Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 26, 1964 · Page 12
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 12

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1964
Page 12
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12 - Wed., Feb. 26, 1964 Redlands Daily Facts Censorship, third of a series Movies have had continual censor cases .ELEViSICN IN REVIEW By HARRY FERGUSON WASHINGTON (UPI) — Attempts to reduce the sex content in movies began almost as soon as motion pictures got into motion. In 1896 there was a loud protest about the duration of a kiss May Irwin bestowed on John C. Rice on a new-fangled invention called the Vitascope. Currently there is only a mild ripple when Shirley MacLaine, playing a prostitute in the film "Irma La Douce," turns hcv back on the camera and saun-jship. ters across the room unimpeded by garments of any kind. Once the most heavily censored of all the entertainment media, the movies are now in an uninhibited era where almost anything goes. They arrived at this status for several reasons, but chiefly because the United States Supreme Court reversed itself. In 1915 the court ruled that mo- By RICK DU BRC HOLLYWOOD fUPI) — Th wife and I usually have bet!, fights than the one betwet Sonny Liston and Cassius Cb Tuesday night on closed-circuit theater television. It's true there arc no knock. , -.. , , - , . ^ (downs in our living room bouts, seals of approval to films withlal were denied to "The Man|wtiicii usually last about a which it finds nothing wrong.!with the Golden Arm" (it dcalt! roun( j an( | a j, a [f an( j cn( i m aj But there is a widespread mis-jwith narcotic addiction) andi| la p p y c i m ch. But on the other apprehension about how the|"The Moon is Blue" (a youngihand, we don't charge aiimis- Motion Picture Association of:girl's chastity was involved). ! s jon.' America, which Hays foundcd,| 0 tto Premingcr. producer of Network television iv .xini; both films, decided to show hows off ABC-TV this scasop. them without the code's seal of and not a minute too soon. At- approval. Nothing much hap-jter the poor quality of Tuesday pened except Preminger made night's Liston-Clay match, a lot of money. Now producers,!which was. after all. for tiie functions. It does not censor movies so much as it helps the producers avoid trouble. Geoffrey M. Shurlock, director of the Production Code Administration, is available to consult with movie producers and directors to help them get scripts that will not run into censor- Cashes In Hollywood likes to cash in on the publicity value of a sensational book or play. Shurlock helps and he almost qualifies as a magician because he especially those of foreign made films, are largely indifferent to the approval seal and many do not even apply for one. The only states that now maintain motion picture censorship boards are New York, Maryland, Virginia and Kansas. Many cities censor films in heavyweight championship <;f the world, one wonders that tr.e fight business still interests anyone at all except the partit pants. I'm afraid I was cne of th who went to a theater to s the bout, in wbich C1 a emerged as a successor to t throne once held by Joe Louis who, by the way, was an an nouncer Tuesday night. Person- some form or other, but are! has turned into acceptable films! more cautioU s in banning a pro-. 