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The Miami Heraldi
Miami, Florida
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i 13-13 itttiALD teditesday Sept 28 19b0 AMUSEMENTS Psychiatrist Speaks riightlife 11111 Get)r47scie T1 of Violet of liel -e Voila' Ca illot PI ails New ew Edition 'Polies' I Cr It Films of Yid knee Can Incite Crime By BOB THOMAS i of the murder were too close in London But you puts up your money and you takes your chance It's still a gamble CURFEW will not toll on the Lou Walters revues the Carillon Hotel Lou And the hotel's Herb Robins bad a telephonic "handshake" on Monday Lou in the ropicana in Las Vegas and Ilerb home here at the Carillon Hotel home of the Wal 44 vp tets lavish revues since he de 1 1 1 t'4 T1 ik 4 1 r- 1- op 4 i AL go? 4 tie 4 (N I parted the Latin Quarter four I 1 -14 tk 0090 16N '1 1 1 4' 6 4 c'''')- 4 4 1 10 ke 1106 iCc i 4 I 0 ed -1-' years ago Walters will fly to Paris soon to scan the French scene for talent In the mean while the current 'Tones Fran caise" revue will continue until the new edition is ready to move in Sellete is already at the Carillion representing Walters in arrangements for the new revue The Americana Hotel cele Betty Nalentine ice photo Imil Walter( toujourR? Nino YIWOI ino MOO goo Assoc latad Prost $taff WrItor HOLLYWOOD Cali today's crime movies and TV shows incite crime? The question hes long been argued It was brought up e's again last week It S' when a confess ed triple slayer In It 1 1 wood said he killed victim No 2 after tak- Psycho" ing her to see it The strangler Insisted lithecapitc ek pro nt moymiept Said he did deed "I don't know why I did it I occasionally get a strange urge to kill Most of the time I get rid of it by watching TV or going to the movies but sometimes The story thus gave ammunition to both sides in the continuing argument about the effect of crime portrayals: 1 UPHOLDERS of films could reason that movies offer a vicarious outlet for criminal urges 2 THE' 11 OPPONENTS could argue that the seeing of "Psycho" and the committing to be coincidental Alfred Hitchcock who made "Psycho" declined to enter the controversy William It Flukes' Los Angeles chief of pollee has this to say: "The power of suggestion to persons easily stimulat ed undoubtedly plays a part In criminal behavior" His opinion is shared by Dr Frederick Hacker psychistrist head of the Hacker Cinie In Beverly Hills Said he: "I personally do not believe accounts of crimes in mass media create criminals but they can create a crime in persons pre-disposed to criminal activity" Dr Hacker explained that seeing crime movies or reading 'about crimes could provide the trigger mechanism for unlawful acts 'Psycho' is an example of the current loosening of the code to permit more daring film material The principal one of the two murders depicted (the killer's record was six) is