The Charlotte Observer from Charlotte, North Carolina on April 2, 1954 · 33
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The Charlotte Observer from Charlotte, North Carolina · 33

Charlotte, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Friday, April 2, 1954
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1 1 um a '0 1 I t t mob 1' )' The Foremost ewspaper of The Carolinas 44 46444i IIERB-BAKED EGGS and crisp slices of bacon served with spiced cranberry tomato cocktail is perfect brunch fare It is easy inexpensive and takes $o little time and effort for the hostess Herb-Baked E(Yo's Good Brunch Fare A brunch is such fun You set the hour that suits you — sometime between 11 and 1 o'clock Folks drop over to exchange news relax over good food and hot coffee and bask in warm - family cheer Have a big pitcher of freshly squeezed orange juice ready for a! pickup when guests arrive Or if yqu're in the mood to offer surprise try this brand-new recipe for Spiced Cranberry Tomato Cocktail For the main course we recommend that most accommodating of brunch dishes — baked! eggs ' vvith a difference because' they're flavored wall tarragon) Prepare the eggs in individual baking dishes and they'll be simple to berve 1 Top the eggs with slices of crisp bacon Easy way to prepare a pound of bacon at a time is by this method Allow the bacon tol stand at room temperature so you can separate the slices Then spread the slices out on a rack in a shallow pan Bake in a hot! (400F) oven about 10 minutes or until well browned You won't' have to turn the bacon and it will be pleasantly crisp Drain on brown paper or paper towels and keep hot while you turn the oven down to 325F for the baked eggs His biscuits are a must with this brunch and may be prepared from a mix If you want to save time "drop" the biscuits according to the directions on the package instead of rolling them out We like to serve the first rounds' of biscuits with squares of butter then split the last round and spread with butter and a mixture ! of honey and chopped pecans Good! For a refreshing last course make an attractive arrangement of cruchy apples juice pears oranges and grapes SPICED CRANBERRY TOMATO COCKTAIL Ingredients: Fresh lemon juice confectioners' sugar 3 cups tomato juice I cup cranberry juice 1-inch piece stick cinnamon 31 whole cloves ti teaspoon salt crushed ice Method: Dip edges of six 6-ounce glasses in lemon juice then in confectioners' sugar Place in refrigerator for 20 to 34) minutes or longertintil Nvell chilled combine tomato and cranberry juices cinnamon cloves and salt chill in refrigerator for 20 to 30 minutes or more Remove spices Shake well with cracked ice and strain into chilled glasses Makes 6 servingS HERBED BAKED EGGS Ingredients: 4 tnblespoons butter or margarine 3 tablespoons line' dry bread crumbs g teaspooni crumbled whole tarragon 12 eggs! 6 tablespoons heavy cream 6 tablespoons grated cheddar cheese! paprika Method: Grease 6 individual pie! plates or shirred egg dishes ! generously with 2 tablespoons butter Combine crumbs and tarragon Sprinkle inside of dishes with crumb mixture 'Break two eggs into each dish being care- fill not to break yolks Pour 1 tablespoon cream over eggs:! sprinkle with cheese and paprika Dot with 2 tablespoons! butter Bake in slow t325F t oven! about 15 minutes or until eggs are of desired doneness Makes 6 servings