Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 10, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 10, 1916
Page 4
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FOUR STERLING, ILLINOIS, TUESQAY. OCTOBER 10. 1916. AiTi if I $ ^ I The nationally advertised time to see the best coats and suits that are probably produced at moderate prices such as asked at this store. Highest class suits such as are soldi, •in the cities at from 145 to $65, we] show at $27.50. This is a true-state-' ment and we are prepared to prove it. Gaberdeens and poplins in suits finely tailored and all silk lined, and most important having that indescribable something called style and not found in the ordinary suits without a name. Our stocks of coats and suits are made up of merchandise of merit, worth the prices asked and not just Ordinary goods made r to be priced to seem cheap. I c-niifrm ;ind n li.">'f. IIm-h< •V'H !!!ppri'dri»nte. I-'-II.TMH: Ft> I urna*; Otiv«-r Muro^.-o |-»h"t» play*, column. Iv -part men t of the Interior, half ':<>!unt;), H*'publ!{\'in diiilv '"•'rvifo, tw'i c : t,lnmo-. ii<iv. I>unn*-'s hf-ruhptai tf-rjs, ;» ("<lutn!i; Hwl(*'!ii Motor Co.. half column : '!*hio;t«ro Spf" dwny ns«oci;itl'"'n. half coliftfln; H^-nt v »'H>tVf, the hanker, ball «lnji:n itnejit, jt ct'ltilrin. This in.-it;»-s ^2 troiurtifi*. ««m» column over cnuiiuh to till thr*-p jsojld. PMKP^ "f The <;,•»- $ THE MURPHY DRY OGDDS STG Merchandise of Merit Fairly Priced frcn ]iulU44 Uy ff<;tn Tlio Uazett'.- fur ,iM«t, two ni:iU« tr\, Knch "f;Vn" «r.Ti<linw- "til f>a<*h particular rf<i>ic«t thinks t!i<> I'.'irtirulfir ld*'n i>r * i«nj" r fnr which Ii" liftht." .I* UIP tno*t Mtsenlful ftyJuK i» th<>' world. Thf«"rOi?«<r <>f Thr- <!M7.*>H«i i.-nn n<«! tak«> Wine t" «*v<>!»* r*»»rt tlif-K'*' r«t|ii.'si* i«-t !i!nijf> pr'mtinj; them. Ii Cft«;ts Tito '!n- a*>tt«'.nn ;tvt*r;ii£is of f'5 n cnluinii to wt and print m«w« tnnltcr fitr th<» puMlr. $ th»-s«» pcupt* iisk tills paper In i'nt thrirt with I18J worth of 8pn<-f today. rttiil take.J( fur Ktantt'd Hint i will }>o ,i ult.iHuro to romply. Not : BEASTLY RUSSIAN SAVAGERY -i * >.i!k-l in. Hi*' p!(Mi'> •Mr«*l«.'Vf'nd ttl»- s.'iim' Itnt Kent t.> practically ail n«-\v.«pnpi-rH uM think uf KuiiiK into a *tov»» uiu -for -tht> trfft- t>f f v*n ? -- flv*— o*i>i lend pencil. They expect t" pny f"i What >ht»\ t< •( fr»m everybody Init tin A* stilted In reply (o Mr. Hlcven* ii- ,<!a?.t'!tv van otilKjirint around If.' ilumns of iirw'K nmttel* a Wffk. Oul thiiukiiul* of coluturiH of in.lPrp.Ml K !n.-nt*T proiluci'il cvt-ry \v«-<-k ii thin I'ouiitry only a vfniill proportion ran t'if u-c.'