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Evening stari
Washington, District of Columbia
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IWM. P. BOYER CO. ELECTRICAL constriction 812 13th St. 842 Radio Repairs and Service Battery Recharged and Rental Dav Phone Ff.

8530. Evening Adam. 810 Radio Service We can repair your old set or no charge. Day or night service. Exchange Your Old Radio for a New Radio-la Fowler Radio Service 9th and Madison Sts.

Main 3845 Adams 2701 I sdbustsbls laUe-Tallcer gooseneck 1 horn for 1 more 1 1 mellow I The Table-Talker is 2 a small horn (22 in. high) finished in 4 Brandes Experts in radio acoustics since 1908 i Wholesale Doubleday-Hill Electric Co. 715 12th St. N.W. Main 168 ft Ducon eliminates all "B'batteries constant voltage means better reception 90 volt model 800 (complete' $35.00 135 Toli model 800-A complete) $47.50 Dubilier dOIfPEWSEK.

AKP RADIO CORPORATIOM SUPERPOWER WINS Small Interference Will Not: Cause Any Change in Present Policy. Superpower still is considered by officials the radio section of the Department of Commerce and hv Secretary Hoover as one of the great forward stops in radio broadcasting, and nothing has developed so far to cause any change in policy that might interfere with its development. Despite the interference caused by the new high-powered transmitter at Bound Brook. N. for a limited number of listeners living within a few miles of this plant, the Government, it was learned today, views this and other high-power stations with high favor.

Interference Forecast. Some interference was expected to develop over a small area, it was pointed out even before the station was put into operation, just as similar interference has been found near the transmitters of WGY. KDKA, WIAV anil other stations which have operated with more than normal power. Such a blanketing effect as that noted in parts of New Jersey can often be greatly reduced and often eliminated by minor changes in the design of the receivers, it was stated, and the offer of the Radio Corporation of America to send its engineers to give advice to the owners of sets bothered by interference is expected to halt the tiling of complaints against the new transmitter. It is estimated that not more than one per cent of its audience lives within interference range of WJZ.

Similar areas of interference have been noted 1 by Government radio supervisors I about other high-powered stations. Limit Is Possible. If the interference becomes more widespread, the Government undoubt edly would limit any further increases in power. This is true also in the cases of the present low-powered class A stations, which, in view of the Gov- ernment policy of refusing new li censes, are besieging the Government for power increases. These requests, generally, will he refused, for the Government want widespread interference.

CHRISTMAS EVE RITES WILL BE BROADCAST i Ceremony at Community Tree Thursday Evening to Be Sent by WRC. 1 The lighting of the National Com- munity Christmas tree in Sherman I Square by the President Thursday 1 evening at 6 o'clock, and the accom- panying program of Christmas chimes played from Epiphany Church tower and the program of Christmas music by the United States Marine Band be- ginning at 5:45 o'clock will be broad-1 cast by stations AVRC and "WJZ of New York, it was announced today, i following a conference in the Franklin Building between Mrs. Cecil Norton I Broy. chairman of the local commit- tee: a representative of Maj. U.

S. Grant, 3d. of the Office of Public ings and Public Parks of the National Capital, and Ralph Edmunds of WRC. Plans are now being perfected for the installation of microphones in i Sherman Square, south of the Treas- I ury Building. The fact that a per- manent conduit was placed last year lo the big spruce tree will greatly sim- I plify the details of arranging the I broadcasting of the Christmas tree I ceremonies this year, At 5:20 the Epiphany chimes I will be played by Adolf Torovsky, or-1 ganist of the church, and immediately the United States Marine Band, led I by Capt.

William Santelmann will take I up the program at the tree, playing a i specially arranged Christmas number, Following the lighting of the Christmas tree by the President, the Wash- I ington Quartet, composed of Mrs. J. F. M. Bowie, Richie McLean.

J. i F. M. Bowie and Fred East will sing, and the audience assembled will sing the "Adeste led by Rollin I Bond, and accompanied by the band. I The ceremonies will close with "The Star Spangled at 6:30 o'clock.

ARGENTINE PRESIDENT GETS ARMOUR APOLOGY Message Retracting Statement on Grain Issue Forwarded by Ambassador. B.v flip Associated Preqp. BUENOS AIRES, December I message was received at the foreign office Sunday from Honorio Pueyrj redon, Argentine Ambassador to the United States, containing the text of the apology of George E. Saunders, vice president of the Armour Grain Co. of Chicago, in connection with his I recent statement concerning the good faith of the Argentine government's wheat crop reports.

No comment to the press was forthcoming from either the foreign office or the ministry of agriculture. Also there was no official statement made regarding the charge of the Armour Packing Co. of La Plata, which is not with the Armour Grain that one of its employes had "transmitted absurd to the Armour Grain Co. It is understood Ambassador message was telephoned to President de Alvear at Mar del Plata, a seashore resort. forcedTritishTilms PROPOSAL IS OPPOSED Exhibitors Show Slight Majority Against Move to Aid Home Industry.

