The Charlotte Observer from Charlotte, North Carolina on February 6, 1956 · 20
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The Charlotte Observer from Charlotte, North Carolina · 20

Charlotte, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Monday, February 6, 1956
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CiArzSAPA ckoRoQ:AK NoPToihmrroa rA -D CA NOM kNHEN's ICU CATO4 COO Cl-kDIILD YOU START ASPIRIKI(G) FOQ IT To LEAVE? 41Aupla r GcPLL — rercA tO veluk ruki p4cAkk rv 04 4 sv4 196 Students Studied Hard At Eastivay James D Gault principal of Eastway Junior High School has announced that 29 students were on the "A" Honor Roll for the first semester and 157 students on the "B" "A" students are Marshall Caudle Dicky Avery Gary Mack Yvonne Hohn Jerry Maye Rebecca Berrier Peggy Clayton Susan Appleton Linda Nance Jeff Pearson Caroline Spratt Wallace Baird Vicky Snell Marla Boye Bill O'Meara Linda Privette Carol Stainback Kay White Eugenia Ball Kathryn Green Elaine Moss Brenda Williamson Susan Dellinger Frances Garrison Mary Elizabeth Stuart Martha Ann Moore Robert Hagler Diane Jolly Sharon Kennedy and Co leen Estes Those on the "B" Honor Roll tire Brenda Carter Lewis Craw ford Betty DOV0111 Bill Ellington Anne Hull Polly Lachicotte Joe Mason Harry Mum Wayne Peeler Gwendolyn Rodgers Frances Smith Anne Swacker Broadus Taylor Diane Brown Rame Ile Campbell Phyliss Christenbury Don Cooper Sharon Griffin Shannon Harrelson Margaret Moore Sally Newman Jane Parrish Patsy Prince Allison Rogers Jane Dodd Webber Joyce White-sides Michael Biggers Jimmy Burgess Susan Crowder Harry Davis Jerry Park David Ranson Sally Ridgeway Lee Wil lyard Judy Cox Doris Jean Davis Danny Cattis Vee Hanna Linda Hargett Patricia Howard Galen Killheffer Balph McGill Marilyn Reynolds Beverly Tat bert Harriett Baugh Vicki Dowdy Mary Fisher Johnny Eli Nagar Candy Kimball Beverly Kimmons Sharon Lanier Dave Larson Jane McAteer Jennie McConnell Pete McKnight Margie St Clair Eddie Sanders Ronnie Smith Dottis Todd Diane Baucom Danny Boy-ter Carol Cameron Anne Gardner Worth Helms Johnny Houser Judy McCulley Jean Morris Donnie Oates Ronnie Oates Nicky Stamper Kathy Stone Phyllis Stuart Dave Watson Frank Welsh John Doyle Jo Ealine Kiser Sylvia McAllister Libby Shoup Ellen Stemen Neal Winslow Nancy Allred Barbara Baker Linda Eppes Ronnie Green Pat Kinsey Mike Kokoska Jane Martin Carolyn Mills Jerrie Lynn Pittard Kenneth Poston Diane Wilson Linda Britton Sue Craven Susan Garrett Candy Hill Martha Jackson Joe Mayes Mary Kay McMahan David Nance Pat Bryant Craig 'lesser Brenda Hucks Ruth Muhl Linda Williamson Annette Vanden Mary Lou Bussey Jerrie Lynn Eisenberg Annette Gosnell Sidney Hite Patsy Maynor Marilyn Metzner Buddy Stoner Chuck Wilson Jerry Bland Virginia Lynn Creighton Glennette Frye Donna Hyland Karen Ann Roberts Clifton Bruce Suitt Jerry Thomas Wayne Bur 1 117---11 1lw a60 10 F P AM rercAtO Yew!? rukl TO p4cAkk I I rv to 4 I t- sv Iron Lanier Dave Larson Jane Clinton L Blake principal of Ater Jennie McConnell Pete West Charintle High School has Knight Margie St Clair Eddie announced that 123 students made iders Ronnie Smith Dottis the honor roll for the first semesId Diane Baucom Danny Boy ler "A" Honor Roll: Joyce Craine arol Cameron Anne Gardner "B" Honor Roll: Eugene Alex111 Helms Johnny Houser ander John Crawford Morgan Ed y McCulley Jean Morris Don wards Ralph Johnson Frederick Oates Ronnie Oates Nicky Mason Clarence Sullivan Debormper Kathy Stone Phyllis ah Anderson Betty Crockelle art Dave Watson Frank Welsh Sarah Davis Debora Davison Barn Doyle Jo Ea line Kiser Syl- bara De Walt Janne Ile Drayton McAllister Hattie Evans Winifred Freeman ibby Shoup Ellen Stemen Neal Gwendolyn Gabriel islow Nancy Allred Barbara Annie Hare Francenia Johnson er Linda Eppes Ronnie Green Marion Manse' Estelle Montgom Kinsey Mike Kokoska Jane erY Theressa Morris Frances rtin Carolyn Mills Jerrie Lynn Nance Gloria O'Rear Hazaline lard Kenneth Poston Diane Patterson Ida Richmond Delores son Linda Britton Sue Craven Witherspoon Claudia Kinard' an Garrett Candy Hill Joan Alexander Dorothy Allen "artha Jackson Joe Mayes Rosa Evans Margaret Grate Bar- Ty Kay McMahan David Nance bara Hurley Eloise Lewis Louise t Bryant Craig 'lesser