Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 11, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 11, 1916
Page 2
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TWO. ••nil 1 . Ml'"- r«Tr»'"»r!tr l A r>i!t,.<!f h STERLING. ILUNOiS, WEDNESDAY. OCT. 11, 1916. *,*>*w****,m:mm<*«m** ij^ij^juiiiiiiyji*^^ mil i ^ijgaMitaa^B^iiiMiii^^-^-i*^*^''!*!" mi *m,'tm nm*i«™ *mrT- . T,*—~—- • •—— •—— - **><?„ '! .Riff ii-ifnt of .*-*ttf» tt'Mt is more than Shoe Polish It !« co in posed of wax and oils so combined as to gi?e a brilliant, lasting shine and to soften and preserve the leather. jf ~ llhe handiest, jBB08t-«ffidentJhoe_sJiMiigL.8ei_yott.. can buy at any price. Sold at a nominal cost to users. FOR HOME, GRIP OR AUTOMOBILE At all Better*— Take no substitute T- MAY MOVE BRIDGE H D'-ainngp Commission Ask to i Mev* Bridge in Cutlat! ,.r?';. ;..i!'.; </ ;»•• summit Pi.iin- ;>K" I'l^tiii' M 2< •:'.:• \ .yiiOi-th" highway 4 VifnrmtvMonft« >f f'nhm <5rw<>. r.»Hj s-.K-r, V. S.. T.-isrjriit heid a it>K :i? the- '"fittrtit MoridSIV it ft in ttifit district,- The ijusiciii—liaji MORRISON DAILY GAZETTE , ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, GOT. II, 1910, FROM MENDOTA CHILD AFFLICTED N.w M, *E» Pastor At Morrison Wa» LittlB Son of Roy Teach 1« AfflteUd M. B. There Five Years titir <l »iiittn« > nt«- With Infuntil* P«r»l y gi« at Air ' !,!<-<ly TfHi'h, tho four yoar uld son at f'hl'iUM on Mori- or * ^ r ""'' Mr?, Hoy Twich of thlft I lt<>\ Tli'i-mas* II. '"''>'. was pronounced on Tuesday to minted to the t'hiiri li '"* "-fflletttl with Infantile puttUynlB. In thin city llcv. Rrruim-m tins l» «>n i The < ''lid had seemed In good health of thn Mend.'ta rhurch fur ttu>j'»' Hunday cllpplnylnir no wymptomc H« Jem*, inn) vftn_»ni )V( l hf-rei'* l!lp «'lJ»en««. »«t on Monday morn , two" from in: In Hmtcc of Hie t'.itinli In thin rais--o hiw right ami. ' nnil U was IhaMIie Mo wus taken ,,( IM-IW: the iihl«»; In'wrvlc* of ° « l'hy.«l«;fan who.-when examining ih<« \Vhileaidi» County f>a»lors, havr;, »h*» chile) discovered wtmt D* thought ItiK been working In thin county for, <«« the- cauBe. A consultation wa* tlw» (met fifteen yiam. lie has In-en llp ld Tuesday and tho caae pronounced i»ui»»lntcd tn tho M. W. mwtorato at infantile -pamlyalii. It was reported Tfa-'r-H Jo Davl* t'uunty, Tuesday afternoon that Die'right shle f the- chlltlti .body Juul become para- HAD GUESTS AT DINNER Mr, find Mr«. Low in' Jfi<x delightfully , entertained the following peo- ?' pfe Sunday itn dinner swa**: Mr. ami 'Mr*. John Kfi'gnn un<! fnmlly of Plaln. Mr. «"< ^ wy und funilly, Mr. anil .Mi-s. Tom ! nm1 family, Mr. find Mrt. Mrft'y nn.1 fnmlly. Mnry t'offey, Ooffpy anil ?-kl. I-lyrin. fht- Highway commissicui^r* to bf al !{»W|>rJ fn jtJOl'f Thf hff»lfi'?> f>*Jft ff'f't fft:ifn I tfifj !>t;K'f wh«r* Tt now fftqmdn, Thry hsivf ;i!sri fiski-tt that thf- ' *<>rnmis«lon- rts assist in pa.VifiK -th* 1 *Xtrnw nf Tjxivln^r thf 1 sfrtict'irf* jin<1 thf ijr<"if">s- Hfori if. nnvv tintlfi- «;u»Hid«*rji- tlnri, Th« % Ontinajjs* t'lntimijwion- will r-fitp(- li'-forc t!ii j <*«iunty rmirt on Monday «rul a?k th<> J*»K«I f'Stai*Ii>hmrni <»f the .Summit ijraitiiiK'c L>l*triet. REMODELROOMS" Work l« Bsjjun on Militl. Club Rooms At th* ArWiery Wr»rk htm hpjrun trn thn ..j-crnnd^Hnit <tf thf 1 i j !