The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California on November 24, 1966 · 86
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The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California · 86

Sacramento, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 24, 1966
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I I : Page D2 ME SACRAMENTO BEE Thursday November 21 1966 Sportsmen Have Much To Be Thankful For In State By Glenn Spuller Golden State sportsmen may seriously give thanks for on this Thanksgiving Day they a re blessed not alone with ideal weather for their four-day out-: Yesterday was a good one as Mg but with field and stream far as the duck and goose shoot-action that rod and gun addicts ers were concerned 0 d d I y of few other states enjoy enough there was no w ind nu Where on Nov 24 can youfog in most sections and no find ducks geese pheasantsi'storm but for some funny reaqdail chukar squirrels rabbitsson the big birds worked out atId bear as prime gunning tar- from refuges well within gun-gets? Or what area offers wi-ning range and spiraled i n t o' ter trout kokance steelhead:grain rice and grasslands giv-' salmon sturgeon striped bass'ing the gunner powder burning' catfish black bass and crappie going both ways Ducks de-' mi this autumn date Then too'coyed rather well too a n d there are Jacks coon bobcatIpond shooters on many clubs ! coyote mountain lion and plen-lenjoyed sport with choice birds coyote mountain lion and plen enjoyed sport wan cnoice was ty of predators and small fur New arrivals from the north bearers as a bonus to k e e land a shift in feeding patterns each and every lad and lass lapparently were responsible for with rod and gun action the increase in shot tossing It Fishing Guide L iiiii GIL '0U1 1111W tilL 41U I ifilU FRANKS TRACT PH Ped Not—EvPrYCine catching limIts SL Slow—Most anglers not catching tithlspot Nov 751h 4110 am 1:411 am EX Excellent—Everyone catching fish FR Fair—Good anglers catching fish COi 3:24 Din 10:00 0 m C00d—Manv anglers catching fish P Poor—No fish being caught Sal Salmon $t1 Bigger Streams Call Nov 26th 448 am 924 am Stee 'head St B Striped Bass: BC Blue Gill Cat Catfish BB Black Bass CR I 3:48 pm 10:26 D Crappie: P Rainbow B Brown Cut Cutihioat G Golden Bk Brook Trout! U'ith temperatures dropping Nov 71th S:46 am 10b0 am Mack Mrkinaw KOK Kokanee I Catchables planted S Sardnes W Worms 4:17 pm li:12 pm L Lures M Minnow 1 Trolling P Plugs F Flies B Bat it R Roe below the freezing level in Nov 78th e:74 am 1036 am i 4:47 pm 11:54 Prn Nov 29th l la am i1 :12 am Aaters Condition Lure Fsh Prospect cAn PAkk le I-Int i Nov 30th 5:12 pm —o— 8:06 am 0:36 Sm Craoo le: R Rainbow B Brown Cut Cut Moot G Golden Bk Brook Trout! With temperatures dropping Nov ' Mack MrkInaw KOK Kokanee I Catchables Wanted S Sargnes W Worms i L Lures M Minnow 1 Trolling P Plugs F Hies B Bat it R Roe below the freezing level in Nov V ater I ' SACRAMENTO RIVER ARM Brickyard Sell II-Cefir Five Points 'ellear isieton Semi- lear Steamboat Slough semi- ear Cache Siouoh Semi-row Pio Vista Bav(iinote) Semi- lear Pm Vista PaY(Lower) Semi- leer Decker Isiang Semi-Clear 2rbd Tower Semi-Clear Suisun Bay Serni-Clear San Pablo Bay Semi-Ciear SAN JOAQUIN RIVER ARM Disit000inment S Slitv Antioch Semi-Clear San Andreas Shoal Silty 3 Mile Slough Semi-Clear Santa Clara Shoal silty Franks Tract Semi-Clear Venice Sounding Bd Slitv Webb Cut Silty Dutch Taylor St Semi-Veer MOKELLMANE RIVER Mouth Termlnous Gerolanne Eiough Sq Oth Fork Berrvesse Lake Foksom Lake Clear Lake East Park Shasta Lake Whiskevtown Lake Trinity Lake Verona Slough Chetco River ROCIUI River Hunter Creek Elk River Sixes River Winchuck River Pistol River Russion R Garcia R Navarro R Goa late Bruen Creek Alder Creek EEL RIVER Fern II rtdo Sing Pool KLAMATH RIVER Starweire RINI BRA Creek Jornsons Weitchpec Happy Cam Hornbrook TRINITY RIVER H000a Burnt Rands Trinity Oaks Junction ON Doug let Cite Indian crook Aria Burkrall S Fork (Nvornoom) SACRAMENTO RIVER