Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 10, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 10, 1895
Page 3
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JBI UMiDanw authorizing Ihe logjuuport 6u Light A Coke Company to lay and maintain DlSeB and conduits to the utreew, »venun,allejs »id public places In the Cltyol Loganxport Tor tke purpose or farnlslilnjE and supplying the ^dCltyanU ch9 Inhabltanta thereof with anl- '•Beft ofdalne* br the Common Council of the 'City or Logiuwport, Indiana: „,-,„>,, * Section!. That Tbe Lof,-aMport flan Light & CoKeCompanj, and Its »ncceMO« and assign* fi« 6«d; they hereby are granted tue rl«ht and privilege, for tne period ol twent J-n»e Mare from •the paJWe of this ordinance, of using th« streets .avenues.allejuanfl public place* ol 'h8 Cltyof Loganstlurt, us It is now laid out, or mar tiere- .after belaid out or enlarntd, for the purpose oi lftjlDKdo*nand roalnuunlnK In and under ihe •said "warts, avenues, alleys and public Pi™*"* said city, suitable and necessary pif*» . conduits mains anM iipparatns for the conveyance of art • flclBlgHnroriheuseot said city an<S ItslndaDl- •tants, Provided: that the sad KM i pipes, con. dultJi mains or appararat shall not JiMrfere vrttu the dralnane or said cltj, or the construction -of sowers or Its sewer system, or with the nnder- . ground Uxturex for i he cunveyance of water. Section 'i. That whenever said Log»n»oort Gas light & Coko Company propose to open any sirert, avenue alley or public place for the pur- nose ot iHYlniz dowu Kan pines, condolM. mains or .SSiaDSaSuw.tbw.niiU «he to tb« ilty Street Commls»lon B r three days' notice ot ;heir Intention so to Oo, and snail not during the progress ol ,»ilU worn QI necessarily obstruct pa.sagi) or pub,Uc travel on and ttloiiBnalU utroet, aveDUt, alter or public place, and bball within a reasonable time put til* stone in iw cwd condition and repair ; isthesiim a w«re In b«tore PelnK opened, anil shall be (foverned by ml the rules, regulations and • ordinances now in force, orwhlcanmy hereafter at any tliun be estaollsheU or Putin ""jfJL?***!!: .cltj, govrrnliiB and regulating tlw dieeimt of wenches and milking excavations n and on the .said streets, avenues, aliejs, »loewulK.s and public P 'Sons! l(1 TI,at if the Common Council desire at any tlmw to erect artificial KJU lumps, "tanyol Its public buildings ur public grounds orupon any -or said streets. avMues, alleys of Mild city,, th.it are not re IUUMI oy Urn ream* of said company 'then th* /aid company snail tor a fair compensation to be allowed an . paid by said Common Coun ,.cll lay down within the corporate limits otsalrt city, wltliln u rcHWnabletlnie, tho necessary pipes « d llxtares, exc«(>t the lamp postsand 1 xnrag •which shall b« furnished ny suui city, 0 tho Inmps tens er-cted sball De supplied by sail ccnv. pany wltli artificial win as aforesaid iicoi as favorable t«rnjs and prices as the SUM Is fumldlied to any othar consumer or consumers. Ami tiie ptpos thus liild down lit the «(>onse Of tli« City ,Jhull not iiliiiwdirectly or In'lrectly. be ,wet f« furnishing g!n tu Individual cltlzuns. nor si"n • other pipes Iw laid (I >wn within mild t»rrll until Ihe amount pitlcl 6y tlio «IW,i°, cr ^"'K.;^ same down shall havu been retundod to the clt) bj 3a SectW." > That If any discovery or improvement shall hare-altar be made in tho preparai Ion and manufactnre o! artlllelal gas. Iron, coal or other material, either lnnild or solid, by which tlu • cost of artificial gnssliall be materially dim ii Ished, and tlu. same shall be adopted In thei cities •ot this Stato and of llk« class with this city am having Hlmllar works, then and In |.uch case sal( company slmll introduce and use such dlscovory In tlie City of Loxunsport, and give to said city .