-d in "any pnpr-r. And Du 10 print .1* f«r HH Itewrt. Tii4.'t» tin* - the local --nrwi of t'i v muititiiincd. After that tin J>!ipi-r yl\-i;«. Wllilt xliiii-i- It I'.'HI In ^iM'h STERLING DAILY GAZETTE AND DAILY STANDAED SIX I V-THini> l>al!y Kxeopt Sunday. from some one who do«x» .»u«<5ful,, littior. throtiKh the • mediums of rent, lnl«»r«»M, or profltH. Tho ud(«, which evidently support the pap'er, are n*ad, 'ami the ndv^rtlHWR l»Kt- ronlsted in' (urn by . theH« Kami*' luhorhiK men, , TIH'NH men an a urwi of Htorllm; t«m. Now In-riM-mui-li n» tin- liu«y wurkliu: iii«-» "f St«TlltiK nr«- muk- IHK yiuir |iii|»--r ami tln< <'ltv of HtiTlhii; tt'lut! It t«, wl'V »"l «•'•• riflriM'jin> ami h«'lp tin- wurktnw man tn a lirii«-r ninlfi'nii if tf- D, \v. «;: Editors and «>lf!eo. ,111 West Third Street. their conditbuiH, Hiutnclnlly, wan-. «inic;ill\% socially and industrially. AH a tiii-niber of tho HoHnllM patt\,.l ><«y that tbe kno\\b-il«*- bt;iiin;d' through a study of Ko- In l-»i.vil. purliiMfi' n "frtn" I** (in )frnrMr***tt nt I*i»sfnlf!i"i"* Hi**l'tfIlif 1 Hilioiv jbftiri * u «* * i'^i« .nt ,« i* i n»jf*. •«<*'•'*-*, ^iiuti ni'.u nij~mw;ii H MUti v ui r»»i - - , » *» * *^ »' nti Heroml rinna .Matter, . i ..s :)li ,i party principles will nimhli- *'n!hH'.i..M ,,n Hiiljje. t tli.U IH ,.t ^T^r^^ ~«T7^«7^^r«« I them to heiter their j^p^-i,,! intcreM to hlin> There are ~ ]V>!iSeTi;i 11 faiiK, fiioiliiiit TERMS OF SUB8CR.IPTION Tilt. Kocialiiit .i|*irt'-y . In 1 ill i 1 there ilf«» mure Si i Iin!^ than (here are l"roKrf««lv«i» and i S'?\i h.ivt 1 neveii ini-nti>ins'd the faei 1 1 'in yin»r i>itper - except in an oil' hand way— -that liiere ix .-nch a puriy. ' . Titc rniti.U I', I am Inform- By Carrier In Sterlinq or Rock Falli, "''• '" ,i:»tnnu u 3r.<»--\vord ;.iiicic or by Mail at the Sterling or : u > tPl«'Br;iti> c\;»iy oay fr««m Allan- Rock FA||« Potloffice ij* HPHM^H. t*»-iull»-t' cundidate fur _, ,^__—_ , HI itiiifrnm~ F«IH*. Anywhoro in th» Unittd State* or Canada On* y«nr iti uiiratu-e. ............. J2 inontluH in udviiiiie ,. ....... 1.2^!. than six inonthf.-, |.<>r month .i5 ', Jf.iii-, I'K.hil.ition fnn«. Hitolullf.t fans, I'dticaiiuiial funs, it«»od |-«ia 1 fun-4. !!«.•!- stciu fariK. Jt-nu-y fntm. finipy hojt fsu>», fam-v'hofHi' fmiH, ftincy rhli-kfii fun*, rellKiuU? fiHlf, KOI'illl f(UI«, Kolf HI h t_h' in advitnce...,..,. l.l'fl .have lu"; ^iiTTliwM'.ii a word of tins, One mi.nih In advanc*'.,!.'.. .i. .45! ll1 " l!UVl headlined HiicheM. By thpAvr«-l»-iiayublo to tin* carrier ,1" ', Ko..,s<-vrii a| !d U'llsim foi wix i.1.^. 1 —r=r—rrxrrtr-:— ... J .,..^__ -_„>„-_ __ -, in«>iith-- cnn»li(|jiti->- who arc *ork- ' ' itlK fleet inn III order to protect hiK THE FIGHTH OF THE "FANS," ! l.usln.•* -- wKh thi-ir !e«(slutIon and St(>rlii)K. I" Oft S, HUt- ' !*ppi-...!'ri;itions for u lar«o army — i 'and navy. Kdit.M- Hl-rlinK <I^.e« f e; Th< , ,„,,;„.,„,. „„.„ Jt| llu , -,.„,,. , Vour I'tUtfirtiil tvph it>K t>» loiter : ,~ '7 , , •' . , . inui.'h what the trusts «rt> iliunn — of K N. Mt-vt'im Ki,-<i.>H tlmt you ^ , hl , v know ihey nr«« "doiiiK" lh«-in 7_ W*4ll'-4>o y> J <v<". ''''^"UujfFTte M rt'iuj ...~T~.