Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 9, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 9, 1916
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-READ IT TODAY IN THE GAZETTE AND STANDARD SIXTY-THIRD YEAR, 84, *M&»r;j^. jfc MM* •§* ••MB" *-y* JLA/iL x JL/JL AND DAILY STANDARD "STERLING, ILLINOIS, MONDAY. OCTOBER 9, 1916. THEN- BEAD IT TOMORROW IN CfTY PAPERS PRICE TWO CENTS, REPORTS INDICATE THAT GERMAN U-BOATS HAVE SUNK EIGHT OR NINE SHIPS OFF NANTUCKET [SIX KNOWN TO HAVE BEEN SUNK AND REPORTS HINT AT STILL MORE VICTIMS lit is Evident That At Least TwofBig German Submarines Are Operating In The Lane of Transatlantic Travel CORP. JOHNSON GIVES SOME VALUABLE DATA REGARDING PAY OF UNCLE SAM'S SOLDIER ~ BOY, ' ; i iT^ DECLARES THEY CAN SAVE j ?v1ONEY THAN THE AV- | ERAGE FARM HAND. NAPTHALINE CAUSES TROUBLE in !!)•'• l\ .•.;.. .it .»i" < i> A. h. Hi- hin. !'. b dill !'> 1 III U :ll til\ .in I!-,.- «'Jint«in. \\ hi. u i/ In u.\- *;j|J. t BULLETIN. By United Prct».) Long Branch, N. J., Oct. 9.—Amba»sador von Bctnstcrff calling on President Wilson atiured him that Germany intend* to live up to its submarine. , promises. H* S.lid the U-53 letters are unimportant. i-— BULLETIN. " »••« »•• ft (By United Pros*.) Newport, R, I., Oct. 9.—Tho entire tcrpedo <l6ti!l.i was ordered to sen this afternoon to search for the missing crew of the Kingston. According to re- l~BTdrti reeeivetJ here 'the U-03 has disappeared. BULLETIN. (By United Press.) Newport, R. I., Oct. .9.—Wild rumors arc afloat that three allied warships -off N*ntticket have been torpedoed but the commandmant of the trainino Station MX> that no wireless has been received there regarding the report. VICTIMS MAY NUMBER NINE. which has fjn'.ved a 'J ".*•.!". .from .American unarmed in"reh.'int - ut" .MaiitiU'ket. Mini ||:IVC ll'-l'll BOSTON WINNER Red Sox Take Second Game of the World's Series In a Great 14 Inning Battle Gainor Who Batted For Gardner Smashed Out a Double That Drove Winning Run OBSERVE "DIESU.S. DESTROYER BRINGS™ INTO PORT 81 PERSONS SAVED FROM THE SEA GERMAN SUBMARINES WHICH ARE OPERATING OFF EAST' ERN COAST. WITH THE GERMAN GOVERNMENT TO BE HELD TO PROMISES L^CLARES WILSON, 'J. I!y Hohert .1. Mender (.SlafT Correspondent > of I i'fes?) Aflmry Park. N, J,, Oct. German submarines which have , active oir Nantiickei. complied, jail of She rule-H of internal ional i before actinir, Hcctctaty of th j Oanieh informed 1're-ident Hmiay in J sinkiW i day d hi'- vtatc- -i <>f til.' p.i\ i.f ( olh«-r >'• i np-'i- Kt- ('•<• if flu !>>•<• llif draw" ^is nun Ii »i? ; . Mien who w.ilk, Tli< .•;«»<il farm Ji.-.-tid .« -ill .-ivi i,-ii.;e thirty ih>J-*i per- niiuiUi. fur Jiino. .rnvntii.-.' P> r •»<-;ir, I. 'I h< is nn!\ filled < •!! an aver-. ..,;.- thill |i>nmil <i( tillP>. He K'-f-" for liln Vv-ir'" i >!il.irj. f v^'i and his boanl aVal • SMf K.\ H d, ll:«mii*..i). it .it I'ntti-fi < make i'Vesii ntent coast ' '""rivsronfirnt of 1'ivlreil l're« Ma»i»..'^et. !>. • The iriin«-ntt-in(i'-' I)uii> o, .-c. | steady stream of munitions and supplier for lh'-:.aJlk''l j». port*. Is In tin; grip of. the miliinarln".H <•!' t')i> Kaisi r. Si\ mtn nrp known to In* on (lie li»H«>in o! lie- op-e.ui s.iiu Ittto reports Indicate tlml two and |-'>i«>>li|y iiir'i '"•* inr.|.. mink. The vt'H.ielfi iio»ltlv«'ly. known to ha • <> !«'• n <i. str-iyt tl are tons, Hrttlnh red rro«H line. SU John^. X K. in New V..rk: |*HrTTW>, 4'. 321 ton.i, NV\v .Vork ' 10 HonJt.uix; Th*< AVex I' London t" New|.i'>rt New.«: rl-e Kirn:<toii,- Htiiixli." [.Riven dentltintUiti not HIIOVMI. .th<» Mlo(.n«erndijk, l>uti h, "1..'"