an extended knifing of a girl in a shower Hitchcock never shows a blow being landed but the ter ror is unmistakable So is the profusion of blood as it goes down the drain with the shower water DONNA AND the following Flo sure have played havoc with local legitimate stage projects Rain washed out the North Miami Recreation Department Drama Group's casting session for instance So a new date has been night at 8 at 13195 NE Seventh Ave Readings will be for "Room Service" a perennial corn edy Parts to be filled are lot men 23 and upward 13arry College has a drama workshop this season aimed at high school students from greater Miami Courses will include acting and other stage crafts The Singers Workshop of the Miami Conservatory has an added evening course in "The fundamentals and techniques of choral directing" with Roy Oliver conducting Classes begin Oct 11 and will run for eight weeks Now that "Summer on Ice" has left the TV networks you'll be able to place a person-to-person call with Jack Valentine at Royal Flamingo Villas in Hilts-borough on a Sunday night Jack and his wife Betty who presented ice skating shows at their Fort 'Lauderdale theater-supper club for many years didn't miss one of the TV ice specs You see they plan to resume the Fort Lauderdale ice shows this Christmas Day after four years' recess Frank IValker of the Key Wester motel in Key West phoned this desk Monday But we couldn't kid him about floods because he was here hi very wet Miami and the storm boot was on the other foot! Frank paraphrases the pugilist with a line that Donna never laid a glove on the Key Wester brated National Dog Week by adding a canine take-out specialty to the Gaucho Steak House menu This is one aveck Fido on't have to eat leftovers" Al Goldman must re slvtember how boring even the best of hospital cuisine can become over the weeks Ire frequently sends his Fu 'Manchu take-out truck over to Mount Sinai with moo goo guy pan and other Chinese dishes for Nino "The Great' atovino a show biz pal convalescing there William Cooper a trainer and foreman at Spring Farms will play a theatrical producer in Ruth Fore- Studio production of "Career" It opens Oct 10 career he has been a carnival performer and tem show operator In our town Especially if the company has accredited technicians and actors of repute in action But that shouldn't be construed as an endorsement or a warranty that the project is a prime investment The person who has been smart enough to garner a' couple of thousand dollars of investment money cer tainly should be smart enough to decide on his own whether the deal is reasonable or Just specula tive Common sense should suggest that if theatrical In I estment was a matter of little risk the banks would underwrite it long before you the small investor could get around to saying "yes" to the promoter of "one-shot" Investments Don't get us