~t.lliO. _iiiki<;IO1LK me|U Ul!'i I" JltlltJE tin fly ,hy over '",«0») ftiniiUV*^ i'hV> ; l,y yn'.ir icniHrkf* one c«n helh*ve ' WH^oilty of thet>«> ~fiunili* l .H contnili .; that the papur*-t Iw "doitm" , hthorinu men men .who are cum- ! yn;i. I'Vcni personal olmervntion I JHK their dairy hrejid hy their Imii. - c;u>*wa v that the tsti-el 'trtiHt i« iilno . ftit lalicr nml lire not H|IOIIRII>B H "-.loin^" tlm hur(1wnr« ninnnfact- .'Uih fans, ullrt mi "nil down r-vt-ri — svntit— tmtl— t{tl4^-af-4U^- Tht-rf is a ,' {•niiNiiuit liKlit timonK tin* fans for liul)li< j it> . ' Aliist of 'ihi-m'wnnf I'FM't llu-ir purttiHiliir huliby |M'fijr»,.thiv puli- lie, .Mont of tlM»m ri*'W«p!i|H>r with nrtlclcH of viirlutiH fr«p puhlli-lty for llu-4r jwrii- 1-iilnr pet Itlt'UH, Just to phuw Mr. Srnllh how absolutely lin|ioH»ih\«» It IH for n local new«to comply vvlth nil dAmujds it • litijei !.s a.- ils editor* helieve \\ ill iu- tereNt tin- motit people. The editor mu*t IIM>--|I(H IwHt-Judgment ntnl nil liroadmindcd editors nre \vl'lliiiK lo ad- ihlf that thi*ir jHdKini-nt IM likely to he ut fault nsany times. Muc:h of the » nt in from the vai'io«jH "funs" JM rendfil>li- .Kiuff. It TK not 'VnppreK.s- I'd" hi •eati»>< 1 it IK not prinU-d. I!ut it TS ~Te? ~ T rrn FM^f'7fTrs<^~nM~ ' •>nitor» rrmnr other mutter 'of mor«» lm|Hirt«nce or ntonj 1>y niur« of tin? of tile p.-nn>r. A_>4 to i he I'nlted l*n'»n would xirnply i hat like thi> >i't;WHpapers it is fhi'.»!ed with Hliilter iif nil kindM to ^''I'll 1 -'" 1 ' !l y t"'* 1 ! 1 '*' who want to secur<' fr»'« piitiiifity through tlu? papers, and s!«n only tllHtriiinte a portion of What it rercives, ItH editurk milMt de- tcxmlne \« hat. .they bt>lievf< will IM-M Hull tin-it- i'licntfi. AH to l't4uiM«<ve)t. U'llnoti, or lion'pn nim ply »ay that JlitKlies, Itnosevt-H, are national r »H«tr>- attyn , would \Vlh«>n, lionK, Mr. l!en«fon, no doubt, in a vory i i n e u ( ' i ill > -iii 1 1 1 C Ti'uT h if ft a iT u i ik n i > vv ti t|Utti|tity MI far an thu Kencral public Irt irohCcriUHl. Thy fact that his coni- a wire dally to the United MhowH Unit he is tryiiiK tu gttt advortised at tho of flu* pa- You'll find shoes The Boote^ that wiu excite your -Curiosity. You'll wonder how such superior style and material value is possible at the price. Men who seek uncommon style and the utmost in value will find many interesting features in our feEoes f rom $3.50 Two new shoes for voting men with Neoien soles, t a n and black, at $4,00, Complete line of shoes for boys and girls. E. W. MASON THEBQOTERY 2| I«*t Repairing Pone of Sumiuy IUH! Montlny HiornlUK iM'urly fnnuKh inalttT to fill (2uzt't.t«* iiMltty uxp«mne, writt«n by btgh «t bit? mon. S&SMARKETCO.S&S (At Store oulyh _____ Bost Pork Lpiu lioust, l't>rk S 10C Fresh Spa w Uilw, &. Fresh Piers' Foot, irK..6c F K rcsh pork Neck^ Hibs, ' Try Our LEMON EXTRACT and PURE The Pharmacy Co. 306 First Avc. rh of th« t-oimtry. The United l're»iB would throw lh*J »ame m»rt of din- patches In the wtuste basket If went ' I>J': .m*. ii«J!Ul»iis'4t)Ui i«L J It in dally. JJut when HugheH, t>r ' Wilnon t h