Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 11, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 11, 1916
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READ IT TODAY IN THE GAZETTE AND STANDARD STERLING DAILY GA AND DAILY STANDARD SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. 86. STERLING. ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, OCT. 11.1916. THEN READ IT TOMORROW IN CITY PAPERS PRICE TWO CENTS. Indian Head Trail Will Be marked From Sterifng To Princeton At Once. Within a Short Time It Will Be Extended To Peoria—Big Meeting At Walnut.' - The Indian Hend Ttiiil Is lo ho mnrk- ed from Steilinw t» Prlne.-?,.;; :tt i>m e. nnd it IP expeittd <he m.-irkinc will he continued on to peoria wl'.'-trt a very Bhort lime. The dednion t<> nfru k tin- trail to Princeton from Slerllntr at --*ttt^-w«» made HI » J«iff. tuiid mcetitvn 1ield at Walnut Tuesday morning at ten o'clock. \ At this meeting there were prc*rrvt Rood rofldfl committees. KIHH! r«>i\d« en- thi|i»lafitfl nnd highway comml«»lonr-t:j« and supervisors from ulmnMt every .townnhip- along the line from HterlinK to Princeton, Those present from Sterling wore (Chairman 1,. H. Wbif- fen and R. M. foe find Hoy I! liner of Ihff Good HoadB rommlttee of the Sti-t - llnir AuMiriatlon of K.'omtnerce nnd M D. John, the Heiretsiry of the .Annoeia- tlon. The mwlinK was presldi-d over by M, A. Htlver, the Walnut bunker. 1>. "SfleTielB," tlte Walnut meighiUit, —Mr-W^rtrtatry. - Mr"I>r—JnnTr~Tnii Upon to atatn the object of tho meeting, which he flnld wan to consider the project of formlnK a permanent orunn- Ixation to mark" and keep up a (Irsi- - eta*H trail from Sterlinsr to Walnut and Peorltt. During Ihe dln< ti.iHlon that followed the ndvantnureH of con- tlnulriK the Indian Head Trail, which !MU» already been marked from .Sa- vnnna to Hterlinir on Mouth .through Princeton and to Peorla, were brought out, and H wan finiillyXvoted to or- _«anl?.«* a Hout.hern Ulvlnlon Indian Trail A^poeintion. .Thiw l» an organ- fjcatlon intlwly~« i pin'jirp-firom"lhp--or-_ i gnnlRatlon north of Sterling, .but it ia to u«« th» name mnrklngK and 'has "adopted a constitution and by-laws-nl- moHt like Unit of the northern one. "Thp nftuffieFiPrtaite lo nc inuriu-d once, with the Indian Head borird in About 40 mile* long from Sterling. corner Firat avenue and Third wtreei, to buslne«n center of Princeton, and through Hock FnllH. Htone*. Van mm.- «£>f iBia,.EasS- .Meeting .Held, 4fc Stealing Chickens—Sliear | Y. M. C. A. To Launch Membership Campaign. Changed Plea To Guilty. y. and iffiHtu .!it i -l tin. t)i .f ut ji) t> 'j 15 Tin w h. lfjird til' i-d v. Ith ri< *> l-'ish -^ ,'i ^ (hut (>!M Sh'-ar,. eli;«rt:«'-d with sti>itlinu f-.". whu pltwid not n'liltynt his hfnr- . liixt week,'' withdrew that ph-ii •Frinr aftTnnrrn ;mr}^ rntrrrrt one'nr tn.cnth< in tin- o»!iritv In; 1 . PRAISES LUDENS Judge Baume, Compliments State's Attorney For His Dispatch With Cases. Every One Of the 16 Persons : IhidtctecLExcepl Button^ Are Disposed Of. R. C. Smedley, Of Rock Island, Gave a Fine Address On the Subject Of Service. A whirlwind st.-iri wn« f'i<- result of (Iff WK m:!** rnei-tlm; lit Id Monday nlf. r ht to hinneh ihe V. M <" \. mem- mership ''timprtlKti to he h' 1 *-! iM* «r-<'l<. Hmtntv men. vc'inir n-'-'i :»tti1 tni«ln«.ss tin H nf tli«' Hfy, dining !oi>ni« 'if thi- V f"! iiif i'hiH.en ill-iin-T 'served !lr>w ,\n\Uliiitv* ;iinl to di."- !ind»pro<i|re! IK lur (he work promirif-nf met in th a Kinnpt in by the I,.'i ctiftf.