Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 9, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 9, 1916
Page 2
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TWO. STERLING, it,UNOt-S, MONDAY. OCTOBER «>. the Oyster Cracker that makes the best oyster better. Serve them with soups, sal ads, choivder, etc. They will add to your reputation as a hostess. Atica;\7 frcth. At cfl froze BIRTHDAY DINNER ! Mi** Jam* 1 * Efi'*«rta»rts HoftOr af §.rt"hd* I'M fr»rri'-» »;--!':j ! n rir-,!i Dinner NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY -^Tjinir » JMai! .\Jr- S' 1 rM MT'M Tiru f t?nT"??'T.' *-» i -if i" s,'i'.* m'TTihr:.i:- — tl'f I'S" * MORRISON DAILY GAZETTE ..I ^.M^RRISON, ILLINOIS, MONDAY, OCTOBER 9. 1916. CORN CARNIVAL Will bo Held by Hopkins School* Fri- Miy, November Third. Tb<>~ ischools or HopJtlns urt« making preparations tn hold a- carnival St Gait Friday. Nov. a. Ths following pro- grAtn h«* iHH'ii arraiv«cil: lk»«t Jllustmtfd Rtorv. com lion It Ion or biography, by tlrnt and second ' grades Krad«'K t'lgbth Ht»»t and nt,'i>to«t month of October. writing by i«iiriH' l>y third, nnd fifth two «ifih»o by sixth, seventh and talk "*• yd. da»h fur boys from 10 to H f- n :„;. liiifU ?,»r Rlrls H nnd under. T". yd. dnsh for Kit-In. It) t<> H. .. Obstacle 4 R«c*. hlKh jump. hlRh jump. Htnmlinp broad jump. - - . Kunning broad jump. BaJI game. laterally prnurnm will be made up of numbers from each school nnd n by corn judge. weather rhnrt for ftrnt and second THE CITY COUNCIL s j ^ -i ^ riii _ -ijii Held Rogular Sc»«ion at City Hall Fri- SLIGHT ACCIDENT John Nelten Knocked Down by Motorcycle. Escapes Uninjured. . \V. Hurhltt xvity* ridlnp t)fiif?!"c vtre*!, and ;iJ< h(- turn west on .Mnin Mrpet rxlly tntt tnt«i ,1-ihji N>-i?-''iti. ci(>»M'rifr tfi»- Ftr*"f! at 1tn- ' ,\i»l«it>n, who if u man of about *Uty-fHe ycsirs. ' tvns struck by the moiiin -y<'l¥ and htituked i|iiitf> :i «"U.Mtjtnff t>tit hi- klly <"-•• ;t|u'(! tuiiti j'.in-il fidfit Uif a< i itlcnt. CArl STRIKES CURB. A tni)ti»r party tr»n\ t'hicaKo, driving In n \H<KP henvy <;tr wbil" lurnittK fmni Clinton street tn IJncnln Way Vff»t «t tin; jfarriiigton fi>rn<-r fc><ttur- <Ii«y H/ferntMHI iitM-iuf flvr n'rlrif-k, ftl.iilp the turn-a trillc »)idi'fer than wtis ncc- fSMnry and «tnuk the curb l»r»';iki«u» (he fr»»n( lisle and the wheel, tomplfti*- ly nfT The oefiipnntB escaped nniii- •Jured. UNDERGOtS OPERATION. 1-Vani-p* I 'oiler wti« taken to the Wenley Hospital In Chicago Friday where she umlcrwimt. IIM openttlon for nppe'hdic'itTn. '""Flf*T9"K€«"tH't»if "iitonK'nic* 1 "-' ly. Him hn» l*«n nffllcted with the (!}««»«' Tor some hlnte, Imvlnir Buffered several HliKht attack*, an4v it wan I !. i: n ': Mr «r CI>| . • ihr-ir v>.- > -,- •.•• tvtfh ft t>--r<;l* , ,f,if:,( 'i'iCbV itiriJt...)f:li!.U'> i: ' A' Ai'4 frum •';•'• !'i! J, r !'.!•; Pterlinc as' 1 ,'! Mi»-'« A5tr<' i!ay t'riitn Mi! ,\lb«-rt S|">ln: Mi« Hf»rb<-r Mr* I is il'-f- fit'f S-»:imi! '. « Jl|.».l ! ,n I '! Mr. .!.