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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 1

Redlands, California
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Thursday, February 27, 1964
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74th Year Sail fa ct$ Phone 793-3221 REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1964 $1.50 Per Month 5ixteen Pages 10 Cents Johnson flies to Florida to make political speech SCHOOL BOYCOTT - A crowd of students waits outside St. Mark's Center in Roxbury to enter the Freed school Wednesday. The school was set up to handle students who stayed out of Boston schools in protest over de facto segregation. (UPI Telephoto) France asked to extradite Madame Nhu PARIS (UPI) — France has received a demand for the extradition of, Madame Ngo Dinh Nhu from South Viet Nam. French government sources said today. The extradition demand was delivered Wednesday and was turned over the to the government departments concerned for study, the sources said. On Tuesday the sister-in-law of the late South Vietnamese president ridiculed the idea of her extradition as "idiotic." She fired off a communique! when she read press reports of the extradition. "Is it because they are so beaten on all sides that, to save face, they can do nothing else but attack a widow and orphans?" she wrote. ScAoof leader threatens court action in Boston BOSTON (UPI)—A school! There are an estimated comittee member today] 12 .000 to 14.000 Negro students threatened court action against! Civil rights group calls off its shop-in SAN FRANCISCO — A civil rights group called off jester- two leaders of the massive j! n t , hc S J' S *" m ' ^l ^y its nine-day shop-in demon- boycott against de facto segre- ^ oi " hom took > ,art in the ™" s aS ?'"^ h^^tf «f,h „ u h 1 i c boycott, markets — filling baskets with I ., , n „„ < 1 < r. „'groceries, wheeling them up to Another 1.000 students fromi^ - , , ' ,. ,, „ i„„. : „„ ,{,„_ ,„ . , . ! , , , .. . , , • icncck stands, tnen leaving them Wednesday Si the suburbs participated in the 1 gation in schools. Supporters Boston's of boycott hailed it as a success.istayout, the second here in! Opponents charged it failed. In!eight months. 1 all, 20.571 students of the 93.8(4! Mrs. Louise Day Hicks in the school system were ab; school comittee member, said unpaid for. The announcement bv By MERRIMAN SMITH UPI White House Reporter WASHINGTON (UPI (—President Johnson flew to Florida today for his first major partisan political speech since taking office. On the way to .Miami Beach he stops off to blast the first earth for a new cross- Florida canal. Johnson took along his wife Lady Bird and both their teenage daughters on the one - day trip. The First Family is ex­ pected to return to Washington j about mid-day Friday. ! The presidential jet flew first 'to Jacksonville Naval Air Station. By helicopter, Johnson planned to hop to a site near 'Palatka. Fla.. where the new canal is being started. After detonating a dynamite charge to start construction of ] the cross-Florida barge canal. j Johnson was to go to Miami I Beach where he will address SlOO-a-pIatc fund raising dinner given by the Florida State Democratic Committee at the Fountainbleu Hotel. Johnson and his family will spend the night at the hotel and fly back to Washington Friday morning. I Johnson's appearance at the I fund-raising dinner, which is j expected to attract 3.500 per- isons, opens a Democratic drive j to carry the presidential tick- let in the state this November. The last Democratic presidential candidate to win Florida's 14 clectorial votes was Harry S. Truman in 1948. The First Lady and the two Johnson daughters, Lynda Bird, j 19. and Lucy Baines. IS. are not i expected to make any speeches. They are making the one- Ulay trip, according to a White H o 0 u s e spokesman, because Johnson "loves to have the ladies in his life with him." Defense jolts court room in Jack Ruby case Explosion derails train near St. Augustine, Fla. DALLAS (LTD—Jack Ruby's lawyers jolted the courtroom today with the suggestion that killing a Communist may not deserve the death penalty. i As the trial entered its 10th; day with chances good for the j quick filling of the last four places on the jury. Defense at-j— An explosion, apparently trig torncy Joe II. Tonahill put thisigered by saboteurs, today de BULLETIN j ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. (UPI) 1 —A Florida East Coast Railway train was stopped here today and some of its cars derailed by what railroad officials called "another blast." it came less than 12 hours after a derailment caused by an explosion near here. 