- jilans nl the week. The bitiinf'SJJ niretfrii* wns citlled to nt Judxe Haume, of fiah-na. one of th» Circuit JudKeM of lb« dlxun dintrict, who IUIH been on the Whiti-Kide bench thi« term, ban Klvn rnnchlerahle pralxe for tin- p>prrfiTptiif i *H In the dl«- pcmHion of the criminal WINCH before him n,t thlx term. He «ny« In his di«- trlct cnsi H hunt! on for the entire term before helnff dispoKed of. ^ind he per- Hohally thanked Ktate'H Attorney .1. .1. Laden* for the dlspiitch with which he handled the court bunlne**. The ffiimd jury fomia~ Imiictrnefit* aeitliiMt ftl'xteen persunH and every ( one of them haw 5wcn dlnpom'd of with' the exception -tit the cane of Ix-c llutton, of SterlliiK, who ha« anki-»l for a con- I»ett«n and Walnut. > Tho folowllng officers .were elected Sot one your, or until Hly'lf t-—J. \f, ROHH, Walnut. "V'ipc prenMfmt~ FYed N.orrl*. Princeton. 'Swrptary-Trtiiourer.— »• Siebels, Walnut. ... thrw and tho following; com- Coll. Prinsclon. 'president of the* Princeton Cammw-oMti Club: Kiinef nr; lies*, the Vah~T*tten merchant; W. K. Btedman, the lending cltir.en of Stones; «1d' Itoy It. tlaer, Lincoln Highway consul for Sterling. -_ Thl» executive committee selected IIB fllrectorii one periwn from each town along the troll, Including S. M. Coe for Sterling; John Plppcrt, Hr,. for JPtJL Mantiloii for Harmon unitary term of court. Thl« WUH Kranted by the. JudKe, ax three doctor* Hljcned nf T , fidacitH that Hut (on wa« very nick and would be in bed for at lea«t fo.ur weekH. Kvery one of the sixteen with the exception of Lee TItitton, IHIK either pleaded KUilty or bun been found, guilty by a jury. It IUIH IOFIK been .the aim U was decided to ralne Hf>0 to mark or I be, wtat«>'?i 'attorney to have all of his cuHt-K where indictmentH huve been found, c rendy for trial immediately after (ho indictment* are roturtied. SchlmmelpfenniK, Btelzer, Meyers nnd Fl«h all do to the i»tute penitentiary f«>r |n<letermiiiate^wenjences frotJQ t>!lg year to a 'dozen"." 12ffor"t IH being made, however, th have Hteltxer let out on parole. , Ht« ha« never been convicted before and hn« been a faithful worker and htm a larse faniily to Mupi»ort. Hence he can be paroled. Good people *ny tlit-y will MU,MI hiH tioml. ICven tdie fanncrx north of Hterllnu frjjm whom the men «to|e, and afterward* xhot at. nro willliiK that he be parok'd" and placed tn*thc handw of the pan>le officer, FredXJeyeri - -—• htw 'of Tgrnn toll] of 1h«- rh:illetiK<< Irorn l»i\on for a membership i-iimp-'ilgn and th»- manner In which the Slerline iKMiirlix- tfon propf&cd to riiirf ,ii Two pnrilc* hnve h< Mr or>;:inized. the hcrnorrutu .nnd • the llepuhllcariJi. with set en f>'!inm ••( from live to ten •nen ntii'-ee In each pnrty. Thi'te wit* t.»- u chief fur «:t«.i |>i>vtv ,tn»' a i ni>- taln for every tenrn ICai-h Might til the «-ain{>aivri; the cipluliiR •<( tlu- varl- J i<"i,«,tciiiiiit vvt.'l...ri.-put t tu -hen f urty. leaders iiml hnllettii* will ho placed in' the > office . t Ihe Y \\ith reinrr.f Hunt (he two i-itrili'i and I!K<> tettirn* fi-iiin DlNon. /"" l-'rank JJlJm< l «, pr< «iil<»i( i.f the Y.. M, i'. A. board. «."s nilh-il ti; the fh»>r nnd brb-rly di-«-erll'cd the riti.ui'lnl slKnil'ii'iini •• <>f tin- campaign showing thai a larKcr membership war lutely heeessiiry to i ai i y on Ihe work Dl (he association ill 'ijSUeci-Hjsfld Wtt;t, l>r, in-iii «e ly-cfi-r iilno made u few re- mhrkM, very "optomictie in iminre, expressing bin confidence tlutt the dexird fcveti -hundred members would he secured. " ~"~ A.x a .reprenentlve -if the t.'iins Frank. Hlnugh who yiiiuiK bimlnefiH men's it-urn to s,-iy u, 'few wordH und TSTTTi iiie ."lun IIH-III thfIT~tr" any pronpec.-tN who eo-ild rmt '»e landed by other tenm» they jdnnild Hlm- ple turn them o,v«;r to the y<ninK butd- m-«« men. The cltalrmtin next announced ttuil Harry HIUIR who hail been nominated tu lead tin.- Republican i-iuty und that $6,00 PER COttJWN T!.' •/,<•!!!• print Sd *tl)i».iTil>»'! a. • b.'ltvered l> h.-.v«, ,.Th«- f:--urj«-r in t»N»-; - TWKLI'Tf! "NfO r'E.NT. To mail sulwrihers'' !.