•« -,»ti fr"!n -•- vi«it i.f s<v«i;i! •!, !•••! ••- «it!i it h !ii!<« hi i 'tn' .1 :"••. ('. \\'. Wii..rl !>f I'.itn:!!), I/TT Who hliK h'-f-tt \isitilic . 1 '-lafiv «•« ill thiw City f'.tl -litrti' fimi- I'-M Saturday for, ,Mar«h.tllt''tt rt. In. Mr. and -.Mr • M !>•;<!<!.-•• Jirn «• rctmtv- rd to their homo In Ann-ra nl»rr \ (.«• ItinK Ahs t.'i.r.'i Uii'\:i»!.« !»r «<-vt-rni c HOPKINS NEWS SCHOOL MEETING Was hi'ii- Held W*dne«d*y Kight at tho McElratn School. An intcrVstinK sohttwl tt held at the MclSlflttli Hf Wednesday t-veninit. The din teacher and a lfU"gB number <>£ t! .. . . . ., . i . I irons were In sitt* mltmee. Oo»id thought be»t that (die undergo an oper-l wr>r ,, K(v ,- n ^^j,^^,, Matthew nnd ntloti before It should become fwrloug, | |.;,i. Mitchell, two of the tltreetons. TH*y telling of the pnntrewH-of tht> school years. The Improvement of liouw thix wumrhwr for the of OU« tem-imr and pupils. Tho REDECORATE OFFICES. The offices of the court reporter, county utitK'rlntondent of schools and hallway In the court house are at present beltiR repainted nnd red«"cf)rated. M«Mit writing of two stanzas of the poem 1 "September" by third nnd fourth grades, liMt copy uf first two stanzas of by fifth and sixth grades, copy of two Ktanzftg of the "Arrow nnd the Sonul'. by seventh and ; W j(j, ( elfrhth grades. JJrtt map of Illinois without counties by, aevmilh nnd eighth -jrrnden. colors of five «tate«. ' day Evening. The city council held its regular-tfi>0> »i.on iit the city hall on Friday evening. Aldermen Kenkes und Lutyen were not at the meeting. The regular business was Kone • through nnd the it-ports were rend, the Inl statement of the city being follows: An hand Sept. 1 f 2,498.23 •«e«t map In colors or nve «iaie«., neeeived since 23,661.56 north of Ohio nnd east of Mississippi, J, : j>y ftttir iin<r»fitnrfraa»; —1 T«itarT77r.T.T.~.T7.77r^2M59J9 BeirtVcounty map in color*, »cal$ one-ip a | ( | ou( - 246201" butt Inch'to mile. |. ,. , . .^ worn in horn* geography, by|. Balance on bnil(1 f t>n g, n fourth grade. Th,tj largest amount in the *~ _ •- •'*,*.!.{ * • *#V **** P** *•» HIII1/I4H b 411 iHl* U4QUUI «*V* IMK nap «T adiool ground, by fourth mc ,,/, 8 of , hte monlh waB tho BUtn of r .,.. • ; ---- • • ' . :.«2i;«o.«5. wJUch WA« paid to.the pencil drawlni^.by-« e vcnth.and; tra| ^ BinW ruiir comimhy. " «rnd*« : wme-toyttfth «nd-rtxlh:- The maU(>r ofscv< ; rn , nul(wn< , e i ««me b>- fourth and under. j bmijtht hefore the rouncil bul , t wajt '" "" MORRISONBRIEFS Hupt, I'. X. T.iKKefi went to (lardeii- plain, todiiy where In* Will confer with tho HiKhivay commissioners und the officials of the^Hummltt Draitiaifo Dl.