Mouth American R ear Verona I Fnv Colusa Silty Ham liton City Slit Woodson Bridge Sem Ilea? Red Bluff Semi- lear Balls HIM Semi- lear SALMON RIVER Somesber Clear High Forks Clear High SMITH RIVER Mouth Clear High lot Bridge Clear High Smith Park Clear MOuth South Fork Clear Sem Tear Cut Balt Cattleh Semi leaf Cut Balt Catfish Sarni lear CI thit Catfish Semi-Clear Cut Bait Catfish WARM WATER FISH Clear T 1 Min BB BG CR Clear T L Min BB le- CR C Clear L B F Min BB Ko lc CR C Clear L B F Mn BB Cat 11ear 1 B T Min 88 BG Clear L B 7 BB BC Ciear Chewers t BB BG Clear B Plugs Min 913 BG SALMON—STEELHEAD Hloh Silty Bait I Kings High Soinglow St Sal Clear Clearing Clear High Silty High SOY High Silty High High High Clearing Clearing Sites Lures Satmral Sth Poor Silty Luria I Salmon Sth Poor Silty Slite Slitv Stity Clearteg Clearing Clear lee Clearing Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear RoilV DELTA ANGLING Balt SDinglOW G Bobs R B I R B L R Eta it Bait Lures AnLhOviM I B I Fly B L Bait Pat L Bait Clear Hlph Anchovies Clear high B SpinnerS Clear 8 spinners Clear Roe Spins I You bet there's plenty to be thankful for when you are a jt hirg and hunting nut in California Good Day Sart:) Clams Catfish Sard Clams Catfish Sorel Clams Cat St Sart Cams Cat St B Sid Clams Cat St B Troll Clams Cat St B Sard rms Catfish $t I Sart lams Catfish St I Suet larns Catfish S B BuliheAtis TrOl'Strloed BsS Troll B StB Sturgeon Clams Catrsh Clams Catfish st R CIAMS catfisht St a Clams at S 8 Clams Catfish St B CIIIMS Catfish St B Clams Cattkh Clams Catfish Clams Catfish King St SM Ste 'head St S St Sal Kings Kings Kings Silveri K K rgs St Stoml head Steelhead Fair Fair Fair Fair Fair Fair Fair Good Good Slow Slow Slow Slow tlt L siseltwead Poor B L stpel head Poor 9 I- P I 7 Pounderl Poor B 1 P StPel heel Poor 15 L F Steelhead imorovIre 6 L Sal St Imoroving 8 L 8 !tee lboad SoottV BL 11 SeelheAd Sootly to Fair IL L P Steelhend Sootty to Fair P L Steeihead Spotty $o Fair 8 L Steelhead Soottv to Fair 8 L Stelhead Soottv to Fair B L Steethead Soottv to Fair Bait L Steeihead Slow lures Kings SoottV to Good Lures 8 Kings Poor Lures 8 Sal St Poor Lures B Sal St Soot Lures Sal St Spotty Lures Sal St Spotty B L St Sal Fair B L Sal St Fa fr B L Sal St Fair KIngs St SootY Kings St Spotty to Good Kings :A Spotty to Good Kings St Spotty to Good Unusual Flood Dooms Wildlife In Everglades Pao' Poor Poor Pnor Poor Spotty Spotty Fa r Pal?' Fair Fair to Ex Slow to Fair Stow to Fa Ir Stow to Fair Siow to Fair Soottv Soottv Soottv Poor Poor Poor to Fair Fair fair to F Fair to Ex Poor Poor Poor Poor to Fair Poor to Fair Sootiv f-ew ANDYTOWN Fla (AP)—On an island In the watery Everglades deer skeletons gleamed white against the black muck Among the bones a fresh carcass lay Last spring a noisy air-boat approaching the island would have scattered many of the graceful animals On this day I only two were there One stood herons that walk on the bottorl motionless so weak not even "The sky used to be covered the ancient fear of man could with birds millions of them But force him to move there just aren't any out there The other a two-pronged now" buck struggled a few steps Even Alligators Lose through the water collapsed The water is too deep even and rose to stagger on again for the alligators They build' Probably by now he has lain their nests on high ground and down to die among the bones there no longer is any high The herd which numbered ground Conservationists say the deso-1 6000 in the spring chanced tol live in an area of the Glades' lation of a 900-square-mile wild-I life management area was need-1 known as Conservation Area 31 less that Conservation Area 3 which was made a water stor-1 is a storage basin without a pur- age area for the Central andl pose It supplies no farms no South Florida Flood Control Dis-' trict cities they say ! Area Flooded The f I o o d control district' !pumps water into the area from Water poured in relentlessly !farmlands to the north and says' all summer long