« less .'than ON' FOt'HTH OF A rt-;NT the I" r, In fH otber licM nn rriliiinni" of wind" The (JaxPtte average of twenty- locni. wire and matter for r-ity delivery at ON'K AND TWO- nriRO CEXTH.PFJR DAY. For mail delivery tho price is lc«w than (>NB CKNT PKH UAY. What other dealer or manufacturer of nriy kind Kivc-sjhHr patron* KO Ml?CH Foil HO*LIT- TLK MONKY? AIRSHIPS ATSEA team cap- heads the wax axked IS ORATORICAL Hughes Today For the First Time DevelopetfS^me Real Oratorical Gestures. He Also Mixed In a Little Slang To Drive Home Some of His Criticisms. , fax To Search For the German Raider. Eleven U. S. Destroyers Failed .To Find Missing Crew- Passages Cancelled. (Bf 1'nif'd Press.) ' New Turk, N. Y.. fict. 11 - ISrltlsh aeroplanes are reported sweeping 1h« Atlantic in search of the Oermnn.HiVB- rriarlne I'.fiS and others whb-h may have wcf-nnipanied hw. A«-eof-dhts tt re-port «- received here today the "submarine hawks"' put out from Halifax nnd. sped away from the vicinity in which the captain of the Greek steamer Prtfrlw reported yesterday he wan tttopped by the raider*. The submarine* will he spread far in either direction from Nnntucket, Hrit- l»h officials Intimate. They believe Cnpt. Hope rnny then turn notithward expecting to find there unprotected allied shipping to prey upon. About 2S t»er cent of the pannage* boked on the Adriatic, which HiillM tomorrow, have been cancelled lulu estimated by tin- steamship officers.• The PhH«d*l|>hta" nnd the Mlltlichaha" iilou SOX A FIERCE BATTLE Brouktyn tafaed Two Runs Tn the First Inning and Were Then Blanked. The Final Count Was 6 To 2 In Favor Of Boston; Homer By Gardner Won Game. R.v i Stuff <''<-rr«' Kb be ts with luivlng them K, ('. Hamilton. |»tiin'<'ii( <if t'n!t"'i Press.) 11 ..-Threatened rld'* Mel-leu knotted Hed Rf>s »«fiuared FleliL n.-l. g th> worl Is Being Fought By BuTgars and Serbs For the Heights Dominating Monastir. "~ For the First Time Since the """War Began Teutons Have Invaded Roumania. Hy "Perry Arnold, (Stuff <'orreB|Kiiidenl of United Pre«fl.) <"lurkHbnrg, W, -Vu,, Oct, M,—'Kepuh- llcan Numfne« HugheH Bwung \vent- ward thrnugn \v«a Virginia today with bin indictment of tno Democratic polfclett. He was ttcheduled for four xi-ieches. nt c'ljirkRlnirjf. Porkeravllle, Hnntington and f'harieuton. In each of hi* criticism mainly agalnnt the I IH-mocnitjt.- fa 11 lire to live up to their ,.DISCUSS SUBMARINE ACTIVITY. pledge, of liili platform promising protection of American lives abroad. Speaking here early today he ca»i»tic-ally awaited th«>. admtnlntratlon for that Dicy wall at the name hour and will I"* met by the Hrltlnh cruisers HK si patnd outHiile of Die three mile limit. KeportH luuc been received of a mippom'd submarine ImvlnK beeh-nlKht- ed hoyerlmj around Tyhee Island, near the OeorKla coant. A number of British ships Are takiiiK (*') c^irttoes In tha Kavannah river. Customs oftlclals IIH.V" been iincfTlcially ad vised this suh- maHne apparently Is waiting for the ships to come out. Heports that the liner Adriatic with 440 piiMHCMKerH booked njrid Which still carry"n'mmunitlo'n Will waii" today In- stend"of tomorrow,- were denied by official* of the line. The reported shift In the tmllliiK time of the .liner wan to tt« chances of evading' the (Continued AGED MAN FOUND DEAD tho trull to Princeton with the board marker* at once, and to have the trail colors painted 'around poh-H along the llpw IUI Boon «8 It l» decided what the official pole marking In to be. There I*. '.wa»' Borne objuotlon to uKing the Is J)ORr<l8. but It Wft« flnnlly decided that •the adyortlnlng to be derived from using the boards which contain the -Indian Head picture, would far more Own offset the coat of the'board*. The meeting adjourned aboiit | noon, fttul all tlu* vlnltom were handsomely entertained at dinner at the Hotel ,0l*JO!i, by_Uig Walnut poople, and after .dinner were taken through new, Walnut jjurogw, now being built of glazed tile, which In the largest and liand- »ome«t building of