The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 24, 1908 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 24, 1908
Page 11
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THE B AKERSFEELD C ALTPORNIAN TKUR8DAT, DECEMBER 24, 1008. LEGAL. LEQAL ORDINANCE NO. 93. j i thereupon proceed to hear any teati- I mony offered, either Jn support of, or _ ^~ _ ^ ^ -. A -^ ^ LEGAL the ordinance imposing a license for against said petition for license, and aslness of handling, Belling or giving away spirituous, malt or fermented liquors or wines, fixing the amount thereof, imposing conditions and making regulations therefor, providing for the revocation of auch license, prescribing the method of procedure and fixing the punishment for the violation of said conditions and regulations. The Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, do ordain BB follows: Section 1. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation, club or association, or member or member a of such club or association, whether as principal, clerk, servant, agent or employee, to engage in transacting, conducting, or carrying on the business of handling, giving away or sell- Ing spirituous, malt or fermented liquors or wines in any quantity or quantities, la said County of Kern, outside of municipal corporations, without first having procured a license BO to do as in this ordinance provided; and any person, firm, cor- shall refuse to allow a license to is sue thereunder, if it shall appear to the satisfaction of the board', that the petitioner for the license is not a proper person to have or hold such license, or if such petitioner has been now existing, or hereafter adopted for the lawful regulation of such business, or place of business. If at any time Jn the judgment of the Board of Supervisors, the sureties on such bond, or either of such sureties become insufficient, the board may require the principal to execute a new bond with sufficient LEQAL, convicted under this ordinance, or has sureties in like form and amount as violated any of the provisions of this ! the first bond; and if he falls so IB ordinance, or if such petition , Is not made in good faith, or if the proposed place for conducting the said business is not a fit or proper place, or if there is any other sufficient Ireaaoa for such refusal, whether Bhd%n by such protest on file, location ness or otherwise. The Board pervlors may of their own motion, or for good cause shown by a petitioner or protestant postpone the hearing of any petition. Section 6. Any person, firm, corporation, club or association, having been once refused a license, or having failed to posecute hifl petition there- for, by reason of protests being filed, shall not be granted a license upon a second petition made within six to do within ten days after receiving written notice of such requirement stating the reason therefor, the board poration, club, or association, or mem. months after the first petition; and ber or members of B uch club or asso- \ *o person shall be granted a license elation who violate any of the provis- upon any petition after having been ions of this ordinance, shall be deem-' twice refused by reason of such tfro- ed guilty of a misdemeanor and punished as hereinafter provided. Section 2. Every person, firm, corporation, club or association, or member or members of such club or association who engages in, transacts or es on in the County of Kern, te of California, outside of munlc- pal corporations, the business handling, giving away, furnishing selling any spirituous , malt or fermented liquors or wines In any quantity or quantities, must first obtain a license therefor from the Tax Collector of said county as hereinafter provided and make therefor the following payments; For each and every year Three Hundred ($300.00) Dollars; and, provided further