Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 11, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 11, 1916
Page 3
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STERLING, tlUNOlS, WgPNESPAY, OCT. 11,1916. j—^-a'-aiii.i^MfaLiUij.-a•.'JajjajiJiBsttiSBeg!/., a.' y.,. ui.^ Jjuiiau«cj-^--L!fcr'.»'g»' i s'"! Tailor Made?Suits,\Coats and Skirts for Ladies ' ..:_..-^,,1, . .jr-~ - .--Jr.— —--•=•• . ,..t? „._„ *s »_.-^, and Misses We have closed a contract with the Ideal Ladies^Tail* oring Co. which enables us to sell ladies'and misses' Suits, Coats and Skirts At a Saving of 25% to You. - • • j The're here to your order, tailor made, 60new fall styles, 250 new fall fabrics. " Perfect fit f exclusive style, highest workmanship and absolute satisfaction guaranteed. W.J.SOWLESD.G.CO. ROCK FALLS Mr>. !i(r,!v lit . .IMI! ;•-• fT-i! nli!'- !u tw rrti>vf-.l. \ m.-irfi-i-'- li-*n<=*' *».!?; '•'<» r n i^i'iM ?•• Urn' H !T(--.\ .-n-,,) \|.irr<T'-' !>??«• ) IV ,( I i • ' t.* .»>• !•<• >! !i>"fit< Stint';! i f'r<>"H A !\vo Wfpt-.«: i IM! iff* 'i ;•• iri|-'!*-i> <Y;4.i;i, XH«.-r ,*. }H.|I,..H. Muh, h» '?. ROCK FALLS DAILY GAZETTE BOOK FALLS, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, OCT. 11, 1916. MASQUERADE i Party Given Tuesday Home of Pearl Evening Emrnont at the I'earl KintnoiiH entertained a iwrty ;..«f. . frlendj* last evening nt !u»r home. There affair wan in nature of a masquerade and the evening wan •"Trpvnr"ln"ThiTiriiTK — and rards. At a late hour an elaborate supper was weryed; Tho*«< |>re«ent wen v : Mlm»e« AiafKeret Horn* 1 , Hcnlnh t'otilcy, Ito^e . Silvermun. liuxel nnd l.)e|*y|e stfi'ln-n* son. Btllth .Mi.Her, Velmn Scott and >.te* Kane, William Kaen, liar- ry Heal. Oncnr (Jeoffroy, Than, Me* Quire, Kil. ColijuiNt and Hugh Plan BOWERYPARTY To Be 'Given Thie Eevening, at The CROCHET CLUB Meeting Held Tuesday Afternoon the Home of Mrs. Morret HER MANY OLD FRIENDS. .... . K.-v. ..... arid JMVs,.Jkiy_JSllller. of.._Alc. {I.eniian. III.. ;in> » here vlnltlng with i.lohn l.unilqulfit iitul fiiniiiy and other ;TI|«-IK|S. Hc\. MIHer was pnntor of the (ChriHtian i Iniri h here for a ntiml»er of jyvur* and hits many friends In -this i-ommunity. at Tho I' ternoon Avenue.' deajxwed IHK ..the nigh . U. P. Jensen Home Bowery Party will be giV'en to- ght by* Mr. at»d Mrs. li. B. John- Mon and Mr, and Mm. 'I*- P. J.en- iw»n at the Jen*e.n hoTn« on, Kimt u venue. About twenty couple will present and a good time IH expcctei: filj ^ .- ENTERTAIN AT OINNER • Mm (irire* Kagelly entertained at dinner Monday. Mr. and Mm. -Tom Stephen**/!! of lyindon MillM and Mrtt R. L. Good-bye Dyspepsia Oo Your Own Cooking, Sample Each OUh and Still Have a Keen Appetite, Try Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet* Free. Moat'women lone their appetitjcn, get •our stomach, water brash, heartburn, gux, rumblings, had breuth, coated ton- •;ue *nd tired all over after cooking their own meal». A Htuart'n DyapepHla Tablet after each meal will overcome ihene trouble*. If you enjoy preparing a luncheon or an