Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 11, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 11, 1916
Page 4
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FOUR STERUNG. jLUNCff-S* WEDNESDAY. PCI. U. 1916. DEPT STOREtO Or. Sale Extra good apples for eating or cooking— they will retain their good flavor for a reasonable length of time. Place your order early in the day. the Peck • SOe Basket Good Clothes don't make your own clothes, you make the money for them; somebody must serve you in the matter. . Who? The store that gives you the greatest . service for your money--najuialjy. Assortment at:$1.00 . " - ; «PI You need this assortment right now — Wizard mop. Wizard polish and Wizard duster. You cannot properly clean your floor, your furniture and do your dusting without the aid of the Wizard family. They are the greatest, dirt chasers we know of. This splendid $2.00 assortment on sale this week * flfl Service means more than selling something politely and delivering it promptly; it means more t%n- ; giy-^ ~ —---rF"' - hnrt in construction foreman for. 'he Cent rill Uotli Mr, and Mr«. .Tone* at'f JiUit-iitm—tUid—ww-iw Wll! exl.-hil Ii«'(irtle«t eotii;r;'if ula'ilolis.' FAREWEtL PARTY MIM Eliiabith Behrene Entertained Monday Night. Minn KH/nbefh liehrens entertained ten -indent niii-ne* of the sU'ilimt llo*. liiltil Monday evening at jt U:3n dinner at her home n.«» a farewell for MlsH Cecil L>iwry and Mi*M Irene .I.titjen. who leave Krl.lay for Kviinxlon. while tli.'.v "HI eornjilete their three -year. nurxeH cour,«e, taking a four tnontliK* COUIKI- in illsen>i»>ff of children nnd.. a poM MlTidunte four.-tr; In < v <mt;f«ioUH The HehreiiM home \VIIH artiwlk'ally deroruted in red autumn leave* and u four coiirne dinner wan nerved, carrying out the red nnd white liten. The lining room was lighted with red shaded t-xultllea, :u »iu\vt of f"d wllvifl* for t)i'i center piece and red arid white »t reamer* \ver~ xlt'< U'hed from (tie lown to tbe till'Je,, Following the -dlnn'T music and game* weiv enjo.v.-d, hij:h honor* KO- Ini; to MI.HH Jxwry nnd Mlt** )Cn«eniu KldridKe." Party favor* were jiretiy'lit- tle red Kilk nut luicketa.' All prem-nt had n Jllie time. . ' at Curtain Stretchers, set pins 1 inch apart. Sale pi-ice $1.25 Clothes Baskets, splint, double' bottom, strong handlei«;ripH. Prico.$1.25 G a 1 v anized Tubs, host ifnuIP, mefJimn sixo. Halo price ...... 89c Clothes Wringers, extra hiyh made. 1') inch roll.