Good friat Chicken Creamed chicken looks pretty and tastes good with a topping of diced avocado t'se this topping for creamed eggs or creamed ham too if you like The bland avocado Is particularly good with the ham CHICKEN SAUTE 1 2ti pound broiler cut into quarters I-1 cup flour 1 teaspoon paprika 14 cup fat ' 1 teaspoon salt 14 teaspoon pepper 2-3 cup cream or top milk 2 tablespoons chopped parsley Thoroughly rub flour and paprika into chicken Cook slowly in hot fat to a -rich brown about 20 minutes Add salt and pepper Cover tightly reduce heat and Cook slowly until tender about 30 minutes If the skilllet dries be- fore chicken is tender add I or 2 tablespoons water Uncover add cream and let it cook down for several minutes Season cream to taste Reemove chicken to warm platter pouring cream from skillet over it Sprinkle with parsley and dust with paprika Serves 4 Good Souffle Dish Is Made Usiag num Fish dishes with a Lenten flavorl today first a souffle that uses tuna i SAVORY SOUFFLE For 6 servings combine 6 tbsp! quick-cooking tapioca 1 tsp salt Is tsp pepper tbsp grated onion' 1 C chopped celery and Pi c milk in saucepan Place over medium heat and cook until mixture' comes to full boil stirring constantly Remove from heat and add 114 i C (7-oz can) flaked tuna fish and 1 to 2 thsp chopped pithato Cool' Starkist TUNA FISH !slightly while beating 3 egg yolks To make 6 servings cut day-old! 'until thick and lemon-colored Add bread into tiny cubes to make legg yolks mixing well Add mix-!about 2 c Add to cubed bread' !lure to 3 egg whites beaten stiffly!liquid and oil from a 1-lb can sal-folding in very gradually mon 3 slightly beaten eggs I cant Turn into greased 2-qt bakin g condensed cream of mushroom' !dish Place in pan of hot water soup 2 tbsp each chopped par-1 ' and bake at 350 degrees F 1 hr!sleY and chopped onion tsp or until souffle is firm ti tsp pepper and few drops ! While meat loaf may not be the I!!1°t sauce most popular dish in the world it PIMENTO EGG SAUCE can be varied in many ways and Fold in salmon broken into large then is well received For examplechunhs Place mixture in greased this salmon loaf lloaf pan and bake at 375 degrees' Chunk Style 7010 l'isit Re id's Daily Planter's Peanuts 1 2 lb can 37c Planter's Mixed Nuts' l oz can 29c Mantles Mixed Nuts 12 lb can 55c Planter's Peanut Butter 11-oz jar 35c Can 39c Strie imann's Zesia Crackers Lb 25c Auttshine Hij In Crackers Lb rkg 3Ic Nabisco Saltine Crackers Lb Pkci 25c I Enjoy Your Food Shopping At Reid's I Afei zi-WtV:1:34TV' Ame We are pleased with the variety and quality of our Fresh Produce—See vs today! CELERY FRESH FLORIDA PASCAL am ii a Bunch 1 01' Fresh Green ONIONS BUrCh 151C SNOWBALL WELL TRIMMED Cauliflower - - Lb 13c FRESH SOUTH CAROLINA English Peas Lb 29c FRESH EXTRA FANCY YELLOW CORN - - Ears 25c FRESH EXTRA FAA CORN al BEAUTIFUL GOLDEN RIPE r BANANAS - 2 LI We hare S C Asparagus Fresh Okra Artichokes Pink Meat Grapefruits Honeydelestencadoes Etc Snowerop Frozen Foods Orange Juice 6-0: (7a 15c Raspberries 12-0z Pkgne DUKE'S THE BEST Mayonnaise PERFECT CHILDREN'S SCHOOL LUNCHES PUY AT REID'S NUCOA Lb 29c Pint Jar 29c 25c -3C 3 dl&Uk&I° 111ilderwond's Deviled Ham Can 20c e'4 "CARNATION' M 001P on "PET" ILK alu r Buy Autumn Leaf BUTTER Lb "SLICED" PINEAPPLE 2 '7j:' 69c Visit Doily J '1st Lit tt r 110y Visit Reid's Da ily LIBBY'S F for about I hr or