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The Waco News-Tribune from Waco, Texas • Page 1

The Waco News-Tribune from Waco, Texas • Page 1

Waco, Texas
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SNAP SHOTS Reckon bad luck Chances slighter With three lighting On same lighter. She Warn NnuH-tHnhmtr CITY EDITION SIXTY-FIFTH 269 TJP1 United Pi rn Internati mai NE A Enterprise Association WACO, TEXAS. WED.NESDAA MOKNINC. SEPT. 13, 1961 PACES VA W.dhingiun SlffiGEE OPY IQ Dyina; Winds Set Off Twisters: 10 Killed HURRICANE CARLA as it approached Waco shortly before noon Tuesday is shown in this picture taken off a radcr scope in the Radar Approach Control (RAPCON) center at James Connolly AFB When this photo was snapped by A2C Wayne Brand, the eye of Hurricane Carla was 15 miles west of Waco CENTRAL TEXAS and had just passed Valley Mills Part of Waco and James Connolly are depicted by the dark circle in tht right of the picture The swirling white mass in the center of the photo halfway surrounded by the black arc is Carla's eve (USAF Photo) Galveston Gets Hardest Blow GALVESTON Killer tornadoes erupted in the backwash of dying Hurricane Carla Tuesday and smashed to rubble residential areas of Galveston and a small paper mill town in Louisiana. The twisters left 10 dead. The death of the hurricane and its tornadic side effects climbed to at ast 1 5 persons. Hundreds more were injured, more than 5b seriously. Property and crop damage was expected to soar into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Police in Galveston shot a suspected looter Tuesday night and arrested eight. They said grocery stores were being watched closely as food shortages mounted. Torrential rains caused streams and rivers in South Texas to spill from their hanks. The downpours stretched of miles northward and threatened major floods as far away as Kansas and Iowa, The diffused center of Carla, shorn of her hurricane winds, crossed over the Red River into Aid Offered Stonn Area By Waco Normal Weather To Return Today Waco and Central Texas wcath-i The rain also was expected to er is expected to return to near! end today, normal today in the wake of Hur- Official forecast today calls for riear.c Carla which swept cloudy skies and warmer tempe the area Tuesday bringing heavy tures, downpours, wind gusts up to Qnj mjnor damage was report-i mues per hour and the lowest ed a5 a result of barometric reading on record. hurricane. Some tret limbs were1 Waco weather Mre. bi(Wn off a fcw were Gayle Terry said the barometric bfown md Carports picure dropped to 28.95 at sea damagP. level shortly after noon Tuesday when the eye of the Hurricane 'fas passed 10 miles to the west of at the Waco leather Wac0 Bureau but oUier points in Waco had as much as four inches. T.imest on Rceord Turner at the Lake aco Hus is the reading we have on record here. Mrs I my al 9 Tuesdav bm "and probably is the lowest mme wyuid evej recorded opened before morning. Turner Mrs. Terry said the previous I low was 29.51 recorded on May ij See WEATHER Page 5 19o3. 11 days before the devastat----------------------------------------------------- ing Waco tornado. weather bureau did not record a lower barometric reading on tlie day of the tornado because it did not pass dose enough to I the weather bureau." she said. Winds gristed to 61 miles per hour at 12:15 m. Tuesday as the eye of the hurricane passed Waco and then began to shft as the eye passed out of the area. Mrs. Terry said lire eye of the: hurricane was d.rectiv over Anion sevpnth in latest oi nu' PRESS PAR TY NOT PUBLIC MINNEAPOLIS The Minnesota-North Dakota Communist party held its llth nua! "Freedom of the picnic this week for readers of the party newspaper. The orker. Newsmen and photographers were forcibly ejected. Grand Jury Action Here 1 I flight from Paris in heavy fog. A prince of the oil-rich sheikdom of Kuwait and a number of French embassy officials were killed in the crash, about one mile outside Rabat. No Americans The McLennan County grand were believed aboard the two-jet jury Tuesday returned 36 crimi- airliner, which carried T1 passen- nai indictments against 31 per -1 gens and a crew of six. sons no-billed two and Bodies were scattered for 130 passed a case involving theft around the crash she, in- or state funds from the Me-. those of seven small chil- Lennan County automobile regis- drpn trauon department. Thc to thi Attorney Burney numbcr air. Waco city council offered a helping hand to cities along the hurricane-stricken Texas Gulf Coast during its regular meeting Tuesday afternoon. After