*- trlct on nuitteVfi or lnHM*rtnnco; ' Mrs \V. J-X TulJe^ went to Sterling Saturday where fhe delivered 'rtn ad- drt'SM at tlw meetinir of thu Sterling Woman's club. Mr», l-'ullcr Is County Woman's Hub. Her address waa Riven Saturday' on' tho M Ne.w'fUlrc«ir. Mr, und Mrs. \V. N. Humphrey, I* J. Humphrey, Miss -Margaret Bond. rpt* of JHT It's a ration the boys ju appreciate* is this refreshing mint-flavored pick-me-up. It brings added vigor for it allays thirst, helps appetite and digestion, keeps the mouth sweet and cool. Send some to your soldier boy—it's small in cost, big in benefit. Clara returned ...FVlday from a motor trip to t?tn.r\'ed Kock, III. , flans Henk«B and imrty of men r^i- turru'd Friday evening from KUHHIIK. City brlnfjlntf with them six carload of wiille four of which wero dropped Bwlt of const ruction, by sixth"! uljourinut Needlework, . }lp«t ctflU-ctlon oi plain hem, hem BtlU'h, French h«m and i»utch net In «4n*hin«r by ncliiMtl. • Bc»t Bowing of three buttona and making mtnvy number of button holes in munlin. JJeal -pioca of embroidery. piactJ of .crochet work. Cooking. nngol food cak«;; bout cake, any - other Itlnd; bent 1-2 dogen tilngit'r cook- j REMODELED The Robertton School it Now One of Fine«t in Country. The I tabertBon sc'hool In TJst ic^. tkUKht by MisH iMt-ttj* IlusW'**!!, wop remodeled this Hummer and 'is now one of the finest country school house!) *n the .county. A new "foundation amj bntiemc'nt ,wem constructed under the tiulMln{T*with a flne^ concrete, pl&tform '~' ..... '~~~'~~ ~"" .,,,,.->»* bwst, M loaf l>reu<l; iO cookies; best best 1 beat plea, doaen beijt PRODUCTS. eurn yollow c,orn; <wt»; i«;8t 10 H pock oals; bent , J* \pec.k 5 »n>»t pcani.,6 bent white ap fi bent fall n,pple», talletst sta! , r fir bVst «»rly potatoes, 6 best lat , largoat pumpkin, IK-HI ' ~ . . A hni air— furnace and new raco. JleAttut «cr*mblfd by children nli»' yearn and under. Relay race for girls, two from eucl •ohool. liall relay mco for boys, 50 yde. raee (or boys 9 and -under. Adds to the Joy oi Living It uif-likr, tas'c (f Grape that ha ntado ihc food rirst wuv- at i.>8te uiakc.s a iJut with ih>* restful flavor in in Gfape.Nuti tliern tire- ». irinirnt t»f finest whrai aial !Mr|.-v. Ami this iui'ludf* tht* ri<h mineral elc-mcnts oi tJ.g ain, iifccsfcary ft>r hearth --thr greatest 'latinr •»«>•» torn has been put Jn, nrnkliu- a decided improvement over the old nystem of heatintr with stoves. The interior of the building has been repapered and the shades on the weal f.ide of the school room rcarrann«il to comply with the school law which' requires that the lower part of the win <low bo darkened. _JThe old fm»l honae has -4^«n 'moved from .the school yard and tin remaining uut-huIldlUKs have been r* paired. A sink has been placed In th-well platform with un undernroum tilinif t(» carry away the waate .water from ton platform Tho Hchool grounds are very pleas- ftntjy situated, comprlelng an acre and u half of, land, shaded on tho west by at.; Jin Jon ... Orr>V<f, There hundretl and thirty^ head of cattle in th« bunch. «•' ' Mm. George Crawford and daughter of OsngP", la,, are visiting fft"the homo of Mrs. Crawford's brother, Charles Uurch. Mrs. D. -Krlfknon and Miss • Anna Erlckson si^nt Hatunlay with friends In Clinton. . Mr. and Mrs J, O. Slkkowa and son •Donald' si^nt Bn'mlny with rrlftt^-fft in the Ml bflH'Ht icach'er, Ml*s Ix'wuld, nf Clinton, .