e Unit«d -I't'ii'tm IHIH Hw men there to tuke pans of the mei-tlni; at lt« o\vn tho nttfraneos of thene mt-n of intorcst. to mlfltonC Tlmt i» tht- rvivson. \Vhvn Mr. to -h« at* big a man ns t'HhPr of irn'ritonctf, .the bt« MondiiiK Us rt,«yorifr» to •xnc iu'iiMtn, iiiKieud of an now, ac- rt>rdinj; to J»ur Iriwid, Mr. Hmlth, into tho wuuto lift Mr. Smith Is evidently u * "fan. 1 ' '••I r tuhir8tttijd w«i Imvw nu <?rlt- _ __________ TcISnT of oni'-itU'u mi'n. They have inudu th« world what it id. T<> him the only jhinR worth while |» tho priti- of'-hociuliiiin. But n Uith> whllo «>»« of th« N of that Jiarty waa here and only had A corporal's _ out_lp_hrar, him. _The_ laboring mtin nmy bo wrong, but he seema an u not to he interested In nocialiam. Until li« Uot«» iitjcomo interested* and turns out and makes a allowing the iiew« fi-ature of uociaUam, or any «ith«*r "ism" which fails to attract public attention, will 'not be very Iwrgf, niftier to. The l>aily UujsetU' ur any «th*-r iHiW^piiper. Thy %ht of th« funs always for publicity »t th« exy«?n»e f»f other parly, a»ul whtui th«y strong Muough to rt-ally boeornu a furcu they do not havw to hunt puMicity. It hunt* tht'ui, Tlmt is tin- whol«-»Ufry, TH«« newspaiH'r can pumu! iu» otlu-r r.our.>f and continue to liw, >Vuy bricks «r uny part 6f itn it must try to use thv space available to supply matter tluit (he moat people, as far' '' 1-Vank O. J^vvjdfn'M mnaidttcy foi: guveraor eoutjaueti to gain stwngth in tin- m»«it usiMiij^hiUK: muntiw. Th'» ut* l;u;U« nuittc on 4u'm by h|,s TTjtpjitu-nts undiby a few i-i>li'iiv!,»ii,s \yliu l.utvo nsiiMtgevIr to nxt Air..: Amk'Uftt*» Ciiiuie. .li:nv ,,,nly hiul tile efl'ci. t t>( ad liitii; in its* tncvn.KlM. Mr, I . r ) re---.- !,. . 'i hen '!:' ; V-<'iT,n,Ts~""7(T.-" f..•;,..( h'-i ar,d !'»;(!!•:''! li'T lu-rn--. r'cr i! n.'" fi» i f.i"-- >'l c 'Mine !" ;t.'''!'-r- i I.MII: time. Xn \>')T>irui •.'.:-!<; B.'»!> fi'.im tfv Tltiv- • i.pi;« Th- '• came ml" |i-un-- .'itid r;i\- i- ii.-.! the , ntire ferrmh- ! urnd:»{l«>n. \ '.cry bri'-f l/«le. v.m nil! \ i-n-f-ivc 1 , u!. Thb- Hcd -CruCs n:irse does not f-e i(djeetlvc.« or ejiHlii't" or «vy fit • iM'iaN to Amrilcjin .-entinn tit Sh' l- -iintilv tidls 'facts. :irc ' i*('iH? r h \ iil.'tsre 1 '- tjjf^ ^ ( !ttj',l^/'tl TH* H ilTl»! uo'tiM-n ;in<i. "thi >iv tnifcfi«"rcd cJii'ldreM :HK! hnlih-M were sill l'oli«h *''!8 (if the i '/«! Init ,lc^ js, U .- confers' th.i! ••',<• nr«- ;inur/ed aftrmtng that ^ uf man- Kind are depend* ill. upon the tonqiiest am! <tr*<Tf Ht'tlon <if "th'» reiiBion. the liiei.itiire, the learnitiK. 'he **• Jeno* 1 , tit" cities, the nealfh and 'Un'< < ivill- ' x.iilton ol fin- peoplevt of An.Mrla nnd MiitiKary hy th<» nm«t df'«po!ie, I, v,« t wk k«»d nnd .