The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 24, 1908 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 24, 1908
Page 10
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WAN THURSDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1908. LEOAL ^^^™^^^^_^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^j_fc SHERIFF'S SALE. No. 28457. ittcson and WllllauisonMnnufac- 1'lalnttff. vs. OlderKnaw Co., .. a copartnership composed of C UUrshaw and K H. Oldershaw. De- UtOAfc LEOAU UEOAU NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Bakerafleld Fuel nnd Oil Coroimny. k ocatton or principal place of bUBlnetm elma. California. Location of works Kern County. California ma. uuniornia. _ix>cation of works -.... nM Notice ,18 hereov given, that at a ni'-etlns: ot the directors,of the. above named corporation, held on the &th dav of Deceui- t ; tjcr. JU08. an assessment ot one hun- execution issued out <u<. ( ) dollars uer Hhare w»s levied upon top .Countv i mo caiuial stock pr the corporation. California, uavable immediately to the secretary Mitiu corporation. Charles A. i-ee. at virtue of an Superior Court of ,OH Anu'H*'< Male of California, •**m Mam-won & \\llllaxnson Man iurinir Co.. PhtimJff. nnd Older Hros.. a rotiannnrahip com U. Oldershaw and F. If. Older ORDINANCE NO. 92. An ordinance granting unto the Mt Whitney Power Company, ft corporation, its successors and assigns, a franchise for fifty years cu erect p<olei and stretch wires and other appliances thereon, i'or the purpose of con* and transmitting Wi'ndiintH. upon a .fndLMiicnt I the r>ih dav or NovemixT. A. fur the sum of 41743.?::. law- HV oi the l.'niteu States, be- nnd Interest. I hav** Mils all the rleht. title. ectric current for light, power H?ciVnl *r or* Aferu°<9 Ce °v th ° Bounty land other necessary and useful pure Any Htock UDOD wSVcrMhia assess-! Poses, over, aionw and upon of December, 1908, and shall bo pub ished prior thereto for one week In The Bakersflcid Callfornian, a daily newspaper of general circulation printed and published In said County of Kern. The foregoing ordinance Is adopted by said,Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of LttOAU v of Oct.. A. JD. 19(L. , „. „ . leal) 1. L. MILLER, Clerk. Geo. E. WfaUaker.Atty for Pltff. Co r» i the mem rfhau remain unuai'Mm tne jnn streets, alleys and avenues of the un if January. 1 day of January. 19Ui>. will .he deiin incorporated town of Delano, in the made before, will be sold ou the f of tiunuiirv. 19UJ>. to pav the i tin OM< till* 1 imd interest of or cither ot tlu-in In 111 of Block nine (in ael. the Hanit! oeln OH Co.. Bakerafleld. Cal fl i <Mi?i(»n !" 't'" t'itv of",lifikersUeid. t!v (.• KITH. State of California, . all the ritilu. utlf and interest oil >tVM'!;mts or cither of them .in CALUNG^FO^^OPOSALS^TO CONDUCT CITY SEWEK FARM. H.v order of tlieBoard of Trustees ,.„ Kridiiv. T)H- MI (lav of Janu- A. D. I!*'.'!*, at 'J o clock u. til, of «t;o in iront ot the Court House o! th" Countv ol Kern, soli at Ic auction, tor awful .inonev ot the ed ritat--'^. all the rli:ht. title, claim interest of said defcndauts. of. In interf'Sl oi saia ucn'imiiiu^. ui, in to 'the iiuovt* described orooertv. ,o much thereof us rm»v be neces- • to raise suHlcioQt monev to Hal- said Inclement, with interest itml B etc.. to the hlenust and best bid- hied v I»P. A. Maker. D«uutv. 1^- 1G NOTICE. Uakersflold. Cal.. Dec. 13. 1908. hereby assign it 11 my rights and rents and money also outstanding since November IMst. 11*08, to I,umleen, prop. HiiildiiiR locat- it IMS ChcHf. "alifornla, atient nn.i advertised lor sale at uub lie unction, and unless payment is ; County of Kern, State of California. Whereas Edwin Alderson did here- make an application in due 11 ••»»,*•* v \-\HM*. t.*«s44j\_; *M y t *. W** v • i 11 • * TTIV»* fc»m-%*| • * costtt or advertising and .expenses or; form for a franchise to erect poles and *?