{five irtTJtilert-stlitg talk, und Outlined her pbins for the beui-rmeut <>f the *ehoV>r durifiHr the' full mid winter term, which was -highly appreciated by Hume present, AriariffiJtBt'ms were aJso made to bold n rn listen I*' tit She school house' im the ninht of O«'t. -I't'.tli, und utt4,'r th»* muHic part ftf the entertain- nxent ItalloweVn timusi'ttuintN will, be in order for <lu» rvttiiUnder of th« ev : «nini<*rt fun. Ml»« Helen CussfUM will l>«» in charce «)f -thtf muslcale propram, A-,wtnall admittance fee .will be chanted 1 , the -money to tie • uurO to liire u music teacher und put niusic into the HC|KH*|, Misrt L4>wuld, the teuvhcr.nml ^UH* llelun Cassenn iiro the originator* of teuc-liln< tn'uMfi" iti th«« wchool. Th«? directors hrivlnjf-TiothiiiK to do with that part, only ffivliiK their hearty con- »gnt to the i>rojfct. __ AT THE McELRATH SCHOOt.-° A picnic dluner by the patrons of the MeKlmth school district will .be held at the. Ml. Pleasant Corn Carnival at the. Jloiind Orove school house on Oct. i I, when It'ls Ji6pt«d \liitt nil The patrons and -friends of the district will tA> in Write Wm. Wrlo1«>y Jr. Co n 1624 Keener Bldit^ Cbicatfo lor tiie . Sp«artnea'» book on Gum-pUon. R. G. THIMBLE CLUB. The it «. -Thimble club held thotr .a»t tne<-tin(; at the home of -Mrw. John Matthews Thursday afti-nuton, Svpt. 28. The next nieetinK will b« held at tho home' «>f Mf«, Myron Humphrey fhursilidy afternoon, U«*t. 12. -In -'-K*ulton.-—— •- _..'. r ..--._: ^-fTOnnf' Miller- Bppnt- Sundny- «t -tht» honie Of his parents near Albany.. 1 will be In Morrison. \V<*tU Oct., 11, to tnkf> orders for Nu-Hone corsets I'lwi«t> cull ^lr«..-ClayUin lioycr. for Jip- ;.Hilntini' > nt. Emnm Snavi'lyt Sterling, III,' Mm. Mart ha Gould returned to her tiom« in 1-yndon Saturday after a -vlwlt In the I-Ywnk Suackonbimh honie Mr*. C. A, 'MartIn and daughtoi board of directors is compottei « beautiful row of maple and oaks. of Samuel Heith, William Nice, and Joseph Gorzney. TWO In Circuit Court Friday, Jury Report* for Firtt Criminal C«§e. Two divorcua jv«re KiiiiUtxl last Frl- d»y In tht> circuit court by Judge Ktim- uy. .Mrs, Ida Janw Sperry of Unlon- , (1U« was (,'ranU'd. u divorce und all- •nony from her husband, John D. iperry, ou the grounds of cruelty. flAni K. On»y. of Kri«f. was ttl»o runted a. divorce fr«iu her' husbund, Kinu-S'Sl. iU-uy, of Krie, on the grounds >( adultery. The cit«u <jf Hnyder vti. Snydtr l«n heard on t-Viduy afternoon. Asher ! n>dt>r of (Jrurdenpliiin wa* given a UU nice from Wa wif*. Hamavola -Siiy- er, abt.ut two yc»tir» iifco, and in the t'crve wris «riv«"w the cuutorty of th«ir •••• children. Dean and Bernie, Tin HUher >ji mi? . ..liilu-ii tiled a coin- latnt that hla hud not bec-tv allowed i see the i-lillilren us oftrti us the ,'iirt" bad slated that she should. At iv hcarinK oir. t-'rlday tin- children I'M' tuilfUMj tu %'is.u tln-ir mother once wit'K and to tukf dinner With hei ct li'hs iti m uiiii' a mouth ju'tis jui(ii> i« ( puit lod.iy and M ciimina! ('.