Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 27, 1964 · Page 9
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 9

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1964
Page 9
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Censorship, fourth of a series General public most effective censor of TV By HARRY FERGUSON WASHINGTON (UPI) — Television is the most heavily censored and the most inhibited of all the forms of art and entertainment. Five separate and powerful organizations are looking over the shoulder of man who is preparing some- thins for you to see and hear in your living room ignoring them. Television is a big, fat target for anybody who does not like what is being broadcast. J. Edgar Hoover, di rector of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, issues periodic statements deploring violence the ; on television because of the bad effect it has on the young. Charles Winick. in a study of television taste and censorship In spite of this, television is j made for the Fund For the Re- becoming bolder and more candid. A program such as "The Defenders," whose heroes are a pair of lawyers, has tackled such controversial matters as narcotics addiction and birth control without being blown off j was the air. But it is the exception, not the rule, and most television producers still look apprehensively at: —The Federal Communications Commission, which has life and death rule over television stations because of its licensing power. —The Federal Trade Commissions, which monitors television to be sure that the products advertised do not make false! claims. j —The National Association of Broadcasters, which has own code of ethics. public, notes the changes that have taken place in the last 20 years: "Television is becoming freer in its discussion of sexual matters . . . '.Man and Superman' a sophisticated play concerned with sex. 'The Four Poster' frankly presented the relationship between a married i couple over the years. 'Happy Birthday' suggested that one way for a young unmarried woman to get rid of her inhibitions was to relax with a drink (it drew adverse mail). 'Circle of the Day' dealt with a woman who had pre-marital sex relations, and with her husband who had fathered another woman's child (it did not draw any protests). In 'The Letter' the its | heroine said of the man she j shot 'He tried to rape me.' (No re—The script continuity de-; letters of complaint were partmenl which each network'ceived)." maintains to see that no objec-| More Sensitive Uonable material gets on the! Television is more scnsilivc, air. j to letters than, for instance. —The sponsors. These arc the newspapers are because a def- mcn who pay for the programs, jnitc trend in public opinion can and many of them have firm doom a television show whereas ideas about what people should a newspaper keeps on publish-! and should not see. iinj;. There is much talk about Then, of course, there is Ihe the "censorship of the ratings.") general public which can and but it is misleading. The shows: has killed programs simply by (that fail to attract a large; 1 enough audience to survive arcj [not victims of the censor but of J .economic warfare. A sponsor( i may be a man who contributes: I to the support of a museum ori 'a symphony orchestra in his INDIO (UPI) —About SO per (home town, but when he goes shopping for show he wants something that will move mer- Student unrest in new African nation of Libya By PHIL NEV/SOM UPI Foreign News Analyst Benghazi. .. Tobruk . .. Trippoli names made familiar in World War II by Allied sacrifices, defeat and final victory against axis in Redlands Daily Facts Thurs., Feb. 27, 1964 - 9 Fremen battle blaze States and the 10,000 U.S. Air! Force men stationed there contributed further to Libyan well; being. j Economic Wheelus Italian jand still is to the United States | to control a fire in a proccssill g plant for Vegetable Oil Products „ Co. Esso : The fire, in a 1.000 - foot iong the German North Africa. I which pays S10 million annual- Tripoli . . . noted in U.S. his-1 1 *' f °r its use. But its economic tory books for the war which! importance to a fledgling United States foughtRecline when WILMINGTON (UPI) —.More Importance Declines than 100 firemen and two fire- was important then,boats battled Wednesday night Libya beg the first a"ain=t the Barbarv pirates I Standard Oil drill brought in building at berth caused an Todav. Benghazi'is the cast-lLibya's first well in 1957. estimated $1 0 0,0 0 0 damage, crn capital of an independent: With a population of not There were no i n j u r i c s re- Libya set up under United Na-much m <> rc than a million. Lib- P° rlc( '- tion's sponsorship in 2952. Trip- - va 's oil income alone today is oli is the national administra-j aroun d $120 million annually, kind of pressure which led the tive capital. And it was in To -j w ' tn "0 per cent of it going into Libyan government to announce bruk on Jan. 1-i. that 72-year- development projects, including over the week end that it would old and ailing King Mohammed; neav - v expenditures in agricul not renew leases for U.S. and Idris El Senussi received at hisUure. British bases, palace a government delega -l At the same time, Libya i.