Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on April 17, 1974 · Page 10
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 10

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 17, 1974
Page 10
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Wildcats Capture Crowns St. Edmond of Fort Dodge and Glidden-Ralston captured championships in the record-breaking Carroll Relays held Tuesday at Carroll Stadium. St. Edmond grabbed firsts, in five events to take the li A" crown with 66 points to host Carroll's 57'/ 2 . Jefferson was third with 46. Glidden-Ralston Wildcats took home six first-places and scored heavily in the dther events and ran away with the "B" title with 89 Vi points. Ar-We-Va was a distant second with 66 points and Manning third with 59. There were 22 records set in the two-class affair which ELKS CLUB STAG NITE Thursday, April! 8 Stag. Steaks and Smorgasbord will be served from 7:00 to 9:00. Salad Bar. involved 14 schools. There were 14 new marks in "A" competition and eight in "B" along with another record being tied. The reason for the large number of records was the fact that the meet went to two classes this year thus creating the new marks. The Tigers, who had won the Good Indian Relays at Sac City and the "A" title in the Wheeler Relays at Audubon, had a slim chance at winning the crown going into the final event of the night — the mile relay. Bill Foval's squad trailed St. Edmond, 58 points to 53' 2, and needed a first or second-place to overtake the Gaels, providing the Fort Dodge school didn't place in the event. But the Gaels mile relay team ran a 3:39.5 for one of the new marks in winning, while Carroll had to settle for a third. There were three double-winners in Class A. They were Jefferson's Ron Rohovit, Audubon's Fred Sievers and Maple Valley's John Dreher. Rohovit took the shot at 50 feet. 2 ? 'i inches as Carroll's Pete Marz finished second. He later won the discus with a heave of 145 feet, 11 Vz inches. Sievers edged Tom Egli of Manson in the 120 yard highs and the 180 yard low hurdles in close races. Sievers' time in the highs was 15.3 and in the lows 21.4 with Egli just a tenth of a second back in both. Dreher dominated the 220 and 440 yard dashes. He won the 220 with a time of 23.3 and later took honors in the 440 at 52.4, beating Carroll's Jeff Petersen. The Tigers came up with two first-places in the shuttle hurdle relay and in the 440 yard relay. The shuttle hurdle team of Marz, Dave Olsen, Lonnie Lehrkamp and Steve Harnack ran a 1:01.8 for a new record. The 440 yard relay unit of Ted Nam, Petersen, Mike Cattermole and Rick Beyer won in a very good 46.6, not a new record. Picking up second-places for the Tigers were Marz in the shot; Tim Fredrickson in the high-jump; and Petersen in the 440. Taking third-places were Ken Hanneman in the rugged two mile run; Nam in the 100; Marz in the low hurdles and the medley and mile relay teams. The medley unit consisted of Marz, Mike Sikkema. Tom Campbell and Fredrickson. while the mile team was composed of Campbell, Byron Finch, Fredrickson and Petersen. Petersen added a third-place tie in the high jump with Manson's Egli. Fourth-places by Carroll were Beyer in the 100; Lonnie Lehrkamp in the low hurdles and the .880 yard relay team. That team consisted of Nam, Beyer, Cattermole and Fredrickson. Gaining fifth-places were Dave Olsen in the pole vault; Lehrkamp in the low hurdles; Jeff Jung in the mile run and the two mile relay team of