Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 10, 1895 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 10, 1895
Page 6
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British and American Experts to Cross Backets This Year. Th» Comlne Championship—Wrenn Will Giro a Good Account ol HIm««lf—Tlie Younger Men—The Tcnulu Situation Abroad. JBbtfc-tho method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken ; it in jileasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts .sjently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver-and Rowels, cleanses the system -eilfctually, dispels colds, head- .•jchea-and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is tho only rftinedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly Loneficial in its effects,-prepared only from the most •healthy and agreeable substances, its .inauy excellent qualities cornraeud it •U>"all:'.and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50 font/ 'bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it- promptly for any one who •wishes to try it. 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When Goodbody, the Irish expert, left these shores last fall, he declared that he should come back again this year, and additional assurances of this intention have been received by some of his friends on this bide of tho water. Indeed, it is said that we are not only sure of having him with us again this year, but that he will bring frith him cue or two other British experts. No positive confirmation of this rumor can be secured, but one man, who is in a position to know whereof ho speaks, says that J. Pirn, tiie champion of England, and H. S, Mahoney, who held the championship of Ireland a few years ago, arc also possible visitors for this summer. International competition will be the spirit of sport hare and in England, and on the tennis Gelds as on track „- . ^ jf-f "iff * y jJ? ; law iamaxer b»a excellent effect on the game here Hi« style of play taught the American experts a much-needed lesson. Now they want to apply what they have learned, and all are on edge to try the new theories and new strokes. They want to show Goodbody, too, that although he did succeed in beating three of America's strongest players in as mauy days at Xewport last August, he could not repeat that remarkable record. Hovey, Ilobart and Larned, who fell before the clever strokes of the visitor, are long- Ing for another chance at the Irish expert, while Wrenn, who finally did settle the championship aspirations of the CHALLENOK cur, AMEUICA. and river many interesting contests are "being arranged between Americans and Englishmen. Besides tho British tennis experts expected here In July to play at Newport for the American championship, there will bo two American cracks abroad to try conclusions with the Englishmen on their own courts. Edward L. Hall and Deane v*. EODEBT D. WREN»f. visitor, seems as confident as ever that he could repeat the treatment, Goodbody is sure of invitations to play in all of the most important tournaments of all the country as soon as he puts his foot on our shore. Last season he did not arrive until late in July, and he is not expected this 3 r ear until about the same time. Xhu English championship matches are scheduled for tho first part of July, and Goodbody will probably play at Wimbledon boforenhe comes to America. There are slated here, however, throe or four big tournaments, between the time he will probably arrive and the opening of the championship meeting 1 at Newport, August 21. The Irish expert and any other British cracks he may bring with him will be welpomo to all. Champion Wrenn, Larnod, Chace and Rowland all succeeded in beating tho foreigner last season, though not all at Newport, and each of these four players will bo in harness again this summer. Wrenn will probably be seen in most of the long series of invitation tournaments which precede the championship event, and this should give him an excellent chance to get into his best form. ' Last July tho champion began very badly, and, after losing one match at West Newton, defaulted tho others and withdrew. lie had started playing without .enough practice, and naturally fell clown hard. After that first tournament, however, he bcrran to tne'rriain Jrumrd of America's defense. Each wall play again this year, and enough to be m the pink of condition