Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 10, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 10, 1916
Page 2
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STE«UNG,JUiNOI$,TUESPAYj OCTOBER 10.1916. -ELECT JDFFICERS impaiy I WfH €!««• Pi ret s'ftti Sec- ys. An n made risk A Handy Book e«»taifc»Bt Id Cooking Leaaon* and 54 Tested Recipes will bt malted you FREE H yoa wiH ^end your nazn* add *i«tr#i* to ENTERTAINED AT DINNER- \f ami :-tr?! W F7 F-:i;Ur rnur- •r*} :'i? tl:>i5i'r !?*;;:?"{*:? v r;t t^'.'lf h- rn f - L^-2JbiJ-ti£—-Stttjei Mr- u.ji.i- .?-lra. -H \\, Mr .1 'RECORDS otamti^y ill.! maiimiG y i t»jjd for for lbtir Wnif, I j<i-.Tnrnt <>!' l>ou>i| MORRISON DAILY GAZETTE ir(|«»r (")!«•><! and jiHo* 'Siinrdian r>f Henry >'. I»i«h5is f.tuu difins rrfx»rt filfd and si Mow,*}. KstHle of Herman Fterlinir, IVtj tinti for order for paying ever, -fund, filed nnd runaidrrtd «nd funds ordered paid to if'preient.iiilve «-f futfite in irt ._^._ 1tf . fe .^:^^ j ihMKe^oaitfy orTthat da.Cand Da tiToTa Celebrate the day candy purcfmei, and b*Wa 'and- not fofg-t th5i 2 jxpefimenb that candy ii.higrV irt food vAJue and therefore* go&d ov^r cirefally and be sure to do youi* part to make "Candy Day" MOBRISON, ILLINOIS, TTHSSDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1916. PHLOX CONTEST \ RETURNED HOME izM Awarded by Women'* L**gue in Civic lmp^ov«ment Conteit flu rite Ht* ^•rti<l for The pr}z"r offered laft Sprlnj? by th«- Wurtan'M I>e«Ku«' In thf i'hi«' 1m- proVpfttC'rtt f*ontef«t Imve rei-enily been The first pri-'<- fur tbe best ififrtvemtTit nln»«t n plarw to Mr!«. lUrtha MuckJln. n»l>ln»on received the 'rer [be bent flower gitrtfen by a twelve yenrn nnd Mm lilt f<ir the best veftetablc for rt rnlld -under twelve. The HP entreew frtr Ihbe bent kcj>t up ylnce. Tn the'Phlox rontr-nt there were only iHWlt WVtr*Wi,' Which l« n very small number, but tbone In charge of the content_ntnte that on looklnK the matter UP they Iwvn found that in other r clt|e« the result \vns nbotit for the first year, but In the and third year*, a irrent deal itffekt waiii unown and the con- f««t Wore uticfMftful. Thw Indlea arti rid t'dlii WUroired and ext»ect to gx> Into. fh> "pf0!i*<?r further next year. Thw ttWt |»rl!!e In the phlox' eontent iiwnfdeV! to Verna Belle Edium! th«V- iteeontl to Kurdette Hobert- M. W. Chaoln and 6. A. Oliv*? R«turn From M, E. Confcrtne* <\f. W. Chapln and (X A, Qllvec returned Sunday evening from Chicajr« • whr-r.- ihey have bwi attending th« M. H. conference. They attended th« meeting l-Vi,lny and Saturday and «n i-'tmrtay morning were present at tho •hurch service* when nishop N •«>n, the resident. Bishop, of U!e •riet delivered a tvonderfulty fine ' "*"tir~wnnon": Tfie'y report tho to luive l»e«jn especially In- «nd Umtnictlve thl« >^nr. Ttm to be read Monday nml th<» A FINE POSITION PAPfeR SCARCE Firm* Now-Paying Good Price For Sand Paper,* Ray Machft** Will b* M«na 0 cr of New Hoaland Tel. Co. Itay Macharl. the imn