that no license shall be .issued for a less period than one p*ear. Section 3. No license shall be Isto any person, firm, corporation, club, or association, to engage In, transact, or carry on the business of handling, giving away, furnishing or selling spirituous, malt, or fermented liquors or wines in said Kern Countv outside of municipal corporations, in any place or places where any farce, comedy, tragedy, ballet, opera, play, speaking, declamation, singing, or pantomime, is being given, or where any exhibition of dancing, acrobatic feats, contortions or the like is being given, or in any building or buildings, enclosure, or enclosures, where females are employed for the purpose of soliciting for the sale of. or of giving away the same, or where females are employed for tbe amuse- tests; provided further that any petitioner for a license may be examined under oath, and any competent evidence may be produced as to who Is the real party in interest, and if the Board of Supervisors is satisfied that the petition is not in the interest of the party in whose name the petition is made, they muay refuse to grant the license, and if found to be in the interest of one who has already been refused a license, they may treat the petition as if made by the real party in interest, and the petition shall have the same effect against any future petition, as if it had been made in the name of the real party in interest. Section 7. No license to sell, give away, or' furnish vinous, malt, mixed, or spirituous liquors under this ordinance shall be issued until ordered by the Board of Supervisors; notice of which shall be giv^n to the Tax Collector by the Clerk of the Board oi Supervisors; and provided further . that no license shall be Issued by the ; Tax Collector to any person, firm, cor. | .poration. club, or association,' until the party or parties making petition < for such license-shall have paid to I such Tax Collector any and all sums ! that may be due to the County of i ( Kern from such petitioner, or petition• ers, or either, or any of them, on ac- 1 count of any business heretofore j transacted by such, petitioner or peti-: tioners, or either, or any of them, and for which said business license has not been paid; and it is hereby made the duty of said Taoc Collector to ascertain whether or not said petitioner of license issued thereunder. If at any time it shall appear to the satisfaction of the Board of Supervisors, after having given the principal five days written notice by mail, that he has violated any of the conditions of this bond, and of this ordinance the board shall at once revoke his license and declare the bond forfeited. Section 12. No person shall vend, hawk, peddle, sell, give or furnish spirituous, vinous, malt or mixed liquors or an intoxicating drink to others within the County ot Kern, except at a fixed place of business duly authorized. L L Section 13. Nothing in this ordinance contained shall be construed, or deemed to authorize the sale, or furnishing, or giving of intoxicating liquors to minors, Indians, habitual drunkards, or to any person or class of persons to whom such sale or furnishing is prohibited by law. Section 14. Upon the trial of any action authorized by this ordinance, the defendant is deemed not to have procured the proper license, unless he either produce 1t, or prove that he procured it. misdemeanor. Section 20, All ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict with this ordinance are hereby repealed. This ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after the 4th day of January, 1909. H. A. JASTRO, Chairman O f the Board of Supervisors County of Kern, State of California, Attest: I. L*. MILLER, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. (Seal.) The above ordinance was passed by the Board of Supervisors of the Coun- thereof, held