Brenda Pittman Girlie Sanders Barbara eks Ruth Muhl Linda William Watson Yvonne Withers Vernon Annette Vanden Mary Lou McKenzie Paul Grier Nancy Wet ssey Jerrie Lynn Eisenberg ner nette Gosnell Sidney Hite Mercier Broome Vermeil Seg ars Hattie Hubert Gary Willie ddy Stoner Chuck Wilson Jerry 'alsy Maynnr Marilyn Metzner Pride Emily Pinkne y John nd Virginia Lynn Creighton Nail Winson Col e ma n Willa a nnelle Frye Donna Hyland Pullins Margaret Berry Felix ren Ann Roberts Clifton Bruce Jones Vivian Davison Mary Fos itt Jerry Thomas Wayne Bur- ter Mary Kinard Evelyn Richard ss son Joan Perry Annie L McDow- :aro! Clayton Linda Esti idge ell Emanuel Bagby Daniel Gaith- tsy Hartman David Hobson er Albert Heath Eddie Johnson ane Lanier Betty McAleer Anne Joseph Towns bele Jean Dragg Janet Lyerly Edna Canty Decia Hemphill ilter Sloop Stewart Spencer Georgia Leake Dorothy McClure irtha Wallace Jean West Mar- Marion Platts Ella Riley Joe F a Williamson Martha Paige Allison Johnny Foster Doris Nee-King Suzon Chapam Donnie Cox ly Sylvia Watson Reginald Pryor an Gilland Robert Little Libby Hazel Freeman Ethel Crosby ice Nancy Barber Peggy Curd Shirley Mickens Annette Willis L ane Culhbertson Billy Brick A Paige Garnell Dye 'tutors eller Carol Larson Nancy Rivers Naomi Warren Rohert us Lawton Morrison Bill My- Tinnin Robert Blair Robert Calds and Rebecca Wooten ' well Edna Elder Alphonzo Zanders Travis Alex- ri ander Leonard Berryhill Wilson frolip io Hear Counts Jasper Davis Howard Hill Donald McClure Lincoln itiithOr Quick Charles Tinsley Valasquez The third Russell Harold Wofford Carolyn gess Carol Clayton Linda Esti idge Betsy Hartman David Hobson Diane Lanier Betty McAteer Anne Debele Jean Dragg Janet Lyerly Walter Sloop Stewart Spencer Martha Wallace Jean West Martha Williamson Martha Paige Young Suzon Chapam Donnie Cox Ivan Gilland Robert Little Libby Price Nancy Barber Peggy Curd Diane Cuthbertson Billy Brick-hod' ler Carol Larson Nancy Mills Lawton Morrison Bill Myers and Rebecca Wooten Croup To Hear Solids Anthoritv speech in this year's advanced study and research lecture series of the school of engineering at North Carolina State College Is be presented Tuesday night Dr Frederick Seitz professor of physics at the University of Illinois and an authority on the Robert Nicholas Harold 11ch theory of solids will speak on !mond Charles Ward Stella Alex-"Imperfections and the Proper-lander Maggie Bagby Laura Craw ties of Crystals" ford Barbara Funderburke Carrie Dr Seitz is chairman of the iGarnett Thelma Grice Ida Mae ' governing board of the American Hall Saundra Jones Edna Kirk- Institute of Physics and is a mem- land Joan McIlwain Mary Neal Adel' Taylor Patricia Withers tier of the Naval Research Advi- sory Committee Evangel:ne Smith and Jesse Lov TREE WINS ELECTION ARMONK N Y Armonk residents have voted in a postcard pod to keep a triple trunk maple tree that stands in front of a now general store tinder construction Themwner of the store didn't know khether the tree would impede or aid his husines5 — n he sent out the ballots on a postcard lay Fib S ilc4 'Golden Arm' Packs Punch All Its Own MAN V ITR 111F (11)FN AR wetft by I nitrel Arltate tIvenplav hv alter Ssyman and Lamle Mltrer horn the emel fly NO eon Mal an 'rimy by IIrnor Set n attm: producart anti divamod hy (min Promtnior stemma a rankle meats t rank Rut Novel a MnIlv find Eltaror ra'ker AS Zih Al the Plata PIPater fly DICK BANKS Obtvrvor at Alf WrIttr 'The Man with the Golden Arm" has some of the formula of "Lost Weekend" And some of the language of "Guys And Bolls" hut it builds up to An excitement that seems eenuinely its own The drawing card of course b: Frankie who sings not one note °Guys and Dolls" indicated how smoothe his acting seems with the background of his own Brooklyn element In this film too he quite an actor Eleanor Parker is convincing as Frankie's neurotic wife clinging In her wheelchair to hold his love Kim Novak as Molly-o looks a little too choice to be kicking around As a burlesque bar girl but she plays well the hopelessness of poverty Frankle comes out of the clink and tells his friends "I'm clean I've kicked It the monkey's off" (That means he licked the dope habit) Frankie in Jail has learned to play