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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 1

Pampa, Texas
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Thursday, November 11, 1954
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WEATHER WEST TEXAS '-. C\ to partly cloudy ftmt mild Thursday night and Friday, ant pa There ar« freasurfiit laid up In t<t« «- -.treasure* of charily t plfityi temp6r<uiW» And soberness, — Buddhist ncrlphire** VOL. 5$ » NO. 189 Circulation Certified By ABC Audit Serving The Top 0' Texas 47 Years PAMPA, TEXAS, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1954 (20 PAGES TODAY) Weekday* » C*tll* Sunday 10 Cintl Nation Observes Vet Day Ceremonies Make j 50,000 Citizens i By IJNITBD T'HKSS Some 50,000 persons, of every race and more than 50 nations, became American citizens Thursday at public, celebrations ot naturalization across half the world. Bands played. The flag flew for! salute from Maine to the island of Guam, from International Falls, Minn., to Puerto Rico. Parades! disbanded and stood at solemn at-! teiiiion for the unique ceremony ofi a national holiday that clebraledi Haqler Insurance AF Sabrejets Take On Role As Protectors together the strong; arm of the ! nation's war veterans and the wel-| coming hand ot a peaceful! KOITOK'S NOTE: Thp powerful America. 11"- S. Air Force Sabrcjpl, fleet Ims Federal courts convened in two' K»" n I"'" notion to protect Amer- New York ball parks, in San''' 1 "" rpconiinlssnncn plnne,s flying Diego's Balboa Park, on the deck 1 OVP| ~ '""'them Jnpnn. The, follow of the Battleship Missouri, to ad-j ln f dispatch'by "'" United Press minister the oath of citizenship to!'' llipf correspond?nt nnd mntinger refugees from war and commu-! for -'apan tells of the tense watch nism to those who fieri poverty and' """' bolnjr Ucpl for trljtgpr-hnppy to those who traveled for a'dven-' Russin " MIG f'Khter planes. tur e and for love. Citizens by Cbolcn Only abotil 15.000 American citizens will be born Thursday. By lU'THERKOKD I'OATS TOKYO, Nov 11 - UP— Crack The 50.000 new citizens, could American Sabrejel tighter planes remember proudly the little joke ! are now escorUn f? reconnaissance President Eisenhower told their! ^ l ™*_°^'., n ™' lh ^' n Ja P an - ™ a £' representatives at the White House''" " '" '" """ j o n Tuesday. H e recalled one \vom- an's reply to a friend who boasted her ancestors had reached America on lhe Mayflower: "ily parents ' tame over when immigration regulations were much stricter." to give baltle lo encroaching- MIGs ot the Soviet Prussian air force. Long - standing orders to shoot down invading Red jets have been forcefully restated. $200,000 Scheme Bared By Friend By PRESTON MCGRAW DALLAS, Nov. 11 -- UP — 0. K. Rivins. director of the Okl.'ihoma Crime Bureau, announced Thursday that Frank St. Clair of Irving. Tex., has admitted that lie and David F. llaplcr were involved in a $200.000 insurance swindle plot. Hauler. :'.G, vice president of the U. S. Asphalt Corp, is charged with the murder oE a half cremated corpse, still unidentified, that was [mind in the blazing station wag-on of his ex-\vil'e near Davis. Okla., on the morning of Oct. 10. SI. Clair. -IT. is an Irving; auto; mobile salesman with whom Hag* In- had planned to go into bust- ness OT\ promotion of an ice-making; machine. They had reciprocal insurance policies of IJIO.OOO and $25,000 which would have paid double indemnity, of STO.orio. in McCarthy'; Friends Seek Compromise NEW FLAG; NEW HOLIDAY Betty Hutton's final curtain call at the Desert Inn Las Vegas brought tears A new. flag at Holy Souls School this morning was used in a ceremony commemorating a brand new holid.ay -- Veterans Day, Here, students are shown"in flag-raising ceremonies, part oi' the program the school