December 16th, 1908, by the following vote; Ayes: Petersen, Brlte. Woody, Corsett, Jastro. Noes: None. Attest: I. L. MILLER, Clerk of tho Board of Supervisors. (Seal.) 12-19 ELINQUENT LEGAL ~ , , Tjuces and costs .,... CookendoiTer. J v \v., in city or .eraneld. South 38.38 addition, c at a point east of nor ner mpcjc 82 1-2 _. ^ feet.. r eet. north era * * * west cor- , tnenoe eet, south at 82 1-2 \ feet, to Caldwell psts T . he Low s 14. * * \ Cnrlsbn axes nnd .costs, l)eerinnln» 66 f •*• * i feet 5,76 east and 435 feet north southwest corne southeast aunrter o Houtheai section _ ^ , south, ranee 27 §ast. thence north 33 feet, east 136 5-10 feet. south 33. feet. , west 136 646 feet to beiiln- LEOAL • i .—.... Taxes nnd costs .. iptft TH to Iti inc. block 74., Taxes and costs, jots 5. JK to lt>, inc. Hock 75. axes and coats ... ts 1 to 8, inc. block 15,38 n xes ftnrl costs block 1*3. Taxes and coats ..... 5.96 Ix)ts §.$. '». to Hi inc. block 94. ^ Hes and costs ..... 4.87 block E. axes a t aunrter p. 5. townsnlD 2 f exct'm eet, n 50 x f cornor. , Coronado. axe Cunningham, Lowe , * xes and costs tfl . v usannah, lot 5. block and costs ...... 4 A.,,A- »» uie Audition, north- 5S 2.TG east Quarter of iiortn- papt fluuTter. block C. Church o Taxes nnn f Christ, no lot 8. block nnn costs 40 ... . < feet 4,32 6.62 TAX LIST axep an jjos w . Treasurer's Office and ex-Offlclo Tax(Darnul. J. J.. lot 1. bloojc 172. Taxes and costs ..... Carder. Gep., in the Lowell Addition. Lots 11. 12. block 42. A - 1Q Taxes und costs 1.18 D DinkelsDfel. Estate of L. M.. personal property. Taxes and, costs.,.. Jots f. 8. Mock 284. TQxejs .and ^jost* Molina Morcnn eet bv A northwest southeast. d «"v ( west half, nonhyast fluarter, south half mock G. . . Taxes nnd costs . — G,37 East half,of southeast aunrter block H. • Taxes ana costs 2.6f M Jr?us. In tho I'owoll nd- dtiton. lot 14. block IS. Tuxes and costH ...... 1.91 Kite 11 M.. mortKBtte in(crest in. Hudnut tnu;t, lot 8. block Y. „ _, Taxes and costs 3.2fe Above nrorxytv assess- ,* 4.67 61.49 Mierana Mo reran 2. 15. block 516. Taxes and costs Mrs. H,. mprtKatte., interest in. City of Bak- eraneld. Southern Addition. eeinn southwest cor D ast 1<5< uth 30 fee C?UVtVftA W *-•*•*» ^,v>. f' thence east IOC nc OCR Collector's Office. City of Bakers- flelJ. December 4. 1808. PREAMBLE. Edminston. T. A., lot 7. »r'• Tax Emery. Mrs. ... __.. ,--«-„_ and 4. block 155. T block nd costs ..... 5.28 O'Neill, t* 4t* ( • 4-" »• _ ^"- f "- ' --• • - 4« R.Jl.. lots 1. 2. ° 4. block 15 eet. north eirinnlne. axes and costs &, Jn the tion. lots west 1 0 feet o axes and costs J? * * • 2.56 F 7.05 I Section 15. Every person who engages in, transacts, or carries on the j business of handling,, giving away, or selling spirituous, malt or fermented liquors or wines, without first obtaining a license so to do, as in this or dlnance provided, or who violates any j al orooer' ". I. A. Wei other provision of this ordinance, or , *aid City and ex-offl anv of the conditions of the undertak. of said City, bv vir |anj in shal thoeofhaU be thereof snau ** « ... . „ .. . 1( ! or petitioners, or either, or any ment. or entertainment of the public, t th &re BQ lndebted ^ the County or where females solicit for the sale,- Qf Kefn before l8aulng BUC h license; or give away the same -without being j and the sald Tax collector shall re- employed so to do, and where females « t the aame to lne Board of Super- entertain, or amuse the public in any ,* manner, or in any room, building, or ( buildings, enclosure, or enclosures, or place whatsoever, where music IB be- not ex- months, or by both such . , TV*A ^iificy i ^** ment that the defendant pay the fine, i may also direct that he be imprisoned j until the nne be satisfied, specifying j the extent of the imprisonment,] which must not exceed one day for every