Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 6, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 6, 1896
Page 8
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Last Call on Shirt THEl&OLDEN RULE'S MOTTO IS _ Never Carry Any Goods Over Until Next-Season, Therefore we will put tlie Knife in our Shirt WaiiSt'Department and will place tbe Entire Stock in 3 lots on our first floor. LOT NO. 1 All of our real fine Persian, Dresden and DMtie*-andin fact any of the finest Shirt Waists in the store ^orth $1.60 to $2.00. You Choice oi lot - •-'•'•• - -, ». - - »8c LOT NO 2. Many Waists made in best material slightly scuffed from handling, many worth up to $2.00. Your choice - - 69c LOT NO 3. Waists that were sold at 48c, 68c and 66c, all go at 26c THE GOLDEN RULE. 5PRINQ -$£•>> SPRING OVERCOATS. WILL SELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY FOP LSS5MONEY THAN ANY OTHEP CLOTHIER IN LOQANSPORT. LINM COflPLETE ;•• r- i ,^^_^^^^^^^^^ ,, • Buy a Loujley Hat and be up to 4^26 Broadway. • \f P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit dotft far- get my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clpthing John Coulson, a victim of hay lever, in In Michigan spending a va- •ation trying to rid himself of the pest. Joun -Wlialey ol Kentland, while un- Jotad'tng.oaits ait am elovoltor, was ca.ug.lit bertwcon *lie wagon and build ing,, and fatally hunt Tuesday. Mother Walllace day was obacrvcd.as' announced nt the Home for the Friend--' . toas yesterday ofltcrnoou'.' The program. ,wns eicellont, and there was a BQafl •ttondance. . As was stated several weeks ago",iii, the Journal, the building on Broad:'.' Vay occupied" by Wada Bush, has; bee'n leased by Ai C. Barnett, and •will De occupied by hlui with tt saui-. pie room. . • . A mad dog "was killed Tuesday; afternoon by Humane Officer Blshopi 1 " 'The animal had'boon injured'on the tallrpad and wa» found at the barrf of Peter \VeUe. The animal did not bite any of Us knd so far as could be learned. William Shanahan was thrown from his buggy yesterday and had a lib broken. The horse was fright, 'ened'and turned suddenly oyertiirn- Ing the.bngjfy. Dr. N. W. Cody attended the Injured man. .. : ., W. H. Wharflnld. who has a small •Hlgator, recently planed a rat'in the «aine box with the saurian, supposing that the alligator would quickly -get away -with- the rodent. - He was fooled, for the. battle that ensued lasted about twenty'minutes..,. The r»t was flnally killed. . or- >?; , It li wild that the band stand at 1he park U not »uitabl« for plying foncortg in. The members ofHliie MSUtary b»nd say that if the irobf »nd sides of the building were; removed the muglo would have bettor •fleet, not being oonflned to the REPUBLICAN DAY. Hon. James A. Mount Will Speak to Citizens August ?th. Friday, August 7, n:t 3 p. in., at.'t-hc' rink, there will be .on address to the citizens.of Cass, coribty by the. Hon: James A'. ; Mo'unt, candidate on the Republican ticket foi^Govornor. The \veU knowc ability as-a'speaker o'f tlie. eminent .Hoosler .should be sufficient to cavise a big turnout of those Interested In the vital issues of the day. There will.be other.prominent men jprescnt, aiaong them being the Hon. Geo. W. ; Steele, mwmter of Congress; nnd candidate to this dlatrlct for re- 'oicction. ' There win be good music and plenty of it, and a good old Republican "tltae. Every citizen -la. Deeply inter- $gtod in the settlement of the financial problem, and the speakers Friday, will be well eaulpped to give nn honest exposition of the silver question. . WIRED A BOY. ! | at Spencer park during the taod concOTt a yo»ng.uia,n met •ft'lth a ^ very patotuJ accident, , The •West'dittvciway is baling.repaired and •a wire to stiwtodiied'across the road. Thu lanwo'm'.SiBd beari ptaeed thero ns q danger signal bwt It is claimed It had'gone out, and. tlie boy, opt seeing the wire ran into. it. It struck him across the mouth'and cuit'ltls lips, .and checks se- -verely.