! t to )toUr>rdttm; tho «'hrl«liini Kniid-xen. Nnrwo^iun. ".lilis imi unknown. • , Tho pnnsengerH nnd ere\v on" all UK ird with thf-r* tt»} •» 4< H » ; Sii-|.ili:itio, ",11^ the Strathilene', ltri(it*h. im ton- i." tcnnai;.' ii«.t n.«, Xi-w York , ilcst'ination l>e<»n ren- Th'-n he. lio.-s t't <!i the wililer. and watt work ben In* the n«-xt sp i.ayitn; for hi>- hn.ud in ;nonth-i at len«t lw-eiity iionth. Any (iin'> nf the y he jx W Ids owi.i fillls. If ' city to f-pi-.-nvl until ttie funil sprtiiK. lie l. tin 1 tltre ollar^ pet ar -whether !.i..s.'ii Th iin.. .win j i;, ,1 H t nit thlM Kitn- (c. i-vi by tin; .Kt' np was ai .n.. t h' tn^lv.. IV the ttr.wi,lMi i .tft'Tit.H.n nftt-ri n itt> fiir S;t tui - j The been with law Nasy Wil-on a jii-eiiinitiriry report of the fy^ix merchant ships yester- Secretary 'I>anie!rt expects to, a full report later in the day. .i ent Wilson declined to com- on the raids off the American' until he has si complete repotf .ie. i»C t; tui ^inkinK the- vessels. No definite' w.ord i.niiK'ed SIH f"l- j has .been received from the cre^v of rf; it; known to Im vita _\v.\ ALLIED WARSHIPS ARE CLOSING IN. 'Allied wnri«h|pn are elofdiiK in on <;erimnu*s new Mihmarimt xone. racHlmj of tin* \vlrelenH ItiMinunentH of thn-e Itriilsh crulser» IH | fc Wlth that of the American dexiroyerH 01 ri thn MM on misKionw of mercy and WWtHt, Jieportn fiom-N^uitucket. JSLev-I <*rt aid Ho-doii. indicate that mure one. ; ettomarlrie, in mHUinK-terror to the Atlantic •diii.piru:. iif.qeer« of the Nienm- today after hnvl r-#l>»\cn ...held, submarine.-yesT ... lndlcute>d their belief (but two lieiman super-tT-hoattt a re'opera t'In tf fjalT America's very^T'ontnlK:—f »isp?it<-hrt-from--!}»•• l'n!u»d J'tc** ..tairr«-!*pamL=_. at Newport, declare thatA1in* Mortar".!' \Vilson. no-kin of—Hie. president-. '"suited poMllvoly that she H:»W the name f-iii painted on tjie life -preserver flf tha HUbmurlne which wink th<» Ste.ihano,. M)MH Wilson won a [.aswiiK'-r on the Htephuno, nnd wild --he- l.onkeil i-; the submarine ibi;.nufb Klun*" H and jsald nhe could nht be. mistaken in the I-tier or the tlKitrcH. AM tlm I'-buat "which put In lit Newport Saturday afternoon WHH jhi>~tU-"..'J. tliisi dcJiniidy actcountn for -two Mihmer«lh|eN. At N: ntm-ket reports were ui> that |~/two or three HUhmarine.H ftie ntill In nation «nd that the total number of or Hot he hit* to I'llV •Jot'tor'* ft t»i and mi dicim he I.f wofkim: and Is wick In in W.HKCI so IOII'K .'an he is sdck to p;iy for b!.«. clothes, and thb amount* to tHMl'e'or ICN-: i.f c."UI>ie. ,«i lake one yenr with Jinothi-r the farm bund has not MI very much, of IfiS f 2M jelft. j^ ___1___ "Now take tile mihiler. said the eor- pornl. He If paid |lsn per year, il> iilwo,j;ets. Ill*,board. If he in Hick lib pay uoes right along jnxt the saill", ife IH provided with i-he very lu-ft of doctor* .iri<l fcurifeons withi'ut cn«t tn iniKelf, and it heht'tivcK lhi- doctor to «'t hlin_well (IK fast IIM -he efin._ _, Then the Voldleri is. alhuM'd dnr'InK )(!»» three l'j_r | *_*eryieo J149 for ''bithinK- The nrporal hlin been In the t;«rviie i^rill- 'cen yearn or Mix-period* of three years i aeh, iin<l be sa.ys he ha.n ««ved from iifty ihilhir.s to $l«"l on the dodiiiiM ihine which' add« to .bi.s rei-tulat *al"- i:ry. Of course one mity upend the en- ure amount on his elo'thV-A if be \vaTif;-' so. biH by beiiiK careful an he has been r>tn Secretary llaniels showed that !io IOHT* of life had occurred uccordin^ tu the report's he had received'as the result of the attacks and (hut the sub. mariner* hnd «iven full notice before r | the Kingston, which war. sunk Daubert, .ib, i m iles off Nanlueket. Naval report*j lUtfluuv. y'n.