By the Associated Press. LONDON, December nationwide ballot among proprietors of moving picture theaters, many of whom use American films exclusively, shows a slight majority against a proposal to compel movie houses to screen a certain percentage of British films along the lines of a plan suggested by the Board of Trade. Ballot papers circulated to 2,600 proprietors were returned and of those voting 670 were against, and 609 for the scheme. Others did not reply and the above decision will be put before the general council of the Cinematograph Association, who will discuss the matter. The ballot is taken to indicate that there is disunion in the trade because other sections of the association, manufacturers, renters and distributors of films, are in favor of showing a certain percentage of the British films.

Hawara, New Zealand, which will hold an industrial show next July, is thp market city of a rich dairy, THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON, I). C- TUESDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1925. CARILLON GAINS POPULARITY IN U.S. Famous Bells of European I Countries in Use in 15 American Cities.

By the Associated Press. NEW YORK, December carillon with clavier as an instrument in civic musical education has been pealing from singing towers in continental low countries for hundreds of years, but it has only lately become better known outside the boundaries of its origin. The people of Belgium and Holland accepted the bells as a means of cultivating and teaching a love for folk- songs and the great melodies of their fatherland. The carillon has shared its companionship in all the stirring events in the history of these countries, usually at the public charge. In not a few of the towers the carillon has been played for a hundred years or more on the same day and at the same hour.

While the United States has but 15 sets of the bells In operation, declares William Gorham Rice, who has devoted a great part of his life to the chronicling of carillons, it nevertheless can boast of the largest In the world. He says no carillon built since the earliest Hemony in 1645 compares in size with the one installed In the Park Avenue Baptist Church here by John D. Rockefeller, in memory of his mother. Offers Carillon to City. Rice describes the carillon as a characteristic democratic municipal musical instrument in a book published by Dodd.

Mead Co. August Heckscher. New York philanthropist, has offered to present one of the struments to the city as a World War memorial if the city will erect a tower in the middle of Central Park in which to house It. The carillon had its origin in a mej chanical arrangement of sets of small I bells in connection with the clocks which in the fifteenth century came to be an essential part of the munici-1 pal powers of the low countries. It was not long before the mechanism was arranged to play a little tune.

More satisfactory musical effects were sought as the instrument progressed. When a city bought a carillon it formally was welcomed by the burgomaster and people, and amid rejoicings the hells were consecrated with elaborate ceremony. I The bells are tuned to the intervals I of the chromatic scale, the compass i being three or more octaves. The lowest bell is often many tons in i weight, with each succeeding bell smaller, so that in the highest octaves I the weight of each bell is but a few pounds. Ail the bells are hung so as to swing.

They are connected with a keyboard by which the carili lonneur (the musician) causes the clapper to strike the inside of the sound bow of the bell. Frequently there also is a clock-work mechanism and a revolving drum which causes a hammer to strike the sound bow from i the outside. Differs From Chime. "The carillon is essentially chromatj ic in its intervals, while the chime is essentially says Rice, in dis: tinguishing between the two instru( ments. "The chromatic characteristic I enables a master of a carillon key-1 board not only to play the notes of a great variety of music, but to inter pret its sentiment and to produce es sects which are distinctive and peculiarly a property of this Instrument.

"That a carillon should be in tune is of greater consequence than the number of its bells, because throughout virtually its entire compass the bells progress by regular semitone or chromatic intervals." The carillon is played automaticailv or by a musician. The earillonneur uses both hands and feet and differs from organ pedaling, in that the heels are not used. People accustomed to the sound of many bells who cannot "follow' the tune" are told by Rice to "relax and i -simply listen" and they will find that the idiom of the bell music will soon communicate Itself with perfect clarity. The first modern carillon on the American continent was installed at the Metropolitan Church, Toronto. Rice says, and the first in the United States was in the Church of Our Lady of Good Hope, at Gloucester, Mass.

Others are at Andover and Cohasset, Birmingham, Washington. D. Cranbrook and Detroit, Morristown. Plainfield and Princeton. N.

St. Paul. Notre and Philadelphia. There are 184 of the instruments in existence. ROCKVILLE.

ROCKVILLE, Deceipber 22 (Special) Ida J. Rabbitt, widow of James E. Rabbitt and a lifelong resident of this county, died Sunday at her home in Gaithersburg, aged 67 years. Her death was due to a complication of diseases and followed a long Illness. She is survived by tw'o sons, Herman and Russell Rabbitt of Gaithersburg, and a sister, Mrs.

Alexander Garrett of Rockville. She also leases two step sons. John and Joseph Rabbitt of Washington. The funeral took place at 11 o'clock this morning from the home, burial being in Forest Oak Cemetery, Gaithersburg. Mrs.

