Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 9, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 9, 1916
Page 6
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fA01S!X. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE AMUSEMENTS'. AMUSEMENTS, MONDAY. OCTOBER 9. 1916. ^1 s 1 a ofTomorrow ''Where Are^My "Children?" CURTAIN RODS W? .-It the KIRSCH FLAT RODS for nnd draperie* in rotor* to mutt h your woodwork or drapD-rir*. Kir*rh rod» aT uamo'****'' not f<"> EndoT- An Expose ol Birth Control TIME Or SHOWS. fir f Thii.l S!» nv Fourth Inflo Fifth Hti. t « Hl.xth Sh.,w ff«-Vfitth SI" , fifKtif h Hhtn Nthfh **li-.«- m rn »!! m m II!. IT1. HOUSE OF FEATURES GRAND m WOLF HOPPER IN Tin* famous hatt'-hall duty "Casey at the Bat ALH'» Chester G^nklin Quak ONLY ONE DAY MORE cf !h<> SPFT1A?, 5 HOW! NT. of PARTY . GOWNS atTd OA.N'tlNFGr ROCKS »m« nhtiiunl oppMTttmiry. Hsvr- you? Tomorrow H the J«*t ihsnrr to view th<.«f rttfvfliKT ityfr*. You ATP cordially invitrtf to in*p«Mf Jhrro, *>'•' '& rff j r Home Craft .......j,...— Jackie ffitnnders In "The <;rip of f;ui" with vau- JN "In His False Step" TOMORROW JOHN BARRYMORE IN "The Red Widow" ALHo Selig- Tribune News WEDNESDAY ' FRANK KEENAN THURSDAY WARREN KERRIGAN FOX-B«it P.cturti MADE VAUDETTE TONIGHT-.SPECIAL William Farnum In "The Bondman" in 6 r»;li, by Hall C»h«. 8 mouth* in maicin;. Thit big production «t uiual piricer. 2 ihbwt, 7 am! 8:45. STARTING TOMORROW, TUESDAY, We join hands enthusiastically with thousands of stores throughout the country to make the five days,, from October tenth to and including Saturday, October fourteenth, an eventful period for advantages in home decora- XfX; -TT-JI — - =v«F -^ ' J " J . I #* 4 "i ..^ r, • VTV i»' '*' ^ ,R,.|^ i rtftt .'?• i*v~ •£] ?•'. f \ : '%•-' K : fa $ fi $ -f ^ fa fL tv $' IS 4 - e - —- j- — - - ^- »- .^» »*>..» n «j i«.» p^^o ni iiv/iuv* vj v. v. w I et •* L. -—••-»—•-•-- -'•_-—- *-*.~~'- -- .. ..(.-... „"_-»• ii i i - s^. tions. The idea is a wide-flung; one and reaches from coast to coast. Never will a week's dis- € play of dainty drapery fabrics and window decorations favor shrewd buyers so largely as thi« i important Quaker Home, Craft Week, which is replete with suggestions, information and f under-pricing for those who long for distinctive and artistic home decorations. To those who ''" *xi' .. 4**^ I ^ f^ f^ ^J « • *^ ^^.''JL. '-^ —^_ ' f A I_ . '!" - - - • • - - - I 1 U _ | - * --.. •- - - ,-. — * -w * - ---• - - - -...„., ,, , „ , _„ . loud Sondnv, and tiio amount ol 'licked and other uo.»<l things wen iilTii'ii'lif tor iute!> the litiaiher. V.alnej- I many kind were played dm inn th< ;»y. even to "lutiw ii Uound itoujc." Th.- \i«itoiH wen ,\Ir. and Airs. \Vll- ila-n .Miller, and Mnhel ami Harvi Lawrence from Sterling. Mr. and Mi William Shank. .Mr. and Alr.x. |>a\ Simnk.' Mr. and Mm. Ar< ; J[jli. Caul MI-H. CllH Hoi sr and d.iHKhfor. Cecil Iiixon, Mr, and Mrs. Clan-no- Mryr and daughter. Verna, Air and ..Mi ''harh-M HarnieK ami family, Mr, in MIH, !