Itn Kind In thin end ii_ j-R who IK under twenty-nix yearn of age. who han never be v <;n c-onvicfed of any crime before, may be paroled. Kobert VVillliiniH and Clyde Fi»h will be Riven the advnrita^e of (his law «ml have been Kent to the Htate reformatory ai I'ontiac fiir H term. «Thorna« Shaer, will get «lx montliM In the county Jail for petty larceny. &lx men from Fulton were c-onvieted of HC'lliiiK liquor in. Fulton illegally and paid their lineri. UuriiiR the ternj juwt $700 were paid in linen wnd costs, which rnoro than paid for the .conviction*. Found Dead In Out Building At Tampico By a Party Of Searchers. J; H. -Adnmst one of ihn oldest vltl- Tampico WIIH found deiul lunt night about 7:30 o'chick in. one of tin .out houses of ilit- depot. Ho wu» rniMMcd' at ttiipper time and a genre)) \«a>* mailo for liltn and he WH« found rtead, -___ • __^ ~~~nr~Th~?T"BneFnootr H»»~' wan^ ween* on tli»> Rtreets and hecrned In KIMII! health. Me was 79 yearn of age. and had been a ronident of Tampico for u number of yt-arc. Mo leaves two iI.iUjjhtoi'H to rnourn hid Thft coronerM ImpieNt waa hold thin morning and tho verdict >vii« thAt Mr, Ailumn came to hl« death from natur- No funeral arangnn'ientii have yet been made. HM handling of the Mexican problem ami Ho.iemnly warned Uii;_uA_L . Hy Uobc-rt J. Bender. (Staff Correnpondent of t'nltetl 1'rt'sg) Long BnUi|>i. N. Y,. Oct. 11.—Secre- tury of Htate LiuiHiiiK left for Wiwh- Bhort'ly after » o'clock thla to corrii- \£ after I'angi'd' in Kurope. thti wan forced to comilete in world com- m<-rce tinder the Underwood tariff hill, -i-Hughex voice was Strong and-clem' — probably in tiie be«t nhaiM» It haa bik'n..«lnc«-4t,started i ( »-»compi-bapk"- in AiigtiHt. Today for the lirst time «ini'««- he -resnined the respnnHlbllrttC's of a presidential candidate he .begun to develop real oratorical gesture* 'Hud to pull litili* trick* of. npenklng <if which Rno«evt>lt would he croud. He huuk-d ouj to vlow for the firm* time u < lasny upp*«rcut wwing in driving home his pugent' ertticUin of the Adammm 8-hour law. He mixed n little wiling Into his speech about "com- hlu auditor* of! tnor'nlng after a long «-qnfergru«gj;_wJlh. rmTTtrJTTjpi^jfjjri^t Wli«nn laxt night on . Hident WllMon laat night on the has been nr-htewpr-oblemii raised'by the activity of United Stutea t}u) u-r,3 off the American coa»t. The 'impreiwion prevai!* that Oer- «'imtinucd on Pugw Tliree) THOMPSONINICOURI (iff t,h<* afternonn determined to return home tomorrow wifh the ed«e in their favor. A victory 1 today meana the windinit np of the aerlew tomorrow l.irovldinn Boston rou.ld repeat at home. Th« Line-up. TVicton— Honpt-r. rf; .liuivHn. 2h: Walker, cf; Hot.litzel. lb: Lewis, If: (inrdnef, 3d; Hcoti. MM; t'arriKiin. c; I^eonard. p. itrooklyii-~-.lohn*ti>n, rf : Myrrw, of; Merklo. lh; Wheat. If; CutHhaw. lib, itQ-VV-tlii^ - 31u -- Llbu ) i 1 . ' H S >-_M.Ui'.tM:fl,_tLL- Mantuard, p. Firtt Innino- IliiHtiin- -Hopper out, Marqiiard to ^Tciklc; .Tiiiivrin .fiiiini'd; "Wnfkcr fan- ni'd. No riinK. no hit», nri orrorw. Hrouklyn-- -JohiiKton tripled on the Ilrsl hall pitched, the hull hUtiiiK the center Hi-Id fciici'; Myel'M .MinKl''il to rlKht, sivorinn ..Johnston; Merkle walked; Wheat forced ,Merkle at wcond, (Jurdner to Janvrm. My«-rH lnklt>K third; Wheat went t(» second <in 4 rthort wild pitch but Myers wan held at third; Janvrin fumbled C"ut«linw'« grounder and Myerfi neored and Wheat, was oiuiKht off third; .Mov.-rey funned. Two run* two liitd. one error, Second Inning , HoHtiin—Hoblilzel walked .aniLvyent to third on I^ewls double to right. .Garner hit the ball clear to tha center field fence for a Imme run. Mcorinic Hobjitrel and LewlH ahead of him; It _wa« __ liis^ >tecon<l- circuit HWat of the «i«ries; Hcott went nil the way to second when Wheat dropped MM fly In deep center; Wheat wa* Riven an er- rur; Carrigan micrlf|i-ed; Ijeonard fanned-; Hooper grounded to Merklo. Three nitiH. two him, one error.' Brooklyn — Olson out;- 'Gardner to Hobliizel; Meyers walked juid went to a the Im- .