Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 10, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 10, 1916
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It TODAY THI GAZETTE 10 STANDARD STERLING DAILY AND DAILY STANDARD iiXTY-THIRD YEAR, NO. 85. DIED YESTERDAY Louis rir^rvan Wi^r a Former Bw»^^!p* STERLING. ILLINOIS.TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10,1916. THEN READ IT TOMORROW I'M CITY PAPERS PRICE TWO CENTS. GET ON MAP |rHnf and Rock Fails Will Be LfStiS As lufo Touring Centers. fill Be Shown On Lincoln [Highway, The Diamond and Indian Head Trails. nnd Rock fall." :ue *.>,-n on the map much mure «tn-nKl> |H pv*r before, tlmt if. on the unto map, Kor some time p.;«* automobile- tour map* have phoni n* having The Utuvin running east ami- <vfst nn,! the and Mollne. but wliJi north n*l south [The marking of the ninmond trail Sterling nnd Hock Kails from art to Oalesburff, arid the mark the Inflian »••«.) trail from ivanna to Sterling, and which "ill .SonbtetJIy »oon' bo marked from ubuque through Hterlltig and Ho, k Jlft to Princeton and fVorla, will merlin* and Hock Palls of mm-h as an nuto tonrttiK center Automobile Blue Honk publlsh- •eem to rec<>ttnixe IhW Tart. Tor dent one of their wilt or.«._ Will- M. tihiriey. Jr.. here frotii « hl.-a- to «et the detail* about th*» new Its through Mere to put In the next Lie of the Hluo itouk The ' route* are also to be shovn her«on ~lh0 n«»W map* of several Br concerns tlmt get out unto road tour map*. 'Through the kindness of <*harle* O. .... editor Hhirley ami the secretary tb» Association of Commerce were on Haturday over the Olnm- -trait-fromBterllnjr - to over the Indian H««iid ifail ,,erllng to Savanna. ; " And through th« t'ourtcnv 'ft*. George. H. Olmsteid nd secretary were taken troll route invti < jMburg. This trip was iinday «nd Mr. iwl Mrs, to break two or three. Important gementB tn order to make the trip.' The party spent the n.lrht at the new -Parkslde hotel th» Jlf-u.O'lO inn that ott last Saturday evening. fondny murnlng the details <-f that of the proponed son!hern section the Indian Head trull from I'rini-e- th Pterllnb were gathered. The f.had breakfanl at th* New Clark „,_. at Princeton, Inhere wli» undoubtedly be a „._ In travel over the iicfr tho markings are all i^f Mr nf!»l tlic I'ilitor ovrr the Sirrlir.i; to minlp on 1. HI :!r.(.n«'d~M!>nri,iy nn«-r nr t ;il i1:iv« »t thf home o TiTtnw r,Ti .1. {"arm Far* (vn Mr. Firman wrt itvty flvf< years and h.*i • if two suns and on- if tVi'ssthtcr !i'. hitt in T:im H.'iiFV S< !i<••tdfrf by n.'iiiif hviUK in Mortlson. dc b*l(! on Wf-ibv••< ...... home known as th' Kmrnit t'ndi-rhiil ptAt *-. the- hour beim t\v«. ..'el.K-k. Mith l?--v U. \, (Jriffir as ) aMur to cond'n t. the funeral: Mr Fit m>m hiT* been n business mar rif the town for pome year's, Well nrtit favorably The t-f «f-i»- r T.<T;ir- thr- father smi liv r>uu-c:ii dny frntri the and i known IT > to tfNMtMtti" Savanna, f rlnceton OaJewburg, Mcepl In a atrip sev- mlles long that runs through the lahd«. on the roftd from 1'hophetn- to O*ne»eo and on the road twine ^^. from Van PvtUn on she way to (Tolnut and Princeton, from 8terllnK. off **l lhe poor roads, however; are long stretches of the finest P f h'gh«"*y" There Is a stretch |'t*o and on* half mlleK of cement d-Ju«t- north of Cwnbr-l*lB»--on- the to ' OalinsbargrTntothrr *trrieh -<rf «.nd a haJf mllw of wmen;t Just h of Princaton* and another plow cement thl* Hlda of Mt. Carroll on ay to Savanna, At numerous .».^ »ta]t» aid and otht»r roiul work •Wilt be don* along thene trull* next . realdlng:,along «he new trulls already considerably tuoiiHed a» th* Importune* of havlnjr an im : ft«ii trail pA«t their pUw* and an tha n»H'»a»Uy of hav*lng the beat of AN AUTO ACCIDENT *M»I -.. * .