getting deeper iif this was not done heavy rains' and deeper In September con-I mi2ht flood the fields and cause servationists threatened to shut' - !millions of dollars damage ! down the flood gates by force Th I e district says the area is if officials refused to act 'suffering a natural not a man-The gates were closed Buti made flood Yet rainfall in the the water still lies in a 900- months of July through Septemsquare-mile lake The few is- ber was 707 inches below nor-lands poking above the flood are mal according to Corps of En-stripped of everything a deer glneer records can eat The animals cannot lie Now there seems to be little down to rest that can be done There is no "There won't be a live deer way to pump water out of the left out there in two months" basin It trickles slowly out of said Omar Morris president of the south end in an agonizingly the Palm Beach County Con- slow natural flow but there has servation Club "The deer have been no drop in the water level' been in water over two feet for since September five months" Conservationists tried to cap!' Richard Potter of Miami sec-i ture the deer and move them i retary of the Air Boat Associalto high ground But many of lion of Florida says the water 'the w i I d creatures unaccus-I level is too high for any form tomed to human hands died in of wildlife to survive the move since given up "It's too deep for the ducks"1 1 he said "They're bottom feed-I We'll Help you write your:i ers and have to dive to live It's Classified Ads Mal 442-50111 too fsep for the egrets cnd blueiThe Bee (adv is expected this will continue for several days as waterfowling shares the holiday spotlight to a great extent Pheasants are to corner a 'major portion of the long week-i end afield The wily rooster be difficult to route from heavy cover for the mere vibration of feet will send them out the opposite end of the field to find the deepest thickest tangle possible Only the lad with a keen nosed pup will enjoy limiting sport and regularly warm the barrel! of his shotgun Even with a trained dog taking two birds a day will be no cinch Bottom lands heavy tule fringe brush areas seldom worked beet fields and large expanses of clover along with other thick vegetation will be the hiding places to more than carefully work out Rice and carefully work out Rice and I I E grain country offers less than r 1 isming Tides other areas at the moment with Won Water Low Wate unharvested milo the No I bird CRIAMW0 San Pablo Is Hot Nov Dec Striped bass fishing In San Pablo Bay has been redhot !Nov this week on live bullheads Nov Carl Bennet of Rodeo re- Nov ports the average weight of Nov fish caught this week has been Nov in the 16-pound c a tegor y Nov Weather conditions the past DEC three days have been ideal many watersheds of the north Nov 26n state small as well as majorIN 274 flows have quickly receded and Nov 28th now are clearing The upperiNov 29th Sacramento upper Klamath Nov 20th Trinit y Salmon the small Fla Ie ecu coastal streams of Mendocino' i Is SPORTSMAN'S DIGEST1Arp GAME RETR'""EPkT' S WHEN IT'S STORMY )124 Apst "11a VVND 4 RETREAT " !Jan WHEN STORMY WINDS BLOW 8 Super Bowl N HILLY COUNTRY LOOK FOR tween the champli GAME SLOPED DOWN ON -rHe professional Nation LEa sipE 0 RIDGES WITHIN 200 YARDS OP THE TOP IN League and Americ THE TIMBER EDGES BEYOND League THIS AREA FALLEN TIMBER (A) INDICATES WHERE WINOS John Mckla le pre SMASH DOWN VIOLENTLY Atlanta Braves de W ""4"—"-:e Ditch for Atlanta WI - IN FLAT COUNTRY GAME RETREATS INTO THicK SWAMPS OR OTHER WINDBREAKS ALL GAME FEED HEAVILY BEFORE A STORM sem IN To FAsr UNTIL rr QUITS THEM HUNGER STARTS THEM FEED-o ING AGAIN IN FARED SPC195 548 pm 1154 am Dec 1st 900 am 1:18 am 6:313 pm 12:42 pm RIO VISTA Nov 25th 2:00 Pm 7 S3 811 1:24 pm 9 06 PM Nov 26th 2:48 am 8 29 am i148 D111 941 pm Nov 27tts 3:36 am 9 05 am 2:12 pm 10 17 pm Nov nth 424 am 9 41 am 42 pm 10 S9 pm Nov 29th 18 am 10 17 am 312 pm 11 41 pm Nov 30th 6:06 am 10 59 am 3:48 PM —0-- Dec 1st 7:00 am 0:23 am 4:30 pm 11:47 am