Finch, Campbell, Dean Onken and Dave Becker. Jim Washburn of Guthrie Center was the star of the "B" division as he grabbed top honors in three events. He took the 120 high hurdles in 15.5; took the lows in 21.3; and won the high jump at five Times Herald, Carroll, la. _ _ Wednesday, April 17, 1974 I U feet, 10 inches. D o u b 1 e - w i n n e r s were Manning's Mark Roweddcr in the shot put and discus and Ar-We-Va's Gene Thiedeman in the long jump and 220 yard dash. Glidden-Ralston's first-places came from Phil Nelson in the pole vault; Craig Mosman in the 100 yard dash at 10.8; and the shuttle hurdle, 440, 880 and two mile relay teams. Class A Standings: Fort Dodge St. Edmond 66. Carroll 57'/a, Jefferson 46, Denison 43, Audubon 43. Maple Valley of Mapleton 38 and Manson 34'^. Class B Standings: Glidden-Ralston 894. Ar-We-Va 66, Manning 59, Guthrie Center 50, Scranton 34'/ 2 , Schleswig 18 and Coon Rapids 6. Class A Results: Pole Vault — 1. Jeff Wrilcmnn iSEl. 10-6; 2 Chrislensen (Al; 3. Arnold iSKi. Shot Put — I. Ron Rohovit Ul. 50-2 : 'j. 2. Marz id: I! Rasmussen iJi Long Jump — I Mark Moreland (Al. 19-5. 2 Magonnis iSKi. 3 Sullivan (Dl. Discus — 1 lion Hohovit iJi. HWY. 30 EAST 792-3515 CARROLL COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE CENTER OUTSTANDING VALUE! WARDS TOWN I COUNTRY SHOCK AISORIER •{PLACEMENT GUARANTEE SAVE *6 IN PAIRS RELIABLE T&C SHOCKS GIVE FIRM CONTROL SAVE IN PAIRS 14.49 EACH FRONT- REAR LOAD LEVELERS 37 ,IACH Our levelers for extra stability. 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EACH 1.83 1.99 2.07 2.24 2.41 2.55 2.63 2.82 WHEEL ALIGNMENT Correct cas- ** ter, camber, V and toe-in. MOST u.s. CARS TBLS. BLK. PLUS 1.78 F.E.T. EA, TRD TU8EIESS BLACKWALL SIZE A78-13 | B78-13 E78-14 F78-U G78-H 5.60-15 G7B-15 H78-15 ALSO FITS 6.00-13 6.50-13 7.35-14 7.75-14 8.25-14 — 8.25-15 8.55-15 REG. LOW PRICE EACH* 9.95 11.95 15.95 16.95 17.95 14.95 18.95 19.95 PLUS F.E.T. EACH 1.78 1.83 2.24 2.41 2.55 1.78 2.63 2.82 .-r •-. . • - •. ' "WhtkwalU $3 more each. *With trade-In tir« off your car. W/w'i available in molt liiet. (3.00 more each. W/ZERK FITTINGS LUBE JOB Bring your -^^ car in for a OO{ greasing. * * 145-ll'j, 2 Siebersma (MVi; :l Kasmussen Ml. High Jump — 1 Bob Weber lAi. 5-9. 2. Kredrickson (Cl; 3 Kgli (Ml and Peterson (Ci Two Mile Run -1 Scott.Woodruff Ml, 10:300: 2 Dnsc (MVi: 3 Hanneman iCl 120 High Hurdles - 1 Kred Sievers (Al, 15 3; 2 Egli (Ml. 3. Miller (Dl. Shuttle Hurdle Relay — 1. Carroll (Pete Mar/., Dave Olsen, Lonnie I.ehrkamp. Stevo llarnack), 1:01 8: 2 Denison; 3 Audubon. 100 Yard Dash— '„ John Cecioppo (SICl. 10.7; 2 Mailer Ml; 3 Nam (Cl Two Mile Relay - 1 St. Kdmnnd, 8:43 6, 2. Denison; 3 Maple Valley of Mapleton. 220 Yard Dash - 1 John Dreher iMVl, 23 3. 2 Brock iSKi; 3 Wilson (Ml. Mile Run — I. Bob (irieser (Ml. •1:53.4: 2. Schoon (Ml; 3 Brooker Ml 880Relay — I St. Krtmond. 1:35 8; 440 Yard Dash — I John Dreher (MVi. 52.4; 2. Petersen (Cl: 3. Sorenson (Al. 180 Ijnw Hurdles — I Kred Sievers (A). 21.4; 2. Kgli (Ml; 3. Mar/. (Cl. Medley Relay — I Denison. 3:549: 2. St. Edmond; 3. Carroll (Mike Sikkema, Tom Campbell. Pete Marz. Tim Fredrickson. 