attractive dinner but the odor of cooking pal Ut on you, take one of Stuart 1 * Dyspepsia Tabletn after your next, meal and you will find at once a remarkable Improvement. Stuart's Dynpepida Tablets are for aate at all druggist* at 60c a box. Send coupon—bfflow~roi1ay~-Ttnd wt- will at once-b'tsiid you by mull a sample free. Free Trial Coupon A. F. A. Btuart Co., 229 Stuirt" Building, Marehall, Mich., »cnd mcr at once, a free trial package iif Btuart'u Dynpepata Tubluts. Kama ....,,..,.... Street ..,.,,,... City. State <... rockct club met Tui'.idny ftf- with Mr*. Morrell on Third The t 'rocketed' Ynke wns of and Miws Katie Si-ott be- winner. A neat «um of $13 W«,H rcrilizfd from the yoke wh'fcb was given to the Catherfno • 'Fryo fund. Mrs. Wiifdihurn wan gi\'*'n another yoke bet-si «»ne «ho sold the moxl I'hanft'w on tlie other yoke, Tht-re were about twenty members prCHetit and the nfternuon wan !>pent In fancy work. Mjp. Wllmm ansistod Morrell in the entertnlning.Di'll- refre«hinent» were . REMODEL STORE CHRISTIAN CHURCH Ttm '<'hrl«tlan '"htirch choir will meet tonlKht fur retii'rwil, Kvery mi'mber i« asked to be present. Thursday evening the re«ular prayer rnm'ting "III l>e, ht-ld. MOTOR TO LOWELL PARK. Mr.i. .Merrill Foy, Mr. and Mrn. Karl Foy,of Tampfco and Mr. and Airs, Vrank Van Drew motored to Lowell tmrk Sunday. HOME AFTER SIX MONTHS' TRIP. Harold Newton and Wilford Geoffroy returned* home Hunday evening from a six months' trip In Detroit and Indiana. The boys report many funny experiences. 1 •••? .Mr. ,'in«i Afr'ji F.V i»ifk. 1>. Mciviri rcTiirnc-il Tnps(!ay frftih Fiedford v, ftiTf ho wft.« rallt-d by "''riotis iiln«-«. < s of fi!« father. He (•i« f.itl:»-r much Improved."«« Minnie Thnlf-m ftf Princeton «ifln« at-tbe hotnr- nf ,Mr, nnJ Mr*. '.. Uray, ; T«. I'. MoMn?*n ,in iv»«| homp Mrtnuiay o^fnitiK from l*errttttr~' - wtTere IK* at• i-nded the w eddlhsi of lil« hrnthpr. Ml*«< Minnie Thulem of Princeton Is vlfiltlnir nt tht? horn''" of 3Mr. and Mrs. M: K. 'Jrnv.' sin. carat- Tuesday f^r a Visit,w !th his plsler 'Mrs. NiT^.W. fywtle, 1'en .Meyer? went to Alnbfjy Tuw- diiy morning on biifinesj. >• M. OIKSB ot Clinton wa» here Tuesday "in busirirPs. K K. ilrnnt nf r-'reeport Ppcnt ilay lu're <n bui'lnp.'-'''. 1-Yank CSrlmca went to Tupiedav mornlns- lin hl Mr. and Mrs. l.loyd H^ttw and faml- ,y went to Amhoy Ttiendny morinlng for a rhort visit. Mr«. William Bard returned to frst home in New Bedford Tuesday n'ttfr n TTeTTT't"'VR»r llFre. SlrH. ..Allre Hen'lrtfk nf RtfrJtng S-» .(Piling at tiie hi *nt : of Mr. «ni! Mrs. .'.'tin McNeil. Mr. and Afrs. Chaa Mcsanipy and c^e from Aur >ni Sun* nt Jhe home of Mrs. •!'iv ittid vlxltrd 1, V. Mn'nrthy. L. E. Rife Grocery to be Remodelec ^l»w Lightning System Installed .Starting Monday the I.. R.