WALNUT GROVE N'st 25th 325 am 938 am 2:49 pm 10:50 pm Nov 26th 4:13 am 10:14 am 3:13 pm 11:26 mrn Nov 27th C:111 am 10:50 am 3:37 pm —o— Nov 28th 549 am 0 02 am 407 pm 11 26 am Nov 29th 643 am 0 44 am 4:37 pm )2 02 pm Nov 301h 731 am 1 26 am 5:13 pm 12 44 pm D 1st 8' 25 am 2 08 am 5:55 pm 1 12 County the larger flows of Hum-! FIVE POINTS Nov 25th 230 8m 8:48 8rml holdt and the little !iced ritrPrg' 1:54 pm 10:00 pm - of Curry County in southern lOregon now beckon with the'Nov !season's first steelhead and inr110 certain waters good salmon Nov !catches Fresh run kings will be found 1 on the Smith Sacramento Win-'chuck Chetcox Pistol Elk and No Sixes Rivers A few are to come Nov from the Eel although it is get-1 mw 1 ting late in the year and water !Nov is high 1 Noy Steelhead can be enticed from Dec the Sacramento and the Vina to Balls Ferry section and from the Trinity in the Burnt Ranch! 1 to Lewiston area The Klamath shows modest : sport in the Happy Camp to Hornbrook flow There are notl lots of fish but enough so the good angler can take one or two with plenty of armwork In comparison with other areas to date this has been the poorest on record What t h e winter run will bring well could be another story Hot spots fort ! kings and a few really big steel-1 head will be the Smith Win- chuck Pistol and Sixes Rivers' Hunter Creek will have steelies Next in line is the Sacramento River Silt In Delta Silt has infiltrated the delta and almost all of the island !country will be hurting during the weekend However w i t h II I -ipatience the area below Decker" I 1 -lIsland and especially from the 1) esecond tower downstream to'hav - Sherman Lake will yield modest thal striped bass sport The Antioch cite area of the San Joaquin River etri t also is rated as a good possi- the bility for the weekend Without nea action here the other choice is clic) to head for San Pablo Bay and pea r private or party boat fishing mai l!where the per-rod average 11 !expected to reach two fish with 2- 1!bullheads or cut bait as the enticer 1 Damp hills and bright weath1er set the stage for excellent !quail shooting This the sporti1 est of all upland gunning should be the greatest weekend thrill) er for the man and dog team Along the east and west sides t'of the Sacramento Valley where brushy hills rise above the gen5'tly rolling grasslands explosive 31 top knots will be calling Much ! land is posted but in the northi along the Tahema rims you can! always find a spot boldt and the little used rivers 'Nov 26th 1:54 pm 10:00 pm 3:18 am 9:24 am of Curry County in southern 1 2:18 pm 10136 0111- Nov 27th 4:01 am 1000 am Oregon now beckon with the Nov 28th 2:42 DM 11:12 PM 4:54 am 10:36 am season's first steelhead and in 3:12 PM 11:54 0M Nov 29th 548 am 11:12 am certain waters good s a I m a n 3:42 001 —0-- Nov WM 636 am 036 am catches 4:18 pm 1154 am 1st 7:30 am 1:18 am Fresh run kings will be found 500 0m 1242 pm 1 FREEPORTCLARKSBURG in the Smith Sacramento Win-Nov 25th 5:00 am 030 am chuck Chetcox Pistol Elk and Nov 26th 54 m 1 00 am 4:24 PM 11 48 am 0 a Sixes Rivers A few are to comel Nov 27th 4:48 pm 12 24 PM 6:30 CM 1 36 am from the Eel although it is get-iNov 28th 512 pm 1 oo pm 724 am 2 12 am ting late in the year and wateriNov vph 5:42 pm 1:36 Pm 8:113 am 2:54 am ! is high 612 PM 2:12 DM 9:06 am 3:76 am Steelhead can be enticed from Nov leth 6:48 PM 2:54 pm 10:00 am 4:18 am the Sacramento and the Vina to 'Dec lst 7:30 001 3:42 pm So lunar Table The schedule of So lunar Periods as printed below has been taken from John Alden Knight's So lunar Tables Plan your days so that you will be fishing in good territory or hunting in good cover during these times if you wish to find the best sport that each day has to offer The major periods begin at the times shown and last for an hour and a half or two hours hereafter The minor periods are of somewhat shorter duration PM Minor Mayor NI !nor Ma lot Nov 25 Friday 4:20 845 3:041 I:23 26 Stew Malr 5:4 925 3 25 8:101 27 3Jodav 600 9::0 3 50 10:05 28 Monday 