Rabbitt was before her marriage a Miss Gaither. In sentencing George Keiser of Baltimore, and Harrison Holtz of this county, each to 30 days in jail for operating automobiles while under the Influence of liquor. Judge Robert B. in the Circuit Court here today, declared that "everybody, high or low, rich or guilty in his court of driving while drunk would be sent to prison, and served notice that the punishment in- second offenses would be Judge Peter also imposed sentences on Taft Jenkins, colored, larceny, 2 years in house of reformation; George Duffin, colored, violation of local option law', eight months in house of correction. Bride From Washington.

Rev. B. W. John, pastor of the Methodist Church, officiated at the marriage here on Saturday of Albert S. Janson, 35, of New York, and Miss Matjorie N.

Conner, 34 of the home of the minister being the scene of the ceremony. The petit jury for the November term of Circuit Court was yesterday discharged by Judge Robert Peter, all cases Iff which Jury trials were asked having -been disposed of. The jury will be recalled some time in January, when cases removed from other counties will be tried. Purchases Acres. Lester Max Walten of Washington has purchased from Frank Welsh 71 acres of land just off the Brookeville pike at Glehmont, the price being announced as around $22,000.

It is understood the purchaser will hold the property as an investment. The public schools of Montgomery County will close Wednesday, and w'iil not resume work until January 3. In many of the schools appropriate exercises w'iil be held Wednesday. Rev. P.

Rowland Wagner, pastor of the Baptist Church, has announced that services will be held in the Baptist Church at 6 Christmas morning. Dr. Wagner will preach and the church choir will render a I' A KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES No Piker. BY POP MOM AND fvFK CLARICE I Pt LEAH CswFf SNifF) ftFTTO ftLL I "TWO BLOCKS XL! DOLLAaS Yntvs mookd iBKT HEAtrr vam a Toavi left! aw' Mfl wa CASTLE! HOCK-J CEAft. ILL hLWTfSRD VOO'LL 3CE IT Ow TH6 PUT A R.EB fi WW PMUOI I MONTE CARLO li (Continued from Star.) SYNOPSIS.

Sir Hargrave Wendrver. country gentleman ana financier, calls on a lamoua phyalcian for examination. The doctor's diagnosis shocks the baronet. That night Sir Harginve dims with three Gorse, a clergyman: Lord Edward Pelllngham, a politician, and John Marston. a stock broker.

Sir Hargrave asks his friends how they would spend the interval if they were suddenly faced with the knowledge that their careers would terminate at the end of six or eight months. INSTALLMENT 11. That Incredible Thing. MARSTON inquired if Sir Hargrave meant if one knew' he were about to die. "Not Hargrave replied.

"I want you. if you can, to conceive the position in this way: Today 1h the 7th of January, it? Say, on the 7th of July you had to step into some utterly different condition of life or state of existence. and that nothing you could do between now and then could make any how should voti spend that six months?" "No problem at all about that for Pellingham declared promptly. having any one dependent upon me. I should raise every penny I had in the world.

I should hire a beautiful as yours out at Monte Carlo, if I could find it, the most agreeable companions from among my friends to bear me commosphere TAKE THIS TOO SERIOUSLY, HE BEGGED. FELLOWS OFTEN MAKE panv. charter a yacht for short cruises and imbibe so far as possible the spirit of Boccaccio's charming puppets." "A characteristic start," Hargrave observed. "What about you, Marston?" Marston removed his eyeglass and scratched his chin thoughtfully. he said, a bit of a problem.

but I think, if I were to yield to natural inclinations. I should do what I've never had the courage to attempt of my pat tners, for one thing, and because of my posi! on the stock exchange for an- olhev go in for an almighty and i wonderful speculation. I'd select one I of several stocks I know of, with a I tree market, and I wouldn go foi it piecemeal, go for it as the i Americans do it to pieces or i boost it to the skies, lou fellows speculators, I know, and you no idea what self-restraint a stock broker has to exercise. There no fascination in the world like the fascination of the legitimate gamble, If you once give ay to vou, Hargrave asked, surprising the other's eyes fixed upon him with a curious intentnese. Philip Gorse shrugged his shoulders.

he said. "I don't know that much I would change in my life. I'm as happy as any man ought to be 1 love mv work, but I couldn't work any harder. I have enough to eat and drink and good friends. 1 think should go on pretty well as I'm going all three more characteristic than Hargrave remarked, pouring himself out a glass of wine and passing the decanter.

"We're logical, Marston rejoined. a matter of fact, if we were honest with ourselves I think we should find that half our conduct of life is influenced by the fear of results. If we were quite sure there was no aftermath of life left for regrets we should at least for once in our lives be Gorse dissented, and for a few minutes there was argument. Pellingham wound it up by a direct appeal to his host. "What about yourself, he inquired.