the drums Now he wants a band job But Darren McGavin and Robert Strauss want him back in their game frankie's the best dealer on the street A little underhanded skullduggery and Frankle's back in the game and pretty soon taking his first "fix" (That's a shot in the arm" After that Frankie of course fluffs his chance to play drums with a band Zosh clings to him Molly helps him with her love From there on the plot winds up tight and then explodes like a double shot of TNT Two people die and Frankie "gets - the monkey off his back" locked alone in Molly's room with all the cutlery hidden Sinatra sweats out his craving for a shot — thirst hysteria spasms cramps near-madness the will to suicide unconsciousness chills and a hangover craving for sugar Frankie makes it all look very terrible and very real W Charlotte Names 123 On Honor Roll Anthony Henreitta DaVIS Hattie Johnson NOVella Kirkpatrick Robert Blair Robert Caldwell Edna Elder Dorothy Faust Barbara Smith Fred Berry William Ale Cant James Stewart Issae Graham land Joan Mc Dwain Mary Neal Adel' Taylor Patricia Withers Evangel:ne Smith and Jesse Lov ell MONEY IS SAVED WASHINGTON —41P1— The Gem' eral Services Administration' estimates it saved the governmentl more than a million dolars during 11715 by coordinated programs designed to hnld down the pur1 chase of rev Le cabinets Information Pc4111rtrrl'A)r-Trtq Po'BER l'19A5 t-ti so 11 31 411 111 130 )1v 4'11 4 tel 30 1 301 301 30'111 21 1 0 PT 'AM NAIF Si lines nriliniWY it10 14 Pt FAMF RAT! as 1 Itni ortimary typo MIMMil 18 PIAkiP PAT se 4 linos ortlinirt tyvi Niattenal Advertiatra Rate Mee totes entilv to adverhvee ita mac m a from otrtcde 17m na 0 viaieo of North and booth arolina No reduction for i'tnMrIllV Minimum thdrge 11 ton tirdinerv type Me ner Jin her ritv Ada ordered for more than emit time tr: he atotitted id anv time and ellitrio will Nil glad ("r only the numher (lava the el mettleity armeared at the rate earned There ill a 2!te aorvira &mitt! for each box nomhor or 50o LI mites aro to he mailed Deadlines Tha deallines for accepting Pdp corrections and kill °triers la 5 p in NI: tiekdava lasitea and 1135 a m Satiirdaya (nr lindav editunia Sunday hours 2 Jo to 4 30 m Out of Town Want Ad Agents if You do not give in charlott von ran place your Charlotte Otierver Want aid direct at no e‘tra coat got any of the fog lowing newanarter offices: NORTH CAROLINA Aboskie Roanoke-Chowen News Albemarle Enterprise Burnsville Yancey Record Chapel Hill Chapel Hill IA fekly herrvilla' Cherrvville Eagle arititiry Minor Durham News J011111A Vli7ahethlown Pladen Journal rin kairmont Elkin Tribune Timea Messenger armville Enterprise Creenshorn Democrat liernersville Rernoreville Newt' rnLeakevine News Antr News Tonic ancnInton Lincoln County Net ItInn roe Monroe Ju nrna Morgantms News-Heral Newland Avery County News Pinehorst Pinehurst ()Mira Raeford NewsJournal Rutherfordtnn Rutherford Cnunty News Se Ime JohnstnnienSup Spindele Syria's Sun talesvil!e Reenrd Landmark' Tabor City Tabor City Tribune Valdese Valdese News Wades burn Messeneer & Intelligence? Walnut Cove Stokes Record Vest Jefferenn Atha County News SOUTH CAROLINA Abbeville Press & Benner Allendalis The Counts News Rambere Bamberg Herald Beaufort Beaufort Gazette Bennett svIlle Marlboro HereldAdvnente etneten Camden Chronicle Inver Clover Herald onwd I-lorry Herald Dillon Dillon Herald Fount ain Inn Tribune Ilreer Greer Citien Cershaw Kersh7w Newe Era ake City Lake CitY NPWq andrum Landrum Leader atirens Laurens Advertiser Eagelend Pageland Journal St George Dorchester Eagle-Record Seneca Journal-Tribitn Simpsonville Time Winnsboro News Od Herald Weekdays 8:30 AM to 5 PM Phone FR 7-7461 ANNOUNCEMENTS 3 Funeral Directors HARRY & BRYANT CO Funeral Service since Mil Complete funeral tor 21911 aiWR3 11 eur Stin Providence Rd ED 27133 5 Cemeteries mEmoniAL 4 grave lot Call ED 4-5a12 clava 7 Lost & Found DOG English Shepherd Black and 'hip Lost North Charlotte Sec lion Lail ED 23414 DOG Beagle female Lost vicinity Dards Rd near Buffalo Tank Co Liberal reward ED 4-6157 4 DOG Lost spayed f PM ale colla Tan white 3 sears old Reward FR 6-9205 4 CLASSES (Lady's) Lost in Scars Sat IR 62651 4 DOG Lost Snitz while and brown Male Call ED 23511 Doe