- .... '• ••' • •' •'.-. : .-'•' : '• '• '-A'SMALL FIRE: "'••"' ••.'• "'' The flre depaj*mont' J Tna«io a 'run to " tHi'e 'pwtand ydKteKlay.' at nbon'/to extinguish.'a Smaii. blaze ia'.u house aieai- the Famliaittdle shops. A bucket,oj: water wfis all thrtt was -required to ex- ttoguJsh the flames. LI t'tle damage was done. ' •-•'•' " : - • • •'"'•- '" REPUBLICANMEETINQ. Hon. W. D. Owen at Walton Sit-i .'' ,iirday August Sitli. : ' Hon. W. D. Owen', 'Secretary of State, will address, the citizen's,of • Walton 'and vicinity, Saturday evening, August Stlv Tliere wlil be other'good speakers pi-esont, music .and a.-good.. Republican! time for nil. Beniember t!he date. Slat-f u'rday,'August 8th'.' v '•>••••••"• ; : ANNUAL'MEETING.;;.. !, : 'The anniiiol State aneetlng .of! Chiefs of rollce and Town Marshals will -be Jicld at itlio'Gi'BJiid hotel at Indianapolis; August IStb. It'te^ro'hible that the • In- vatn.tlon i-eceived here wllfbe responded ifo by tlie local officers. 'The'SIayor and tli'e Comimlisgtoners• ajre-' injyltcd'io ;bc '.present also. Tihe object'of tlie meetings ds. to .advance metho<]s ' (ft "coiitrolllhg cWe», and dfeouss r ways and, means of immllielpal 'gorern.meri,t. ; -The' meeting .lastyeair -was"hdd : mt Terre Haute In Soptenvlxsi-,'during''-flio we*k of tlia great races. :' '' ' v ' : .; . . •. • 1 TOWNSHIP-GRADUATES, ' . The BrtUdlieim;rto.JvnsWp igraduaUpg exercises will be.held'.at'SIetea, Sutnr- day nlglut, Aiugwt >29tli. --.There 'is, a class of four, and-ln tlie exercises of the evanang nsatefcance wdil bft.glivenby pu- plls ifivHH : 'tBe different ..schools of the .to,wn*hlp. ' A gbodientertalnmeot wlU be -given. Excclleiil;: mualc will be : a -foaituire. •.-••' : - "<-'' "•'•: » ' •''•'•••• '.''''' EnornKiHs' tracts \<, of Aifrixni,|-o.«pcclal- Jy tlie'rogkHi' between ."Hie Congo '.and .Sh'nil'basliis',.aikl;muiph of .th'o^arba In- : closed 'by; the : grenlt/northerii, curve :of the Ntgsr,' romain8.'uneiplored.':.There Is^alsa'Uhapproprlatea territory,'to the extent .of i;BMi898.B(rnar6, f -mlles;' ; BASE BALL TALK What WiM line Association do in the Case? THEY THREATEN SUIT ,'. /;V'/-t_ Baltimore in the Lead in the NationalT'League. Tliorc was (o have bfiun a niei'thiji of e'mombnr^ftfjflib defunct base ball nssouCntikiu" J.-tst..iil}tlu a,t the Murdock, Tlu-re wn.S'.n«HJi(>' \Vlry Micro was not Is •a. bit of iMformaifioir •'hard • to get a-:. Soin.fl or.tlieancinlx-iis of Uiu association wafe'fltouiKVvtlio .XInrdock a.t the hour a<ppolnu!d, but .t!lieru,,was nothing ilnnc. Tin- players whoso salaries are duo. ami other creators) of ihe association am \voiulrailing why t'.his iis so. Crosby, By- <ws, IToivslcy, O'Counell, BcviHe a ml Shaver hVijrc jrotllrcpu paid their prom- Lswl salaries, JUKI they wsuit what is due •.