-'T!»tnn- .of the Bak/4^ : l<lVue]land i atlx ' tch svlres aod otni ' r nppllancea 12-9 ' thereon, for the pifrpose of conducting : nnd transmitting electricity, and elec- current for light, power and othei and usotul purposes, over, and upon the streets, alleys and town of ern, State of fifty ructtng, operating :trlc lines and other appliances for coaveyance and use of electricity in all its forma In said town of Delano; and Whereas, said application was made ! under and pursuant to an Act of the of California, _ "An Act providing for the sale of railroad and other franchises IB counties and municipalities and providing conditions for the granting of such franchise by legislative or other governing bodies, ana repealing conflicting acts", approved March 22, tu tliiii rerfairi on the llth day of December, 1008, by the following vote, to-wll; Ayes: Supervisors Petersen, Brl'^j, Woody, Cor sett and Jastro. Noes; None. H. A. JASTRO, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of said County of Kern. 8 t > l are now reach of the CU.v ^ -^^ ' " ^ '• ' •» • • ^^ limitfi of lilt incense DOG LICENSE NOTICE. Notice .Is hereby given .to all a KedDlne doKB. w e City of Bakers: *?s ror the year lt»Uh tor delivery at the ol , . . Clerk, in the Dusemua' of Producers Savints BHUK ouiiJiUK and on after the foth day of Janu ry. 1 wfll Droceed to imuound aL , ORB found ninniim on the streets tba\ i are not wearine tbe license tac 10 vear ij^ Dated Jariuafv 9. i908. LECAU ^M«*riB^H«f«M n Building _f ^ ^^ ^-^ ^— ^ •--» 9 H *™^ ^"^ ^*^1M W J ^f ^t ^p ^^ —^ — i i v _ v-^v v CaiUprnla. the saine.peinit the n l ror the.transacupn of Business of s [estate in saia Kern county. w _ A- J. 8PUR.LIN. ' Administrator of .tne J5state of fto jettr ot ru, Bttt* or \ ^m f-^^ ^^i « »^*^ ^ f ^^^" f ^»^ ^^ ^^^ „ ^ w A., Snurlln. Deceased. ^ Matthew S. Platz. ut^ornev for ad- cnlnLatraior Date of flm nublication November 1*. HMJfc < i-jtf NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING OF OF Notice is nual meeti Pr i NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. (Seal) Attest: I. L. MILLER, Sprinfield Oil County Clerk of said County of Kern, and Clerk nf said Board of Supervisors. 12-12 „ the" outfall "sewer on VV Hecloa 3. T. 30 S. H. 28 15., M. D. and for tlie cultlyafion and Improvement of said land for a period rang- iLirom ten to twenty years.. t The succeasful aooHcant will be required to elve a Ko<>d and sufficient bond to orotect said City from anv and all kinds or damages or expenses, aris- Intr from suits or otherwise, that l result from t Dated. December 15 NOTICE. To all whom it may concern: Notice is herebv given that the Board of ^uoorvlsors of the County..of 'ill Kern will not audit an or uills ll «Kiiin»t the count v contracted bv coun*! tv , neJ) s:: .f. >n. PATSY DOHMKK. II. Hubvrhun, A. A. Hump- and township omcers orbv person bv npDointment of sal. . ., . , Boartl of Supervisors, unless a rcoui , in tJiiuors-j snion in writing is first presented to Traev's and t: rant or) bv the Board. Hv order of the. Boaru, JASTRO. i Attest: !. Chairman o Miller. Clerk. ROAD NOTICE. i NOTICE OF BIDS. OiUrr nt the Cleric or the Board of is h"ivi>y ^vim P that sealed Fuf-"r\ i,m s. County of Kern, Slaty for tho itaitirifm of th** OM Uos-.ot' California. uiltiiiu; fill" Imdy ''(' K.-ti-l build-! To all nun-consenting owners of the rt>i''A\*> twodiatri ni puinc (vir/i-j iit-rfiiiai'ier di'scrihcil lands take no- (IMality of \vlnt,c lend an.l i tl'-e, thai tlir? report of the viewers :C II. of :-jii<i buil'liu-^ in'on }trup(:s« ( j Coinit> HoatI No. 271, ile- (jf ji-iinf) \\iil )*f r* 1 -'scribed as commencing at the corner Itnjird of Hup'TV isorn ;it|to BeeLioiis I ami IZ on the cast: Coma v Conn.! Loumlary of Cil f h': *MV' one )iy tlu moms in itit\ i.c Kfvii SMii- o: t\i!i.' ( .: • huui' o! l'i t>'(-inck ;-., ui. oi Tth, inn!