The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 24, 1908 · Page 9
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 9

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 24, 1908
Page 9
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PART TWO PAGE 9T01 Yol. XX. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1908. No. 123 CLOSING EXERCISES The public schools of the city clos- <ed today after a successful first half of the year, and will remain closed until the Monday following New Years. There were many manifestations of good will between students and teachers, and the regular exercises gave way to special programs in many of the rooms as follows: LOWELL SCHOOL. Mr*. Houghton's and Mils Pavey's Clatcet. The classes of Mrs. Houghton and Miss Pavey met in Mrs. Jaynes' room and the following program was given: Song, "Baby's Night." Concert exercise, "Baby's Tree," Elizabeth Erwln, Gladys Gann, Ray Manbeck, Nat Crosland, Virginia Reed. Song, "Santa's Outfit." Reading, Marjorie Handley. Recitation, Albert Wilbur. Concert exercise, "Christmas Dinner," Gilbert McDonald, Deane Kipp,' wald. George Van Meter, Irving Black. I Recitation, Song, "Santa is Coming." I Kelly. "Who Is It?" Clara Stockton. "Bobbie's Exchanges," Willie Allen. Recitation, Bessie Jones. Song, "In the Land of Somewhere." Recitation, Roy Emery, "A visit From St. Nicholas," Lena Fontaine. "A Song of Christmas," Vera Sco- fleld. BRYANT SCHOOL. Miss Alexander's Room. Song, school. Recitation, "Those I Love." BeUlah Porter. Recitation, "If I Were Santa," Winl- ired Stout. Recitation, "Watching For Santa Claus," Carmen Carlton. Dialogue, Thelma and Avella Davis. Recitation, "Santa's Secret," Ruth Zimmerman. Recitation, "Santa Claus' Fright," George Roberts. Recitation, "Christmas," Gladya Os"A Schemer," Grace "Christmas Tree," Cecil Wilson. "Christmas in Holland" Nonn Scott. "Suppose," Mortis Mollier. Song, "Upon the House," girls and boys. "Lunch for Santa," Mariannn Planz. "A Child's Mistake," Irving James. "Watching for Santa," Camile Bender. "Made to Order," Raymond Wlse- kopf. Song, "In German," Anna Lleser. "Watching for Santa," Camllecmf "Scaring Santa" Carroll Blacker. "Grandma's Mistake" Jesselyn Me- Cully. "Christmas Carol," Glenn Wilson. Song, "Cradle Song," Class. Uncle Tom and Sis Hopkins Two Old Favorites Coming iStetson's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" la the; old. This management evidently be- mammoth production of "Uncle Tom's' n eve8 (n the mwt , m: "what's worth Cabin" which will appear tomorrow j afternoon and evening at the Bakersfield Opera House. The rendition of | runs throu 8 h tuls Sran<\ story a pathos "Where Santa Lives," Rose Webster, j Uncle Tom by this well known and Peculiarly touching and sweetTt ** A OiiwvtA '* fa/til Ts\nna i ' Dum- and Concert exercise, "Christmas Eve." | Dialogue, "Christmas Wishes," four. Song, "Brownie's Christmas Tree." . teen boys and girls. Song, "How We Caught Santa." I Song, school. Concert exercise, 'Christmas Bells," | Recitation, "Scaring Santa A Puzzle," Cecil Jones. "A Surprising Secret" Mentzer. "Santa Claus Town," Arthur ble. Song, "Jolly Olii St. Nicholas," class. "Christmas Eve," Reta Gerson. "Santa's Fright," Ivor Sharp. "In Trouble," Auguste Bischoff. Song, "Santa," Rose De Leon Leita Nester. "Day Before Christmas," Fern Ci'.- bert. "My Tree," Francis Helm. "Christmas Baby" Bertha Alls. "Guiding Santa," Frances Hamilton. "Merry Christmas," Thelma Cross. Song, "Santa Claus." Miss Tlmmon's and Miss Elwood's Classes. Song, "Christmas," school. Recitation, "The Tree for Me," Florence Bare. Recitation, "A Child's Mistake," Richard Robinson. Maybelle Wel1 " ke<1 com P an y wl " never grow mripro niiniio PHASES PUBLIC The Rehn Farce Comedy Company speaks the universal language of»the heart. It reflects like a mirror the Innermost emotions of the human mind. It Is more than a play—It Is a moral classic. It argues for two of the greatest