of Mr. and B, P. Machai-i of thl* city, who ( for some tlm« b*-«n manager of MllledgealUft hoa accepted a better Ignition a« marvaRer of. the New Hol, land, Telephone' compiiny located at jthi* city of New Holland a short dist-' astee-ttorth of SprlngneUl. a: F, Macha«l ac<on»i<ank- 1 l him to hi* uew loca- Uon by Uuto on Sunday. The household goods mil be moved later. The Refrigerator company In now tfr*..itUearile«t MEET TO ORGANIZE 8w*dish y i-Y'-m h. — and iHMiJinsj thert.-on of II K. Ostnirtw. Claim allowf-d by mmt ws t><"r *tlf»!lt)tJ»n nn file* Final report filed. Hmring rot f»r Oct. 20th 191C Katate'csf Mwrah Miller <1^r«'a.*e(l Inventory file«l. and approved. tjunnlian of i&itsn** P. Williams. Guardian's rut-rent r*|wrt ns to Kd- M. Williams flhil and appruvcil. for Iftivo to fil»« new Ix'i'nd irnd for relMuU« of present tw>nd*man, fUlnl find rotwlitarrtt.. New b<>ntl in sum of M.noii filed Mod_ Hjpprovfd ...Ptesent, bondsmen rsiwiwd us t<> nny furtlir-rj liability. Guardian* current report a« to Joseph WHli«m§ filed and approval. Ifatitlon for leave to file new bond and for release --of-ptnwnt tSTfiilSniBJi filed and eon^ldered. Xew Isoisd In sum «f $«,uoo filed unit approved. Prenent bondsmen rt-leaned «« to s»ny ftirtlier liability. -..- ,_.-. Kxtiitn of Ifarie Itakrr, derrased. Bond fixed. fkt I^.HOO. filed -and- approved. Petition for'leave to settle claim affjiinst l\ & X..W. Hy Co,, for death of Marie Ilaker for t>um of |2.^&o. JVlition' <-onnidfi'rtHl and allowed anrt wtttrmwvi itIJt>*ve<rPeiTlToh for leavn to pwy an aittimey for •ervH-e In weuriru; wttlemfnt filed <N;n»lilrretl and nllowr-tt. - ~ Kdtiite of l*eti-r 1.4>(id<>nburtf. de- cwwM'd, 1'n.ff of nut ire for final set'- in . open' cwurt. Final refwirt e nnd dlMtrlbutl<»n.orden*d. nf"-Hndajtm>Ii ltiirr»>t.' deerea»- l»"tnal re|M»ri (iletl, <->r.Mdenv,l nnil approved ntul dlsrhHrsje Make Fargons Storq Your Candy Store BUY F&fgo's Home- Wade Candy And Gef.The Best Wrapped Butler Scotch, Peanut Brittle, Chocolate Dip Feaitut Clusters, Caramels High Grade Box Candy And a complete assort- mentof candy of all kinds always in stock. We invite you to call and acquaint yourself with our stock. _ % ^.. -fred R. Fargo 10 West.Third Street Old Time Home Made "Have a Grape' Martha Washington ; Fun Pound Full 3 Pound Chocolates-Bon Boris-Caramels Our candies are always fresh, Over fifty varieties to, select from. Mail orders promptly filled. The proof of the candy is in the eating thereof. Try our candies. Martha Washington Candy Shop ' E.K. SHEET/, Distributor .Sterling...... .......... — Illinois. wir* Confectionery —handles — Foss & Co. of Boston Celebrated High Grade box and bulk Chocolates and Bon*Bons. —Also— BUNTE BROS.' WORSES'^ KRANZ* and GANZERfS CANDIES You'll find here a big a<K candy to select from; Always on Hand „ A large Assortment of manufactured,and pttf own make Creams, Caramels, Nougats, Fudges and Brittles. We guar* antee purity and whole 5 someness of our candies. 