Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 9, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 9, 1916
Page 4
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fAGE FOUR STERLING, ILLINOIS. MONDAY, OCTOBER 9. 1916. POWERS The Bungalow Man's lOlcctric Floor Sander jnurtit tin- I HV Y«TV IFIU oil! \\\>- • if i > i s; • I t'i'Mlr.11 i JOHN M. POWERS *J •" T«_II ofrt tir 1008 West 4th St. Bell 879-W IS f* •'t. * 4* Nationally advertised and means this week is best of all the I entire season to see and buy your new prittto^ suit or coat J because great efforts are made by every prints dealer in the I United Stales to have his stock complete in the very last word f in styles of his $nntz$M garments. f STERLING DAILY GAZETTE AND DAILY STANDARD | To this end we have succeeded and an express shipment received Thursday of f SOCIAL AFFAIRS ) I last week; another one on Friday and one this morning makes our stock very £ ;' —^" | complete,so that we ieei justified in inviting our Mends to visit the suit depart- f THE PRESIDENTS DAYk nient and see as tine a display of moderately prieed suits as is shown by any t Mr*. KeHr.Gftve An Interfiling To Club Members Ort n Forward Look. A* store in Sterling. TERMS OF Ay M*il, OtiUidd «» OUrling and Rock ' State* or Canada ypnr in mlvfnit"" 1 IHst ,rnonUi« in iiiH.'Ht !• , • LTR« than *ix tiuiiiH'", I-IT sn By Carrie=r-ln 81*' <*>ti or R<M or by M«i( •«« Ut« 8»*r!,* " Reek F<ilU'l*oi«off<c# One yprir In n<lvitn<«' . lUx moiithi' in iMivttHi'i' ..... Thrw inonijis In niH'n»u-«« Gn»» month Mi ntlvuiirr- . . . .'. By ttip work, imvtilMn i«i !!>*• ivtr i „•". ,?r.,ofi . ~,"< n 1 "i . -I"' .I 1 ' The !';ti( meeting of the Sterling; . AVumiui'i Cluli AVUS held-Saturday at- i '' to HOD!', u< tht> chili nmiHB. . j i A large and enthusiastic audience} ; greeted tlvi 1 president. Mrf. S. - K. Kehr. when *he afrWided the platform. Tito club now has 2M niern !u>r*. ..\vith six proposals for member- Thc work of the coming year wa« outlined in a measure, and the 'hospital and philanthropic committees reported their-work nlrcndy started. The program for the day, kno%vn Specials for Tuesday and Wednesday at (he Cash isket Grocery 214 First Ave. Pears : PEftflSr~ Fancy— Keefer Pcars for can- C1 11? ning; per bu.' & • • * *f •» ' . J . . I ft****************^ DRY GOODS STORE "Distributors of Merchandise of Merit 0 * i ns dent*!" 'liny, was oprnrd by Illinois." Sirs. Hattie Kbor- 8ol«« lending, Mrs, Allen bond at the piano. This was followed by a piano duet by Mr*. Head and MorehoUKe, who kindly re>ponded.-to an .encore. The president in her address.^ A Forward Look. speaking of the worn; en "f Kurnpr, especially of Knglnnd, France and Germany, wiid that they realised that conditions will never be again, as they have IHHMI, and are preparing for wider fields of endeav- *-il States. Mi*. \V. K. Tull.-r of Morrison county president. t>pokc of "The Citizenship." If we are to be citi- Novai*, whether we like it or not, let ,.,| (o' be the best citizens we kliow how to be. Let us Htudy our job. \ Woman's greatest value to the state IK that of/cpnHecrator. Just as in the home, it i^ her duty to take charge of and ions furnished remained until the lowering sun ru-1 years until lh« .members aEain havc'tninit>i-!t.-«i>n rison,; ntinded thorn of home and it,« dutit'-*. tin- Grand bodies in so close a ran£<» !^u.•,«!.-< .niivi-d -N'i'Wj May Mrs. Wilt livt- to t-njoy many and every. 'Subordinate, Kebekah i itntl~iiinii>' ""i today f»f Itii- i <»f tnwn ••rrniony. more like occasions is our wish.