themes that can engage the mind—human liberty and the Immortality of the soul. Notwithstanding the frequent production of this continue to please at the Union, and play - u ls never Produced In the sump- soo,i house? greet the now popular i tuoUB raann er by other companies as it is In Stetson's. It Is like meeting an old friend after n year's absence, In his theatric offering. Manager Washburn has brought, together all the requisites that go to mnke up a School. Song, "Santa Claus." "The Doll's Appeal," Etta Hammar. •'Christmas Presents," Te<l Hougham. "At Christmas Time," Gladys Warren. Miss Macmurdo's .and -Miss Burgess' f Classes, Song, "Old Santa Ciaus." "Christmas Tree," Ralph Clark. "Birdie's Claus," Breakfast," Etta Williams. Recitation, Rose Baskett. Recitation, "Quite Like a Stocking," Margaret Campbell. ' Recitation, "A Real Grandma," E'.- bert Loorais. Recitation, ma Phillips.' "A Secret," Lois Bas Gingerbread Man," Miss MuiTt-tt, "Made to Order," Will- Thelma White, Beisle Halbert, Laurel Bentloy. "The Longest Night," Virginia TVloore, Elizabeth Martin. "Kris Krlngle's Visit," George Wilbur, Myron Kinley, Grant Anson. "Christmas Dinner," Jessie Neidig, Alwin C'oolbaugh, Earl Ogden. "Christmas," Viola Little. "A Christmas Wish," Jimmie Kastl. Song, "Jolly Old St. Nicholas. •"A Christmas Story," ten boys. "Mother's Story of Christmas," Minna Oldershaw. Sons, little girls. "Ho for Old Santa," Waldo Caldwell. "Curious Tort." Francis Kent. Song, "Chrl'-'^vis Veils." "Hanging Up Stockings," Ethel Armstrong. Song, "Peace on Earth." "Dolly's Present"." Evangeline l/\r- Jos." "A Stupid Book." Kathryn Hogs. Song, "Little Town of Bethlehem," "Who Can Tell," three girls. "All Sorts or Children," four girls. So;.-, •• \v-.r, con;?? Th!? \Vuy." Mrr. Cl?.rk's ard (Vies Engle's Classes. t! r i'"~u<. ":-l'.n Dr-nvn, TV;!:P; Minter, y!.-ln™i S??.vs, D^wr-,- roo'.n, FIT-: Kent. Sop.-, " Out. o Blessed Star." Recitation, Esther Fox. Recitation, Paul Packard. Recitation, Juanlta Shoemaker. Song, "Thousand Tiny Candles." Recitation, Flora Brown. Recitation, Wilfred Ramage. Song, "Bells of Santa Claus." Recitation, kett. Recitation, "Christmas Eve," Minnie Carlin, F i orence Mcbougall. 'The Evergreen Tree," Recitation, "Under the Mistletoe," Ellen •\:binson. Recitation, "A Telephone Message," Clara Tralll. Song,'school. Mrs. Munsey's and Miss Buss' Classes Song, "Christmas Bells." "Early Christmas Morn," Margaret 1 Brewer. j i "Christmas Day," Oscar Hatcher. ; j "Christmas Moon," May Prindeville.! ; "How Santa Comes," Joseph Stout. | i Song, "Santa Claus Is Jolly. j | "Santa Claus and the Mouse," Rol-; and Tilton. ( i "Santa Claus on the Train," Hazel | I .Maddux. | I "A Rhyme at Christmas," Wlllard Song, "The celving class. Recitation, "Little Wlnlfrei. Gunther. Recitation, "What I Should I il o." Allen Orcutt. Recitation, "Story of Santn Cl.ius," James Townsend. Recitiition, "Where Santa Live*," Hugh Shields," Recitation, "Santa Claus," Irene Cole. Recitation, "How Santa Coin, ,s," Reginald Sweet. Recitation, "Christinas," A.,'.:'.-j Moncure. Recitation, "Santa Claus' RelnU'ir," Zennle Armstrong. Song. "c*anta Claus, Hurrah" sch'-.ul. F.eciu.'.lon, "Christmas Day," Cot.i Daniel. Recitation, "When Stars of C..;; ; t- mas Shine," Florence Barnum. Declamation, "Jolly OKI Santa." ,!cff Zander. Recitation, "Santa Cliius," Kilar Ormer. Recitation, "If I Were Santa," Brown. Song "Softly Chime," Hchocl. Declamation. "Suppose" Ross 4*p3,- cock. .•*••*" Recitation, "We're Golni; Away To- nlarht," Dorothy Pile. Recitation. "The Happy Chrisinu-.V PAYNE & 50N Funeral Directors Embalmers AMKULAGNF. Phnne Answen>d Day or Getchell. "Adown the Village Street." Bianch Pollock. Song, "O Little Town of Bethlehem.' "Santa Clans' Visit," Eugene Bow U .'. "Mr.-. Santa Clans," Edna Tibbet. "Christmas Morning," Tommy Slev. t'nson • '.'i:'-:, " l.rr.Ki," >:;•.•!. Mtin- s- . '.; ;,oys. "C'::'. ....!.-; TCvf," Ca:r::tli :i Gon' ; ^,:'.