wrong We'd put our own money into a movie venture right now if the setup seemed right But we'd investigate every angle first For Instance John Cassavetes recently made a film for $10000 Iris group stands to make that back on its first few engagements UK5 3 1-wwn k1wwVw 1 4 4 ft 1 t111OL t1k THERE WAS an "assassination" attempt on a visitng Nationalist Chinese dignitary on Miami Beach last Week But it was for a segment of Howard 1(ocli's "Miami Undercover" TV series Paul Daniel who usUally plays Western characters was the Far Easterner tarpet Death was sought via the old reliable poisoned ring of Sax Hohmer or Fantamas invention L'' oiia No OPEN AN DALE r-DR11 IN Th leArke Aear r0 HOZOWLIA etY MC i 1 'ANDAtE 1 DR11 IN ThleArkt 1 --r1 Airtr r0 HOZW OLIA etY MC 'Igattlied i )RIESQUE: Si i 3 POUR ti- iv-- 0 i it 4k 4 -4to ItirAVO 443 tiitim Die 5:45 Programa Dobla "EL SORDO" CLAYMAN a Irma DORANTES "LA ADULTERA" Silvia MAL Ana luig MUTED CLARK GABLE SOPHIA LOREN 3 viz i zAisz CLARK GABLE SOPHIA LOREN 411 0 0147: W44 1 DRIVEIN THEATRE -MIAMI i Tv DVtiff THEATRE '4 RI(V11 'MINE OUG MOYAlt Pali i Rs1mA ')1 At: a Strangers When' NVe Meet AI JERRY LEWIS siriVi -Meet Llanny Wilson Fran fti4 itv tini91 Steeps Il ILCt UJIII1 "IT STARTED IN NAPLES" "IT cTArrrrn ttW 21tIti Ave at 69th St 11217PIPPIII lo Color 705-10130 1)10EcININEATIIE 1 I w'71 SHOVII ICSCRIEW MAT 90c '0 EVE SI25 SNOW THUISOO iXrt t0 A74 'I '1 0144! 44 DAVID MORD "THE SAD HORSE" In Color 1:00 Only tit bAL) HUHU" In Color 1:00 Only Open Son Mo1145thrPoNSat Ph FR 94369 1145 PM "CAFE COLON" Fin Color) Maria Felix Pedro Armenclarit "MOJERES ENCANIADORAS" kitty do Hoyos tale Gonzalez Emilia Gulp pEEEDIE Ph FR 9-5369 "CAFE COLON" Maria Felix Pedro 4 HE ELLBOY' THE ''MURDER INC" "LAST DAYS OF POMPEII" no' ''MURDER INC" Largest ME KIODIRAND LI Largest MEI Kl00tRAND Sat LWnit Di Anoy't "POLLYA NN BAE1D Theette Pt 4-061 11 Ana SONO illamit 177- irrir7 I 1 1 r- '0' i 01 I I d' LAST os 2 DAYS AMPLE FREE GINA 1:145 RcesTrotst Vrrroolci Desic4 CjAISTAND TEcHmcoLort dor 4 11 COOe 4 tos oki 'ft 1 IN- II 42 9 I 1 HOTAND 1 i 4:14 4 tail 15 tit GINA hi IPLLOBRIGinA rit Du RoBtx DS vrrpood ic4 l'FASTAND AMPLE FREE 1 SE(1r r': 'MIK TEcHNicoLoR Talent manager Buddy Allen's suit against the corn ettlo team of Mien and Rossi goes to trial in Bronx Supreme Court on Nov 14 Pre-trial examination 'retealed that the original act of Allen and DeWood was getting WO a week when Allen took them over The aernow averages $2000 a week from dates Buddy ar- ranged for them ir 4 Rumors are flying about some locally financed en-'ter' tainment business ventures being in ''hot water" And because we print news on such projects from time to time there are some who by implication consider us an to the plight of the investors 1 May we here repeat what we have written frequent the past and have constantly told those who have 