-.Item, lit.is niHlovxtooil tlisit suit will be entered awii-nst the association, today t.o UIH'UIVO- l-be pajroucii'i oi' rhcsi! claims. Thi-n: is .110 disguising the fact but tlrait for the stubbornness of some of •tl 10 .mombei-ti, the- indebtedness now liiuijlinp: over the asocial ion could bo licmUla.tc«l voi-y cjinily. A majority at til IE moliibors are in favor of "dipping tip" 'find c-leairl|iit .themselves of debt, htit-iiltoi-o ah-fi some wh'o hump back. The claims fw-e colloctillile in law and will liavo to lie paid soonor or later, A way IMS l.ieou proposed by which a very wusftTeralfcport.iion o£ the debt can be liiCtcd M .',Xriic Rockviille people arc .tramping: np apd.dovru th« length and breaatliSftfi-tfiS. State declaring themselves the champ-Ions In base ball: They are so sure of -this that.they are willing to put lip $500 1o back their opinion. If the associa titan will .fata? the members of t.lie tcami now here awl ndd two f rom "the Westell association wlio want to come here. a. iscnicr! o.f five games c.-wi bo arranged whioih will almost pay out the Indebtedness of the "club. There a.rn •still plenty oif ba.«r> ball entlwislasts in LogaiKport. and'they w<*uld like to sec the jsime coirttimie until the end of tlie soa,son. If the aswrciaitiion-'will.pull to- gctliw te?t«kl of ftgliitimg amcng themselves, fflioy oa.n '>riii out" on the within'two woekki THE NATIONAL LEAGUE. iainl Cincinnati Did Not Play 'BnltJ-mOTO Won As Usual. There were biiiypur National league jranw iilniij-ed yesterday. Neither Cleveland mm- Ctnetanatii were sclied-' iilud; n or <1»-they play today. Plttsburg play* at OtaveTnnkl Friday. Saturday and M<wl;v.v. ami T.milsville at Clntln-. nat} 3tntt»i£a.g arid Sunday. Following art?t3te-AA>i'e# 1 of the pa.mcs yesterday: A.t:Baiii'nicj-e—New York 4, Baltimore 10. At Brooklyn—Philadelphia 3. Brooklyn 8. . • • A.t LouisvJJIo—Plt-tstitirg 13, Louls- vlilleO. At Boftkm-hjyashinfiton 4, Boston 5. T-STANblNG^OF THE CLUBS. Olubs Won Lost Per Ct. Baltunwe4'. •.«,•;• "--a -~ ' - OS2 C!;noiMk^v.~.V,; .02 29 • .081 Cleveland - r iT 31 . .048 . Chicago,...,..,.- 53 40 .570 rjtteb.urp"7.~';..",...49- 39 . ..057- Boston-.'";'}-. :•/>:-..47 39 .540. Brooklyn, .".r-r...40 47 .439 PhiMelDhla.;.;.-...39 48 .448 New York .'.. 30 ~ r>l .414 WnsMBpioin"',' ?'.'.. '.. 34 ' ' BO ' .407 St Lcnute .-..;•. .28 . GO .318; '......22 CA .250 PERSONAL. w'as tit IMohtnoud yestat 1 -.day. • -. i -.. •. .• Dr. Duch«w ot-Waltou was here yes.. John -'WWkm was. irt Lafayette yes-' tiorday. - . : - • ... • ' '. P, H. Voraug o£ .Kokomo was here y.es.ticrday. ...';. .'.•-,; ..••'. : ' Chnirl«s,MpCiibe:;is rlsttilng friends at Ft Wayne,; ... . ir / .Mis.. BaUey .,fa,,v.b»itl,ag Mrs. A. R. Bent nt Wabnsli. N..B., Booth-lias returned from a visit at Atlartite Ctty,;'N, ,T. . Mrs. W, &.- Brows!* o£ ilnrlon, Is the guwat of i-claitlyia^iiu .the city. Mrs. Anna G.iwtor. of Coimbrldge .City, JB vfcdiutng hor daiughter, Mrs. L. Gii>e; of tllie Eaateod. • • ' - -• J. L. BoaBLXif-thc.Bay Vieiv hotel at Lake ilostaltuckee;. was ia the city yos- ^tentay,, out 'business. . : • • 1 .Mra; C.>'A-.-Waird, of Ne>wark, Ohio, U ••vtiLttrifrfoer raoitlior, ilrs. WUUam Johnson, <tf : Market. street, ' . .Mre/ Ilsllg;' Jiind children of Kokorop hive.retuiined: home ttf.ter a. visit wlfli ' ., . .L;..M«SHW'and:ffljally hnye returned to 'DhiBlr. Itojne at Peru aifter a vtett-wlitft- LognawDCsrJ.ii'ioknttTCs for a week. .. George Boss jr. t who with Ills parents is speniaing 'tlie-sum'mer at Lake Mnx- Inikuekee; 'la; thia gu'est of relatives here. 'Kokomo Dispoltoh: James .O'Donnell nittd Master Jomnu O'Donuell of Logans- 'poit were; HatJie. city Tcst erda 5". Master told; Avjth imidi «how of grief, The Event of the Day. THE ABSOLUTE Closing Out Sale Of Harry Frank's Stock at Actual Half Price, September First, ,» THE LAST DAY. 