"You are, after all, more completely master of your fate than any of us. full of resources and no hunting man, a golfer, a dilettante In the arts, unmarried and sickenlngly well off. If you had to concentrate find it pretty difficult to know where to spread wonder," Hargrave murmured. The party broke up early. Pellingham was attending a farewell supper to a bevy of beautiful damsels from the other side, whom Broadway was once more claiming for its own, and Marston had to see a colonial client at his hotel.

Philip Gorse lingered. "Going on anywhere, he asked. have you time for a pipe and a whisky and "I'm your the other agreed promptly. "I was just wondering whether it was worth while going 'round to the club. Come along to my The two men left the correct but somewhat severe atmosphere of the Georgian dining room, with its odor 1 of choice exotics and Havana cigars, and made their way to a comfortable room at the back of flie house where i the walls were lined with books and sporting prints, gem cases, tennis rac, queta and clubs were stacked (a of warm comfort prevailed.

Philip Gorse lit his pipe with a grunt of satisfaction. "Best hour of the he observed, me out when had enough, though. I want to ke settling himself in an easy chair. just as long as you Hargrave invited, throwing himself into an easy chair opposite his guest. "I've a few letters to write before I go to of any importance I hate going too "Any particular reason for your putting that problem to us Philip Gorse inquired, looking across at his friend through the cloud of tobacco smoke.

Hargrave continued for a moment, to smoke meditatively. be admitted. took a nasty toss about a fortnight ago, and I went to see a doctor this afternoon. He gave rather a really serious, I the other asked anxiously. "May not Hargrave replied.

said he would know better in six months. These fellows tell you outright, you know, Philip, but, between you and me, I pretty well got my marching Philip Gorse laid down his pipe. His eyes were filled with sympathy, but his expression at first was more incredulous than grave. my dear he exclaimed, have the constitution of an ox. Did he examine you "Pretty well stripped Hargrave acknowledged.

the trouble of it is that my local man who sent me to him evidently thouerht there was something wrong, and he's no fool. talk about this, there's a good Hargrave went on after a moment's pause. been rather a shock, of course, but, dash it all, it might have happened at any moment during the war, and it's got to happen some day to all of us. It's just the unexpectedness of it that takes tone's breath away just at Andrews, the butler, entered the room with the whisky and soda. His i quiet, stereotyped movements and deferential speech seemed to restore noramility an atmosphere which a moment before had been charged with tragedy.

Hargrave's tone was almost matter of fact as the door closed behind him. "You understand he went on. was in my mind this evening." Philip Gorse knew his friend too well to try to express even the sympathy which was in his heart. Nevertheless, his eyes were a little dim and his voice was not quite steady. "I shouldn't take this too seriously, he begged.

fellows often make don't think Horridge was the somewhat grim reply. "However, let's put that behind us for the time. Consider the problem which I propounded now applied to myself. Give me your Philip Gorse relit his pipe with trembling fingers. well, then, Hargrave," he said.

"I'll try. First of all, wipe out from my mind all that Pellingham said. You are not and never could be a man of type. You have sought for pleasure and found it, I as you have 'a perfect right to when it is not at the expense of others, but you have done it with one can use such a word, with taste. think that because a clergyman, old chap, I understand and appreciate these things.

I have kept one foot in either world and I peer into many. For a man of your world, you don't mind my saying alwaj-s had a sneaking admiration for you. You've never been blatant. There has always been a flavor of epicureanism about the way you have sought the best, the healthiest things in life. let go of that just because of this crisis.

Even though what the doctor told you might come true, you gain anything in a mad search for new sensations. only lose the most admirable thing in your Hargrave nodded approvingly. (CopTrirht, 1926, by E. Phillips Oppenheim.) (Continued tomorrow.) PLANS HIGHEST HOME. Hotel Owner to Erect Bungalow on 47-Story Structure.

CHICAGO, December 22 C. Moir, president of the Morrison Hotel, yesterday announced plans for the bungalow in the He will build it on the roof of the new addition to the Morrison, which rises 47 stories above the street level. The bungalow will be 530 feet above Clark i and Madison streets. 25 feet lower JVashihtfton MonujnenW -4T I Star 64 Want Branch Offices NORTHWEST. JJ3S 14th Joll'h Newsstand, i J4th and Day Pharmacy.

15th and 11, J. S. Clnmenoe. 14th and W. Earle Pharmacy.

Georgia prank F. Lelly Pharmarv. 2008 n.w., Colliflower Art and Gift Co. 14th. Bronaugb's Pharmacy.

14th and Buchanan, Hohberger's Pharmacy. 14th and Colorado O'Donnell's Pharmacy. 3200 Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant ''irar and News Shon. Columbia United Cigar Agency. 2102 California Harry J.

Paul. Wartlman Park Pharmacy. N. N. ave.

and Prescription Pharmacy. 2nd and Mass Phillips' Pharmacy. Ist and Duncan's Pharmacy. and K. Goldenlierg's (time clerk's desk i.