for tie championship, Hobart and. Hovey are getting to be "grizzled veterans* at the game, and are pretty nearly due to retire. They are no further from the top than in former seasons, but both have business cares to occupy their time and do cot get the opportunity to practice as much as the younger men. Were it not for the fact that they hold the championship at doubles together and that both were beaten last year in close five-set matches by Goodbody at Newport, they would probably retire on their laurels. Good body will give both another chance t< regain lost laurels, while a third victory in the doubles will make^the mag- nifice,nt challenge cups they now hoL their personal property. Ilobart may play at New Haven in May for the New England champion ship to get back the challenge cup tha' he lost there last spring to Arthur E Foote, of Yale. Both he and Hovey may be seen at West Newton again in June, while Hovey will defend the Massachusetts state championship anc Hobart the New York state challenge cup. Tuxedo will tempt Ilobart, anc Longwood will have the same fascination for Hovey, as both are close to their respective homes in New York and Boston. Both will play again at Newport—that goes without saying— and both will probably go to Narragansett Pier the week before hi order to get into condition for the championship matches. The younger first-class experts, who have more time to ploy, and who will be seen this season in almost, if not all, tho biggest tournaments, arc Laraod, Chace and Stevens. Of these, Lamed ia the most promising, and almost invariably wins' from Chaco when they would iW M thtfy dld,"lf he bad not the good sense to Test permanently on his nnequaled laurels. The schedule of events is considerably longer than usual, and includes more invitation tournaments than before. A number of handicap meetings or handicap events in connection with the scratch tournaments will probably be arranged later in the season. -T, PAKMLY PJ.RET. COLONIES FOR THE WEST. FDZZONI'S Combines every element of ' beauty and' purity. It is beauta- tinp, soothing, healing, healthful, and Harmless, and when .' [.rightly used is invisible. A. mostl [.delicate and desirable protection | I'»» the face in this climate. g Insist npon having tio gsnaiao. f IT IS FOR SALE EVERYWHERE, •K1KJ JflMMMUM i .JffSWra 'ft' ,0> •WWHIMH9Hii3dK0U'i , Ut Miller, tho former a first-class and tne latter a second-class player, ore on tho other side. Both are practicing at Cannes, in tho south of France, where many of the Englishmen play all winter, and both are expected to play CUPIDINE Cures Lost Manhood Norv- vous; Debility, p.remature- nt'ss dljchiirKe vntlcocele eflects ot enrlr indiscretion or MCOSSM o( after rwim. $1 a box; 0 for $5. Korsaleby B F KeeslltiK, Druggist. ybea so* *•• s. Child, ihs crlod for Costcrlfc ,H»eo «h» twduna Miss, ao« clung to CUtortt^ Vkw <1M h«d Chlldreo, ih* J«T* them Cwlcctk. For OT« Flrtj Tti»n Mrs, Wlnelow'a Soothing Syrup has ioen uaed for over Qfty years by mil- ^ona of mothers for their children while toothing, with perfect success. It soothes tho child, softens the gums, allay B a.11 pain, euros wild colic, and ia tho boat remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by druggists in every jmrt of the world. Twenty-five cents i bottle. Be sure and ask for "Mrs. Winslow's Soothlnjj S?rup," and take 30 other kind. Children Cry for '« eas*orla. Children Cry fot Cher'* Castoria. In most of the big 1 English meetings this summer. Three or four years ago Hall was one of tho strongest players in America, but during the' last two years ho has fallon greatly from hia former high position. However, many of his friends believe that he ia still capable of championship tennis. Germany is taking more interest in lawn tennis t.rn.