- King Idris is trying to build lion. under strong international pres- a unified state where for cen- Thc delegation bore the news'surcs. turies none existed. But his is that in Benghazi and Tripoli.! Previous U.S. and British aid. an authoritarian state, de- university students were bat- j plus heavy investment by West-i scribed as "more Mo.-lem tha.i tling riot police in fierce streeti crn °'' companies, have kepti.Mecca" with a single political Growers ask more return LOVELY CONTESTANT — Charming Cynthia Sprague has been chosen "Miss Redlonds" by her community, under the auspices of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, to compete in the 1964 Citrus Queen contest at the National Orange Show in San Bernardino March 12-22. A beaulifully-stcged contest will be held on the opening night of the citrus classic to select a reigning queen. Cynthia is seventeen and a junior at Redlands High school. cent of the grapefruit producers in the Coachella Valley said Wednesday they planned to stop harvesting unless they received a larger share of the price for their produce. Several of the largest growers and shippers, including Morgan . U. Ward, owner of the Scheli;f alnmcn , t ! , . lc ', ,lum i l,)a, „ ,h ,?... mo . v Kaneh and Packing Co., said chandise. Thus "The Beverly Hillbillies'' survives and flourishes while shows of much more artistic merits arc cancele:! for lack of a sufficient audience. Television is the mass enter- Senate group probes gov 't and religious ties By LOUIS CASSSLS United Press International WASHINGTON (UPI) I inquiry Jliearinj that may lead to public s later this vear. demonstrations. Jn Benghazi, police broke down doors and battled students over barricades made of furniture. At least two students died and scores were injured. The students were protesting King Idris' failure to attend an Arab summit conference which declared Arab unity in a hard line against Israel. Instead, Idris sent a representative. Changes have come to Libya. Less than five years ago it •was a thin strip of green I against the Sahara Desert's vast waste of rock and sand | Strategically, it occupied a •palce along the Mediterranean coast below Italy and Greece. (The U.S. airbasc at Wheelus (just outside Tripoli, negotiated | by the United States in 1954 to (run until 1971 and built at cost j of around S100 million, provid- j etl not only a staging link between U.S. bases in Morocco ,and Saudi Arabia, but also provided live firing ranges for the whole U.S. tactical air strength Libya Western-oriented. i party, a tightly controlled press But Cairo radio beamed into and a reluctance to meet the Libya also makes a strong im- demands of an impatient pression, particularly amongiyounger generation, students who are under the in -j This, rather than a possible fluenee of Egyptian teachers, (loss of bases, is the greater And it could have been thisdanger to the West. Into the Libyan economy, the William Creech told United Press International that most of the replies were in and the; T .„., , ... . . . subcommittee staff had begun P ni 'l bta \?. s had P° ured near " analyzing them. lyS200 million. wheelus is the biggest U. S. air base outside the United Creech said it was "veryi. probable" that the subcommit-| tee would make public its find-i ics used to be. and Hollywood they would stop shipping imt'i'i! f , rC(i «•"> averase mental agc|~ jt . invcs(i „ a(jns rela . I of its audience was 12 vcars. .. ,• , , .. 7 , , an old saving directed i l ,ons ' ,,ps ,elwc , cn ,! h . c Iciic ™ 1 persons who like hcavv, sig ..B°vcrnmcnt and religious insti- •r . I ••• i tut i<»ns. nificant drama: If its a mes-l sage you're lookin" fnr rail 1 The subcommittee, headed by Western Union." the price increases. However, since most of them had a backlog of contract commitments, little effect was immediately felt. There was no immediate indication w hen the harvesting would stop. Here is at T | ]c Ervin. a Presbvterian who be- in S- s about church - state fi- 1 merit's surplus disposal pro (Senate constitutional rights sub -i '-es strongly in church - statei-ncia! Relationships. whether(^ ; received millions of dollars in leaders'- £cdcraI aid separation, wants to find out whether federal funds are going to church-related organizations to or not it decided with public hearings. Several Protestant Next: Pornography—the I that engulfs the nation. |Sen. Samuel J. Ervin Jr.. D- iN.C. sent questionnaires to all flood (federal departments and agen- Icies Nov. 4 as part of an '64 CHEVROLET-The great highway performer under the Hill-Bur- contrarv to the letter or spirit i have voiced concern in recent| ton .,'^''. . ,„, , ,. „ . of the First Amendment to the years about the variety and ex- ."'"^If, 1 ft . «i I ™ V'r Constitution, which forbids and'tent of government aid which™ t« fi „ M f ... , . , , • ., , • , , . ., r. .