Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 10, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 10, 1916
Page 6
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SIX. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE TUESDAY, -OCTOBER 10,-1916. AMUSEMENTS. # HOUSE OF FEATURES GRAND TODAY JOHN BARRYMORE IN w ••r —f f llelig'-Tribane News Hoiiie Graf t WeeK FRANK KEENAN IN "THE PHANTOM" A !..«'• KEYSTONE COMEDY, "BEDELIA'S BLUFF" THURSDAY r, WARREN KERRIGAN P FRlOAY "Th* H»«rt of Nor* Flynn" ' 8ATUR0&Y Harold Loekwood iVAUDETTE DAY—8how« 10 A. M. to 11 P. M. "Where Are My Children" ' Wonderful prodm-Dmi l»»m'i nil?** one under Ifi adtnllted nnlex* the (leRliin-lioii of the With the long winter evenings ahead you will live in the home more than in the past months. Therefore this week is being given to a special featuring of draperies—the methods o? giving greater comfort and added attractiveness to the home, .Oiir- drapery (It'pnrtnifTil rnn Furnish mnny s lions, us lo Ihu lutt'st muU'iiuL*. und the .l«'s(... IM. of using- .t'lifin. . Quaker Lace Curtains Priced from $1.00 to $9.00 Quaker Craft Nets Priced from 20c to $1.00 Shorn, Admission 25c tomorrow night, ••« Miti Jackie nder* in oh«pt«r No. 1 of "The Grip fcvll," mud* by Path*. Shown «x- with vaudeville at uiual pricei. Academy of Music October The Tr«n»-Oce«mc Star*. F*voriUa of Two Conlinanli. mf TOM •* HAL NAWN-DAVIS lh«lr miioci*te~pUy«r», pre- MHtinf at «v«ry performmnc • Q ONE-ACT-:PLAYS 4 I ttAira be«n recognlied hits in big time theatres of gland and Auitralia. AND THE CEN1I." "A TOUCH OF NATURE." "A BUSY DAY." I / • «THE.UWEXPECTED."c, , 25c, 50c, 75c, $1 OVER DRAPERIES Priced from 18c to $1.50 "Home Craft" Week Specials One lot Scrims, selling regularly at 25c, special. • • -19c One lot Silkolines,selling regularly at 15c, special.lie One lot Printed Draperies, selling regularly at 18c, special ....___._.•_.__._'. .....„._.........-...._,.. ,Lr_........^i_._......._,_........v,,...14c. One lot Lace• Curtains, selling regularly at $1.25, special 98c One lot Lace Curtains, selling regularly at $1.50, special , . : . $1.19 One lot Lace ^Curtains, selling regularly at $1.75, special ". . $1.48 THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH. 'trouble, and it leaven the sddeH of the The contrautorN er.TtiiiK the Chri*- ;*t«'*et '•I''" 1 '- • thin church are piiHhlim th,- work , L LEAVE H08P|TAL . alonn UK rapidly a« It can be ilone. All | of the wood work in ih«- auditorium!' Minn Maude W«bb. Who miffcrcd the h»u» been completed, c.vp.fllltK the | l'm« of both |C,JH III the tinlt auto «ocl- hnm-lnt: of the doors and thin is be- 1 dent, will be taken from the .SterlJnK iiiK done now. The wall* nr»- b'elnjj j H«n«piiiil Wediieiuhiy tmnnlnn to u ne.W Tinrrd u pi city -hntr—Wttfti—tb" • wo.