- nif,« grocery more will bei remodeled. A new fliMir room will b« built, new alielf.:„ and. a _new, ,_Indecl_ Uuhttng hyutetn will be installrd. The Htort completed U will be one of 'the rntmt attractivu ..Grocery »tore» in Twin C'ltlcs. . . RECEIVEDJNJURIES By Falling From Fire Escape at the ' Merrill School While playing on tho fire escjip at the Merrill school .Tuesday lifter- noiin tho eight year old daughter of Mr. and .Mrs. c. \V. Denning had tin miHfo,rtun» to fall which reunited "in a gash being cut in her head and other bruih-eM about the handH and arms, but which proved to be nothing serious. BIRTHDAY PARTY Given Ruth Wiles Saturday-T Twelve Girl Friends Present. A birthday party was given Mi«s fluth VVIIes at her home Haturday afternoon.'' There were about 12 llt- le glrlH"pre«ent." a Tlie fMH-a»ldh waw H honor of ituth'g tenth birthday. The ittlo girl received .rmany beautiful Tho afternoon was spent In muuic ind games. Dellcloua re.freahmenttt BREAKS ARMS This Morning, While Henry:._ Wlaaell wtia play4ng tho chutes at the Merrill school i£ morning another boy pushed him dawn and lie fell a.- distance of about six feet, badly breaking booth of his Urma. A doctor was culled and the -boy properly --cared-for:— - • The following letters remain uncalled for in the post office at Rock Full*: .Mrs. Florence Crossley . (2). Vluirles Cap. t". C. tlrady, po»t4Da»ter. * AUTO TRIP. •MiV"rilTd^tr». IVIJrSiirirth and fam^ Uy l«ft -Tuesday morning,, for an auto "rfn»~fo T CIfIi[ ; ag«r~a"nU ""tlirouglt MTchlgatr. MOTOR TO MT. CARROLL. .Mr. and Mrs. J. 11. Hall and .Mr. and Mrn. A. .M. C«>nlfy .motored to ilt. Carroll Sunday and visited 8mith!a t-ave. ROCK FALLS BRIEFS i Public Sain of TEACHERS "WIT MEET Whitcside People On Program Of Teachers' Assn, To Be Held At Dixon. Tin 1 iiroKrnm for th« nnniiiil mectlnr f t hi* North\vf«U v rn uet'tion of tht Northern Illliinis Tfoc-hi-rs' AitHorlntior whlcli will ti»> hi'ld In Dixon on Thur*day. Frtiluy and tSalurday. Oft. 28, ;*. and -S, IUIK t)»««»n completed, and li in* surc'R the teachers* and public Who at r tend thi> nici»ting» »om«* very helpful «tul , instructive fiittirtuinmcnt. Tht nn'otiiik' will l>e for th<« i«'a<-hpr« of Ji l»avi»'H, Ktcjfln-nson, \\' i n n e bago, H»onc, Carroll, .<)«!«», I>'Knli>; Whll«'- »ld<' and <'oimtlt»n. ttnd doubt !•'»> f Featuring Our $5.00 Hats The $5.00 trimfned hat is al- iy ays a popular seller. Most every woman is willing tf» pay this price for a good looking hat* ed many times this season on the excellent styles and values we give in our hats •at $5.00. For the week end we shall double the number now on display and include some of our $6.00, $7.50 and k.Tt^»»» V^- X^ JS> V^ Wim. •*' w» Vf --r^ -»--- w -*• -^ — — $8.00 hats in the lot; alsd many n«w models from the work room 4UJ« -, «„!. ' T* ! •*'*'•«»**«» » *ti M2 this week. Far Tomorrow; Friday and Saturday Take your choice from 50 models, hats for women of all tastes and tnwes. and better hats, we believe, than you expect at this price, each $5.00. A splendid assortment, , Entire front »«eond floor Lawrvnc* Building DILLONIHAT SHOP WE SELL GAGE HATS Firtt Avenue tab* Elevator. MADE PINE-START (ContjnttPd from pane J.I IS ORATORICAL > rt»! with his ri 1 . t th«' f>th«T Ho-s(»nyr,i»iH of thi> i > which |Milut 'n ' hlntory * In vhanipUin !he iocrn(*. Th«'«e tun r>d With HpeC'CllPS of ; for fire and fflentn vthilii? i-ver rei-i'rd- |>olil It-ill jq.eevh of , flt ot <.' J^irnlUirp nt 502 Ji.