Rost Bull Lost vicinttY Plata at A P Sat Answers In Libby Reward FR 6-1270 FR 01121 8 Travel Opportunity CALIFORNIA Feb IS take 2 ShIre expenses Fr) 4-7I 9 Personals DRESSMAKING Also dolls—clothei made to order EX 9-5302 hi all ordere Invisible Reweaving Service 502 Ind Bldg SPIRELLA BRAS Cl !vile& Mn P E Beatty Call ED 3-1590 4 WILL keep child tor wnrking moth en Transportation EX 9-3782 I will baby ell for wnrking ehopeint mother Telephone FR 58189 44-4 MIMEOGRAPHTNa Dixie I-Wiliest ing Service ED 3-0154 "Pal" Smith WRO WENT — WHERE? WHEN? Call Carolina Detective Agency REIVEAVINCl Mrs Somme 1413 Thomas Ave Mailing 4 KinDIP: LAND DAY NVIISERY Concord Rd Liceneed ED 4-0144 4 MARTHA HUNTER Reg Nurse Eleetrologist Hair removed Independence Bldg ED 2-8967 SPENCER Cnrsets and Pressiere& Mrs Cook IR 7-2254 eller IL TO RENT Baby beds eulocrihs hieh chairs roll-awav beds folding chairs S R 5-5725 RENT IT CO MILL keep child for working mother ' Transportation ED 3-1013 EDNA RICHARDSON Elertrologist Superfluous hair permanently removed 408 Wilder Bldg ED 2-3567 4 DILWORTH NURSERY 418 r Park Ave ED 4-4259 or ET) 2-0697 WILT CARE for child in my home Malkham VilIae ED 42173 4— WILL icPet) child for workine mother 3211 Wilkinson Rhci EX 98957 4 Will keep small child In flly hntre Maul Section El) 43130 WILL carp for child In Iry home Mrs Wallace ('annon 608 E Igth Sl LONELY? 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(1) w 'Hods it's yoti—loile it's me' 16 Apartments PLAZA HILLS DUPLEXES (Now Aallable 2 bedroom units Newly deenraled Cont entent to bus and shopping renter Sh5 no HOLLIS ROM 2 bedroom 1111W AMPIP Ciomt XIACO Gas range Gas beat Attic Fan Vt asher ronnoolony SA(H) CHARLOTTE RENTAL coNIPANY 120 East 3rd SI Phone FR 631ggi COLORED 43 S DAVIOsoN ST No 3 2 rooms WWp and hot water heater 111110n per tech McDONALO nENTALs INC FR 6-1111 4 M: F LI Garage apartment rooms bath 210 Mr Fares Call E D 41793 or Fa 65271 OFF CENTRAL 8 rooms DownM irs Stin monthly Phone ED 3-6139 4 NEW JAcEsnN PARK New 2 Story Bock) 2 bedrooms upstairs 250 2 Bedrooms down 255 3 Bedrooms upstairs 260 Automatic furnaces heat to each room City water 6 Sewerage Vaioded Infs Paved streets Jack on Homes Bus 2 miles of city on West Boulevard References required EX 9-9923 Pecan Ave Desirable modern largo apartment 2 bedrooms stove and refrigerator 265 FR 6-7223 4 OFF MOREHEAD 3 rooms electric range refrigerator nil heater WI ter furnished EA HUTCHINSON REALTY ED 2-7371 NEAR MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 4 rooms bath Strive refrigerant Heat tate 275 IR 7-4339 FOR COLORED NPW 3 A 4 room apartments 2111 211 weekly El) 2-0294) 123 F 3id FR 5-4162 - Forest Apartments One 2 bedroom 5 room anartment ainve refrigerator heat ater fur nished $5 Mr Ho Mira Resident Manager FR 54500 Addison Apartments Available Fish 1st One 3 room apart ment Living room bedroom hitch en bath heat hot cold water strwei refrigerator elevator service $90 Dilworth EAST BLVD SECTION 2 bedrooms living room dining room kitchen heat hot cold water 265 Younts Realty & Ins FR 5-11811 RETH AVE 5 mom& 'Bath $65 Waters Ins & Realty Co ED 39075 Colored MO BURTON 2 regime bath 210 los s1113151fTT 4 rooms All 603 SPARROW 3 rooms bath 210 Waters Ins & Realty Co ED 39875 EASTOVER 5 rooms 'WWI? decorated 11 block to bus walk to Mores theatres churches oil heat adults 293 123 Middleton Dr El) 20458 1 MYERS PARE 2321 Selwyn Ave Walking distance of Queens College Lovely two bedroom apartment ITeat hot and cold water furnished Open for Inspection 210000 MCCORKLE KIRBY LAMING r0 N Indep Blvd ED 27708 143312 PLAZA' 3 rooms AB Adults only FR 514134 WESLEY HEIGHTS 3 rooms elec tric stove and refrigerator water heater 250 STOKES AND ROST ED 24009 UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS 104 Sylvania Avenue-412 rooms 2 bedrooms oil heat re decorated 25500 1119 W Fifth Street-4 rooms gas stove electric refrigerator scents belt redecorated 23250 1501 E Seventh Street-312 rooms heat water gas stove 25500 224ty West Boulevard-4 rooms gas fired arcola heat $5nno Vim N McDowell 5treet-3 rooms bath week $730 FURNISHED APARTMENTS 1009 East Boulevard-4 rooms nicely furnished including range and refrigerator heat and water 273 00 UNFURNISHED