<><•(. 11. ;«•<! in j.l'itltuua fur. if-lKhtx. dorninftting IOVMI of Mohnstfr. An Athens di.stintch toda; that the Hcihintm cjui'ttred th*; of s<-hoi hlvir u rid (hen pressed on an attacked the hflRht.o. Thft capture of this Ktrontr position ^v\n he. -followed by Ihe fall of Mortantir Atlierm re(>n the filllf-d rlRllI wing (He British, ute Mteadlly driving tho iltilgarn back on the Sen-« railway, tho objective of the pre«fiit Hrltlsh odvnnco, Klgltt v+Hftc>'.t liu'.'e been—rrrptttred jMnCH llni- II forcf tmik the offen«lye nnd a imthHv Int'tte num|>er of prlc- huv«. l».'en iTuuglit in.... BRITISH NEAR SERES. (Ity I'nlted PreHS) don. KriB., Oct. 11. BrltlKh troop/t have arrived within two mile* of tho Urt-ek Hiy of Serew In their-new of- feiirihi- n»;aln8( the liulgnrfi, it was of- th-lally aniioimci-d today. A.Hulgarlan fuvalry detachment two mllr-n nuiith of iserex w.-iH diHperjied ami driven back. The HrltlMh occupied two vll- FRENCH MAKE PROGRESS. (By I'nltfd. Press) rraru'-e, Oet. 11.— South of tho Hornme where a nuccewiiful blow yea- lerday furrl"d -Itouvcnt nnd brought the Fr«>nrh- noose tl«ht^r « around ChaulniMt, CJen, Ko«-h'w tr<»op« made furt: — Moist of tho It t* expected thft forming of this or- nunlzutlon and the marking : or tuts .trail .will .resvilt In »dm» great road work In th» near future. The roud« south of Htonen and nouth of Vnn Pelten for a. fyvf mlli>8 need «pecl«i mnrlilngr wud attention. The "«»f th|« trail TOTOIMUNTY Special Train Of the Republican Several Towns, , Col. towden Expected To Make LYCEUM_COURSE Hat Bwn Provided, For the Ptopl* of .-..:;_. ;c: _. r; .. ; .. ; 0«neMe..Township. The people-of Qenemnt townHhlp are' to v be Congratulated that they will have the~opportunlty to attend one of the tlnuBt LyciHirn courses ever belli 'in Uila part of the country. The ahout that?" all of which struck his audiences fayorubly. What w«ts more to thn point, tlte. *!. i). P. cahtlidatt* developed u ki-on wiJKt* of publicity. ITntll his prownt trip no one on th« train could make tho nominee set* the necessity of pre- C-aritiK ills »i«'c:'hes in utiyance. Hinoe he left .New York on Monday, the governor has found time to dictate ahead of time the principal points of the addressed which has enabled tho corr*-- HpoinlcniM tu got them In print e-ur- iiugiit's mudv a curt denial' Of'tho charged made by Norrnan Hupgood that there is nn iiti(lur«tniidthK .ht»» tweeri lilniseif and Uerman propogan- diius. He didn't mentlgn Mayor Of Chicago Called Before Grand Jury Because Of the Vice Ocandal, '•'•'.. ' (By t'nited Prenw.) -^PJrirtt'ftbr -Hi.-;-t>rt:-i 1 v-»'Mayor"Thon»p-" Hon.waa calhul before the, grand'Jury shortly before noon today to- answer to the chiirKi'M made against tho city Hobliliel; 'Johnson .out,' Hcoll to Hob- llticl.' -No runn'-no hit*, no~ error*. ' Third Inning Bo»ton—Janvrin out, Out»haw to .Mt-rkU-; Walker Wat-out;, un Infield hit' to Mowr.oy; Hobtltxel fllt»d to to Cutslmw; No run, no ijits. no er- night wa« Hpent In orKunlZlriK tho newly won |i(iHttlitnn, A total of 1,37? primmer* have been taken. In tho Champiilirn reulon and »>n-tho Verdun front neveral small German attackit were checked 'before they reached tha French trenchen. . —— TfN ITALIAN ATTACK: (Hy ITnlted Pr>,M) Berlin. "Qer, By WJrcleM to Say-- vllle, L. I. Oct. . H. — Tho Italian* launched a Kenenil attack against tho Austrian posltlorm "~itouth Of Qoritx . Monday afternoon after op eight day Speeches At Sterling, Mor rison .and tampico. eourue con«ti«ta of Jive numbws, thret of them high cliiBH concert*,- Including one mbtlnec program for tlu< .cliil- Uren, the 6tiit»r ISvo leeturen,' one by Henry Clark who «pol<« at the Ulxon the pout