«ntifthly pup «mi j^vermwnl un earth iUiil Its j h'!fden nf .bestial and. hi ulal nnd half- ( i Is lli'/cd jmldlPi-y. ' ! f SOCIAL AFFAIRS J | t intuir ' INVITATIONS OUT. Mr. nml Mrs. Wcliimn IlitiriH--! of ;ind AiiH'H.Rh il (In- libfi!i(«f" and For the next few days we will offer Gold Cross or Fox Eiver milk at this astonishingly low price 9c. —-Ectfks. who understand the milk situation will readily place an order for a dozen cans. Before the winter is well under way the price everywhere will he 12 He the can. Our special price this sale, can NAPTHA POWDER T ii o s i x c L'.V sale. a i' go . Tlio , this 21c KITCHEN KLENZER Full shviisft'j -MtHlip n'ituln nix,* 1 fan, t!i 4c GOLD DUST 21c T !i <• i si/o ]i; tho . LT) tliis -.ale, 21 c llnpliiiiM towriHhlp liftVi- Iwuod invitn- tloonn for tin' xvi.'ddlDK of their diiunht* it- MI»«M porolliea to Harry I), llalnicr HI.n of .Mr. iitul Mrs. I'liurlcj* Italster al»o from Hopkins. Tho <'erenuiny will he pit sinned Monday mornltiK, '>ctol'er ;M, at 11 o'clock, nT the clfrmuh V. nfrhnrrh—rif-tlnpklniT. Hfv. \vill offlcliiU", The young coitiil" j'< \v II Unowti in * AmerieanFamily,10bars42c Crystal WMteLau^ spe.-_ Soap, 10 bars . .38c I . cially priced 2 cakes. .5c Peanut Butter at 25c In nil your days you have never enten In-tier and purer •pt'anut. lnitter. 'Its delicate mitty Ihivo.r is. wholesome — its t!u» result of enrol'ul pri'pitniti<.ni. 'Y'ni'11 he sur- ]>ri<e.| at the unusually la rife jar. 9C|f* vicinity and thflr many''friends • JOLLY FOUR DANCE j Sterling younK Indies, who ; ••tvl.« thrmwIvcH I ho Jolly Four chib, | and who have h'-fn patrons of ^ores i >f tVixoti danrlrtt* parties within th<v- last (our ftcaxonw, hnvo arranmtl to i {Ivi-'a h!,f party at Kowhfook'* 'hall j evciiinnr. for ; which tho Mar«|uctt.> onlie.Htra will | fiimlnh imii-dr. The hall will lie pret- i tlly lieconttcd and doiihtlcw* tin- af- I ir will In*"^Unmled by ahotii ,«i\iy tipli'H from this city, - ...FAMILY REUNION |,\lr. and __ MViiiHiioreV-y 7-iHcrt|7iiH ; d 14iitid;jyIn tonor of \wr HlMt«r Mrs. J. H. Koikern ind ehildrun ofo Heron, Lake. Aluinu- !>ota. ThooHe present wonv'-Mr. nnd Airs. I*. I*. Kyaii and family. Mm, I, IT. KllUfro and children, Mr. nnd Mrn. I'M ward Morris* and Hunily of •oleta. Mr, and Mr*. Krutik Jtyaii. -Ml<*« Mlldrod lx»i! of Hock FtUln ami liraml- tnu (lufft-y. The ul.t«rJi<n/H',yini.>vt-uv. K WUH ttpcni In Kftm«-» uiVtl numlo and PROMINENT (Conllnuetl from fngo One.) -Soda C r a c-k e lai'-uc liox, sale price.25c Frosted Cookies, fresh and ifwd. ilu«;«lox... .8c Apple Butter, best in the eity. Price the run. .15c Black Raspberry and Ap- Sweet Pickles, sliced, jn^t „.- received. ,lar ...., .25c Pickled Onions, sure to please, TJie Jjuttie. ..lOc Macaronii ~~ a—i n »ur i s I iiu j«- j'ood. The i>ncka.":e. . lOc "Salmon, hi.u-ii «nmlily, reirular'12V. J M» chii.*. .10c tary package at .,. .25c Fresh Mackerel, extra vjood. Price the can,25c Kippered Herring, > linn meat. The rail .10c .Mustard Sardines, extra : lanre clean fellows. The, can 20c' Norwegian Smoked Sardines. Price the ean.l5c Oil Sardines, selected lisih <5 eaus .