- 7th jUreet Sterling.* 'Word wa« received' Tuesday from ogallah, Kanwut, that Jake Print k wa» a little holler and that -hi* would rer cover. . . -' Mrs. Adam Urown of Third Avenue who' ha»< been very 'nickels Improving I), Hitji'crd of. Hock'!' Inland .'wjw Tiiesduv 4in hiiMlne.HH.' • Mrs. Maltilda Van Drew. returned horn* Tuesday from Budea where xhc been'siientling a couple of months, Mr. und Mrs, Koht, Atkiiin return* honfe. last evening from a visit In HoHevlIle, Mr«, --George, Poiil t er who has been visiting svt tin? home of John Thompson returned hoiw Tuesday, °Mr»». John Thompson und_ cjUldren_iicconi|mnled Mrs, C.Jv DempHoy and little, i—went to Chit-ago today hundredirofThem will attend. A law number of the teacher* OiU county are p'lattitlng on -going. A number of the educators of Whlt»j«ld« will al»o tuke part In the nemiioiiii. Prof. 1,. A. Helnner now, of Freeport, formerly of Sterling,In president. Hupt. t) 1C. Pharen, superintendent of th«F RiM-l fnllit aclmuui,_ har fMrge^oLthe Crammer section and has out lined a f&ttt. program. During "this period ilhw Mnhel Whwilfr of the Sterling town* whip Rolutul wl^" o Uilk on "\Vhai a pupil should .know and what 'h« should he able to do" when he finishes the eighth grade,'* Mis» Muriel Phelp* of Sterling,, has charge" of .the man It section, and she ha* out lfnert~nn-tntrr- fstlng hour. Thcuujwrlntendent o! tHveptunci would out «il In the tnnklnK. Tt, f*. Smwlley of Hock Island. JI1, wan then introduce)!' a,« the »ji«ukt-rj it. the evening. . Mr. r Hmodlcy who i?, :lty. and at prencnt t-hrtlrmnn of th«»j •mtnberKhtp •n.funtnlttet' of the Hot k li«- i 'and V. M. C. A.. In a man very con- wrunnt with the AHMoHatlon' vwrk. He IH n shaker of ion<^ and jiiter- ?st ntid lilM words luHt niiilit were .•ery Hiiltaltle to the occasion. Mr. Hmedlry took for tli*> keynote of his speech the- nlmt'Ie word "Scrv-i< e". j ^ { He Rhowed how- a new xplrit was en» j h ^ >ring Into practically every phane ««fj 'Ife fornTneretftl n« well an rellglou*! ,and nocfal and Ihiu this was the cplr-j It of iw'rvlt'e, .He dlwu-wd service an j applicable to tho work of tin* V._M. ,*'. i i* iiMHirViititJiT finin PaK<* me iiisr (he | ropoKandlMJ! liut i«a!d. 1 h:«ve no undrn*t;initiiiK. no iitl'v-i 1 " M. "n<i KitrUruf with anybody. Hut iSiiiul fur the interestV of the 1 'mt< •) •; ttj. ii :tii s und the protection i»f Aniirh.iii to Ui ••M. Aineiictin property and ArnerU"ait |'n ind->\v ninei'i«» thtouKhout tin- woild." r»-' (;•• fii!»- h« iv!n!t- t! ati« ! tiilr«nt lit- . ;ir t!i«- nt«! l>\ rttu;i-' "WM- WILSON LEFT TODAY. Asbtirv I'ark; 1 N. .r.. n. {. :T,-. "--. itt-il ^irtimrirtn' 1 acttvftlPjr~t fat ii»l«-ri-i«t t.inlay ax CreKident !«on prepared in leave fur IndianaptiH^ W il'Te he (llilki'S tJiree speefhejt tomorrow.' 