observed in honor of the new holiday which replaces Armistice Day, anniversary of the end of World War I. The flag was the gift of the Home and School Association. In" foreground, left to right: Jerry Lewis, Kevin Chisholm, John Owen Jr., and Mike Valesquez. Father Moynihan, pastor of Holy Souls Church, looks on, (News Photo) Court Okays County Vote It is indicated that both the Unit-: Jed States and the Russian air| Naturalization ceremonies began' forces now are operating on a! with the sun al Guam Wednesday, I "shot first" basis in the event of! flowing from her eyes as where 80 persons, mostly of Philip-! any contact over or near the north' she thanked the audience pine origin, were sworn to citi-' Japan area i zenship They, will close with thej A w h Amerlcan oflicer 8ald ' administration of the oath to a' tnal recmnniKKancs flignls of polyglo , lei-decked'class of 600 in , UnUe<J s , a|eg Ai ,. Force B plane . s , j a Honolulu high school auditorium. I all(j mapplnK fli8nls bv B . 29s nca ,. ; in about 50 c.Ues across the nat,on: lhe exploa|Va Antler' would con j show and in An (;!,•« T-T« iva 11 flit a tii o tir* ' . WASHINGTON, Nov. 11 T'P Untie. The Gray County Commissioners' Court Wednesday declared all apparent victors in the Nov. 2 general election the official winners and authorized Comity Judge J. B. Maguire, Jr., to certify lion for Secy, of. State C. gham. Flags Fly For Veterans On Their Day :f Though all Pampa business firms and in Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and ! Puerto Rico, public ceremonies! will be held—in local auditoriums | The new situation was disclosed on the steps of war memorials, in[ less than 2i hol "' s afle '' President the Hollywood Bowl. who gave her a standing ovation. Bidding them goodbye, Betty said, "This is the end; I'm giving up business." (NEA Telephoto) 20,000 Sworn In Eisenhower said in a press con ference in Washington thai if a Socialists case either met violent death. Other Jicno.ficinrics | The beneficiaries ot other insur- lance policies totalling about $200,'000 wore Hauler's mother and hiii wife, the former Elisabeth Maria Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy's force? Berg-mann. 25. whom he married 'worked haul behind the scenes about a month ago. | Thursday to whip up a compromise Bivins said St. Clair made t j formula to blunt or at least soften statement Thursday night in Dallas ! the apparently unbeatable move to before Capt. Will Fritz of the Dal,' censure the Wisconsin Republican. ! Some of the .senator's chief supporters .said privately they were 1 drafting; amendments aimed al ta!<. i ing the sling out of the Watkins 'committee's censure resolution ( and possibly scuttling one part, of it entirely. They made the disclosure las police homicide detail and Agents Golden Kennedy and Ivan tiates of the Oklahoma Crime Bureau. He told them that Hagler "was supposed to get a corps from n, morgue for $.100." Bivins said St. Clair doesn't know whether Hauler ever actually got a corpse from * as morgue but that an autopsy show- Some 20,000 were sworn in in the' fig ' htei ' ( ' scoi 't. was necessary in Cfw M *• *• 9 f\y+ , ianv area, where nlanes of: this ; **** • «V » I Wl I New York-New Jersey area, where j a " v area where planes o£ this; Attorney General Herbert/Brown-i c(iunll 'y had a. right to go, then ell Jr., addressed ceremonies hon-j worl planes ought to be iised.j oring 7.200 new citizens in Brook-[ The new situation arises from) lyn's Ebbets Field and another j the shooting down by the Russians! 