<tf> r(»»»W*s of th* 1 tnliWliu ^n tti«> Rntiwy. A* r»n\f\K ve\\\ bt> t-itm* «trurt«»d in th«« rnnln t-of>rrt rlividlnir tt so thUt thr*H» di'ftkR will h thwc for tho commiMitnird Thc« room formf-rly itKfd for tho captain'* office will \>* n*«l ns an nfffcr for the first Hf(tr|?f»)t. -— SfAKEjjmiBGES Supt Tagdbtt 8iUk*«l OM* fiv» Bridge* on County Lin. _. Township etakexl out five bridge* Tort ^, _ i^alrhavco «n Monday afternoon, The letting -for . ««'»;k \ t S, the conlraeL r»<- Drive Out Poisons Cleenw and Regulate the Bowels, Stir * Up the Liver «m» Rid'the 8y«tem . ( of Rheumatic and Other s ,Poiion». Try Trex. , , . Only 25c. Bon«« HO quickly, ANIBWDRYSHED I* Being CenctrucUtd on Clinton 8tr«*t by Budg.r Lumb«r Co. A nl*tt>r. o/ tho Httlc boy was at-. The Bculufti- lAitnbfr company hn« lending tlu- fir»t Rrailo at tho vottth weRtiii work on th«» ciinntructlon of n «ldv. this be!n«; the only child In tho dry »h»* locntcU on the «ant »lda of fnntily nttcnrttnff school. Tho flmt j Clinton Btrwl opixwlte tin* office. Th<? four Krttdcs at thnnouth aide school i ^ruoture will bentxty by ninety-*l«ht closed on TufMday for fublgntlon 1 tt?*l with a concrete floor. Tho and will probably not reopen will al»o toe'wt on concrete (inatn until Mond«y. Bvery p"rccau- tlon will bp taken to prevent any fur* E. & W. CLOTHING HOUSE / The Great Clothing Market of tWs ther ctuwn or any eprvadtng of tlu» divadcd diveava. Epidemic Seem to b« Developmg South of Town An opeiVmie pf hog cholera »wmii in bo iirfakltiK out again in the di'ovcft of hojjB of fnrmi-rH in thin vicinity,, but m*ema mostly to afflict of town.-Several' farmant wonderfully, so what constipated, bill- li that district huve ; n-ct'iHly lout hogn from this <Jr»eiu»o, among them peoplo »«y after they Hum Mathrevv; l-Yiuik Forth, M, J. -rV^x. * j Kndtlon. and U Is rep6rted that the 'wtttttH things moving In a • hurry, j MM be^nglnir, to Jatnew Klt-tchw uro «f, mildly, plwanantly and . ea»»y j «*»velopl'ng. Mytnptona- of me <H««WK». yo« «curc*'ly realize It, 1 although ho has not an yet lost ans^o* Sfnp'W aftor. a luay "nvBr.'-^fopB j tht> ynlmalB.— •~~~~~~. ~~' r """ '- l n^S^S- l TOR'MIsi^NSPACHll Kyulfin, riilH body of Irritating.j. : ^;_ , : .„.-, .. ,;:.-..,.,-, ,.•:.- .and othvr polHottM, prevcntti j Miu Edith Swanson Ho»t«§« at Shower In Her Honor innki'8 you feel ! <, M| S « Kdlth Swonson entertained flf- MET WITH MRS. PITZCERALO The membem of jthe Monday oven- Ing ci'ib were plwuuintly entertoinml Monday evening nt the home of Mian JEnmk '''~ prosrram for the ovenlng a dainty lunch \va» nerved by th* hostess. BIRTHS Knox—A .baby daujthteq waa born inornlni; to Mr. and Mrs. Lous .- have read—heard—possibly you know from experience of the advance in clothing prices. Twelve months ago-as long ago as that, and longer we anticipated this advance. We bought staple merchandise at former prices. We bought goods in the piece, outright- holding them to be made up until style tendencies became fixed./ This foresight, this unexcelled experience, this work of months was for you. It's a part of what E & W service and five store buying power means to you. It means that you can buy here color fast, durable, correctly styled suite and overcoats" at prices