two dollars fine (provided such imprisonment must not exceed one hundred and fifty days;) And in eveAt that any person is found guilty of any violation of the provisions of this ordinance by a con* victlon of an offense committed after the previous conviction under this ordinance, he shall be imprisoned for a period cf not less than one, nor more than six months -without the PUBLIC NOTICE IS HtSf&BY G1V- en that default huvins: been made in payment of taxes due the City of Bak- ersfleld for the y?ar 1908. upon tbe nereinniu :• described real nnd person- I. A. Weaber. Treasurer of fficlo Tax Collector tue of tbe oower authority Jn me vested by the law 1 and Ordinance No, 9 of said Citv of j flakersfleld. entitled. "An Ordinance Dollars i Regulating the Assessment ot t'rrmer- im- i ty in thc CItv of BakerKliold. ana the Collection of Taxes thereon." passed March 4, 1898. will upon Freeman. G. n. lot 20. block 238. Taxes and costs 5.28 Ferguson. A. /..riots 19 nr outh 16. feet lot (lock 484. ,. ixes and costs . 1.40 Firebaueh._Sarah ./.. in tne^bow- i Addition, lota 7 and block 70. axes and costs 5.22 Preston. JK. n in 13 Putnam ft. 6.7* an- U t " • "-* ^-* • ^ ft 'axes and costs . Phelps. P, L personal pronertv. ... 2.08 and costs Pocson O guilty of by a Oirault. estate of idre. city of . . Hudnnt 1. 12 ami 13. Giraud sald MONDAY December 28 {908 i A akersflcw racf. lots lock B. , Taxejj and costs flejd, ttu<Jput tract, lots 1. 2 less 25 fpc-t off east end block 512C. Taxes mid cost H H HowrtvJ. Kail. Dcrponal nrooertv. Taxes and costs .... In the JLowell addition lot 4. block 26. Taxes and costs ..... Hinds, O. U. lot 8. block 186. Taxes and cr- 1 - ..... on?-!. mortir»e<? inter- in lots II to 15 inc. block 2.'l7. Taxos nnd costs Above nrotierlv assessed to 1 M. Hunter et al. Hollywood. Nellie...City of n< \* **• V> • *-r*• Paxes »uv* sv n v a . i*\t In the Lowell Addition lots 1. 2 block 5. Taxes and costs ..... 2.0* Annie L.. niortirairo interest Jn. CJtv of Bnk- BOUt n e aIP r est i field 4.40 Kf- Thxc Abov east es and costs oc • * * Fieri. I e property assessed to 13. AV V alters. , it 14ft. Lots - /•* ! AM 8.U 2.41 1.26 lots"TS. block 14!). '. and coats 5. (». Dloi\ I'axos and cost "Mtv o* BaUerstU'lt]. ludnut tract, all block Tnxos and costs 4.2€ Lois -i. 5. 6. Mock lyO. Taxos ami costs 2.41 K RoKuaelo.JJdimuul .T. lot 6. blocK Huehos. R ' \ Rowlinff. iffH^cV lots 14. Robinan. Section 8. A license must he procured immediately before the continuation heraunder, or commencement ternatlve ot paying a fine aa the pen at the hour of 12 o'clock, m,. at the City Hall in said Citv of Bakersfleld. .. *--,-v-i*-i - * * * sell by declaration and by ooeratlon fouTlQ 20 U 'u"ocSt B o* law, unless the taxes delinauent, ToSes and' costs .. '.. . together w'th the costs and nereeut-1 Horner, W.H.. lota 12. 15. block aee are oaid. the hereinafter described 487. real Dronerty uuon which such taxes 1 Harrison A^. s )o tl7 C %lock '485. are a Hen. | Taxes nn$i COB.IB 3.10 Dated. City of Bakersfleld. Decem alty therefor, or he may be punished j ber 4. 1908. All WEABER. by both fine and Imprisonment AU * ^^ «,_ such fine*, when collected, shall be Treasurer and Ex-Offlcio T«X ColJect- paid into the Countr Treasury of the) or. of said Citv of Bakersfleld. Harrison. Huntley. 5mUv. lot 18. block 485. Taxos and coats ... in .the Lo.weU 2.41 2.00 15 Taxes and cowls .,. .. Jr. John. Joi 10. block 480. Taxes and costs ..... uosemev< Vots frm. fl/oci-nv. ijri. ^k co fo. Taxes and costsi uv • • fn the Lowpll adrthlon. jot 1C. block 18. 