* The,particulars* of the anniversary wort 1 as follows: . Her birthday is tomorrow but the occasion was celebrated today because tomorrow is Hundsy. The day was spent in playing hall by the men conserve the provis-j folk.H, pitching horse shoes and visit' •by the husband, tojin«r socially. There was a sumptu- lodjre, camp and canton should avail themselves of the opportunity and take advantape of it. If you can-not arrange to be present the entire week, be present Wednesday October KHth, as this is the day the Clinton or- dcr wishes to show to the outside world the strength of its Odd Fellowship. This is the day of the big par- in T)i«> Fancy Cooking Apples, per peck ..-. 23c Fancy Sweet Potatoes, per peck .29c Extra large Nafal Oranges, 100 size, per doz 35c Extra Fancy Jonathan Apples/per peck ....... 45c 3-5c Cans Kitchen Klenzer for ........... —IQc spoki- »f service as the only foundation-of all orwaniviatiun, and o\illined -how the Wonnui'H Club ht|f been and fmay continue to bo of K'netU «c-rvic«« iin the betlerment of .mankind. She fapo'j<ft:./<Vf'4h«*-4M.l\j<Mitfunul/a'u'd:.rttflim } value of the moving pirture, nnd jrave i many interestintf facts concerning ! the work of chili wonu't 1 of the Unit- keep the homo cluun-, both us to sani-•• ous dinner to which all did justice, i ade, eonsisitinjr of cantons, camp?., tation and morality, so in the state j Those who were prese'nl were; must she learn the source and amount j Mother Wilt and dauKhteXjWedia; T»f~rhi'~iTrrOTnc i rnt""~shtr~T,TiiJlU"^l5elyTti~K^ provitli? for its use, and it seems to hej tiordon, J. L. Huck\valti»r and wife; her special duty to "clean up" ns men! Mrs. Ben Smith" of Me." Carroll;,Cat- are noticeably, i)vi(liKC.nt in, this re-'vin 'Wilt of Httvanna; Frank, Joseph subordinate lodge*, Kehekahs, Grand ()fflcers. bajids and floats and aJI thaj_| KO fiFmake a WK parade. This" will I lie followed by Memorial services in 1 the ('oliSeum, thedecorntion of chiv- , . . -,,„--„,-,; ,-,. T ... ..... - — -, , airy, the conferring of all jnihordin-1 fcnrd. Citi'/.enship is (lijjnifit'd, and and CJint Wilt.und 4"4*milie8 of Thom*j ate degrees at the Colisvum in the we must meet it in ii dignified .mun-|.«>on;. Charles. Wilt and family: Mr,. evening and numerous other attrao-' nun -...,_„-,._._ —,-_ -j- fl)u j Mrsr !{ois~<iM(vaK'otr, Joe: Turney]tioTjs; u SbWtHhihfr":'dom^"'a11'' : tho"irm"e".' In the' Vacation Experiences, Mr.s. »'*d family and Mr. nnd Mrs. Harmon j i ... . >mi | lcr( Mr- ni){1 Mrs. Kyle Haw-j of Ideal; Mrs, Jennie I/owry, ' M. K. O'Hair of .Sterling; \V.F. i and children; .Daniel Alice > many hihioric places nnd parried her' !UHl Ksther and Mrs. Jume$ Cheeso- he WILL Occur clear skin wins I f you, too, arc embarrassed by a (limply, blotchy, unsightly cum- . plexioo. just try At 8 O'Clock HERSHEY'S COCOA pound srl Large 1 da i. pail of Pcrlfection syru can for 35c - - 55c 2!bs. fancy Prunes 3 lOc cans milk, 27c for 25c Large 20oz Jar fresh 3 iOcpkgs. Skinners peanut butter, per Macaroni or Spag- far - 25c hettf for 25c Extra lancy sliced 3 lOcpkgs. Pancake pineapple per can, earers with her, through Itevolution- 1 '»']'• ""J 1 'l»«Khtcr Clautlinu. of Mil-j , )r . ,,,„„.,,,-. •s,.|,mlu' and *" '-« IW "«" ^-'' flour for 25c 20c Extra fancy Capo Cod Eipe Cranberries, qt. 10c J3-10c pkgfl Graham Crackers foe 25c Igxtra Fftncy Now .York bask 3Qc 8 Bars Oval Quecu for 25ir 0 Bars American Fam. 250 0 Bsu s Galvanic for •','. 