7:00 10:45 4 23 11:051 29 Tursoav 1:10 11:53 5 IS !!I o WednesdaV 51i5 12:05 6 15 124u1' DecernD6r 1 TOursdav 10:10 1:10 171 1:401 2 Prloav 1100 2:15 1145 2'401 3 Saturday 11:40 3:150:53 3:40 4 Sunda' 4A5'420 4351 league cities in bidding for the s ‘ VIA a s41 A ci kr" Jk - fILSWItU - has joined several other major ' - - - ' !Jan 8 Super Bowl game bey WINDS BLOW NTRY LOOK FOR tween the champions of the D DOWN ON -rHe professional National Football RIDGES WITH IN )F THE TOP IN League and American Football DGES BEYOND League ALLEN -rtmaER WHERE wiNt)5 John Mcliale president of the VIOLENTLY Atlanta Braves delivered the 1k (I vItsi? '!i:' pitch for Atlanta Wednesday in s - -Vit !a telegram to NFL Commission- ' 414: er Pete Rozelle 1 -$ ! 1 McIlale declared the Braves ITRY GAME RE— 1 the Atlanta Stadium Authority HicK SWAMPS i the Atlanta Falcons and the 104 paREA(s !cal Chamber of Commerce FEED HEAVILY would promote the playoff )RM SETS IN TO Several In Running T QUITS THEM TS THEM FEED- Rozelle however said there FARED SPOTS are several cities in the running for the game Jim Kensil NFL public rela- tions di g "rid e s request for the Super Bowl will rector said "Atlanta's HiohWater Low Water be acknowledged and given con 26 am 44 A m 02 pm 26 am 44 pm 08 am 12 pm In bowling what is a "choke?" Whenver a bowler is said to have "choked up" it implies that he became nervous and excited When a bowler starts stringing out consecutive strikes the tension mounts and as he nears a perfect game he may choke Only experience and repeated good bowling performances will destroy "choking up" - 4P-ItiboAwokotAlt0044444644j0441bAIWIA4441ow446444ok NORTH 2625 Fulton Avenue latwasn Marconi & El CdMiPO Pnone 481-0534 CHARGE ACCOUNT POP WARNER FOOTBALL GOLD RUSH BOWL HUGHES STADIUM SATURDAY NOVEMBER 26 1966 PRELIMINARY GAME 11:30 BIG GAMi TIME 2:00 ADULTS 100 KIDS 50e SOUTH 5781 Stockton Boulevard 1 Lu i n AIM bias For Super Bowl Pro Grid Bathe sideration along with the oth ers" He said the boNt city probably would be picked after representatives of the two leagues meet next week in New York Mc Hale's offer included the use of Atlanta Stadium and "full stadium services" "This includes stadium rental cost of tickets and distribution complete stadium mainte-1 nance and clean-up services" Mc Hale said But professional football fans have long been looking forward to the first meeting between the two leagues and the competition to stage the game is hot Other cities seeking to play' host are New Orleans Los Angeles Miami Houston Dallas San Francisco and Oakland LA Is Favored Most club owners are said to favor the 80000-seat Los An- geles Coliseum because of its size and the good weather In California But McHale said Atlanta's climate and facilities are also! good and that he is hopeful of landing the big game "We have a beautiful major league facility" be said "and the fans of Atlanta and the Southeast have a proven reputa- tion for being among the best in the nation" Nevada Board Advises Ban On Aerial Hunting Mc Catchy Newsoners SeriIc RENO Nev — A halt to hunting from aircraft particularly helicopters has been proposed by the Nevada Fish and Game Department In other discussion which came up this week at a meeting of the Washoe County Game Board several sportsmen objected to the Lassen-Washoe 1 'deer herd report The report recommends a doe kill equal to the last three-year !buck kill The sportsmen objected to the recommendation and said there should be no doe kill The group also suggested the buck kill should be reduced Joe Green ley chief of big game for the department issued a report which showed this season's deer kill in Nevada will exceed that of last season Greenley said the report shows that in six of the nine weeks deer season the number of deer taken already exceeds 1 that of last year - '' - 'rwi I 's J ed Imhof lollsf )(Der 'vi ATLANTA (AP) — Atlanta 1 is joined several other major Q Can you give us the scores of that unbeaten 1951 Univerague cities in bidding for the sity