2.H 1.83 J.5S axes an costs ^ Robeskv. Bello. in the Lowell LOS addition, block lots 7, 8, Ing played or rendered, or dancing ls )of ftny bus j ne8B O r occupation liable going on, or conducted. Section 4. any dancing is being ry person, firm, cor to such license, as in this ordinance provided, from the Tax Collector of said county; which license shall au- said County of K«rn for the ose of the general fund of said county A poratlon, club, or association desiring j thorize the person, firm, corporation, a license to engage in, transact, or j c j ub or association, petitioning the anfl cance iied f provided that a com Section 16. Any license granted Arlington Hotel, personal Drop under the provisions of this ordi» J nance may, at any regular meeting of Allen, C. the Board of Supervisors be revoked ' ^^ —— • • * . • * <L. _ * _ -_ _, Taxes and, costs H;. lot 4. block $ particular carry on, the business of handling, same t n SU ch town or selling or giving away, any spirituous. : ( . a nt y i n the county, to engage malt, or fermented liquors or wines,' trausact( or carry on the business de- shall present to the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, at a regular meeting of said board, a petition praying for the-issuance of said said petition shall be aigned ^ majority of the resident lessees, and resident owners of property within a radius of five hundred feet of the scribed in said license. A separate license must be obtain ed for each branch establishment, or separate IIOUSP, or place of business located in said county. No license issued under Uus ordinance shall authorize any person, complaint in writing duly verified, by person or persons making the same snail have first been filed with the clerk of such board, setting forth nnd specifying wherein such ordinance, op any of ils provisions, or business j ftny of the con diuon8 of the undertak. Ifnfi heroin provided for have been i violated, if after a full examination >of tho wltnoRFos produced nt such hoarlntr, the Board of Supervisors Taxes and Costa Abbott. D. C.. lots 4, 5. 6. 13U. ...... block 9.J7 1.46 ¥J5i*P" Addition, block 23. Reed lota 5. Tax Ho) si n CIP i", bloc Taxeajtnd costs ..,.. S. _W.. lots 8. 9. 10. „ *. Huehes. Jaco clc 162. , Taxes and 2.14 18.38 94. T V* 1 -\.. in tion. cost the lots s ..... LoweH 15. 16. 1 feet firm corporation, club or place in the town In which it is pro- ; to carry on such business within UTe i ft ma j n fit y thereof, shall be satisfied posed to conduct the said business, ; u m j ts O f any incorporated city or thflt tne persf >n ( firm, corporation. and must accompany said petition by | town h av j ng the power to impose or chll) or ag0 clation has been guilty of a plat showing the location of the ; Ievy any clty or town license tax, un- ll)e offense -charged in the proposed place of business; and wheni, ess (n addition thereto, a license re- any person, firm, corporation, club, ! qu | red Dy gaj^ C u.y or town be also or association deires a llcease under flrst procur ed. the provisions of this ordinance to section 9. It shall be the duty of conduct such business outside of-any: lhe Tax collector to collect all 11- town, the petition therefor must show| censes i aBuet j under this ordinance, the place where said business Is to be an( j to perform such other duties as Taxes and costs Beginning 40 north 01 southeast corner block l(J8, thence north 45 feet: west m leei; south 45 feet; east 122 feet; to beginning. Taxes nnd costs ---Beginning at southeast corner Block 168, thence north 40 feet: west 122 feet* south 40 feet: east. 1&2 feet; to beginning:. axes and costs ..... B 4.53 H . in the iow- diuon. lots 11 and ock 19. • • * * axes and costs J Johnson. August. lot 1. block 334. Taxes and costs ,.... Jackson. George L.. lots 19. 20. niock 124. 2.82 ^.ock 22 , Taxes and costs ...... z. FrnnciBco,. in. the jLowell addition, lot 4. block J8. a Taxes and costs ..... Rosenacle. Kdmund. Citv of Bn- cersfiehL H«<lnut (ract. ots 4. 5. and ennt 25 eet lota 1. 2. block 2.27 2.89 T A axes and K costs 1.87 3.10 3.10 KlettiiiK, Victoria. , northeast nuurter of lot 4. block 253. Taxes anil costs L.. in the Krull. C tlon. lots block 47. Taxes and L Law.elf 'Ad- 5. G, 7. 