\l ;! i; very semcoable, Sal*' priee $2.75 Frymans 1i fee most in (leuiand. si'/.es. Yotir clinic.!', each . . , Gas tfgfifs Jhilf frosted ^lobo and mantle; iMlIIianf Sul ° 49c price "r^t* Regular 25c Dishes 19c To us service means your interest first and because we do feel that way, t have abolished clearance sales; they weren't fair— a few men got the benefit of greatly reduced prices at the end of the season. _J&^ :We^vejiistrih^^ goods for less money than before, but at the same price the year around— every man gets ejxtra profit, no matter when he buys. It's the only fair,, and. square way to sell clothes; it's the only right way for you to buy clothes, that is, if the clothes are right, and they are. ^ H'art Schaffner & Marx make them. You can be sure of value; you can be sure of satisfaction; we guaran- M tee it as a part of our service. " _ . ^ \ HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS Enjoyod a Picnic Supper Last Evening at Sinnistippi, 'tJ tflrl* enjiiycd a l-*ift«'«»M Illsh iin •-. I fiBljtHnd; »t Hlnni«(»lp|d Butter Jar, l»»sl ware, 1 pound sixo. Sale price J9c Mixing Bowls, In'st earthen \\i\n\ modium size, each lOc Dinner Plates or Sauce Dishos '(Hi , the Iwrifnni laltlo. ('lit»i(M» . .,^,,,5c Cups and Saucers, plain or fancy. specially Special lot 'H'od at.'.lOc Stove Rags, Each Splendid quality Oilcloth, P i inch square nout desirable pattenr) specially priced at.. fiu's.Jay evettinK by a wnoker. mid a *>-nt.'d Hi. They. left We have sui.ts here for all— YOUR quality, YOUR style, YOUR size is here- $15, $16.50, $19, $21, $26.50, $30 ,' , do. Co. *|>ent the eve^lnsr In - « very hinnnr-r. They took with (hem nn ela- (ilcnlc Kiiiiper iind ate it uroumi r/.inK. <*<ini|» Hrf 1 . » wlenlo r»)a«t t>»>- tliu ffnturc nf the evening. On t« the <-Hy ihey (unned u theater jwrty at th« fJrand and ktter Went t>> Nlll'x. ThiiKo who enjo.yed th wcr«>; Kdna LandlH, June Orms- ':iur«!i»<-<s Kl4f>rBol*v Wilmii Jlelen r'a!me]^HiuLLk-lU»}f«4iit*tt*r rTruelle Mrtrey. Kuth Maxdeld, Mnr«ar«-i Allen, , Vlula Uithe. Huth Wilkln.f'on, Dorothy .Marry, Jlarriet Church, Naomi WERE MABRIED Grant Cleavetand and Misi Gardner Were Married Oct. 3rd, .. ' <» mn t f "!»'fl voltuad, who ... Jcf t Proph- etHtuwn n few days ftlnce.for Cullfurnla, on nrrivliiK in I*OH Angc-leH on OiH. 3, united in i1uirri(tt;<> to 'M|s« Mny Oardner, of LOH AnKeles. nnd from thor'o Wit to Han Diego, wheie they will sfvurnl days when I hey will return to I^OH O.E.S.THMBLECLUB Held a Pleatant Meeting at the Home Of Mr*. Olm«tead. Tho (). K. H. Thimble*' club J*;ld ttu-ir moettiiK Monday aftprnoon ut th*> hqmo of Mrfl. C. II. t)Ini«U'ad. -About furty ludlen wero prcMftit and tho tlm« upent over tht-ir fancy work ami fit thw cloijB of tho afternoon dainty Olm IL1NG JDAIU GA?ETTE f Qnr »4 T Sf ANDABB bUUAL Publlehwl D«Uy -,4D. W. U Kdltor« nnd Office. Ill \V4mt Thlid VBAU Htindtty. HUNH, A GOLDEN WEDDING | \ t'lux* \ r _ PIWMnt Luncheon ,P*riy, Uto sociable uathc-. ,<{ Mu- R» OUI trt'lHUfh they io»s du-i? wbo iti goiug tu bu Uu* lunch. 