DUPLEXES 712 Jackson Avenue-3 rooms bath automatic skater heater S4000 Mr Union Street 3 rooms and bath week 8011 305 W 10th Street-7 rooms 112 baths large basement lautirtry tubs steam heat 28500 UNFURNISHED HOUSES 2512 Commonwealth Avenue — 4 rocm brick bungalow large baseTIIPIlt warm air heat 28730 110 E 220 Street—It rooms electric stove and refrigerator genAll 412 E lath Street-5 rooms 23000 H B Keller Company EDison 24135 LADY for counter and laundry work Apply in person Sanitary Laundry 1315 S Blvd See Our Sunday Ad For Complete Rental Listings Vinson Realty Co 221 S Church Ph FR 5-7771 mnnNiNrstrr ArARTMTNITc roorna heat paler funtushed P79511 month TURNER BROS AGENCY 122 Pl allt St PR 55793 4 3223 ROCFRS Sr 3 mum duplex FAtna pin 54 (A 112a E 20111 c1" 3 morns tint Poi (mid water att 75 week :217 AVONDALE 011 automatic beat etirOex $h! no ROYAL COURT 4 poodle Arcola heat 5i2 O CALL tcCOtT 14nme En 4-4 161--Of rico En 34134 urnished Apartments 11144(1111 H a rooms 2 Issthooms couples 4 adults ED 2-4130 - —4 El174R17111 SECT1DN pffieirney entssM nation It imi-Msdronm Kart inette Dviuxe appear-Aces all S'10 TCHINSON rrkury rD 2-7371 4 ROISE TR AD FR 3 ronmq Rath Sleeps 4 Telephon ED 3-341 rikWhE Tr4ier with rein 2 rooms bash modrrh EX 2-6921 C I 1 FTWOOD P 10n hOnAta ilthts 1141 w4tsr ari1114 Fl ICHINSON REALPI ED $1 Bt AvE $ P141 s41e ttaisabatt C'-i teallas this iutta tweilmua Adults LD 14134 I I 1 4 )q ' 1 a y 4 M o 0 if o (---- 4 '00 - go --rF - :01 '- '647:444it' tdt L ' P - 0) i )' 4-)1 --- -(' Apartment NIAR flew pink comer 3 rooms JtUIIL ET) 3 021'r 301 Poll? IIS RP 1 ma All iiIitiIi Attalla Pill 14K4 ri-AA sEcris hedrnom Kitchen Prottle bath 30 k 11 1-111 1411''J It 7A I 40714 Ali titilitlea Adults only VII Wit 407 et (1141 Mile ST 2 loom w $ h heat water 4 — — E attillEillt:11 P jr'lh"( l Pl ficleny multiform All union ot eluded H4I Alf 'lanai Ell t4-hi111 11111A14E11M SECTION 4 04MS 14041 And WAtrr PtisaIs 4S En 11121 MAWS Aparlmenla ES& SEMIS RE5111V1 Cti p:n 4 -4 lent E 7114 Kedropm 114814 Ptiale bath prr-rate It trance lighis water lowness elotilla prterred 417 N Cill'rt111 3 room rivals bath 1111tilea famished 222 F KIN(STON 4 roome private onitance kirePint pordt heat paid Couple 2115 Et) 73330 — 2117 F 7T14 3 roorna Near phor Ping ('enler Call Elf 3-41S4 51A E rim) Fret'' 2 mom apartment Small kitchen newlY decorated 24250 En 3444130 ELIZABETH Seellon 4 Invely tram Healed SRO Adulis El) 121i5i 4— SF:1)11E11ml 3 hedrooma newly tif4r4Irlittl1 Marsh Realty Co vt) 14247 En 4401 310 W 111TH ST 2 retelma: ttri aft hath Atenni heat hot miller rm ftlaerator 214 Pekly ED 1610 Inn 'MIN AVE 2 rnom 1114111Iment ER 71203 4 -------4 E RIND Ilmale entranee Path Ideal two Heat En 4-11i59 2132 E 7H 4 morn tillittem furn- ished Call ER 521101 4 TUCK ASEEGFP1 'RR 3 roonot On husline 345 Cell EX 2-117i8 4 Attractive 2 room heRtoti enartment i room efficiencY En 2-4525 415 1M1ISE AVE Small furnkhed apartment Icahla etre Couple or hostiletit atria En 244nn DliWORTH Careen apartment 3 rnorna Riodine enuplo 265 En 36052 227 E MAO 2 and 4 room apart ment Child accepted ER 5111114 Di Duplexes EASTO1r1-R Charming b room rillplex patvment nil IMO I yNir lease Avillable 110W $125 Tel phone ED 3-E1467 '2'24 JONES ST 4 rooms Erin Pm ANDERSON ST 4 rooms 47151 lls39 BOYD ST 4 rooms Stis 1510 WAVERLY AVE 4 rooms 475 2110 CRESCENT AVE room Stoker fed hot air heat 1175 TURNER BROS AGENCY 122 E 4th St FR 5-5723 -4 PLAZA SECTION New 4 room brick ml circulator Hot water heater electric siove ronnertion $60 rib 1614 SHAMROCK DRIVE 3 rooms bsth in on P W FREDRICKSON Er) 4-2135 304 EAST KINGSTON AVE 4 moms good condition S4l1 HERMAN C CHOATE FR 7-2414 2914 WEDDDINGToN 4 rooms MM refrigerator water furnished 395 N G Speir E0 4-5386 ED 33473 4— -- 4 PROVMENCE RD Two bedrooms Range refrigerator ED 3-0929 1734 5IATIT1:SON AVE Clean 4 room good location N G SPEIR ED 4-5386 ED 33428 712 GRANDIN RD 5 room brick oil heat ED 3-1931 after 5 p 4 1324 RICHMOND PLACE 2 bed rooms 855 ED 3-7424 EASTWAY PARE 1 bedrooms new brick fenced yard ED 3-3157 MARSTON RD 2 bedrooms Oil heat water Excellent condition $94 HUTCHINSON REALTY ED 2-7171 1314 ROMAN V RD 5 rooms 899 NG Speir El) 4 5383 ED 3-3428 2322 ROZ7ELLA FERRY RD 4 rooms