'We Quote a few of the many articles. $ 7.50 Cnsfciinie'r Suits, now ..................................... $3.48 10.50 Cheviot Suits, now ...................................... 5.50 13.30 Black Clay Sims, now .................................... O.OS 5.9S c > r > '-5 Oui- OUT Our Our Oiur Our Our Our Our Our Our Our Our OUT Our Our Choice oi any.$0.50 and ¥7.50 Children's suits goat $3.24.. Children's Pants HALF PRICK.' Boys' Suits Half Price. Hats Half Price. Gloves Half Price. It will pay anybody to come 'Jo milt* to aiifcud this sale, as you'll never see such u chance again. Respectfully. HARRY FRANK, 314 FOURTH STREET. 12.00 Irish- Freizc Ulsters, now. ...:.. 8.00 All Wool Beaver Overcoat, now . 2.50 All Wool Cassimer Pants, now . 1.00 Woj-kl-ug Pants, now 1.00 Fine Laundered Sbirrs, now .50 Unlanndei-cd Shirts, now ,50 White Shirts and Drawers, now .50 Gray Slilrfs and Drawers, now - .25 Buy Shirts and Drawers, now .. .23 Stwpcuders, now .10 Socks, now .20 Coon Colbrs. now .15 All Linen Collars, now 'of Hie dlisbaiiKlinoirt of tliu I/>Kanspovt base Ixill teara, wJiioli to liiin was "a mtiiitur of far greater concern .than was "The Downfall of tlu»:Raman"''EmplK>" •to the go«l .old dustman 'w-'.ioui SHas Wcgg . Lola, of the Wiaslsldc, tave retntncd ISi-oui a- month's visit at Muskcgon, Mlcli. .?••• . '-.; i v \; The Misses. MolHc aa»d .Milan Clary will fjo..to Delplil today^tp;.vtelt with their slater, Jfrs. Ed - Messlnfeer for a weok. . ": • •"' T\W" • uMre. Eda F.i Bclwc wuiit to • Marion yesterday ou : biislness. She ^il visit aiikl JoHesboro before i^c- •Sir. S. SI. Yolscy and. wife left ycs- tenlay for "the Esist. They wJll visit Atlantic Ottj: a.nd otlwr points of hi- teiwst along tlie «M*t ' before rctumtoff. Sir. raid Mrs: MlchsicI Gleason are here Croni'Daniville t<o alliied tlie fmier- al Of the liile Domuis Gleason. The family of Thomas Gloiison of Andrews Is also here. ' . ... ••' WilDUam SI. Dale, ndTertlstoR.: agent for WaUIace'iS circus, wiis here yoster- diiy, wJtfh- ear No. 1. The car is a beautiful one. -WHs Berry.' tlie Logaus- poPt artist, painted Hie car. B, I\Jroopcr ifi atlwudilni,' the Sttte cauv«nitl<m of the Catholic BencvoU'iit Ix?ftlon at, Dlwood tlils week. It Ls the Seventh annual nicotine, and there arc 'about five Imudred d'etega'tos present. TAKE YOUR VACATION-MOW. Go to tbe picturesque 'Mticklnjic Islaiid ^^1A the D. & Ci' (Coast LUie)-^. U on 'y costs $13.50 fc-am Deti : 0it, $15.50 from .Toledo, ,$ 18.00 froan XJlerclajid lioi 1 the rooiild Wp, Including Meals, and bertlus. Tickets gookl .for GO days, bicycles car- rlotl f reo. Oii« thoiisaind mllea of lake and rivwr i-idilins on new modern steel steamers for .tihe above rates. Send 2c foir'iifi-ustMtod .pamplilels. Address, A. A. gobantz. G. P. A.,. Detroit. ,' LAWN FETE BENEFIT. The la/wn fete 1 and sockil .given last ovealns at tih'c home of Xfr. and Sirs. W. T. Glffe at tli'e corner of -North nna Tontli strocitis, was well attended and was a success .from boHi a social and Umancitil staimlpolnt. TJic Slilltary band was 1» attaudauce and discoursed fine •muffle. Tibe lawn'was beautifully llhimilnated nmdthe Mblcs were attended by sixteen young, tidto?. The proceeds will go to tilieHonio for the Friend less. ''',. .'