as low as ever. Will you take advantage of it? Suits and Overcoats for Men and Youths $10.50; $153)0, $20.00 $25.00, $30.00, $35.00 Knox of tbtH city "Corn afternoon to Mr, and Mrs. JDwigfct Wileon otthl* city. MARR1AGEJ.ICENSES MurrJagc Hccnii<>« were f«»upd on aftcrnoon^to—Earl'^PoweH-of ami Wtea Hawil Irwln of this fln/« «ud dime Jt ijuivkty. Try Treat. You'll, l't> nucprliMMl, (icllKl>'t('tl and nev- I'har- «r, f wtiiout lt,r~a&«- at at ••-\\ttf homo on north Uo»«' Monday • evening In ..honor, of Miss Mnmlo Auhj'iic'h. Tho affair tx^Int? in the nBttirt' of a BurpriHo laundry Tho eyeninK way •yruDtett."a." PROBATE COURT RECORDS KHiato of John .», Q\ouK>n r , clulm allowed. 8. A. Alien, 9.00. Kstate of Jacob MHIhoiiHe, aJ lowed. Moom Monuart. C ' Kutate of I-lrank K, Cojicn, decwis- ed. Proof of noiic««. for fliuil nettlo- inent filed aiid ai>r»rovpd. Hnal report approved and discharge ordered. Boys' Clothes »• : > Mothers find here just <le«Jre for their sons, Wunn, "shirty styles in ovoreonts for "children iind youths. Kxtm t suitn and ovor«out« pri«:'0« "from ~- r~~~ ~~ ~~" These crimpy mornings make you think of the K & W where, ey sell union suits that lire warm ninl foiii('orta1»le. Select eotton union suits-at $1 to $2. Mercerized and silk union suits $1,50 to . $4. Wool union suits $2.50 to $5,00, Blue and Gold, "V" Neck Sweaters, $6.50 Every high school man in town should wear oiu* of these ne-\v "Sterling" swealeiv. It w«Mild show their loyalty to tho Blue ami ]?o.o tlieiiTTT" /tooxnue.tu. . aiouxctrrliA. and Mittens $1.00 to $5.00 H of Lydia E. Pinkham*s Vegetable Compound. Say it is Household E»tato of- William -Ilowe, aee«a«ed iiented and petition to probate filed. Hrarlngr wrt for Nov. 3ni ' ISntate of Oeorne Warner, dece&Bed PoUtion.far letter teat filed. Bond re- eclved in will. Unter* ordwed, Rttt&iQ of AguMtR- M. J. Warner, de* ri-a8Bil. Affidavit of pouting notice* to redltom fil<M) und approved. MORRISON^BRIEFS . Prank MIcgM ^"Mit'Tp ROchelle on i.uHin^en Tuaudfty. Mr. und-Wra. Thomas Qaff^y left Miracle. AU women ought to know the wonderful effects of taking- Lydia E, Pinkham's Vegetable Compound -even-oa tho^e who" seem hopelessly ill. Here are three actual cases; Harrbburg, Penn,— " VRUen J was dagle I suffered a (Treat tteal from female veaknesa becauBe my work c-onipellod mo to etaiui aU day, , I took l<ydi& K, l^iikham^ Vegetable Compound for that and wia nuuio stiongcr by its use, After I was warried I toc»k tlie Compound ugain for s fenmlo trouble and after- three mouths IiiaBHed what Uw doctor called a growth. Ho tutid ft was a iiiiraolo tbttt it oaiuo away as one generally goes 'under tho knilo to liavo warn ivinoved. I never want to bo wjtliout your Compound in the house." — Mrs, Knout* itiia 1'Hilton Bt., Harrbburg, Peun. for IOWA City . .\Jr«. Ocorgo P»*achan* visited friends HI Clinton Monday, . __ .Mra. Ji, A, **wliner returned to hef (tome in HiflsdaJtt Tuesday after a It It JIPIIi it. K. Icr Mra. luiri Il'tnweffer at the liospl IB!. :" "• ' "',."; . ,- '.-••• ' Jny. i?nia!