| Pa i t | that several U. H. tlestiuYer.s arc J Smith! i,, that vicinity. i ' I "The-^Termun }f<»vefnm«'!)!- will beheld to the complete 1'isilillment of; promi.sos e;iven to the troVernment of | the United States," I'resident \ViI.sonj declared in « statement to the Amcr-j lean people on the German at t licks i ikl>n-, Johnson Jil.-d to Wnlker; j ol r t \,, w Kntrland. -i it fouled to <;ardn.-i, Mvers! Wi j| Sfe V on Bernttorff Today i a home run Into c.-nt, r: Wheat j J' rt .«ident Wilson was Htill slated Htnipi-r. t ine run, one Passengers On The Stephano, One Of The Victims Of U-Boats Off The Atlantic Coast Tell Of Experiences Hy K. W. (Jetty * i>talf «'orre.-poiident of t'nileil Press) Newport, H. I.. Oot. '.i. -Dripping in lirme, wl.iich ntood out like swenf <»H ihetr rtt-rl Firtr- frirrn proriipinns (.[fiij t;,- i,f iesCuiiiK the pHsseii^iirs of six-.torpedoed merchant ship.-, four' Tinted States destroyers nprived here before dawn today brincihe; the t'n-f V?"riex of th«> Huropeufi war carried to America'* doorstep. While powerful -entvh lifrhts flash.-d ami win lies sounded, the Destroyer Kruison. the (irst to arrive noj-e j| lu i May back fi <un the wimw of opt'-boats, striKim: ti'i-ror to the shipping oir .the erfi(iol>-i <if t!ie (Jetniaii New Hnjrland coa:-t, Pn»»engcr» W*-r«- Not Injured HI persons picked up from !!)•• -mall boats injured. Piactically all, hoyvcvt-r, had lost' Of th one wa .\t\vrx. ef, Wlieai .M«.«!.y. ;!i>; . H^.n- i lloi-v" r, r.i « !'. lloblit/el. . ::ii. Hi, {•; .Janvrin, Ib; Ix-wH, . Thomas, First Inning. n lilfii to <>aiflri-r, i •Irovt illed to • 'I Col,". . IJosioii lloii|«-r mil, Smith to Paii- heri; .lain rin tHi-d to .Myers; Walker r'uiil..,) ti> {>.ii|ln-i'l. No rimy Mto hiLiL. im ert'orw. Second Inning. Hrookl\ n- i "utsliaw *<iiu. liardner 10 l|ob(tv.el; Jluth thy ball down and tiardner the t'lav; ..Mow rev lined mil to Jau- vrin; Ol»«oii fajuied. No runV,'no hits. Ito illnl -ft, -J.... : • — .. HosU>n -II Ruth hit, im | {„ £,,)k vvith German Ambasmidor von ( Hern.storff nt - o'cltick this afternoon,« their first meetini; in .several months.: The conference was arranged some i : tttM- Pidish relief. Until 1 I* 'late hour last nijjhl tele- "j Kruplu'-rn'worked with Washington to IVIIIH •>< 4 j aji^crtnin whether .or not the (lerman tiniMbcd i su j,n»nrrni«s> had violated their pledge jjivon to this government. Deepest anxiety over the situation was/mnn- •:.::".:vr~:. ;;i ifustedT liut <)niciul action uMil'-trom- ,bitt;/el ..ut ulson to I'au- nu>|(( WUH with | u ,| (t j,, keeping with singled, thrt'_»iKh_.. shorr a balk in atleinptinu to i«nf tirst; tlni'dner forced . ' if»f;n.-^iiK^.-» iitJiii inv ,-»M»VV fun* luivv ; ,nd. .Mowrey to (tlmin ««»( j e p U HinBnts naid that those branches! rdni-r vva»,-a,,«l,(.off tu-M ,j wer? , um , al W()rk KUtlHiri|1K jnfor .! .NO iimd, «ne hit, , ni ,ij on un j W ould rush it to the pres-1 iiJent the moment it wan obtained. • j Ambassador Von HernstorfPs visit, j it i« Ktated on reliable authority was Smith mnd«> i-aii-h lxM\is Lew in at, sei • 'iitHhaw: ill Milh'r i-o l»uirie!t. no eriot'ti.. Third Inninfl, . Itr'ooklvn — Miller out', tsroii WUK witnlu'lil in keepmtj -4-p«wt--r*il« Ji -not- to net without.the com-J plete facts. from the stale and ,navy to Ilob- by the KricHon, not every pvrKunul bell- . ' • • • ._ — The passen^i-r-j of the Stephano took to the ,-mal! boats at 6:30 Sunday-. evening. 