Hummer..and who (Continued on Page Three) in connection with the uncovering of gumbllnK. vice dive* and miloori'M running in violation of llie city «rdinunce«. '"' '. Chief Hwileyr the mayor's Hecretary, Fititmorris,-.police i;apiai.ti» and minor officials were in court in an- HWW to Hiibpoenas. Wagon loads of records which Htate'x Attorney Jloyne tried to get laat night were .brought under heavy .KUftrd to the crlmnlal court building. Fifty- mounted policemen patrolled out aide of the building, WILL OPEN TOMORROW . Brooklyn™-Myers filed to Walker: Merkle filed to Scott; Wheat filed to UowiH. Xo run's, no-hits, ncfurrom. Fourth Inning Hoston—Jx-wiH singled to l«ft, Oardner sncrlficcd, Mowrey to Merkle; HcoU out Mowrey to Alerki' 1 , l^».wls scoring; lAH>n«rd walked; Leonard CutHhaw. i)ne .ran. -two liltw, no errore, Hrooklyn—rtitshaw doubled to right Muwry walked: t>l,son|Mjp|x-d to Hob- Htzel; on un alternpted Mt«crjflce; Meyer popiM-d to Scott in short ioft field; Pfeffer bate<i for Manjuard and funned. No*, ono lilt, rio errors. Fifth Inning. '.,: 'Uoston—- Cheney n<nw pitchliiK '(or Brooklyn; Hooper walked; Janvrin fanned and Hooper, stole tiecond; Meyer** Was chur-Kwl with a -passed ball und Hooper givim. credit "for a stolen hiise'^ Waikt-r popped to Olsan; Hoblttzel doubled to left, scoring Hooper; Lewis no errors. uttncks were repulsed at «v*ry. point, ttrp'^rtaTtuhti HuTfeTTngr ^"^"""RoavIcsF Josses. ."''.. : INVADE ROUMANIA: (By United Pr**») Merlin. «er.. Oct. 11. — Bavarian troops under Q«n, Kraft after capturing Tower Puss, mamhed nouth Invading Houmanlu from the north for time since 'the ; war be^an. It ~ fanned. CMi« run, one hit, Th* Police Got Rid of Jane Milan With Ticket To Chicago, Jane Milen, of (?hlca«o, was put aboard the 1(1.3* pasnenger thU fore- Fall Meeting Of Bock Eiver Association Will Be Held On Thursday and Friday, The full meeting of thf Hock lliMl to Lewis; Myers tiled to Hooper; Murkle wlngled t.o center and went to necond on Wheut't* to left; Cut aha w filed to Lcwis>, run a. two hitB. mi The main committee of the IteSch- Htag today after a long (ilMCUBBion ndiiptcd a motion of the center party authorising' tho inulget commisHlon to assemble when the Relchntug n>turn» for d.ixtruwiktyt of ttie foreign the war, Sixth Inning. Huston—-Gardner fanned; Scott fan- tied, CurriKun singled down the left Held foul- |in«;. Leonard fanned. A'o runs, one hit, no errors, Brooklyn — Mowrey fitetl to Lewis; SHELLED RUSSIAN RADIO. (Uy l!nlu>d Pro««) Berlin, Oer., Oct. tl,— Three "German submarines «he|led the Ruwiliin nutio station at Yepnovalok on the Murmun coast atoiiK the Arctic ,««u, said a X'openhiiKen dl*pulch. One mast was shot down and several perwona killed. A ChrlMiianla pajier reported yant«>r- dny that a Hussliin destroyer aank two Hubmailnea and crippled ait- other off the Murmun Count. out, t My'rra TAKE 2,616 PRISONERS, (By United Pr«M) I'arls, I'Mince, Oct, 1L—-The Anglo- Kreneh HI inlea have taken : 2J16 prln- bner« Hlnce October 1, It wa*f officially announced today, Will also roauit In greatly incifusej au~to travel alon* the tine,, which jwiil not o»ty.-.iUi»»Bflt fnch town, but will. tiring each farm ItUo mor« pnmHnence and will tend to rai*« th« values of farm land*, eapeclally where tho roads •re nicely kept HP for traveling a« well an neat In appearance. |('ariher» u].wj. waii WPl' received iTT C'oltftii years ago, the 'nthar. by Otiorgu lot/Bald to he equally as Rood t hree sup WIRO t«k(* more pride In keeping their doncen, barnywrdi, and fences lo us nice an po«lble, - A.8 thl* trail In to b*' advertised the automobile blue book and put _ttulu_Jrall inapt*. U will wTftuTy it tr«yjicae« into much public notlue than ever before. EEPUBLJCAN^RALLY Big -Jllenry man of mil tee. c. the' bun Allen of "Lyndon, chair- county Republican" oorn- re<>elv'pU tho itinerary Politio«l Qsthering Friday Planned For All iall.