108 East Third StreeT , ' Bun\!M!I- they havo formerly dl»t>o»ed glv- Ing to the'employee* for any q»o v th»y mljrltt nm&f of U or even ay' throw- Ing It away. On neeoviit of the war- olty of Pflper pulp, tin-re, are firms noy imyirtir ono dollar n hundred pbimdfi for thlH diaeArded nondpaper. _ L H_ff» used for the- making of cement Saturday Evening Hw'ed'lsli ACCEPTS POSITION Thelmft Bnydcrt who ha«- been eniployetf ^or «ome time ut the office, of the Illinois Hefrigcrator company In tlilH, city has reninned that position" itmj hn» awepfed on» at tho Rock KiUlb tnaunfcttirln^ company at Su-rl- Inj? Vliprt Kin- began work Monday. >, Lutheran^ church was held at the j church parlors «n Saturday evening and th© Swedish Lufneran Brother< hood was orsrnnlsed. The board of the church planned several improve-' menta which w»| add to th» comfort j« well as tJ»* beauty of the church l« ml, of mainline and decor' atinx the audience ;room' and baae- m«n\ «i» soon be begun. The oitltit'n elcted were as followsfll Pr**—Rev. Alfred JMnotf. " Vice Pros,—Karl Kariw»n. Secreury—Hennlnp Nelson. Trensnrer—\V. W. \Viche. DRIV1E TOANDOVER MORRISON BRIEFS 'TJRTa.. Rchuyver spent. Sunda . Allen home. • >. Mr. and Mrs" Fred R-U«-r returned Suiuho frum Wfthhlnifton. . Ta, Mr uitil Mrs. Cage tturtey and BOH Lloyd n>turned Monday morning; frt'm Decatur, In,, where they hatf been Al»S tins TPlatlrcs" for llif jiSijprTt'rw days, ......... -- ...... — . ------- : - - - • — • ----William Shear returned Monday from Kulton. .whew he has betn.vls- Itlnif with hla «on J«.hn s^n4 4 family. C. E, Ackertnan returned /Monday from a business trip to AT ICE! STOPS STOMACH MISERY AND INDIGESTION ami Prt>i>ti«jtJ»t<m-n. Mr. and Mr«. Art Knox and ilr. and Mrs, .Sleb .^Irond* returned Sunday from Chicago wher* ihfr Jtarlrton liotno ni(((iiring li'iin *l;vy fc-x-fnlTiK. ,, Mr, and .Mrs. K. «;. Wolinlw ed friends fn DIScou Monday. Atr. and Mrs. Hoy Uavis IM)<] s.,n XorbiTt motored to Dtjv«>n|«irt Sunday and *pvnt. tho,d.iy with relntlve... John A\", f'ri'irUer and wf»n Klroer Proeker left .Sunday for Monom, JVII n p^JgJH^ro^thev^vviii vun tl». fomi. ••Pi" wins Carl nnd T. IT. Crocker 'Mr. ami Alr«» l^»<> StelneV. Mr, and Mr.i. Ihin Kleiner. Mr. and-Mm. J. \V. Mtelhcr and MlH» Hoj-eneo 'Roundn motored to. nock Inland Sunday nnd visited-at the K. "VV" Steini'i- Imnifv "Mix* Aliir^'-Coffft^-'tipertt -the'week- } *>'*m« ft'OiUi. you i-at liit end-with friend« In Clinton " UlMl<% K '"" 1 ' l '" t w " rk 1>:n|1> ; --.-Mrrimrt—>rrerTrr»T"lM%nto"ini7fH^ famil.v r Mp.-«nd -Mrw. ,lfw r,seir iiiHl Mlwi May Sehulcr motored to Oregon Sunday where they visited farm. • , I»uln Ttick«S«»rt ifof Roch»'nt«>r. Minn- Monday morning where.' he will be ««** at Mayo' brother hospital. ••'Tiiinnt «'';ili .iiiil will • •!•') v. ^J nnil \vnrker In the Harmony ,, 1M from ,he. W .: lam..*. U,e TAMPICO BRIEFS. Min* Mal.lo Huck visited at (bi> "( Mr. fin.l .\li,M, .li^x H'.wti-K in l,«la:i.l several dayw tills \viu-k, tome Mitt HI « l-:rii 'Iliinu* Hon. i>f Mr. nnd Ml •I'lltn ?