'He said he counted at least 20 cars derailed. "They are shattered ant! piled up in such a jumble tlr ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. (UPI) question to the 99th prospect: Would you consider it un- Tcxan to be a member of the first jury in America to give the death penalty for shooting a Communist?" railed five diesel locomotives and 27 cars of a freight train operated by the strike-plagued Florida East Coast Railway. No one was seriously hurt, authorities said. An engineer Panelist C not allowed B. Perkins was, to answer. The i Lee Harvev Oswald was an suffered a cut on the head from avowed Marxist. fl - vln S S'ass shattered by the blast. Contrary to first reports after three prosecutors leaped up- tne explosion, there was no with objections and were sus-j firp < authorities said, taincd. Perkins was then re-; The explosion occurred at a moved for having an opinion, crossing 10 miles south of this The state used the fifth of its wh . ich hous . cs cxec "t' v c of peremptory challenges to dis- Lawrcnce O. Greer. FBI captures Gilbert in Philadelphia PHILADELPHIA (UPI)— Jes- it is difficult to count them bin se j amcs Gilbert. 38-vear - old it looks like about half the train ficcs of the railroad. Harvey Lopez, managing edi- ., suspected California bank hold- left the tracks, the newsman , , , , _ , reported 110 s ' a >' er an( ' onc of tI,c Feder- Ray Bishop, a motorist, had al Bureau of Investigation's 10 stopped his automobile at the; most wanted men, and Billie crossing to await passage of the: Joe Cardcr- 37, hjs alieg ed ac- train. He said the first four! ,. .,, . , . diesels passed over the crossing;complice, will be arra.gncd to- when the explosion went off di-jday before U.S. Commissioner rectly under the fifth locomo-1 William Bruno, tive unit with "a terrific blast." j Gilbert, disguised in a black The blast was heard by resi-l wic da rk g i asscs anfi a han- dents 10 miles from the scene. dag0 ovcr ms i cft arm t ?ttoo, The explosion was the third was cap tu r ed by FBI agents on such blast on the FEC line this • a Philadelphia street corner month. Another attempt earlier; Wednesday. Although carrying this month failed near Titusviile; a i oa( i c( i. 45-caliber automatic when four boys disarmed a big! in a snou t t [ cr l, c l.ster. he did not dynamite bomb placed under! res j S [ arrest, the tracks by pulling the wires i , , ,. , . , ,, ,, . _ loose just before a freight train' half hol,r lalc F-, th * Ca „ rd f jas J B j woman was arrested by agents T£„..' »,„„„ .... „„ i„ in an apartment building in the There nave been two cxplo-! . ,, , , „, ;„„,- ;„ ii:, mi „..„., „„,, same neighborhood. She was sions in tlie Miami area and! . , ... . , , charged with unlawful flight the most recent derailed a; freight train at new Smyrna! Beach south of here from California to avoid confinement for armed robbery and sent. This is more than double the average daily absenteeism. There was no violence during the protest. Negro leaders estimated that about 10.000 children boycotted their classrooms. They said the boycott she would propose at Monday's .•spokesman for the Consress of!™ 1 " Lawrence O. Greer, a ' Racial Equality (CORE) fol-! year-old graduate student in tor of the St. Augustine Record,. ...... social sciences, acceptable to.reported from the scene that'200 incidents of vandalism and Gilbert, a convicted murderer There have been'more than pamlc violation. ! lowed a threat by the 40.000- committec meeting that courtj action be sought against the Rev. James P. Brcedcn, a Negro Episcopal minister, and Noel Day, executive director of St. Mark's Social Center in member Negro Baptist Minis 'Uic defense. 'he blast derailed the first four j sabotage since the railway was"' 110 escaped from San Quentin 1 Ruby watcne (i unperturbed at^ fivc (licscl locomotives andlstruck by members of 11 non-' pnson - was wanted in the $11,- To up rates LOS ANGELES (UPI) — The California Water and Telephone Co. was authorized Wednesday by the Public Utilities Commission to raise water rates by $150,000 yearly in the Sweetwater District in San Diego County. was a success "far beyond ourj Roxbury. They were co-dircc- expectations" and promised tors of the Freedom School more demonstrations. I Stay-Out Committee. Maryland officials say they may get tougher unless the shop-ins ceased. I the defense table. He The shop-in demonstrations (brought to court early were staged because CORE charged Lucky stores discriminated in hiring Negroes. Lucky management denied the charge. kidney ailment and a bout with was announced 0 ji All was - quiet this morning