1 „ , such sizzlers as "Cat on a Hot| duction . Tne court decisions in' aUy - 1 woukI not 1>a - v flve ccnts Tin Roof," "From Here to . The Miracle"" and "Pinky" are Jet aIone S ' 5 ' ,0 sce Lls,on arA constant reminders that movies Eternity," "Peyton Place "£L C '"" . i • ! enjoy the protection of the Con- Thc control over movlPS ! s titution lion pictures were purely a| h y the Production Code Ad business and not entitled to (he!ministration was weakened io ;Next: Television— the most in- constitutional protection givcnj'he 1950s when seals of approv-' hibited medium of all. to the press. That invited thej • most drastic type of censorship! —prior restraint—and the states rushed to pass censorship laws. Things Change In 1952, two rapid-fire Supreme Court decisions changed everything. A film called "The Miracle." made in Italy by Ro berto Rossellini and starring Anna Magnani, was brought into court in New York on a charge of being sacrilegious. It was the story of a simple-minded peasant girl who became pregnant and thought that her seducer was Saint Joseph. IN HOLLYWOOD Movie-TV chatter from Cleo to golf By Erskine Johnson HOLLYWOOD — (NEA) — [inition of a snob: "A guy who Hollywood is talking about: j watches the Beverly Hillbillies Plans at 20th Century-Fox tO|With his shoes on." film "Custer's Last Stand" . . .| The new gambling idea for and no quips about "Cleopatra":golfers, introduced at the Hoi-,show Sunday Clay mix it asain. I have seen more raw daring in the peopie who ride New York City Midways a; nig':!. is it j - • - -~.- 11 •! • • tl :at Tiic- niu 'i'.'s fi'-h' was an ttvl-oMiii'- line landmark inr >>o \ir.,' I wonder what Joe I.onis was thinking, really thinking. ; N'BC-TV's "Telephone Hotir"j Tuesday ni^ht marked its' 1.000th broadcast in 24 years on : radio and television. Shirley Jones was hostess for the oc-j casion. Happy birthday to you.' happy birthday to you, happy i birthday dear "Telephone Hour"' happy birthday to you! The Channel Swim: George Raft does a song-and-dancc routine on CBS-TV's Ed Stihivan (i roueho The court removed the New[ a ] most becoming "Fox's Last Plywood Hackers Celebrity golfjilarx is the" host of ABC-TV York ban and, more important, held that a state could not censor a film on the ground of sacrilege. Movies, the decision said, were a medium of communication and entitled to the proteclion of the First and 14th Amendments to the ion. Stand hoping for with hubby Aaron Spelling "if we can be as nice to one another as we arc to our friends." Carolyn Jones tournament in Las Vegas. Thei "Hollywood Palace" March 14 a reconciliation! 11th green was painted to simu-L . . NBC-TV's announced docu- : late a roulette wheel. The!mentary on the tragedy-plagued Hackers picked their numbers high-wire troupe, the Wallenda before teeing off. ifamily, airs .March 22 . . . The James Darren playing Mari-- In the reverse switch depart-!Wallcndas perform this Satur- llyn Maxwell's son in the ment, television has "The Fug- day on the "Hollywood Palace." Constiu-! movie, "The Lively Set." So? litive," in which the hero is the j NBC-TV's "Suspense Theatre" So every morning the make-up:pursued and now we have:anthology is reported officially A week later the court madc[departmcnt makes Darren lookj-Destry," in which the hero!renewed for the coming season a similar ruling in the case of'five years younger and Marilyn will be the pursurer. A series with Perry Como's specials in the movie "Pinky," the story of a light-skinned Negro girl who passed for white in the North. The case got to the Supreme Court because a movie exhibitor in Marshall. Tex., had been fined $300 for showing the picture. In A Jam Between the court decisions a dozen years older. 'about a Beverly Hills family'termingled again ... Same net- Olivia de Havilland's book. I transplanted to the Ozarks may: work is now said to be count"Every Frenchman Has One, becoming a television series in Europe. But another star, not Olivia, will play her role . . . Ozzie Nelson's purchase of the Broadway comedy, "Love and Kisses," for a movie starring son Ricky. Ozzie is writing the make it yet. of 1915 and 1952 Hollywood got screenplay and will also pro itself into a jam. not so much New hours for Yucaipa sheriffs station ling pretty firmly on a one-hour j Daniel Boone series, starring JFess Parker, for the fail . . . ! Bing Crosby, who couldn't come I to terms with CBS-TV for a situation comedy, is bending an ear toward ABC-TV. because