1 hey were in them until about ;'.::jn oVloc-k this morning. There was no sijrn of any. hysteria or frijrhtwa-* no 'if.rn of any hysteria or frj#h eitrhj year old child tu!d their stories of: beiti^ su(Ld<'nly_arouaed_fromah« dining tallies, from little .social K«tln-iUIK'S in tho saloons and beiiif? hur- riediy awakened fiom sleep, to be hustled over the .side of the vessel and into-life, boats. Only a short distance away floated a sea jrreen monster. The submarine rested low in the water, her bul^inc; sides and pointed snout KivihK' her the npearance of a Riant mtin-<>atin£ lish. " Thou*nnd» Throngfd Wnlcr Front TluHisands thronged the Newport water front as the destroyers put into port with their car^ot'H of human freight picked 'up from the .sen. Ne\V(Htrt wocifty turned out in fore -. Mrs. l-;i«i(. French VanderbMt .sent her limousine down to the wharf an.! four women piuisenirerH from the Stephano were taken to her home. Other nociety women also Kent their cars to the dock and mot-hen: and babies .taken from the U-boats' victim whips.^at^heinjr j-ar»'d_ ('or t()djiy in the palatiaf homes of Newport's elect. in TTie TTrrwarcrTn'ck"'"Trf7rh"e~nesl'rT»yVF^ncTm^ dock, was one of the' ever wen t) |j nn American Avnrship. A iittu- bund of women with babies In their'aims, sat there, wilentlv trying not to nhow their mrrow over I he his- of their precious po.s»e«sions and Huothintf the children, frightened-by tlu-ii stranjce-exporieneo. They cwtne for the most p«rt of hardy Canadian .-.lock and when asked if. they were friuhtetu'd when they learned that a subrnatinf' had attacked their Ship they.-iMinply._hlirum:iid.. their_ ^houUU-r--:mid replied, m Uie^uujfative. -: .>_' , , '''Correipondeiit. Allowed on Board 1 he l.niled Press correHpoiulent w is the only newspaperman permitted ttbouHl--thf.-Dejtroyer- Kricson. which brought'-to-' port-the Htory of the submarine warfare. When the Kricson droppe.l anchor Admiral (Heaven, commaifduiK the destroyer llotilla,-ordered health ollicers aboard to examine the partxenircr* and crew.of th"e Stephano. " -. • • The youngest passenger aboard was little, brown ,.yed, Warren Dris- • coll, of bt. Johns, \\nrreii is four monlhs old, With \'.\ othef hubies he • the thrill of which he may nev- safe Ashore today after an experience, have repeated through. hi« life.* fur the ^purpose (>t delivt^rink t.h« !lL^-l.^-§'J.'J!it.b... l Ji'uT',jrrf..lj,) but—5VTTB MISSING. Tho crew of th<» Klmst«ton Is still mis-miK but there JK every hope that '.he ^FPW may ^tlll b«* !»<lrtft «»r Ih.nt -It )»:I,H-b»—n tm-ki d up 1) nestiover tliaT l-llUH not yet ivpurtt'd. l!ood nealher pr--'\'ailH off the today and If the crpw wn« off tilt* VehHel before it. went 'do\\n. .naval ofJ'IceiM nay there is ev- ury mu»on to take an optlmisiic,V«MW.~- ' A tottt! of 2HI Hurvlvom bave been landed at Newport frorji-^frtttr American tlealroyers. The Krlcfoii landed -si. •(!'•»-Draylon OS. tli«.- Meiiham.iiti, nnd (tie I JankillH 31. tnelililed in the i/aKsen^i -s were many women and H hablen. fh6~«torie« of the Hni'\l\orH luive s'nre-,-ly been equalled -since- the IOSH nt'- K tho LuMlranla and ifu- Titanic. SUBMARINE PLANS CAREFULLY LAID. There l» iu> doubt lhat the .submarine |.laim for interce|itlng trans-iitlan- j " HhlppliiK »''<* ciu'efntlv Irild —I'linliii"' 1!"- nll'i'd r^iiiuN the—Hiibmai lues '.jilhw. and this IM a great Him wldrli -rtiT- TiTrm band rarely ,h;t*,* -i^orpufai .bibtimm ways the work of the soldier M itsuiilly elcht bourn per day lifteen iitt many "farm bandH 'Unit to !iis Morrow, The advant;H;e8 <>f having a military bam) "f twenty-I'luht pieces playing daily, and evv-ry nighl, make*, life anything- but monotonous for the immi- ! elans nro the Very best- the country jean pi'iieure. The sulilier li.'it* also great pportunities to read, for every post 'utsbaw, <»!!