until firmi1 tomato soupl Yt e water and ul Serve hot with pimento egg sauceltspchili powder Simmer 10 min I For variation bake mixture ini to blend flavors ring mold and fill center with li creamed vegetables akes I c of good creole les or substi-I e lute 2 c tuna shad or mackerel satic Add cmned shrimp to for the salmon sauce heat and serve over rice 1 To prepare the sauce add chopped pimentos from a 4-oz can or jar and I chopped hardcooked :gg to 2 c rich cream sauce Makes about 21'4 c For a good fish quickie for supper or lunch cook I small onion' finely chopped and 2 tbsp chopped green pepper in tbsp oil 'until tender Add 1 can condensed biro EGGS 5:5 c "MAXWELL 11017SE" Fresh Srlected Bag r h 95c 'GOOD' TO THE LAST DROP" GILLS "Hotel Special" COFFEE Lb Bag 95c With Co you In Paps Page 21-B ----never artificially colored red 4- 'e44)S SHOP REID'S EVERYDAY viit Reid's Daily WESSON OIL - - - Pint 31c Quart 59c SNOWDRIFT- - - - 3 kbn 79c DUFFS GINGER BREAD MIX '')'' 27c DUFFS HOT MUFFIN MIX siz' 19c WHITE - YELLOW - DEVIL'S FOOD C-0-F-F-E-E "Shaker Jar" Speas VINEGAR 6II I i--- -"4"11""""Noilis0"""— t PAZTY A Perfect BLEND of 1 Julio L D Five Favorite Fruits I 1 cs 0(11 In Handy Big Cans I te - I 00 a Aor - Not Carbonated sc e n :oi q i Vitamin C Enriched I I SPECIAL 69 i c i TWO Big 46-oz Cans Only I it Quality Foods At Low Prices Atmosphere of Our Rift—Little Toth !I Shop and Sore! 3 TOT NW Cans 35c Ire hare MUNSON GREETING CARDS — All Occasions — 1:5c 1 mearld-OZakeS "Sweet Cream" BUTTER In Qnartcrs Lb 69c S-W-A-N-S-D-O-W-N CAKE MIXES 3 rF: $100 NIBLETS CORN 2 icu 35c Pt Bnt 15c LIRB1"S "PARTLETT" PEARS 2 '''''s' 79c QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED MRS FILBERT'S MARGARINE lb 29c MRS FILBERT'S MAYONNAISE c c c c c c I Our Demonstrator will feature 1114 Party Punch all day Friday and Saturday in our Number 2 Store Re sure to drop in and try a generous selling as our guest! You'll LOVE its wonderful flavor Cilartntir (Obrrrtr Viqit Doily 1110 Lit Itt Wny Daily Visit Reid's 4 Daily HORMEL'S DINTY MOORE STEAK REY NOLDS SPOTLESS PLASTIC PUY AT REIMS ALL 23 oz Pkg 39c 11 Pox FRIDAY 'APRIL 2 1954 5-B is made up of the energy yi of sun air and water— a notirRI energy food HAMS 10 Hormel's SPAM Hormel's CHILI B'sQ'th l's r ? ) '741i (t e"'' a i I N 000a417 a '' 7As 14 r? dtI - pl1 '':- I: i:il i'4 41---'11:1'::117'rw T- :If 4 tti'''414'"41-1'''' ael 1ri 4' ' A A to d 17 (7 I 711 Vfrp: ptti 044 :0' 0 41r:r klexar- 1 469kx I ke:4'1-004- - ?" rs" 4111 thc"" E)41ei r ' V N 1-- ''''' 1: — 'v y fi - t AA (VOICE HEAVY BEET ROUND END CUTS POPP: LOIN ROAST ASSORTED BRA!VDS SMALL iffit N SWIFTS PREMIUM FRAATICS GREEN GIANT PEAS QC) NNK S-A-L-M-0-N Tef Jcr 3 9c FOIL WRAP - CLOTHES LINES Lb Ih Half Or Whole Ptnt Cr' lo fir Ad!" 1 or '- r? I INIeAlArIELL11:1NG 1Rt 5I F deS C Culj 01 A This Is No April Fool Neu High In Low Priers Shop REID'S Dail For Wall Quality Foods At Low Prwes it's The Housewife's rayvhp To hnp In The Friendly Atmosphere of Our BO—Little Super Mark cis Lers Grt Acquainted Come lo I NOT TOO BIG : 'J17:i( : DI TOO LITTLE Ti-ay NOT TOO LITTLE 12-0z An -tJt Can 1514-0z 2 2 Can Li C BEEF STEW 45c can SWANSON'S' ITEMS Boned Turkey s-oz Can 39c Boned Chicken 5-0r Can 15 c Good '''''''41ZZ72:1l7 Meats CUT TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS — BEST 69c 49c 73c 49c 303 Car Cart 19c ArmouesT REET Cr i 