8,500 in Manhattan's Polo Grounds,! Sunday of a B-29 mapping plane the largest single gathering. [over northern Japan. j .Son. Homer E. Capehart iR-lnd.i ed that the corpse found in lhe st.a- proposed lhal Ihp. Senale call off lion wagon was alive when it wa« its lemper-rallling censure debate set on fire. until January to remove lhe issue ; Bivins said ..that St Clair may from the present atmosphere of'have been fold'thai a corpse would post-election fatigue. be burned lo make lhe plan more The big Senate debate rolled palatable. UP - France's j n to its second day Thursday with Tank Lie Defector Test ju parly fol ' mall .V Sen. Francis Case iR-S.D.I. a SI. Clair went to Oklahoma two as the first spea West Treaty PARIS. NOV. u the E. Ful- ! evidence bv The entire court was present for . the vote canvass which the Texas the "lumber of flags ... . 0 the immigration service will put displayed on many of the town's ( 4j pfl y KT j),\y f j> ase z) elections laws state should be made the first Monday after the general election. The court, howev-i City and county offices remained ' I open, but some federal offices Sheppard Trial Is Recessed CLEVELAND, Nov. 11-UP-Bf ,.„,„„„ „.., nnvnana Village Policeman Fred Drenkhanj curb-and-gutter work on U. S. Hwv.j Cording to Commaiuler Bud Ho- "'* "">""M will give more details Friday of 60. from the Pampa citv limits to!* 11 "- Thls niomin B a new flag was | • s e Q * ™ what he observed in and around ,he Recreation Park entrance, and) ralsed '" »>e-Uojy Souls School < '°; ou ^ nl1 . were closed, among them the post er, recessed until Wednesday to| o m c e, and the Agricultural Siabili-' give County Auditor Ray \\ ilsoni zation and conservation office. j more time to get the bills ready fori [ court action. ' I A Veteran of Foreign Wars col- In other action, county commis-|° r « mrd wil1 P lace a new fla S' '" sioners approved spending of an! Ftt ! rview Cemetery at 5:30 p.m. approved spending of an CLEVELAND, Nov. 11 UP-Bayi ivmount not to exceed $8,000 on honor of all war dead, Ike Relaxes .. H^ltlA Browne,, told both group, th.lj In that instance, the captain of: We^tern^u^n ^"^^7 ^"^ ° f "" """"•" ""'""^ W '"" "*° • nd were ope n today, the commemo- , arrival in the United States will be . lhe B -2!) did not give orders loin an Armistice Day vote th ration of Veterans Day was well in ^little easier for immigrants who; shooL back _ Tn the fut;j ,. e it is in- j practically guaranteed ratifi.-a- HV,(n P -rl, v ,, n ,,-i , -v ,hem to citizenship. He said; , lic!a , ed , tlle ,, wln he no such , tkm by lhe Fl , nch ' nalional M . ™T?»^l ^ PS sion In wnth Mo- failure to meet a Red challenge, sembly. ;Ca ,. Uly am| Chal ,. man A ,. Ulll) . v I survey the .situation over north-' The Socialist parly, largest in Watkins (R-Utahl waged a fist- ern Hokkaido Island on a recent France, has 10-1 voles in lhe as- pounding argument over the mer- visil, before Sunday's attack, jsembly. This means Premier its of the censure committee and There always has been a con- lpierre Mendes-France almosi cer- its report, slant watch for the MIGs, j tainly has enough support to win 1 There were lonely American' r " llficalicm ° f the London c a lie tost. Bivins admiiled Thursday that although crime bureau agents an(Sop PLOT, JPnge 2) A handful of radar men watch the MIGs the home of Dr. Samuel H. Sheppard the morning; the doctor's wife was murdered. Sheppard's trial on charges he killed his wife was in recess Thurs- authorized County Treasurer Ola!