of the pictures it produced but because of the high- jinks of some actors. Wallace Reid died a drug addict. Fatty Arbuckle was accused, but acquitted, of causing the death of Virginia Rappe at a wild party. Director William Desmond Taylor was shot to death and the ramifications of the case ended the careers of Mabel Norman and Mary Miles Minter. Hollywood decided to censor itself and invited Will II. Hays to do the job. The so-called Hays Office is still in existence and still issues Names enough for hearing on Think of "LARRY" For PAINT Larry's Paints One of the Best Why Settle for Less? LARRY'S Paint House Winn Bldg. Colten J> Orange 792-1044 duce. All-day operation of the; Don Rickles' night club act Sheriff's Substation office in Yu- routine about a U.S. spy or-!caipa may begin March 6. dercd to Yugoslavia to made'with the assignment of four ad- contact with another agent'ditional deputies to the station, named Goldstein. The password Sgt. Willard Farquhar reported.; \nrn *'V \fj?i was, "The sun is shining." | Deputies to be assigned to the: IHvvl JIVl ( The Yankee spy made it ioi Yu "ipa substation effectivei ^ 'March 1 are Patrick 0. Adler.J SAN BERNARDINO ( CXS>- Richard A. Lake, Monte L. I Bloomington is the first area Lindquist, and Floyd II. Phil-:to qualify with enough signa-' hps. jtttres on petitions for incorporation since the rash of moves'. toward becoming a city that started last fall. A hearing on the proposed incorporation will be held on 'the four new deputies, i March „ 25 before the Local Ag-j ency Formation Commission as the result of the County Board of Supervisors on Monday de-. the proper address only to discover an apartment house where two Goldsteins were listed on the mailbox name plates. He rang the doorbell of the Goldstein. When a man appeared, he said: "Are you Goldstein? The man said he was. "All right, the sun is shining," said our man. "Sorry," said Goldstein. "I'm Goldstein, the butcher. You want Goldstein, the spy — he's on the third floor." "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" losing 30 minutes of its| madness after a re-editing job for the film's general release.! In revised form the film runs two hours and 42 minutes. Rod Steiger's observation that "film producers arc using television popularity polls as a barometer for what kind of movies to make." Television also uses movies for television ideas. . . . This is Hollywood, Mrs. Jones: Now that the film. 'Judgment in the Sun," is completed, MGM gave it a new title, "The Outrage." The witnit: Alan Wilson's def-| The added help will make it possible to have a deputy in the office at all times. In the past, the substation has closed at 5 p.m. With Sgt. Farquhar's command will include a totai of 10 patrol deputies, one detective and a clerk. Special PO in Liverpool for George 'Beatle' daring the Bloomington petitions sufficient to meet the 2." | per cent requirement set by 'state law. The other prospective city areas arc Yucaipa and Yucca Valley, where extensions to j meet deadlines have been| granted; Jurupa Hills, south ofi Fontana, where efforts to get: LIVERPOOL. England (UPI) j petitions filled failed and the in-: —The post office set up a spe- ]COrpora ti on has been dropped.' ciai department Tuesday to and Highland, where the move deal with birthday mail for to make a city has just gotten George Harrison. 