«a it i u'.tou vvuu a bu«ln«« Mr. nnd Mis. F., T Davt* of Or« ciin arrheil Tu«i«du> f.i- a visit will frlend« In thte city. F. O, Wohhk* and f*. A. wer« bUHlnwis rtsltora In Hterllng l'ae»da.y. , MrB. Henry Heath «nd Mrs. Jflurch- field Went to ^Sterling Tuesday for. a vl*lt at the Kay H«ath home MM- .C. A± ilwrttn and_ .dftURb) a*3ory went to Clinton Tuesday for A f,$w day« vi»ft wtth relative*, • WlUlairi ^reiwrton left.Monday even sng on a business trip to hi» farm near Aberdeen S. D. iUchardson wetit to 8t«rllnff Tuesday where ttiey vi«itod Mra. Eail Dwtwell'- Mr, an,d Mr». Wesley Hollia visit• il friend* In Sterling Tuesday. m wh«re he vlaited _hlf Hardly Ab!e to Move. . Albert tea, B|i|in.-^ M For about a year I bad sharp pains across iny back atif) hii>s and was hardly able to move arau»a tU0 bouae. head would ftt'tio ynd I ilizzy und had no appetite. After & IHukbtMn'ti Vf'gutabb Ctuujiouud uad HJver Pills, I -^ >»g«r tluiu for yuara. I hav« a liitlo boy eiglifc iwmUjs ttiu doiuj? ipy work all alouo. I would "not be without jrour a in thy jiptise jia-yji'ta um n " " Tow* Oil Water Hi., Albert U«a, Aliou, Three Doctors Gave Her Up. Httsbiim. 1'vuu.— tt Your laedickio liiis b$ly»" me wojnderluiiy,' .Wht'n I wan u girl 18 yfarg old always MU-kty and ditlicaty aud Kiitferud t'rouiS GIRLS! BEAUTIFY YOUR HAIR AND STOPDANDBOFF i ™___ . , ' HAIR BECOMES CHARMING, WAVY XUSTROUS ANO THJCK W— , FEW MOMSNT9 gvery Bit of Dandruff Oi*app«art And Hair Stopi Coming evening from Chicago whore 1»« has been on • buelnwu. *• Jfarry J>onichy, w«r« Clinton Moii4*y evaninf, . or, »n4 *fr». Melvln Nelsmi went ,lo Chicago Tuwday where they will Mr. lodge uf. the Julia Wallace spent Tuesday .with friends in Clinton. Mi«s Ella HHl« was vxp«u't»'d home" Tuestlay evening from t'hlcugo when* » lift haa be»en reviving treatment In a For 25 ct-utM y.ou can sivv^your hair. In lew thun U-n «nli»ute« you*c»n Uoubla tteuuty. Vour httir hecojue* IUfht> vvuvy, ilmiy, abundant u.u4 ttppt*t«.rB &« ft, luetH*u« uuU cbarmihB u« u glrl'a aftt'r ai>i>l}iiiu »om»> irregularities. Thm- ductora g4ve mo upaiul said "I n^ould go Into c<msuin^jtjon. I timk I^yijia K. It- rouiixiund atul \vitli tin* lH!tW'r.' 1 > anU, I got , strong aiu| shortly aftvr I was uta'rriu I have twoiiktitituut Ii«alt4>y tiblo t*> work hurd evt-ry «i?iv." Jl J tf || Alt .Mi-h. ioj aw IKA , Pwtrr. Paiuli»rine luul cavefully draw U t through your lyitr.^. uilfln*; «n« »m»U Htrand at u tiint 1 . Tlii> wUi rleaimo the iiNt. dirt t»r^wtc<iwfiv«-o in Ju»t u few momi'iiu you hav« li-ci the twauiy of- your ,tmir, A 0VINE Eve'n Some Democrats Will Vnf A Pftr Prnftst Cartflr VOie ror. femes* yprier, . *TJS Said. f ia y«iw* voters.of DeKalb county to determine whuther or not thin county shiill havf «no of thft Hopresentatlv^H. Mr. <.'«rtor, If elected will array on tho Hide of th* of th« s|)uilH rr*fini«, arid will stand for HM? >t>uj)|e's interests Svhercv»>r and when- VIT tho»« intc'rests may come in no nyinpniy ».«' ''HI- } First Colonization of Qalllpcll. Alhi'us colonl/t-d the oenlasulu of QulHtiol! wore than 2,500 yours ago. Its inhabitants, tlu? Dolonklun Thru- Ilo" is'! cian8 ' R^kcU Atljt'iJliin uld OKoiust aav-' ihoroiiRhly In sympathy with civil j O^e neighbors, nnil MIIUadeB wulled off si>rvi(H« nrfonn und tho other matters 1 tbe isthmus netir Jiuluir to kct>p the w.