„, ~ - - ---- - - r. wd Jttr*. A. B, Derr Pi»on fe Over. | A frightful automobile 'accident oc- Hirred on th« Lincoln highway be- [y/wn three and four mUe» east «»f I.MX- u about 4 o'clock y«»terday afternoon, >d an a reault, Mr, and Mrs. A. »: are both confined l«» their home Ully if not Herlounly Injured. lir. »«*rr uuffered a broken left urm id a number of bad bruisea. . &lr«. •r la more seriously hurt. Her right ~ -jg badly tnJur«6%_JJi*_. Ju w bone en In two place«, o»* of her ear* torn off, benldea « bud *»cj».ip In th* back of the head, <uM many other bad »crutclu«» utul ,„ ttculdent occurred just as Mr. id Mr*- Oerr ni»t another car. It rw*»» * n fapt> llu * *° tn * w* 4 * 11 "* 5 lllw ' E»»' trouble happened, Mr, perr WUH prnlng o.ul to permit the other car paw* safely when his own wuu» .iafixl and an Instant later it had .^jftrturned and pinned shew bnneath Ell, The people of thw other cur stopped rendered assistance, One of the y went to li neWhy hoU*w and tt-le- 1 for ' IWTWMTen of'plxon. The remftined With ihe Injured pvo- t , until lh« physician anived Dr. /*rr«n hurried lo th*» scene und took |r, and Mrs. JH-rr to iht-lr home in ¥M* l» the nccunri uccHlwnt which , *n»' Mrs. l>err hav«'liad with their «ntt thin one in more t*«>rU»u* tlui'u |b« former, however, wus -•nq;r.~so innl- 'thl* Ume- The r'tultatot' broken, tin* steerins wh*'*i dwm- the windshield nhultcred and"' the badly bent. AT U. FWISCONSIN *d Thi» Morning By F«t«. . (By tTiftt-d fj.,-^-^---— -.-.--.--. Win, Oct. K' -The main of thf rniveiblly of W|»coi>»iu W^M* by Hi«' thin nioiiiiuk Tlu-re I, .100 Bt'iiiit Mt* in tb>' biulidnu thf lil» UUt. PLANS FOR HOTE Building Engineer Visited Sterling With Plans For Eight- Story Building. His Idea Is To Interest Loca Capital As Has Been Done In Other Cities. ^ Thf-is. >Vt»s a building "nKlnerr It lerlillB il f'-W dilVH ttgo wltll.H pirtllft »d »i«l Jif -plans fuc an.. IrnimlllJlO .*.: <hi|-y hotel to >"• erected here. . 111." m»iin-s« hen- was» in connection will t biilldlnu ,1oli entirely "dinerent fron i hotel ,(<il> Mut when here befor» wmeMudy told him IhlH (mvn neede IK w hotel no he drew picture an datiK \j-hlch he exhibited to only r «'W people nnd then had to hurry nwa> o meet an nngtiKement in Iowa, ideii IK to tirlntf hefe a set o for a hotel he thinks would h ilenl for this town, and then Interest 'npltnl enotifrh to mnk»» hi« picture -nnd >htns tvectmie a reality. The new Hotel Clark at Princeton •ecently completed, was erected- by i .lock compnny with 160,0'iu rupltul The niojiey was subscribed by loca .eople, the heaviest, stockholder- beiiiK I. I'. Clark, n retire*! farmer-and fnth •d of the well known innurance iiceht f I'rlnceton. • S. I*. Clark Is sald v tt r»ld $2(1,(Hal of th^ stbc'k .nnd his sot he. next larwi-Ht fuiiount, - the rc«t beheld by other local citizens. Th* Kttel having com aboul.'JSS.flOff., tht .mount of co«t over tfie capital 'slock R probably covered by 'bonds. -ttre i „::.'.:..„ .' leased It for u long period of years and spent 119.0(10 In furnishing, and then hired Palmer K. Anderson, a popular local man, formerly postmaster.' to manage'It'for him, Tho hotel has 75 rooms. '' * .The new r»rk«lde Hotel ni Kewnnee. just opened. Is «ai<l-to rt»vw;co»a 41 n«i« 000,.of which 160,000 was realized from snip of capital st«ick sold at iocnl people and $40,000 lionrts taken .by"local banks. An outside" hotel mamiKlng company c.trne along and leased the completed building-for twenty years at $600-per month and Is waid t«.vJmw_«inend_ $30,? 000 In furnlshlnga. It is said the~|BO.; 000 stock was itold Iri three days, $3(5,- j)OQ of it—having boon dlapomMl rif In ono <>venlng tit a meeting held in the Over at MuHcatino the New tlne WHS recently ereceted at a cost of $225,000, It 'in • reported there that In one /day seven men subscribed $t'S,000 each toward the new hotel. DEATH OF AGED LADY Mr». Mary Longabaugh Pa»wd Away •t Horn* of Daught« thi» City. Mrs. Mary K- l-onguliauBh passed BWU.V i>t 3:ftft o'clock last nlifht »t the homii of her'.duiiKhter, Mrtl.' John . B. Russell,' lt>!» West Fourth street. The cause of her demise was a Benerul breaking down and the IntSrmitlcH ot old ale, from Vvlilcli'"wh«r hus~b"i^en all- IIIK for the past sis months, but hat- only been Uedfiutt for the past • three weeks. »•••'•' . -'- ' ,\l«ry l,,onKutiauKh was horn ut I'p- n I' 1 ., p T~HaTiiltmky7~?'