«»t—hnme work I* completed the xteain litters Work will be MlarVed, Thin will laki mime* lime nnd fhen (he ttni»diliu~ the wood work down Nlall-H. will taken up and piiHhr-d. Tin the church have T ,H»*t the •bazaar for November "5, I ^ WEA^THEM - You WILL LIKE THEM MUNSING UNION .SUITS The Best Foundations for Stylish Clothes fiittiiT. K<t yVi him No outer garment, however well cut or tailored, can fit 'perfectly over ill-fitting under-garments* A Munsing union suit, because of the perfect way in which it fits and covers the figure, is the ideal underwear and is preferred everywhere by "women who know." '• . The fact that we sell more and more Munsingwear union suits every year is significant. There must be a reason. In truth, there are several. In addition to the perfect way in-which they fit, Munsingwear is unusually fine in quality, remarkably durable;-— and^surpristmrin its ability to stand trip after trip-to thHairndry without losing its shapeliness, perfection of fit or comfort. Onr sploinlul success \vitli Mnnsintcjvi'Hr i* tin 1 mil wnl result oj' the splendid service ami satisfaction that our customers j^et from it. (Mir increasing volume of business in this line enables us to olTep yun a inure comprehensive assort nient of styles, \vei,tclirs am] fabrics to select from this" SL-U.SOIJ than evj-r before.- MUNSINGWEAR FOR WOMEN _Woineji!s_U_niQnJ3uits,_ Jower.;room ; wH|. .fie !ln|Khcd. '. _b> 1 ^''" •Mi for her and the family, at 810 Third avenue. A iiiirsi' will accompany her ,f iio.the home to nee that »die (H vomftirt- „. |ably wctilcil. Ii wan tb«« intention «»f women of j'be doctor to have h«*r taken home two late for 111! WT-eliH HKO, but wa»t not nti|er to KO ._. |j la | : \VTii7iji~Trie" time arrived, now. . i that time. If not completed, it will be h«'ld in some other place. Hev. j I'obinx, pastor of the church, nay* OHM A check for $l,oon wan taken to Mrs, work IK not advanced far enminth UijKrncnt\ l«in»;o at Morrison yesterday, 1 net any dute. for the di'dleiition. It is the beneficiary of her liUMhnnd w.ho died the intention to have a m-i'vice of con- a idiort time UMO. Mr. I^in^e, wet* only Htderable magnitude at that time. fiwenty-two years of line mid bud (inly paid thirty dollar*, or~ Ui»< MRS.' LANGE GETS INSURANCE. Thirty yearn' experience in •Making union' suits is bafck of Mini- singwar. Perfection is the oonsintii aim oi' (hy- makers — perlVM-li«»n of fabric, perfection in. fit, perfectioil in finish. • firiced from .... .. 50c to $3.00 Women's Separate Garments, priced from 25e to $1.50 MUNSINGWEAR FOR CHILDREN Children's Union Suits, ChildrenV Separate Garments, priced from .25c to 60c suits arc the in o s t <'i'(iii(unical, every thing ronsitU't'oii, no matter \vliat style* you buy. wcnr ar«» made by the sand- skilled, opera tort*,with the same ex|>en- sive ^"inai'liinery, a n d wi TTf 11 Fe sajj un'a t'e. " " NBWS W BRIEF J POOR CROPS IN CANADA f. Ft Mungun recelvud a letter Jhlw ling from hlH brother Krwln J. n, from Amdnlbolti<v MHU. ; -i'nn- Sft, In whloh he writ I'M of tho poor UpB ha raised this hmVcHt. lie say* intended to make a trip to Stcrl- again thin winter Jnit UN walking hard on ! hiM feet, ho l» afraid he Jl have to postpone his