Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on April 17, 1974 · Page 3
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 3

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 17, 1974
Page 3
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Daily "We Could Travel Faster,Comrade,lf You'd Dear Abb ? Let Me Push You!" Wednesday, April 17, 1974 Food Gap A lifestyle grounded in abundance and comparative affluence makes it hard for Americans to grasp the inescapable relationship between population and food supply in the world's poor nations. Such understanding is of the greatest importance as we enter an era which will be marked by more widespread hunger than at any time in the immediate past, and even by starvation on a large scale. A Population Reference Bureau bulletin on Pakistan provides graphic illustrations of the problem which faces nations encompassing a third of all the globe's people. The problem is that population is outracing food production. In Pakistan's case, a massive family planning program has failed to halt this trend. The bulletin from the Population Reference Bureau tells us: "Far from declining, the annual growth rate apparently increased to 3.5 per cent, and (in the decade since 1961) 22 million people were added to the population — an increment equal to the total population of Pakistan in 1925 or to the present population of Canada." The crucial factor involved is that the capacity to feed the population has not increased accordingly. Says the PRB bulletin: "During the past 71 years the population of present-day Pakistan has about quadrupled; population density has risen from 53 to 209 people per square mile. Thus even though gross acreage under cultivation has increased 37 per cent — from over 37 million acres in 1951 to nearly 48 million in 1970 — the arable land available per rural inhabitant has decreased from 1.35 to 0.99 acres. This partly explains why Pakistan is now suffering a food deficit." Over here we worry about excessive population's impact on our way of life. In the poor nations the worry is that people in large numbers will starve to death. It is at this level of reality that one must consider their plight. Wants a ^Divorce Shower' By Abigail Van Buren Histories One of the most promising spinoffs of the coming bicentennial celebration is the anticipated series of popular histories of the states. These volumes will be prepared under the auspices of the American Association for State and Local History, with financing provided by grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities totaling almost $300.000. Each of these projected works on the 50 states and the District of Columbia will be a book of 150 to 200 pages. The main thrust of the undertaking is suggested by the tentative series title: ''A-Nation of Experiments: Bicentennial Histories of the States." We are told in a National Endowment for the Humanities news release: "Each volume in the series will be an interpretive essay, characterizing the people of a given state historically and showing the relationship of that particular state's history, experiences and values to those of the nation as a whole. A basic premise of the project is that the states, far from being mere political subdivisions, were dynamic extensions of the American Revolution whose bicentennial observance belongs in that sense to them all." The first group of six authors has been chosen by the AASLH in consultation with an advisory committee. Among them are such distinguished historical writers as Bruce Catton, Elting Morison and Louis B. Wright. The series is getting off to an excellent start. It should make a major contribution to understanding of the qualities that have brought this nation of diverse yet unified people to its 200th anniversary. Due Process It is not vindictiveness but a perception of justice done at last that makes the murder conviction of W. A. (Tony) Boyle so gratifying. The judicial process has reached this climax after more than four years of litigation following the violent deaths of Joseph A. Yablonski and his wife and daughter in 1969. The former United Mine Workers president is the fifth man to be convicted of murder in the case. All the others seem but a prelude to this conviction, for it appears that Boyle was primarily responsible. As the prosecuting attorney observed after the trial: "Mr. Boyle was the initiator of this crime and he was the beginning, and we've gone from the end and traced it back to the beginning and an American jury decided." The three slayings were particularly reprehensible because they were not .done in the heat of passion, nor even for financial gain, but cold bloodedly in fear that Yablonski threatened Boyle's position as head of the UAW. From that eminence he decided that his rival must be eliminated, and thus