*hJo, _ on 1839,-- where Mlie Hpent her • gfrlthood rtnyn. She waa, united In marriage t« Oeorke l,"iiKiil>uuuli 011 July— 2,— 4S>rtiV at Dunkirk, Ohio, -where' they Iwive since niaile their, home. At the time of their marrliiKe Mr^ I^onKnbaugh wa» a blackamlth am! later engtivod in the farming bu»lnes. Ho (mused away on November S,, IK7U. Tu <hin happy union Meven children, were born, three having preeeeded Hieir mother to the great beyond. After th» death of her husband. Mm .I^mgahinigh continued to '7Ilv« ^at liunktrk-A'bjeBiia^alwi -n»w- ow'ifs a -beautiful homiv ' but for the pant ten years spent the winter* with her daughter : ln thin city, She h«H been :t falthfit^ member of (lit) chrituian ciiurch for .yeajru, "wa» U woman of a lovely. eJi&ntcJSier «,/jd by her kind* way* won many griend» who will inc-iirn her death. She WB* n member of the vy It, <f. in Punklrk. Tin* princiiittl mourners* of the de- cwuie-d aro the following chlld^'n. Mr« Mcdu^ Reed of JHmklrjk, Ohloi' Mrt. •Symaxhu ftyrd of ilunuvllle. Ala- Mrs, -{)»riu U unset I and 8eba. l.niiK* baudh. Hter-Ung, ' . . Hhort .fnnvral service* were held at j} 'o'clock thttt afternoon 'at the Hu»«ell licinie. Rev l>eutKi-he oiYieluted- The rcinain* will bn ,i«kcu to, Dunkirk, u., this evening, when 'the l.«H|y will lie in state tit |i«i' hoiut* uptil 'i'iiursduy morning at 10;30 o'clock, 'The' funeral wrvU-es wil}. be held at tin? I 1 . B- t-hurvH. 1 Inteviuent will be in the Dvtti- li ij-ti ..... cemetery...... \ ..... _ '_ ________ _. ___ _] _______________ SSI) SCHOOL The nion'thly report 1 "of the I»l»«ul Mi'dyol, in Uuhntniiiin townabip. f«i~ the. Hioniti ending ilctolicr 3, l» ux follow*: Tn<ul enrollment 3-1: .Buy* 17, girU-I7. Total nuiKlu-i'^ of- days iUtfiuhuu e, t»i3. .tttfiut.iiu't'. Sj. Those who re- *.',U!j|hnn. t'lurt-iiit- \Velch. W '• I c.)i .••'.Myrtle Mi-Cube, ' Aluysliw Weli-b, |).t|.n-iiji;i SV t -l. ti, Ch;U'K-« Am- inoji, Hutli ,<\tnin<''(>. Tht-Milon- Annual*. G* ui-t. !i -\ v i'i*H, lw. .her, . • ... ' ' SOME CHANGES! PROMINENT WEDDING Rock River Conference Ends Wfffr Ihe" AppoTnlments Made Last Night. New Ministers Assigned T Rock Falls, Morrison Other Whiteside towns. dlv fnit«-il Pre«« > <'hj. '1IIKO, 111 . Oct. J'». - TJH' ' Hlv«T «-"r!f»'if»ni-e «>f th" Mfth Kpiscopal « htiii h which has' twn I* Sf'wsjdH ,-it the olivet ehurch for ; *'r:tl dftyf. iidjotirtn-d last iiittit with rf'-ndintf of the nppotntmi-tit!« '.<v ' hop TI Itix'iji illHtrli-!. ItK'luditiK xevernl It \Vhlteshle ciMintv. «'hani;t-« xvere ma " it Kri»>. Fulton. Morrl.«on. Hock K.-ill? and T«mpl< o,- while Lyndon is to Kev. Kke.v, of tfrie, returntij to inn- conference In Ohio (--in-i-ml :n nnd he Will be mir<-eede,t l-y J. W i"i>rn;e. The fonrmer minister nt Ful- tnn WJIM A. l>. Moore who WHS irun* ferred to Hiitnpsliire, while I A. W«>od row Koei to Fulton. Jnrne* I'ntter wh< nt the |in«tdt ut Morrison wax transferred to Wurri'ti. Hev. Ij«>wl« It, l^itt p.-infor in liock Fulls for m'-vrirfl \eurc ter there |H A. 1",. Simisti-r. Hev Me- ii'ti.tni'ii foTmrrJ-y—of Tnmptrn, was ttiven u leave of absence for :> year !«• new man there, will lie W, J .Schuermun. Hev. li M. Will, who has >en iinsistant puxtor nt (tie. Fourtt ippolntment i>f hlK'own at VorkvilU- In the Aurora district. Dixon District, Th<- ftppolntmrnts for (!)•• IHxon tric't an- «» follows: .1. M, Pht<lpi«, «U»itrU't AH»any— U. H. HuHe. "" A'tnli«Jy~"-tTon*ph Burrows. A«ht(»n—K. A. {Irnham. llyrrin -H. O. lirown. Chnrtwlok- t^')-»I Sltl«-r. (.'lure— M.'L. Hurulerllfi. ("oleta— -\V, .HutchinHoti. ("omptrin utul \Vest Itrojiklyn •- W. XI. !\uuf/ina»i. C*re*tiin — I'o he niipplied. DeKulb— A. T. Horn. Uison-«K. t*. L. Knrlvllle- B. A. Knmond — C, A. Finhvr. Klburn— • J. A. Plnntz. • Krie — J, \V. (J«»orj!«». Flag C*nt*r— W." E. RoyMton. -TTipiKIJii "UruV5=f. A, (mrttn Freedom— Open, FiiJtoH— I. A. Woodrow. Onnoa— n. K. Pler«'. liorttmn—To be A. 1>. Mf ore. Lanark—ErY.—! Hlvtir—C 1 , J. Williams. Lighthouse uud Chnnn—F. K. Rich.. Lekihd-r-W. It Wilson, Lyndfnvvood Church—J. A. Foiml. Lyndon—To he supplied.- . I^eon—To be supplied.. Ijidd and Spring Valley—To be sup•lied. -ftr-fer Maiden....and ;Zeuring*~To be sup._. Slalttt—lerhert W. uck. Mfipl«) l*«rk and Cortnuiil—Kveret ludtion. • Mendota—J, O, Ander»on. MU!e4)ft.*viUe~-a«orge Welch. Morrl*on—T. P. Hriinnutn. Mt. Carroll—If. K.'Lawk«r. Mt. Morrl'STB-II.';'!'.