8,. 1.18 costs 5.9C *"J "* -^ I com- Brown cond'uted, and be signed by not less than two-thirds of the resident lessees and resident owners of real estate situated within a radius of three are by this ordinance prescribed. plaint. Section 17. Upon the filing of the complaint herein above mentioned, duly* verified, charging any person, firm, corporation, club, or association, with the violation of any of the provisions of this ordinance, or any of the conditions of the undertaking, \ 2.55 1.26 Section 10. All licenses issued : hereln as required, it is horeby made under the provisions of tnis ordinance: the du t y O f the clerk of the Board of shall contain provisions, and shall be supervisors, and he IB hereby express-. miles of the place where such busi- gran ted upon condition that same may Iy authorized to issue a notice recit- ' ia proposed to be conducted; and be rev oked or recalled at the pleasure t jj g ^ e 8u bstance of said complaint said petition must be accompanied j oj tne Board hy a plat showing the respective lo- , 8Uch uoard cations or places of residence of the are signed to 7.0G .91 of Supervisors; andj an ^ commanding the person, firm, revoke any Ucens« {eorporaUoa, ^^ or association complained of. to appear before the Board of Supervisors on a day to be when it is shown to their satisfaction that the holder of the license Is keep persona whose names _ __ said petition; any person, firm,^or-' j™ " ft * "disorderly place, or is violating ] Btat ed thereto, at their next regular poration, club or asociation, desiring ; any Qt tfee provisions of this ordi- to procure a license as aforesaid, shall deposit with the Clerk of tho Board of Supervisors of the said County of Kern, at the time of presenting the aforesaid petition, the euro of Three Hundred Dollars, United States Gold Coin, to be applied to the payment of said license for the first year, if said license is ranted, and if said license be not nance or of the state law, or that the best interests of the servecL by county will be meeting after the filing of such complaint, and with any witnesses that he may desire, to show cause, if any h« has. why such license should not be revoking said license, _ provided however, that no license j revoked. shall be' revoked without giving the i Tne ru j eg O f evidence in civ!! cases holder thereof an opportunity to ap-1 sna u govern the examination of such, pear before the Board of Supervisors Blodfzet. BlodKet. in his own behalf. On the revqcatlon of a license no Section 18. Any party holding a 11- rense under tho provisions of this or- he returned, but such money so paid, and tho whole thereof shall be forfeit oil to the county. When a license of any person, firm, corporation, club or ii.sHociatiou is revoked fxjr any cause, r.o m-w or oilier license shall be granted to tho same person, firm, corporation, flub, or association, within six months from the date of such re- \ocation. Section 11. No license shall be granted under this ordinance until petitioner .shall have executed a „.. -, — - „ part of tho money paid to the county j ( ^ na nce, who desires to continue granted, tho said sum o£. Three nun- h sal(1 petitioner or petitioners shall f j M , s i nPSB beyond tho tlmo dred Dollars shall be returned by thu clerk to the petitioner; and pro- viaed further, that no license shall be issued to any person, firm, corporation, club, or association, under the provisions of this ordinance for a period of less than one year. Section 5. Every such petition shall bti tiled "-ith the Clerk of the Hoard of Supervisors at least ten days prior to the first Monday of the month, upon which day such petition Hliall bo hoard by the Board »f Su- in i such license, must proceed in fiartio form nnd manner ronuir* 1 the first petition, in order to obtain a second; nnd in rase a party holding a Ik-ens** under this ordinn^e neglects to obtain a new license to commence at tho expiration of th<j former ono, It shall be unlawful for such party to continue such business durinK Ihu time intervening between the. expiration of the first license and and such pnrty so continuing -CPUSO, and such party HO continuing R. A., in the Lowell A (J tion. lots 1 and block 19. Taxes and costs ucci._A.