«• run, iino hit, one erro k'o taken their |>o»itions .-'quarely in ihc laih'i.r >-be. .transatlantic Hhips |, which travel the lunc (iff Xuiitueket !u;,hl 'I'jiere they are h;rkintf T tholr prey. They are In position to *iril;e .-11 "any kind of f<hi|> they may * dej»ln % . Tim liner I'hlUulelphlu. with paiMf-ensers and frelwrhi from New York ^-»o iilverpool,-WRS In the witter* from vihMt the nHbmaHu'- reporiM canu* to» " -clny. Th« Scvuullnavlan-Aniohcan HiT. ,- I'l-eiierii k VI i I W(IH wu>: somewhere f'off tho coiiHt, bound front «'o|ienhas'-n !•• New '-York with .Aim-litan Amba«- Oe'rilld uhoartl, Out* of l\\* myMt'eri«'«i of i he »ubiri:iri"«- alt I«-!.H yesterday \V<IH the •-efi-ap- i^ of tho steamer KnnNan, chartered l>y -the I'Yeneh government iind curfy- 1« an enormous' Cfirno or imiTTTtrnmf:— — : : : HAD A CONVOY ,;,U»53-Wm Probably Aided by a Larger ' , Germmi Submarine / Washington, !).'•'., <»,-t, w— ?'to thoHiuvy departmeiu from the New coaat eonviiHXd the depart- Ihut tT-53 lllJut~!4 i',>Y"pro- n larjier Hitbnuirlne i'i r tin' pur> ;•po80-4>£—mtyry- wujitUoiut- Jiut- 4»"t-iui- purpont'M, The ini'oi liuition in' thla report'In bused was nut r.e- Vfoled but It i» bellved to be n liable chant ship it luus failed to report the tact nt'l Iclally. The how of the Hteainer l_S|oomer»r dljk i» .fitlcklnj; .'!*) fwt out ot the water, Tim navy department., has warneij all ve.s^-lH to watch out for 'It. Seventeen dealroyer* are contlnuiiiK their search for the mirvlvors. SEEK DEPOSITIONS 'Survivors of Submarine Victims Will be Quettioned by Government ft" . (Hy United 1'iewM I'arls, i-'ra'nce, i let. ft—-The transport i<allhil,t itti\ in:r .',(MiU l*i»nih and S« r- hi,i n troops, hfid In en toipidoid It l« lipoitii) 1 Uilili xobllt l H h.i\e lu • n U"< i in d The MII \l\or s b,i\e Hi« ti land < d .it, S irdml.i probably v\ill be iiNk«'d «.t 111* j*ui* f>f the, hix tshljiH \\hbh f 'I \ I. to Htibimirlne nlt.U'ks oil ih. I' H ¥"<soi4»t• it way Haid at tin.- fiiit d. i ut ' went loiiay. • The •dejiarmeiil oVj»lri» ib" tulli i '< .'port *>f what bapce'ii'd I < I 'i • i. t. i mining what course the c"i» Khali take. «i t-'i u. l m ping refuwed to ntnke anv i ouinn tit on ;tll« Subject. p" No Urll'Mi pfot.1 >*t has v. i ).. n m ,d. P ,to thl» Ko\«irinni m ii>r hiti.>i n ih. f T?'5.'S"ftt NVlVJIlH't t"l' (!.!'-» .'- t- •; tl'rduy .tifleriioon it u, .^.nd il> Uiu J^h'Vmbaj'K* I-i in'iiMi'h utt'i-ili i,i ' ' |«h ftil'ehtll nl'fle'i- . t. 1 * P" UREW IS"MBSING s ^ U, 8. Destroyers H«ive Been UnaMc Iv Kingston ( l',\ I'll (• d.l'c, • W;ir.lMin:iiin, it *' i • t < t Mil-lit U,».. ,, hi>- I '( PLEADED GUILTY J|em\ S. him ltinm« .mil ll<iu\ Still!,! ,)in.' I \\ilh li'.iiinh Hiul iitti mpti d lot. l-ii I. p'. ,ob d Midi 1 . In d.l t I"!"M ,lld I* I'- Mill!,-: n| (I ill III II lilt . VS hll< Illi i I HI lit! , 1 II ' lilt 1 "H I and wiii r u i n 1 I-UH« •< pi > "ii »•• m i in e ii in mdi i nun. L|I l«n,lli oi 4U1U 't h' \ pli <i|i d ni4| vlldl^ I i •• wi"K wb n iiitln l< d but .biiit.d tl,< u tulihN l.'di\ \l v«f, tin It imp vsln hn.ike Ililo the .bihn li<'iHe III .l»rd.'in iN<t tti, his (iii a i>l in. I i nil. to , llllU ( KH| b« t'l It . i iV i d l l i|i > | "I |H.I|| > i I ti II. > \ I ' >' t'l^eb* I ! ri " iii «i i 1 i. < i\ Ihi i ..i.i t ,i|ip'iini in J ' II I S'-< It »l I Ml ,1- h -i •lll.iMi. , j"iifisTtHTTbriiFy \\tlere tile tie>.