-. !7:i.::a C!r.i:<," V!v!:v.-. : ramming. "Christmas Bella," Edna Perry. "First Christmas Tree," Lawrence Dixon. Song. "It Came Upon the Midnlcht Clear." "First Christmas," Pansy Lawson. "Christmas Time," Carson Suender. "Two Little Stockings," .loella Hltt. • Rosie Torres. Recitation, "The Holly," Anita Gable Concert Exercise, first gra lc pupils. Sons, school. Recitation, "A Rhyme of Chrisnmu; Stockings," Dorothy Reading. I'ooitation. "We Bring Loving Wi )h- es," Louise Anaya. jjci'.idiiuuiou, "Christmas," Herbert Slwp. Song, "Jolly Olil St. Nicholas!," Mable Robinson. Recitation. "Who Is Comins?" Lo.-- ene Pickering. Dialogue. "The Stocktnn for Bxby." Elsie Wlechelt and Louis Venator. Song, "Christmas Cradle Son;;," i school. really great production and one it ! he a real loss to miss. "Sis Hopkins" One of the most, touching and tlful sentiments expressed In any on the stage today Is In the semlo scene in "Sis Hopkins," the char rural comedy drama in which Rose Melville Is playing again season. The fashionably dressed girls at Miss Peckover's school young ladies are teasing quaint simple "Sis" about her new w frock, which to tell the plain tr doesn't fit very well, and looks what it is, a homemade dress for) party. "81s" has her feelings hurt by the nagging of the rest of I girlH and finally quiets them by say very simply and very quietly but a great deal of pathos: "My ma this dress for me and what Bhd good enough to make Is good eno| for me to wear." J. R. Stirling, Melville's manager, has given he company this season which Is excelf to a superlative degree, and the duct Ion has been entirely refurnlsl as to scenery and costume. Bring I children to see Sis at. the Bakersfi Opera House next Saturday ovenlnd CHARLES PERLEY, actors. The company is a one, as is demonstrated by loruv.ince.'s nightly. versatile the per- S*NTA CLAUS BEATS P08TOFFICE RECORD LOS ANGELES, Dec. 21!. —The "•rush of Christmas mail at. the local "What Should I Like?" Louis Roux. j pcstofflce Is unprecedented In the his- Song, "The First Christmas Gifts." | tory of the city. The situation here Miss Buss' girls. "In the Garden," Freda Welchelt. "The Stranger Child," Edgar Stevenson. "A Telephone Message," Cunstan- tine flprges. "My Stocking." Hugh Minter. "Hilda's Christmas," Bessie Lawson Song, "Carol, Sweetly Carol." Miss Garden's Class. Kcnir, ".Somewhere," clusw. "A W:irnliiK," Kui?eno (Menu Claus." Dorothea lieriiilx. is unlqii". The city's population be- iri. i.iade up to a sreM extent of for- r,:er resli'.enta of former states, the practice of sending and receiving ChrUlmas glfttt through the mail i* employed to the maximum. The result Is that the local postofflce Is annually overwhelmed. Postmaster M. H. Flint said today that although he had put on more than 250 extra employ? 1 ? [01 "lie holl- | day rush, the work wab gradually ge! ! ting behind and the mountains of incoming and outgoing mail is growing greater as Christmas day apprea:-hus. Yesterday the sale of stamps alone amounted to $8,656 as against $C,600 on the same day last year. There is i', t 'Trifle avalanche of souvenir postal rr.nls. Si xmen are unable to handle them fast enough and the flood of cards addressed to eastern people is hourly getting further ahead of lite (ll.-'trlhutors. Every floor of the bul'd- lui; Is packed und piled with undellv- ered Christmas packages and the carrier.) resemble pack horses. Incoming trains today brought, car after car of cist urn mail for Oils c'ty to ;\ i ; m hie aleady huge bull; now awaiting distribution. Toney Rice; Propri tor Q&P ** DREAMLAND RINK Skating Afternoon and Evening ROLLER POLO Thursday Night, Dec. I High School Vs. Dream/and] ^H *^ ' ^ J ti ________ I I I FRIDAY NIGHT AMATEUR RACES N. SMITH. Manaeer. BIG BEAR BARBECUE ON Christmas Day ,** Between 11 and 2 at the WINDSOR HOTEL t-v-e-r-y B-o-d-y K-n-o-w-s AL and JEFF They Alwyas THE LOUVRE CAFE.

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