of an Francisco football team and the names of those at 8 Super Bowl game be- who went to the pro' ranks after USF gave up football? een the champions of the ! A The 1951 USF team went through the season undefeated ' ' 1! i and untied The scores: Beat San Jose 39-2 Idaho 28-7 ofessional National Football Camp Pendleton 26-0 San Jose in a second game 4'2-7 Ford-!ague and American Football ham 32-26 San Diego NTC 26-7 Santa Clara 26-7 College !ague of the Pacific 47-14 Loyola 20-2 Total 284-72 9 wins 0 losses John Mcliale president of the 0 ties These players went to the pro teams and joined the team lanta Braves delivered the named alongside their names: Ed Brown Bears Gino Mar- tch for Atlanta Wednesday in chetti Texans 011ie Matson Cardinals Mike Mergen Card- telegram to NFL Commission- inals Merrill Peacock Cardinals Jim Scudero Redskins Bob Pete Rozelle St Clair Forty Niners Louis Stephens Redskins and Ralph McIlale declared the Braves Thomas Cardinals The Coast writers rated this team the best ——: -- defensive club on the West Coast Q What are the attendance figures for the Giants and Dodgers at home and on the road? A The Giants at home drew 1657192 in 1966 and on the road 2207374 That road figure is for 76 games one short of the Dodgers who played 77 on the road The LA club's at home attendance 2617039 and on the road 2141212 Q Who stole the most bases In 1966 as a team? Where did the Giants and Cards stand? A The Cardinals led the league with 144 stolen bases In 1966 The rest of the leagues finished In this order: Dodgers (93) Astros (89) Cubs (76) Reds (70): Pirates (64) Braves (59) Phi Is (56): Mets (55) Giants (30) Q Where and when was Frank Gutch born? Where and when did he die? What was his weight when he was world wrestling campion? A Frank Gotch was born April 27 1876 on a farm three miles south of Humboldt la He weighed 215 pounds when he was heavyweight wrestling champion He died Dec 16 1917 at his home in Humboldt after an illness lasting more than a year Q Did Jackie Robinson ever make te Baseball Hall of Fame? If so when? A Jackie Robinson former UCLA all-around athletic and Dodger star player made the Cooperstown Hall of Fame In 1962 He was elected with 124 votes Q What is the major league record for most men left on base in a game? A Most left on base by one team in a regulation nine-inning game is 20 by the Yankees vs the Red Sox Sept 21 1956 As the extra innings add up there are more until the record for an IS-inning game is 24 by the Indians vs the Athletics July 10 1032 Questions of general Interest will be answered In this column For a personal reply to your question about any phase of sports send a stamped self-addressed envelope to Fred J Imhof co The Sacramento Bee Copyright 1966 Tbe Lew Little Syndicate A $IM Volvo 1$14 oft for ooly Pr REPACK NIGHT BRAKE SERVICE Aussie Stolle Is Named No 1 Amateur Netter I NEW YORK (AP) — Fred 1Stolle of Australia is the No 1 'amateur tennis player in the world in the year-end rankings of World Tennis Magazine Stolle winner of the US ' championship was given a slight edge over the Wimbledon 'winner Manolo Santana of Sa pin The best US placing was fifth by Dennis Ralston of flak ersfield Calif The top ten: Fred Stolle Australia 2 Manolo Santana Sat pin 3 Tony Roche Australia 4 Roy Emerson Australia 5 Dennis Ralston USA 6 Arthur Ashe USA Richmond Va 7 Cliff Drysdale South Africa 8 John Newcombe Australia 9 Clark Graebner US A Beachwood Ohio 10 Istvan Gulvas Hungary 1 Billie Jean King of Long !Beach Calif the Wimbledon !champion tops the women's i rankings Maria Bueno of Brazil is No 2 followed by Ann Jones of England Margaret Smith of Australia Nancy Richey of the USA Dallas Tex Anette Van 741 South Africa: Rosemary Casala USA San Francisco 1Norma Baylon Argentina Virginia Wade England and Franicoise Durr France lEh Oh i Where To Live?—Read Bee To 'Let Ads to find most desirable I(adv ies (adv OPEN EVERY EVENING 'TM 9 PM WE PUT SAFETY FIRST FOR YOU! 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