'phoned for advice on theatrical investments: The record on "angeling" is fantastically one-sided the loss-side Nobody but nobody should invest irtamusement ventures (outside of listed stocks or with iritlividuals who have a long record of unless are accustomed to make long-shot bets or to take -their profits in the nebulous prestige of being a "the 'arrical producer" As for using "news" about such projects Sure we 3-Tint is legitimate news anytime a camera turns GA IPliDERIGiCA cbso Immo Rce8VSON DeSICA 1PASTAND St i WELCOME WOMETCO'S 163' ST THEATRE A scT FROM A 4--Z COUPLE OF s' d1(it 44 tit 4 ii FELLOW 4 i 'A YOUNGSTERS k'-lt kol tot litti i 0 i 1 ow Instant NI er's Co I i-ltbkdto totoituu Z4 taalpor 1' -11-co' 0 tit i-let Arl W' 'A'7'e'''7'' r' I 0 Ne lit8 IIII 1- ''ti 1177--- ---r ''''t 4 1 14' i 4 ''elt -111t" -w 0 9 ----gs--- '2 lis --yori fit 1---2' 5----25 --z- let --5 1 4k4 IVP aV 0 nr 444 4 4 ilow Instant Folgers Coffee 4 '4 TCIvItAilazItli 4 earem Liu stoo TECHNICOLOR TEOHNiRkidA 1 Washington An 2 13th It Miami loath Washington An at 13th It Miami loath 4 Mit 7 1UHY Ur RUIN PLUS "FABULOUS LAS VEGAS" LOEW'S 170'" STREET LOEW'S we osIll 0 s111 LOEW'S RIVIERA LOEW 11 t1' 167th St lc 37th Ave TODAY THE BRIGHTEST STAR IN THE FABULOUS 163rd ST SHOPPING AREA NEW MODERN CONCEPT OF COMFORT AND LUXURY SIRD ROAD AT 77th AYE CA A-2131 Judy 4 Dean Halliday Martin "BELLS ARE RINGING" Also Marshall Thempsaa Marla Landl MAN INTO SPACE" ANE cA0 A WAIT DISNEYS YIYMM EGAN IvIALDEN ADOtPot 0006410 1 C(SON MENJOU CRISP 8 6 AG4ES "'''t OR MCOREHEADCCCETRANqitS DAVID CHILL LADDWILLS rivhs 1)h44it THEATRES SOUTH ON tt CI 5-1921 Rod Taylor Sebastian Cabot "THE TIME MACHINE" lotk In Color Darts Day David Wives "PLEASE DON'T EAT THE DAISIES" "The Sod Horse" Wc3-me6o 74czte 167th St 37th Ave 1 1 I i I 1 ti i74-71 'IN h' 4- -4ti 3) lk It- i4-ikt1 -41111Aaix 111DIttIOAD AT 77th AVE CA 6-2131 SOUTH ON tt CA 5-1921 Judy 4 Holliday Dean Martin "BELLS ARE RINGING" "THE TIME MACHINE" Also Rod Taylor Sebastian Cabot 4 I Pinot lotk In Color Darts Day David Wives Marshall Thompson Marla Lancil "PLEASE DON'T EAT MAN INTO SPACE" THE DAISIES" 44 I la II t- 4' TODAY i Weyme60 71ecztte THE BRIGHTEST STAR IN THE FABU- y-41 4 LOUS 163rd ST SHOPPING AREA 77( -1 k' i --k'''1 I NCODNLUCExPulity kflZ' i --c-4' ONFEWCOMM7ODERRTNA 1 Nt OPEN TODAY 11 4t it A 4514f 444 1k17 -A' L'7 i I 1 EP tl 1 tl QI 1 f)hivelot l' )ill 111 i' 1 iit i fs- Z': i 1 1 :1 1 :1 i 4: ttavi I A i 44 --r 4 AA l'EATRES ri 1 4'! 