The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 26, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 26, 1908
Page 3
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THE BAKBRSFIELD OALTFORNIAN SATURDAY, DECEMBER, 26, 1908, r Fine Warm Blankets When you buy blankets, mako it a point to buy them at Weill's where you can choose them from Oie Impost asortment and get the test values for your money. All prices here. Phones—Dry Goods, 142 Hardware, 224. Groceries, 142 1418-1422 Nineteenth Street South ern Bakersfleld'o Leading Hote) Cuhtfne, Service Unexcelled ————'—•^M^wHMMMnn TIME PLACE » GIRL to buy that present now, Uncle Ike's Emporium. young or old, ™ «P^^—^V^HIB rich or poor, handsome or just plain, will be delighted to re- * l f± '.J cetve a gift selected from the enormous stock we carry. Times are never hard for the patrons of your good old Uncle Ike, because he gives you the benefit of his business success in buy* ing best goods the markets afford and you can rest assured he buys so cheap, the result is all in your favor. No house is more reliable. No house can sh<w a more complete line of useful gifts. • ' i^—^^^^Ml^M^^^^^^M^M^BUlB^Ml^l^^^B^M Uncle Ike's Emporium 1408 19th St. Phone Main 1154 Bakers3elfl. Ca*. arnum Is here Alive and active and Doing Business. Has a choice list of Ranch and City properties for sale here and in Pasadena. A SQUARE DEAL List with me, insure with me and be satisfied. Room 25, Galtes Block, with J. W. Brbckman. EXCITING WON FIRST PLACE AMONG AMERICAN CARS AND SEC, OND PLACE IN INTERNATIONAL LIGHT CAR ROAD RACE After loading 1ho, entire first half of what proved to In* the most exciting and most stubbornly fought speed battle in auto* mobile racing history, the Buick *Model 10's gasoline tank came loose and because, of stops totalling over twenty minutes from tliis trouble ,the Bniek lost tho 196 mile Savanah race by six minutes. Hiiliard iu his $3300 Lancia wonj all credit is due him. Burman in his $1000 Buick gave him the fight of his life and brought his car in with such a lead over the remaining contestants that there was no question concerning tho standard which the Buick has set in low-priced automobile construction. The great duel between the leaders was a sight which the spectators will never forget. NOTES ON THE RACE The Buick used was a regular stock the sake of securing less clearance, the were underhung. Our regular motor, parts were used. chassis except that for frame and machinery transmission and axle During the entire race, the hood over the engine was not rained Seventy miles por hour was made on the smooth straightway stretches --Tho three fastest lapn wore made by the Buick—Tin- Buick imulo each of 17 la^ in loss than 11 minutes, the length of lap was 9.8 miles. The fastest lap of the nine was made by tho Mtiick in 10 minutes and 8 seconds. akersfie! Cor. 19th and 0 Streets Auto Supply Co. Telephone Main 1260 i Assessor George W. Murray advanced a theory In regard to the existence of oil In Kings county and that portion lying between the Lake Tulare basin and the foothills of the coast range, in conversation with a Hanford Jour nal reporter. He does not take full credit for the theory, but gives partial credit to Expert Irwin, a man well known In oil circles, and which, if true, substantiates the theory of many who now have their "weather eye" on that rogion and expect to see a grout oil field developed there; one which will exceed the richness of the Coalinga fields if their ideas concerning it are true, and if the depth to the "lake, 1 ' as they-call It, is not too great. If this is true mnny Kings county peo will be made rich, for Hanford and Lemoore people have recently made locations on the west side land and operations are actually being prosecuted by such companies as the Lak" View Oil Company and the West End Oil Company, in both of which con- cent's Kings and Fresno county oil men are interested. West of all these operations and to the north, closer to Coailngn, El Cerito Oil Company has a well down considerably past the 2000 feet mark and there is promise, since the water has been shut off, that soon the presence of oil tending in that direction will be known. Should oil be found In pay quantities at El Cerrito well It will reasonable to suppose that others east of there will be brought in and thus the theory may be provjen. The Journal of Hanford reports thai R. H. McCreary of the Cantua Oil Company, which Is drilling for oil in the Cantua district in Fresno county, has returned from the scene of operations and reports that there is promise of striking what he calls the "sand" soon. By the sand he means the 'same that is usually taken as a sum sign of oil. He says that the wel Us down 1250 feet and that he believes they will strike something soon. Mr. McCro:iry has had considerable experience with California oil fields ami knows therefore what he is talking about. Ho really believes that the