*. No bid will *.ie. nr rod' id'-r* ;l 1'V said Hn;;rd » is '(H-citittlnuUed wi'lt ;i *'< •<•'-: 'u- t-ar-h "li-'ui^it in t'-n !»'•:• t Mie ainomit <>i H»ich bid. Ttie •an! of Supervisors resorvinfi; ht Uj reject any and all bills. By order of the s.ttd Hoard *>f rviaora, ii. A. JASTUO, airman of said lU»sinl of tent; I. i>. Miller, Clerk. SUMMONS. HI south of M. I). H. & M., them:? a!it:i» and "0 feet on earh si do Janu-'of Uir> line lM-i\vei>n sections 1 and 12,. I and 1!, ;i and in. 4 nnd ',', and 5 and 8, a distance of 5 miles; Uoad **!T1 A, beginning at the quar- corner on the east boun- :ion lli ol township 2t» e IIr* east, thence west i'eet on each side of the Mm? between the north nnd south halv*-s of sections 12 and 11, a (Us* tancv of 2 miles; Uoud H71 H, commencing at the :or- per to Keetionrt 11. 12, 13 and 34 of township 26 south of range 25 east. th« Kn t o r Oary of s?uutU of In the Superior Court of the County the n r * west along and 30 feet on each K»rn. Ktnte of California. i-iu' 1 ol Uit 1 lino lietwoen awtlons 11 Korn. State of CaU/ornia. Ethel Uouauette, Plaluliff VH. t'ett-r iuauette. Ueteuuaiit. AOI'MQ broudit iu the hutierior )urt of the Countv of Kern., hi ue ot iliforhia. anil the ad County of ICe Comolamt ii wil i in rn. u\ tue ou ce ot e Clerk of said Buuenor Ctjiitt. The Peoolo of the State of Callfov- a send urtietinu to Peter Kououeiie. 3fendant. . , , . You are herebv required to nnnear , an action brought «*? vuu \s\ ie nhove-narneU nlainiiff. in tne MU- •3rior Court of the Cuuntv ol Kern, tate ofCahtornin. »iu\ to answer the omnlalnt filed Uierein. within ;jn:sive ot the tlay ol tpr Hervlee on vou *>! ihis Borved within s-iid (.'onn'v, scAvliero. within ii\irtv nav And you are, hereo ou tail to so auue; fl laiuiii'r will take ionev or (lain;(u<* 'omjiIaUit an aru-.intr uuon ill iiimlv to the Coml inr unv i-iu'* oi tut' lirie between sections 11 and 14, u distance of 1 mile; Koful H71 (\ r to seel \ <nuid;ivy ol' r Whereas after due proceedings had taken by the Board of Supervisors of said County of Kern, and after due notice given and advertisement pub- required by law, said fran- duly sold, awarded and to the Mt. Whitney Power Company, a corporation organized and oxr'ins under the laws of the Stato ',:' U.ililoruia, and having its principal place of business at Yisalia, in said state, its successors and asalgzis, and s-aij Mt. Whitney Power Company having hoeo the highest and best and only bidder for said franchise; Now, therefore, in* accordance with the premises and In compliance with the laws of the Stato of California In wuch cases made nnd provided, the Hoard of Supervisors of said County oi' Keru do ordain as follows; That a franchise be, and the same is hereby, granted unto said Ml. Whitney Power Company, a corporation, Us successors and assigns, for the term of (Hty years from and after the date hereof, authorizing and empowering, and said Board of Supervisors doe.j; hereby authorize and empower, said Mt. Whitney Power Company, its r'uecusBovs and assigns, to erect poles I and stretch wires and other appliances , thereon, for the purpose of conducting land transmitting electricity, and elec- ;tric current for light, power and othei .necessary and useful purposes, and to 'maintain, repair and operate the at the*' Fame, over, along and upon the and 24 on the ; streets, alloys and avenues of the un- township 20 south incorporated town of Delano In said •Mice west utong. County of Kern, together with all sid*» of the line , proper, useful, convenient or desirable i ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Arminta Oil Company, a corporation, ocation of principal place of business. ._ hereby civen: That at. a Meeting of the directors of.tne.Anuin- ta On Comnanv. a corb< the Tth dav ot" Decemb~.. *^^ u . — — tjQBsment of six ana one-fourth cents. *6^4c) per slutre was levied uoon the 1 camtal stock of said coropratlon. Day or before X u 6sday. .Januan 09. to A. B.Elmore. secretary. . 