Cut-rate Drug Store. 7th and sts. and U. I. J.

French Simpson. th and sts L. H. Forster's Pharmacy. Vt.

12th and sts Howler's Phar. oth and B. H. Pharmacy. Ga.

are. and Rock Creek Church road. Rock Creek Pharmacy. Ga. ave.

and Upshur Colody It Bialek. 5505 Ga. Monck's Pharmacy. 501(1 Ga. Brighfwood Pharmacy.

1001 Morse Pharmacy. 1005 Mass Dunont Pharmacy. 18th and Fla. Bernstein's Drug Store. Fla.

are. and Ist N. Relskin. North Cap. st.

and R. I. Parker's Phar. 1722 Pa. ave J.

Louis Krick. 21st and Quirley Pharmacy. 25th and Pa. Herhst's Pharmacy. Monterey Pharmacy.

3632 Uonn. are. 5826 Conn. Chevy Chase Pharmacy. Wisconsin ave.

and Macomb Harry C. Taft. 4006 Wisconsin Wisconsin Are. Phar. Takoma Park, 350 Cedar Mattingly Bros.

Pharmacy. GEORGETOWN. Morran Bros 1 Pharmacy. 30th and stl. 3204 O'Donneil Pharmscy.

3411 Moskey's Pharmacy. Wisconsin are. and 0. Pharmacy NORTHEAST. 4th and sts.

Home Drug C-J. 007 Garren's Music Store. 7th st ami Md. Louis F. Bradley.

12th st and Md. Louis Sacks North Capitol and I. Kenealy Pharmacy. 326 East Camtol Paul's Pharmacy. East Can and Bth sts Bielnuss' Pharmacy.

13th and East Lincoln Park Pharmacy. I 20th st. and 1. Pharmacyj Woodridge. 3500 12th st Maro's 2300 4th John G.

Birrs' Pharmacy. SOUTHEAST. 3rd and Pa Donnell's Drug Store. Bth and T. F.

Weller's Pharmacy, llth and Pa. Pharmacy. 14th and Pa. Smyser's Pharmacy. 1007 Nichols ave Anacostia.

Heaiy Drug Store. SOUTHWEST. 10th and Va Herbert's Pharmacy. 7th and Lantr. Bros and Columbia Pharmacy.

CENTS A WORD. Minimum charge. 46c. In Washington and Suburbs i Help and Situations Wanted. Loaf and Found.

For Sale and Wanted Miscellaneous. Automohlles for Sale and Wanted. Rooms for Rent and Wanted. Business Opportunities, etc. RATE OCT6IDE OF WASHINGTON.

4 cents a word. REAL ESTATE ADS. 6 words to the line. 3-ltne minimum, at 1 line rate, ag follows: I time. 20c per line.

1 times. IPe per line. 3 times, lSc per line. 7 17c per line. STAR OFFICE OPEN rXTIT.

11 P.M. All advertisements for The Evening- Star I must be at The Star office or one of The 1 i star branch offices by 11 p.m. the DAY BEFORE ISSUE, with the following excep- i tions: T-ost and Found. Death Notices. i Wanted Help.

Wanted i Advertisements under the above classifies- tions will be accepted at The Star office. 11th at and Pa until 9 30 day of issue. AH advertisements for The Sun- day Star must' be received at The Star office by 5 30 p.m. Saturday, or at any of The Star branch offices by 4:30 p.m.. Saturday.

CASH WITH ORDER is required for all advertisements from transient advertisers. i AUTO MECHANICS none other need apply. Central Auto Works. 449 Eye st, n.w. Ask for Mr.

Morris. AUTOMOBILE Locomobile Comnanr desires the services of a few highgrade salesmen. A very attractive proposition to those vrho esu cualify. The Locotuohile Company, 1517 Connecticut ave. BATTERY and ignition man: must be first class.

Edward Gibson. Columbia 8484. 4127 New Hampshire ave. n.w. BOOKKEEPER experienced in nlumbing i preferred, but not essential: hours.

i 7:30 a m. to 5:30 p.m. State experience. Good salarv. Address Box 105-E.

Star office. i 24! BOY. i-oloreo. wishing to study law. must know shorthand and Ivpewritiog and how I jto run a car.

Address Box 87-E. Star office ROYS AND YOUNG MEN. at once, with 1 bicycles or Ford cars, can cam 3 to 8 daily: steady work: also for 1 Christmas, Annly 018 12th n.w. i BUS BOY. experienced and reliable.

Apply i Billings. 1403 st. n.w. CHAUFFEUR, white, to drive ice cream truck during holidays. Budd 18th and Columbia rd.

CHAUFFEURS wanted, day or night work also extra men with identification cards and references. Apply Taxi Office. Wardnian Park Hotel. man with clear record, experienced in transportation work. Reply, stating experience, references and salary expected.