Like new condition MOO GLEN1V001) SEC 4 rooms Nies and convenient Only 89500 All of the above are bested by oil WILKERSON REALTY COMPANY Phone FR 7-2551 Night ED 2-3533 ---4 TUCKASEEGEE RD Ms block oft 2 bechooms like new Tile bath blinds garage Automatic beat Yard maintenenee a 11 convenienres EX 9-7943 after 2 weekdays All dag Sunday SELWYN PARK 3 bedroom duplex unit Excellent condition 87750 Call ED 42027 1315 PEGRAM 3 rooms wircrl fete Electric Range MI FR 5-362L CLUB RD 4 room brick Oil heat 4 ED 4-2407 before 9 after 6 PLAZA SECTION 2 bedrooms largo roomy Automatic oil heat Near school Bushne FR 7-3954 3949 PLAZA PD 5 rooms On bus $40 Call ED 2-0008 24o8 PROVIDENCE RD 2 bedmoms Stove and refrigerator furnished Available L & H REALTY ED 4-7278 WILNIORE SECTION 2 bedroom duplex Business couple preferred FR 5-3890 alter 5 6 m 2547 PINCKNEY AVE 5 rooms t Near busline school shopping FR 7-2727 2339 E 5TH ST Brick duplex 2 bedrooms Stove and refrigerator Available Feb lat $75 monthly Strawn Finance & Ins A geriCY 133 W 4th ED 4-2596 201 HASSELL M 4 rooms $65 NG Speir ED 4-5386 ED 33428 1 2621 MARSTON RD 2 bedrooms 870 monthly ED 46801 4 2701 SHAMROCK DR New 3 bedrooms hot air heat $8750 N G Spell' ED 4-5386 ED 3-3428 1 --4 407 S SUMMIT AVE 5 room extra large duplex Stove blinds Washer dryer connections Owner ED 2-6319 2549 VAIL AVE Desirable 5 rooms with basement and screened porch $90 monthly ED 4-7071 SELWYN PARK 1325 Richmond Pi 4 moms $60 ED 44705 817 E 17TH ST 4 rooms newly decorated $45 ED 45739 DILWORTH a rooms 11k baths water heat furnished 275 Adults Call ED 3-5936 or ED 3-2592 SEL1A'YN PARE 2 bedrooms brick Available Mar 1 $70 ED 43304 4 WEDDINGTON AVE New brick 4 rooms automatic hcst 870 Johnston ED 4-4621 ED 2-6805 1717 THOMAS AVE 4 mime Water furnished Bus line SM ED 4-5739 1627 CLUB RR 3 rooms clean cony enient oil h a a t range M ED 48057 1322 RRIARCREEK RD liP4 brick modern 2 bedrooms Select oak floorm full tiled bath Paneled kitchen $915 monthly Lea me 600 EX 11-3361 3261 INSET DR 5 rooms mach-rally new Near ilehroig Available 141arch Ist $90 ED 2-695Se 2036 LOMI1ARDY C1flCl Living room 2 bedrooms Sitchenrlinette Newly decorated Adults F15 4-1159 aPor 7 am ASHLEY PARK 2 or 5 hectrooms Kitchen equipment furnished Walking Mstance grade shoo! Washing machine omional Marsh Realty Co ED 2-4247 ED 4-8531 Thurmond Place Almod TIPW thiPleN Two twimorns Unusually mce kitchen $7750 Fannie Lou Bingham 512 Addionn Bunch''' Off ED 4-5335 255 VAIL AVE Snn 5 room' 230 N DOTGER $10 5 rooms E M WILKINSON ED 2-09711 4-- 4— PLAZA 2 lars moms Automatic oil heat Water blinds furnished Un- PR 7-1147 Larse redecorated Moles Nicely equipped 118250 FrI 3-6316 1714 CLUB RD 2 hedrooms 5I17 So JOHN M DWELLE CO ED 46501 ED 27265 Choice Duplex 3300 CAMBRIDCE RoA1 2 bed rtnri unit automatic oil heat $75 00 L$ WALNUT AVE 2 bed room unit automatic oil furnace 570 M 2314 TUCKASEFGE RD 5 rooms 4reola heat sso on 2Pol Ciunforci Road — twirooms automatic oil best $1411 Brown Glenn Co 111 Lida Art it LD $ras ic ourivtel dommoolomwon womemaliinaloodomeam 011 ' A N11)411 vet 1111 15 111 31 NA ‘' 1t Y SERI A'01 11 C111 Pelt 111 10111IP II'' i IA 1111 Itolliftintc 104 t It 2 1141 t It 3 toll 24 MIjV 111 Rd( 1111 W bcffiti I t r POI lit at 11) 2 25A — 1204 BMWs Avr 4 mom Inn h 111a hntn coornalo hat attn 113 9 Illa atier 4 p 31111 411‘'N'N AV1P 1nr rent 1)11114 Call F U 41114 ny F1) 2 11112 night NEAR MI A1011141 111oSP11 3 roma Itclinnet adults El) 31251 1An1W AV PARK Frick 1 Iona itnma WI tar anti illnitto furnine1 ft"g IIIP 11101 hnal (nuple 1111 1R 101 1511 1-r rtyny 115 r "'111 rnnrn 414 171 N 11A IDS(IN 3 tomtit till Woters Ins & Realty Co folorod 190 (am At 4 rivml NUL $11ML Waters Ins A Realty Co rt) 3'107 CENTRAL AVE Pr Irk 7 hrfirrwlmt ALliffillittir heat Po 2-'1621 4- ---- AL'S Tnnirr nn 1 rnomg ennt'Ofil enrmi $41 monthly (nitric on rR IL2:129 2142 KiPM0)11 AVE- tart' 2 heti room duplex elep to hut and Ow-MOIL glorkve l4l tiv no npr MO MelIONALD RENTALS INC FR Si 4441 19'urnis1iI Duplexes ulsr su)K 3 mono bath clowfl atairs bent Iht ildS water hie 3arr1 Rood nerinhornood near Moron adult only coon' Preferred 120 weeklY Teleolone I H 5 7010 week porta or between 8 301n 00 week hi a VILLA Ill:WWI -1 