'in.. 0.11 t-ftatl tu iiriiiK ttse. .now doubtful Il'i'^ier stale under dcrno- ,. |.,ilnr«- With Mrs AVIInon lie at 1. "•<> UiiH afternoon and ,-wUl resn-li .liidiiiini(«>li« shortly after 11 -.i'i-|i«>k Miii«'.iri>w morning. He will IK> in Indiana poll* nix houn* and will .i.i- ji.f th<- fire h. turh»-.j m i p.t.»..-r ha-l ; \>!un.b«r. t>irt«U»;}| a »»d by way t tj«.» «>ffll-er f«*.ft}f«J with lh»» ^Alwayi-Pty for Dt«obedt«nc*. Is ««r«in«tny. IM!*»J&«llenc«, Jle who dlJiolwjri th* • laws of nature h.-is a dor-tor hill to pay. Ht» who -disobey* thf taws of his conn- Irj" has a lawyer's* bill to i«iy. Iuin4u'<in tl»> ~K~. -Mowing fiow i coming to bo one of tho biggest fac tors In the world of commerce by which- big himlm'xn „ rjb'ncerrm cmiltl, serve tlu-lr men. The mw-uker flted.' '" the. United Stated an . helnji the moxf Wasteful natipu In-tlu» woVld and'de.' Clupotil hoti'l. i :it — thi» f»i»:— a ' , j and a gathering of farmer*. IH'inorrJitic leaders attach 'importance 1 to the president's visit Iwcauw feel» he muKt not hesitate mi the trip in, view of tli«j International de- \i'l<i|uiii'itlH and plan!* have (teen made men. -T-lu* a«iroeiat1oti~itiT waste of Christian t>e«t meaim of Hto|>rtiiK present high nchoo throughout our Me'nV jwld-wft}* our loin leak. The ny»tem prevelant country, The Hoy Hlnir will b« pnaent and give an MIXER SHIPPED for a. vlair Compton thU Harry l)yer went to mornitiK on tnisiTICKS. Mr, and MI-H. F. H. (Jeyer returned homo lust eveninK from a visit In .Chi* , 42 MrH. 1. 1.4111;; wll'i ban boen sick u> be up- and around now, — Mix. Janu'« Honsenbaugh la spend- n« a few. d«y« In Chicago. > Mr, and Mr», Thomas StepheiiHon returned to tht-ir homo on UmUuit .Mills after a visit here \ylth Air. and Big to Machin* For Sterling Paving _L;.. Arriv* Here Friday. -, Some of the city officials have received word from the Conducive l»av- Ing Company, that the coiicret mixer, which WUK ordered by the company some time ago from a Milwaukee tlrra has been eoinpleted and that it wa* shipped Tuewlay from the nhopa dl- tp Sterling. It I* expectetl to ar- In Storllniif Friday, Oct. )3. ant! the 4|tie»tlon has wriwn among «wme of the workmen l»s"To" whilner they- vvlll Ktarron^the new Job on euch an unlucky day. The men'-aay. They art to cet work, hut are a little Scout, Playground and many other modern movement H were mentioned «» outgrowths of the-. w»rk begun by the Y. M, -C....A. Five' tilings- were 'iH-censary In win the. present <'ampalKii accm-diiiK to Mr, SmtMlley-and -tl.icwt \vor»« plaiiH. ut f bit supcrutltlouH atwut Friday, the 13th The de!ay. |.n receiving the miser us to have been due to a atrik* whlefc stopped 1 'work at the shop for some time. j''lv->) ol' ttU I'lifluutltt of titiahi'd ' work. He e,xpresKed that with n continuanci i»rn like that diHplayed and With loyal nervlce on the run ,t those conducting the campaign anoth or week would nee the membership <'•• the. 1 local jinhoclatioii ltn-rea«ed t *«H'en hundred , AIRSHIPS AT SEA (Continued 1-Yom l'.