The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on February 15, 1976 · Page 52
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 52

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 15, 1976
Page 52
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THI SUN-TELEGRAM 0-9 Hindenburg: Special effects prevent a total disaster "The Hindenburg", rated PG, k now showing at the Central City 4 in San Bernardino. by VINCENT CANBY Nw York Tlm Nam Sorvlc NEW YORK As disaster movies go, "The Hindenburg" is so brainless and so peculiarly optimistic that it could have been to work of Ross Hunter, but wasn't. It is pricelessly funny at the wrong moments. It confirms porten- tiousness as a school of cinematic art It has George C. Scott, as a good German, saying through a mostly clenched jaw not long after the take-off, "I have an uneasy sense of disaster." It has his wife complaining primly, That song is going to make me sick," as if it were "Blue Suede Shoes" and not "The Horst Wessel Song." It has characters talking about "Hermann" (whose last name is Goering), and it makes completes implausible a perfectly plausible theory about the events that led up to May 6, 1937, when the German dirigible Hindenburg, the Titanic of all lighter-than-air craft, exploded and burned while landing at Lakehurst, N J. Yet I wouldn't have missed a single foolish frame of it I sort of like disaster movies, even bad ones, for reasons that have to do with the special effects and with other tion, the first most easily available source being The Hindenburg," Michael M. Mooney's book, which provides the source material for the film. According to Robert Wise, the director, Nelson Gidding, who wrote the screenplay, and Richard Le Vinson and William Link, who slipped the other two the story idea, much as if it were a mickey, the Hindenburg was sabotaged by a young German crew member who wanted to embarrass the Nazis. That part is plausible but the way this is dramatized makes you long for the sanity of Take the Money and Run." Remove the last 10 minutes of the film, which is the length to which Wise quite effectively stretches the actual disaster and original newsreel footage that lasted less than one minute, and "The Hindenburg" is just another, somewhat more tedious, "Grand Hotel in the Sky" picture. The cast includes just about everybody you didn't especially want to see In a movie right now, though Dana Andrews, Shelley Winters, George Kennedy and Helen Hayes are now in it Among those who are aboard are William Ather-ton, Gig Young, Burgess Meredith and Anne Bancroft Movie Review things that probably go back to the prenatal state. I'm also fascinated by dirigibles, those huge, cigar-shaped, rigid-framed (unlike the "soft" blimps of today) aircraft that Germany pioneered, gave a name to (Zeppelin, after the count who built them) and maintained successfully for so many years. If "The Hindenburg" does nothing else, and I'm not sure that it does, it may at least tease your imagination enough to research this curious chapter in avia Son.,Fb. 15,1976 Film on James Dean to be aired this week was killed was only months." 18 was always "on"; he was performing 24 hours a day. By PAUL HENNIGER Gannett Nw Servlct HOLLYWOOD "James Dean," the TV movie NBC Dean used people, Is airing Thursday, proba- Abrams says, and when bly will stir up the cult that they discovered they'd idolized the moody young been had they still had a actor who was killed in an reverence for him. Dean accident at 24 Producer Jerry Abrams describes the film as a story told from writer William Bast's point of view: what it was like to be Dean's best friend. Bast and Dean were pals in Hollywood 25 years ago. "Dean was one of those people who moved very fast in this business," says Abrams. "Like Harlow and Monroe, Dean moved fast, and he made the fewest friends In the shortest time . in becoming famous. "From the day Dean came to Hollywood to make L.w .. tfMUwii'MvV East of Eden' to the day he You never knew when he He got the part over several was being himself. name actors because he . didnt try to mimic Dean. If "Stephen McHattie, who we wanted that, we could plays the Dean role, has a have gotten Rich Little." lot of this essence," Abrams says. "McHattie, a Canadian Candy Clark plays actress actor and virtually Christine White, who had a unknown here, did a pilot brief love affair with Dean, for Warners that didnt sell. In one scene at a studio Ml BBBBBBI 'MpVIE RATING GUIDE E E office, a secretary seen in the background is played by the real Christine white. Dane Clark plays James Wbitmore as incongruous as that may sound. Whitmore was an itinerant actor at the time who ran an acting class Dean attended. Abrams said ABC turned down the film, then he took it to NBC. ABC has yet to live down that it didn't think much of "All in the Family" when Noman Lear took it there first. MATINEE DAILY OPEN 12:45 MON. FRI. ALL SIATS ltOO RIFORI SiOO CINEMA I (obtrt ladlord jMTJonmcowor'd) Iran Im In "tiTm or thi tiacor'd) "TIMS CHAINSAW MASSACRI" (I) CINEMA II froel WIHkmmn In "ARIOS AMK0S"(l) "RIIIVIR IS from ivirm "suritmr'd) i'1tF'F9'V9lnfit19'n'l'9t9tMV PMIMTAL GWD4NCI lUOGftTIO J I rT'TJ' &T i f"T J ll'l'lf 1 il"Tl i t-ufM " 4m rff " i 1.1,TAn,lTflU I illTIKTl ONMI 1 7 f.A'J.SH.iF ITWV7JTri B Aiaaaytaa lp IBBBBBIBI m was . umzfiw- mwiuli W)MW J p n n nnnnnn n n n n n rir-i Ddduuuuli XXX-Rated ADULT MOVIES FULL LENGTH FEATURES MIRRORED ROOMS HEATED WATERBEDS 21 THE FAIREST HOLIDAY OF ALL Walt Disney's y Nnotoilittirc XJ and the Scorn Outorjs -T f; F.piriAiAooiDiRcTHwuAiT nncucv DDnmirTinuc nnhi vionii i nuuuw I lung matinees mmm EVERY DAY PUSSYCAT THEATRES presents IT COULD HAPPEN jMftP10 YOU! 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