•»>.«• t,f thiji teriu *>(• tliat i.i IVopJc vs EiNlj. will bi- ll f" J,UU;JjL'l Ut JiUlllt: (n-»,ji!. ,|t_ 'I ! in' -in i ii. ,-i\ i n t.\ the i 'hi i-»! i.i!i \,\ ,,i,-|, 5..,,,! 'h, rif.-ii 1 -, is-i; in h .if. t!>( - h".n K ' i' u l"t,>5 i'iii4.i;. inn l»«f look *nd an Intldc •» The LADIES' AID SOCIETY. [^Ai!;i!;*!l AW __ of __ jiit> X'h W»3 rlltt'l lllblrtl »t li ..UllK'ltt-H --rtimtt--of Xli'H. Kno t'ampH Thursday tfternotnt,—it TTWR nn Ideal d»y-iirid n ;irKe number of the ladU*s were pres- nt. There lieitiK n»«nty-thro« in attendance. The ladies ijiatJe two quilts, •<«sides havinit a social afternoon. At a •rate hour the"h<iKtesa ttiirved n dainty lunch to her Kuests. 'The' next meeting will be held at the home, of Airs, Henry Johmion on Thursday afternoon, Nov. ..itnd. .:•.-.•... -„ DEATH OF INFANT CHILD. The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. tight Kept right Don't forget every meal homfts 'uf und funiila-K, to end The little baby nnd not ««iv»» •ell i<tnc'«' birth, Th« funerttl wan held •Viday afternopn at two i>'cluuk at ibe uu»e, • • - r Ernest .Stern with his engine and u*s >aw worked Ml> a largo pile of ord.wood into utove leKiuliw for 81- ion Whistler Thursday. Mrt. C. W. Mitchell, of Morrison. •Jl» IB hopleaifly lit of canc<»>-, T(* look urn/a bent und feel ono's IMJ* IH to enjoy an Inaide butb each niorn- InK to ilUHb from tho B^'Htrrn tho pro vlovia day')* wattle. tK>ur fermontationt and poisonous toxin* before it la absorbed into tho blood. Just as coal when it bitrriH, h-avtm behind a «er.- taln amount of ineombuaUble material to tho form wf smli**, so the food #n«J drink taken each day leave ill the nil- mouttu-y organu a certain amount oi Indigestible material, which if • not eliminated, form toxina and pofsoiu aro then «ucked Into the bloiM. tht« very duels u-hivb »re into Mick in only nourlKument a-s gradually Kniwitw weaker. hc~~ tsutfers a Kroftt dt-al of pain. KA. Kraft *pen,t Monday and TUCH- iayln Morrlwon, beini? on the grund Jury, Mima Clara Thorpe and friend. Miss tterthu Godfrey, of AiBona, Iowa, ur- •ived «t the home of Mr. and &lr», U'illard Humphrey In Morrison \Vwi- newlay morning. Mr. and Mrs. W, II, Kraft, of Ooletn. anm« Tb.ur»«l«y to upend the week end todny FHd«y li»-Tipf-nd the week With rc'lutivt'H. M 1 .