>mll!i Ali yer-t a-nj »/,n n f (ialt. INJURED IN AUTO ACCIDtNT .lames I'ovlll. the niKlit waiter , the .Manhattan <*,'itc, of l)i\on Is % W & $• I . ft* '•' ^••w^.vxiitnvxiio* A ^ Lll VOV, W I I \J •>•* y take advantage of this event to further their interest, will gain unmeasurably. Those who l ! | come only to inspect and pass judgment on the display will be as welcome as those who com $? to buv. Here are iust a few of the inf'eresfinor ifpmc- <f -»—^»—. n ii i i y <<)<• .vaioiai lan i ;ur. 11) l»IMui Is r<i>) R|?t|?F Viir.-'d to hi* in Amhoy, suffrj "'O M.1.V AJJLVJ.JUA I in t i r ..m .1 ha.fh tnjtir;-it eve ,,n.! st>\ •" , i i ' ""^ Ffven. hrnl)«>.-,s \\'hl«'h Im snff«-r'' "" ^^ '-' all auto aeeiiiint hft^een IHvi, FUNERAL WAS HELD »,„, Am|)uV s u,nd t ,v ,,ff,rm "n Air funwil^of Mr». Cel^ta H.iHh, ;,wi|| Vli ,.« ,,,, ( , W! , ,,,„„ „„, ,..„..„.,„. ic-W Knliinlay forenoon at the,, (l) . v hi[ „ ,,.„, , ||imi , jn (|)(> } . (ri(| A of lu-i- (1,'M.Khter. SII-H. Clu,rh-ai „„.,. w ,. r ,, •,.,,„,„,.,„ IHxoll ,,,„-„ , » ill (Union, Iowa, an.1 shortly .\mhoy they ,„, t!„.(-.- v. the hotly ami .ttit' fuiu'ral '•.or-j,., iij- v ,.n .Win^.^ ^Vf^^H^f^-., f'.*.ir>' U(.!iilitt>r t (LI i . ft i*...i'ouiiK man th.> We home u-lv-n ti at at .Jiiver- 1 uV'locK anil frlpnil« ami r^hitlvesr living' In ilnK might lidVi" ii r'lmiHi.' tit Vieu- thn lio<ly wan lowcit-il In thi 1 Tliow conUnK fivni I'lintMii tho Unity Mi'i'o Mr, _'tnil .\lr.-<. • ««»t--'Mi'.- : -4tiMJ—-Mr« o| Clinton. Mr jiiul K(f, llnwll of Matt!<•- Creek. |,-t , .ami Alr». \V)lllitm Ilcrrln anil ,M -Mrn. <3«'ort;o Tiiihum of riintn John IlatiHo of f'hliviKo. Ix-sll ,„,„ '. in .. ... lilt- at I'iili'Ul aii'il .«!ii' (Iruvi- up aft't-i of ('Union, iintl llll.s loiitn AT BACHELORS HALL I'ohlc, llvtiiK tu lianiiot iH'iir Hnrinon vtlhiKi'. «>n B Him<(l tt nninlH'r of-hlw friends n Itwnutlfnl licmu< Suiuluy. Most o ivuyo Hiitnnlny oxcniiidt tun until BntuJny iilK.lit Mr roonttrnitHl hiiehelor ami HH\,« .• Is Uiu apex of hnniiin hap Ho HUH « haiulHomo iioiiHi nni nU'*%—lie urn ur»* v i-i ^ mt tWll HlHUTH, Wild Wft'o fo^ th«j' nrctislon, Knitlful four coin'so dinner for tin lationally Advertised Tror7h~|Vifi,>s . !«> he i.f u t|i<fii.iu.>. MISS AMBERG Thlrty-hvt* frienils Jfehl s> snrprlxi' liurtiduy cveninjj („ KnlKlu-K of Co- I '?!TtT tm s" liii It. i rmr \oii, f, ,i- Minn I "i a 11 • AlllheiK. uf thill eity, who leave." i to inaKi' her homo in Tulwi. oUla. A M-ranihel flipper \VIIM i-njoyftl- ;ni<! ami- mnsii' \vi-if> features of Miss .Mao H«>illf,v th ttlU-KUilll lUmlll ttlR , ,-il'.y .