trip. He out one hundred acres of whrtit .from it he id only going to get $tw*«n four hundred und five bun- bushehi of grain and that will STREET PARKING. .Th(!i:<< IK-A movement on -fuut lu have llm' autcm comlriK to KU-rliiiK daily, the llri^t premtum. Mr. and MTH. Lange had 4»rily b«>n married a short time, - connlderable thlH yettr iiw'rtte invn- uf thi'fcMhui'B charm 1 ll.f>0 ,, pei , and board, However hfl »«>•«• he I plenty of good CUIN, and enouKh !<ifl« to-lH«t bin-family—<md- : -lwvc i to n«H, benlde» p'Mnty of v pork Utter and egs». Flour riKbt in thut country nellB for $4.5« per pounds. -Soft-conI l*» 49 ii 41040 per - ; OIH> (\i\ \\I\M plenty buy. flo intended doubllji^ hit* itcrcuife this full for next years p, but he will not do it »lnc.i> hl» pat crop, wan »y poor for Jj Heed wheat. lUr*!' th« farm are coniniHiuliiiK J"'" i »Hth ttiid their board. CO. 0 ON THE RANGE: r4» Sundiiy at the- ruiiKe ut f, n"ar flal't.. Fifteen men ' the practice.. In tbw "expert Sergeunt U II Wither I<PT ; BCiire. J!U8.jDUt of.4KiHttil •T The Qtho^« who <juul!iSed In thiw ^ were jUeut. J^wln vvlih 2:'tf -and Corporal H. K, al«u(er wHIi '.':' a thff ••aptUiii of Uu» SterllitK A maU'h to be Iifld-llu? latii'i' part the mouth. Fly ^nemberii. of-tbe ijofttpany will •j f > to rump , t?hleutc'> on SundHS', "'*' - y - « n d •'>< •JUemeti- ,Tp tbh* tlt« UM'ii iniist mal« OUt Of of « poHHlbfi; U'JO i>olntH. BEE-. .* ii of at the curbliiKH HH it l« -he- InK done now. Chief of I'ollce IhlKlock miy» inutterH are «|IH|)|HK that way for Sterling in another year. A"' great many of the cltieM In the- went ,are HdoptliiK thlK wynti'iil and It l« Naid to be' very satisfactory. K,- J*. lOmmoiiM. wbu recently .nitxile a_ ti' Ncbrtiaka Haj'H In nearly every city he. viuited the cars were parked In the middle of the street, and be fnvorn the «cheme. There ix a line drawn In the center of he street and the cnr« park (>f the Htreet.- The earn are thiiH ed »o they may be moved without Editor Kllnon, of the Lyndon paid- Hterlbu; a vlwlt -Slondny and gave The Uuzetic office a brother- •ly cull In .the afternoon. Mr, FiiHon comen from Kliimumly.. Marion county, Honthern llllnoiH, where he learned bin trade. He wan pjeaned >ylth l.yn- don and -decided-to Hturt- a- weekly there. TOOK HIKE l,oiui, touk"n ' Sunday morning. IN COUNTRY. h/ininu Mod Annie hlkft. to tU« Th« trip wa« «lght miles *outh of th« rlvwr to tliolr liomo AN UNUSUAL ATTRACTION AT THE ACADEMY OF MUSIC NEXT MONDAY and they made tho ditttanco In three bourn. They reported, a plwimant walk, MlHMi'M Lena and Annie returned home on the 8 o'clock train. ATTEN D;~ANN UAITM BETI NQ. U I'. Oraihp went to Chicago Monday. wh?re he will attend the annual niettint' of the National Poultry, Butter and KKK Association, which Is bi-- ing iu'ld in Hotel Sheriii'an. HAD TON8IU8 BEMOVED. Delphian, the young' son of Mr. .and Mr«, J'rcd 8r,ucker, underwent an operation yesterday, morning; for the. removal of adenoidn and -...,..... Will hulll tlu'lr f'HirMi nnnual ul tlu' ri'rtHlt'iifc <(f H II In, 4 1-2 juU<s»'»<'i'ih\v»'<u "f \Vui , the,a<Tnlr wit) .!