** Idu. BehreriH, of .MlnneKota. a sister of Aneune Knikers and at .one n, resident of this vicinity Is spend- honj«* of Mr William -unrjus. Who will nther felatlves before home. - - ; _ T<en Knux (K hnvltut an vu> Jin dun und,. .m • tho auninicr of Ststy-j *L\ tho cni[,w ript-nend • Inist nji. the ! Jt'hnmid Diller farmik* Uui tl«««! crups were irjitbered in (hut tall,, there- : S WHS one- beardlewH.sSbeaf U|» In the ; Oilier fit-Id. ' This was put In a shock with -si- a , ntl j Jnhii bundle Sept. 19jh, UCti'-just 'fifty j ttlH0 l years ago,'tied, together bound by Quantities That Count. "Tho longer I live tho more deeply am 1 convinced that that which make* tho difference between one man and another*—between tho .weak' ahd- the Powerful, th« gre«t atf4 the tn'«lgnl8_v cftnt—Js energy, invisible d«t9 tlon, ft purpose ouce t form^d aud thca , to siistuin Iho body, the glow to OS If you want to sue henJthy bloom ui your your sHin, get i-leart'i* und cJel^c«r, you. told to drink, every morning 1 upon ,'triHlng, (i Klaus of hut water with u .spoonful of lUnenlimt! phusphuto lit it, which is H liuriul«iwi means of wash' the waste* material and toxins from (ho momm-l), lives:, kidneys and bowels, iliUM cleansing, swecteninb' und purtfyinK the i-ntlro ulimfutary tract, t»efor*» putting more food into OK- stomach. Mtiii und wonifii with sallow skins, iver S|>ots, jitiiii'lc- 1 * or pailhl com- it liitisa who wuke up with tunguv, bad taste, nuitt> ertt » ho are but herwl bilious spells, aritl u* ciinstiputton tiiuHilti begin tlua phos- >hated hot water drinking and arc of very pronouni-ed t'i'.-»tilt» in 4»|- (W4> VV'tVKX uu,titer jHJurici. of limestone phos- <• <<>{«! ^ v ci y llnU'*ni$ t tb« diUB IMI«- llut IH ttiiiUclent tt» () Ui tf_" !IH ^ j«i> t ui ' T n»ij ( Ml ilh'(. lint Hi FOLKS NEED f( CASCARETS" FOR LIVER, BOWELS built on hlH farm. K, \V. Mitchell two JarKt M!|OS Tuemlay. Mr, and Alrsj Humphrey, of MoriiHon accompnnled by Miss Clara Thorpe, of A IK on a, Iowa, KU re t Porid, of .VJ bfrlson Humphrey, of this .vicinity Starved RocH Thursday, vision at an early hour. Thwy to return this l-VlUay evening, JVIiii. i'alil Dettman and brother. Carl Koiski Mttendcil the funeral slnKlo luuid into -A tio of -double- knot,-f death or v!etor)v"-~SJ,r-Th,oma8. Fowcll jme'n mny'mtirry uHHiy iinun " '"I but you. brother IIU(?h always stuck, his! t» ono woman, and I nev<-r heard <it" f tills woman wanting a eucohil man. ) I am Kind that you haye- safely wa, ,Mr§.. .Aliu> I reaciii'd this jtolUen _ day .and to UK»; in nnd I'. J. i world that you c(i,n .any, "\\ r e uJways; Uty, motored toi played an honest gamo," ?v»d thone of I >*, leavlm? AIoi'*! ,,n ,w.,. i,,,,.,,. r i.,.n^..., .. ,n . .-.. .1,. ' of the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Nirlfton in Cljdc Frldk"y*Xju-r- you know, I heliovo. \\ill say th« And muy Iht'Ho'thoughts spntl- runtin.ue until ttie fiinl «-ml IIH> tniiuiin must b« broken, und — "Rlchmcnd In the window of & colored reatau an tho North Kld«v "Come In and pot your 11)1 of Ba usage and old Vlr- glnny corncakes, will) plenty of Bursi iioufji tiiruji, and Kftp HllmnBtj ofthoJ land whtire tho wt^jkud cause from 4Uo wniftry urq at rout* bens' tin 1 -irti* Mt^r ! ,<!