in pneumonia. I Princess Anne and Cambridge.'today. law ''50 miles to the north, the two- The improvement enforcement officials m a ylf 0C al points of racial unrest oniyear-old Weather Redlands Weather Today Highest 68, Lowest 32 One Year Ago Highest S3, Lowest 48 Tomorrow's Sunrise and Sunset 6:19 a.m. — 5:45 p.m. No smog, allowabh burning. San Bernardino Valley: Sunny Friday. Low tonight 30-37. U.S. Weather Bureau Noon Forecast Skies will be sunny in all of Southern California this afternoon. Sunny weather will continue Friday, but there will be some increase in clouds Friday afternoon especially coastal and mountain areas. The outlook indicates further increase in cloudiness Friday night and Saturday morning with some chance of scattered showers or sprinkles in coastal and foothill areas and a few snow flurries over higher mountains. Lowest temperatures in coldest fruit frost key stations in Southern California tonight will be 28 degrees. Temperatures and precipitation for the 24-hour period ended at 4 a.m.: High Low Precip. .05 PRINCESS ANNE. Md.[importance of stringent legisla (UPI)—Lt. Gen. Milton .\M ion Rcckford, adjutant general Marvland. said todav that ' in former Chief Execu-i "have to get tougher" on Nc-jthc Eastern Shore. Negro stu-jlives condition was said to be! w a s from his maximum-security cell to witness selection of the jurors who will judge him. Judge Joe B. Brown, canceling plans for night sessions, said there was a good chance the jury would be completed today. Eight jurors have been selected in eight days of questioning 94 veniremen Three, no operators who wanted to were seated Wednesday. The; run , nc gamin „ tabIcs Qn (hg sudden speed-up prompted; Dutc h j s i an(i 0 f Curacao in the Hoover shows improvement NEW YORK (UPI)—Former President Herbert Hoover has showed "considerable improve-, . , . - - — mcnt" in his recovery from a i Br o wn a °d Ruby s chief lawyer Caribbean, senators were told tract completely shattered the fifth.loperating unions Jan. 23, 1963J 192 robbery of the Alhambra, Calif.. Savings and Loan Association last Jan. 3 in which a policeman and one of the two holdup men were shot fatally. The two bank robbers had Senators hear that Baker aided casino operators WASHINGTON (UPI) — For-itel and no contract has been mer Senate aide Robert G. signed. (Bobby) Baker went to bat for Gates said that Baker intro- several big-time gambling casi-jduced the operators as friends and said that to his knowl- terest in the proposed wing along pretty well. gro demonstrators. State police turned hoses and dogs on demonstrating students here Wednesday. Rcckford described the demonstrations on Maryland's Eastern Shore, stemming from Negro demands for the desegregation of public accomoda- dents, who were forced back to;so great that a medical bulletin the campus of .Maryland Statejreleased this morning will be College here Wednesday after-ithe last one. noon, refused to say whether they planned further demonstrations. Scores of state troopers patrolled the town. Wednesday students from predominantly Negro Maryland State College hurled rocks and Boston 47 25 Chicago 31 18 Cincinnati 42 12 Denver 29 10 Fairbanks 34 30 Fort Worth 46 31 Helena 33 — Honolulu 80 68 Kansas City 41 20 Las Vegas 54 29 Los Angeles 66 46 Minneapolis 18 1 New York 47 28 Oklahoma City 41 19 Palm Springs 70 34 Phoenix 62 30 Sacramento 64 40 Salt Lake City 30 13 San Francisco 63 49 Seattle 49 30 Washington 61 30 .08 into the demonstrators with swinging night sticks, fierce dogs and high-pressure streams of water from fire hoses. White residents of this Chesapeake Bay community used their automobiles as battering rams in trying to disperse the angry collegians. tions and for surplus food, as:bottles at troopers who charged "a revolution." He said the sit' uation was "critical." Mrs. Juanita Mitchell, president of the Maryland National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, sent a telegram to Gov. Millard J Tawcs protesting alleged harsh treatment of the youthful dem onstrators, who marched 3 0 0 strong on the downtown section. "Birmingham has come to Maryland," she said in a telegram. "The Maryland NAACP places squarely at your door the responsibility for the shameful use of police dogs and fire hoses on students in your home county (Somerset)." Mrs. Mitchell sent another telegram to Maryland Senators J. Glenn Beall and Daniel Brewster urging the passage ol a strong civil rights bill by Congress. She said the "shocking situation" on Maryland's Eastern Shore underscored the Sorry no calls please from USA VENTURA. Calif. (UPI) — Six screaming teen-age girls armed