$ spring than ever before. Already a big international tournament, to be played at Hamburg, beginning August 20, is announced, ancl, a number oi English, players will probably take part. They should carry off all tho prizes, for the game is new in Germany. Hero tho gamo shows little, if any, effect of the nevr-fo«und craze for golf. Golf has claimed the interest of many old tennis players, but it will be found that nine-tenths of those who desert the tennis courts for the golf links are either too old, too gouty, or too lazy to play tennis. The older gamo requires I 1 much more activity than its rival, and younger men who have enthusiasm and energy seldom prefer the revised edition -of "shinny" which has suddenly < flOODBODT MATCHED WITH WBBNJf, (From i snap snot at Newport.) play championship tennis, and lost o. Jy two other matches during the season. Wrenn is the fourth champion oJ America since the title was instituted in 1831, and "by far the most brilliant Sears and Slocum, the first and second were essentially steady players, and neither was accredited with wonderfu brilliancy. Campbell was just the re- verso, being far more brilliant than ho l was steady. Wrenn, however, is the first of the royal lino who has combined steadiness and brilliancy. Like Chaos, Budlong and Parker, he began ,his career as an interscholastic cham- jion, and has won the highest laurels while still in college. ' For the first time in American.tennis an official ranking was issued last fall by the U. S. N. L. T. A. The executive committee classed over forty leading players, and handicapped them according to the English "quarter-fifteen" system. Seventeen of these experts were ranked within "fifteen" of tho champion, as follows: Class 1 (owe IS), R. D. Wrenn (champion); class 2 (scratch), W. A. Larned, M. F. Goodbody, F. H. Hovey, M. G. Chace and Clarence Hobart; class 3 (^ 15), Eichard Stevens; class 4 (2-115), C. E. Budlong, A. E. Foote, W. G. Parker, John Howland, V. G. Hall and S. T. Chase; class 6 (Jf 15), E. L. Hall, S. C. Millett, C. E. Sands and E. P. Fischer. H. HOVET. VALEXTTSTE 6. HALL. I After Wrenn. come Larned. HOVBJT. M. P. GOODBODT. meet, as does also Hovey, while Chace, In turn, seems to have some power over Hobart, which is equally mysterious. Larned proved the runner-up last summer at Newport, and was beaten by Goodbody in the finals only after he had secured a commanding lead. At that time many good critics believed that Larned was the coming- champion. Larned is still in college, and he has the youth and strength, energ-y and ambition necessary to keep on struggling till ho does get on top. Chace, too, will play in most of the biggest events, and ho and Larned will be closely watched. Both have .shown championship form at times, but neither has yet been consistent. Each has several challenge cups to defend, and in the invitation tournaments, to which both are sure of invitations, they should make a pretty race for first honors. These two men are the most reliable players we have to oppose Goodbody and any .other foreigners who may play here next summer. Stevens is, perhaps, tho most uncertain of the .whole list. His game has long been considered the best baseline play in this country, but he refuses to volley at all, arid It seems as though It were impossible for him to play better than he does now. The famous Lawford carried everything before him in England for many years, until the Renshaws came up and learned to volley, and then the base-line player fell rapidly from his : high position. Stey- >8nrpln* Population ot th» Ea«t to 'Settle on virld Weatera Laada. It has been years since the cry of "Westward, ho!" has be«n heard in the eastern states, and meantime the cities and thriving manufacturing centers east of the Mississippi have been rapidly filling to the point of overcrowding, .until labor is a drug on the market,, "Mining, which attracted so many .hundreds of people from the east many years ago, has lost its glamour, hunting and trapping have too many devotees already to encourage more to enter this lifo to-day, granger life on ths western scale requires too much capital and tho too-pleutifnl foreclosure of western farm mortgages has been discouraging to those who may have been considering emigration. All these things have tended to stagnate the population of the east, and. the result is alarming to all concerned, capital and labor alike. An opportunity has presented itself at dast, through what is known as tho Carey law, passed by the Fifty-third congress, by which each of eight westr era states was granted one million acres of arid land located within their borders on condition that they utilize them for agriculture, through irrigation, and prove to tfte secretary of the interior that their irrigation plans are feasible. Five of the eight states have accepted the proposition, and ono more is expected to reply favorably before loag. The national irrigation congress, a body composed o f delegates from twenty-three