25c 0 Bars Rub No More 25o « Bnra Crystal White 260 4-5c boxes Matches ISd Corn ai Central Union "As Ught tl»e club the benefit of her ob- itl portrayal, that many felt with her all the thrills and exultation, of that beautiful w^ond^rful country. They entnped wfih Tier, and even went along when the bears ate' up the j lunch. j ! .Miss Rujn Thome sang .two pretty j little, garden songs, and jjracioiiKly i rejiponded to ah encore. 7 At the 'close of the projjriim «n in- ormu! reception was held, diiinly re.- I freshniehts were .served and a social j hour enjoyed.. The next meeting will October ''2 1st, when Francis (5, State Supt, of J'ub. liiHtruc- tion"Will.address the club. J'ress Cor. tailed dinner a who luuk u -trf 1 those pns.sent and of Mrs. Wilt and! her chlfdron."'"'' "" ~ ! FOR MISS AMBERY A Farewell Party WM Tendered Mi»« Ambarg of Dixon Thirty-five 1 friends held a surprise Thursday cyoninjf• in Knights of Col> urnbus hall in Dixon for Miss Frances (or a week and see if it does nojjnake ;» blessed difference in your skin. . In severe cases a . In uc K CSKHM Ointiut'iU M GOOD NEWS Many Sterling Readers Have Heard It and Profited Thereby. be ustd^ Jtosinul Stiap helps to make, red, rnugb lianda and arms S"(t and white, and to keep the hair healthy and free,, from dan« dniff,» Contains no free, alkali. Kttimil Si«ii and Ointment heal ecicnu »nd »imi» kr kkin-«rut>tio»» And usually (top itcbinc in»Uuily. "(Jooil new* travels fast." tuul V-rH in Kn the to make her homo in Tulsa, Okla. A. 1Ut . K , a<1 (( , ,,;.„.„ w|lt . ri . n , Hl , f |t scramble supper was enjoyed and*, . ., . dancing and music were features of J rul " Hl - .M«ny « !anu- ( wt-ak un.l ththevening, Misn Mae Keilley, prcs-f'" 1 '' back is had no 'mon *•""•'" / '- !l - 1 •"•• «.->-•••' Doan's Kitliwy Pillw. t)ur oili<u>ii)< an toIliiiK the good news of their once wllh_ this (t-stei" is an example- worth : Mrs. It. 1). Woyor, IIOil K, idont of Kt. Mary's Ciuild, in behalf of the guild, made the presentation and gave Miss Amherg a plateau,;- - M*s»- Am- herg', much to tlm- regret of a large j circle of-Uixon and Twin City friends,! Feather " At Homt of Carroll Telephone Value Are you performing the many duties connected with your household, which should be done by the telephone? If you are, y6u have no telephone, -fojrthfc telephone user Known telephone value, .Ask _ your Bell neighbjtwr about, telephone -value, and v you will ordel'yourself a Bell telephone today. "Talk about light, fluffy, templing and wholesome Jelly Rolls, Cakt'B,Hiscuiuandother , good things! My! but CALUMET BAKING POWDER certainly beati the band for sure results — for _pyW* fconorny and whofcsoino bakings, '1V11 your rfiothur tt> try 'Calumet Usking i'uw- der on (ho nunji'V-back guarantee/ ;*|y«i Hmti**l AwMd* i lltf if l\a*J Cn* Rebecca Wilt In Mt. Honoring Her 85th Birthday. her iKt. Nov. ( WJIK Tin- following clippinjf which WUH lukun from Saturday's issue uf the Mt. CUu-roll Demoerut, will be of interest to innny Twin City ptioplo. Mrs. -Wilt is tbo mother of Mrs. Sum- ue.l towry of tUU. t'ity w«d bus visited hero on numerous occasions, Mrs. Kubwi-u Wilrof15ji«t Carroll HMV of- our most highly respected citizt'iis wnd mothers reached the eightjrrfourth mile stone of the journey uf IUc today and as usuu! her f children uml their chi o ldren came-to tftlHHHl-IJHMbty-AviUj-Uef, There wcr« j forty-pin*, old and young, present imd H most happy time resulted. There \vus uKiaiur dinner wnd the children Will COMPLtXION Ruddy Cheeks-r-Sparkling —Most Women Can Have S:iy« Di. Fdwaids, a.Well-Known Ohio : ssiys; "I Amberg i-s we'll known in the! 1 " '""*' " pa " aeh " 8 aml . itics, having visited friends •'" "" !U '^ frollt «' f - m >' W*- Mv» l»aek here on numerous ocfaaions. ! got lal «'ft"a»d *uru aiul J eouM hanlly — — — [Stoop. Mornings, it was «ll I i-ould 'do ti> gi-t out nf bftt. One ln>,\ of Dean's Kidney 1'ills. was «U I lu-odi'd to rc- move the jtuin« and ail other ailments." i'ricit 50o. at all dwUi-rw. Don't simply, ask for a kidney, remedy— B«>t Dtuin's Kidney I'llla — thrt wuno' that Mr». BtiytT ftad. Fbater-'Mtlhurn Co., Four Sterling young ladies . who v~m --- ------J!J-iJ..;!Jja:i i ai..,,...j^u..,..^^ m .i.^i vtylo— = the-mselves the Jolly .. Four Club, and who huv« btxm patrons of i •.scores of Dixon dancing parties! within the '.past four seasons, Mvef arranged to give H big party at Ros-i brook's hall in that city next Tues»! day "evening, for which tne Marquettej orchestra will furnish music. TJie ! hull will i>« prettily decorated and! JOLLY FOUR DANCE be Given in Oixon, Tue*d«y Night by Sterling Girl* doubtless the attende)! by young people. affair \Vill l»t' Sterling ami largely; Dixon A HOUSE PARTY Given Over Mi*f the Wesk End Emwitt ' Dr- F. U Hdwaids for M years 'treated nores oi wuun fur hver and I'ovu't ailments. Dining tln,>>e ycara he t;t\i' in ii.. p.itu'nta'.i procupliou mudc tit .1 uu va'll-kr,.>-.\ii vcfjotul'K-uigrt-di-j I| rm-v rn\.-rf wih'r-itYt- uil. tt.umng them ; ^ Di. I'dwaids' t'ls.c TuljU-S-.. \ou will i ' by Misf Hazel Krnnutt entertuineil a few Iriend.s at u ttet'k fin! hoiihe patty at thu home of her "paicnlh, Mi. ami Mix John K.fuiruH near NeUon. Tin* Kuots. w»-ie'Mi. tiuil Mi.-. lU-a Krfi.ler.. Mi>s .MartH.i |,.uuli^ and U';.lil lit' Ante . lu\\:t. TJie V * * * ^"^1^^"' fT" OcWrnU'tfn'fm \i •i' t Ai IN -I i; •i l>y tluir iJuc iMlor. .»!>U:s an wi'iidcr-wtukers on ,n.l li.\,«!i, \\,hu!t ij'^o a h-n- i i..fl)'f)^ ulT itit' v\a-»lc allU ir: it'tr '•» mi* '•- ••* •.( in ; it,i .1 ji di' K>4\', .-.illinV i > ik, iui!il»U'>i vx'.'c I t u' MH" ! (.,!>!- peopli- it'pdil i n.n.-l fii iu\ able ttuu», MOTORKD TO THE CAVES - Mrt n*nl -Mrr. Jrrm'T s-navely and thild;."i .u.-I Mi. ami .Mi . T i'. i-'il inn- .ttii! .on mol"trJ (n !l'f t'.H, t ..' Snnlh >v » I'uil.. near Ml. <'! in tin 1 S'i.'> -i\ _• .il S .) '.i>, ',» licit iht'S |i l : ,n f BH; .CHICAOO. r, ••-;-;- »lt!i' i-s 14 ovvs ,*-\f n . 7 : t ) 7 j-- Suggest a Title for this The person inp: tne test title will receive the toaster displayed in our win*-' J (low. -'-G- e-t- -Boniest ; t coupons at our store.' uv\a\ «. \\ IK. lifUff" I'mhi IM-III C. I. lenuTnan ctt ii. an St OPEJLNOSTRILSr END IT COLD Oft CATARRH How To «ct itelicf When Head and Nose are Htuff«d Up. Count jl/iy! Your cold In h»utl oj catiiililldlJiOl'I'tftrH. . YOHT cloRged IIOM- trilK will oju'i), tlic tiir paMMUKi's of your lu'.'ul will Tli'ar niul you .van fiv«»l>'. 'No moro" ' "IIUWKHIK. hc; no niriiKKlinK for hn $ uth ut. night. i!<-t u Hinail Imitlo of Kty'u Cn-am frunt your ilniKKlnt nnd apply a llttli) (if thlH fragrflnt nntliirptio rrtmin jn your noHtriiM, ' It pcnotratt-w through every air puN-sagi* of ilio III-IH], HuotliliiK uml lii-.'iliny, ilu- Hwollcn or inflamed murouei nifiiiliriuio, giving you Instant rt'lU'f. Hwiil colilB undi catarrh yield lik« inaKic. Don't n(ay wlurfi'il-up uiul »ure. From the Just received direct frpm the Phillipijie Island, •'•••. a'• c'asip ofj / * Manila Stub CIGARS These cigars conic, into this country tiuty free and can he sold., for a much smaller price. We have them now on sale. 10 for 25c 2 for 5c The Stoit

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