<iv U ii-r, «>f Morrison, c'.-itti'i- ««'>•• ml days thl l-'rlday RAPE'S DIAPEPSIN" MAKES SICK, SOUR, GASSY STOMACHS FEEL FINE liayV;- 1 - ' \\'< •'![!••,«.!.(> io remain tuilll Sunday iiniNvtstt at th<- homes of n-!;itivtiM» ili.^.s Tilla .liiluisiin HIM-IU a ft-w dny» lliis 'w.-t-k in Moline where-r<h>>. went Mrs,- .hunt's- Sturm, Mrs. A. 1-V-rrlH, Mi-. 11. I-:. -Ali-Kenxlii and Alrn. C. I'. A. .-Mt !.Hi-nry j Mr. and Mlf. Charles. I.M'eterlO i family >>>t-nl Sunduy with their dauglj jter, Mrs. Hoy Hrow'n. I Mr, nnd Mrn. lli-nry Hrown nnd jlly uiul Mr, HIM) Mr*. Omrlrx Ol Suntlay Mr*. Dyspeptic, 1 Jot thin down: J'iipcV Uiup«>pMlu di'K*')>t>* everythlnK. lc;ivit;c nnthiim lo siiur unrt upxt-t you, IT he re never was unytiiintt HO ttafely <iulck, ,s,t and .Albert I the day JH_UM> hom_«.'^_iif. JlrHi MjjJLrid.A'l'fi.-JifLi'-AVJJkliiziunuiid- ^TTM«Tn7 : " fn>* spent .Sunday iu I'rophetxtown "- and Alewlantes \V, L, lirown ^'"T,"' 1 '? , .... ' ,. ' ' . ....",.; .Herbert and Vermin Harden, of witl left been vljsitlnf friend* for several days Clalr« McMlllen r*turnc«d Batu^day Vktrw n * l\tt Ls\t\*m* »^t •*. f,% **^I*i.**» ****. TAMJRfcO will Kft happy -relief In live minutes. | „,,,,, h( , for ,, Uu . )r ^ ))> but what-Mease,, you most Is that it j .-„,, ,,,„, A?rs j j , £ K ci»;.:. .!!!!. aTr'T^^Lt'" 1 ^- 1 """" Mnxw "" ™»ior*4 «. -•• - ^(•verijl wei-k* l« Mowty K-'ilnliiK and ,sit up a while every ilay. The RroK.'iti IMI.VH hud <iuft» (in den! Satunbiy niKht while 4heJr 1'inV.i mill Allill ^Saturdny afHrnoon to vifilt relatives | H n unto ",-,.min K from Tamplco. j and n lends and to take In tin- )i|«HtH I Into them, breuklMK u." *'• " FIQ01RAT6ET Swediefi Lutheran Will Vi«it Sit* «*f First 8w*diah Church Member* of thn _ Monjaon _nnfl Swedish " BE MODEHA.TE IN 4 YOUR DIET AND REDUCE YOUR WEIGHT. TAKE OIL OF KOREIN. Lack ot trash air it la said weakens carrying pow«r of. the blood, of mnny of the ^7-lf-'^ »..*t ^fc >..*.. »j« .1,,,,,^ m M49 il 6r«rkns «re hlRdered theraby. The ;i*t net km hec'omea w*uk, work Is an , ftfori uiui the Wnuty of the ' j»«t on by Jndoor life la «n. If ru^ura it not aasinted la It off a, aeriou* cnao ot obesity ' V? ' . that you np» Bolting 'tit, lake th6 matter in hand at Don't < wjgt ttntU your figure haa _ Lutheran churche* will make a trip by auto to Andover, 111., next Thursday wh#re they, will spend the day visiting th* Mrat S«t>diah Lutheran church- located In Illnoin. The party wllk start Thursday morninr from the ro«ldence •if Rev. Alfred .N'elnon In Phophftts- town at 1 o'clock, so that those who make the trtp from UUg-ytty~wnr oe obliged to make an -early start. Tom Oonboy of'sterling was a bu«- Inotut vlBltor in Morrison Monday. And^yotir health rulnefl igur th r Pi »n ,-.„._ ground a burden of ift4 tohtftltny-f*!.