21. one of the;underway, mop-haired "Beatles" singers, j John Bevis, county tax asses- Thousands of cards and gifts sor. reported Monday to Sup- poured into George's home ervisors that Bloomington in- from Beatles fans throughout;corporation sponsors had pre- 1 Britain. Gifts included teddv sented petitions representing < bears, cakes, bottles of sham-i mor e 'nan 25 per cent of the poo and combs. REDLANDS ENGINE REBUILDERS • TRANSM. • ENGINE • SALES & SERVICE NO MONEY DOWN ON APPROVED CREDIT — UP TO 24 MONTHS TO PAY RING & VALVE GRIND SPECIAL 6 Cyl. Most 8 Cyl. $4950 $ 69 50 Includes both tabor end parti, n*w rings, new rod bearings, grind valves & seats, align rods, cut cylinder ledge*, check fitting of main and rod bearing*, gaskets and oil and expert minor motor tune-up. All parts steam cleaned. This is not a major overhaul — additional parts and labor extra, subject to your approval. All Work Guaranteed 6000 Miles or 90 Days Free Loan Cars When Available — Free Towing — City Limits AUTOM. TRANSM. SPECIAL Included in this repair as needed: Clutches, bushings, piston seals, oil rings, thrust washers, front seal oil rings, all gaskets. All parts pressure tested. We also install additional parts extra. Also Exchange transmissions from $89.50 Exchange Engines at Popular Prices SHORT BLOCK PLUS INSTALLATION Block Must Meet Our Standards, Plus Taxes, Gaskets, Oil, Etc. 346 ORANGE - 792-3492 Open 8-7 • Sun. 12-2 p.m. area's property owners, who al 'so own more than 25 per cent; of the assessed value of land.'. Bevis reported that land within the proposed city is assessed; at Sl.405.550, with $-124,620 of: that assessed valuation represented on the petitions. The number of landowners in the same area, Bevis reported, is 4.017, and the owners on the j petitions totaled 1,374. I TREASURE HOUSE i Your unused furniture or an- ipliances will find a ready mar iket through Classified Ads. V Stereo and Hi-Fi RECORD CHANGERS 40 % Garrard — Collaro — VM — Telefunlcen. SAVE UP TO SELF SERVICE TUBE CHECKER Ererythior tor the Antrnn»i and n om( Technician Antenna Materials Si DO IT VOLKSELF lata?. WHOLESALE MART ISSitV limn N. Waterman T" Open » 'til II — Sunday 10 'til 5 Redlands Store Redlands Blvd. at Teva* St. Open lu A.M. - X P.M. Sunday 111 A.M. - 3 P.M. IT'S EASY...HERE'S ALL YOU DO! Get a FREE "FRIENDLY STORES" entry cord every time you visit Market Basket —you don't have to buy a thing! Note: this card is in two parts. First half is colored yellow on the front. Lift off the perforated tab. Underneath it you'll find the key words or phrases that determine what you will win (see "How to Win" at the right). Detach entry-blank half of cord, fill out and deposit in one of the official "Friendly Stores Sweepstakes" drums at Market Basket. You may win a Chevy II, Nova 400 or a Chevrolet Impala station wagon! JERSEYMAID CATERING MARKET BASKET FLOUR ICE CREAM ASSORTED FLAVORS ft-GAL. COC CTN. ^ J ALL PURPOSE HILLCREST CATSUP 5-UB. BAG BISQUICK 2 M-OZ. OC< BOTS. KERN'S GRAPE JELLY 43 32-OZ. /|^C JAR MAKES SO MANY GOOD THINGS. 40-OZ. PKG. GREEN GIANT CORN CREAM STYLE OR WHOLE KERNEL GOLDEN. DEAL OF 17-02. CANS C.H.B. MAYONNAISE 4^55' DOLE PINEAPPLE- GRAPEFRUIT DRINK 3 46-OZ. $400 CANS I HUNT'S TOMATOES SOLID PACK 28-OZ. 07£ CAN 4| 24-OZ. JAR MARKET BASKET ALL PURPOSE DETERGENT 51-oz. 4Qj< (GT.) PKG. *f ll COMET CLEANSER 2 «3f 41" PRiCE INCLUDES 3c OF? 69 FOLGER'S COFFEE 2 LB. CAN $1.37 I-LB. 3 LB CAN $1.99 CAN _ INSTANT COFFEE, 10-OZ. JAR $1.19 Price Includes 20c OFF C&H BROWN OR POWDERED SUGAR 2 st 29 c SUNSHINE • Krispy Crackers HORMEL Chili Con Carne N.'B.C. JISIM . REGULAR t% 15V2-OZ. 07£ DOG FOOD OR LIVER £\ CANS £f 29' SO HANDY'TO USE ZEE TOWELS SILK ASSORTED COLORS TOILET TISSUE GIANT ROLL ROLL PKG. T-LB. PKG. WITH BEANS 15-OZ. CAN Rifz Crackers STACK PACK 12-OZ. PKG. MARKET BASKET liquid Detergent 32-OZ. BOT. 31' 31' 33' 41' STYLE REGULAR OR SUPER HAIR SPRAY EACH BY MODART 6? Frozen Foods SUNSHINE STATE ORANGE JUICE 4 , - QC< CANS ^-f^^M ORE-IDA U-OZ. PKG. CREST FAMILY SIZE ^ * . TOOTHPASTE M9^] 6%-OZ. TUBE m» I 00 EACH 6%-OZ. TUBE 18*'x27" ——— THROW RUGS BEAUTIFUL COLORS AND DESIGNS GIANT MONSTER BOBBLES ^ BY WHAM-O—MAKES BUBBLES 3 TO 6 FEET LONG! TATER-TOTS COTTAGE FRIES 14-OZ. PKG. MIX OR MATCH 98' 98' $£00 STAR KIST—A COMPLETE LENTEN MEAL TUNA j% PIES t> TO SARA LEE PINEAPPLE CHEESECAKE OR CHOCOLATE CAKE £QC YOUR CHOICE EACH " w

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