« lot 3. block 149, a^es nnd cos ot 9. block U, axes and costs ..... 1.46 Brown. Irene. W7, rt lots 1 and 2. block 3li3. T Bernltz, R. Taxes and costs Brown. George.F» Tot& 13 to 16. ic. block 113. axes and costs 5.41 Baker. 'vVm..^Mortirace ftterest n the Lowell Addition, ot 13. block 47. axes and costs 6.14 bovo nrapwty asaeflfi- . A., lot ft. bftjck* 182. axes and costs ..... A., personal Drooerty axes and jsosis ..... ots 6 and 7. block S84, axes and CosU ..,... n theTx)weu^Addittpn ts 16. 16. block 30. axes ana costs .... t In,the City of Bakersfield. Chester tract, commenclne at n point 36v feet north of south east corner of. northwest Quarter of northeast quarter section 36, townshiii 29 south, ranee 27 rt east thence north 320 feet, west 407 1-10 feet, -orth 40 feet, west 12d 9-10 foot, south U60 feet, cast 528 ;eot to beeymlnK. Taxes and costs 41.45 TTndlvided ouarter in 2.68 4.67 1.64 1.67 Loizeaux.. L. O block Long. J, . Lotello, J 4. 5. Lewis. Mr Laird. J. B .7. 18 1 ock 2.35 • k ixes and costs ..... 11.08 in, intheXowell id- tion. lot 14. block 8. ^ AIP d costs 1.06 .,„ __. ._ eth. lots lt>. 16. block 116. and costs 9.51 . oersonal oroo- y axes and costs ..... 3.23 Baencmer at poiut eet south of norti „ t .corner of bloci .67. thenco east .12 eet, . pouch 60 feet. pest 122 feet, nortn.BO eet. to beKlnnine., be- a portion of oloclc mmencinir at a point Tne of L street 0 feet south of 'axes antf costs ...... 13.40 west line of 8 75-100 feet sput, 4 center line of 13 street _ J^tende thence west 122 feet east, line .of. all< through block thence south ,, at line of said aev. eet: thence,, east 2 feet to west line of . street, thence north 0 feet to point of be- JTaxes and costs S SwlUer. Chas.. personal nrooertv Taxes and costs 2.S& Lot 5. block i8h. Taxes and coHts ..... 8.42 Suhr. C. amiH. I»t \\. h'>ck Ifift. N'owtoii' .), block 22G., Toxf*^ unn N. S.. lots 17, IS, block Sklnnor. 1.4C loin 7. 8. Sweet . ft Trtxofl nn'l costw ,. Lot 10. ;uul north I lot 0. block 57*;. Taxea and costs 1-w Smith. Elfda S.. niortcaffo Interest in the Lowell uddl- VicV Smart . tion. Lots L 2. block 1'axes nnd costs ..... 7.60 Above nronortv assessed to Maud L, Wiley. Sam. personal nronertv. Taxes and costs ... Lot 3. block 266. Taxes and costs ..... 19.3* 12.1& Taxes anu COSLH ..... S. G.. personal pronertv. Lol 6. west half or lot 6, block 250. 4 TAJVfift flTlQ CORtB Starna, H^C.. persojoRl property. ^axes ana costr n tne Loiveji ft . ts 1. 2, 3. 4. blocU axes an 3.37 . . .. fl- costs 2.1* Tibbetts, axes an costs VoelUere Helen, lot 4 and , loiflot 6. block 6 touth :6, Wright. Mrs.. B. W . , , r _ Taxes anfl cos*- ..... 1.53 Lowell Land and Improveraent Company. Loweil adui- uon. lot It. except 25 d bl ock . . feet off east en * s nnd costs . . ... 1.18 forest in commencintr Lhwest corner 4. 5. G. 10.. 11 S, W t-t I • * «.