unanimous approval by the council, Qtv Manager Terrell Oklahoma late Tuesday night. Blodgett sent a telegram to James Still a formidable storm, was Garner, state coordinator for expected to bring heavy rams to and disaster relief, ui Kansas, Missour i and surrounding Waco offered men and machines to help clear the littered The two killer twisters were dties. part of a rash of tornadoes that The telegram was signed by Uie exploded over a wide section of entire city council. It Texas and Louisiana as Carla "Realizing the need for help i blustered northward toward the from neighboring cities immedi- i Oklahoma border. atoly tollowing a disaster, the Apartment mayor and city council of die i The Galveston tornado struck qjv 0f Waco offer men and while storm-weary reddcnts slept equipment to any city in the coast-1 in homes that had reglon t0 assist thc cJear. Carla fury One apartment anee of debris. We shall await in- house exploited like a toy balloon. st ructions from your office or A. least five persons were other proper authority before dis- killod by the tornado, and a sixth patching any help to the disaster RABAT, Morocco victim apparently died of a heart arCv(," Air France Caravelle tetliner' aiier was brought out: Motion to tlie telegram of the tornado-ravaged area was made by Councilman Stanton near here Tuesdav kilhnir all 771 At Hodge, a small town Brown It was seconded by Coun- near here Tuesday, kuting an 77 gbout 75 mi3eg southeast of Hinton persons aboaid in the third major A air disaster this month. It hU I In other business Tuesdaj alter, kuieo and many otlier persons. nnon tlie council been attempting to land on Negroes, hjured Airliner Grash kills 77 Persons RABAT, Morocco tUPP- France Caravelle jetlii crasfied and burned in a ravine FRONTIE55 HOUSE This is oil that's left of a Galveston house after a tornado hit. Tuesday on the heels of Hurricane Carla The twister was one of several spawned bv Carla after it reached the mainland. tUPi Telephoto) Anxious Refugees Returning To Battered Homes Too Soon I. Awarded Gm See Pag'' st ruction Co contract for two By MM WOOD A A HEADQUARTERS. Dip Expected hi Oetolter Jobless Total who joined types of asphalted concrete on a greatest and most ordrrl low bid of $49,110. The contract, uation in Texas hndor designed to thc city's creating a dangerous nual ds, include provisions for Tuesday night by both "cold for small patches! soon to tlie vast Soviets Eire Seventh lest In Series WASHINGTON The Union Tuesday set off the Walker said tlie juiy decided to pass tlie county theft case because the lawyer representing Miss Lucille Gardner, 47, longtime tax office employe, was strar WASHINGTON a good chance ti broad economic of tllP jughout tl ficials we es to storm urging AP is it the impact of recovery will liner erasnes within the past 12 nudge the stubborn rate of job- days. Only two days ago 83 died lesxness below four million in crash of a chartered DC Sitober Die Labor Department re- airiiner off Shannon, Ireland and poited Tucuday. 78 were killed in the crash of a But Scvmour WoLfbeir and "hot mix" for larger areas. area 1 the receipt jbi- of additional bids thc awarding of caj 0 contracts to supply the city's an-1 fajiui ticJpated hulk and sack cement I more hours attempts needs for tire next year. their homes. 3. postponed until a full council nianv lo uities ho: was present the awarding of a idil) flooded or under city wrecker contract. further floods front I. Approved two petitions for streams, rezoning property, rejected orx rting to rla-swep area i IX iOU to go. Two National Guard com-' and panics were sent into Freeport tiw late lAiesday at the request of dea Judge Alton C. Arnold. Roadbloclia had been set up by state and local and Guardsmen on the highway to discourage motor traffic. They pleaded with residents ear The Uni proporr See AID. Page 2 in Galveston and could prans world Airlines constellation partment manpow Carter Field at Fort Worth about p. m. Tuesday and continuing north f.nd eastward movement. inds Drop Winds have dropped to 25 miles per hour. Mrs Terry said I mvoived a force of Tuesday night, "and should drop! to 15 miles per hour Wednesday WEATHER Wednesday Sunset tonight at 6:38: sunrise tomorrow 6 11. Forecast for Waco vicinity (radios g.j cloudy this inornliig: becoming jwrll.v cloud' and wanner tonight and Thursday, 'lavimom fNi; minimum Tern ture: Highest 76 at p. lowest 71 degrees at 1:30 p. highest since 1 101 degrees on Aug. lowest since Jan 1, 17 degrees on Jan. 29; normal maximum this date 90. Itaiiitali: Fur 24 hours no