45c 25-' 27c RrU Roll 39c VI A 1k7cmaLoTta me er) 1 i 411 I 5 13-?:g 55c 424kAd4 4tRb: ' Imsir:144:or 11 '''' NN 1 11 " - 1 r ItoW ' ' ''' ' '''''''' 'ti'li '''4 A ' 0 S W E WiliD h 11ERB-BAKED EGGS and crisp Nlitil142 4 11' --0 1 4' slices of bacon served with ' k- 44 spiced cranberry tomato coc ' pit (: 0 ' 11P tail is perfect brunch fare It ir 11 N s 011 is easy inex iv pense and takes 611 -I'' elli Ref° 2 I $o little time and effort for the ilk lc 2 0 - 'IP 2111 hostess NI oh :-e- ' INF nt MOO 510AtS I herb-Baked kill 1 3 aked ter og zt 4 ' 448 0 40-- r t 7 °c' C) S-N E""S C00(1 th' 1 Iii 11-- 'ILLY 0111k 4' Brunch Fare I 7411111VA‘ i - - :4-e- 7':o24a-Aii::t:t ---' - ' A -9 9 P -:::i: 4"'"' ' -17 ''' 4'' '- IR° ) -1 1! 1 :::i:0205 "e '::' '''4FP:tk:':'''"'-i ie ' i: 1iii4: " ::f:r K :ni:: In : fszt4 k: ': -- N " 414 - ' - p : 7 ' 4:--t : t 4 :-- - ' 'AA' ) 07 : - :k6: : :4: '"' 't:-' : '?: '::::' ' r:' '':'''' ::::':!:1:' '11' rc Nic1 : k'T: :N"54 7 7)1 :44415 : 41i 1:i 1 441: - - Vkli I 1 r----------1urdrwonds ezumempommmmoon ftrzza-0151311-a visit ave-1) Q:555etpd ittar: viqit a 1 I Rrid's Reitic 11 121 '6"94tnily4 A Perfect BLEND of Just ooma Lit lir Five Favorite Fruits I I' 1 Littfr Iray OCIll In Handy Big Cans I WnY LOS eø(1' Not Carbonated Visit 6-°1 Vitamin ea I Reid's N seriNno Vii C Enncn Ri(18 Daily A 1 SPECIAL no Az4 fepne 1 1 i IIMMENNIMMINIONEIMMOMENIMI Jump - 1F t t t ri no000vno 0 zit W's '111 Spo11P 0 '""'"""' ' "'"""7"1""""'"" IC alr1113)11 t7y -- 71" '' 7:er' 'tkimmoselootkowoloo) v VI e 0 i ye 0111m Ikge ° III This Is No A Prit Fool New High In Low Priers Shop REID'S Daihi For H Quality Foods At Low Prwes it's The Itonsetrifr's PfZTVIIP To shnp In The Fri( 46 Atmosphere of Our Big—Little Super Mark ets Lrrs Grt Arquainted Corn Today Shop and Sire! - - 1 q ''-'17 -' ' :' --1- !!L : ' :011!'Y' 44ohiligi I !Iltlairl -rr''------- — — ----4- i k -k 5-"----1 1 9 r1( 1 I I 1 Ir r ' I r I I 1 I c-A4 1 011 telr - k N-' Y 1 - ulli 02414411- 1 tils- t it t- - s-' 1 LLUTO1 :so: I - istb 11 Zi2 i 4 it - t4 I ---1 f 4'r-4'11'' 49141' ' 7—--!!-- 4-1- -4 -1-- ill-? 49 4 f 44'6 '' ): k "7'" i 1 i "I' -' '3 '0'16'1 ' A4UZZA 4 'It' 5 -6' 1 'f ' : " - A 4'"11--$4------rie1111 I ieti o ' ir' :114: 7471 r14''"i ' ' tilli ' '':17 ' Lilt': ' 4' :47-C7 --&- z'''-' ti1 Zo 4:7- ' !!Aliel'ico1 1 ' i IWAlt Vtti it A) i' rr ---- ri-! 4 ' '12kf 44 r 4 t:lii3O1: "-l'ics":71 tbc'"7 th)Voili: ' 41411!:li'''''''ti 1'16 --:' V :"' ii'1i t ' — - ' 4 'i 41V '4 44 Y t 11 k : 1114! 1 ltsr14-e t---: ' l'o-r i: c o(11 I 3 14 ‘ kt 4 !'rit 4 f A iontlf24 A f tk10 1 A Acy4 "'it ‘144111411ttlre 4 -19! — '7P'0‘1- -10010 ' ' 4y a4 It- — I — r m 4000roolitl:7::' 0: : :t':: 1' rnoor -: i te:4-- ": :t eh- r‘ i:41r2:::v: !4 va ' :Tf?3 ::i: -VL:::K e-e :e':!i'" -- i:4: r '14'tij 'k::':: -----) itioi-:--4:- - - - '' - - v 4 ! 4 o- e 4 0-L '''':!'"44: :: :tit14-'' 1!t:071-:ii11F - Ame --flo Puy Autumn Leaf : BUTTER Lb re' tiC - 'eg4 10 RIVAL tioutoopj ' PLEASING NATURAL ' 1111COLOR IN — never artificially colored red - tr" 44 - ct- ' 1 D 24-0z A C Ca n FIIMS "?' Dixie: Crx0:sg' S UGAR h made up of the energy 714 ' is sun air and water— mittirRI energy food 7 1 Itte: 4 k - e7J nA c))yi cfr "if i 61b''''"tmiCiON04110JtALIalat4104101Aor vek°eg'0PeNet" 4400aibaSmk404aw1‘A4traA-w‘ftfvriet06A4AL0C4104444aAr3‘A34Al!ohost

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