- Barnea. Oregon—I." "I*. Berry. l j uw I*«Wr-<J, T, Cttnflelil. ...Polo—A, B* Klontz. •I > rihce'ton-'J. E. Pluck. n—A K. Itochello—J, Paul Stafford. Hock K)ull*~:'A.' B. Slmlstcr; Hajvunnu—Davis K, Crueu. Hhiinnon—To be supplied. Blerlfnt—Flrst Church. A. W. Otts. HU-rlinn—Fourth. Street. W, L. Colin,, . '- : "... Stewart, and Fertile Valley—W. H. Tanipleo— W, J. Bohuorman. ThomfOli and Argo— W,-S, Feldwlwch. _JTrIiimpii and Prairie Center— To li* It. Wynnet-'F. W. Naxar*>ne. f-O. F, (Jr«er. TO CUT A HUGE MELLON Deelarea "the Present High Prices Rave * Nothiag f o' Do With It, -(Hy'UtiUed Preus) Chicago, 111., Oct. 10— -With bacon re- uillriK at 36 cents u. pound Armour & iVi,, liljt packing house, wil) cut a fto.'pcr cent "melon.-. The dlstrlbmion \ ill be in Ihe t'onn ut u. «(o.i-K ills-- ributlon Which will iiici'cuse iho capl- M stock of th.« compnny iroin 120,00,000 to } 100,000,000. Thb lust Income uccount of the coni- >any,' mode publk,' .in . 191t>, ubowed hui after (leduct)ntf J" per cent di- id.-nUM on the oii.t*>tund»H|«r csipltul, tbe, 'ompiitny's' surplus* vvutt oyer"$98.«flO,000 'niMiii'lal mithuritics jitiy the vvur. i-i>n- mcts sttH'n'pted by.Ariutiur &• «'o. have een vastly 'profitable untl the sur^ i >lu* is now much more limit |HMi,iH>ti,r i oo, |(. J; .Dunham, view preside nt-of | •;& Co, it» irtirpSMiiclnjiJ theJn-'i In the""cApitalUatinii Hidil the *impiyu rcuiijuittrif-nt i,if -*h-> I wf Uif company and' thni'. the" prufll- »liown -In tb«» ijiwil t>u»j» tris/ vvtt» lur«i r ly cinjwd froiu iat>i to I therefore, had. n'», beurin^ on hlljh prices. * Two Gtrman ilMy ignited I'rv-s*,) CJii jMtianlu,' Norwuy, uct jo,- A Uus- guinea off the N'ornuui coa^t i«| Lui"- .ui'l, in th»» Arctic. ,S;itm\hi,v. ilie iuidiag JJIudei ri-p.utt«.<l Until),- ' " Was Solemnized Today Uniting tire trlve*~0f Miso Roqrkc — and Dr. Schmitz. f-il! th.i* morning, iiff . ftnurkti, W. M. Itutir ,.f :i pr«-n\ wh"rt Mi«' ; -M-ftr i!.-uif!!:t«'r of ,\! ! a 7itr* • \V>«r i'iflh >tt the drSd-p <•( I>r H^nry '-'- Schmitt, n Mrtr.thailti'W-n. l»'wa, the «!«n of .Mn »tf«rtrude Srhmitx, of Htcrlins. Th*» pnpulfirity of thr bride and th< pmrnlneni-e of th»« brld»"cr<wim mtid thf> nuptials dHtinrtiy important arii brought forth a church full of friend suid relatlv-<-- frnm her*- and away ti tvitn^ss the nffaSr. At eiftht. o'l-Jwk Mr*. M. r.. Wan pbiyvd i<<-!tt'nerin's wwlding msirch whifli «isit:»!»-<l the approach of the bridal party. The procemional wa led hy the ushers. Fidwnrd and .81m .Mei and John Hmirhe. of I>e* Molntai, IH. followed by HIP mat Con rtf honor, Mrs H. B. Hurd. of Kvanslon. who handsomely ttownwl in a white taffeta dr*>n« with !«ce ansl pearl trimmlngn nntl won- a hst of pink tulle, tHmme< with a pink butterfly nnd carrying a shower bouquet of pink rose*, and the maid of honor. Miss Marie Arnuuld. o I»nv*>ntwirt. Iowa, who wn* dlntlnguliih- ly sow-lied Irt a white satin drefw over draped with tnll«« nnd hire the bodice of her gown being blue wit- in -nod a pink butterfly adorned the titlle -.Irapiiik,- over the shoulders, her hiit and Liuu>ju«:LWfi« thr» .Riime n«* msitrt>o of honor, Kext c«me the little flower maid. Mi#?tf Margaret Alice Prank, a cousin of the bride, why wn* uttired In a white organdie dress ndyrned with a pink satin euinh and was- ftcfottipnnled by William Martin Itotirke, thp young bn»ther of UK dle, who was dresswl In ,a, white ullli «utt. teach child carried a fancy ket of pink sweet heart rosebuds, and they nmrehed down the »Ii»le th*y strewed the bride's path with flowers, Tht-n t-ame the brirte'who entered with BROOKLYN WINS Dodgers Finally Defeated the Their Lot Today 4 To 3. who gave: her in That she would be a beautiful bride was a .foregone conclusion, her ue«iu.e young loveliness always lend- nK il«eir. (iuzzirmly to pictorial *f- 'ects. Her-gn-wn was nn e^t^cant frost white i-rt-aton of r.taulnltr simplicity, t was fashioned of taffeta silk niado full It-iiKth. over draped with whit* 1 nlle and silver trimmings. An artistic IrapitiK of silver, lace trimmed —the •odlce., while the girdle of white satin was trimmed with a silver butterfly in he buck, with an edging of orange in the "front, A Juliet tulle -frantrd-a--facr— an radiant 'a»t-th<r inurninR and from It fell u long tulle veil to She hem of the (fu.rment. Her bouquet WUH a huge combination of vnlley titlex and bride roses berlbbbn- «H! with hnngingK of tu.He. At the § improvised altar thi»-bride was met 'by the ifroom and the h*«t •r. ^1 «d>tm R-Packartl, of Sioux Hoblltze! to Thomas; Mowrey fitnned. No runs, one hit, no errors. 