ng it 6:30 p. m. 2.03 inches; total this month 2.24; noirnal this month 2.97; normal for year to date 23.69 inches, total since Jan. 1, 36.72 inches: accumulated excess 13.03. The river stage Tuesday at 7 50 a. m. uas feet. First quarter moon on Sept 17 at 2:24 p. m. dear this one exploded id the air in the arctic region of Novaya Zemlya Island The Atomic Energy Commission. announcing the test, said it everal megatons. equivalent to that of several million tons of TNT. Tlie blast went off early day. the AEC said in brief statement. Tlie Soviet Union resumed nu- dear testing 12 days ago and now has fired off seven blasts, all in tire atmosphere. and one of two off Sunday mar thc same arctic several mega the biggest in the test scries But neither was anywhere near the 100-megaton level which Soviet Premier Khrushchev boasts his country wnil reach. near Chicago Sept. 10, Air France officials said a family of six was aboard thc French- built which carried French, Moroccan. Australian and United Arab Republic nationals. The Kuwaiti prince was identified by Air France headquarters only as Psakhry. an appearance No Complaint There has been no criminal complaint tiled in the theft which amounted to $7,415. A sizable amount of the money has been paid back Kit there remains a deficit of more than 3 000 Elnora Davis, 39. of 2103 Bag- by Avenue was no-biked on a compiiinl which had charged her with murder in the July 1 shooting death of Sterling Hatter, 37. The shooting occurred at the Davis home. no-billed was Charles R. Hazlewood, 53, of Corsicana Highway on a complaint which had charged him with murder without malice in the death of F. y. (Cora) Casey. 84, of 2717 Cumberland Avenue. I Casey died of injuries she received when he killed by exp "We arc still faced with a prc omrry problem on the uncmpl rncnt In August he reported, the ure remained at thc recess ion of 6 9 cent, numbering 4.5 000. A decline of 598,000 from was described as about non for the season. August jobl total a year ago was 3,788,000. Wo! fie in issued thc depart i detailed for August, fi which Secretary of Labor Art had at Senate Kills JFK School Aid Appeal Texas National Guardsmen the 36th Infantry Division, vmi details of the 49tit Armored vision and the adjutant general1 section from Austin had con Go; eat May 31 vviih ar ood at Street and Col coni. Indicted on a can See JURY. Page 5 Violence Fatal lo CIUDAD TRUJILLO. Domuucan Republic (AP' Thousands of highlights Dominicans clashed with police The jobless Tuesday in a series of bloody cn i 6 9 fier cent counters marking tlie arrival of; Sftid, despite an inspection commission from for hot the Organization of American and total nor States. as well as over-all employer; Tanks and troops moved into As Goldberg had reported the capital Tuesday night to cope er, tlie total employed rose 4C collided Wllh uprisings. to a re ither driven! persons were Ruled by (1 WASH1N( ate banded other defea Tuesday bj would have chance to broad aid-U next year. an- dation i Utat sure for a ogram ptcted their move storm zone and critical ureas. Guardsmen cal officers in gua traffic sanitary facilities of coast Christi to Port Guard dctachmf located in nnnv nt inn ito the into 7 Job Ahead THE A8SCK (ATED PRESS Hurricane Carla, reduced from a force of tremendcus destruction to pigmy-like status, by its overland traipsing, left Texas Tuesday a rebuilding job of multi-million proportions, at was the du Offici fid to ft the I trying most and tlie department iiigiis payrolls it 11 O'. Rejecting a. from the Pre two-year ex tei Defense Educ. impacted sell President had bi i II nt, rd 69,539.000. Tli it 68,282,000 for "wenty sixth gunfire and scores injured in what of last appeared to be an unarmed ia ini against the left behind by slain dictator Rafael Leonidas Taijillo au appeal voted a udon of tlie National ttion Act arid aid to ool districts. strongly urged that they extended for only one rear. itraregy was aimed consideration of his ucat mn program next Uie two with many congress- have expired. i a ilh to first cndeil i by a peop the stricke i Freeport, were persons Carl color man into At deeds milling around $1 the Sex And nun- prjrted nla-'e "It looks as if this wdi argest single insurance la reunify has ever experiew The previous high was $1' JOB. Page 5 turu pin Good Morning ne CONVtNHNCe coaaea CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Neutral liirl- Issuc JFK IMea (API Two presidents representing 23 uncom nutted nutions arrived Ttiesdeyj with the plea for direct Kennedy -Khrushchev peace talks on Berlin. President