with S30 in quarters Wednesday waiting for long- stood outside a telephone booth distance operators to connect them with one of the Beatles. The connection finally was made at 6:30 p.m. PST (3:30 a.m. Liverpool time where the Beatles were domiciled) but the manager of the quartet had instructed local operators to refuse all telephone calls from the United States. A spokesman said Hoover was sitting up in bed eatin; scrambled eggs this morning. Pistol packing DALLAS (UPI) — Sheriff's deputies looked deep into a sack of apples carried by a 77- year-old man Wednesday in the line of spectators at the Jack Ruby murder trial. In the sack with the apples was a pistol and blank car- Orry-Kelly dies of cancer at 65 HOLLYWOOD (UPI) —Acad cmy Award - winning designer Orry-Kelly succumbed to cancer Wednesday night at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital. Orry-Kelly, 65, who fashioned costumes for such famous stars as Rosalind Russell, Bette Davis, Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood, Ingrid Bergman, Ava Gardner and Claudette Colbert used a female employe as a shield as they withdrew after the robbery. But during their ensuing flight, police Sgt. George Davis was shot in the head and killed by a 45-caIiber bullet and another policeman , _ , . , ... shot Edgar B. Weaver, who was edge Baker had no financial m- tUrcd aml dicd th same .„„„.. .... con . !(la ^ Police said Gilbert escaped from San Quentin last July 20 crving 15 years for burglary. He previously had been convicted of transporting a stolen automobile across state lines and the stabbing murder of a Ming concession at the tropical|m S ,0 Gates was attended by island hotel. Baker, Levmson and two othcri 1 , Pan American, through its Nevadans, Cliff Jones and subsidiary. Intercontinental Ho-(Jacob Kosslof. j tels June! Bak- to predict that jury selection todav j Thc {irst mcctin3 on would end by Friday night, at Jolm Gatcs a vice pre sident!20. 1962. was attended by DaK-> whilc the latest. of Pan American Airways, said:er. Gates, and Edward Levin- 1 lie 89.' " Ma > bc wc '" cvcn S r,ono 'Baker, when he was Senate!son. owner of thc Fremont Ho• today," said thc judge. -Wc re;Democratic secretary. ar-|tel in Las Vegas, the witness ranged meetings for three Ne-said. Ivada men who sought thc gam-[ The second meeting, accord- Corp.. owns or operates j JIc identified Jones, for- hotels in Curacao Santo Dom- 1 MCR LICUTCNANT GOVERNOR OF .tridges. The man was not ar-, •^'rested but his son-in-law was had entered the hospital Feb. 11 called to take him home. and underwent surgery Feb. 20. Oil king found in contempt for lying JERSEY CITY, N.J. (UPI)— Bankrupt salad oil king Anthony Dc Angelis was found in contempt of court today for "lying" about a half million dollars locked up in a Swiss bank. He was sentenced to four months in jail. Superior Court Judge Robert A. Matthews, however, delayed ordering De Angelis committed to thc Hudson County Jail pending appeal. De Angelis is the central figure in the mysterious disappearance of $150 million worth of salad oil from New- Jersey storage tanks. Matthews directed defense attorney Walter Van Riper to go before a judge in the appelate division of Superior Court of Newark to seek bail pending filing of an appeal. Matthews ruled that Dc Angelis lied to the court Jan. 20 by failing to disclose nearly $500,000 in cash and securities in four Swiss bank accounts. At that time, De Angelis assigned his assets to a receiver in declaring himself a pauper, but failed to mention the Swiss accounts. I Attorney charges FBI helped write confession LOS ANGELES (UPI) — Defense attorney Gladys Towles Root today charged that FBI agents helped write a confession introduced at the trial of three men accused of kidnaping Frank Sinatra Jr. The confession was accepted in evidence as a statement given to agents of the Federal Bu reau of Investigation in San Diego, by defendant John Irwin after he surrendered Dec. 13. In cross examination of FBI agent William S. Fields, Mrs. Root charged that the 27 - page statement was an "interpretation" made by Fields and two other agents who interrogated him. Fields denied her contention but said. "Mr. Irwin had trouble phrasing things. He'd say "here's what I want to say. You fellows help me.' " The attorney also suggested that Irwin never authorized use of the word "ransom" to describe money he turned over to the FBI, but Fields denied this. Thc government expected to rest its case today, perhaps by noon, and then young Sinatra was scheduled to make a return appearance as a defense witness after prosecutor Thomas R. Sheridan finished questioning several FBI agents on the search for the suspects and payment of the $240,000 ransom. Frank Jr. flew home from Europe, interrupting an cngate- ment with the Tommy Dorsey dance band in order to testify at the trial of Barry Worthington Keenan, 23; Joseph Cyde Amsler, 23; and John William Irwin. 