1 Bireet. Freanp, California. nr stock uoon which this assessment all remalu unonW PP the 9th day of a ... __. _ublic auction, jmless nainient is made, before be sold on Tuesda^v. the, 2nd day of 19uy. to nav the dellnauent sessment. tocether with, costs or a Wraarr. l?u » • ** »' *« unpah >S. wil be . ..__„. ., . . elinauent and advertised tor sale at. oubliQ vertsine and expenses o sae. fiated? December 7th (Seal) ecretarv Arminta < Location^, ofjofflce, Fresno. California. _ .-,__ MORE, oanv. Locatloti usfness. Bakerr Notice is hereby given , that at .a meetfna of tnn r>frectors hold on th« 23rd day of November. 19u8. an as- sessmeut of tw<j (2) cents per snar* \vas levied UIMM the capital stock pi the. cgroor&Uon, payable, immediately in United St.itca cold coin to t^s secretary of saici oornoration at office ol the comoanv. room !•„Producers 3av. Kb bank h^iitiinK. Bakersfleld. Cal Anv .stock upon which 1 remain unuala ,„.,. ._ _„.. ecember. 1908. will be de antt a'lvertlscd for safe al )]fc~iiuctlcm and unless payment.'" (le before. \vl f pe sold on the ITt a.v or January. 1909. to. pay the de- assesment. together with cc idverUsinK and cxuensea of sale. y °n °lil&™. °|ete br8 Office, room No. 1. Producers in«B^ankT)inidln?. Corner mh an streetsTBakersneld. Caiitornia. ll- <^•»—»*^*«*^* TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE , 9fi uce JJ l the offlCR or said corporation in t'ro- icera.Savings JfenK Building, in the ty of JBakersfleld. State oi California, on Tuesday, the i2th dav of January. 1909. at tne Hour of 3 o clock n. m., for the purpose of electing directors for the ensuing year, and for the transaction of such other business ns may properly come before the, meet- n £ w « W- ». TRVIS. President. ft F. W. Honibson, Secretnrv. 12-22 Callt'ornian want ads. itRcle betcre, _,» \J* %mii Uc* • .' * •* — -• — - ~"Ti_ ir^*^_. *"ii*~' ^^T^TI .uesday. .January ! 3I P QUent assesment. together ^ith.cost 104 Notice la hereby given that tfc» taxes on all personal property, *nd one-half of the taxes on all real prop u. (erty, will be due and payable on th* l2-8fgecond Monday in October, and wflJ OLD KXLIABLE ^ Painters WYDEB ft JAOK80N Painting in all tranche*. Interior Decorations a Specialty. OABRIAOE PAINTINa 8ION8 Phone Main 1186 1527 Wall St •ftk0r*fteld, Cut. NOTICE OF SALE OF STOCK FOR DELINQUENT ASSESSMENT. Welling OU eomnauy. vocation of principal fil.-tre of busmesp. Oakland, lameda Countv. California. Notice is i ereby givcu that there }^ delinauentt November next therafter, at 8 o'< p. m., and unless paid prior tnereu fifteen per cent will be added to th* amount thereof, and that if said ont be not paid before the last MOD upon the followine described stock of the corporation, on account of assessment or tt cents per share levied November Oth. luus. the several amounts set opposite the name? of the respective BhurfhuMerd, as iollows: No. t;rt, Names F. M. Millik.-tn . k ¥. />: " " (>rn • * * *r \\ Co. hs* Amt. 36 $22.08 7.50 14 13 25 253 14r •> •i Adams H. I/. Mt!k"berts 4< F. A. Gilbert 44 H. $, Chil.Ls 4(i F. M, Lee 40 F. P. Pavel v 51 Henry Xu« ss o2 Lora F. Co-»k Martha S'nno ».» J. H. AnisfiH ,& E. A, Giibliz 30: M., Cahab'ii ,.-.,-, 30$ "-brlna, V K. M Ha . .So T A-IM1 i '<h* U * 4TL i I t *~ ,*,*.»•. i * * U V * Estvite oi ('has E. Cain. /j_ ^ i, OI1 C-fO O "* I I i OeCgd Sell ' oil OTO «O.4'i John E. K;iton 313 314 { J.\2 And in accordance with law. and an order of tiu- Board of Directors made on the ninth dav of November. 190 so manv shares of each narcel pi BUC day in April next, at 6 o'clock p. m an additional five per cent will b added thereto. 