• I dormitory construction, and are "esabhshment of relg.on. ,s being accepted by U.S. rcU-j c , igiWe - for fcdera[ gran(s fof Questions Federal Offices ;gious Domes, i classroom and laboratory con- The questionnaires asked the, Token Prices 'struction under last year's ed. federal offices to submit cle-, For example, more than 500 ucation aid bill, jtailcd data on "any government i pieces of federal property withi Church - related elementary program in which there is any|an original value of about S37iand secondary schools receive kind of participation" by reli-j million have been turned over| aid under the Federal School gious bodies. I to church-related institutions at Lunch Program and the Nation- Chief subcommittee counsel token prices under the govern-ial Defense Education Act. I FUN ORGAN COURSE OFFERED BY SLIGER'S MUSK! Sliger's Music, in Downtown Redlands, is offering a beginner's FUN ORGAN COURSE. Due to popular demand two classes will be scheduled. Classes are set for Monday evening from 7:30 to 8:30 P. M. and Thursday afternoon from 2:00 to 3:00 P.M. ENROLL NOW! THE INSTRUCTION wtl? be given by Mr. Harold BenzeJ who now heads the organ department for Sliger's Music of Redlands. There win be FREE PRACTICE ROOMS available during the course for those enroH- ing who do not own an organ. The course GUARANTEES that students will be able to play the organ and that it will be a solid background for any future study. Ail music wiH be furnished and the entire 6 week course will cost just $9.95 ... Those interested are urged to come in or cafl Sliger's Music, 109 E. State Street, Redlands . . . PHONE 793-2827. (adv.) YOU WON'T SEE A SALE LIKE IT FOR ANOTHER FOUR YEARS! Friday and Saturday Foreground: Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe Background: Chevrolet Impata Station Wagon with roof luggage earner Feels like somebody put a runway where the road should be! With engines up to a 425-hp YS* and its luxurious Jet-smooth ride, you may not notice where air travel leaves oft and a Chevrolet Impala begins. Take-offs are smooth and effortless. Hills seem flat as prairies. A big coil spring at each wheel and over 700 sound deadeners throughout the body and chassis make you feel you're hardly on the ground at all. You'll find all kinds of jet-age luxury inside an Impala's big, roomy Body by Fisher, too. Wide deep-cushioned seats, tailored with rich-looking fabrics and vinyls. Thick wall-to-wall carpeting. Soft background music from an AM-FM radio*, if you like. You can even get an automatic pilot (we call it a "speed and cruise control"*) that lets you log mile after turnpike mile without touching the accelerator. All in all, it's sky-high living at down- to-earth prices. And who but your Chevrolet dealer can offer a way to go quite like that? •op ;w *<a a <:M mi. THE GREAT HIGHWAY PERFORMERS Chevrolet • Chevel.'e • Chevy II. Corvair • Corvette Sic titan at ijmir ('linruht Slion'rvo/it m !!! m i. 3JL ff? ft ®- • Stereo and Television Curtis Mathes Cherry TV STEREO COMBINATION. Reg. $599.95 Curtis Mathes Cherry $358 88 TV STEREO COMBINATION. Reg. S42».?5 General Electric Walnut 23" TV CONSOLE with UHF. Reg. 5279.95 General Electric Maple 23" CONSOLE TV. Reg. S219.95 RCA Antique White 23" CONSOLE TV. Reg. S349.95 Floor Sample VM Portable STEREO RECORD PLAYER. Reg. 5109.95 $469.88 $224.83 $175.88 $248.88 $ 88.88 Furniture Dept. — Top Floor • $199.50 $179.50 $ 79.50 $149.50 Reg. $269.50 — SAVE $70.00 SIMMONS HIDE-ABED .... Reg. $249.50 — SAVE $70.00 SIMMONS HIDE-A-BED ... Reg. $99.50 Van Vorst Quilted — SAVE $20.00 MATTRESS & BOX SPRINGS Reg. $199.50 King Size — SAVE $50.00 MATTRESS & BOX SPRING 1 Reg. $399.50 French Provincial — SAVE $140.00 COOO Cft 4-Pc. BEDROOM GROUP ?U7.9U Reg. $169.50 — SAVE $70.00 £ Art CA 7-Pc. DINETTE SET ? 77 .DU Reg. $279.50 — SAVE $90.00 ClOQ CA 4-Pc. CURVED SECTIONAL ?I07.9U February 28 & 29 © HOUSEWARES Reg. S19.88 Riviera Electric SLICING KNIFE Reg. $9.99 West Bend 9-Cup AUTOMATIC COFFEEMAKER Reg. $6.00 Set of 8, 15-oz. Dbl. Old Fash. HANDCUT TUMBLERS $14.88 $ 8.88 $ 4.88 Reg. S38.S0 Steel, 5 Shelf, 20" Deep MQ QO STORAGE CABINET **''« B Reg. $2.95—for sidewalks, driveways, etc. O AA 18" BRUSH * 4,11 Reg. $3.98 Plastic CLOTHES BASKET Reg. $1.98 Bar B-Q ASBESTOS MITT Pr. Reg. 2 for 58c Soft White, 60, 75 or *% A At 100 Watt LIGHT BULBS * for $ 3.19 $ 1.48 \ V SQ88 Blacks. Decker * U-100 1 A" Utility DRILL SPECIALS JIG SAW No. U-151... $19.88 SAW with CASE No. U-137C 7 'A" $49.88 FINISHING SANDER $44.88 No. U-341 Professional © HARDWARE & GARDEN DEPT. Reg. $74.95 Huffy HYTAMATiC ELECTRIC MOWER Reg. $22.95 Sherwood 16" CUT HAND MOWER . . . Reg. $1.65 LAWN SPRINKLER Reg. 89c HUDSON HAND SPRAYER . . Reg. $7.95 CLOSE-OUT MARTIN SENOUR PAINT . . . Reg. $9.95 Wen Rotary $64 88 *18 88 $]28 48* $]88 ELECTRIC SHAVER $ 3 88 $288 gal- Reg. $3.50 Dissfon STEEL LAWN RAKE PARK n' SHOP VALIDATION SmMdcd Furniture Draperies J Hardwar t Housewares Appliances 19 East Citru* Downtown Redlands PY 3-3279

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