set the tragedy in motion. It is good to know that, in proceedings which accorded him all his rights of due process, justice has in its own good time caught up with Tony Boyle. DEAR ABBY: For years I have contributed to office collections for coworkers on the occasion of their engagements, marriages. anniversaries, births, deaths in the family, new homes, etc. My wife and I separated a year ago. and I've been rooming with another man since then. Now I'm getting my own apartment, and I need all the things a couple needs to set up housekeeping —sheets, towels, dishes, appliances, etc, (My wife took everything when we split upi Since I can't afford to buy all these things at once, I have proposed a "divorce" shower at work. It might even be appropriate for the gifts to be used items, since it's a second start for me. The general reaction in the office was favorable, but some were on the fence. We agreed to abide by your advice as to whether this idea was too outrageous or actually a sensible way to help me out with a problem. POTLKSS DEAR POTLESS: The idea makes a Polly's Pointers Has a Bright Future DEAR POLLY — My Pet Peeve is with the planners of bolh mobile and standard homes who must all be 10 feet tall males. Invariably kitchen cupboards are placed so high above counter tops that, for the average woman, only the contents of the bottom shelves are easily accessible. To get anything from a shelf above, one most stand on tiptoe, a stool or chair. Lowering cupboard to 14 inches above counter tops, just so an electric mixer and bread box can slide under easily, would be a boon to homemakers. —XELL. DEAR POLLY — Mrs. I).P. should strain the fat in her deep fryer through a double thickness of cheesecloth, put it back in the fryer and cook two medium-size potatoes at about 250-degrees. The draining removes any particles in the fat and the potatoes remove the stale taste and odor. Keeping such fat in the refrigerator, especially when the weather is warm. also would keep it fresher. — MARYH. DEAR POLLY — Mrs. D.P. can strain the fat in the deep fryer by pouring it through nylon, such as part of a CLEAN stocking, that she stretches over a clean three-pound coffee can. I do this and the nylon catches crumbs, salt, etc. When 1 use the fat again 1 need to add very little more. To do this 1 cut the top off a nylon stocking, stitch up one end, stretch the open end over the coffee can and pour the grease through. I usually use the grease four times by- doing this. It can be stored in the can with the plastic lid put back on. Be sure both nylon and can are extra clean. — MRS. R.A. POLLY'S PROBLEM DEAR POLLY — What does one use to clean and restore old copper wash boilers? I have heard that they can be sprayed a brassy color when cleaned By Polly Cramer and do not tarnish again. I hope someone will tell me if I can spray mine to look like brass instead of copper since they make idea containers for firewood. — M.M.P. DEAR POLLY - Our family eats grapefruit for breakfast so I always had to clean juice spots off the top of my lovely birch table because much of it was exposed around mats. Now I use a bright-colored beach towel as a breakfast tablecloth that is great. It is absorbent and easily washed with no ironing required. -HELEN, DEAR POLLY — Do not struggle with the second row of your knitting but use both needles close together for casting on the stitches. At the end of the first (cast on) row pull out one needle and leave nice long loops for inserting the needle when knitting the second row. —M.H. DEAR GIRLS — I use a needle larger than required for the article for casting on that first row of knitting. -POLLY. Timely Quotes — All the gags on television aren't funny — especially the regulatory ones. Remember: if it's the boss telling the jokes — he who laughs, lasts. Mark time on the job and you'll soon be marching around for a .job. Pioneering, '74 style: Replacing a cartridge ribbon on a typewriter. mm WORLD "This is insanity to talk about my dating you. We live more than a tank full of gas from each other." lot of sc'nsc to me. But you shouldn't "propose" the shower yourself, anymore than a bride should "propose" her own shower. il'.S. Yours is not actually a "divorce shower," it's a miscellaneous shower for a man who's setting up housekeeping and doesn't have a pot. i DEAR ABBY: I work in an office building '('here's a woman clown the hall who smokes about a pack of cigarettes a day. and she bums every one of them' She knows there are several smokers in this office, so she runs in just about every .'!