-- Ume M you wr; breathe ip« gua^s**"** e, or oil captvrl<»; take one after each me«l w<J on* lieforo retiring at night Weigh yourself every fow days and you ^ _ 1{. MUldloion and Mrs." '• Roy left .Haturday for- piwaJia where they will visit relative*. \V. II. ("undy went to Chicago Sunday to visit his wife who recently underwent an operation for de-afneas. Mr. and Mm, Ben West and*Mr. *nd Mm. J. JI. Omy went to Chicago this morning for a week* vhtlt. ~" ^ >'hotwell, Mrs. Anna Rakfer and k? » O^ 1. it a jrwae^r for the evil effect* of qukk er'««Ung^«ttd^»trennoo tqedicine Uut meet* . of.Jtoneln Is ab plcaM^oi W t%k«i ,..,. and evirt A lew Dan been reported to reduction fa weight. . Utea tto Uvtr.regvKttiboir5.--to J*k»^fi v .« — "** * - aithu—Ken tf U-id—rnunuM—JUlUr-day "•nm sprmscfleld where they have •een' attending the Ornnd Chapter O. n, is. Pi" 1 . 0 ?'- Vp«» .te?t .Mjyjdjty. .for . -De• folt, Mii'h.. where he expects to remain for Honietlme, * Mr. and Aim. Herbert Rollins and FORMS) PASTOR LEAVES C. ,D. McCammon Will Become Farmer in WUcontin. • C. , n. MeCammon nnd family left Saturday afternoon overland, for their new home near ^. 1 Iney will try their hand ut farming 1>p »g a changq fa-am -th Herbert 'he VVIHium Cuegell home. -J.—*7—Awju»h and Cuitort returned Sunday from an extended trip in the east, where they visited Xiagara, I'VUto. Buffalo, New- York <*lty, Bal- Ilmore., Wanhihgton, D. C, and several oth^r points of Interest. ,MI*« Helen Poyte of Sterling spent Sunday wjth friends In this city. O., 8. Royer ha* jeturn«d from a weeks b,tu»in»it* yl*}t In Chicago, Mrs, Uoy.Rftrldoh and Miss lustina Snyder »'p<|nt .itiiisyrday in ClU^po.' returning n the eventnir with Mrs. Bar lilon's brother W. I* B*H and ,|amll> 'out Nation, la. were "d on to thw ear on Friday but the faintly preferred to make the trip in the automobile. They expected to go only u part of the way on Saturday and remain with friends over Sunday when the Journey will b<? completed. The" Seat wishes of Tampli'o friend* -wiTI-KO^^wlflrffiemtanJl "IHey ir, whenev£r__Hsfiy: ™ without fenr. .•Imen—tTiey are slow, but not sure. "1'ape'H iJlapeptilu" in guick, positive and.jHJtt* yimr .Ktomue.b in a healthy '•ondltion no the misery won't come back. You feel different UK soon u« "1'upe's DlapepHln" romt'H In contact with the simnnch—dlHtrt'MM ju«t vanishes—your stomueh Kt'tw Hweet. no gtiKCH. no belch- jr no ePu<HttHr»n»-tTf-tmrflgwrtrd -fonrtr your head clenrH and you fe«l line. i "now, niitTif tht* best investment yr,u ever mndo, by getting a Inrgo fifty, f cent fnHKof J'npo'a Dlapepaln from any r Htoro. Ybu reallsje In five mln- ute« how nondlOHH U la to suffer from ndlKt-xtli'ii. cl>'H|)i-pHln or any heir W4>rk riotheH and pulls mid weni. nto~ the "work" to a"J?on"nVll»ir j I'jty Manthal J, W. Dlsxnn an.l t'itv [Attorney Jay Cuntlin <if itoek Ka)l» j were in Tuinpk'o and vicinity Saturday transju-thiK bUHlnews and e m« «reetini;s with old frieud*. HUME MEWS <r«mtlnued on Pajro Four) THE NATURAL BaUTY OF NEW FURNITURE National i^L ' * Bank FKEIS SAHJ»Lg COUfCttf The Money Business K very both- In interostect in money. The money bu.siju'Hs in our business. W«* are rtfTfj-intc you .the best plan ever devised fi»r n nfflii"' tlu i firdtiiiir of money un.ea^y n»ut- I hi? «>ld^V7tv~'of"yHri!iif7 T : . . «*»»»«.» v» .