\ held in «ev*jiiil on of thp ttrrnng»"ine»iM have fur an olti tlnn» cumpui»in nest Friday ev«nint( by the st •an club. The meeting will in- the Armory, which will t>e<it hundnsd. The HterlinK Mlli- _Tlil» orfanlzatJon will "i'l.i> •trevU trtftti~T"v'vliH-k to 7:30 TKwn ll_w!li go iiiHi.le the Armory ww$ will play for another half ISvsry'lio<ly 1* invite*! u> uttcnii this meeting, ewjK'eliUly the Monu-n v<>i- tr« wf the city. The tii^etiiiK \jiil lull rally for |h*» women u» mueb UH the men, A**thi» is Ihe Un-t time tin i<J) iif tin- HtUtL- buVt) pilllicipaleii In Ji4U(JHul rlectton i( In ('A|ii-cti'I lln-wwtll bw out in force und biM-ouiv enth>>,-«i>i) .it- much un tlw iitt»« art- , ' cuUUIliHri •T" "I'rnin, which will cover county on Thumlay, Oct. 19. Albany, Uymlon, Hrie and Prophetatown are, uinitHid from ihv «chedule Tampico it« tilt- only town included Muuth of the f. «t N. W. n>ad. .Tito «lat« cotnmitteti nnyg: "It has hc*u difficult to arrung«< the Itinerary and Kcliedule« for the candfdateh special. Tlu-se tiiiu' «cheduie« had tu IH- confirmed In advance by~ tiie various. ruili'iiiHin and it Is impotittible now to tnnlio clmngCK. "It i« nhHuhrtrlv neces«ary tbut the I tain lie Kepi on time inch day and in' "rd*.r.t,i do iltlw the sttum must IK- made as planned. i)i» n»t attempt to fhe i-iindldiiteM lu other lUiu-eh »pcnk when ihii kcheilnlo fiiHUotx K \oii culln for wpceciie.s Horn tlu- train The ht.ite cuminitlcc ahkn >uiii co-op- cration lo Keep (he tiain on time ltn<l llu- tllp of (lie I'iUllllil.itt-H a Hlle- Tlie itcinct.uj In t*-a\f IV-Jiiii -it 7 10 :U t'lltllli ntlie nl S '.'ii, Bureau. U 311. AiKuibtiji, in »t» may b» m«cur«Hl from V, J'. Oar- wick. Itav. ThompMoii, o. L, liarrl«nn, Win. HurlcMH, CyriiH MuMhman, Warren Brown und others. Atumhera of -thii_J»y<i*uj}l'. courHW conimittee feel that tho people Of Clelienen towilHhip Hhiiuld show their appreciation of thi* t'lfmi to provide uilifying am) upllfiliiK en- by giving liberal patron' hu* Tin* « ik-Kct""bought for ht»r by the vlHor, and nhe 4» probably in Chi- by liilx time, .litrip•-b"" :1 ^"H>—tr problem f«>r th«t Sterling pullet*. Sh« cam« out. a few montlw ago from Chi- cajjo to work in a restaurant. Hhc had a puwsioii for .getting druiuk, ana bus For three ilajm now The (!ir/.elt«- been practically out of hUHim-nH powi-r of nupthulint* in greate (tower of Un> press. The edition in'1-ii fjj*in one to two hmirw lai :ng the tstrly mutlM und m.tkliiK lute tlcllverlCH, The j?«s t-ompuny tuijt been •umpillfj with The (iav.ette fujce duiiif; -very thing po^nllde to otcicomc the dllficillty. The H'»n pipes feeding Ihe >liiotyp««, huvo liecn cleaned out re- jiefilt'ly by Mil the methods Kno\\n to <u» rnukiOK, and they llll up a'KUin nnd itop the maehinex in a few moment* »fter they jji-t .started The pipes bu\c bcwi cj^anetl cU'itr in the hireet wev •nil (linen but tilt* nupihiillne t:etn h.ick ill und MhulM t»IV tlu« tuip'ply Nome tinic.- n h-SH than un huur iilii'iuai i| The lel,l> ill IhtniillK Hie paju-i will lie uil- until the trouhle in ove come. for being drunk in her roum. lU-Ing a t£t(od -worker her etn- ployer IIHK been oeeitiK after her tines, Tuesday about 1 1 3D o'clock, the ehh»f of police found her drunk on First avenue near the coat uiTices J|« t»«- coried. her ucros.w |lu< liuckx and «*fiil for a jiiiu-y lo haul her to the lockup. She objected very strenuously and and it required hard work on the part of (he chief und a man pnstiwi into service to set her inside of u car. An the chief was puutfiK her in the car a bottle of \v lucky fell fioin her pocket*. AK she had no money *>lui W«H lel't in the' lock-up met niK'tH ami this ttxoinr ing WUM put im the tiain and n«nt back tu her home city N'ot waiting fur a jitney the chief u*.Ked a niHii dtivln^ u car on First itxetuie |o aSMM HI KCltlllK the WoillUll 'it his and dllyc them to tlu- city ii.iJI. .The man (old the chief lie did not care tu use bin car for that pur- The chief (old hint to do as be \Miillii IHJeM him as man olieyetl. Tlit'le ihe chief fr uid, \\h,, assist itn ur tbe> ; ar t > will meet at th»» Pirst Con- yreifatbiiial <-hu'riili_aiL "Pi'i«iuy of tlilH week. Tliui'i»dtty'» pro- Kram will be uti follow*; Morning. ,, 10:00 -Devotions, Uov. Caugbt-y Neylor, hyndoti. . -.