Address Box 181-E. Star I office. 1 DRUGGIST, registered: must be good pre scription clerk and outside man. courteous i nnd industrious. Reply stating age.

refer i 1 cnees, etc. Address Box 326-E, Star office. JANITOR for 3 3-story apartments, colored married man. with no children: quarters ami $75 per month in exchange for services; only reliable, experienced man need apply. Address Box 107-E.

Star office. JANITOR, take care of apartment house; must be experienced. Call at 3654 N. ave. before 10 a.m.

PRICE LURIA. 927 ljith st. Main 342. LAUNDRY SALESMAN to act as division man having supervision over five routes: must be leader of men: salary and bonus. Address Box 63-E.

3tar office, MAN. young, to type bills and help shipper In warehouse: must be ablebodled and willing to learn: a rood opportunity. Call Lincoln 5318, MEMBERSHIP SALES REPRESENTATIVES, permanent employment: make 57.50 to SIB per day: commission and bonus. Apply American Automobile Association. Mills 17th and Pa, ave.

n.w. MEN with personality and character, married preferred, to call on customers- $25 while learning: substantial increase. Fuller Brush 619 Metro, Bank Bldg. MEN. 8.

neat, ambitious, who will work: to start: must be married or have heavy obligations: a chance of a lifetime. Apply Manager. 202 Commercial National Bank 14th and sts. class in high-class dental laboratory: good salary: permanent position. Wire details to Roden Dental Laboratory, Shubert Philadelphia.

MEN wanted at once; two energetic men: sales experience not necessary. Replies will be held strictly confidential. Address Box 161-E. Star office, Sen. 4.

wanted as train news agents. Must be of neat appearance and energetic. Cash security and blue suit required. Apply Union News E. Basement.

Union Station. office No. 8. PHARMACIST, registered, for relief. Apply, stating all qualifications.

Address Box 175- E. Star office. PROMINENT Washington firm has opening for znon. with general knowledge of sales promotional work, direct-by-mail advertising. etc.

Replies treated confidentially. For particulars address Box 57-E. Star office. SALESMAN, experienced, to sell the commercial products of the Ford Motor Co. Hariman A Howard.

Ford dealers. R. I. and N. J.

aves. SALESMEN wanted by established specialty house whole or part time, on commission basis; will yield plenty money. You can sell a necessity for every home and office. See Mr. Armstrong.

Room 302. 817 14th st. n.w. SALESMEN. SSO to 8100' per week: three men to sell an electric home cleaning machine.

which is told on the installment plan: 1 commissions are paid in excess of the down payment from the customer. The article is unique in construction and function: live, wire salesmen of all lines find it one of the 1 best selling articles on the market. Men of character who are sincere and who want a permanent connection where possibilities are limited only by tne man's willingness to (work are invited to Investigate. Apply Airway. Branch.

Electrical Appliance 212 SfsmacVE Bwibir mkT Eye'staf n.w, 1 HELP AND SITU AT I ONS. Continued.) STOCK dealer needs experienced man: state ape. experience, salary expected and other qualifications in first letter. Re 1 plies confidential. Address Box 19-E.

Star office. MAN for gasoline filling station. Apply Penn Oil 3rd and Maryland ave. s.w., at 10 a m. Wednesday.

TEN MEN of pleasing personality, mechanically inclined; must have good education and appearance, able to all classes; permanent connection, splendid pay. Call 227 Investment after 10 a.m. RECEIVING man, willing and strong; good! chance to learn candy and res- taurant business. Apply Happiness Candy 1107 st. SALESMEN.




AVE. N.W. EXPERIENCED accountants for Florida and Cuba i service. TOO Southern Mr. Hempstead.

need some experienced drivers for our new fleet of Red Top cabs; must have identification cards. Apply to Mr. I.e Sage. 1140 21st st. ACCOUNTANT.

Accountant-office manager, I experienced, capable of directing work of small office force. ply in own handwriting, giving full details of experience, salary expected, references. Address Box 77-E, Star office. men for outside I furnish rood references. Apply to Clyde Martin.

602 Transportation Bldg. i I HERE A FAST ONE. I Salesmen, if you have the pep and the punch and are clean-cut and self-reliant, par- Ocularly if you have had experience In sell- ins industrial insurance, magazines, but not can clean up for the 1 next three months. Apply 205 Continental Trust Bldg. INSTRUCTION COURSES.

French, graduated from a French university, will give private lessons in French. Address Box 480-D. Star 2 AUTO DRIVING INSTRUCTIONS for perj mit by expert: satisfaction guaranteed: excellent references: any car furnished. Mr. Kennedy.

Adame 4717. AUTO DRIVING LESSONS BV OLD, I enced instructors; satisfaction insured. Call Lincoln 82. THOSE WITH UNDEVELOPED TALENT I for studio offers unusual opportunity for practical training evenings: will interview only those desirous of making commercial art a profession. Address Box 12-C.