880 Yard Run - 1. Dave Vandivort (MV), 2:12.0; 2 Lechtenbere (Dl; 3. Schoon (Ml. MO Relay — 1 Carroll (Ted Nam. Jeff Petersen, Rick Beyer, Mike Cattermole), 46.6; St. Edmond; 3 Manson Mile Relay — I. St. Edmond, 3:39.5; 2 Denison; 3. Carroll (TomCahipboll, Byron Finch. Tim Fredrickson, Jeff Peterson I. Frosh 440 Relay — 1. Denison, 49 6: 2 Jefferson; 3 Manson. Class B Results: Pole Vault - I. Phil Nelson (GR), 11-6; 2. Janssen (GRl; 3. Murphy (S). Shot Put — 1. Mark Rowedder (Ml, 40-10-%; 2. Crichton (AWV); 3. Neary IS). Long Jump— 1. Gene Thiedeman (AWV), IBM); 2. Renze (M); 3. Handles I Ml. Discus — 1. Mark Rowedder (Ml. 131-4: 2. Aldag(Schl;3. Hupp (SI.High Jump — 1. Jim W.ashburn (GC), 5-10; 2. Sorenson (GC); 3. Kinzler (GR). Two Mile Run - I. Frank Overhue (Schl, 11:19.2; 2. Walters (Ml; 3. Boyles (GC). 120 High Hurdles - 1. Jim Washburn (GC), 15.5; 2. Kinzler I GRl; 3 R Thiedeman (AWV). Shuttle Hurdl" Relay — 1. Glidden-Ralston, 1:08.8: 2. Scranton. 100 Yard Dash- 1 Craig Mosman (GR). 10.8; 2. Langholdt (Schl; 3 Anderson (S). Two Mile Relay — I Glidden-Ralston. 9:04.6; 2. Manning; 3. Guthrie Center. 220 Yard Dash — 1 Gene Thiedeman (AWVl, 24.2; 2. Langholdt (Sch); 3. McLaughlin (GRI. One Mile Run -1 Dave Royer (GC), 5:17.0; 2. Douglas (GR); 3. Maher (GR). 880 Relay — 1. Glidden-Kalston. 1:37.6; 2. Ar-We-Va; 3. Manning. 440 Dash — 1. Terry Huisman (AWVl, 55.4; 2 McLaughlin (GR); 3. McCoid (AWVl 180 Low Hurdles - 1. Jim Washburn (GCl, 21.3; 2. Thiedeman (AWV); 3. McCoid (AWV). Medley Relay - 1. Manning, 3:584; 2 Scranton; 3. Ar-We-Va. 880 Yard Run - 1 Jim McKay (GC),2:13.5; 2. Janssen (GRl; 3 Llnde (AWVl. 440 Yard Relay - I. Glidden-Ralston, 47.8; 2. Manning, 3 Ar-We-Va. One Mile Relay - 1. Ar-We-Va, 3:46.0; 2. Glidden-Ralston; 3. Manning. Relays Action — Fred Sievers. right. Audubon, won both the 120-yard high hurdles and the 180-yard low hurdles Tuesday at the annual Carroll Relays. STevers got stiff competition in both events from Tom Egli, left, who finished second in both hurdle races. Fort Dodge St. Edmond won the Class A title at the Relays and staff photo Carroll finished second.^In the class B competition, Glidden-Ralston took first place, while Ar-We-Va placed second. Knights Overwhelm Eagles, Rockwell in Track Meet ENJOY WHAT YOU NEED NOW, WITHOUT DELAY-USE WARDS CHARG-ALL PLAN LAKE CITY - Kuemper's boys track team had little trouble with the host Eagles and Rockwell City in a triangular meet here Tuesday. The Knights piled up 132 points in the varsity meet as compared to Lake City's 75 and Rockwell City's 31. In the freshmen meet. Kuemper rolled up 96 points to Rockwell City's 43 and Lake City's 37. Kuemper grabbed 14 first-places in the varsity meet. A couple of the highlights were a six-foot leap by sophomore Rick Friedman in the high jump and a 2:06.8 time by junior Russ Rupiper in the 880 yard run. Both were first-place efforts. First-places included Dave Heider in the discus: Bill Neumayer in the long jump and 100 yard dash: Dan Vonnahme in the two mile: Jon Glass in the 105-yard high hurdles; Mark Hermsen in the 220; Craig Dentlinger in the mile run at 4:58.5; Rupiper in the 440: Mark O'Leary in the 160-yard low hurdles: and the 440, mile, medley and two mile relay teams. The two mile team ran 8:55 and it included John Heithoff. Steve Glass, Bill Gleason and Hunter's 37 Leads Knights By Denison DENISON — K'uemper edged Denison by three shots here Tuesday at the Denison Country Club. 156 to 159. Jeff Hunter fired a 37 to lead the Knights who lifted their season's record to 2-1. Other Kuemper scores were Steve Schulz with a 38, Steve Garbier with a 39 and Mike Gute with a 42. Carl Johnson led the Monarchs with a 37, followed by Jack Laurie with a 39, Greg Hays with a 40 and Chris Drennen with a 43. The Knights also took the "B" match, 