'Mr. and Mrs. George D, Joltn [,"" i Quietly Celebrated i Tuesday, Juhn and Surah, John Miller anil Hester and all four wt-io born bt'forti Abniluitn Lincoln r.ime into ihlti world. The JohiiM anil Mllk>r« wtr«j tk'ua near Uu> bunk* of, pretty one tailed It.mrhtj;. f'rwkV and the other noim-d ,S)i:uu<'Kin wltH a ing disiaiuT of ten in lies between in them 1 elder .Mm and MtHt-r «'oi| r I'll s, .,»nie to tin t htldren. even HI\ !)•»>{» tint! four j:ii)s.suirt ~™ ~ i _]V VI 'IS oiH' re.ich^d -l JlMl'ltutu* ag.', \(i <tnd \ltr. <Ui'IKe J>".lthl),' old' "^ ''"' ^'^ h}O h ii» 'the .luhll icMdeMi-, of HI.- .u>. M'lebLiIrd the-u j f '*,,, KU | S ',',, ti,,/MUI«-r ilunily. Mary '•olden tt<t,!ih!lii ill :l \*'fy I UttStUU I AUie \\-lH Uu- bub> UlUt. tlu*«>O the li|«tt iiutnnt i Tuesd.i\ ut ilu-ir hunie on Sixth , IW". \\^l'^ k bom in ij(4o iiiid istS, and (be produce the work,] quality with style I; t makes a New CUB- |;/ £. er a Permanent one, Henry Bete It'llgour Bulldlna MthotiKh thtj luul intended ! wui ..,iu 11 h butc ijuieih ilu ir chiiduii hud, U.iii) I |'l ii;.i«'.| difteleatK .UJd -< |de,it-.tnt fail I TtH feimlTin,\\.iV ihe leHiilr. A fine tlm u i »i'|o\»'l und the .ijffi'i'jiimi \M-I«' .-L.fSi' JtiJ-'im illv Tl .<!!'! ,\t|f ' (.HI i. a, ..( Sh ib | ''" t % t: .("Mi j v<' > tl.iSu i>t It'll! at Vi-iii 5'. i'uj V-' ', i .iud It.. )• \I I M" I U M.'.iJn ,- I,in . j jLJLijJL—.i- i_kj,iliu^i''! t > ,' ! "' U »• i , . u. >i .i — 'i. I !• . 'i I'.» i «»n l (It'll . ! ("I I T ('._„ .' ' * .' t t- '• t 1,1 cieil (lit ItHh, l^Cti. on the «.f UjU.vl InK CleeSi '|'M UICM" linn i ,uiu« ,vN.i an e\tn FLAGG-JONES WEDDING Was Quietly Solemnized Monday At Noon In Chicago, .\ .juli't wwtilltte solemntaeil .Monday at noun In t")hU'4tg<> ^-ill Snteivst many Twin tMty ii<*"plf' Th*' |»rwi|n»U» worw MU.J. Minnie »\l. Flagtf . and Kohi-rt Junes, bath wt'll-lmywu SU'rlinir Wft"r"u¥HTMtud in entertainUijj by Mrs. I}«'f»niln« and Mrs, Ituth. L A. K. P. 8MOK1R. r A IUI;KO number of the members of tho Knights qf Pyihiun of thu k>cal ' f \M-J«' .-L.-SI' U>!-' .; '\\iii- jH'--.ul* tlii. « 'I ir-ii h \i l liv«- , t iut Un»e t>l% ate |.il- j « « H ;.) u i (t >| hit i) ui i \\niiti n .uid .ill U iii<iiui<h«l nml their wed.dlntt wcUrred thm tlav at u i'hri*itinn par*on:iK» ui the city. Her, Mr. Wood oflficUited and tlu» iittvtutantit were relaUvfs of th« TUf bridt'n gwisn \v»» of white trtmn'u ( d._\vi{h Jianj by 4 cousin, who i*i u Hi t'UUi.t, u r It ' h,>n,f %j * \! V t« r-di fed them «t the W»'»»ll> home, lel- iit< a'wO\i,s «f !