%K" 'One) jinny ha* acted entitcly in uiu-ordanct with its protnixoH In the operation o 'lie. U-53 off Nuntuckot nlumls Sun"lay." ^ ' • - r--~-.v;:--. AVhlle the methods employed by tiu -H«ttm«ndcT-of the-t*-«8 »p|>ear to liavi •ojn p! led w i t h thUi go verijmi! n l'» »I fp- ila.tions« the larger question concern- nt; the administration now is. wheth- sra the United Statnn can hrr subiiiai-iiic m'tlvltleji twirui, mennchiK .ooinmerr ily exponlnff to «l«n«*r t tou»r«t«> f ur outside H« and jioa he llvi-a of *rrtn >r the- ' w«rk ship- w TIie Easiest Shoe on Reed's Cushion Shoe for Men o OAK IKATHBR OUT SOif Walking is a pleasure in Pi% Beed's Cushion Shoe, Conforms perfect-, ly to the shape of the bottom pf the foot Needs no breaking in. Assures perfect comfort, •r . . • ' Complete line of shoes for Men, Children* , J^ ~ ~ Dr. A. 'i i tut, •First ''•"r - • TO {Sterling, carried out to the Second nvonuc system, nnd near wlu-rt' It IB to he used. Mint-, cjir Kwtds more have to Htprllnft-J'or' the compiuiy ainl they tio'ii lay In K on J.ho. Rock .l'^tlby^4l. until they ar* \ynuted for tin- 9l»- Th» city r.fiiclalB AMI un« tlmr t>*< concret 5 -work ^hiill Uy r American, men "f Mild wotn«u ?«;lved by ae»t( lnu>r<<«t» .•emlndi-rs b« U can not Wilson from buul- TRirf~ denwfidTng iflven iw Germany virtually Homo thut (lie action thut would nut Iw limited to a pr«»- how*«vt>r, di'clltio t« PUT ON NRW TRUCK. •• Th« I't-ople'u Ice A C««l Company ha* /ant put on a £t>w delivery truck that will hiuidle two-ton load* for theli ul deUverif«|, This will greatly facilitate thti dellyej'lo* fpr tljln cwmpfljjy tuid prov.^ a c^iwpu^ni^ U» patrons a» well. OUCH! MY BACK! RUB LUMBAGO PAIN AWAY Rub Backache Away With Small Trial Bottle Of Old , _ "St, Jacob's Oil" ou u mall ,\Vltvn or > small trial Jacol>'M ml" little. in jour Hi '.'UiS your bavk 1« w»r«- uii^ huae Hcluiicu ur rh«;uniut(«oi IM« l m>, duit't jiuflrvr! Oet a of olft, muivat "HI. > Uiui! fetor*.*, iwur s* hund/aiul uiti U rlKlit on and .iUi". Un) U)!l.UI V. h, limit -- tti- to li i<ain u ht will t«ke. H«'cr«-tnry lJin»liig would make no nt«t«'in%>m hufwiv U-av- 'nft for Washington, - Aitvr l»rvnkfu»t t)u« pivsideiu w«»nt to th«> golf , courw and nothlnu w«h forthcoming fi«»m him ronurdliiK the eunfer«»ncn wl,th Hecfciary l^uihlnn It *« likely thut Hicpti will tu> (nk"n ut •>!»•!• to learn Ufiniiim'w futute Inten- floni» iiiul to detcriuUio wlu-ttu-f <i«-r- ftiuny (ilann to make \{H cunt)>aiKii : i jia i ii)$ I i-iii-iny hlil(if. «»n thin nidi- of the ocean iieiinuiieiit. ' if^ »u< h' *-tcp» ha\c not alrviidj l«eeu taUi-aJ SEARCH WAS FRUITLESS(1!\ raited I'lfHH ) * Newjiolf, J{, |. 4»»-f 11 We.Ui ll i'f Ihc II V H. dcHllii>eiM for the *UI .•horn of tfie Miliinai iiu- iniderM. which it»it«'«l t'Ully >i'4*ti'tduy. lU'oved fruit- tsBS ISval AdmlrMi OK'.neH and hi* *taff have |.ia«tlcully KJU-H ti|» ho|u- »f lindliii; lhi,> »-|4-v\ of the KHi^nton If jiit-h u i»|ili) ¥•'•)« sunk off Nautili kc( UH- of a the Hm'r Uit, II. Ku«i»«»n with n* .H K and DH Ito from Indianapolis. • ' WHITMAN SPEAKS. (Uy :L : nlted I'mifU Chicago. III.,'Oct. 11.—Charles S. 