-hi<?h have como to be recognized In 'euemy h*Kl»lation. ]|n to i ho narrow t>a ,. Tone Down T«n Shoei. A coating of thick castor oil ap- . . v - . - - f" 110 * 1 tt'ltli ft soft flnnnel cloth to ton Hot \vuh Uio schemes of ibf* spoils- shoes whose color Is too vivid men. Mr. Cartwr'n election. It is argued, vyould be a «tei> u»\vnrd brlnKlng: the lU'iiubiU'una and frcKreHijivca in c|os- (^•relationship *nd thft final cement- •ifeitrorTJTrnft^wff'jmTtTMC Tho strong jM>iiu is made that when OoKalk county-has tho opportunity of i>lwtlnK a man of the character of i'urter to tho luwmuklnK body of tho fctato against^o^rann with whom tone ihein down considerably. Advertise in Tito Qaeette. For the Treat- of Liquor TOM NAWN of Mutilc Monday Ont. 16. renorf Is that ut Jut -Uemocrutlc voto of illntriot .vlll go to Mr. i'artw, Th« Kepubliirunu, It i« clalnird,'can jptiro one-third of thclj; vuten to Mr. ^uter without ondangerlng In tho st the cliH-tloti df Mr. HrevviT und M.r. Oirpenter, the l(e(itiblicun tioiul- .•H. iv ho cai\ be uh'''tert by tin- politician, the matter reduce*, i simply tu one of moral duty to* my nothing of neighborly klndneHu '• or •political t»xpodh«ney. - . f But Ju«t Look at the Girls! Fi»o man wear Ws suit oiiothfr City •*= Suoorfdl for vein b diAcul\ ' both toot, Pabent'* Jminov*rn«it befin* immedi»tcljr--no confioaiBtftt j no UM of fidmiai»lcr*d only by *kiHecL kmdJjr pkjr« ticiww. Plcw«ni »urroundin«». H a «« forlob4e«x>vtiof •ad Tht OMnal, ScltoOfe Tmlmtnl THE KEELIY INSTITUTE - 0wi|kt, 111 or un . ful tmriirivu .awaits thottu \vhoau lialr hu<j bt-eu newtecU'tl ty ia aerugjjy, f*d- «-d. dryV brirtie ur tliiu. llvahU-a bunu> itu; Jiair, DaiutOrino Ul»»ol¥f« AftU'lit uf aaudfuff; utiil in\ iKiiiau-a UK- M'alp, hut what \\'tli tileiui«'>ou tin'tai will uiiw t\~ new h.tu -lliu' «ttjl downy'^t tlr*»t— >-4<»~but rt'iilly iu>w by.**' tstowius ull n^wi th>-tit'aip If ,\'»u v-itv fur pretty, *<oft luili, «iiiil !»l:. 'Ut H, t>U)i'!> yt-t u ^•fi-itjii ImtUi' t-f Kut>yvttort'» di OeKalb Oownty Will Try To ile0t Its Candidate T<? the State Assembly., IJw KaUfc.III.. Oct. II—The Ernest I'iiri •ightly akin dibcttw, uhmily vvuBh tbo jure piactid with lir«iuof bo*p wid hot waU-r, "ilry, widi apply «. JiUlu " ' ' Ua.ually iU-lii«i{ stops /.V'Wf.l .V'/ 1 A-V, ^you no lou#«»r liavo to <i% and BvraU'h, , uiui f the H.'hi^ fur f ' ! lha have bfcn ing the Jiiuutwn jif th« .Thirt>-K.iUi uu j ,, UK lio.:tiuu arre.sU'th.» action of H».nat t .|-iwl rf . district *r<'K.mltn* hi- i t Uo diwaw, and wluio^t alwavd 1 n a« UH.-JI-»«I,.»UIV.-J t}u . tortured. jnllaWd ^kin'to ut' Uttlo for over ill \! } t.pi»^ii l li£ii4 > 'i u u UfetV iUii , yen/tin «ntl-*o!(l"ln- rVfrv druggist. HI*- v\ci*Utni.. , , _,* 1 , «i l vVti7H rt «J..iiI I \MH'^mon tl lo l> lIi7''Vu" What the Eight Soap vims the l^mod-iiiif nomine,*, Doe« for Your Skill Mou<n cannot liny a "pui-T, nn>(0 toilet.r^aji'.fliiin 1 Suaji. of thin ojtuusitton lm» Ah.l th'- hiaJiiijj iU-in'c JOHN M. POWERS The Bungalow Man's Electric Floor Sander an ul<I floor belter than mnv. X»k*^ ol¥ vnr- ntsh, paint or dirt in one fourth t lie turn 1 it ran b« (loiit> by haiuJ, Tlu* cost is .v<*ry --rouKoimblt*. tSwtij)-- 'iilft' a'iloor by haiui is as out of ilaU' a* tin 1 ol«J <»x tcain. r \ 111,, !l,. 1 .!„• atnl uj;ii i.iii" i •• i:, ; JIM.', (• it')' !'.> I illU JOHN-M. 1008 West4tht/

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