>»• otn 1 ' „,"*ucj < ei»iifu| of tin- Kiriil cv-'i ; that vicinity The ''Immber "t i" baud wf l>iX(iu "« 111 furnl*b tutM! S HI&TOHV. .\(l, nur>. ('ii(it:iin 'rjiMH! i". i from ill'-' l-'rt.'ti.'h'- ..:.-.-UT:.-.>. :i v, ,i.i ilu 1 . IM»S" siHiv-ki • tli Uii'l Htn lmvi« ((.in iini- in I of MorrlH<iu democratic county clerk, WUM here John Hretz cundl'lata for Saturday, Itoad ('omtntsxloncr Joirn l^andiH and family, «|>eiit Sunday at Hockford, uiaklitK• tlu* trip In ilii-lr «uto. . J-Yed Hublmrd and farqily made tt j friends here Hun.^ Hadcliff spent Monday hi' Chi- j Fred liaiixen, of Clinton, la., called on frleiidM here Huiuluy. A. O. rag'-'. JVtr-r I'Yanf/. WUH a huxineHH caller in-Chicago .Monday. Clinton Welner, of JMxon, called o"n auto trip •• Sunday taking In Walnut Walnut, M/inlliiH. l)«-e.r (<rtive and muny ,O\VHM in that vicinity. MlHHCH Mary Shulrr. tii'iice and Kdilli Green and : Mr. and -Mm. Harvey Wade motored ' in Km-kford' Kaiurday and Mpent the day." ".'. '_''.'"'."' V Mr. 'and,Mm.-'Henry IH'UciiH and Mr. and 'MrH. Waller Ha»kell niotOred' to Chicago Bumlny, where they will Hpend the week. ' Mi'B.'. Harry—Offo'dr—Brr H. O. Ward and party made a Hopkins and family, Mr. und Alrn. (!un trip by auto lo Davenport Hunday. 1-helpn and Harry Halt motored .Huh- Dance Krjdny night Wotidinlin ha'll. 'day to Mt. Carroll and Hmlth'« cnve. Puhllu Invited Hull's orcheMtra.* A1 >'- and Mr«. John Wetxel, Mr. mid Mm John l-'arrell .and Mr, and, Mr«. J, 1), Harden, motored 4<» Starved Hock UnTTDeier"' r'ark~Mniulay.» Ml'H. Hi. J». Mllex and her flatiKhle'r AljUry, Mr, und AlriJT Jacob -Mile* (jtid luo lady friendH all from Ml, Carroll, ttpent Sunday yvith Mr. anil Mm. (ieo. 1'. J'err.t. Mr*, Mlh-H Hr., and Mr«. J'erry are Hlntor«. who in utti'iuliiiK collcKe thure. Mi.sxoH Laura MciiBCh mid Kay Hrldge. and MeHxrH. Kdwlu Hunmore and JOIIn- worth MeHridc, moloced to Dayenpnil, In.. Hunday. * • . Mr. ami Mr.s. C. 10 JnhiiHoii anil Mr*. ICurUDetweller upent a nlffht, but Is reported better today. ArUlur lletHirlcks, «f Davenport, Ja., upen' Sunday In thin city with friends^ Air. ami Alr«. t)et>nl« O Hare, of Newton, la., who have been vlxiting in Chicago. Htypped here Sunday for a Hhort visit with relative* enroule home, Mr. and Mr». John Fox and won and Mrs. Florence. AiulcrMun in to her home by illni'sn. C. A. HopkliiHoii left Monday for a btLHinewri trip to -Amboy and. LaHaMe. l<ouiH UemoK, of Heiiton, III., la here visitlUK ChrlH AiiKehiH.- F. Ilartolli, of Olxiin. wa» here Mon« diiy oil biiHlneHH. Car load of I*ear'8~-JuHt In. Call ut van Drew & Co., Hok I'Villn,* : Hiitton IM Confined to bin home on account of B|ckaea.f. (1. with Mat Kmetz and family near Misw Muriel Molt,'who In a Htudent nur«e at the AKatha, Hospital, Clinton, Iowa, "spent Sunday in tb(H city and Dr. and Mrsv (1.--.H. Dillon Hunday to Dlxoii and lira ml Mr. and Mrw. Hiram-Ford to nixon Kunday and vinited Dr. Wiihl went to JJeer (Jrove day «>u — 0.