- vard m commemoration of Gregory to make out a check tot ernn * Da >'' Rev ' Myles ' the Texas Highway Department, officiating The highway department will be asked to widen the roadway AB1LENK, Kan., Nov. 11—UP-President Eisenhower relaxed in his boyhood home town Thui-sday. a museum of trophies; and swapped stories } about when a pair of five-cent: socks meant a lot to the Eisen-' hower boys. | *^ The President returned Wednes-l'j i accords rearming- 8° G • through their paces every flying e >manv. day. reports in some quarter;! that Republican leaders a free W e s I have shown some interest in the I compromise possibility being tnlk- . Baichelor Begins Term Crop Reins Trim Output .. for i instead of Armistice Day was ie- town where ,day because ot the Veterans Day j that span, the court minutes read. | cenlly made official when Presi- g tew up holiday, i The distance is an estimated 1,327; dent Eisenhower signed Public! „ Drenkhan passed lhe Sheppard;[ eet 'Law 380 house five or six limes in the early |hours o£ July 4 before being stim- tijnonecl there on a call of homicide. The village policeman identified pictures of Mrs. Sheppard's blood soaked body when he testified Wednesday. He will be recalled to the witness stand when the trial resumes Friday. One piece of vital evidence was The Socialists split their vote on'ed up in the McCarthy camp. But up" Cpl 'ciaude' V Bal'che'l'or ^ the European Defense Community there was no confirmation of this Kermit Tov h»o' a » «„.",• ,1 project and EDC was defeated. from reliable sources. veal . g fll ^ lah or ,n , le Lci- A special Socialist party Senate GOP leader William F. plimil . y han . a( ,, s alC amp Crowd- congress voted overwhelmingly - Knowland asked lhe Senate late or Thursday for helpinc his Pert 2.817 to 454 to instruct lhe Social-: Wednesday lo approve a motion ,. ap tors while a POW in North Ko- 1st deputies in the assembly to thai would make it. easier to ,oa " «un« *\o vote for the new western defense amend the censure resolution. But The '*''• organization. he withdrew the request when confirmed by Drenkhan when he examined a picture of Sheppard's jacket as it lay neatly folded on a couch in the Sheppard living room He said the jacket in the picture was in the same position as he had seen it a few minutes after he received reports of lhe murder. Prosecution witnesses teslified that Dr. Sheppard was wearing the over a T-shirt when he fell on the couch a few hours, before the murder. The T-shirt has! been missing since the murder. DrenMian said also he saw nOi Dixon-Yates Talks Recessed By AEG The new name "Veterans Day"jday night to the one-time cattle 1 ha and his brothers' WASHINGTON, Nov. i Drouth and federal crop controls meeting- with Russia as soon as have trimmed this year's farm 'he Western European union is rat-i prospects 3 per cent ; ified and without waiting for Ger- Store Wo have it. Lewis then dedicate the 5325,000 museum i f be)ow ; )asl >' ear P oinlin * to the | ma_n rearmament to begin. 1 i fifth largest on record. " was scheduled Thursday to: . review a Veterans Day parade aml| , pI ' oductlOn 22-year-old Ratchdor was sentenced lo life bv lhe court mar- At Ihe same lime lhe Socialists appeared it "might be misundei- tl;( | whi( . h fm ,nd him guilty Sent, called on the French government stood" as representing a .stand by ; W al San Antonio but the ''«„. 11 UP— to take the initiative for a new him on the censure issue. | cnre was ,, 1U by ', t f , | " . White, Fourth Army commander. If it comes fnim a Hardware He was flown Hwilc. A(l\ housing family mementoes and iro. . _ phie s of his military an d political A " , *B™uH W * Departmen ca ,. eer I report Wednesday pointed out thai Two 'of Mr, Eisenhower's broth- ' while farm oulpiil this year Mill ers. Milton and Earl, accompanied i *'" be 11 «'«» v e'y the President to Abilene a:ld j bee » l joined him in recalling their boy-! ye *'' S ' hood. The President's party also! N<5Xl it h«« >n four of the past MX • ' epO1 ' 1 BULLETIN' WASHINGTON, Xov. H—UP —Chairman W. Sterling- Colo (R-N.Y.) of the. Houso-Senuto Atomic Kncrgy cinuniilteo said Thursday .tluit Iho oonlrovcr- s'uil Dixon-V:\tes power ton- tract has been signed. WASHINGTON, Nov, It • The Congressional Atomic - WI " :,.,,,,, , 0 ,, ... ., ,. . , , . i final production tigvires tor basic sion. Van Znndt said he would call ! " u ' lluicli '»« wlfl - J . Mamie, and his! F .,.,.