•and Its inhabitants tlie bnnellt o( ttie rei uct on of price of u-iui sold IM sluill be In proportion to tlu saving enpcceii by snch illacovurj or improvement Section 0. That If said Locansport das Llghl & Cok« Company or Us successors or as nig it shall violate or refuse to comply with any or. the provisions ot this ordinance, then and in ttiar -case, triBiBliall forfeit all of the rights and mlv lieges granted by this ordinance, and the Common Council rusorves the rlfrht to repeal tue Section 0. All ordinances anil parts of ordl nances In conflict herewith urn hereby rnDoalea Secilon 7 This onllnnncn shall take Direct and be In fora- from and after Its iwwago a«u P^ibll cation for two weeks, once each ww,;, m so-ne ' Jally riewspapor printed and putrllshed In the Lit -Of Logansciort. PiuicedMayl, 100C. r.sKAi/l «xonnK F. MCKJOK, Mayor. Attest: John D. Winters, CIO' Clerk. D, W. TOMLINSON. :REAL ESTATE bought and sold.' MONEi" loaned on reasonable terms •OFFICE 409 Broadway, 2d floor. Entrance on 4ili Street. Notice to eiveil propssab will bo received by tho Corn- m«n Council Ht HIP olllco of the city clerk up to 12 ^'clock noon ot Wednesday, Jnnefl. 18to, tor the eonswuction of all uullnlsUfrt cement sidewalks on North Sixth street accordlnB to tlie ordinances of the city of I.otcansport, and according to profile, plans and specinuatlons on (lie In tue olllce ot the city civil oiiKlneer. fropoaals must to » gned and enclosed In a sealed onvolopo, markea ''Pro posal for Cement Sidewalks on North Sixth street" and addressed to the city cleric. Tho suc- •cessful bidder will be rewdred to execute con- •Jract and Klve bond to the apKroval ot tuo council ior doinK the worlrt The Common Conncll reserves the right to reject «ny and all bids. tjort.f B. WINTT.HS, City Clerk. Losamport, Ind., April 30,1»J5. REAL ESTATE & INTELLIGENCE OFFICE. juOANS NEGOTIATED. GEO. W. RODEFER, -110 Broadway. Over Hnuk's Jewelry Store. Dn E. H. Grace, DENTAL PARLORS, 316 Market St. New Ideas In Gold Crown and Bridge Work, ^ DAILY JOURNAL. FRIDAY MORNING, NAY 10. Girl Wanted—At 216 Eighth street. No washing Good wagcs- The body of CUrk GoUhftll wh« was killed by lightning Monday near Onward wai taken to Marion for burial. Mrs. Catherine Sehuteck, proprietor of the retail liquor house on Third •treet. is arranging to ratlre from the dullness. The Trade Palace la the plaos to lee wash goods, and oh, my! such low prices for popular gooda. Go with the crowd. In hata, gloves and furnUhings you will find we never disappoint you In the quality or the price of them— Fl»her, the popular price hatter. While wo are having a great lult sale we are are also in It on furnlih* ings. Tomorrow all day 19^ cents for ladles 1 ihlrt waist ties wortlTfiO centi, at Otto's, of course. The Epworth League of the Wheat. and ttreetM.E. church will bold a I Lincoln service next Sunday evening the anniversary of the organization of the Ep worth League. A program of mirtio and literary features will be given. committees named for ihe Work of Soliciting Fond* «n<l Flower* JTor Memorial Day. The following ward coramitteet have been announced and they will have in charge the duty of soliciting money for the usual expensei and flowers for decorating tho graves of Union soldiers. The members of each ward committee are requested to meet at the residence of their chairman (the first person named on the committee) at 3 o'clock aharp, May 17th, to make all necessary arrangements for a careful and thorough canvass of their respective wards. First Ward—Mrs. Anna T wells, chairman; Mesdames Will Carew, 0 N Tolan, Mury Miller, Chas. Brown, Nancy Weir. Samuel Bines. B F Bar. nett, Mary A Cromer. Sarah Dlllie, H C Wiley, Geo P McKee, J E Parker, Martha J Paugh, Geo K Marshal, Sarah Burke, Arethusa Kerlln, H F Trick, Misses Ida Ferguson, Delia Stoll, Llllie Harris, Clara Uhl, Kate 'White, Belle Neffby, Minnie Starr and Nora Gates, Second Ward—Mrs Dr Bollard, chairman; Meidames Lizzie Brown, George Halgh. Wils Berry, Michael Morlority, Nellie Morris, O J Stouffer, J B Staaiey, J H Shultz, W T Wilson, Emma Lewick, D A Borges, J C Nelson; Misses Ollie Baker, Minnie Patterson, Daisy Costenborder, Gertrude Chldeator, Fannie Green, Daisy Lowery, Edna Stevens, Rattle MoCune, Flora Taylor. Third Ward—Mrs. William Keiser, Chairman; Mesdnmes J E Erwla, Geo Llnton, J H Lux, Martha Fltcb, Lizzie DeGroot, M C Wade B C Slovens. Earl Stewart, MlssoB Sadie Grace, Kate Eight, Laura Wright, Ida Wai- kers and Lydla Eldrldgo. Fourth Ward—Mrs Frank Swlgart, chairman; Meedames 3 B Boyer, Wm Douglass, Belle Nash, Carrie Stuokey, J F Getty, A R Shroyer, S E Young A B Stanton, D E