••< i,'',- | < I ! u I jjc't \il| tin Ui>liU' f that PILLS ACT ON BOWELS LIKE PEPPER ACTS IN NOSTRILS. Enjoy Lif«l Don't stay bilious, alck headachy And con- »tipat«d. Get a 10-cunt box now. Mobt old people mu«t giv> to thr IH,U«.-IH siomt;' regular help, elht' thej uufTer froin constipation. Tim condition m perfectly nutural. It in JUHI a*natural as it is for old, p<.oph;. to walk slowly. Fur age iH never M» uotivu ut> youth The muscle* aiv lc«>s'ela»tk' And UK* boweU urn musrles. So all old 'pt-opU' iH««'d Cu-<i';uc(M Om liUKbl an wvll ii-fusJw to iijii 'wt-iik Wltn jil.iSM.--H .is to n<-f;lei-t thin H aid t<. vs*».'»K bowfl.T • I'he howrts be K* pt ;H-IU<-. Thi^ i» Jit all ;iKt'-N, but iH\t'r so much ^i.s m fitly..'' \^>* ji lint a time f»r h tr*h vj» Miss K0vn Knox. of Sterling, Is spending this week «t the home of her jiunt, Mrs w Sadie icnox. Mr. and Mrs, Willanl Humphrey, of Morrison and &fl*tten Clura, Thorpe and i Bertha C3oa~fr«y, of Algonu. Iowa, mo-1 torwl to Krlf> Wtilnemlay ufturnoon, I when. Miss Oodfred 'will spund aonittl lime with Cnl«tiyes-«n(I friends. Thi liarty also mad? a visit «t tho horns of Mrs, Jfttu> A. Jam en while in Hrie, Tbey found Mm. Jum*s^~wml£-«,-kw}y of 87 yearn old in gowd health and doing 1 Itor own housowork. <]. V. Jltoyer und Uerhard JJVlrr«n», had thk'r oropa of clover send hullttd ' Wednesday ami Thtitsday. They only I got about one-half bublu-l of t<«i*d to' tho iicrn. Amose Hardy und s,o» did the hulling. They report clover wt«d, 4ll ov«r tin* county, where «hey I'mve been, as turning 'Hit veij poorly The- avt-rngts only being ums-balf tn^hel in the arn\ , Waiter KIIOX submitted to an 'o|ier- ation at ||>i> Hterlim; I'ulilu- Ho»puui Thnrsday where lie had bis tom-ils .ind jitllohlM u-mnvctl. He will npt-itd Millli lime wad Hterliim ii-Liti\r.v ait'-r Je.iv- U)K 111" Ili.HJiilul scatured IlUe chaff to the winds or .world." .' —St. Louis Globe Democrot. MARRIED I 50 YEARS O. Jobn Wntt* « Tribute to Brother and' Wife v\li and Mri» Hu«h Ji»hn oi I't.ih. " nU"» "iT i.jV.u '1 • \ccv ili\ ij.i 11 »,i it, Hait l-^liirt H Wh'it the liuwfls (.1 ^1 nuum and Datura! .uiinv.vt.'-at \ Mr Juli r .,1 Omrxf It ,|i>hn n[ Viit* ,i fi>rnu>r KMiicnt ty Itl hoiim <«f tin- i- |l .luilH ..Hill IJit- It (.'IVl tl .t.iitf S*lt '« I U .iKl , JI.C 111. 111 • )l j \t H is .i th!> i it> m litic «j«-e.isi«in |.,l||ilU M j l' .1.-i.ii ! I'll'! ,1 i H , t'l 1 I !'• "I- ».l. ,- I 't •m it ii i«tiivt.i!u-i Hi it MX inl • vl 1 ul v'a U N lulu xhu i i'i t-.-\ thai rm TI »• it 111 V 'It l«. c<iiihtuiilly Tb'*v H i ) a i. TVORY Soap Is pleasant ••-to use. It does hot harm - H the tenderest skin. It lath- 'ers freely. It rinses easily, 1 It is made of th^ finest materials. It is white. It floats, No soap at any price can be better. I I l i t.-u »'*

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