-J l.idl.l, HI li.'hali' of |j to buy. Here are just a few of the interesting "items: •yy •_••""Quaker Craft" Lace Curtains A Large and well assorted collection of "Quaker Craft" Lace curtains of Nottingham, Cable Net, Marquisette, Voile, Filet, in white, and ivory, Egyptian suitable for.jany room in the house Prices Range from $1. to $9. Quaker Nets A very beautiful! selection of "Quaker Craft" Lace by the yard in small all over designs of an exceptional quality, desjr- able for parlor, living room, or dining room. Prices Range form 20c to $ 1. Over Draperies ThUFall and Winter season will see Overdraperies Jused more extensively than ever before. We are showing an extensive line cretonnes for Bedrooms Fur nishingg, Window Over-draper, Door Hangings, bags, boxes, dresser covers. Prices Range from 18cto$1.50 Quaker Home Craft Week Specials 40 Inch Curtain Scrim, 19c —-• — • .!...!• •••-. *m ••• •^•••FW—MOT «•*• -mmmmj MI «*• ^h* u ^ v* ^ ** * »»• ^Tw** , iUi A U !^%«<M »%*»;r * Ji Til^ This is an exceptionally good j| A very tine selection'will he found quality. Plain serim curtains are \\ in this assurtmeht. of decorative always Jn style. Comes in ecru j cretonnes.. Used extensively for only. This scrim sells regularly j furniture coverings, sofa pillows, at 25c. (Juaker Home Week, only I9c ... f ^ 36 Inch Sllkoline, lie In this lot you will Hnd patterns , for drapery _purposes,- comforter coverings These silkolines were silver plateau. MJxn AinlM'I'K, tnilVh to the re^n't of iv larKO circle of Hlxon an.I Twin-City frh-nilH, will Icax o fiir her IH-w hulTle XoV. I. i Mins Amhi-rK l« Well Known in the Tu in-< "itieM, havii»K visited Irjetnl* •ro on SOME DROP IN ,.TEMPERATURE How's thu eon! bin? That drop in lempcraturu lijst «Vi'riinK mud« that query iippr'opriatc. It wus certiiinly suine Ui'u]) in a fi'vv briuf htnu'K.—Sirn sold regularly at IJc. Special for junker- week jj.shirt waist .boxes, window .seats, I etc. Light and dark colors, If these cretonnes were bought today they would sell for 20c per yd. Special during Ouaker HomeCraft Week '•Lace Curtains I4c Nnt- tingh&m lace 'curtains,- selling reg- . HomeCraft Week, special Now Is The Time To Buy Rugs We Cannot Advise It Too Strongly You doubtless 1'javc in mind several rooms in your house that ^re in need of new rugs. W* hold out no offer of bargain prices, but appeal I 'ii^H — —• »•»»»..•»«• uvuk«,iti^,tjin. ji>vciv lujf JIJ UUl stock will.-be worth more money in the very near future on account of oreign markets growing more restricted,..with, prices correspondingly higher, every day. We ask you in justice to yourself to profit hy our advice 1 ake advantage of our complete stock of fall patterns. ~ Select' now, if you prefer, for future delivery at present prices, but buy your rug now before the next advance. " " " '" ' 1fl1hrtxi2^izr$9 18 $75 , uniay tho mt'rcury p»t up to 82 nnd ' Sunday it, w«a on'ly two lower, reaching HO. Then early lust tsv- ening when the fitrftnu wind arrived the mercury dropped hy leaps intd bounds nmLgot down to B2. This umL it w morning it was still lower , »f TTTK. down report One Lot Nottingham Lace Curtains, selling regularly at $1.50, Quaker Home Craft Week, special at $ | IQ One Lot Nottingham Lac-e Curtains, the regular $1.75 4*1 lily kind, (Juaker Home Craft week, special at - - Jpli.