Pryor, Geo E Barnett, Nancy J Fry, L H Burns, Kate Eny&rt. Nettle Livingston, Henry Tucker, Goo Funk, Surah Brown, Kirk Pierce,Carrie Radabaugh.Ruth Forest, B F Louthain, MIsueB Edith Skinner, Llr.zle Bryer, Ruby Cornell, Fannie Taylor, Daisy Juattca, Susie Robinson, Glennie Bevan and Julia Taber. Flflh Ward—Mrs Chas L Woll, chairman; Mesdames M M Gordon, James Toby. J X Powell Seth Yelsey, Wm Hagenbuck, I Hlmmelbarger, Leonard Frlnk, J H Penrose, Steve Parker, Anna R Smith, Thoa Yates, John Truman, Harry Thompson, H J MoShoehy, Geo Gangloff, David Jones, Robt Winemiller, Kate Krider, DB Sharp, H C Hammontreo, I N Watkins, W F Prosch, Misses Carrie Moore, Myrtle Legg- IVhat IM tho IVorlc of the Kidneys» To remove from tho blood its impurities. The products of coll wastes which have been burned up in sustaining life and giving strength to tho system. Every particle of blood in the body goes through the kidneys every three minutes, and if. these organs are unable to perform their work fully, sooner or .later the system is poisoned. Therefore, "San Jak" IB the indicated blood remedy. JfcrTou, Dobllltjr, Every person having nervous debility, organic weakness, or failing memory, is entitled to sympathy of every honest person, and should have extended medical aid such as is found in •San Jak." Sold by Bon Fisher,- druggist. Can Bate JPeu«lon«. Notice haa been received that the power of rating penilons to ex-Union soldiers has been restored to the county examining boards. The rating is subject, however, to change in the department at Washington. The power of rating was taken from oounty boards two years ago. The Caas oounty board is composed of Ore. Dutohess of Waltont|;;<i Bradfleld and Thomai of this city. Bnclden'M Arnica Salve. The best salve in the world for outs bruises, sores,, ulcers, salt rheum fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin erup. tions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to ;lve perfect satisfaction or money re. Funded. Price 25;cents per bor. For •ale by B. F. Keesling. A Brink Trade In Hornen. Word has been received from C. G. Newell, who is In Liverpool, England, that he had already sold the cargo of horses which he started with several weeks age, and that he was waiting the arrival of another cargo now on the water. The fourth consignment of hones from James 0'Donneir& Co., will be made this week. Staxtnkvekce Cottage for Sale. Eleven room cottage, 100 feet lake front; will give a bargain. See diagram at the Journal office. W. B. BCKFORD, Indianapolis. Tiro RaUlae V«M«1« V»iT Hardly Aoj In Their Sp««i from H»»ir KoDf. For two sailing vessels to leave a Chi nese port orx the same day, on almost the same hour, and, after voyaging, considerably morftthan half way round the world, to reach Xew York no farther apart than when they started from Honp Kong, is an event, which, while not unprecedented, comes not far irom being miraculous. The Tarn o' Shanter and the Wandering Jew, both of them American ships, built and owned in the slate ot Maine, have just accomplished this remarkable feat. The Tarn o' Shanter is of 1,522 tons burden, hails from Portland, and has twenty years' service to her credit. The Wandering Jew is a Cafflden vessel 128 tons heavier than her rival, and has not wandered about the seas 'so long by two years. During the long journey of ninety-eight days there seemed to be a strunpe conspiracy on tho part of winds and waves and currents to keep the two ships in company. Even when one of the racers carried away some of her sails, the other waa unable to take advantage of the accident and haul ahead, for the squall that did tho damage was followed by a calm. Before the breeze came again new pinions had been spread by the temporarily disabled vessel, and the contest of speed was resumed on equal terms. Library In Her Hand. The newest society "sensation" in St. Petersburg is an old peasant woman with a wonderful memory. ' Her name is Irina Andrejewna Ftrdosova; she is eeventv years of ago, can neither road nor write, but Iniows by heart over nineteen thousand legends, folksongs and poems! When she gives a public recital the scene is a striking 1 one. A little bent fig-ure appears, hobbles on to the platform,'Sits down