--•tone- The IU:45- Th< T'erey f, l^ popped to it nn Revived Chureh. Hource of Power, dtl, MoUne. , , J{eclpk-ntH,,'ltef W. \V Seventh Inning. Huston — Hooper tttM/jled to left; Jmnvrin forced Huoppr, Mowrey-. to olHoii'; Walker out, (>|«on to Mvrkle, * u I*if t!R :* l *''°i' ( AL JJ,iil' l , l l*Siu 11:05 -Tut tie, ll:L't> -The outcome, I lev. J. t', tilixS • Uard, Atkinson. Ji;3f» Uenenil DiHcuH^iuii. Afternoon. ••2:00 DeMifFiiiK. Kec It A. Cmwford V. M. I'. A. The Sunday School Probltm, ,5S;l'0 Laying the Foundation*, Primary' Mupt. MI-K (Muirien HolBtnger. ^ 3& --LfadinA the I'tipils to Christ, ilrn. \l<ie WUi ox Willu-nsj,' Sterling. 2.f>U- (icilelJtl I 'JJ.I Ilf-Hii;!! 3 ufi T!u« Irfuge'i U'ulK' &U«ttU>IIK - Woman't. Huiii la-a-icr. Mr* W M JOIU-H MlHHionaiy Pageant in charge of Ml-H. {•'. \V, \VJieelcr 4.«r» open I'ju-liiiment- lHt«!ltt*fii. Evimng. fjellnun, -Kev 1' Proph< tftlow n Sel \ let- Hev IU-\ W - \\' TllltU-. lor MiAtstllal Ut-lle| ladb'x- ill the cbiiith Will lerv e linmcr ii\i| ""tiuppvr t-n vslihli tin public i* in- made a -wild pitch; lAnvis forced liohllUH Mowrey to Cutsliuw One run, two liit», no nrronJ! Brooklyn —Oinaru batted for Cheney and struck init; JohiiMton ilk-d lo Lewis; .Myet-M «Kied to Uoopcr. No runs, no bits, nu errors. Eighth Inning Huston— Nap UucKer now plicbinH for Brookljn, Uuniiu-r mil, CutHhaw to Meikle, \\.\n «ivcn an error When he ^llol-j-etl. %olf* tolll Hear tii'ht, Sciiu then Ueni out. (Hnon U> .MeiKie. I'arriKtui »,-ij« inlleij out on .No mc,s«. no hitH, one el • Kiott t» Huh Wulkei, Cut .\ 0 mitt., mi »U'>'k!\n Mt-iMc nut lilKel, \\he.n tlitd lo »b,u\ lined (., Ht.,i|.ei lilt,-* im ei rot H Ninth inning. : liunlon -Leiutjid fanned. Hooper singled tu light utnl contlnut'd ' to a isec^nd rwltfit Johnston On Hii..p«i- mij. stealing third; 'Mey. vt», (.> -Mi;wrc) , JanvjJti funned N'.. runa, I>IK* hit. on.i- et i Mo\sre> IHed to L«-wi.- walked, ".Myei.s fi.rced . t»Non nit lo Scutt; <;<<u Ixtttt-d. St«-ni;il tu Asquith So Declareii_In_ Asking^ ~Ooift'ib(iinii~F6r a New War Credit Of $1,600,000,000, (Hy United Pr«««.) London, Kn« , o«t'." ll.--l'remier An- Illltil received a (ei'lilendoUH ovation in the boiiKe of comrnoriM this after- loon when lie decitired In the tnlilut >f it hpeech in which itf nnm.'U u ni-w A-ur credit: "This war can not 4-nd in u putc-lieU 'ip. pieciwiotiH, (llnlHiiiiirahle cumpruiii- ine. miiKiiuerudiiij,' under the IIHIHU of Iteuce." "ThH l«n'i (he moment for faint heurj •ind waivi-uiiK c.'iitiMel," hi- added when he Kallerii-M were at!HJn tiUfnt. "Tlu« itlu-rt ale not \indlcuttvf but thty Mill it't|tiire fioin Ibe enemy udii<iwati» ie- partion fin ihe pant and mwurlty for tile fllluie." The pi-t-mici-s deciarutlon on the »ub- ic-ct of peaee came toward the cunelu- • iiin.ot hfs Hd>li(»H in which he ttHKcil war credit of ^I,ri0it,000,0oo from tho brinjjiny 'hr total to appruxirnut«'ly >i.'>.tit!ti.i)uu,ooti He fclloweU hi8 r*-- VMt.h a l>itt<t wlatelnelit on Ulf «i(u<iilim, jtotutiiitf out that idem opetatiimii on thu m#n imv.ij im u ntiui mild .<!! of tlie 111 h. well ^ Thui th inanj -p*>» pi ir»- nut x\h«n as,K Ri.VlVAI-8 TONIGHT l(eViV.(ll WWVUlh \\llj h{- held at 'I'ftiinv ihuuj; \i U< . U K Hi, .1, the |.i|h|i< i CASE POSTPONED Tent Sufi rv'n'-w -,.-. hy Llu>d t't« I lull" *U tutfc >T ~'irni""6«" trUi^ualni jit f.i|" Htut< 1P -'4 .iii<lnUti' ^

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