42. During the first week of the federal trial — now in its 13th day — the 20-year old Sinatra testified as a government wit ness that the Dec. 8 kidnapping was not a "publicity stunt" and said he feared for his life while he was in custody of the kidnapers for about 54 hours. The defense was permitted to call young Sinatra back as a witness because, it was stated, there was a new area of questioning for him. Under rules of cross-examination, defense attorneys were not permitted, generally speaking, to question the young singer on any subjects which the prosecution did not bring up. ingo. and San Juan, all of which have legal casinos. Gatcs told the Senate Rules Committee investigating Baker's outside business interests that the publicity following Baker's resignation last Oct. 7 disturbed the owners of the ho- Nixon says pick U.S. or Cuba for business Nevada and Kosloff as partners in "four or five casinos in the Caribbean." Futile attempts have been made to subpoena Levinson and Ben Siegelbaum, a Miami real estate man. The star attractions. Baker and his secretary, Carole Tyler already have appeared. MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (UPI) Richard M. Nixon said today Congress should adopt a resolution telling foreign businesses they will have to choose between doing business with the United States or with Cuba. The former Vice President proposed the resolution at a Republican-sponsored breakfast attended by 2,500 persons. "If President Johnson does not act, I believe such action by the Congress is absolutely necessary," Nixon said. "This action should be firm but not belligerent." Nixon noted that a British firm which sold buses to Cuba recently also sells cars to the United States. He said the com pany should be forced to choose one market or the other. NLxon said Republicans "can and must" win the Presidential election to give the nation new leadership and "stem the tide" of Communism in key areas of the world. He accused President Johnson of failing to take strong action regarding Cuba, Panama and South Viet Nam. Nixon Wednesday called for a diplomatic and economic blockade of Cuba. He also repeated his statement that he is available for the Republican Presidential nomination if the party I wants him. Soviets launch Cosmos 25 Hayden seeks Arizona project first SACRAMENTO (UPI) — A move by president pro-tem of the Senate. Carl Hayden, D- Ariz.. to block early Congressional action on legislation which would authorize the construction of the Auburn Dam- Folsom South Canal Project, was countered verbally by Gov. Edmund G. Erown Wednesday. "Although I sympathize with 'he senator's impatience to dev. _ „ I clop the Central Arizona Proj- MOSCOW (UPI) The Sov-!^ Blwn sajd ..j do „ ot iet Union today launched an unmanned space satellite of the Cosmos Research series, the official News Agency Tass said. Tass identified the satellite as "Cosmos 25." The series is primarily designed to study the effects of think he needs to block much to achieve his goal." needed California working order Hayden told Sen. Henry M. Jackson. D-Wash.. chairman of the Senate Interior and Insular Affairs Committee, that he wants action first on the Cen- space communications and rad-itral Arizona Project in his state iation. 1 before the Auburn Project. Monk member of family Australia grants fax deduction too MELBOURNE. Australia (UPI)—The Australian Taxation Department agreed today to permit sheep rancher Lindsay Schmidt to list his 9-year- old monkey as an income tax deduction. Schmidt says the monkey works for him, driving a tractor. "Johnny is a careful driver," Schmidt said. He never presses the starter button while the tractor is in gear. He makes sure the gear is in neutral, presses the button, then springs like a flash into the driving Iscat and grasps the wheel" • Schmidt added that the 3- foot, 6 inch monkey performs other chores on his ranch 220 miles west of Melbourne. He said he opens and shuts gates and is a good sheep-herder. The tax department granted Schmidt a $152 deduction. Schmidt said Johnnie, like the other ranch hands, gets free room and board. His favorite lunch is a couple of sandwiches, some fruit and a bottle of soda pop. On Sundays, he said, Johnnie relaxes by going fishing with j the Schmidt family.

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