on a chair, with hands folded, and withered faee quite expressionless. Amid a hush of expectation she begins to speak; then her face brightens, her eyes open widely and sparkle, while her voice grows clear and penetrating. She looks ten years younger in her enthusiasm, as she half speaks, half sings the legends of her youth, tales of great wars, old fairy tales, long-lost tragedies or tender love stories, while the audience, carried away by her strange magnetism, listen: spellbound, laughs and weeps at hor will. She is the "rage" in the Russian capital, and we hear that two eminent litei-ary men have written down a number of her memory-stored treasures which they intend to publish in book form, when it should prove a rich find for lovers of folklore. Old People. Old people who require medicine to regulate the bowele and kidneys will find tho true remedy in Electric Bit tera. This medicine does not stimulate and contains no whisky nor other intoxicant, but acts as a tonic and alter. ative. It acts mildly on the etomach and bowels, adding strength and giving tone to the organs, thereby aiding nature in tho performance of the func tiong Electric Bitters is en excellent appetizer and aids digestion. Old people find it just exactly wnat they need. Price fifty cents per bottle at B. F. KeoBling'a drug store. 67 Pounds ol Granulated Sugar FOR $1.00 Well we don't sell sugar, and sugar's got nothing to do with our business, but wouldn't you consider that cheap for sugar? You certainly would, but it ain't a bit cheaper than we sell * F*INE SAMFZ-H-— FJOn | 0 U Children's taa or black O.T- ford 81i PP ers ' cllea P at 75 °- Ladies' Oxford Slippers, tho same as yoa pay * 1-35 tOT ' Men's ball shoes, warranted 80lid $1, Ladies' fine kid button shoe?, warranted good or no pay. That's the way vre sell everything IN EVERT TRANSACTION 32J- Confederation between Canada and Newfoundland has been practicaUy . abandoned. { The business portion of the town of • Elmo, Mo., was wiped out by fire. Loss, 835,000. The probating of the Fair will of September 21, 1SSM, has been continued lor one week. John Halmeyer, a farmer living near Mt. Olive, HI., was struck and instantly killed by lightning 1 . Louis Colliflower, of Bushnell, ILL, was found dead in the police station. THe coroner's jury returned a verdict of death from alcoholism. Capt. Woodson,. Indian agent, reports that the reported sale in Oklahoma of a younjr squaw to an aged Indian is without foundation. The Southern Standard Telegraph company, with a capital stock of S4,- 000,000 to operate in Tennessee, Kentucky and the Carolinas, has been organized. At Wampoo, Ark., an attempt was made by Constable John Green to servo a warrant on Milt Harper. Green received ten buckshot and Harper twenty-three. Both men died. Benjamin Eadcliffe, who shot and killed the entire school board of Park county, Col., was removed from Buena Vista jail to Pueblo to escape an attempt at lynching- by vigilantes. The Indian bureau has received a dispatch from Ralph Hall, Indian agent at Turtle Mountain reservation, stating- that everything is quiet there and that the Indians have returned to work. The cavalry and artillery at Fort Sheridan and the Third, infantry at Fort Snelling are ordered to attend the encampment of the Wisconsin state militia at Camp Douglas, July (3 to August 4. A Mend's Advice. MONTAGOE, Mich., Nov. IS, - 9S William Windeckneek, a wealthy farmer of Mufkegon county, personally appear before me, u Notary Public, this day, and deposes and Bays: "That for the past year or so he was afflicted with weakness, trembling, heart failure, extreme nervousness, headache ana general debility; that he has consulted wilh physicians and received no benefit. He wae pereuad ed by a friend to try a sample bottle of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizar, and he says that the trembling 1 and nervoud feeling was immediately' stopped by its use. Afterwards he used two bottle ol the same medicine and says he is entirely cured and freo from that trembling sensation; his heart gives him no trouble and he sleeps well. He further says that his general heahh is much better, and that he is calling: the attention of bis neighbors and friends to the remarkable value of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitallzer," Signed, W. WINDECKNEUK. Sworn to and eubsoribed before me, a Notary Public for Muskegon county, State of Michigan. JAMES MORRISON. For Bale by Ben Fisher, Druggist. They Dre\T straw,. COLUMBUS, Ind., May 9.