1. That the remaining one-half o; the taxes on all real property will b< payable on and after the first MOD day in January next, and will be d« linquent on the last Monday In Apr! 4!05|next thereafter, at 6 o'clock p. m* v*-* 11 * ^.. * «i__i *_._ E. H. LOVELAND Wholesale Produce Merchant Hay. Grain. Potatoes, Beana, *i* Eggs, and all farm products. * prior added therett to tht stock as mtty be neceaary w a l , t public auction, at the off ce e sol .•»^»»l W •* »*»*»rf »*»* **^f \J« 14* %> ecretarv of said corporation, rooms 18 and 19. 1068 Broadway. Oakland. Ajameda Countv. CaUlornia. on 1 28thi dav of December. 1008. at o'cloc 1 a. m, of that day to pav deiln- auent assessments thereon, toeetner with costs of advertisine and expenses or sale. _ X. H. EDSQN. Secretary. ,S^^n<l 10.^10w« Alalneda Cmmtv. ;pmpanY. rooms roadwaV. OaklancC alifornla, 12-11 r lift foot to roatt it In or f l Ik'f demanded iu tlio Ooim n;in*l nnd. tiie 'ourt ot the (ern. ritalu oi' (Jalitgn-M. uv of July. A.. 1). lyue. „ r ,, . SoaT) I, !,. M{!,M-;U..n!erk, on « l'i't\\ ecu B' f\ inns l of 1 mile; also ' i "in riiii". im* peint No. 1>S>; Kn;ul L ; 7l )>. boslnnhin at the quar tor section oorner ou the south boun- •'ary of section \\\\ th('.t , north along f> fno( f.. n f'i\(-[\ side of tho Hno the oaat and west halves of \?>, a distance of 1 mi!o, han been set for huarlng beforo the Raid i!;r;nd of ^up 1-vif-^iv at tholr rooms In tint r«»wty Court House., in the :/ and 24. a dlatanco \ appurtenances and appliances to fully extending oasturly ; ( . arry lnto t . ffm:t tne sala franchise. Thin Kiant of franchise Is not ex- '!usiv»». and the governing board of stud (;ounty ol' Kern shall have tka to Krant similar franchises to li"n;<in y , tinr.H or corporations. is fntlier provided that tho con- <jpei-utiou. inalnlenance and and that unless paid five per cent will be amount thereof. 2. That all taxes may be paid af the time th first Installment, as here in provided, la due and payable, 3. That taxes may be paid in the office of the Tax Collector in th« county courthouse between the noun of 9 a. m. and 12 m., and 1 p. m. axU 5 p. m, Dated October 1; 1908. C. E. DAY, Tax Collector, 10-1. Kem County, California. SHERIFF'S SALE. Nicholas Jacobs. Plaintiff, vs. Kar, ma-Alax Consolidated Mining Comna ny Defendant. By virtue of an execution issued ou of the Suoerior Court of tne*County 0 Kern. State of California, wherein Nicholas JacoDs. Plnintiff. and Kanna- Amx Consolidated Mintne Co.. Defend<3& O^e )08. for NOTICE OF MEETING. nual Notice is hereby eiven that g of atockholder. Oil Comoany win be the an- sof the held L'-Kh. 1908. at 3 o'clock D.. m. of said dav. for the elec and sue rectors wi;:v ion p! a board of dt i other business as r het&l gctat)] supply united Iwavs ppiy convjn ude vem 58 *V* »Jfc" «*-BV^ *_/*-r*B -M nent.render jer. A s: 19 • A * • ^f t -» V *' ^-* « » *•» • lawful money of apt. .noon 5th dav of ]ho united,Hfates.""besides cpsfs and nterest, I have this day levied upon the rieht title, claim and.Interest !l ^^ « all of o said deendant tllowine described of. in and to the real esta the Karma-Ajax mine, toge the nUn. machinery and anp e, to-wit: her -with lances lo- cafed ttereon. situated "about four miles south of the town of Mo.lave and jofore the meetlner. , LIGHTNiSR. Secv. U bo broueht A T ^ ^ • ^fc r -* -^ —•- — _—• ^ -^ ^ ^v -i i ^rr ^ v •—*• ^^ ^^ » OfUce. room No. l. Producers Say In ITS Bunk corner lyth and H / more oartlculariv, described 50. Book H of minlnc records at of Countv. State of California. The SR I nronort v tietnir of California. in Kern County. Sta # u Kern d :e •usvets. BakersneUl. California. 1 NOTICE OF ASSESSriflENT- Pu»>l 111. o 0 id inv Sunerior Court ot .Seal of uti'v /»r thiti ]';th r July. A. 1). It) '« r *i»ij l< lit .•*»••»*••»»'-'-:-- liy Uedc'l Smith, bejjutv uJerk, Kowen Irwln niul J. \V. i\ l.uinl, al- torneva for nlalntiff. IMS Kern County, at Hie honi 1 nf 10 m,, of the 4th day of Janu* where any and all persons may appear of of ( o'clock, n. ary, 1U09, interested m.iHe objection thereto if ;il'I>Um CiKt'l SJll'l visors -i'l lu'Ics, \vit-cs and other* UK i-oou, over, along and .