187 to 212. as Joe • Kruse led the way with a 44. Steve Stangl added a 46, Tim Gute a 47 and Craig Schroeder a 50. Dennis Corcoran's 47 led Denison. Teammate Eric Olson was next best with a 49. Rick Friedman. The medley team won in 3:58.6 and it was comprised of Frank Greteman. Heithoff, Dentlinger and Kevin Fee. The winning 440 relay unit consisted of Neumayer, Tony Nockels. Heithoff and Hermsen and the the mile team was composed of Neumayer, Friedman, Dentlinger and Hermsen. Their time was 3:41 flat, while the 440 relay time was 47.4 Gaining second-places finishes were Heithoff in the long jump; Tom Nurse in the pole vault: Mark Windschitl in the two mile run; Nockels in the high hurdles: Roger Schrad in the mile; Randy Schneider in the 440; Mike McCaffery in the discus and Vonnahme in the 880 yard run. Third-places went to Joe Roetker in the shot put; Larry Baumhover in the pole vault; Dentlinger in the high jump and the 880 yard relay team. Kuemper captured 10 firsts in the freshmen meet with Denny Rutten and Mark Reicks each winning two events to lead the way. Rutten captured firsts in the 105-yard high hurdles and the 180 low hurdles; and Reicks, won the high jump and 880 yard run. Other Knight first-places were by Dan Wittrock in the long jump; Rich Foley in the two mile; Ed Staiert in the 220; Tim Gradoville in the mile run and the mile and two mile relav teams The mile team consisted of Rutten, Terry Eifler, Brian Rupiper and Staiert. while Bill Prebeck. Mark Kloser. Reicks and Ryan Harnack made up the two mile unit. Taking seconds were Joe McKone in the shot; Harnack in the high jump; Mosher in the two mile run; Brad Reiman in the 100; and the medley and 440 yard relay teams. The medley consisted of Rupiper, Foley, Steve Irlbeck and Harnack and the 440 was comprised of Reiman, Rupiper, Irlbeck and Eifler. Brandan Gute picked up the Knights' only third-place while Vince Otto. Ken Nurse Stan Romey and Rutten gained a fourth-place tie in the pole vault. Other fourth-place finishes were recorded by Delmar Reiling in the 100 and Wittrock in the 220 and the 440. Grid Orders Being Taken Application blanks for 1974 Iowa State University football season tickets are being received by individuals in the Carroll County block of 435.. The application for this fall's season tickets must be placed by July 1 in order to retain the same seats a person occupied last year. The ISU ticket office request that fans ordering season tickets use the application blanks and order direct from the ticket office. Dr. William Blohm, President of the Carroll County Cyclone Club and the club's board of directors, urges all fans to cooperate with Iowa State in this matter'. The application blanks for ordering single game tickets says that only season ticket holders can purchase Nebraska tickets in advance. These tickets can be ordered immediately. "Some games will likely be played in the new stadium and it is possible that all the games will be played there," added Blohm. The following is a statement received by all who received application blanks: , "We are accepting reservations for tickets in Clyde Williams Stadium for the 1974 football season. If any changes occur and we are able to hold games in the new stadium, all people who have priority seating in the new stadium will be notified of this change well in advance. All people who have contributed to the new stadium will also have priority."

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