^ ATTEMPT HOLD-UP Mr ami,MIT ,1 K. (inlhiwn'v ; and MI;I, HUH lliiiiHi-n tin 1 yic tirnt* of n'n attempt Iiu|il-M|i Kunday Honcflt for Katherino rsrtrn;—rmrht n—t.M ic ehai'Ke of Veoliien,*' c.v, \\'cil- j wa.s ra 111',—in . liu TTCT V-italion In a !u flntl, herself on ; rented from -im—iiiu.)iiiri.i'U|iv si.ii'i.'il U i'li house party made j firs- a|i|ieaicil moic (liaii a guarter of; ula^'i'K and al | raI pcnpli- Mills It • In e \t-ar wiimlci Apiiu-r. AjipU-s! liaml iiicki.'il j her fnrtiur discontented .with, her a ceniurv ; evening wlille onroiitu home from AH. j Hiirayed Urst ctasH frnit on track | i-omlition. "Confiding - in her frien.l • i, ...ii,' ,. , ,, ,, ,. (.'urroli where they hud hei-n to upend nhout Oct. U', riione onJorH .u|...oi"-l «••« u- f ,ii.>,, ,.,i-. .1 t,..,- ... I..,- .»,,..,'!•.- ."., -...'«•«"i" 1 *! Unit t ii*ey ih,« thft day. Wlit'ii they were near MJd Hell ;'(i|» III. Uooil _J<ro8. ! MIH, \Valton ri'feried her to her o\vn ! phxHicinn. l)r," .Mfi,|lil and even escorted; Midylll team .INIIIH- to hut caje afte n Suuii-ilay .Mdr.i fy,' K ci icUuooi) and ,Ma,v Allison Uiiler" _wjMJ , Till In tin- • stoltnr roloa of th«- WAS 10 YEARS OLD Li,id Alrw. (\ J», Hoyiien, of jfor- lan towiiMhlp, entertaliu'd twenty-two Utlo KchoolmiUe* of thi'lr delKi'vllle tsvo fellowH came running to- Mr«. Itehert Bray. .Mrn. rieo. Herkt-r, i -Mi'«. Hraiult tr."hls ufjice. This one of i ,,1,,,,, )"„ ,j ul ^j,',,), j,,'',;,", ."j'"" ".]"." i 1 ",' 1 ^" 1 ^'" to |H> "'"' " f lll «' wiifsatlon* 'wiirdK the car they were yeeti hy .\|r». |«n»l' Mr, tind Mr«. \Vhiffin nnd thuiKh- j lli<» "1 'nvi anted .on«>«" returned ami a | K -. ilHI , with -i rivil nine *"• "l "i ; l *° i ot '''•* ?i '' ! " 4t " ! ' " * H '. l '«iroiiw vJtsil l|antifn who MI reUnietl «nd Mr. Call"-i 1 ' 1 "' returned home Friday from a visit i *»nal Inilierfly .\va.s a«ain ready for j |,j, „.,.. n ,.,,,),,,i j' ( , w i'* ''," ,i %V , a , l "" ! -'•- "' '' i(1 nioiintain* di-allntf with on the KaNoline and esr-iiped frum tlje , <riu ' liltle tlanKlHer of Mr. iitiil ,Mr«.T The In.stn.t Attmney devoted inneh ! lae«. «,r .Miidv'iile t^ii'liiiT^th'nmim^ *^ '"'' "' "i"""'' 1 ' 1 "^" l'''i»ie thiy nr« li«. lj-1 _ ti ». L * Xtiil" V 'K Wil UMilll t« fl'ttrtfl in-1 t. > 1... «-,.<..» . .t i t _ - i ',' ... " . . , - , .,, , ; . . . .. _•'**,'' ** 4 IMfl . * t'Ot'llf |( •{'! Ml) ll\ ' 11 \ t' t 11 fH*' t i ? 't '»<.*•* I <* \ I »• MRS. PORTER OPERATED ON Knui, Hnruluy afternoon 'froin i |'J' o'cliH'l*. Th<> iK'wiHion wan ill hon- 'r of tho loth hlrtlulay of the little •irl. Tlie Umo "Was Mpen? In intixlr iul trami'S, after which refroHhinentH, onsi.stiriK 1 of ic« cream and enUe and aily vva.H servinl, Tho little j-iri n<ci>|ytr<l many pret- .V-liretKrnls from her ui^hool maU-x anil hoy all 'winded IHT many ha|-py re- iniH tif the day. '"'.': PO1.0 MAN INJURED Walter c'ossd»ty of I'olo viaw Nlrilck Mi*M. -J. ri'tnrnod fr-mn ^ tirinnell. Iowa, vvhcru tdm went to. tak euro .of her ulster, .Mrs. Sophia Por- -.Swiiiisoii js rf|iori«i(| to l»« very Hick. I>on't forget Hiuh School of hi* time in £H.