— here Monday on husin««H, •••• TK: — IT, — f*r — rtnrmp Mr8, Maggio Hock wnj- a Sunday at Jthe hom»» of Mr. and Mn«. Charles Hey in Dixon, MSSM Clara Valle of Oixon dinner- -Kiiex't Sunday N wt tha home of Mr. and ,Mrn. Uloyd Hprinkle. Alary i'a'rrle' wtenocraidier for Mayor A, J. I'latl,, ha« beeiv »I*i'iVillnB a few day* in ChlcuBo, . s \\'HI)am Qul?enb«ny, , trave,lhis fialeHinan for the Hock'I-'UllH Mahufftc- tuiing 'company in in Sterling today. Waltz, tWM-Kt«p and the htteBt-mod*" crn dance Htep. Mrs. H. F. Werle, studio. .'»«."• W. 3rd ttircet, IJell phono motored ( „ jj r> and Mrs. A. E, Agnaw and Detour. f am iiy, Mr. ami Mru. ^iiioa HOBK motored am j 80I1 unt i Mj 88 Marie-Brown of- friemiM. Gait mo tored to Snvfliina, Mt, Carroll and visited at Smith's cav<s Sunday. Hun- "Trmt with daughter, Kdlth, «pcnt Sunday frlemlH in Frinceum. ..-,-•' . l>atict» In Montinorency hall, Thur'«. i-Ven4iiK. Oct. IU.* ' MISH Kinma HdSM.h arrfved " hjMii'e f iTiirr a 'few "'"naYS"~vTHrr ill <'hl~ - -Smiit"T oago- F«»rn I'eter J. O'Huro, ofSttcramento. Cal., who IIMS been viMtthiH relutiven here, went (o New York City, .Monday on buHlnows. — - - • Mr und Mrs. Joseph"* Krneht 'und four children 'left for LewiMton, 1'a,, Monday for an extended vlnlt wi{h relatives. Mr. and Mr*...Win, F. Orr.and Mr. •uul "Hr«.- Frank <»rr returned to their hoiiu* in LUM Angelen. ( ( ai., Mondu,v. ifter a hhort visit with friendH. Mr. and Mr». Frank Willifonl left Monday afternoon (or JelTer«mn coun- tj. 'IVnnciKhee. fur a leu day*' yM\ at t'ir old 1 home. Mr. and Mr*. Clairle« Olffrow and Mr. and Mrs Ande I'fundHtein motureil o Ml. Can oil Kuitduy and viewed' .Johnson in. Dixon. ' B Hiiitxurd und Hunday with- Minnie frieiul» rtha the weok daughter, Floience, M!HH Walllju- HiilimT and t'orllBM Hryunt, motored to Ml, (,'arroll Hunday. . , Mr. iiml Mrn. II. M. F«»uldx and^na, ThumuK jtnd ,^'il. and dauKhter. Uori« jund .John Huffman, motored ito Ml. und Mix John Him motored ne Saturday and viuiied o TO HELP WOMEN ~i\fl< r U'itibl>> MiflViuuirf, number- \yonicii b.uc UM'il l.>ih:i i; I'litK- i«\.itil fimn uilnii'iil.-; (uruli.u (<• Mr. and MM. W.ilter Swart?., -Mrs. I'rlsrillu i'liilliph iiinl Mi»*M'H Mary and' Joule Nolle. ol I'leepolt. Were gllPhl.s h«'ie. (', It. Ht'iuli icliu icluiiii'il to IIIK hotm> in Ulcll DM. i. Moudav ;iidi ;t fVw week*' VlJtil brie With M-luIlveW. He wan ai'citmp.inb «l lu/me by I'hil^ tiiin Fisher loi a hhoit \ihit. Mr. and Mrn l f i>i>iiaitl Fonl mill Mr. ami 5J|!i, f'liujt l-toinii motvred to Starved Itock Smiibiy. Ml.i;. Mitt' JnlillMUl. of (H'K.lill, *<i>elil \v_ilh friend*. In (hih city. tnie.s ll.ifcki'll ,^|iciii Mojid.'iy in ji-nd"T""ntr*5tl', H lid .Mrs. .Karl Young near j MorrUoii, I William I)t\yle" \viirtiave car load of |jmi; -.liuatties on tl\,! Q.._track;._Weil,. i i'.iniii ;uid «eo thorn* : .Mrs. J. K. (lullowuy and MJHS'WITl- ;lii\ lU'hnrr cprnt Monday in .'t.'h.lrago . \Viilti:. twu step anil all.tiilier wiaiul- j erUcd tlances tmi^ht privately at my I iv.