4) I i J- NE toc0 40 It A4'' 4 1014r 7 4 WAIT DISNEYS WYMAN EGAN MALDEN )t) -i-- 1 ii It 4 Ini 4it 4r4114' PPM ft tt 8i MO ON ENJU c0iiisto 1 9 1 ip-t Oi4 s4 a tiq zt'j 1 i I 4t di: ''''''''v 1 6'i' kEvIN Hoare rI'' 14 4k A 4 OCR0ORAN MILLS Igi 0 -cecosi'cc't-T" REHEAD 00 10 t4? A pro- DAVID CHILL 904r I II 1 4:4 A 1 'vi-' LADDWILLS The Scd Horse 'eiro 4 A '1 i Attbfavoliitivn DING C110381 rA13141 hiCOIE 20 8 I tt 0 110 3 111 RI)IAN 111181)1111111) 0 it hICOIE 0111 WE WEREN'T FIBBING when we said that last week would be i I lit the final week of "Psycho" BUT the' demand was too great we just had to hold it for a -3 TENTH WEEK! SHOWINGS at 1:553:55 5:558:00 ID PM wh 11110 a rn -4 ade 'h He ril vvhen ens haPP 3713 SW tli St (ORAL callus OPEN 145 PM You MUST SEE IT FROM THE BEGINNING! 230 LINCOLN ROAD I I 145 HAGLER ST MIAMI BEACH I DOWNTOWN OPEN 10:45 AM MIRACLE MILE CORAL GABLES OPEN I AM ti f9 CI NErvIAScOP5 COLOR by DE LUXE It ti ::::::1 1 t'( -'sle 4--7-1 1 -r :4 72''''' 7': 1 t4)0' "144-1-il sor 11 Li it :4 74)-06 r7--- 0N t-'- 7i'k--7--- it 3713 ith St 1 4' :1 tk i 4 4 i 141 7 fr44111 tf 1 coaAL alums tir 'i- 0-4 i -i': 1 1 tis ita ill 11114 1 14 ai44it 1 Tit 0 ig: -Oft -t91: 1 11''' 4 Ai' ()PEN I45 PM 4174: 7 i i i 1 4 ''i 2': if 1 A ft I) ":0 i 4 i I 1' H' 0 F- i pt 3 fh ii i-1 1- ''A 4 P-1 f9 11 1 i $d' 1' 114 1L's k''''' ts 04 i ii 1 1 4 0 i oc 1 vk ler 414e i 41i 'i zk-4f 't t't 'or 15r- e-'-'''t' i ''A- --''''1- iesforYr' I "I WE WEREN'T FIBBING imi I tvi lit( dyt Imil ok --4-(- -i-- 4 $A44N '4 VA fr A when we sold that i' I if 7f fi t) 4: i 'a''' a 1 -tf-: CINENAASCOP5 last week would be 1 1: 1 I to 111::: 4 N'4 i-f4 0'' II $1: 4 A COLOR by IDE LUXE lit the final week of ::11 I N11 a I :4 nti "Psycho" BUT the' a 3t I 1 7N demand was too 4 As: Ti 7-' ellArtr: goi t-- I 7 great we lust had 'y1 tk it -0--77--- 1 1 ft A 4:::::: 1 tit 0 i 1 5 a 1 it 0 ''''1'' ut a I i ed gre-e k' i to bold it for a financelAgeb Hiege :3 TENTH WEEK! Liriti us a co i ar- 4 A r1 ee lite ag b0' he li lis I- illio ides 7 1 it 1 tV' a dec "5---4 7 i li? a A a 111 he 1 'i He ni vvhe f'soRttgroc To zoFE A ens t97 CCRR owd Al RPr 230 LINCOLN ROAD 145 fLAGLER ST MIRACLE MILE MIAMI BEACH CORAL GABLES 0 YOU MUST SEE IT FROWTHE BEGINNING! What ilaPP OPEN 10:45 AM- OPEN 11:45 AM t'' A1j1) 1---- OPEN 12:45 PM Pa riZiEnni tf 7 i I 0 SHOWINGS at 1:55 3:55 5:55 800 10 PM trixtrgesteTymm-pl 4 MIAMS SPENGS OPEN 2 KIRK DOUGLAS KIM NOVAK "STRANGERS WHEN WE MEET" Erni Kovacs COLOR Barbaro Rush WALT "POLLYANNA" TECHNI DISNEY'S I COLOR Jane Wyman Harley Mills Richard Egan SIARIS TODAY! EINO CFASWFABIAll nrEsaw Yaw llJOLMALEY ACADEMY AWARD mis FINEST PICTURE 'ON THE IIATERFRONT FV9 SPINr ROD zgrn Vow visilizunilralluteu4SERQungiuni) iiimmomiennionsommomowirm a 13-51 I Ai I 6 EVASK AVE Al 15 hi Lost Davi 1:45 r'4a A A71711 -41411 14 4attj 749s a (OLLikS OPiN 141Amt 11110I 14S ROSETTA Open 1:15 1 OEM rialntll 1 lirtk-S doang what they do beat its LETta Plikk tAlit 111 COBS RICHARD 100ki "THE GARMENT JUNGLE" Clark Ohl in "BAND OF ANGELS" IDA Alaufzin gun4d4111aeal TODAY esc At i5 oft 5 tag vstr TO Jet: MARS'" Sour A441 ci Open 845 Threo pi England's funniest It- acloll'or Comodions II TERRYTHOMAS-ALASTAIR SIM IAN CARMICHAEL etpoltaqs rid glo -115116e