Kei.i'#*i> gave them a royal no encourage- meni that he wJl rurh into sum-1 mit negotiations brfore Soviet Premier Kiirushchcv 1ms offered something the West can negotiate i The Kremlin has made no such offer. President Sukarno and President Kci- ta arrived just as tire Atomic Energy Conunc ion was umounc- mg the tventh atomic explosion since the Rusrtans broke the a tonne teat niaiatonuin spet. 1 so ip i lien Gadgets I oni Up So Does Modern Man VANDENSE (UH) Distw mto polar orbit Force attempt that AFK XXX year Bi refu' sr INI Y-M YI persons French airliner crashed in ot Union set off another nuclca air The Senate rejected ere kill Tht iident Kc leu d-pi a tow Co apptia -foot nf fiar te Bs TOM I IELD Waco Ncu'TriiMMr Staff grandpa. 'Carla arly got me." asked the litite boy. "A tree bow down on you?" said grandpa. "Not a tree. A You know those signal lights at Fifteenth and Herring? Weil, 1 was driving south on Fifteenth Street and I rod a green light and went out into the street to Herring, and Jim Gooch was coming etutt on Hcirmg, He had green rht too. hmit sUD the it buy, "How'4 you keep from running into each "He jammed on brake and I did a quick lctt turn and we missed each oiiwr "How cwild you get green at the same aaked the lit tie hoy. woo had great iith in gadg- "Like I said grandpa. "Hurricane CarU dw cvt UKA.NDPA, Page 5 spact' ana almost immer into a heavy overease Two later, the Mr I amtc tracking Hawaii confirmed dii te loaded with top i entific gear, wan in orbit A goal of Tue shot was to improve cent the satellite whirled amir earth at 11,000 miles an increasing Uie at vu r. tiie impact predict ion for entry If id! goes well, me Air said the caparne would from orbit the rortn area of recovery near Haw au. ion scnoiarsmp under Uv Act. roved 80-7, S. Mike exit yea I military stabiisb ice vote r. Mi of other a ami turned dowti a one-vcar extenkioi ed areas school aid program Ft ght fur uiicii) j.dovnreiit to dr up holt in October GM aod LAW m-z fur a of local Detenne foro House lion Voti the ke were then i pi op pu (IXiiXl fc tl the mi pa are 1 million pushed I Utie as a the the poet four ti, sightseers to stay out of dorm area until the all- rt.r could be given. were confused reports how much wreckage Car- 7 in her path. II now ti main problem I is been in saving lives. Sheriff Ray L. Markowsky of irro, returning from an mspec- on trip in the Point Com- rt area, reported tint thc causeway to Port L- i Lwcn destroyed and the nc muiti-miUion-doilar nt sew ay only recently dedicated. had buckled at both ends. urry 1 lenke of Cuero a broker, said his company had informed Port O'Connor was al! but wiped out. The only structures remaining town lie said were ti Baptist and Cadiolic churches. I nc homes, some of them brick, at beach ire a had been demolished. National Guard headquarters re- rd that sightseers and pcof.p c.p* to return to id created a severe Traffic was becoming a problem in the Corpus Christi where National Guard entered early Tuesday fordmg six miles i iter, local officials declared a curfew Tuesday night. Flood Warnings PoslecI for Wide Seetion o( lexas Bv the AswwUded wantdngs were issued (y for Central and Texas as torrential rains from Hurricane Carla sent rivers and st spitting over their Weather Bureau said Ihr re ere of nil up to 13 inches during the storm with a number of re pi of For 5 against the Presi mpa -ted arcus showdown 21 niuctly from hikI 2) uns him were 35 and i Banking uo the (.0 use HUM NA1IDN4L it Ki LANK, Mviuber i DR. ING IMri of Carla one hurricanes to the Gulf Coast, generated turuailoes that killed lb persoRf in Texas and Louisiana Officials wanted refugees not to return to their homes in the battered areas too soon Au insurance executive mid Carla may have run up the biggest single insumnee lots to the history. tin I 4 11, offered aid the Carlo-stricken area Forecasters predicted that weather in central Texas would return to near normal today The grand jury returned indictments against 31 persons The cases of four boys accused of painting words aud phrases on the new Richfield High School were turned over to the district attorney office. dow npours between 7 of the bi re- neluded 9 69 at 9.30 at Liberty, 8 75 at ille. 7.83 at Columbus, at Calvistun, Some other itb did not IhMljSC eom.nuiuc.ttio» for the 24 6 m. included Gaives- Dallas Ufltin 3.63, 3 38, Aua it in 2 13, College 2.63» rf Worth 2.14. it and Wichita Falls I teaacr a mounts at many Beaumoi 1 II aw other SERVING enerations SINCE FIRST NATICN41 UM

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