-ideiu-i'. Mrs F. H l|.-ll.'Hell ^?.; IU.« j. •Fr;inciri Hit^U 1 ha« 'returned t>* Cor- |nctl. la, uft'T Vj^itiut; over thf''Week l«-nil with i-i-laiiv.^.— 1 Mr and MVH, WilliiUii Hoover and (Mr. and. Mrs. Ailment inotorcil io ^"t. 'Carroll Sunday. II.Miy Knelson juid (Jilln-it 'irio|i>icd ii> l>l\oii t~und.iv t>\i< TOBACCO HABIT EASILY OVERCOME the A -New Yorker of tt'ldu has written u book telling now lolmrco or Hiuiff habit nuty be and guickh' Imnlijlied 111 three Uuy* with il«$lit;htful ticnetit Tho author, Kdwi»nl j. Wood*, 18»7P. Btatlon K, New Vork CHy, will mull hU boolt ^ tifter tn'iilih lobaoco ' linprovva wonderfully cravliiK - lc " conqWfjFeil. ull alce|i, clear ify«», normal uiipelllp. good dlK«*tion, manly vi«W. "SlrsW'Ttiompry- and u gunerut nalii In efficiency wre among th« many bbnutlm rvported- Oyt rid of (hut nerviiuM, Irritable fueling; no itiH?d of pipe, cltf%r, snuff or' chewing tobacco to ' •- PR. F. W- BROPERICK PracUc^ Umlto4 to EYE, CAR, MP8E ftnd THROAT BRAIN 8URQERY Houra: 9 (a 12 ». m.', > to 4; 10 p. m Fifth Flour <LAwr»nc« Bid*. Stwrilna. ill. - Both Phon« hi- A T, \\SiKlM-l left fo|' Mond<i>'foi f; K U'vt ,40 on bii^to A *I \.m i i in i 'iiii )( I,"\\l.s!it||. tii>-uds. J:' v\ -t • M«.ii>l i \ I i^t tic-it i--- Mr. :uiil SI 1-8 A • In n, of Hot hi>!ir. U II Ii fl U l))lh Alt-* i: AC M, Id i,| nil 'phi I 1' I , Miyl|ii,<\ i il \!M~ W tl!l t> l.-ltiyc^ Mi ii,d Mi'v |; M ,, -i I i'U- 111, nit<ti<ii d in , .lt,l! >.)!! Ill llll li i\ 'it I. r M, IV* k and MHO! W.nula.v and chU- lu-ii» Mt. tor an <ind fii Shul,. of •i 1 riot i » \tend- ' ! t H Ittnt'«- Philip H, Ward ATTORNEY AT LAW 411-414 Lawr.ncc Bldg. 11' i <; -\ 'i i'i , .-1 t '>'!<•- ,s)u-,| ,y l!i" \ll>l > !ilt ',-11, |l I'M i V .III .>•! t ' • In-i'. . li ! i .1 I'i! < 1 if 1 MM !.!• 1 lltl i I ' i >' ln'li |>l,n <, !l) 'rll>' C» I U i «'» S. llll I If lll| .l(!\ l»f <ll-iHll tlu ||l III! <'ll U< < ' ''111 ''f thl> 1 1 il ul «l.ll } |'l IN « ,.111'! ' '* k l I" • I |l •! r-' 1 I't' 1 i« -> 't- l|l «|0n- r i.Miniu ill .iu- int ••luii" with »v llu-v 'iHil utlln tid bm \M itt( n i'\ JH ! it IS' '• In 1" \\..i!,' Tin . b. aii' «'"ii.->l!iiitl> .t|> (i.i)ii i H l!i nil U, tio , Jl<- IS 1 it jl 11 'Mt l.fiuwiiu; «h il li> U'iM-i •« N'llmr i in M (iiibll I.' 'J 1" Hi. • In ,1 In iplul ti'l.) - lu it lltfi In Uii- in v\ i 111 -fihH, 1 \\ .iitu ii Vt Ittt llll 1H"I 1 N f luH , .M, Mi t'lllMl i ,i < .tit.i > n .1 Mi \ i t- it ii i< i » • PEARS:' ! 1 1 ... , ; , > 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - , j i« . i ' U il iii-«t. I! Mil 1. 1 PEAHbi ft . i i . H ,, ',„'*.'„; TH*-* ECONOMY. OIL BURNER' •-. ' .f! '.i '.•>"' i.l:V(. ,'u: ,1,. !!,»' Ki lo^.-lil- ' .;•^i^:!•,\'L^ 1 l7,',^s'tX^ ! ^ 1 -^,Vn,!! l ;:^ ) i! . ,- •; •.<"•'""•;•" ( <vi -..i-..'1'..-i- i.i-i I",-.-! .IM <'•;,.!>• »J t.- .^. ._..--... i , .. -r- , ^. ,. ,. . JACOB "CJANTLIN- • . • " I.AWYEH , 5'" farm loans. Prepayment BELL 439, .ROCK PAULS. ItL. :,irr,.

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