^Jintf,. ' n f^iil.'un^t lo you in HYP minute*. School Board ht Osttino Estimate* For Now Building. The president and member* of the board of edueation for diatriet 302, the new high school district, are putting; In some uood timff uetttOK Plane and e*Umate« for .the building reciuir«4, and are holdlntr frequent m<H't!ngs fo Ahat purjiofte, iShey have made care fwl estimates of what wll? bo the pres «nt needa and are also planning: t« take rare of. th«-, futurtr nwdn of tht diatriot In the way of afi-ommodtttlorui They contemplate v)sitir»ic aevera i»tl|*-r cities where hiKh BchiK,l« suf- .fUilent for the needu pf .ihia., distri In operation 'or being compjetet with a vlww of gettinu what is b«a their needs without Bolim to tin due exjii-nat!. They bavfe looked over rnlHT of pluns and have a very idea of what they wunt unrt what they prop.oae to build. HELP ALL OXV MEETING. Tht! 4':hrl«tian Ladies' Aid he-Id an l day meeting Wednesday at the of Mrs, K, K. Mrt'rneken, south- uf town, uric! speiu a very «n- day "In worit antl visiting. An eJegant dinner waa »en-pd at noon, which gave the ladiett more life and *tr«u«th for tho work of the ufter- JiUUii. _ ..,<. ---- - , — / <v CHURCH SOCieTY MET. tho day for tin- mct-t- Sterling Illinois Of ||H> ,St VUii't-Itt !>•• 1'HUl WH'J ety und us* till nieeUnK WHH held at the Iiurdeii opi>ra hi,ii», u us" done nnd tdc ni *'Vl!l l J£_S* ! ULit. . ~?i555~'"VOT-fan>- ~uj|7i "yuius a HI tit'. >VorK hid. ,\t IH..HI. tal,U>H i|* and tti.« ^mni thiii^-.s . n-' J.(«.s'iC-lu '?.\ UH-'Ja- »ai! out ami •* hn- din- ; 8APTIST CHURCH CLEANED. ] \V«'l»>e«.-lu}' w:,s r-ltMiTini? d iv at the af,. I \I.aJ.|. ui'j tilt. lUvtuJHU Ivvk •OOJTI« looked very much better. Th« •iieUum cleaner was used on tho car- peta und when the job wan completed he Improvement In the apffoaranre of he rooms well repaid them for their line and trouble. At the noon hour n elaborate dinner wa« »erved by. the which favt w«s OIH» «f tbo b»'»t vents of the day, * ' HARMONY CLUB MEETS. The Harmony flub was held Thurw- day afternoon nt • tiu> _r_huivh purlura and wus in tl»» nature ~of a 'farewell for Mrs. c. e, McCammon befora Ing: for her new hume. Twenty were present . also three V!H- Tho afternoon wus usual way, (loiiij,- funcy work and visiting until hue In'the afternoon when duinty refrp»hmentM wt-iu nersed on umall tubles on ihc> ehun-h lawn. The place-.wu» ideul and tin- mAui tljiw- le«B. -In beluUf of the Hot-lety, ,jn u very neat wpeech, jkim. NiiMie Kippei presented the ^uest of honor with u pretty cut glass olive di»h. Mrs. M«-- ''ftmmon hu« been u very faithful .