-.... .25c Shredded Wheat r - re tru In v- siy.e packai't' at .... ,12c Post Totisties, la rife pack- au'e, t.his sale .,.9c Krumble. or Kellogg's .Ocrh Flakes, price the pk£, 9c stri'«*t. MarMtaUtown. lown, Tli<-y \vilf h«> lh#rt' by th \vl«<h of ji ho,"t of friendH who rcjsrtt to H< r ld«- on -» trip in na Katlu rule and Ali><* .),-an Illppach, of, .Mr, ami .Mr«. (•-. II. A!<,'» (irath. "f Tai'nplcii, .Mr*, l-'rank Kidi- ithetn leave the old ncli;hhorhood f whfr<-t lev tnut \Villiituv V'emitnn (*>"i»'hmut!i, their youth has been ppenu L iif fhicuuo, rind Mr. and Mif. Jatnea C, (it the weddinir'I>"»»'.of-Kd( he ilcxtiimtloii "licliiK kept a st'Vivt, Vn- oyH lh«' Iwn'T of ctaluilHK one- i if th>- iu-n. She |H si urnmlnte.of thf Imtna- nlate Conception Academy of l)nven- tori. Iowa, and th«« ohurm of her per- ^onnllty and lt«r talent IIH ft musician and entertainer ha« made her a val- IKilHt to. lOCltl HUCliil IU > HVJt<« < H. Dr. HclunlU h'»" col' « ctiucatlpn nt the- Htato I'mvrrMiy if Ittwa. whWw-ht' wu» a inoniber of n -i ducntlon WUH <'t>mpU'tf(l in th<» <*nMt. hew h<- gruilut»t<Ml at cal C'oltegfr -*»f J'hlh«U'}t>hla. were: Mr. tiiul Ali-H."\Villiutn ilcKich- } \ —„, 1 . — < _„.„__— ol.s. Mr. and Mrs, C. ,»M._.Kijrne.y, of of Mlshawarie, Arnoulil and Alt-Hnsa ("O"|«M. of I'uyen- I" port, 'la.. Dr. Su-phen crnrifn. ••<. Man- j on' City, hnva, John Hourke, of MolncH. lit., l>r. 1C, I'ackard. of iihnix City, !«., Mr, and Mra. 11, P. Hurd and daimhterii. Harriet and .An- HEADACHES Why don't you try 's .%£ Tablets) Sold by your druggist, or tertt postpaid for 25o. ,-F, ARTHUR JOHNSON 308 Randolph JOHr JACK SON, MtCH. A DEPEND ABLE REMEDY •vi«e and" _ _ yearn fn 'fiiiFpTfal Hgryiae '1ft~ltutr HH tiavtuf KUi'geon of Wills Kye| and a» ussorintw in the Kur, and Tlmwt t)t>|>nrtinunt of 1'i-iin- ytTmrhqr Mrw. Hchnilta journey KOWII WHH a rown. triiv«llnK «uU «nd her *hot>« m« t» harmony with ln<r hut which VUH a brown vc-lvt't In a plctu«v node). and ilrs. Hchmitx will at »ami« Hft«r l>«c. 1, at S W*»t Grant HOSTETTER'S Stomach ]Bitt( For Poor Appetite, Nausea, Indigestion,, Oyapvpsia, Malaria Fev*r and Ague. F Equipment orster & Call ~ Sons Funeral Directors i',- -H •' «;i ( \ ,i.||t|,-il ii i ideal T) f. i • '. >''n" ,'{ i] ,J IIMIJ , .iiiv n Umi in '!'.{• , .t.iU,. !h"i,«J "T TH iltih •! Uf fit « l'it lh> viflff >ti> v\|i|ih lie HI ( u.r- Th- !.. iirf thai Mr i^nv.iea !'i'l'( IMUf! thai) «l!iv i»f i I' THE VICTOR'.HANp PAINTED The Best Eollers THE HAWmHOEN ROLLER i - , • - ' -. • We will giye_ THE BEST : OP SERVICE and it»ng your BHADEg RIGHT Day Calls ••II No. 9 Interstate 9 Nioht Calls " io l" Bell No. ^ , 191 From the ines 3 • fust received direct from I' the PhilHpiue Island,' a case ofj| I Manila Stub CIGARS ; These, cigars come -into ' this country duty free and I can be sold for a much ; smaller price.' We have if them now on sale. , * 10 for 25c 5 _ ,,... ii The Store -r» i HI ' ' il i ! • t! 1,1 1 ' -I ,.' '

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