Star office. MABELLE HONOUR SCHOOL OF BEAUTY Cl and evening classes. Estab. 1917. Franklin 5131.

Suits 310-311. 817 14th st. BOYD SHORTHAND IN 30 SCHOOL DAYS. Study it. Leads in accuracy and speed.

Touch typing, spelling, English, letter writing. Complete course. 00 school days. Graduates in demand. Position guaranteed.

I BOYD SUHOOL FOR SEC RETARIES. 1338 st. Main 2876. Est. 0 years i RADIO Winter term will be- I gin on Monday.

January 4. There is a great demand for professional, licensed radio men. I and we play all our graduates in good posii tions. Glasses every Monday. Wednesday and Friday night from 7 to 9 o'clock.

Modj eiate tuition charge and easy weekly payments. Plenty of positions always open on land and sea. Enroll today. LOOMIS RADIO I COLLEGE. 405 9th.

NOW is a good time to begin a course that will fit vou for life's duties. You will netcr regret a course in our school. Thousands say it placed them on the road to success. I Cail. write or telephone.

Ir is better to call. WOOD'S SCHOOL. Established 1885. AUCTION BRIDGE CLASSES. COACHING MISS BUIE.

North 1538. apt. 406 terenings.) PHOTOPLAY WRITING Palmer course: never used. 601 District Nat, Bank Bldg. Columbia School of DRAFTING.

Individual instruction, day and evening classes. Complete course. 3 to 9 months. Call, write or phone for catalog. I 14th Sts.

North 272. BUSINESS INSTRUCTION. Civil Service Examinations. Special intensive courses for next Patent Office. Sten.

Typ. and Clerical exams, begin today. THE CIVrL SERVICE PREPARATORY SCHOOL, s.e. cor. 12th.and F.

Ph Fr. 2080. EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES. STENOGRAPHERS. Ist AND 2nd GRADES: bookkeepers, typists, cleri help.

Free register. M. 2876. City Employment Service. 1338 it.

STENOGRAPHER. experienced; general knowledge of real estate and insurance preferred but not necessary. Splendid opportunity for advancement to right party. Apply Wednesday between 9 and 10:30 a.m.. Suite 636-44.

Investment 15th and sts. n.w, STENOGRAPHER or typist: outside work permitted: central business location: S3O per rronth. Address Box 182-E. Star office. STENOGRAPHER, dependable, neat and accurate: preferably one with some statistical office experiences; willing to help with clerical work.

Reply in own handwriting, stating experience, references and salary expected. Address Box 180-E, Star office. STENOGRAPHER, preferably experienced in patent work. Address Box 168-E. Star office, STENOGRAPHER, experienced, by a large local Jewelry house for the month of January.

Salary. $25 a week. With references. Address Box 171-E. Star office.

TEACHERS wanted for grades: must be normal graduates. Education Service. Southern Bldg. two. for lunchroom.

710 Fla, ave. WHITE GIRL for cafeteria work. 7 to 2:30: breakfast and lunch and $8 week. 216 19th n.w. WOMEN, young, of ability interested in educational work: good remuneration.

Call at 1417 Gallatin st. n.w. YOUNG neat appearing, age 18-26. for special advertising campaign: no experience required: we train you and pay 525 weekly salary while training. Apply between 2-4 6-8 n.m..

Hotel Plaza, near Union station. Ask for Mr. Blake. 24 FEEDERS and catchers, experienced, white, for flat work department. Apply Ambassador Laundry, 1426 Irving st.

n.w. YOUNG WOMEN as tea room waitresses; willing workers; good opportunity and pleasant Apply Happiness Candy 1107 45 WILLING YOUNG WOMEN as salat! and sandwich makers and pantry workers; experience desirable, but not absolutely necessary; good surroundings; opportunity to advance. Apply Happiness Candy. 1107 street. YOUNO WOMEN FOR TELEPHONE OPERATING.



Address Box 126-E. Star office. COOK, housework, no laundry, small family stay nights: references, 2860 28th st. n.w GIRL. general housework.

stav mghts: reference. 20 Girard st. no. North GIRL to do general housework. 1113 st n.e GIRL experienced, light housework, help with baby: no laundry; 6 weeklv.

008 Kent Pi. n.e, i GIRL, white, cook and general housework willing to work, family of four, one that 1 loves children: stav nights good home for right party. 1035 20th st. n.w. Apt 1.

ask for Mrs. Kruse I GIRL, colored, for general housework In a small family. 600 Mass, aye, n.w. GIRL for mornings. 3537 Hertford pi.

n.w i il6th and i NURSE, colored, reference. Apply between A and 1p m. 2019 Kaiorama rd. I NURSE, colored, neat, experienced girl stay nights: city references required: SIO per week. Call Cleyeland 682.

i 'MAN. colored, for general housework: small family: good home; S3O month; eubj urbe. Phone Clarendon 344-J-2. AUDITOR AND ACCOUNTANT, expert, rtesocial work, part time. Address Boy 180-E, Star office.