(fnK Dr. .Malllt a/id Micceetletl in l>r. .Slaltit trt-t ami tlrenclifd In < ID Tiifjiilay . 1'aramoimt |>renen»' iJoiin Harrynmrc In The Hed \Sldovv na«H,on.Kht ,,1 W,H,dn,en ||»|| from 'S ,,,,,^n,^" ,,',„, ' T,,V" ^y ,H '^y [MP.'"itonSZ*!.|»W fh '*••*> . .Mr. ami. Mr«. John (intilil niolorwl Hundcty. wlio recently underwent- n very j 1" Whiti Bt-nouH operation, Hhe IH KeiiinK idunu j -, line' Mr». I'orter IH alwo n -f"i-'r- -f i ' - • . ,..X.T-..-- i John i,,Min of^^h^cuy. \f AMUSEMENTS ATTENDING GRAND LODGE V— _^ _1 Woishi|i!lil .Master H. ,!•'. I J rlehc, - <mf Interestl^iK and every i ' - - * t •'•«•• .,• >• «i i* i, I'Mittl f!H T I 1 i|| ^ II he Keen hy! lv ro llannihal Hntt«. c,,rse( wal. U'filiu^day \undi vlilc ;t high in'tM alHo extra the Hint eji|j*c •"I'lie tiri|> uf Kvll" jH-oduct I'utlie Mt'iiy h\ l.oiiis Trat .MINM. Jackie Saimdcrs'-K imuU* Ihe. meet INK of tin' Kr Cure part of thin week. loiige the man ahcait town tnrnetl ***« j gl'ouiii hi . charactel iKtically luvoKy, <'" ; melodramatic fashion, lie is «H1 KU|I!'.v | purled especially hy l-'iora X.ilnllo in "Krihe roll* of the charming (ted- \Vidovv I 1 '"!.'HIM l,illlan Tiu-Ker an the hml«i-. L ""v»i"f "\Veil n e;»i lay _^ _ ,..., i i-Vank Kcenau in The I'h.uiluin J'er- " nioon.ihlncrN hefme tlipy nrii up l»y ,;ovciiinn'ia asenis*. .Mr. liu (, \vood iii tin- dun l role of h. poiiniry l"T^"ll—and—Liu:—iiiiiMkfil 4-UtoP- •.pnnsil.le fni hrc.iUlUK Up the haml and in K. iluinu »» HIM the Iletirt of thu Ih.'.ver of the ni.iiiiitains th* fill lolf ess-a\ed hv ~ -VANDOTre TKTEATER~- H',',,1 .iT^JiM^SmrX*l^vi'""Sf! Knulli K ' l ' %ll: «H *" Tlie"l'lMnium"l'er- J*.>nie m' the lw«t (thutopluy produe- • which -ihotild i «lrl He<r' jM'ius who witiie.sK thi-- Khowlnif of "The •i.« have heell Heured for llli.s Week, „„....',..,... 1' , ,,..", '''"intoin." the nervicHt THaimlo f..;,. lbermilkrs f (uppenheimcr. Hchael-Stern Clothing ppry Hats 7 rossette Shoes pr's Underwear iiniylBros, 7 ! Nechwear y ,i tntin in -\mhoy Hatiirday even- iK.aheua '•"! n'clock and Niii'fercd a t-re na, u h in his'head. He'' iva.s I token in i I'm Amlioy h'ohpit.'i! v In-re' l'ep,jrt« f>tiltl.i<l l,'l«t Ilinlil,' he l.s «e.l- jtiiiii-. aloiiK nicely. lie will he taken to hiii honie wilhiii a lew dayf, fox.-*ley IH n man pii.^t mdidle awe and un. munivd. He !f j a |,iii ])i,Ki,.r i( . ,•,,(-,, I'fin-'f* a( J«|-diin, iVi.. Illli, 4 .NliWM ICHii Klii-rsole, of liocheili'. ,the 'Week end with f I tends; here. have hceii Ht>ured for Uti.s weeks ui ll.iv. Vavtk-Hi; lluatj'r. Ah.iiiia Mailneo and at^ iiiKiu \VHUiun I-'o pre*«ht« \Villi.iin Karntinr in- "Th " hy Ilall-.Twijie. ' THE KING 'HERALDS 'I'hs' |\im< Heralds nf 'the I'ou i ih Mrfct Mi-thi>d.Kit t hurdi . v,i!