mom clean near avhoel A-7721 pR -1170 20 Houses Selwyn Park Three bedroom home in beautiful condition V: Fonnie Lou Bing:lom 312 Addison Building Off ED 43316 2012 LYNDHURST 4 bedroom Ones Feb 1 Er) 37630 or IR 59224 2818 Willow Dr Excellent location or children Near Park Rd and Myers Park High Schools 3 hodinom hotoe wreened Porch S9000 Call ED 44)37 NEAR MATTHEWS 3 bedrooms bath All electric Dan Hood Myers Park Floe home 5 bedrooms 4" baths For rent or lease John M Dwelle Co El) 4-b801 ED 272 55 FOR roLoPFD BEATTrs FORD RD Large 10 room 2-bath home automatm heat ED 46801 ED 27265 532 IDEAL WAY 2 bedroom brick Fenced back )rd FR 7403 4- 2911 CROSBY RD Just oft Providence Rd Attlactive cottage on beautiful mt Couple preferred SRO ER 6001 VIA KESINGIDN DRIVE TOOMS4 oil beat $7750 ED 24611 4 ROOM ROUSE 4 843 month Call IR 5-83n8 MI ASHLAND 5 rooms bath 275 t :DR E 9T14 8 rooms bath SM Waters Ins & Realty Co ED 3-i1875 PLAZA 3 ronm hnuse 3675n JOHN M DWELLE CO ED 4041 271fi5 E11 4-6201 ED 27265 CHIPLEY AVE 3 room cottage and bath Phone ED 2-4178 4— -- OFF MONROE RD Near Coliseum New 3 bedroom brick 2124 Owner ED 38103 32 4 ronWm1EShTo mWeOGII-IgnoAd V1nEc a tAintntraclaveonnIlt 272 mt monthly W A MURRAY REALTOR ED 4-19$1 BRICK HOME 2 bedroomc full basement oil heat near school bus line 27750 Davis & Morse Realty Co Inc Telephone ED 3-0564 624 N GRAHAM $ rooms Re decorated 265 month ED 43644 UNFURNISHED RhUSES 300 Irwin Ave 6 rooms near Hard Inc High 26750 1603 Fulton Ave 5 rooms In Mid wood 26400 n410 Robinson Circle 6 monis 260 426 51ammouth Oaks Lane 8 rooms 216400 262 S Halsey St 4 moms PAK For Colored: 1113 Pharr St 4 rooms and bath $ano UNFURNISHED DUPLEXES 516 Fenton Place 5 rooms in East over 2$930 233 Gardner Ave 4 rooms redecorated 26500 2005 Chatham Ave- 4 rooms in Mid wood 26400 1213 Greenwood Cliff S moms 2715 52s3640041Vslley Stream Rd 4 moms 1621 Lyndhurat AVentIP 3 bedrooms 27500 UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS 2130 Crescent Ave 4 rooms Auto matte heat 25730 Its S Caswell Rd 3 rooms Heal water stove and ref 213000 1613 Parkwood Ave Nice 3 moms near stores 210 Carolina Realty Co ED 2-6191 MATTHEWS 4Farm House with ln acres of land Victoria 5-1272 after 4 4 OFF CENTRAL 3 room' hot Iva ter $14 weekly FR 5-2190 4 1 5122 MONROE RR 5 rooms Near bum $55 Cell Er) 4742 21 Houses Furnished Crescent Ave Three bedroom furnished house 890 Fannie Lou Bingham 512 Addison Building Off ED 4-5338 4- 124 W 3nTH ST S room Complete1Y furnished Available Feb 1st 1100 Call FR 7-3837 4915 BUCKINGHAM DR 8 MOMS Rent through June Garage FR 6-7278 evenings 4 3 rooms bath Oil heat No thinkers need apply gin EX 1-re173 1 COTrAGE 3 ronms furnished Mod— ern private ED 34308 1 3 ROOM ranch type house enmpletely furnished with modern furniture EX 9-1 1 1 11 11 11 22 Rentals To Share CLOSE IN Business flirt to share apartment FR 7-3396 after 6 HOUSE Ashley Eark Section To share with refined lady or couple Phone EX 90877 23 Wanted To Rent APARTMENT Young business bachelor desires small furnished partment Eastern section Must ha clean modern reasonable Permanent Write 1311 c-o Observer HOUSE 3 or 4 bedrooms Myers Park or Eastover Excellent korai references FR 5-6551 4 HOUSE 2 or 2 bedrooms In Es4tway Jr High section Call FR 6-4301 HOUSE 3 bedroom Pre( oraille in Myers Park Section FR 7121n CALL THE EXPERTS Appliance Service Authorited Frigidaire Servire — Advanre Servire Co ED !MOS Building Contracting NEW BUILDING remodeling SG Autry contractor ED 45642 Romodo ling and Additiono CAST04STONE DISTRIBUTOR'S MCAIWAY Rd FR 54107 4-- -4 ERNIKSHIRE PROS PI'LLIDERS Licensed Insured ED 4-5945 Amhalt Driveways Parking Lott DOUGLAS PAVING CO ED 29565 FREE PLANNING SERVICE Loan pred Holland Itos Construction Co FR 7-6901 — ER F6006 4 ANDREW ROBY Goyim's! Contractor P R SAWKI PRESTON WARWICK General Contracmr ER 5 02o7 FR 6-0911A Eor Brter Porno Construction ARTHUR W PRYANT IR 6-6293 — COLONIAL CONST CO INC tIVI IV Morehemd SL ED 35914 PLAZA ACRES Con411101ms Ca 116 W 3rd St FR 6-41371 C r Jto” rn”roe chowenotine flonA &nos walks ED 4-071i3 4 ATrI PATC8 s rIu it Ira Hear Swill Ti t1231 1W11444t11 RnnItkePpint lox Returns r)Av onins Mr I 01113 s 1411 N Trir DreNstilliktlig Millinery AI nA I itiNS Ural