8*cond Inning TJosfon—l^ewls flle<l to Meyers;Gardner popped to Cuisnaw; !«cott filed :o Wheat In deep center. No run, no hits no errors. Brooklyn— Olson out, Hcott to liob- 4U**4,—Miller (H n n+n k— *ity, Iowa, ami th* offIclating •te'w. Father A. J, Burns,, who cele- •rated nuptial maun, using 'the rlnK •eremony. Followinjr the ceremony Mr«. .-Ward played sofOy Mendletmhn iul during coriKratulatlonK the >le«te and VirRina and Master John, he-three children of Mr. arid'Mr*. M. '. -Ward MUIK-Ave Maria." At the Hmirk»» home, where tho wed- hrvakfaHt was nerved the pufmi» ami ferhu, which were In every nook-and corner. It wan designated as a pink and white weddin'K and the table ernhflllshml-nU WUH carried out In the chosen colora. Thsf bridal parties table which even Ruewtu, prwsonted a ilcture. The table waa coverfd with, lundMome hand embroidered lunch loth and a bouquet of pink and whlto oaeM waa useti at* the centerpiece. The avors were minature nut n«d»-nf a pink ribbon bow ami 'the luce cards were uniquely hand paint-, •d, the work facing that of a girl friend >f the brld«'» •-who. is an artist.» ri'mulnlni.; guedtiTwere sealed a et»e iabl«t». which wore Uecoruted with •Ink crepe paper crossing th* lunclv dtvidins It li-to * four equal iit containing kewplt-s placed, which was used us u cen- erpiec*. The l>n»akfast consisted of hr^w* courses und the servini; wus upably done by six, jflrls who are In- irnute friend* of the -' bride. They verw Kowiu'd in afternoon fr«icks. The Iris wen? tlw» Misses' Miiric Illttorf, Alice IVArcy, Helen Doyle, June »ll. Einmu and Mary Wlrtlums. Mr. und Mrs. Uwirge Clark did the ea erlng. . ,Dr. S«?hmSu who Is today taking his Page FourJ THE LAYMEN ELECTED Mayor H H. Stahl. of Freepor*. oniinent for muny years in M. K, church w»»rk In thut city. IIUH .beei) ilghly honored'by the laymen's As- 8ocUitit*n oi' |tuck Itlver conference n his -e^ccilon to the view y of thut^biHly ut its ;uul mei'ting, held in Chlougo. Th»' iiii>ociutioii uu-liulr-.s in its membership nany of the tu<wt,' pronuticnt men In iisiiu-H)> and' professlonul circles in 'hicti^u the other cities* within hw conference, »nt.l tho selection of >(ayor jstahl to fill; the Becond hlgh- •nt utiu-c in. ilio inKimiaaiion is •* *!c<>gntiit>n iu»t only wf, his pjrosTeasiv^ ,urk an u layman and of, hlH sv<|uent fitness for the pljtcc but al- of his j^inilarlty pergonaUy. T«« la>m«'ii's ?is?i»>cl«tUin follovys; list'.of officers chosseij by Ul« ""aSs'iH'iuflftn ""fi>ll.o.w': " """ ' President—J. .11.' AlucMurray, «*hi- l»SO- " • ' ,'•'''• Vice l»r<-sid*:nt ••— H. W.' "Stahl -e.i-oorl. • ' r iv.hvin H. Furkel, oult A^sinttan 'S*-«'i«-tiU-y -- O. t». {lunr Tb .dist.rici vice -pre«i«Je'iits -ore: U' S}',.i:risv»u. ' H- Some Heavy Swatting By Both Sides Marked the Third Game Of the Series, *Bv I'nlU'd I'rr*s) New .York. X. -V.. 0H I«» %>«• York fiirntshr-d ftrand bnsehnll «f>att ft for the third wi»rld'j* «prlf« pum at l-^b!»ptt'ft field today, A Mtirm mirth west wind that played nil sortM of ha\oc with hiiljT-titid skirls fairly knooKed the. buttom o»it of th»« thermometer. There -HII." a mercury drop if 39 depress from the hlfth mnrk yef- terday to thr» low mark today at 7:3n «, m. The wind dlmlnshe«l allghtly to- wnril nftertloon bringing-a small rise in the. tTniwratnrev The inrrcury wn« 42 above at 10 o'clock. The weather burr-mi promised *eloitdlp*w okies. The crowd today looked like ."H.I"MMI The Lineup Huston ll(M>fier, rf; .tnnvrln, »b; Sltorte^i rf.; lluWitzel, H>; liTWlt, If; (ianlrier ,lb; K«i>tt, s? ; Thtimas i-; y n- M >»•! H. i • i'; 1 •(» u J«-i t, Tit. rf: Wheat, If; t'uifdiaw. I'd. :Ht; iilMtn, BX. Miller. 4V; p. ' Firtt Inning —-Iltwij-H-r filed '"to \Vhffit; Jiinvnii out, Mowrey *o liaubert; Hhorten pintlf,) to i «t thtrtl. St to rl^ht but Hhortf-n WUM out to Mu«vre>. t%VD hiUi. no errors, Brooklyn — ,Myer« wn« hit hy a pltch- f*!