| of tic.lli'in ;i;iii fie procured, and the daily papers j:>re taken. One play he kept well in- tormcd on any Huhject he cares to. .....There-uro- «<4io»dj< which one'may attend that will Kive the Holdier a rare importunity of learnlUK any bnincb" lie u-lKhew. Me inay «»|HO , learn n trade idd hours, which \y|i| make hitn e \nilniil.ile to tjie service. ThlM IM free. The ..private may rise In |i.'iy_ i Iii Ihi8 manner from tlft'ecn dollars per iuunilh to thirty-nine dollars per month. I'iind nmny do. An i-idiKted ni.-m can n» j further than a private If he Is capable, from the llfteen dollai'M'per moiiih to iidiiely-nlno dollurs per month, and all of tho allowance* enumeratetl above. At Iho. t.inie of the last dlseli!«rnv i>f the corporal, 'he Maid he.went to a city m Oklahoma, where he-had boughl lots when the place WHS but, a Hinail h.nm- b«t; ami found' them In-aelty of lO.OftO suid Uu\ lots in flits heart of the big itil yv..._4Xi! _sJiy.s_U.i~ f «i^{>)~.(4iM MI !-»*-« W lit v- 10 buhl these loiw wan from the fact that be \vaa drawing a salary the en- ure, and \\ IH k< |ii will b\ aim> dociuiH, mid hi* p'lv W.*H t4»n»-t,tnt ,uid Iheio UIIH no I'IIIM' to sell tin in. henci tbe\ have bun r,io\uriK in \.ilue u»;bt This BoUller aKo MUS it i-. a mon of ,t pu^ln^ bti^tllt M-. to he | votdli I I 11 I'lii h- Sa in thin il i. hi l')i\ a il in \ Jinn in, i- ,is m nn hi\> bon »in ' Me i, us tmuiiiu: Ih it ti m.ui I ' the hiniiliiil dollns to |M\ on .1 limit-.Illil dull il 111 111 T-hllc d lie ,_i nisi! I It, 11;. opi Hit e nl '\.'itv IH'- huii.litd ddlnt .He -~,i\ i< luun *> on $] .( 1 s tnt<ii it .uiiu il- f $ .H id I'll II l' ( i| | t <( -. $'(M» III wardetl them just us well. Tli..,-.. »•„. .... fm-iher ......,.>,.,. until,""'""" l ^l^^^^L^^h _ , I smkmr when -faknri o.r ti,» >},;.,_ }1 -- , va . „,; q^4^^Y^T 'the f.iurieeni'i hminii" when ('.o.ston , **-i»i "»o new-peai-e report», of-i siM ,k without warniiiK in the IJurd-inelle^ The M-ii-TnVTHi. «! „ •,,us»,e,l u .-.„, across and won by the , lt ' l »'-»- i»clucliii K< lhu pre.K.dent, pro- sh jp and Tickvll was solder at mi- s'| \J{J ,fiSt^T .,,-.. ,,'r •> i., i ie-sH to have no information. There on the trbon shin '\\ n *n ,! Ll • L Iimi • uni ^ _j?'Vi'A'y aiterwards " '" " Y 1 " K , u ., , ;. , is every imlication that the K ovcrh- nmrine P ^^^"'^"^^-n^.n^rrtr-MTtita by n Gem In the fourteenth Hobm*et walked; ment Hees no early end of the war —--> — „ „_ ?....'. ..' I u-wlH «accriiied. Htmtb to l>auber; and i,s milking no:pfaii.s at this time to "-..,._«. ' ...—_... ~~~~: ^~ :— iUiiinor-batted for (itirdner and Me- Nally ran for :lb>hl|tv.(.'l; Uainur doub- Si'Vl io ri«ht and MeNally scored the winning run with one out. The jicot-e liV innings: *_ 1 I 1 ;M 5 0 7 S c 10 11 1 ^ 13 i 4— U IJ I'l Ur. --J oooit 0 (M) d o u 0 u i)—|ti 2 I to. 'n u I iHMM) tui 0 tl D u l^-i 1 1 l Haueiie"5",Smith and Miller; Uutb iinil Tluimttt*. QirBRJC^liisE Was ^Condemned by the'City Council >•-..-. 'Today-^Hbspital Report _ At tlu> Uiet-tillK of lbe'i-i(V council ifth«-"tVin*tmritt7-•*—v?nrnmissionei' ~ J.~~ I*. in the Ijiurdanelle.s, The :Mar(|'uette'\v«8 a "troop ''ard« he" watt German .sub- SUFFRAGE SPEAKER OPEN THE CAMPAIGN aid in ny peace mtivement. DiXOlAiTPRiMED * - - \ Y, M. C. A, Organises Teams For Con- ! teit With the Local j Association, • j , —,_ — . | I.OUIK lure i.n the l!ith rif (>i i The executive• committee in 4 - hitrf,*e! "' deliver an address nil (he political of the'planK>iif tlu> IM.MUI Y. M. *'. A. i Kltnafinii. .Mrs, c )'(|.'ira • l.s an'ardent i'I'h membership, caiuiiaiKn thin week has' 'siiffrnuist. Is a 'member of the Si., On Mrs, Kttte Of St. Louis, Will Talk-f Sitiiatian- In Sterling. "Ro'ji, TJov'Tno and Mitt McNeill Spoko At Prophetatown For th* Democrats. d Haia of Ki. Friday nifiht in IHuHey'M Auditorium it I'HijdieiMtown was it• tJemoeralld ails, HH- rally field there this yea.r, '' het>u iiK the orfianiwulon perfected . - -.'