-*•{*, al!e;-^ and avenues or f-ehinn, ^uall be under <>, u\e \'ouvd of Super- Mid County <»f Kern, and ..!vt-(.i.,n. c-ountruction, NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. tr and , r.nd repair of the same shall be dono rv of said deemed .BO tu to bo no injury to the paving, u oral a. ! planUiny;. macadamt/.inK or prading of Anv'.sto Orand Prize OU Conuiany. \in\\ ulace of buslnoBH. Uali Kern .Countv. CaUFornia. Notice VH herebv Kiven thtit at a mpotuiK of the ulrectora. heM on the ilat day of November. 1»OS. an assesB- Sneut of one cout uer share WHS levied upon the cunlUU stock of tho coruoru- ition. nay able Immediately to tho uu- dortttKned fiecretarv oi said coroQru- macadamizing or grading of said propose road or public .any s,m:h streets, uiu*ys or avenues, highway will pass over, through and j and go tblU pubUc lvavol ahall in no upon the lands of Korn County I^nd , Way be obntrurteo beyond what is uec- Cooinuux. K E, Shorwood, J. U Rob- lAH ' rv in ,.. _- , ,.. _-' _ tJBbury in ortsou, K. Evert, Chas. E. Lawrence, K'^tranL -»? polj. and wires, appur- F. Laird. M. U McFariand, J. W. Gil- lc ?^ ce#8 ^ d ailpH ! l " C f"'K , ^ , m*r. J, Ii. Rae, S. A. -Stlmpaon. J. H. , u *» furt ^ I^ovldwl that the wires Ken;-Uta,n Uil Company. Principal ,ae of business. Uakert-fleld, " County. California. Notice Is herebv uiven that ... ineL-tititr of thy divoctors. hel (ui the 3rd day of Dec«militH\ liJOS, an assessment of one-quarter of a cent uer share was levied unon the capital .. ijstock of the corooration, ouyabl '" (operation | moalalelv. to the understuneil corporation, at the Eherlff's field. Kern Countv. Cal- Anv".8tock uoon which this.assess- will, on Saturday, the 9th dav or January, A. U. 1900. at. 11:30 o clock n. in. of eald dav. in front of the, Court ! House door of the Countv of Kern. sea at nubile auction, for lawful mon- ev oi' the Unltori Stares. alLthe rleht. title, claim and Interest of ^aia de- renrlant. or. In nnd to the above ne- ycrlnefl nronertv. or so much thereof aa mav be necessarv to raise su monev to satisfy said luamneju Interest ana .ousts, etc., to the est and best X-'l.tLt^i.L U*3v, j- _ ii-rrf Y^v^^l'T ' 12-16 By T. 'A. Bailer," Doouty. DON'T PUT IT OFF UNTIL TOMORROW. FIX YOUR ROOF TODAY If the cost worries you consult us. We will agreeably surprise you. Again you can do it so quickly. MALTHOID ROOFING IS JUST WHAT YOU WANT. Comes in rolls, quickly ap- costs so Mttle, plied, comes in any width; Pioneer Mercantile Co cient with hien- Phone Main 98. Qun ichamblin th ry In the net of erecting, con- day. t fthuH.remain.unpaid on , l Ji e ® i delinc ^ Is ma asse wedn< . „ day of Jpmiary. 1U09. will »e delinauentt.anu l<, before,, w dvertlsed for sale and, unless nayment 25th, • ^ ^— • -^ *r 'T »• *^ i be sold on _ day of January, 1 "^jstructiug, operating, maintaining and ! at the Tiour of 2 o'clock o. ra. to oav * ~*' ' dd jf^ mr*. ah E ^H 1 m'm f d ^ A • .*- mi. _- 1 , _ - ^ _ — I ^_ _ __.__ -__ PU ,. Kalcr. J. L. Nethaf, E, and M. M. Cecil. Hy ardor of the said Board of Supervisors. H. A. JASTRO. Chairnuui of said Board. a unieHH way me in mi A tt « Kt . be Hold on Hiimraiiv. Aiichi. y ' A " ? ' - '*-' . I,, M11.LEU, Cleric. me dellnouent ^asseasment, together with costs oTftdvertlalnK and exoens- os of the aalo. . _ ^ . ^ "y order ^f tne. Board of Directors. AKBR. S< 11-1 A. ouncy. yaJiforma. . f . _ . Any stock uoon which this (iflseae- ent Bhuu renmln uuuaiu on 'I uesday. ,.e llth dav of January. 1U09. will be ellnouent nna aayertlsed for sale at .ubllc uuction. and unleHH uin-ment la nade before, win be Bold on Saturday ,ho Sth dav of Fewuarv. 