«»• Mr. afld Mrn. Karl Cleveland are entertaining a. cousin from Montana shin week. Mix. Tuifl Cunnlff spent several d:iy« (his week with her nsltef. Mr*. Clarence McCarthy, who has tho typhoid fever. L,ee, thw llttlo son of Air. arid Mrs. .lea,*!.' MllliaKaii wa« taken to the filer- lint,- HoMtiital one day la$t week nnd Ti-hrrp-tlnv r«noTed~Tir« tonslli.TJatfr he WUK tuken to his -homo in Sovith ~ alone: A dtiuK liter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Itay Scott one day lam woek. Mr. and Mr«. James Miller, of near ' nnd Mr, and Mrs. Henry lii<et«, " Wlien you wash a fine varnished st face you take a big risk. Some va uisbfs will go to pieces under saw treatment. Another danger is the, u»v of so-called polishes which impart ahigbi gloss for tlieTlmfi-Jieing but which; iol timejlry, check and crack^llie-fine face. of \\loiitmoreney, OunnlfTs, Hunday at J, Mr. nnd Mrs. Harry Butler returned home Thursduy from their visit in . «». reporting u line time, Mi»» Jennie Hush und brother, Krnest, t-aino homo with them for a vj.sit with friends md relatives, Mrs. Kd. Wahfman, i-k ut her better HHd Mr, ~^^^,~ "* TJl.'iii.f —IZ5-3K Aj^f *-"-1.1 iti Mr ~L±J__1^J of toticy Ptilish—madc froin the „ formula of The Tobey Furniture I pany (Chicago and New York), , used ty them for cleaning and pleae.,-., iiiR finishes of varnish and enamel, Tht j fact that a big furniture house tw«i Tobey Polish on its finest pieces is ccri tainjy full assurance of its safety*and efficiency when used on the furniture 8n<l woodwork in your home. Tobey Polish restores the life!' a& beauty of fine'furniture, am! woodwor Wakwnan, who ha« been beauty of fine'furniture, and woodwork hS»M««, • t V Mcl £ hlKt ' r ' iH f>b y c ' e an'ig-«he surface and by keeping M rp iaKi*u notin*. ? |jj^ jiatural finish in «t!l its original ncrv^ >.^«i^ t^««i.. ...... .* ... /. . Hl*fifi- \forn tlinti fltlc If r^'n^+w/e tit* . . m.»wl to Koek Falls where Mr. Odep"T ss '. . Morc tllal) tllts « .« «news j elasticity of the finish, preventing ' ee ha* work In the shops, ^*^ W- ^^j*,pp^ W Prescription Eczema yean the fUndwd remedy for all «kiu - "A liquid untiil extctimlly. /i«(au( —— „ ...-• flr»t bottle da««' not brioe you »«|fiff:, A»k al«j«buut D. M, f>. SWHX™ HENDR1CK'8 DRUO STORE , 'sightly cracking and checking. Leaves no greasy Jjlm— no vt*n«*v^'onderfu -easy to iFse. No hard rubbing. You $ , the fine results instantly. i And it won't collect dust. Try it < a chair or a piano. See tru? bi«r diffe (tuce. ^ U.NC if -on your ajiUsinobiJe-^s,. how it maintains the brand-new look, . Sold at ihc he-tier stores everywh JJoUtes 2Sc and SOc; yuart jugs, $1. Concrete Drainage Tile and »y STEA« «... Per thowianda of year* wheat has been hiding ade- Hclous, natural fllivor, now broyght out for thu fTp«4 time in Krumbles."- T0« * Oarlotul or uioro to your no a. rest railruad station or any number or isixo by I cam • from facr t°L'V-v. at ft price and on that n Lack f er *<%$ Dollars in Your Pocket vH'ioft'.-^'Hiiout one_ iH'iit ot' rtirtt tt> USIT any Ltt- laui- laila-in- j MUIJ I'm 1, alkali', or Write 11 W tjW tt» -toy , . J. Huycc «u *-#-

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