Stet el As Lot Jack bCOITATiq "IT STARTED "AWAY ALL poen 145 A ws 64 still IN NAPLES" BOATS" ST Dit SEAM BISCAYNE IWO BA 1 INA 143NI ST AT 705 6 11:10 Color ROCK HUDSON GEORGE SANDERS "NEVER SAY GOODBYE' 905 Only CARY GRANT "AFFAIR TO REMEMBER" 2tit AvS at Mut St AT 6:55 6 10:45 I Color CLARK GABLE SOPHIA LOREN "IT STARTED IN NAPLES" S-50 Only TONT CURTIS "RAT RACE" Stuart Whitman May Britt "MURDER INC" VMS SW AVE L14461is 17As St AT 705 11:00 LAURENCE HARVEY Tops His loll in "Room at io Top" "EXPRESSO BONGO 925 ONLY tog1 Grant Wm Plinio BIC PEAT" glIP I 1 SW 24tio ST liewe et 70th AM AT 9:50 Only Cofer MARLON BRA WOO RED BUTTONS "SAYONARA" Color AT 7:20 Only- JAMES GARNER 1 "DARBY'S RANGERS" TAN HEFLIN CHARLES LAUGHTON "UNDElt TEN FLAGS" 1 sr t14 KIRK DOUGLAS KIM NOVAK 1-1'5 'STRANGERS WHEN WE MEET" -J---- '''(''' -1 1 -------------Th Stuart Whitman May Pat Open 145 IIJ mAms spRo64 voAl -tS1111-': OPEN 2 ra Erni Kovacs COLOR Barbaro Rush A 'ti '55 a I fis41 COLIPS AVI NW sad ST (NIA omms Dit)144AV -1! 1 'Y "wrib-MI Ait "MURDER st THE e4'v4'5': Lira rzesza1 413 FLAGLER 1 4r0 rIZZiTAIN 'Al 1 ril TECHN1 :::1 At 34 11114 to' DWISANIETY'S "POLLYANNA" COLOR don't what thew do beat its et" Oth24MAVS LT i tr (litill BISCAYNE BLVD 74A a 011114 OPEN -4 TODAY at (nit RosETTA TU i 143rd ST tr Open 9 45 AT 7:0361 1:10 Color AT 9:50 Only Cofer EAI4mt niEct4 4s Jane Willto Marley Milts Richard Egan si4 AvE toui BC atP4 prm rg tp 1 ri GE'01cGKE ms'ADN'D'IENRs SAY GOODBYE" "SAYONARA" DL DPED TTII RDANNsD 0 U-4 1 Open 1:15 rilWi'dt rg i44 0 I 'NO i A 46r11 164 STARTS TODAY! I t4 El 1 I ACAEMY AW A DAR AT :05 Only Color AT 7:20 1110 HARRISON ST OPEN LIS COBS RICHARD 100ki JAMES GARNER 1 CARY GRANT -I IN HOLLYWOOD i 4S "THE GARMENT JUNGLE" tt "AFFAIR TO REMEMBER" DARBY'S A GER 4 wASs AvE AI Ism hi ailo pm twTHE iLo 'i viscrri uN RESET glasy A S41 6 i "Mt DvtEl: Clark Ohl in "BAND OF ANGELS" NOi 2th Av i PI 4 77--- 4 0 vi 1 A ONE I ON inc 't SetwA 12Tist)ArSvi 1-17010'' r4 1 di 4' i () 6ARTIt LAURENCE HARVEY Mae Ar rtorl gtfdenta TODAY "ilio lit n'Var LEE i tPRVIA I IYATERFROIVT tr sc ri 5 tag vgfr TO deS7 AdlitSoi ECU' Ay A Open 845 IA 0 EN "IT STARTED IN 0- ps Has tOtlin 6-' i 4t: -7-: )''N- 1 11 A 4' C'-' -I ti i imit' I 1 V' 77 I- 4 Izs --4be --r Fog A ORImivr Threo of Englan ROD SrEICER d's funniest 14'-tc: )s 1 tie: of NAPLES" Comodions ti It AT ONLY 1 i ''-3) -7 A 1 co ft crli ApiAl -7 As 1-:" TERRYTHOMAS-AaSTAIR SIM IAN CARMICHAEL ectThAs 4 LA IV nBy 111altiA I 'WES DriT IrELD litICOLE MALPEY a i a 11B viatTlitarrairddeu4SERQUAR1UnlY lb- a Pas 0 -115116e Stet el ''it 4 ii WI WO RAT II COITATi C't "IT STARTED "AWAY ALL tws 114 st lw IN NAPLES" BOATS" Mt A it: "EXPRESSO BONGO totIfigrla wilarodt TAN HEFLIN CHARLES LAUGHTON 0 17 LINDEA TEN FLAGS" r4m145 I Nebo I' I A 47 tr 4 Avotry411irtirrity.

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