() minutes and asks if "anybody" has a cigarette. I asked her why she didn't buy some, and she said: "I'm not supposed to be smoking at all, and if I buy them I'll only smoke them." (I wonder what she thinks she is doing with the cigarettes she bums off us'.') Is there some real sharp answer we can give her when she comes in here to bum a cigarette'.' SUCKER Your Health Safe Way to Reduce By Lawrence E. Lamb, M.D. DEAR DR. LAMB — This is my gift to all your readers who are trying to lose weight. Some time ago a woman wrote you how she safely lost 20 pounds in three months. I had tried just about everything, and this woman's advice sounded sensible, so I tried it. Like she said, I lost 20 pounds in three months, from 140 to 120 pounds. I did not count calories or stick to high proteins, as many protein foods contain some fast, too. I did not take any kind of pill. I simply ate a well-balanced meal three times a day, but reduced the amount. I ate one serving instead of two or three, nothing between meals. At bedtime I always liked ice cream in summer and hot chocolate in winter. Instead of a dish filled to overflowing and heaped up. I cut down to two scoops. I reasoned with myself that I was eating everything I wanted or needed, only cutting the amount. I didn't run to the scales every day as this is a slow, sure method. I simply took the woman's word, followed her advice and relaxed. Before I could weigh myself (I have no scales of my owni, friends were remarking how I must be losing weight, or "Did you know you are losing weight 1 '" I know this will hurt some advertisers' business, but like I said, it's my gift to your readers, and if they accept it and appreciate the weight lost I hope they will write you. DEAR READER — You are another example of the wisdom of a good diet program that involves a complete and consistent correction of faulty eating habits. Congratulations. The problem most people have with a sensible diet is that they have no patience. They want to lose weight overnight, even though it took them years to add all that fat to their bodies. As a result, they goon a fad diet, wither without success. When they have lost the weight, if they can stand the diet that long, they commonly return to their old eating habits, the very ones that caused them to get overweight to begin with. So. what happens? A large percentage of people who do lose weight gain it back. DEAR STCKEll: Don't look for a "sharp" answer. Tell her if she's going to smoke she'll have to buy her own. That's sharp enough. DEAR ABBY: 1 have- been dating Henry for six months He says he does not have a telephone at home. I do not have the phone number of the night or day jobs where he works. He says they allow only emergency calls, so he does all the calling. One day I asked him where he lived and he said: "! can't give you the address because I'm nght now." When I asked him where to send his Christ mas card, he said: ".Just hand it to me." I have never been introduced to any of his friends, and he says he doesn't have any family. Once I came right out and asked him if he was married, and he said no. He is always telling me I ask too many questions. I have a feeling he is not being honest with me. There are things I would like to know about him because I am falling in love with him. Why do you think he's so .secretive'.' IN THE DARK DEAR IN: It's just a wild guess, but I'd say he's either married or living with someone. Unless he's willing to let you know where he lives and where he works, you'd be wise to forget him and look for a man who's not afraid to answer a few simple questions. Daily Times Herald & Ml! North Cmirt Stree( Ciirnill. Inwa Haily K.vccpt Sundays ;ind Holidays other than Washing- Inn .s Birthday and Veteran's Day, by the Herald Publishing Company JAMKSW WILSON. Publisher HOWAKUU WILSON. Kditur W I. HKITX. \c-ivs Kditnr JAMKS H WILSON. Vice President General Manager Kntcreil :is second-class waiter :tt (he posl-oftico al Carmil Inwa. under the ac't nl March:*. IK!I7 Member »l the Associated Press The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for repulihciilion of all the Ideal news printed in this newspaper as »ell as all AP dispatches Official Paper of County and City Subscription Hates IU carrier boy delivery per week HVMAII. L'urrnll County and All Adjoining Counties, where carrier service is not available, per year Outside of Carroll and Adjoining I'nunties'fri Zones I and :! per \ear All Other Mail in the I'mlcd States, per year .... S .60 .... S20.00 .... S23.00 .... S27.00 Alter Easier Clearance FABRIC CENTERS BUTTONS Good Assortment cards Notions Assortment Reg. to 49< ea. Fabric Cutting BOARDS 39!/2" to 72" $4.00 value 100% Polyester Suiting Woven plaids and solids in Dyed-to-Match colors. Reg. $4.49 BUY 100 ..^ h8l dn>. Reg- fc4.99 Simplicity #6039 One Table PRINTS - VOILE CHAMBRAY Values to $1.99 One Table of SOFT KNITS- POLYESTER & COTTON Were 99< *Pum WESTGATE MALL Sale days April 18 thru Tues., April 23 OPEN: 9 to 5 Mon. thru Sat. 9 to 9 Friday

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