-0nllf Dnubert beat out a bunt in front of the plate, Myer* xolng to DaulN«rl wan glv«>n credit for a hit; both men udv.inced on Sten- aacrlfiev. Mays to IloblluH, Wheat w»« piirpone«11y pukMfd, flllinK lu llob- the plate. th» lltael; .-Meyer* wan out ut to Hohlltzel. No runs, no hits, No eri-ors. .,, '. .. Third Inning Ektsthn — Thotnus popped to *'ut- «haw; Ways fanned. ,Hot»|n*r singled o center but Was out steullns. Miller to Outshnw. No runs, one hit, no error*,-,— -.•- _ -.-.- ...„.....: „ .....-__. Brooklyn-^Meyers out, Kcott to Hob- Daubert ningiof* to right and went to second 'on'Stengel's single to eft; Wheat filed to Lewis; Cutebaw slnKled to right. Daubert scoring: SteiiBel went to third and CuLshaw to second on the throw In; Mowrey out, Scott to HoblltzeL Onw run, "three no errors, Fourth Inning Ilwston-—Junvrln filed to Stengel; SHortoil «I»gle«i:"TO^i»ri~'but wan out THE GERMAN RAIDER HAS VANISHED AS AS IT FIRST APPEARED Forty Mile "Northeastern Has Forced the Flotilla of Destroyers to Abandon Search For the Kingston's Crew. * , i Ry t'riitt-d Pr»-.«<s> oBtlon. Mil.**.. '»<•!« I't--Kxcfpt for ffie hu'WIitiK 4i.» mile ^nle tlmt «wept in from the rnirth \ve«it, ! |!»«t night was the mii»t (jiiif-t nlR-ht off the New Krisr- liutd t'<>n.«t win'-*' the (lennan l"-. r ..t sailed from Newport bitp Hntonlny. ' No vessels pd.esinK nloni; the Istn- 1 i iff NantiH kf>( UshtHhic. <:ra> k^d thri'- wlrelest* r»r gave nny otli**r *ien «if their presenct-. Tho fSermnn undersea mon.xter was «.|nally .nn.'t. nppar- Nnv-nl 'ifft- inls united In r-Xpr^i the iiplnoln, \olfrd l>>* AtJnilmt I Jli\'i\ • *». Unit only <irte t Ifcrman-I'-boftf. is r''!«|i<insihH* fur the swking 1 of tfif merchnivtm»»n. Yesterday tin wnftl of the fiffnuin r--rttf1rr l*-flt-hr-«t 'tiere, Th« Arhericaii de«iniy««rn which fett:rnr-d Iftflt. nieht reported no Fiijtis ol her or of h«-r iii' 4 It appeared The Niintut-ket radio i station reported, that all keyx werej silent throughout the nftjht and the <"lmrlesto»vn navy yard station said it bait little to iln ni'.il nofhlfu; from the vicinity <•( the f.h«, ; it -/ CREW STILL MISSING t Hy I 'ni!< d I'feswr Nfwr»"rt.- H: I--. < »f-t.—-}«—A»Iw.u^h tj|euve(« recfix^-d n 'radio fruin the Adniltnl <'i<n\niclium th.-tt two of... t.he mifw'nu r.rcw nf tl-e !iriti-<li stt»»jim«'r KltiKstiiti had Irt-en picked up off, N«ntufk«t UKbtxhip late- . yanierday. they hiul lint t»iH>n landed >lt nn eorlj' hour thix ni(-rlnK. Nn survivors of the Kingston, which WHS reported to have IXH n tor|<edi»«*d off Nantticket shoreii Sunday Jiight. hud been brought in nt » o'clock this morning. All hut on* of the Flotilla of destroyers ("Mit out from Newport to senrch for the survivors «re at anchor. ' » A radio dtupatch from Admiral Oleaves yesterday stated . that the t'onv.ngluim. hail plckwl up two survivors but the admiral wiid there had been an error in tranKmlcnion nnd tlmt. so far as he knew n» survivors-have j been found. . I CAN'T SEARCH FOR THE CREW Nftntueket. It I. Oct...3()—A 4fl- rnile n»t thwerist'M'n finc.3 dark, c«t<1 w«';itlier. IIIIH ttuide further search for the tnl««slriK crew of the )lrlti*h fteitmer • KltiKstiin. practically ltni«>8- «it*|(j nif Niintuek"! lightship today. f;it.Mn-nnye 1;r nrld nut for any. pf thn en w if tin v wi-ie/forced to, their bouts after the re|'*»r!"ed sinking of tin ir «hi!> i-'or til* firi>t tiilie in thfuiy we'eKs!" the tugs 'that have been (juttlni; out. to n«7v from New t*mdon .supposedly tii wureb for the Bremen, failed t-» make tin- trip within siKbtltiK dls- taniedf here today. WAS STOPPED BY A SHOT <Hy 1'nited I»re»fi» New York. N, Y., Met., 10—=A fihot across her bow. et.immatidlnK her ti» etuta to. wns tht* first knowledge tho lirltish steitmer Rfrathdene had of thn presence <if the t*-boat tho American cicist. 4'iiptaln XVilson declared today. The submarine then signalled: "Abon- don your ship," am' shelled the Strath- •lene after the crew hud pulled away and- finally--twnt her to the boltunt With it tot-itedo when tho shell flfrt fnilf-d to sink her,. ONLY FIVE SHIPS SUNK ., GERARD SILENT Ambassador Refuses To Comment On Reason For His Visit To the U. S. He Declares That Any Simple Question He Answered Night Involve Him.. (By United Press.) New York. X. Y.. Oct. 10.