BUTCHER, first-class, ready fer work. 1 125 st. n.w CHAUFFEUR, colored. 10 years' experience, drive any car: tiest of reference: reliable. Phone Adams 2444.

CHAUFFEUR, white, wishes position in pri vate family; long experience: very carefui driver best reference from last employe: Adams 5591 MAN. neat young colored, porter or elevatov operator. Call North 8101-J, MAN. Jewish, dishwasher or useful man 6 D.m. to 12 p.m.

North 9334. 1029 n.w. PLACE AS COOK, janitor, care of offices, bv Southern colored man: best of references Pirson No. 2013 Hiilver pi. SITUATION wanted by elderly gentleman wjth personality and refinement, also lin- in first-class hotel, large bank or large department store, after Jan.

1. Address Box 394-D, Star office. SODA CLERK and elevator operator, young school boy experienced, wishes anv kind night position. Call Col, 6509. TRANSLATING.

German gentleman wants business position for translating German also French: college, university and business education. Address Box 177-E. Star office I-- 4 FEMALE. MAN colored, with wife, wants ioh as ian tor of apartment. 1821 18th st.

n.w. Noun 17107. MOTHER'S HELPER, white, experience. wishes position: ref. Main 1973.

NURSE, graduate, nationality Swiss, ci'- sires engagement on day or night dut' very capable and attentive: excellent reference. M. Staub. 1606 17th st. Phone North 9148.

PASTRY COOK wants position, public. Telephone N. 9419-J. YOUNG WOMAN, white, healthy. Protestant, experienced in teaching, nursing, sewing and housekeeping or nursery governess.

Call Franklin 1 594, Mrs, Loveless YOVNG WOMAN, college graduate. 3 years' executive and secretarial experience in edn cationa! work, desires new connection. Address Box 59-E, Star office. CHAMBERMAID and waitress; neat colored woman wishen position in private famib experienced. Col.

773. COLORED WOMAN, first-class cook, city references, wishes place in private famny. Jennie Johnson. 1204 Kirby gl. n.w.

GIRL. 15. white, healthy, wants light house yvork: small yvages. Address Box 172-E. Star office.

GIRL, colored, neat, intelligent, references, wishes to take care of oachelors ant. or small family. Address Box 162-B. Star office. YOUNG GIRL yvants position as helper in kitchen or home.

C. 723 2nd PERSONAL. JOHN' REST HOME FOR AGED, invalid ai convalescent; night and day supervision North 7963. 1620 18th st. n.w.

LILLIAN: COMMUNICATE WITH MOTHer at once. Is gone and took children awa.v against my wi 1L 0 SCIENTIFIC MASSAGE. ELECTRICITY included; by expert operators, grad, from Sweden: trained nurse attendant. Institute. 1029 17th st.

n.w. Phone Main 8726. DU FOUR SYSTEM i waving. shampooing. facial treatments.

KATIE DUNN, 517 11th. 2nd floor. HAVE CAR AND TENT. GOING TO FLOR ida: want man with good references to join me. W.

W. GRIFFITH. SWEDISH MASSAGE BY GRADUATE MAS souse, treatments by appointment. Phone Main 6179. A GRADUATE IN WILL GIVJ9 Sou scientific treatment: excessive weight reucea by new methods.

Phone Pot. 1447. PIANO. HARMONY, COMPOSITION. syncopation, rag.

new sloe drag taught; eae or note; beginners or advanced pupils; muem composed, arranged, published. Est. 1905. GEO E. JOHNSON.

908 10th n.e. 4406 DRIVING TO JACKSONVILLE. JAN. Ist: want 3 passengers. See Mr.

GARLAND. Bank Trust Co. MIDDLE-AGED LADY WISHES POSITION as nurse-companion to elderly lady gclng South: will consider position in District. North 313. HOSPITAL FOR THE CARE OF THE BET ter class of unfortunate young women before and during confinement.

Strictly private. Charges reasonable. Babies for adoption. Veil Hospital. Corr.v.

Pa. TAKOMA PARK CARE and board given to infants: healthful environment. Phone Adams 8379. FACIAL HAIR PERMANENTLY REMOVED $1: facial treatments, 75c and 81: hot oil 81 plain shampoo, 60c. 309 Kresze Bldg.

MARIE STEVENS, 11th and sts. 27 ROOMING HOUSE, including furniture, for sale. 1016 Eye st. n-w. MISS NEVA WIER BEGS TO ANNOUNCE that the SHINGLE SHOPPE 1 beauty parlor i.

formerly located at 706 ELEVENTH ST. N.W.. is now located at the corner of ELEVENTH AND STS. N.W. over Berry A Whitmore's jewelry store.

Entrance on (Continued Next Face.).

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