„,.«.,„. Io .„,,..„, 'son, tluugliter-in-luw and three: ' Bllt a<-<-oidmg to cuiient ' for a vote on lhat request. grandchildren. Battle lines were already form ing, however, for a bitter fight on) the issue in the next Congress, regardless of what the committee vlsil lo llieil ' does. Democrats were reported U was llle " arrival, brothers paic I family ho;ne. that Earl Kisen-i harvest-time reports, record ciops of soybeans, rice and siigarbeels have helped keep this year's farm Golgotha Now Quiet Newsman Revisits Korean Battlefield to Camp Crowder Wednesday from San Antonio. •• Batchclor's trial must be reviewed by iho Army judge advocate general's office in Washing!ton, and he can then ask the military appeals court, composed of civilians, to look al it. too. i Batcheloi's sentence also includ- j I'd » dishonoiable discharge and ; forfeiture of pay and allowances, • Army sourcfs said he would be eligible for pnrole. assuming good ' conduci in prison, after serving President Eisenhower himself. That was indicated late Wednesday -MX yi'ftrs aiui eight months, (KDITOKS NOTK: l ! nili-tl Hrc.-,-, troops along tli^ line whore Amor- third of his sentence. output as large as il i.s, offsetting correspondent .lack Kussoll has re- icans mn e. boi'e the liivini of tin- federal cutbacks in wheat, corn visited the former Korean balllo. hitler fighting. and cotton, front nearly a .yi'ur and a luilf It is left to :i handiul of those Farmers are also expected lo lifter the- tnire iconl into effect, marines lo push out mln Iho ilc- harvest above average crops this In the following dispatch he lolls militarized zone now rofoiivd to paper publisher, harked back to the time when "Ike" drove a .heavy pick into his brother! • vear of Oat ' a ' baile >'' ''V 6 . Haxseed, ; what he found almi K tin- only sec- as the "DM7." - on patrol oa< h „!•„! Kdgar's foot when they were work- » n until tes jing in the yard. has' "'*'f>ht through my new 25-cent tone on foot in the vicinity of the; Atomic Energy Commission Sheppard home on the morning of| duces a »*"««» contract, the murder. Pampa Street Work Underway The commission was expected to report on the status of the negotiations Thursday, Chairman W. when Sen, Albert Core crilics, brushed a.sid< limonv that Mr. Eisenhower ...... i been ill-advised on the contract. S(K ' Us ' Kd » a «' Protested, more i .... , .. .. ... concerned with the damage to his Ive excused lhe President on, , 1O8e lhail lhe phvak . a , i,, ju the basis of bad advice as long as, _ I care to. As far as I'm concerned , the gifl tag on the Dixon-Yates Hy IIAl. COCHHAX 1' s a lot more fun to slop ronlracl Sterling Cole (R-N.Y.I of the congressional committee said he er s namc on ll ' hopes for a report that the, con- itract has been executed. Rep. James E. Van Zandt (Ra com- if the President Eiseiihow- Street work on Varnon Drive' was unvlerway today with the 1400-;Pa-> said* he will ask for f block of Williston and 700-block of|'"' lt ee showdown Friday u mej FORT WORTH - Nov n-UP ored North Faulkner next on the list. Commission comes up with a bind-; Someone shot al a ' ' Shots Fired At Helicopter Pampa High Sets First Homecoming sorghum grain. Farmers planted tor now held by Americans.) .day. Three-man squads. HI mod more of their crop this year on! \\ith .15 calibre autumatirs, M-l acreage idled by controls on basic By JACK lU'SSKI.K rifles and a radio, paliol lhe suuih- crops. WITH 1ST MARINE DIVISION, ern side of the zone on luuud-'.lu 1 - ding up your troubles and turn t« Th e current corn crop estimate Korea, Nov, 11 - IT Marines dock missions to sc,> Dial lhe ar- counting your blessings. is down 1U.9SO.OOO bushels from holding- down a 21 -mile-long .soc- mistice is not violalod last month