—neturn- ng 'from,'Berlin the Frederick . Vlll,' Ambassador JumeK Gerard today _ «»y .1'tilled New York, N. Y,, Oft. l(»--I>!ieP that only five <<hipa were sunk by th«< German, submurlno which raided tho nf Nnniui-kra grew an vngu (Hintni'Uctory report*! of the crew of the KintTKton wen» received. .* Thirty-six hours having elapswl si|xce it wns rejMiter - sunk, official!* ar<» -without tmrt^ of tho crow anil steamship men are Inclined to bellevo that the name w&tt misread and that nu Htich-vcasel j w-o« nttacked. 'Wltbia— tho last 12 hour* there has been an argument as to whether tho namo of the boat wax the Kingston or ttlo Kinggtnritnn. • . TESTIMONY ENDS Kraceruiiy throughout IFa "»wailng,~MtltFr7ro ulsorr; filed to .Meyer. No run, one, hit, no errors, Brooklyn—Olson beat out a hunt and went, to wcond on '. Gardner's w!ld hrow Into th« stand; .Miller sucriflc- *d, Muys to Janvrln, who covered ir»t; Copinba singled to right.'Olson *e«frlrig; Muyer* - sacrificed Mays o H(.hlltz»-l; Daitbert out. Scott to ioblltK*!. One run two hits, one error.. ! -.• -, ,.-'•' Bostoiv-Ijewls filed to Wheat; Gardner iwpped to Mowry; Scott out, Coomb* to DUttbert. No, Hun, no hits, 10 .error. „ i fouled to rjard- ner; Wheat walked; Cutshaw out, Mays to HoblitRel, Wheat going to second; Alowrey walked; Olson tripled run*, one hit. no errors. Sixth Inning Hoston--Thomas out, Olson to Dau- l>ert; Hendrlksen batte«i for Mays and given a base on bails; Hooper tripled to center and HendriUsen , Janvrtn i>opi>e4l to Cutuhaw; iliiKled to center and Hooper scored; Hoblltzel out, tVombx. to Daubert. Two runs,-two -lilt*, .no JSK- Brooklyn—J-\>st»r now pitching for BustonV Cmiinbs lined to Kcott: Myen»~ j*op|«"d to Oiijrdnwt—-iHtubert triplet to' l«ft BUS was out tryljjK to Mtr*t.ub' It*Into tt.Jjomo run; t»ewl» to lardner"to' TJiujna*. No runs, one'hlt, 8*v«nth Inning Hoston—l^owm grounded out to t>»u- iei t, Oardner drove a home run over tht» right field fence; Coombs hlm- Kt-lf. cullyil for »• relief pitcher. Pfe'f- '$t - is now pitching for Brooklyn, 8e«U filed to Myer* wh« inaae •» great cutch; Thoma« fanned. One run, one hit, nt> urroia. n -fcitt»n«el filed to Hooper; Wheat's "'.fly/fell for.'a single when ilouper fell in fielding it; Wheat went o second on ii Wild pitch •\wter to iloblltp'l. No runs, p»" gighth Inning ' n~- Foster fanneu;; Hooper- tint, '•J'anvrli.i - f«nnf«l.« No ruiw. , iu,i errors. ' '. - -DlaoH wut, Footer to. Hob- ilijet; Mtllvf out, tloblttzcl to Foster, v In* covered fir»t bttnte; U'wia «in- t^ right: tho bail bit the t*u<& llwupcf » f#usi fielding hehl it to d; Myer» funue<l! >'u runs, on« ill, no t?m>r», Ninth Inning tto»u>n-"£horU'ii flivd to. 'Wheat; ' *« ' • ww 1 - -Mi to «tei.»giel- No runti, no hits -. by .inning** , .. 1 ,' ;H H, I'l ,K AiU'i.«i,t '- •• it. J n . . . ... o M .1 t 'J *J u 0 *' -'4 I'-' '•'> i u-.s Muyti. Fu»t*'f an.i! Tlioi.u- njl.'s. I'u-iiti- ,iud J he purpose of hl.s visit to the £>enthe simplest quen- First criminal inal was Thai . _ ~i ;'i o n "m IK fit ~uTvTiIvI r lhT\ ."I* It true that ymi are hrtnglnjc a peacf message from the Kaitfer to President WlUon?" he was unked, :•! can not answer that Question," he replied. "To reply, to any question of that nature might Involve nie." The reporter 'called his attention tf a. wir«le»*4 m«s«age from the Frederick VI U which declared positively that Gerard brought no peace message but news that flermany WHH preparing ti Larceny. resuino ita subnmi'lne warfare.— if that was correct, h« replied: "1 don't, answer-that." To answer even the simplest question might involve me, I-have glyen no inler^'inw _rflnc_« I left Oermany and you wil) Fotfc* that I was not quoted," • •- • • It'lis reported that you wlll_ not go hack to Germany." a reporter told Oe,r- ard, •• .. — —-'- T~~. ~"Ttot Bftlt*f r "W"Ht*tt l"~ W»M""t?O but 1 certainly shall go back." asked he would see President Wllstin, he replied: "That IB up to the president." Ainhai*s:uior Gerard • said he first learned of the. Kuhmurtne activities on this -side of the oi-eurT Hutulay night when the FrtHjerick's wireless was continually picking up meswtKes, Sever(,U times he said the liner passed through floutiiiK oil but he did not think it changed ita caurw*. ; . A large number of Nrw Tork men saded^liy tJudley ttcld JUalone,- col lector of the port, went down the b»y In a police patrol bout to .meet the liner. A .revenue cutjte.' with newspapermen ihourd swiin^ along side of the liner at the same time, BEARS NO MESSAGE. By .'Robert J. Bender. (Staff Correspondent of t r nited Tress.) l^)iitj BfiiHcUr N. j-,. f*'t. lu.