. ' ' . . : A revival IB All .ptogress at ton, to .which the Evangelist, >Lrs. Mer shon of Anderson, .hos.a prominent part. The town has cl«ni%j«l',«»sldcra.bly re- cealtiiy, since the saloon was downed by 'the orderly element? n«d it Is'-said that the ccjniwrsiiww a&the religious racet- infis aggregate alrifcst the edlire. popu- Inittau of the villaK^Tihc meetings; have grown until itho clrorjeti'es'are too small and.they one now ; ibeJtng conducted at the town bulk ••" -." .•;.' ' '" .".Taek" .Weddi wflB-Bented on the side-, walk on Twelfth street tost evcaing en- Joying the cvoninK'alr; whta three;lady acquaintances of .'Ms canie along and ""swiped" jiis slippers. Tlie act was •witnessed by quite. a 'crowd ,of -siiecln- - fairs, who enjoyed a bcnr.t?' )ough.;at the_ expense of Mr, WoU*.- rV.'^W' 1 ' GOLDEN .WEDDING. J. D. Allisoin a.md family returned from Goodlaiud yesterday where they •aiCioTid<Ml the. Golden wedding of Sir. AlMsou's iiaa-cnrts. The aged couple wow mtule .the rocipjeiris of some beautiful presents, among them being a beautiful clock from the children, a can* to grandpa, and an uinbrclla to graiiftlma from the grandchildren, and each of 'tlioin an emblem' cliarm from •the si-eat pKuiflchildren. All the pos- toi:Ky but one grandt-hlld \\-as present. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Road Dlie ad. of the Golden Rule. Hammocks at your own price at Cteo. Harrison's. • Shirt walists slaughtci-ed at the Goldon Rule. See tiie ad. Nicely fnmnlshcd ixwm for rent very ix-asoaably. Apply at 813 Race street. Natural gas bills for the month of August are now due and payable at the company's office on Pearl street The family of W. O. Bonnie will remove fwln ShdbyviUe to this city to rosWc. Sir. Rennle has takea a position as day clerk at the Johnston hotel. Those who enjoy a day's outing •ho'uld not fall to take advantage of the exceedingly low rata.to.St. Joseph via tlie Vaudalla Line. Train leaves : the •tation every Sunday at 7-a. 'm. •• Fare tor the round trip, ?2. ,. ' Since the Rev. G. E. Scott hius been declared inaauie, the ohttdren. have begun action to ee£ aside tJ)e , conveyance by wihlch the property was given to .the wl'Ce of the, scapegrace preacher before Ids.trip, with- Daisy Dorian. The wife is a second mate, and tlie children arc niftor tine property in. earnest. WILL MOVE HIS BAH. A. Ci'Barnett kis leased the building now occupied by W. H. Bush'at 307 Broadway and will put In a flue bar, TJie workmen will begin the work of rMnodeliiup the 1x10111 Slouday and Sir.. Batnrett say» he will have one of the finest bars in tihe ciity when completed. PEOPLE WE HAVE HEARD OF. .The girl who burst into tears has been put together, and now wears Pilllng'a shoos. The young man who was taken by surprise at the wearing qualities of PUI. tog's shoes, has returned, and sayi he intends to wear no others In the future. It is rumored that distance lent enchant-., ment to the view, and now the/view . refuse to return it, without an equivalent In the shape of Filling's shoes. . : ,i ,.The man-who painted the "signs /.'et.. times" Is now out of a Job,.and when • last heard of, was trying to get a position painting Filling's signs,'"•' The man who Jumped upon; toe spur . of the moment, was glad to,sit down, and has done his Jumping with Pilling's shoes since. '• The gentleman who went'too far In-the argument against PUling* shoes was .- brought bock on a shutter. ...... ' The man wtw was moved-to tears;- com•" plains of the dampness of too premHe, . .and wishes to be moved baclt'afaln, «a the only dry part of him .wis'nli feet, : . and on them he wore' a pair of PIH; ing's shoes. ..' . . . '. ,,,-.--.•

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