1BO&. at tho V>ur of 2 o'clock u. in. to wuv the d( Inauent usseHsment. toKethor wit of titivortlslng and ^xDeiiHes o F. E. BORTRN. Secy, pro torn. Rooms 203-1104 Producers Savings baihcWuiKtf.lJakersfloltl. Kern tv, California. 12-16 ROAD NOTICE, constructed horeunder shall not be less tha» flftoen teet abovo tho surface of the jround, and at street, alley and avenue crossings el mil not be less than twenty-f.vo font above* the surface of the ground; and that the poles to j be constructed horeunder shall be BO placed and used-as to afford the least interference with tho use of the •ecretary* HERIF S SALE, vs. Karma- ne; Company. issued rt of the County e SUMMONS ln the Suerior Cou of ^CtLrn.rjJfale" of £nU Bow f NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. (Clvtl Code of Korn Countv Pirn tVmminv. i/^nation .T hiisfne.-js, San r Location ol worUa, line and h" nrir.f !i'.'il nmce ^cu CaHforul;!, r,,un(v. (^iH- ou an he " c. c»r v,. I (In*- d No. .:, o! , uutui tin lh" 1 Oori»r.';i\inii. nltlV InniMuUnl^h' in i'ult*ni Suit*'S t'olu lo tht) »«:V n;l rW/. u( nr h|1 i" 111 -'" tlui conipanv* No, 5b!», ( ulilointa Sun Knujri^co. (.alliornm Anv .stock uwm wiiicn tnis t Hliau rouiaiu a tJth tlav of, noaont and - lit miblic uuction: urn incut i» nuuio hefore. h iliiv of the Ciorlc of tho Board of Supervisors of tlu* County of Kern, State of California To rill nott-eonm»nUn£ ownora of the hereinafter described lands, take no- tico, that, the report, of tho vlow**r« on , UUOH uiul property proposed County Konrt No. 2G8, do-! onahly 1)0 done. an coinnioncinK at tho inter- of the eastern boundary of (\>nniy Koad N'o. HI*, and the lino ho' Ri'Hlons 2" and 29 of township h of rnmw 20 oast. M. P. H. ^. tlH'tiri' oust (tlonff and 30 f*»«t on sido of BAiit section lino. 3406.7 to rornnr of sections 2'). 21, 28 «rd 29, thonce oaat along and 30 foot ««n puch side of tho lino hel ween ROC- iluim il and 28, 22 and 27, 10577 fefit to cornor of aoctlons 22, 23, 2aand 27, u dlHianco of 2.C4 nilles, has heen sot for for hearing boforo the said Board of iav- etreota, alleys and avenues of said low n of Delano, by tho public for traveling and other highway purposes, nmi the polea shall bo placed aa .u>ar the edgo of tUct streets, alleys and ave* lino as can reas- omoapy. of the Count,\ alntfi? 1 ™. sthm fenaant. FF18 SAL tons off da ted ftflnini end f virtue of ^ aperior Court W tate of Calif effman, Pfi Consolidatea fl upon a ludcmeL. ~- rxM -,of KQVQniber. A, p. I50S, for of 11514.56. lawful money of tne ed States, besides costs and Interest. I have,this day levied upon all the ,.,,.. title, claim nnd .XntereBt.of said i riftfondant. of. in and to the followtnK 1 deacribM real estate, to-wit: . , TfiejKarma-Arax mine, torather wttn the miu. machinery and aoollances lo, cated thereon, situated -WJffit r °H ! miles south of tlie town qtTfoJaye anfl Kern r said State f 3 NEW YOEK OUOH Bouth- an action urouet a t>;»- IHSCS! i Sal'.»OS. This franchise Is Dinted upon lha ronditlon that work thereunder shall I'o oonimonced In pood faith within iiot more than t'*>ur months from this • lt»>i.' and proKCcuted wltli reasonable tiHi'.'ieni'e to completion, and if tho iivi»titoe shall fall so tu do, U\H\ and in that, event Hits franchise fihnll ho fop ired and shall ther-'iU'ter ho uf no 1* m ** 4V / t it' IH granted for tho of the sum of Twenty* five* 00-100 dollars, paid in cash by said e iiove-naua perlor Court o Smte of Califo Couinlaint file davH (exclusiv *-- - -_^ - - — »~* **f «• • tr'f oi w^Btnte ot* Culifpr- ^tJnK to ^llver Bow Ol e fend ant. eceoy ceuulrcd to annear ueht «f}i«ijst vou by J _. the COUIHV of Kern! ornla v aud to answer the Leu tberoin, within ten ire or tne dnv of service) vv,,,.. flurvlco on vou ot thU Summons, U -served wUhln.said Coimtv; if werved [•iHewht-f-o. wltnlu tnirtv duvs. And you are herebv notified that it you fall to,so armour ui\<i unswor. the! VluinUff will take md^iiie.nt for HOV l p.oiu'v or damages (fofti.-trutwi m rhe 1 f. 