well will be a strike and that the only objection to the field is thetaoinupupnupmipnupn the field that Is likely to be opened in the Cantaue district will be the Ions; haul of nineteen miles to the railroad. Articles Incorporation of the Carrie Nation Oil Comapny have been filed at Hanford to bore tor oil In Kings county. Five directors have been named to nerve for the first term and they are L. H. Byron of Lemoore, J. A. Whlteside, A. B, Buckner and F. P. McAdam of Kings county and J. H.Freenr of Fresno, The principal place of business will be Lemoore and of the 25,000 shares of a par value*of $1 each, 16,000 have been subscribed. The company proposes to carry on Its development, work in Kings county, south of Huron, on the eKttlemnn plains, and many engage in active operations. It is one of several new companies incorporated to develop oil iu Kings county. Holiday Suggestions ! ! Good Things to Eat and Fine China -•LI -^i Valley. carry the finest line of hhported goods to bo found in ^ Imported Figs in baskets, Stuffed Dates and Pigs in boxes and glass. Green Oaves in bottles. California Glace Fruits. Pinard Prunes in glass. Shelled Almonds, Lowncy'a Chocolates in fancy boxes. Beach Nut Preserves. BRsinze's Mince Meat in stone crocks and bul) r . Remember irfe are sole agents for National Crest Coffee. A visit to our store iviD convince you, of the superior quality of our goods and method of doitig business. Our stock of Haviland and Imported Hand Painted China is complete. oPople who have called at our store in pttst -week -were nmaz^d at our beautiful display of Haviland Hand Bainted China, Out Glass, Brasses, Carving Sets, Steins and articles in general, which appeal to Christmas shoppers. " " -' ' ' Bakersfield Grocery Company Tel Maine *86 1715*17 19th. Street Sis MEETING. ANNUAL This Evening i J&ur lar 11 Bank >e held In the nnual meetineof the First Nation wil tbe at Cltv * fc- aersfleld * l Chamberlain's Liniment IB one of the moet remarkable preparations yet produced for the rellet of rheuaaatlo pains, and for lame back, sprains and bruises. The quick relief from paltt us *»L «t a o'clock P. m. on ............. January 12th. 1909. for the election of llrectors and the transnction of such »rl December llth. 1908. o e f Baker^kSFrf: which It affords iln case of rheuma- tlFm is alone worth many times It* cost. Price, 25 cents; large size, 50 cents. For sale by Baer Bros., Bak» ersfleld; Krrn Drug Co., Kern. " 12-11 CHRISTMAS BRAV!) There is much sweet sentiment In Sis Hopkins, that delightful rural comedy dama which comes to the Bnkosnela Opera House this evening, with Misg Hose Melville, the originator of the quaint country girl, playing tho title role. The sentiment Is of the kind which appeals to one's finer feelings, and this with Miss Melville's superb acting and the clean ' comedy of the pla>', has made It the marvelous success which tt is. This is the tenth season that Sis Hopkins has been presented and everywhere Miss Melville Is greeted with crowded houses. The story of the play is not complicated by any social problems. It Is a plain," unvarnished tale of tho simple life of the people of Posey County, Indiana, where Sis was born and brought up. In the action of the piere there conies into the life of this ', home-body girl, an unscrupulous man, who, trading on her affections, en-, deavors to defraud her of a pitifully small bit of meadow land. Discover- , ing his treachery, Sis, whcfee philosophy brightens the play, leaves her home to go into the world to learn at first hand what it really Is like. Clad in the homespun of the farm she departs ;and when she returns It Is as the accomplished, beautifully gowned young woman of the world, who, however, has lost none of her gentility or purity of character. The play abounds In situations which are thrllllnjg In their dramatic Intensity; It brims with delectable comedy and quaint philosophy. There Isn't a false note In It, and Miss Melville's art in the portray, al of the character of Sis gives to the drama a finish which makes it perfect. Miss Melville's manager, .1. K. Stirling, has given the play a scenic pro- cluctlon this season which s exqulsnte- ly artistic. The curtain will rise at 8:15. i .!. F. Michel of Corcoran and O. Mothenil of Hanford are registered ut the Southern. i het&l Phone CALti C. J. Plant, President Arthur 8. Crltes, Caihler. DON "I PUT IT OFF UNTIL TOMORROW. FIX YOUR ROOF TODAY * I£ the cost worries you consult us. We will agreeably surprise you. Again you can do it so quickly. MALTHOID ROOFING IS JUST WHAT YOU WANT. Comes in rolls, quickly ap- costs so Mttle. plied, conies in any width; t Pioneer Mercantile Co Phone Main 98. A BANK ACCOUNT FOB CHRISTMAS There is no gift for your boy or girl that compares with a bank account. It will make many a Merry Christmas for years to come, because it teaches the wise use of money, instils economy and thrift and helps to form the saving