—In tho four towns in this county tho republicans carried three of them at Monday's election. In the other instance the democrats elected the town marshal, while the vote on the treasurer and clerk was a tie. The. republicans in the dra-mnjf of straws came out successful. Banker Beach Acquitted. ROCKVILLE, Ind., May 9.—Tho trial of John S. Beach, the Terro Haute banker charged with embezzlement, came to an abrupt ending- shortly after the opening of court Wednesday morn- ujg, Judge White sustaining the motion of the defense to instruct the jury to bring in a vordict of not guilty. TTTO Llres 8«Tcd, Mrs. Phoebe Thomas, of Junction City, 111., was told by her doctors ehe had consamptlon and that there was no,hope for her, but two bottles of Dr. King's New Discovery completely cured her and eho says it saved her life. Mr. Thomas Eggers, 139 Florida St., San Francisco, Buffered from a dreadful cold, approaching coneump- tlon; tried without result everything slse, then bought one bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery and In two weeks waa cured. He ia naturally thankful. It Is such results, of which these are samples, that prove the won« derful eScacy of this medicine In coughs and colds. Free trial bottles at B. F. Keesling's drug store. Regular size 50o. and $1. Sick Unio Death. FOBI WAYXE, Ind., May 0.- Ex-Congressman A. H. Hamilton is dying at his home in this city. He is afflicted with strangulated hernia. Sir Robert Peel DeaiL LOJTDOX, May 9.— Et Hon. Sir Robert Peel, who was chief secretary for Ireland from 1361 to 1SG5, is dead, aged 73 years- Mown This! We offer One Hundred Dollars' Beward lor anj case of Catarrh tbat canno: be cured by Hall's Catarrh Core. F. J. CHEN*EY ft CO., Props.. Toledo, 0. e the undersigned, bava known F. J. Cbenw for the last 15 years, and believe him perfectly honorable la all business transactions and financially able to carry ont any obligation made by . 'Wholesale Druggists, Toledo . O . KnefAJt * MiBVlif, Wnolesala Draz gl«. Toledo, 0. Hall's CatauJi C«TB Is taken Internally, acttof directly npon tte blood and mtwoos surface* of tte«nt«». ftl« 75c I** druggists. TcfUmonlali tree. No BBea^to Kfiad, " " : in order to find outabout Pearline, Your friends can tell you all you want to know. You'll find most ot them use it Ask them about it. We'll leave it to any one of the millions of women who are using Pearline, if it isn't the best—the most economical thing, for washing and clean- in^. But all the Pearline users don't get its full benefits. Some seem to think that it's only for washing clothes or cleaning house, Pearline washes everything, -i. And with almost every use you can put =fj >>to besides the labor it saves and the rubbi^lt <river, YOU better work—better results _ , v^^™^™^^-^^^^ . or "the siaw as J «-.u..c.. - - - ;hing in place O f Pearline. be it Rark "ll^K* "' ^ J - AMESPYLE>NewYort J_>clv-zi* Not Samples! Of what you don't want but a full stock of Desirable Shoes At WALKER & Rf\UGK Where quality is our first object at prices to make them GO. RlCYGLES, ARE THE HIGHEST OF AL1 HIGH GRADES. ..Warranted SuDerlor to any Bicycle Built la thu World Hegardlesii or.Price Bunt and guaranteed by iho Indiana Bicycle Co., u Million Dollar corporation, whone bond U ns good as pold. Bo noi buy a wheel until jou have seen the WAVKRLEY. Scorcher 21M, $85 , . Indiana Bicycle Co., Indianapolis, Ind., U.b. A For Roe Printing. You will find the Journal Job Rooms i%s jrpassed. LETTERaHBrtDS ' INVITflTlONS PROGRflMS, STflTEMENTS, CrtRD8, ENVELOPES f\ £>PECIflLTY. You get our figures and we'HJdo the work. Do not fail to call on the JOURNAL for Jot) Printing. "A FAIR FACE MAY PROVE A FOUL BARGAIN." MARRY A PLAIN GIRL IF SHE USES SAPOLIO KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, 013 Broadway. General Fire, Life and Accident Insurance. Money to Loan in Small Amount!. 412 BROADWAY.

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