'Whitman, of N'cw York, who made the nomiimtlns speech for'Htighi'ji at the i -^invention here, wan tw k in «'hti-age> t-'dsiy and delivered a Hpeevh ",tt a noon meeting Jn which he'net forth uuallHcHilontt of .the ciimUdute, lie viHI Ki»eak. at Mutiny tonight anil will aildre** another' »y*w»- - rS^fx .' -, * " PROHIBITION TOUR. < Ity I'ritteil Presfl.) cbii'tuio. Ill «'t't. 11. —("arryitig J. Crank llimly and Ira Landrtth, prohibition <-aii(liiiat«'s for pre«idi«nt arid vii-p s-M-f-tdi-ot, tJ»e '"dry" Hi-cciul W iK' throitfrh lllinoi-s. tn-ii HIU nnd (S (isiH wofk preparatory t<» th* *nii wind •• up' Saturday in. Kentucky and Tenm-itsee. Saturday flight 't id^ niUy will bo held in Nashville, Tonn., 1 ;tt,ilii!>t'si lining tf.v ti. ,Tlii*< jwilt mark the etul-of 'th« third laj» of the Pro - Mpi'i hil tour. ROBBERS Two ~rnb twra iick Tir«- Shop "Money I by the police: tuicaped with altout $<0 worth of ai-''es«i>rlesi and one tin-. The. men entered the store though u rear window and wer* just wh»-n officer Whet^tlnt* »i»- th*' SW.TS IS FINE FOR KIDNEYS, QUIT MEAT Flush the - Kidneys at Once When Back Hurts or Bladder Bothers— Meat Forms Uric Acid. Jv'o mun or woman wlu» ruts nu-at 'cJin make a nu»i«Vt*'by tlu«h- kidnt-ys ovcuhUiually, MJS a n . \utluirity. .Meat foiniiiuric it-Id \VUlch'' (logs the kidney p«»iv« f«o hey hhu.t;i."-|il> filter ur Hiraiu onl> i.irt uf the VkaMo .ind poihiiuw from the >bn>d. tlt"H >ou K«'V hsck. Nt-JuV> uil In"in. lieuda>'hf>, liver tii>ul»Jc, j ktiSlie>s. . Tli"'«at*nu'tit JIHJ fe<-l si dull ai-lie Ji» be MdticyM or Jf.iir huri«< or tf h«' tn in*- n« oloud>. o|Tt'HhH *"« • lull of eot. irr«'KUl.u nf HUWN.-!^*' <•»' ;*t- cil I'V it M'tlfedllolt nf bc-ildttu;. K«'t il f.Mtf *»»fMV« ff Jail Ktitn fl'UU ny i.i, h» ph'titn.tcy siiui t;nk«' ;t I.*- lt*t.|u>Mi4tul in ,j Klt«"»> «if water t»f"l«- n>aKI'»t f«»i .1 fvw d.ij» and >«uir kid- 4 :;{>•'* ill » K in tde flolli^thf acid «»f W i«l l< iiM<u jmr«- ccint'tjii -t with ini ii,t>» in i'!i i.-t<t lor '£> isi'i .lUf In-n: K« ji> uti i! It IWI > MI I l»uit WIRELESS NOT HEARD. ii'u, i.i i. i:, i, t 1 -. »4-.><« ! - '<ii iu it I' -nryrv Smokeless Oil Heater si a regular iftfk» far> n^ceofhefttffigexieryy The Peffertlon Smokrfea Hcatf r H in«H»petMabic in the , ing fsM"iliuf» you hasr«— the lutlmxim i» «uo toU for baby'* hath, tl>f **«««« room is i'hilly, the Ihing room u not ruinfofuhfo, tnc kuodty, -tfo- UiJ.emmt,-4tb« »itic. sill have ct>Ui comer*. Grt a Pesftctioa Smoke lew ~^ Hrutcr to*t»y- It b»»mt k«- oscne, t'hfip «n.| aJinr* ava»l*hk. Any g»»d kirro« teat will giv« «»titf*f4ion, but for t»e*t iwult* w»* Perfection Oil. AfoMtoA*— *>o«fa*f — «w odor — no wtkn. Juvt plenty of Dwect, W*ITO air tlut ni*ic» hots*, home. 4, Weigh* li twwsisd*. i* only 2$ iufhft lugb and 12 iorhct in dUiJiewt. Hsithcd in highly |«>!!»Kf»l meet 01 blue ecumei. rnmuun|» *x* b'u-k J4i«4is or nkiuel. r'uy |w liKht— Sih'ih* drum auj ututh 4 nuici*. Itegu* late li-iusc *$. drurtd. No liccd to- vj»rry1tx'*.jt ttr.f. the to i« Standard CWCompany

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