habit. When making up yonr list of Christmas presents, include a Bank Book with the First Bank of Kern. 4 por cent interest paid on deposits and Saving accounts. Qua Ichamblia RO&EDAU3, Dec. 24,—The pupils of the Hlo Bravo school entertained their parents and friends with an excellent entertainment and Christmas tree last Friday evening. An excellent program arranged by Miss Weldon was well rendered by the pupils jas fellows: Song, "Christmas Welcome," school. Recitation, "A Telephone Message," Dorothy Phillips. Recitation, "The Long Day," Oliver Koough. negotiation, "Mothers Always Do,"i Violet MiClellan. Dialogue, "A Christmas Finger Play. 1 ' Beulah Halter, Mildred Phillip*, Arthur Harbaugh, Orrio McClellan. SOUR. "A Christmas Story." Recitation, "An Old Man's Dream," Ada McClellan. Recitation, "Poor Santa Glaus," VeralUa Baker. Recitation, "The First Christmas," Don Baker. Dialogue, "Some Uttle Helpers of Santa Glaus," Loma Knight. Dorothy Phillips, Doris Knight, Violet Me- Clellan,, Vera Baker, Beuiah Baker, Mildred Phillips. Song, "Santa Glaus Has Town/' Recitation, "A Christmas Precaution." Beulah Baker. Recitation, "A Christmas Blessing," Helen McClellan, Song, Hughie Shields. Recitation, "The Holey Stocking," Loma Knight. Reltation, "Santa in a Flat, 1 ' Doris Knight, Recitation, "The Lida Knight. Recitation, "The Mildred Phillips DlalORuo, "The VUn Thai 1'uiK .:," Freeman Baker, Brrol Knight. Sons, "Christmas flood Night." At the <vmoluslon of the program Santa Onus distributed gifts from th<- BAKERSFIELD SANDSTONE BRICK COMPANY. Stockholders Annual Meeting. The annual meeting of tho stockholders of the Bakersfield Sandstone Brick Company will be held at the of- flee of the corporation In the Producers Savings Bank Building, No. 1705 Nineteenth street, Bakerafield, California, nt 3 o'Hoek p. m., on Monday, January llth, 1909, for the election of directors, and for the transaction of such other business as may be proper. Iv brought before It. FRANK S. RICE, Secretary. Date of first publication, Saturday, December 26, 1908. 12-26 JACKSON HATCH FOUND GUILTY BY JURY. SAX JOSE, Dee. 25.—Tlu? jury in tlio eua j of .Jackson Hatch, accused of the omhezKlemcnl *>; $40,()'ju I'rnui Mrs, tfiiiio. whom he formerly re present «*d us ;w nttornev, returiiet << *•«•?• l ! <-i of guilty in!s nmrnirvr, after deliljer.HitiH 1 for over thlny-om- hours. ;;;iicii for| ruorly was it KMdins .m-nibcr ol' the local bar and enjoytnj an enviable reputation throughout the Btate, ||*» served as district attorney of Bantu Clara county, and twice was a candidate for sunre»ne jtiHtice on the Democratic ticket. OLD KBIiIABLE Painters •NYDER ft JACKSON Painting in all branch**. Interior Decorations a 8pe- oialty. CARRIAGE PAINTING 8IONB Phone Main 1136 15Z7 Wall 8t Vakertfleld, Gal. nnouncementl AMERICAN BAKERY RESTAURANT. i * 4* •f E. H. LOVELAND -. Wholesale Produce Merchant Hay, Grain, Potatoes, Beans, EKRS, and all farm products. A 4 I \ "A CarniviU of Hooka" was next acted !>y tho pupils .Mrs. Knlgh- gucHsof] tho most books and was awarded a pHzo. Refreshments wen Forved, aflor which all repaired to their homes. Waldon will spend ' her holl days In Loa Angeles. OIL PROSPECTS ARE GOOD AT POINT ARENA. C. E. Boyd, who is superintending Come to oil developing operations for Fresno i<apltalist8 at Point Arena In Hum- 1 holdt County, passed through Hanford several days ago enroute to ! Coalinga on a business mission in connection with his interests in El j Cerrito Oil Company, which latter * concern IB drilling a well southeast 1 of the latter place with good prospects of developing oil soon. The Journal of Hanford reports Thomas Boyd, the father of c, K. Boyd, as saying that thlngH at Point Arona are going smoothly and that with a well down between HOG and 1500 feet It would seem something will bo landed soon. Mrs. Boyd met her son in Fresno and together thoy attended the initial per-' I'nrmamre of "He n Htir" at tho Jlarton, On Thursday Mr. Hoyd returned from ; t'oallnga, and lifter a brief visit at 1 Ihintord went on to Point Arena line drilling operations. \Vhy is ii, Mrs. Jones, my foffet ilwitys liiitor?" "liny bolter Folgor'fi (lolden (iuu; whol" ;ro fine or boll too again open. A clean and ap potising place to eat. White help only. We sell the famous "But! ternut" Bread. RICHARD HOE8ER, Prop. Open day and night. Christmas Tree," Uttlu Gui" roast long.' REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Deeds. John C. James to Joseph \V. Hylea, $2oo; south half of southoast quarter j section 7, south half of southwest quarter section 8, 26-17. atre »»•*• Oecem nights presents Corned HIS UNCLE VISIT Songs MIXED 1923 ChctUr A verm i v^—^^^—^^M Fruit .Com pan • I Has, enlarged its store an is prepared to accommodat the public with all kinds o and Grocerie revived a load ol mountain apples, for holida: trail*'. 808 Baker Telephone Main 714.

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