJKKII IJOTTLiBa 4 j«irKI'om»i HI1|1 .,)( kimlK of j Uri)<i Wj ,| ctt) j ( Oi i -j •f; rr-nt!iimmt u, n. j, u Afford. Both phoneH. PUBLIC SALE. Pt'lil.IC SAI.H. TUl'nSDAV, OPT, lath. " IL in.-, f>02. 1-iu.m Si'%<'nth «!.. Hti-rlitiK—vMI in.v fuiulliin', in- - \V A-.VT-K 1 >^=SRCOND'H ANB—A j mobile*, will pay the blghwt prlo«; ' Alwo well all ktndu of repairs... thn $l& Tailor. Both phooco. ItouKb .......... ,-, JJM>i)*> *;».*! Ciittlo Steady Sheep .- • •,•"••.' • Slt ' tl<l >' Sheep i. • 3'.MH"'" Hogs cldrfe 5 in I'H higher tium open i"* '" ::: '-" .. • ....;_ ' Top. n-iw . . . -.. . -. ..... - • l"-- CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET. .'!l!«-;ij;o. Ill del. 11, 1« IG ' Wheat — No. 'i red, l.fiMi l.lUHi; No.' il rtnl, 1.534) -LCSi^Xn. 4 red 1.45; No. •i bard winter l!t£'Wl.r»3«i: No. 3 hard vvUHer* t.^lsfit l.tilH; N«>, •» bard winter 1. ').">. Oorn- N<>, yellow', yellow nt«iMH il; No. 4 yellow No, .'t A Kindly Deed, jk_poor traiiip. r --. _ ho«K& Uil»i niornlns with his toes ntlck« ing oi|t i\f hla tatt^rtil sJiof' ^ jro I fwvo hlrt-o-J" . ' 4 *• "The only pxtra pair of sWa T had to my name, and they were us good UH new, Womau — •" "Softly, softly, Hwiry. Pont your temper, et im>~ finish \i\u\\ T was K"liiK t<» say. J g&vv him « IIUl.o box of 1'oot pnvMh-r anil ht> Hilil he would in-ver forget my h Government Irrigated Lands Nebraska and . ! Colorado XV.ili ii I'm lUlunm iiiiii'uui'rliji'itl »1 l>( l\ t ir I'lilJ 1','i.' Hoin l!,i.illl. iii-xi to \\'i,iuiii! nieut iiii^attd loialiiv ,i' s I'msill \\tiu* tnr J'-Mi'iju-r \\ iiH]);, mil i,t\ m.-itdi' 1 In • >.|m K i tiii-iitioiiH in < UMtliU*. Midi'-(ill'id ili'lli mil "li'l lh«'''e i(*>eded l.indh Inn lilt 'tldlllK Hii' )iii; Ili'lli l'.i-l|i ,>i-H t'i iilllru! lilH'atCti I ill,I .il>- almo ! ,i mil. I m«!i ^"ij In yi t Mi ("lu Is \t)lii lut il I'm »• lii'lme I Ii ' -Litul -i \ Kt l ^' ,iiinllv Ili.H 1-i !»-,<,! i tii H i i l 1 ilii tu l> *»|fnlii| lu 1 lu _l'Mt, ii .«j v ,,|j ((,»•:! 11 Students Build Schoolhow*?. Tlu" 1 imu'lU'ubllHy of tlu- wunuul training \uirk bolt);; taught lu tunny public -sclniolh hiiH bfi'it ilfUuiUHtriitid y in, lias Vi'gas, N. &|. 4 now K \\tt!> riujuinHl to u di'iwrtu'it'iit of the normal i'luus \\>TC druwn by tlu< bttidonfrt utid a two-story building, 4 t>y W) fttot lu bize, \\us etwtt'd entiruly by {he work No. a Whlto KU ' 4 'il K!l 'i 'jS^'Htli; No. '.' mixed I mixed k*»V«. Nt»,/i , M; f-Uiinpht snide, No. 3. WbltO, hU'; "No. >;' No. c «>baii'N and other articles too .MIS (o uunition. Aluo |''ord tourinu i'«r and Hulck racer, Mut'li-l J". Mrs*. ^f. D. Blair, K, A. Wlllliimp, Atict P. .1. KTeUWtntttO, Clfrtc. ----------- *:*--itt pfc)i: SAM:- six I«L*UK IIIIKD nr Wiiito boarn U'ttb idcnty .1 I). MrKcH, Harmon. 