• ' l.H worked out.- At a . the committe < >Vi>rhol(*er |ifeselited U I'esiilllt hill/and j it was .uloiiti'il \\ bii h iiiH I,lit d thf (hand and \\lll l'n old hi it k h"i!--t al the i o'n.'i oi (' it\enue and 1'ulith str««t .1 nui-UK •• .ind «'it\ \Hoin>'\ J Al St.ifji i w.ts insli'tii ti tl to iu«til\ the OHIHIJ* ol lh >( lUojiiuix lit .U HI it Ji-> Mil h This tin .uis that t!.t i 'd bi n K -<tt i i tuie w ill Ilki h he torn di M n ll w.ii h out .it thi mi i tint, UH< M billn called tor a Oernocraiic tneet- int; io he ttddre.HHett. i>y Ali«M Arneda Kxevu.ive HoHi-d of (hat u.'Mam- I , MV> lV"!'. *''"•'"'* «^"» ! »"« r "' l"»«tnm«- ' '. , ; "'I ,M( Al III, bill there wa» pn'Ment til" -.She, is ilu. iiiuthcr of foiu sji,.,,, .b.i-iii lieyine. a iiiember of the last d and luiii tiitd tJiii- ijuwt—v-riF-it^l—^-u:4-ilun- (V-.tiii thin diMtrlct, .who, lift*-'has the plans well in-i cuiv'er of any j i VIIHIU -'U woman in the I" 1 ' ""•'<.'""' •'»« wan edited to order, >v i'bait man \V, l'. .(irahnfp, wan iii- i n _ _ ft, dt <t»'oi,i-i ¥ -I l t v - i'ltle ib ' i i, i.\ i s i »tua. jt ibt- vii-w \\ ROBERT GIVEN FREEDOM li •]_>• I 1 \l l\ I" (1 S III t iM !«. • ! I t'i «i i ii » n i. 1 1. ( Iii -< i i i • n, 11 • i <'. ii t ii.|. 11 .u i; . i i i i i i i, • in n . . t i , i, i! ,*» —mn r*f— r**"**—' • »•«•«-> •• o -*J-'-J - i-fij t - TT'>*T"~^t' t * "'"'"7 •'nil n n 5 ' -I ! > M ,1 t r i . •< ii' i i i > - i- i i • PIONEER RESIDENT DEAD 'I 1mm is .Vit hi' !*• Hi si ,tn u|d pl.i- li. t i ii «ttb nl nt I i < it nti i tu\\ nship ' "'I H H I \ l! |i|s hullll "1 III II ,l! ' i* ! en i* ,-* i rt t v mi i i ut^ **n r i < I II I llil I ••- \ll \i. t ins .u ^ •-. ' ' i n 'l I ' i. I v \ i 1 1 h 1 1 ' iit ttid P I •> ' '' In '. C v\ in s . u i ' liii 1 Ulli tn \ III. I i l dill ' '" It I III Il'Ml II It. If It,' I-VH t" IIIIFhu..d it>) | i ill M i i in i. 11 i ' It pi, Hi » | !• . ' i ' n I ' i( i ,,1 . \\as- uns.iii in l ilitlon Tb* lion»i ii oi' h ts l .iiid ^ bloi k "I >n 'In \\.il! ii> .td bt ion .in.I '»• .III 1-5,1 I ll« I t IlK.lllllll lol .1 IIUl boiist ll i^ iii l .1 ,ii il iii tn\ ! 11.41 11 • nit in < s , n I ll i tiiiii,iil->(ii<e.tii}i ( ||. \ e mi. i I i \ I i l tlli.' d. I >l thin.: In ti' i tii p tit,, ilii itu-di n I.I v* iiii b is n, \s i n th> l"«(s ; Tb' (Illit \S 1> U.). inn did t wise I ttui'. u In ii lu li"ii i'i th'* 1 iinili i 11 toil ill' CltV i '. I IF. I lo b IM 111 Midi 'Hill 11 *Th. ii|niti- !..i ihi (I'-i iti'ilh oi llu \ ii i is ' | ,; i mi in h. ol «• i- oi li I. d I'l ' I l« I \nn ' tin III'II. IM I its (lit i ! lll> >tl 1 | II |'l fi, bo (i i tl j ' ! ibm mi i •, I i,m Hi n ^ N I'a~_aLi_ i_pJ, LJi I I ' ( 4 I m its in. si m i mi mi lal of i\«i\ hand and \\ill be n,,di t<» l.ium h Hit country. H.IH heen u country 'Hch,,,.! "•' ' o.unuun u , i . uramuji. wan m- ,, , , , . ' , ti.nh.r piiMdltu im iiMte loin \tai- i"li"d unl uldie«s (( l| the ipeettln.; liHt-du^ aim, I** ,.o m.mhtis u ...M-HHMS . ,dl I. " •""> "^' mluuU«. lu uhl, b the uppoiuttd tune. •lu- h d.u ji ., ». |(<|! „, , ,..„,.,„,,,„ ;,,,,„ I''" i, ,,v, I'l.Md.n. \VI|M», the w ,,,,,u t ,, m he si,,,,,,, ,,„ Ihi-mons,,, .-i-^ t iift <(| M „ ,, |ms ^ „ u , ,„,.„ (n ' ,| ,,„!„, ,,„,„, f u , lnl))iv ,.,„„, toil i« he.H Meilwt, and boo-d Divm t ^ ,„ (V ,„.,,,,,„. „.