to 2.939.000,000 bushels lion of lhe former Korean battle- About the only "enemy at Hun" 1" about two months everybody a 7.5 per cent drop from last front are the only United States Iho Amoiicaiis enouunlrr is an or- will Iovp a fai ni an — j( jve''» year. But the key livestock feed ------------------ ..... ------- casional Communist nflo nr Held dressed like St. Nick! grain crop is still large enough lo swell to 120 million tons the expected oulpui of all feed grains. ••• Pampa High School will hold its : That would be the largest since! I O first annual homecoming Thanks- 1 1950 and the sixth largest on PORT f* I t^ \/ 4. 'W| ' VnlCrKS Y OtG iHO giving Day, Nov, 25. The Class of 1951 will be hon- glass camera pointed at ilieiii, About the only shuts fu od in ""g'' 1 ' are al line-crussors who eould bo either spies or North Ko- ARTHUR. Tt-x., Nov. 11 r*an residonts escaping lo froo- Even some kids who don't drivt 'ei-ord. : ---UP -Employes of five of IS dom across the two and one-hall The expected production of 32 stores picketed for a year voted mile wide no-man's hind. though all graduates and { million Ions of food grains would unanimously Wodne.-i,iay AFSI City Engineer R. B. Cooke! in £ contract. He said "we've so reported today that curb-and-!*" 01 '^ of lhis hassle." had. also rep gutter work on the 100- and 500- 1 The administration has 'blocks of Powell -- in the cily'S'the committee to waive a provi-;in a residenliul area i helicopter with: ex-students are invited, according be -except for 1951 • the lowest in .being" represented in Collective bar- Capt. Nable Leslie Jiock, ,-ifle Wednesday lu Miss Sheila Chisholm, a junior seven years. gaining by lhe Sabiue Area InUus- uuiadrr of tii e l-' I'l ..\ , a high-powered rif I ! night as the piiol was projiai ing | who is chuirman of Hie student asked lo land al a controversial heliport council homecoming commillee. new Red Deer Addition — vaslsion of lhe Atomic Energy Act re-| going on. Scheduled for the next day or so contracts while Congress is in is the moving-m of dirt for the| " movmg-m SOO-, 400-, 500- and 600-blOClts Pecatur, Cooks said. of The bulle.1 narrowly missed the ' Appliances I'll. Joo Uawkiiis 818 W. Foster. Adv.'in to a sale landing, however", Registration will be held at 9:30; a.m. Nov. 25 in lhe high school, a hifjhwav know what j Irial llniun Local ISU. DM/. I'ulii-e dunpajiy, l''iis Fnlal Kgj- i 'Vhe electiun was ordered lasl riue Uivi.siun. .said the I'.t-d .vol.tuT;. LATHAM, N. Y. -- UP -Laying week by Ui e National Labor liflj- »'hu tuiml l!ic nui Ihcrn lull o( <.:,jnada alwuys liax a sv;ell .. , -,,,,' • i - -- -•-» king-aizoj «;g(; apparently Wa-s lions Bourd and was .->U|)ci \i-sed liy the zone look "clcdu aled and iu,i,| v, hual rn.ii AUii'r Denver In' a 30-day review of all .su.-lp head of W.O. ijgi B. I, Pearsn,,, It MS lo II a.m. there will be a too much fur « chicken owned by^CIiffurd Potter, i,, vim-Re ,,f Hie al us but d,dn', in,,,,,..,, ,,, e ;l » cans' well h, oart C-inadiHn cou",ns' A piece of lhe windshield, bro- i-offee in the high srhuol cafeteria, : Edward Onyon. .10. He found his sub-regional NLRB office, in Hous- hcins pi'isrins ha id l.-i iij;ht al- . ' " | ken by lhe rifle bullet, cut. his rishtlAnd, at 2 p.m.. there will be lhe lion dea.l beside an egg lhal \v*s ton. ithoush I'm sure Ihry ,-ue. '. Kids Hnallv s"l I heir r.-<is <-lff^n.. MiSll.j cheek. He ^ brought ^Ihe helicoplcrjPampa Harvesler-Borger Bulldog^ described as being four inches long The unanimous '-•ci-dict may nol j "They o<vasinnally' point ivcap- cd — bobbing" lor Halloween ap. * J '' ""' '-••-•--- ....... i [have any effect on the picketing.] \See> MiWSMEJv, i'age :.') pies. [football game. 'and six inches in circumierence.

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