>-•• Vi »»•-'*-' I"-' »* * • " t:t eaht 7G feet. f of Kern, with two or more sufficient ; of a misdemeanor and upon cnnvlr wurotius in the prniul sum of Pive;u on thereof sball be punished as In Thousand Dollars, and such bond; t j,j s ordSnano provided, shall have boon approved by, and) Section 10. Kvery person, firm, tiled \Mth tho Board of Supervisors, nfjrviaors, and the clerk of said board joint and .several bond to tho County;,,,^ business shall be doomed puilty shall give notice of the filing of said - " - - - —' - 'petition by causing notice thereof to be posted at least five days before said hearing as follows: If such business is proposed to be ronducted in an unincorporated town, said notice shall be posted in three of the most public places in such town; M , If thc proposed place of business is in the country, one notice at the place where such business is proposed to bo conducted, and also in two of the moat public places within a radius of three miles thereof; said notice Bhall state the name oi the petitioner, the place where the business Cannell OCK ^;i4. tneace_south north" 27 1-2 feet, west 76 feet, to bmnnnlnc. Taxes and costs 0 T. A., inortcaga inter; e»t in comniencinir north nnd 369 feet of south west corner of southeast auar- tor of wouthenHt auar* te.r. section 25. township 29 south, rantre which bond shall be for the term of one year, and shall be conditioned that the principal in such bond dur ing the time he shall continue in tho business specified, not exceeding tho term of the. bond, will pay all license tax that may now, or hereafter be imposed on such business by this ordinance, or any ordinance of the Board of Supervisors, and that he will conduct such business and the place in, or at which the same may be carried is"proposed"to be conducted, and the on, in a quiet, orderly and reputable time and place wneu said petition manner, and in conformity to tho will be heard. laws ot tUe state, and to any ordl- .... Tho Bonn* of Supervisor* shall n »nce of the Board ot Supervisor the terms of this section shall be a corporation, club or as80< i lation, or any member of members thereof en- gaffed In any business in the County of Kern, outside of incorporated cit- iea, who in connection with such business seHa, handles or gives away any wines, fermented or distilled liquors or malt liquors in any quantity whatsoever, shall be required to conform to ail the rules as to petit Ions, bonds and notices as in this ordinance required of persons who engage in the business of selling at retail alone, and shall pay the same license, and for the same length of time; and ft failure to comply -with thence north 99 feet. oa«t. ;JU feet. Caldwell Camobell. south CO reef, west feot to boL'inninu. Taxes and coKts ..... Oomniencinir 5*>7 feet north and 136 feet east of wouthwost cornor of HouthoiiHt nuarter section 25. townHhin 'J9 south, ranw 27 oaHt. thence east 3,J fert. north 91) feet wo«t S?> fcot. Kouth 99 feet to beginning. Taxr-H and oosts ..... Above nronerty to M. H. Si ary j.. uersonal Drop- rtv fx>ts & and 10. block 204. Taxes and costs . . . . , rv B.. lot 1 and 18 t blocs 6.44 KI .. 11 Taxes nnd costs .. Lots 1 to C inc.. 12. L4, block it. nxe.K and COH(H ,. 11 blocks 10 and axes un»l costs .,,.. 1) except lots 7. 8, >lock 12. i and costs ..,... ..ocks 13 to 1C inc. axes and costs . ntfl 1.5. 5. to 16. inc. block 17. Tax*« and routs Lot. 1. block is Taxes and costs ..... lx>tB L 2. R, to S Inc. 1 and 14. block 30. axes and costs , .. .. H block :tl to 40 inc. axes ami costs ,.... H except lot 2. block 41 Taxes nnd costs Lots 1 to S. inc. ^2. Tftxos and costs R 4. 9 to 16 woat k 'if 10 a lot d ... lot feet block 429. Taxes and costs, ., Wlikins. Lfefe. in. tbe rt l^jvejl 18.0& a Weai Tii •ine. W dltfonriot 2. bloc ---- ^ xes nnd costs W. fi.. n, U»(> . . , . addition, lot 11. block rind costs • i • • • block Lott bioc ff** - +i. inc 6.44 ock 45. Taxes and,costs ..... Txits 1. 2. block 40. THXOH and costs ..... Lot. It, block 50. Taxes and conts ,. : . 4; lx»ts 11 15. 16. lot 1ft except SIS feet off east d block 50. .. 14 3.91 en TaxeB Mii'i oosts I»ts n fto 8. tor. nnd to 16 inc. block 69. TrtTcew and CpBts ..... AU blocks 72 and 73. Taxea,, and. costs , .., Lota Clo 12 inc. block 2.76 Eddy WERINGER THE ASSAYING lonOB Bake 13.06

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