Ini p itql 41elit orY ro 7 (1101 R NAL 1111r001 A KI1 alteration tihri11 mown twlig P n s-es 1:seator Art7 ri4 hitt 11'4 ith t r) 71 Lieetrieni Servkp MAY'S 111( NC in'" 117 Pet an Ave Phone I R 1-114)4 J C Haryriele ripettiral rA lowtontill ContitterciI LD 322:4 Ilmo Helm Electric RProir Jit11 Prima 111 tAantanini R I' fl Ptna 2:-t4 Cainnia N c Anocialiting in mill and lino 'nil otruclion 1ahnt for hiro t rn MOCASillt11 and hipore Nti frr limo nn inh nob' hotira FINK-11111 P:11171111C rn rmilraitnt terolirn rn 4 1'1 Floor Servicing trt0011 Set NiiING end liniehtny toy J Witted ED 3 erg FLOOR ttnienine It hoe floor In k Niftier Fit 1ln' FIll 19714 furniture Repatring t I HNITt HE Retired refit-wined Hell Furniture shoe fitt i 7y1 Heating Plumbing 81 A I) RD NIRIM A lit- vrT !NG Servie since rn J V ANDREWS CD Srt0 1141 lth St Ph 47ti77 — A Z PRICE A AssocIATrR !nol ft Church FR A 74AI House Moving rethei and Widnnhouldi ilocs moults Phnne 21Ana Conenrd N c Landscaping-Carden LANDscAPING itmeuays too toil stone lb hrubbery Fit COW) 4 4 CINI)lts for mile emit helots 8 a m and atter 4 am FR CORA SAN') DRIVOS'SVS trirayel Piet Stones EX gini EX 916-A EXCE11FNT DP sort crilmmi stofl e dtrt giniel and ire& tor with loader rx 9 A4S7 PIT GRSVF1 FArellent tne it Stone dirt FR 7-3005 FR 7-3ali4 GRADING OF ALL KINDS Dirt clearing land bulletins dams lama pipe burying tank ale Gravel and Crushed Stone Cochran Ross Coal Co ED 24141 White Pit Grovel 50c Per Yard L k Armstront FR con Torsom aravtl Omit Will &by tr Call 111 7470 ATER OAK Willnw nak cedar drip wood trees Any Alec Planted nr delivered Also heavy pins needles PR an7n Moving-Storage FURNITURE MOVING Locel Lome Distance WEATHER bra TRANSFER Co 151 Mond° Ave ED 3-TISI Smith Trimmer end Stnrage lord 4 Long Distance Moving ED 4-4070 MAYFLOWER s Natinnwide Movers Local agent Fidelity 1an is Storage Inc Phone ED 4-5116 CAROLINA TRANSFER & STORAGE Agent: Allied Charlotte ED 2-M11 Van Linea Gastonia UN 5-3231 BAUCOM'S TRANSFER CA 2922 N Tryon Er) 4-7971 FR 6-3014 NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES "America's Safest Movers" 4 ED 2-1959 CHARLOTTE VAN & STDRACF CA The wife slipcover' movers" FR eilittiS Remodeling Remodelma and new additions Fres estimate L F Griffin FR 5380 4 REMODELING Additions carports breegeosys garages No doise raw roent Easy terms J I Todd k Sol EX 9-716fi 4 4 REMODELING ADDITIONS GARAGII MODERN KITCHENS PATES PAINTING SCREENING ROOFING SIDING No Down Payment Easy Terme Work Guaranteed Fully Insuied C C THOMAS 241928 ED 1-4371 REMODELING-BUILDING All work including plumbInt an4 electrical work on one contract Set prices free planning and eat' mates We finance for you No down Payment ADDITIONS BREFIEWAYS CARPORTS — BATHROOMS — GARAGES COLONIAL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY INC ED 3-5914 ED 4-0693 Mattress Renovating Save with cash Mattresses renovate ed Collins Mattress Co FR Laundering BACHELOR BUNDLE SERVICE' Central Hat Shop 127 W Traci Papering and Painting Painting 44tiality work Insured JAMES E WEBB ED 3-3617 4 INTERIOR PAINTING C E Strawe FR 6-2903 IR 5-6275 night 4 EUROPEAN PAINTER Outside end inside Telephone ED 3-9045 PAINTING papering Dependable Reasonable Ross IR 7-4567 J R CARTER ER ssnso Cerorriprelal PIM roidentiAl Roofing Roofing siding Modernization terms Century Cont Co EX crion Adams Roofing & Serpi Co In& 215 W Bland St FR 52917 Charlie Adams Co Roofing Siding FR 6-0305 Call ED 34)821 Upholstering FOR SETTER UPHOLSTERINC Reavis Upholstering ED 24752 4 WE DON'T Do ALT tho ropstring refinishing and upholstering hut sva do tho BEST Thompson kntintie :ion E Morehead Call ED 2-5995 Call the Experts I CALL FR 52541 NO DOWN PAYMENT TO is YFARS To PAY orae ESTIMATES 24 HOUR SERVICE Roofing Siding Plumbing Rooms Added Porches Re-'mired Enclosed Porches Painting Bath Rooms Um derpinning Aluminum Screens Concrete Work AP !shalt Tile PR 52541 Work Guaranteed—Fund insured Pi:muter Horne Buildore 1012 Woodward Ave Nits a Sunday PR 419652 I Is Duplexes Sedgefield I story oplex 2 or 3 bed-romps range refrigeraldr venetian binvia and water furniabed Convenient td school shdpping and rit-Y bus MARSH REALTY Co to 11147 ID 41631 rj

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