—Am- Lssador-tierar.d, who arrived in New York this morning from Berlin, bears*, no message from th«* Kaiser tu Pressir lent \Vilsuii regarding intercession for H-ace, Xi>r does he come for the es- >eciaf purjHii*** of disi-ussintt with the t the i-eported revival of <Jer- nuny's subtuitrinc policy. It nitty ht- .iuU'd oij . reliable .authority that the rip wa« made entirely at the isuggf*- jun of Jsccrctary l^anstntt in order thut he ambassador mijfhi .jst't..'a much vaiHtion ^Afc « mutter of f»ct '» invitation t» c*une tjoiri*'' dt«! iot rwtch him- until shortly before be ruilt-il." lto'"WU'K in t'npenhagen nt th,true niukitig preparatUms for Mrs lo. c«rne home, ». • | is ifo doubt that the president: wil! watu lu know all uf ti5«- develop-' taward the pn*sii*ility of p« l «c*- i any prepur*uu»nt» that tn.t'y t>e wn- ! !o- re.suflit' I'-tniat pr: The c-a«e of the pw>ple against Victor Fish was the first criminal cane to b« tried nt this term of circuit court, utut the evidence was taken on Monday afternoon before Judge Baumo of Galena. Karl Kcott of Erie acted u» Ut- torney for the defense. George Twombly, of Itnlonvllle. waa : ''i))t 1 'prt'sTtrvnT,'~'TtV«'-'l!r<".'l'1?1Vr'i»;t?V'^57 alii»it'i-»v night tVr it>ib'>ftMpolis »hfi'«-j n* will ijflivttr two siwvc-hvs. Thur,«iJay- fe \yi3l fcuiin until late- Kridiij' .nd ii i;> p.i lii^it'lc 'i^raid vvUi nvi »vC" riili uiitil lu-M \Vvi-k. the ttrst to take the stand.. Ho testified thnt he had own«d a flock of bufC orpltiKtoii chickens and--that on- the nlKm of June Sim from 26 to 30 ot thenWhftd duiappeared from hla placa In I'nlonvllle, He also stated th«t ha went Inter to She railroad yards In Fulton with l>eputy Sheriff Bl6lfima_afld_ eleven of ihem;—and ~ thnr •_tQ_JUm. by. Sheriff Berry he untied them in tm» road In front of his place and that tho chickens instead of scattering a* they might If let loose in a Btrangu place, they nil run through ji hole In ' thn fence und up Into th« yard as tlu-y had been in Ihe habit of rtolngr. Nets Nelson, u watohman at tho • Kust Clinton yards, then testified that, he h»d seen KJsh sleep under a \vaK*»t in the yards, to which had been hitched .u team, one dark and one 'll^ht horse. , '• <VS. Sfhra<ler,~tlH» night watchman at the yanlrt, staled that h* had known Fish fur twenty years and*that -he also had seen him thut morning in Uto yards. • Hum I'ranovHi-h, Hie cook on a In- boring KaDK, which WU8 CampiUK In ihe yards ut the time, took the stand &nd to id of buying the chickens from Fish und of Tw;onil.)y'H Identlflratiim «f them later iitul of Hheriff Berry comins after them. ' , Hheriff Merry told of his connect ton with the uisc and forroburuted Mr. WomhleyV stury rtf l»iw the chickens were U-t J<toi«c in tii« road nt the Twoni- l)i> plai-c itinl ran into the jard us if on funuliui Kt'ouiul There were but two witnesses f&r (he defense, Fred Bjers, itn ice pe>l- dler from Lyou»,« IB., and Mshfl Dyers, •il» wife IHers testilied th&t he ilvert In Clinton and that Fien occupied tji« Miinc tioune :tn he iiinl his wife, living ii the Out above \\ivm. On the even- ns »»f-.ltjne =l*i lie nnd Fish lutd itotm (41 Fulton after a Jug ot beer, re- home immcitiaU'ly, where h« his Mife and Fist) had drank tho beer. Aluittt ten o'clock Flub, JtJftd jst»n«» . iiuyi«i£ lie wus ttoliHf to b«*i|, iu-\t iKi-inuig at live o'clock as he. \v;»« W bUe 1'pon cros« examine)Ion il W.-f* . u»t <-i'tu-tl that Fts-h had inovd int<» rt."i5~l>•><»<•• H'^fi "T.!rTr-1ri»fTi~"" r 5jr'nT<~i'"Pi >~r&' _i\t l> t Ih". eviden-v WJK taken <<>U!I, \\ ("- .id ji'lll Led «lH.t Oil' I'll

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