„,.,. ni(h , 'iiuiu . ..... mjdlshi d duiliiK Ids numo ll. th. H K lii of IMS! e M ,e.ieme vMu n j , |(i ^ ^ ( . )m)ilf rh,«s t)l ,n »'•«••'." 'I,,. l,e.,d of the nation Ih. Uixou- V b.M.k.d u,. with nt,n>).eih j (lt|| Mi,,.,,, ih. IUHIIN ,„,« of the idminn- rium M.ilntK II I- .NUbni, «»•"•«"• I,,„,. n, ,m,M,..,i»,u «h, ,,,,„,„, «'"«..n h urn,.,.,,! U,,. U l m: of >,m in. .n h a «on..>, th,,t u,U Us, u u . lli|(!Ht ,,_ \ trt \,,,V „ , ",, .,,U.n ,..,< of w .,r. .he M, ,,c ,„ imliil of .x«i\ Oixoti ,ho..s!er The , , ' .,„, ,,„ ,. .. , , Oixoti .!» t M i v i Hotl ti mn tin i i i ' it n \tt i vi , \< 11 \ U U . \> ^, \\ I II < M \ ' \ \ - -P Y I- bt ml b il: Ie tin! i i|il im lit. t up jl'nii l*l\iin lioo^iti* di\t no lh<iiu;|| it Ite-nu M |'H s. ni tin Mt i bm, nit in !ln|.lii|i ,-, .1 ii|ui'\i|ii il« l\ ii<* Th u oi j|i|\ou i. ...» itu i finmiji. c i,u- dli i vNlili iuiii'1 l iiiiihihnti ihjl I'll l,,, du )il,h» wluii tb« t imi'iun ( l"^i -. j^telllllt, Will IK<U|I\ •»! t oliil |il (t t in 11 . It * lid to 111. lulu 1 -dip A*. Ilit ol l, il! 'i ttioii now M tin)'- linn x\dl bt t, ti nil- \\llh ill ,l\i i'i.. i I i. Inrn to Ih I im TVS > u inn ol hi h < hot-! l..n r^fllt fl*- \rr-t tt-ttn titrl ft rrTlht\ t \\ ' (t Hi) ol mi eii v v\ f'l ! ' i. • b il I ui.. in. llu tot «! i iiiu 1 i i i ! i.i- ii in lli • nii|iii. n ii ..\.i It." \\nl- Hi \vi||v I it Hill in |.i> ildt |o Iii 11. ii n uni . i rliji IT;— rrt*v hr -t H t 1 >l vOIl in ihi 1 ill ib' I \ \t I ' \ lil. It I i ! •-* 'if I I' I _1 i> 1 l ! f * i I i V i I \ . 11 II . I 111 \t { M tin ii ill . in ' i i d i|' I ' h Illil \V t I k I'l ii»l t s \\ |*et \. ' « . > >i I'l tut II I. I u I I" lilt ll 1 ll lit' I I K t 11 ' S II loll-. ( tl If . W|i!o\ > itch m.U.< i I < II 1 bill (I II 111 ,1 itt I Jl « i I V\i I kt 1 1" «• « I I he (!!•«! U. lltt It t \ i I I iii! I 'i tl. d I'l i iiui. -, I i K ii i h n ill ,' in i n Ui.lin l t'i I lu ! ,i I 4lll|> <l> ll > f I'!' Mi. i . liir tut x ..III in m i ihf 1 v. i.riti ' In l>i in m i tt d b i I it ' t d M tit •. -t n tin. S) ]•. i i i | ll . i iot it > i ii- 11 i ^ <i ii il i:i{ ^ iw i HI 1 ' ' Ix 111 1 1.1 i « I! I I i 11 . .|| it | i i \ II ' I l [ S t i , m, i. i GIVEN A SURPRISE tion, ol * Chn.l-«-n Jet*' C ,» n in.u, li. t niiim tali d the kciplm: of Uu niljin uiit of the \lt\iein I -In N Iht n ( j, d uhitloii, (hi l.iiiit "'tn o! it,d 1110*1 HMpo. lullt ol ,lll the I'll I oi4l ItVS The bpeukt I < om iti it up n ihi diiii it ut |dr»Mt f of Iht* dmti l i'ili»h i hi nultlonid (in m n u ' J f i 1.1 .i b it im i Ht , mpli.i I .1 II i i |il ll Illil 1 I), t 1 l|lli"HoH ( « i II. Hi'l |'"kl of .Ml \Vilooii H |io-l i I'l iii in, i^i, iiuti Then MII nim; ' n (> >ii i. u i.'i'htiltH K JI UK hen h I'll, u I IUIJMIIV n l.iluiill the t\M '"i> "d 'ii pit tint he diew ami the l UK "I I.'Mill ltd U l>t illlSthlllL, but I' i M ii tin iiomlm e of the lit '' f" i i> i \ unl Ii ft hale doubt m ' II 0 il l I I I- llltli. IK e ,(vl (,,l svlllLll -. f. I llil. d fol the IL lib I of , ' '• n nion It lhe\ vs'l* lo >Uib t 1 |> tl i |.n ~(>nl it)on t ( the 1 ' li nl' i u f- th il Iiiu I i i 1 I ' l>< I I'lid I Hilt V\ lib Ml v ' !• r i d i •» ii DM di II: -, ,L~ _L «i_' lf . <«''•> •« ." ti-HJ' ]!« .S. t;i 1 ! t r ~ r ANNIVi RSA»H> OF BIG , III t f n! 1 k tt.l . l V t t I ' ! H t. i i, jini !aj it i tin «u u 'tit • it'( i ^ ape, 7 1 < ih ii in lilt I i HI , l 'l \ t I .'Mil! ! , I ir i i fr ii i! |! aiii! IH i t tlol t I.f I\ i tht- ii. i <T hi MI Ill Hj « . ul! 11* f (T~ I t t .1 II* (HI II 1 I ll II J M t hi M Cl i l << i

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