()»• Kruom ju Cliii'JK<*. The li uu'-| v ittti ',\tih '", Kct ttuuuii(ti;rt ,Mls ' Mr ,*int Mix .l«inV»> Will \i»>it in <"hi- Sisfh itv. itn< '< .K*> f <»( 1'ij «i i\ ;i itnd will In- ;u t_M>ny. M. W i' ».rt> 1»^4 «.» U Avoid the Blame— Ff you get poor paint on your liuijM' tiiis i'all, don't blame anyone but If> easy to .specify Shcinvin Williams Paint i when y<m contract for your work. It t?i>es fur- i .s^ gallon,-, nsod; im'cr co-.t^- le>^ IA'' of .honor with many ^ --- • ---- ' --- mtttee, ArranK«.'nuMiis were mad<* dur- ins tho eveninKl'ior .the holding of si,' A MISSIONARY MjEETING. ditncc AVwiiH'Sdny /-VenliiK. Nov. Int. 'j-h.' Woman's Home Mm«doiwry AT MATKIE HOME Mr. and Mr«. Frank Maikie entertained j _,.„„-,,,_ xfl Few Fri«nd». I .Mr,,and Mr«, .Krn^k Atrtlkie. of near! tnt< j.;,,, MilltaLruxUlt!—w.iwtahttrd—nr— iItTTher7 h.-Vluiin.- hunday the followiiiK Kiu-stw. Mr. nnd , iiidntr vvui Mr f ,.Matt Wnlber. Mr. an.I Mr.s, Jl M , ry ' refn*Hhmvi Wolher, Mr. nnd Mrs. Al Hoy,-,-. Mr. I a? J<l«-ty >.f the M. I-*., t-hun-h vvHI meet 'at the home of Mr«. Jennie Ward thin LAST NIGHT. Thlnl avenue. The ev- iK.iH'inronnuUj- m.d iit8 w»r 11 ml Mrs*. Warren Wolher. Miswe** Hazel HteltTier und. Cora T'fviiidtitPin mid iMiKs Lutke Cardie, .Ezra and (.ilndy* Wolber. GAVE SHOWER ami Andy J'rund.stetir dellKhtfulJy entertained it coinpany of eitrhtoen youni; Jndie« na the Klsasser. homo' hust eveniiiK «.•« « r«'tn|>llfnpnt for Mlws Irone Allen of, Lyndon, whoso mari'lase to Harnhl l.lill ! ;if I'rophetKlowin ooctU'H Thursday uv- j . TJie gue«(n spent n' merry i<v- 1 wJUi gumea ami mmiic antl pt-«-«. S&S MARKET CO.S&S Special for Thursday . (At the Stoiv) Homo Cured Corned Beef; tb-11c Sweet Pickled Spare Ribi, tho pound ,. 1.2l^o Suflar Cured Calf's Tonguei, pounH ., , .15,c Sugar Cured Beef Tongue*, the pound ,,,,, ...». 20o Smoked Beef Tonguei» Ib 24o for and Friday lay at the Cash Basket Grocery 214 First Ave. LOOK Ex tra__fancx Pears for canning, per b«...' .15 (her la.^t- tin- l!' >uii tiialerial- \onr paint' ; HendricKs Drug Co. The 3bsS Store BATING POTATOES Kxtra Jancv- slock, per !»H>l|el ...'........$1,70 Kxtra J'ancy (irjines (Joltj- ,en Apj'K 1 ^, 'line eaters, per peck .......... 45c 2 irnM'an* ^ahimn l't)r.25c ' Lar^v 25c jars pure Fruit Preserves f/u 1 ...... 23c Lar^e 'JO ounee jar ( )rauge Prairie Poitnut Butter for ........ , ...... 25c i} Ifm can.< Pork aixt UpaiiH- nran.itt' PrViiiie lira lid,' .'lor .......... , .... ,25c Laj'M*- 1 -*»• InitiU* ui' ,\lon arc i rnt.Mi|!j'< ( r. .-. . ,19c Potat oe .29c' Hi.\H<uuu,.2ae. •\ L-ii'^c^ X'aval per dux .,.35C' I^n-aki- Flour .: ., 25c Ueinx'.s Dill Piclcles, peu (loxen 150 Larg<* Sour Pickle*, per .do^en J5c Fancy iniltl Wisconsin ( Veiim < 'lieese, Hi.. . ,24c, Faney ciired Haeoti, per pound -' 24(5 *> Uh- bars .lap 1 Soap" for .'.. .'..., .250'{ !(>e l»ar> Ivory Sr>atr.~25c .'• TJf burs Hlivio Soaj»_ 'Tor ". ,".\ ..".. ..:. ..25c'^e hullle Maple and ('une S>rup for : .. .23c f for 25c a ut «-\ Vr H'l. J. tiR !i f

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