8S-fl(J» STOCK IlciUK ovorntocked I will m-U nt imbsit »n|« on my fnrrn, 1 nillo east of i inllori Nimth of Mille<lK«'Vtlle, 11 mile^ imrthMiHt of SU-rUriK, FRIDAY, OCT 13. Hurli'SH fec»dH n'veryhndy at noon itiio Immedlnt^ly after. CO Head oi Cattle— 20 good tnllch.. oown. .Some A'itb rsilvfiu l»y «ldrf and Home heavy Hl»Hm;er«; two 2-yojir-obl'b«'|fer«; 1* yearlings; 9 ulcer* 1 nn( ' !t bcifei'n; i'-ycar-old sU'i>r«: 22 ca'J>•(?*••' "»" ncTrri"" bull, . 2 yeiu'B old. I j «ua I Ward Crom, J. (*. Crorn'. H. C. Kno*, Cb'rk. ARTHUR DEETS. Oct. fl. 7, y. HI, ll PURE BRED HOG I will hold a pure brrd >.ale <»» tho Wulxor-Martln farm, juwt M»uih of Coleta, WEDNESDAY, OCT. 18, 181« f'tiiiHiHtinji of 36 hnvu (full nnd i'hlnu, Duroc VVhUo breed. I bred huani. I ' buar« of Poland and I'lu-sU'i "'"" >"•" '" ''""• with this m\c 16 yearllHR 8t«*«'r> , heavy uprltiKer*. l-'ree lunch white. 40% lit ' No, 4 wblti* i '.» ; 'a f if lt«rle.y Oanli 7:t'r| 1.14, Use- No. ;' 1 '.'ti; Nw. a STEBLINQ OTMARKETS No. (Corrtn-n-a (Moae« Dillon' Company.) i >ello\v i ol'li . • ... No 4 yellou corn XM ',', llll\< d ii.UH Win Hi, Xi> J Hye ...... •'. ........... . Mm fey - - * Liva Stock, (J'iiitH'it,, Jiros. A Coo.) (•'at stew*' .......... • ...... ISJ.OOifflO 8E of th* 1 buy of the prot'i'ssor. The building ull the ro'iui-sifi-ii for uiiuiuul work, iiu Itulinf u number of u-f.s. 'JL'he- vs ork- ilMitt 1 by 1ms «u\cd ul BiiilinQton Route S. B. HOWARD, lmmiur»»tion ,.Q Buildtiiij. Omaha, Neb LOCAL RETAIL MARKET. 'iilrnf IK-PI, Hlort>.) 0*iryr-Rtt*il. tnd it noon, 8al« immedlatt'ly after. Ternu tt »al«-j His loontbH iimt> will be giver HI bunkabb* note bearing •>'< from dnte "JHreni'K K, Waxw»»ll, Auct. JI. !' Knox, riurk. JOSEPH MAXWELL. Oct. 3, ti, JI, 13. H, Iti PARTNERSHIP CLOSING SALE, Htivlnjt dl«»olvnd imrtnfrnhlp we wih *«>H at' public «al»i without rewrvt- on uhf Harry Jone farm,- 2M« mili-w hini'tl >f (*dleU> ami 10 mib'M noi'lbwei-t ol Vedb evprsbody itt 1 1 , ttti i»b:up, ^<n mnietfiately after. i> ijoj^i-;, tj\>nt Iraft nuiwH. weight l.Duo poundN e.u-li and '.< yearn olil. Iti>tli in Cooi' IfKlil drlyitiK (team of ^chlliiK!-' one i> K«iod Kindle drlv«-r: i! »urKllim eoltM Irttfl .^tock, ' l«t» Jieu.l'ot <'allb- U loud mtlcli COWH. Home fn-.-li by ilii^ -if.-.KaJ*' UMUt MlUUtl Jil^ilVj^ ilUJllULl"* _11 .railtiu: lnil'i'iri. IS yntiiiiltr -li<i'i'» I' •olllllix, (jvo-icai'-oltl ^ti•^•l - .'!•! iv II it el tnd .'-jU'liu; culver. ,% \ 4 tt\i-> (u> 'Mirbiim bull, 1^ inoiiti<- -old •i!n- r ~Ui< •oif bill), tV»o VCrU'N n!il. 4>l Head ill ilOtJ-* M (ill 0(1 >,lH\-4, Mill \1,H (.111, I MH'loWM. 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