|. uu i i \V eiln.esilay ;)!|«'j'iii»i|j iiim.t diaii Ii iil'ler Kch>-•!•>I in tin- Hninj.i:. ,-,. b'i.,l r.'.nit. l ; :\.r.v child i\ho l.i fiiif^' ID tlll.4|.V VNJH I'.t'ed Ii, In- -ple^.-jili n.e^^-H. way! Hues i, pay? S.M.-j , ur ,, r ,.,,-. aso „, ^ n ^ j, Van k 'KiH-nan :. or u, U. ,,|U,,IH o. ,\ehni.-*u «a> n j ..po-iu-s ,us ,siar,-vull have a uliinp*,. Humanity while making I""K"^. | «„ K cea.ti. :i.< I,i4 i, i,.|,,! H J,,,un him-In BlVjilly lm|.,,,v,,,K .mi,| l.uelihlK ^ipmute ||,v he IfttK th,. repul.UI 1 • ... , 'l'li<* -Althing: l.s in N c»^{..n In IU-iK- I "' ~ , l ,,f, ! " '•'' ''' lj(i '-" t " 1 " )M . >"' v •'.''•. l» .«i;; on- of" the l.c^j amateur hail- Vau.letto loi»iKl,. / /lhe Hoi.dnwn.« | jlivjr> ,he , 4 ,|,it,,i. Jasu,, ami Km>l<H-kH ! '^ '" l '" ',""' " f " '" V: " lv< " w ""« > r...,,,, dan, ers in' the count! yn nd the; Mr.'ami .Mt.s. .lulm Klelnxehniiilt aml.ii'.-ik,- their way (hi,-ie an'.! Ja«on, h.i.s-1 , V "" n "" K .-"M»VII c\tru-v. ith thr-.•_„,.,,,. ,,, f.^i,),,,,;,),),. f -, u -i,ty ( ;ive.iiim< Mr. find Mrs. It. T. O^hurn motored toMnu 1 IMH on mje of'the ancient i l ''" 4 ,' wle.w a-i'^iino .olini^^ion. : j'l'lt ai>porinnit v' in di moiiwl rate •" ! ChiCii«o .SuiiilAy, when- they will ?pvndi,i"'kM; .lii«,ii.. hiios.-lt is Me,-d lu!-"/' l ""' fi ' |i ' v """' !: "''" yudeVilh* a- 1 I lie week.' . .- -!s. m lock« ^ hani-h,.,! t,. the ill,- of ! "'"" ' , I;U "' U '"'" '" ;\"\'"»*» ;/ : "» ..Ml;' H • K. ' Tui-keiman. of SVafmit ' * .'i inl-e>, ; Wn.'U .1 i:,on learns i hat ihei N ""' '' '''*"' '"•'•' il< ' ;l! ' ll1 ' LATHERS STAHTLY j U.MI Tlr.::.ii.i;-.,y Pi.-ems ,! \\' 'I S&S Market Co. S&S Special 'fqr Tuesday, Oct. 10th, at the store only"- _ i. unb CJtop ,, !!» ' Sirloin Steak, Ih ... Porli iH-cK I'ib.T, !b, . W.J.H h.'re S.'iUtrda.v- on lnj.-j«it NX, , j man .he rv-sviied m i : he mino evpiiihiun ...Mi.-;-, M;UI:;.I>-! KV'Uv, ...I* Muriisoii, j t hi.s halt'-liri.ihcr. h«-' : |,,,ih, f .,.;4 || ( .,i | )( . >.| flit Sain.: ti >\ ,\a ;<• mlii I'Hi-iiil...- j 1 n, -1,1,;-;- i hi.-,- rii.uu •». ],.,r i-i'tiuenn-e .\jit-:, M;u:> t;la--luim ami .Mrs, \V.ji-ii>r i hi ..M.;!, I h,> (..-r^aa.sii.o • t i ii < i (I -ll-'i rrir:!!!.'. !•{ T iiii|ii''.i, aie hi -if -\ Ss -»i ' i.. tin- v«i.|iiiii v\ in- \<-\'>. ••-, he ' H iU i ui\i- Ih.- to ;)li Hit a:;(i; ( ,r ',-,< . !i'.»M," .-i.ti.ini;.; u r.iTmiut. !.•«.-! i -'i-siiu...! 111 .-n;•, l.j w 'li.aniiitiV ' i-liidji >>< •; ; pn i:,ni,»iit v, nil • i-nijK-i|.itn |/i.w<r. i.-ii.f. '••• - el' n>l" l.> i-'i'-l i j ] j/e • . , !;i- il 'i. r,' -rrerrT~-"i-,-,r?'T.'rTrr".;r: - ..-!»,.•.! .-,l!e! i:.- '>- Jlifiil I.>(t.'i I tli!.;h Schi.ol -i,tin-inii l'laMS at i\-|.M.iini n li.ii finru S !,, I.'. Air, utii.i Mi~. li.-Miiii-r, of VVal- i.iil ', ,j h, re M.'iiiii-it.iv -ilul »n fiii-t:ds eiirunle (n Celvid'-r*' l :^__-!;. l .i:....^i;.l_-:MiVx..J.l—.A'. 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