'MiiDlulnt as arislue uuon Contrart. or I ^ih ivupjv to theC'ouri n/r anv other. -*"ln'V domandeq la the roinwlnint. i Uiuiess niv hand anil the Beal of H;U.I Superior Court ol tlie Countv ol K.'-vu. Stato of CiulforiitM. OiiB 2u«: dav "i Novemnor. A. U. Unix. hereby 1246 T. A. Baker. Henutv. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Field* 01 ia** AND ONE-HALF JOYOUS DAYS ON THE OCEAN TRIP. I»_ Hie rn. fci uperior Court of the County Uate of.California -« ,p 'iv;>- w. tiff. Wh 1. L. linker. Mli.l.KU. Clerk. AUt.iit.'s for I'hiln- 11-6 j'Tidav to nav A DELONEGH Most rema r\< aw o nnn n nil RHEUMATISM ^orty-five iniios rrnm TJ:»K»*rsflphl •rra Nevada Mountuin-i. ^'n#« w»m «r cllmnte. Good occon>moil*«*ion*i Slupe luuvtjs Brtk \-\ Tlnu'H'Oi;- uioruln^K 9 o'clock from Ar' fro • r,,, 11 ^;: i Supervisors at (heir rooms in the} Mt. Whitney Power Company therefor, fti"ji:i('ounty Court Houao, in the City of ;un.l upon the further condition nnd covenant that the saij Mt, Whitney I'ower Company, its successors and assigns, shall pay, and nald Mt. Whit- noy Power Company, and Us succea- bors und assigns, are hereby obligated uu! r-.'iiulv.-d to pay, to said County ot Kt-rn, two (Wi per cent of the gross aniMial recoipta of itself, ita sucees sort* and HaHlKua, nrialug from tho uao operation or poasesBlon of said Iran chU.e; no percentage to ho paid for the first five years succeeding the date of thla franchise, but thorenfter such said of Kern annually, and In tho event aald payment la not so made, this franchise shall bo forfeited. of Kern, State or unlirornin. . .. „ In the Mutter or the Rstnto of Alex- nnder Bessuellle. deceased. Notice is herebv ixlven. by the un- (Icvsltfiiert ndnUnlBtralnr of the estate 0 TAlexatuler BesKjiflhlfv Deceased, to f ., a SUMMONS. Iii^the StUM-rlor couri of the County of Korn. State ol' CiO.TiM'iiia t T - Mi, Ilpdirons. Pl;,in!tn. vs. Silver' KV pll Coriinanv, lU'tCii'liuit Action brought in. tiu' Suumlor Court f uie Countv of ~ tlon thereto if ticeuiea proper. The said proposed roaa or public lil^hway win pass over, through and upon th P lands of unUnown owners, A, N. Towua Co., ». 0. PhllUpa. etitftto rf H. P. Hondo- doceased, S. W. Hoot, Ollto ThomiiB. W. A, KHcU, W. falconer and the San FruHcisco Hav- Intm Union. By order of tho Bald Hoard of Su- perrltort. H, A. JA8TRO, ELEGANTLY EQUIPPED •TEAMEWI i ine ijouiuv or i^eru. state of Call- ornla. and tho Complaint filed in said omitv of Korn. in tho otttce of the Merk of said Sunerlor Court. I he Peonlo of the State of Cnllfor- ilu semi er^tlne: to Silver Bow 01J of eof, to offloo 32. Bnn ilia aentl er^tlne: Com nan v. IH'hnulun i ou arc» nf-ebv onulred to nnuear 1 \or et --i- the.ihtY of after service on vou of this Sunatnons iTVed »*/«Hi*n cit 1/1 f "*r\ii-rM \f * wher n.d .you are hereby tho date hereo tor at the law rooms 31 and .> WM , t nulininir. Bnkersfleid. — „!„-California, the same being the nlace for Uio trflnBactFon of the Tmsinesa of said estate. DEgmK BKSS UKIU,B, Administrator of the Estate, of Alex antler ReBsueUln. Oecen Dfltod November 19. 1908. _ _. . ..__ ^^_^^_»j-^». -+*^^l^^****^^-m^' " NOTICE TO CREDITORS. In the SuoerioTjCourt |n aij^ for thi ASK AMV tha - f- if Borved within eald Countv: u»where, within tnirtv flftyB. And you are herebv notifled vnti fpil to QO nmmar «nn nn»^ Plaintiff will take tudKrnent for money or damaureB demanded^ Ir coninlatm. as anatner unon centract. or will Bimlv to the Court for any .oUw domandecl In ine o^irminmt.. tne Bdnl t ern. tate aornia. fne estate of Emm A V of^ in tno.matter o s Immln. deceased. t . ., m otice is;hereT>y «fiven fl t)Y the OerHJcrned adminJstrator of the ei of Rmilv A. SnurUn,. deceased, .to crepitors of. a A oauna exhibi aitana t ne n »urun.,fle vA all nerfiona in ft aaia aeceasea with tl caUon of - f,-.-^ ^*

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