western states,. has appointed a national irrigation commission, which body is engaged in forming colonies to take up these arid lands and carry them on by irrigation under proper and scientific direction. Some of the details of the .scheme are given in the Boston Transcript. It is tho piirpose of the commission t/o form colonial clubs throughout the easty wherever there is a congestion of popu- .ation, and these clubs will disseminate .nformation concerning the present and future possibilities of the western coun- ;ry. It is not intended to send out separate families, which would cerlamly Become entangled in difficulties, if not properly directed. Whole colonies are ;o be organized and dispatched to favorable localities, with men competent ,o teach them the solution of the prob- em of irrigation and agriculture. These colonists it is proposed to organ- ze on the principles upon which the .uccessful Mormon colonies were car- •ied on. An organization, to be known ,s the Plymouth colon}', is now being formed to take up lands in Idaho. Each member of this colony Ls to furnish one thousand dollars capital. Tho land is to be taken in small holdings, and the whole managed on the basis of a cooperative village. Sowlnfi" Oats and Peng Together. Practice in sowing oats and peas together differs. This is one plan: Oats and peas, two bushels of the former and one of the latter, may be sowed together, but it would be far better to sow the peas first and cultivate or pJow them in; for to do well they should be covered deeper than the oats. Tnen drill in the oats, being careful not to get them covered too deeply. As tho peas may adhere somewhat closely to the ground, the land should be rolled immediately or soon after sowing. Any large variety of peaa may be used. April Showers! '•- • • ...... -v, jf • •. •' . ,*.•'*; Bring ftrt&j FRECKLES! ^1 AND JOSEPHINE EMPRESS FACE BLBACH mt 1 t-:o J:*.no. Tho raarvolotu rosulti! obE^imc-U irv;n: iJbo u.;oof this most ju«tl> celebrated roitii>dv ..iro -«t coultaod to casot of Freckles, but i:i ujo t^o^ incut o£ PIMFLES, 7A:S, SU.V3UKN, SALLOWNESS, ECZEMA. ACNE, Ascl all oilier diseases oJ tho skin, EMPRESS JOSEPW/.VE PACK BL.CHOH timVCX FAlt-S} VO EFF~CT A CUR*. EVERY BOTTLE GUARANTEED. 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In Budlong, Howland, Foote, Parker, Millett and Fischer America has material for coming champions, and this season may develop any or all of them. These players are ail among the young- men, who have yet to win their' lighcst honors, while the Hall brothers, Chace and Sands, probably all have seen their best days. Aad when players start to go down the hill in skill it s hard to get them up again, and they 'enerally stop trying. The sport >rogresses too rapidly 'to allow the champion of yesterday to pick rip his racket to-morrow and take his old ,cc. This has been shown to be the case with both Slocum and Campbell. BROCKTOItMASS. Over One Million People tvenr the W. L. Douglas $3 & $4 Shoes All our shoes ore equally satisfactory They give the best value for the money. They equal custom «ho«f In style and fit. fhoir wearing qualities are unsurpassed. The prices are uniform,—stamped on sole. From Si to $3 saved over other makes. jf your dealer cannot supply you we can. Sold by J.B. 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New York Express, dailr 2.41» m )t Wayne Accm.. except Sandaj ...... 8.20 a m Kan. City * Toledo 'Kx., except Sondaj...ii.a6 a m Atlantic ExproM. dally . 4.67 p m Accommodation lor East. — — 1.15 p m WEST BOCTiD. Pacltc Expreffl, dally 10.27 SB Accomodatlon for West— —12.00 m Kmisu City Ex., except Sunday „ &45 p m Lafarette Accm., except Soadaj' — 6,05 p m St Looli Ex, dall» - U>.Bpi» Eel River Dlv,. Loganspopt, West Side- Between Logansport and Chill- EAST BOCSD- Accommodatlon, leare except Sondsy_.._9.5S • m •• •« ' " » _ 4.25pm WESTJBOUSD. AccommodAtlon, unre except DDDdaj..—9.00 * m 4.00 urn A. C. XATtOB. Agent. . Caa b« camea In Test pocket. Prepaid plain vrip- , with A Pw«lllvo re or XCefund UM> . «r. •! per box. or a for »S, with A Pw rritMB On«i-mntee to Cur Sold by Fisher. B. F. Keesling and Ben and rl£or qnlcUy Lost Manhood \rrophj-. etc^ mreljr eared by IjrBL fUndoo Rtmtdf. WiUiwrJiuay«arw«Ml«oiT*. Sold Jen Fiiher, Druggist, L«OANSPORT, ISD. . great oldbj VAN DAL! A LINE. 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