Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 7, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 7, 1916
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE SATURDAY. OCTOBER 7,1916 AMUSEMENTS, AMUSEMENTS. Honse of >f eainres GRAND Honse of Fealnres Lionel Rarrymore and Grace Valentine in Dorian's Divorce aho MUSTY SUFFER COMEDY _ —.£jgj§ Monday if ..''.KeTalitKejurJ.'ofJt ft ^ Casey at Itie Bat "idfl 51- Featuring DcWOLF; HOPPER At*0'Key*ton«- Comedy, HIS FALSE STEP 7a««d«y—John B»rrymorc ia hin great triumph. THE RED WIDOW LOST HORSE PECULIARLY. •""• '•> '';.':•"-- '" ' >»>*"i!.-.n. : -nr i tf ; .••! ;,, :! ,' .---•.•• , - |. ...":!. ••.,.:;h , f l!..- | W t * ji3 j. •>*!„ ,' 1 i r f/i ': i* * % '' ,„ t/t VAUDETTE Tonight—Vaudeville Throe Avis. Also Taming of Wild Bill", ami \ TO BE MADE TEST An hijiitje! ion Miil fnay bi> fib d l>\ j,\<!.,rney I,H» , y hi behalf -of 'the St.-ite of !'i)Hn>H ri'Minnf Thotn.-is l',u:e HI th" near future aM-;irn: th;it : he In restrained flo(tl tnlelferillK Ml Ml the liuhl's of the publlr on \{,n !< river Thr*e big ihowi—7:00 to 11:15. | • ilh< t fm boatirfe. Inn-tine. Hammim.: MONDAY, Wm. r*»rnum In "Tbe ( or any old. r I a « fnl mean -<. <:..tald(.. Bondman," by Mal| I'alne, 3mm pe..i. I Marry of. the ,Mt«-rne> fiejn ral'.« office filf. 8 months in malunir Matinee' VV1IS ' '" "i.vm r-'r!da\ inv<«tt«atini! the and ntftttl " ! stain*'of the i|tiait(l luluien Pane and - , . ,_..'.. " „ ....; (several elaHUm'!-*, nnd InasltuK li as Tenth week at LaSalle, Chicago ithe Attoine> • (iem -ml' lx iieve« the pub- VAUDFTTE !"'•' W ' :I(M M "f ""' ftal.e me the lawful hill- of the piddie he will ill all prob- 'aliilitv start a test ea-;e here within •\ I i ' u • ' k fin :i-im.-i! iw-' !-''n:v| • '••,'"':,•-: :, • .1 !:.-. ire.-ir «' ! ;. . f. »•}:. !(.-- ; . i 1 i ! , i ' ! ' h ' S 1 , I ' • ! ! » ! ! I * -i J >, N 1 \ t l ? ! ; , (,...< I- [., !., ';, U ,! !h'- !;-!>. Went ! l : . " < ;", ' I., d, ;',! ,1 dri'il. il'iruiL'" dfir- I - ' u , , ;; . '. t , - ; M! i :>•: H s - *-•<•>• k 1 i:'h ! :; i !n; it vv.,-; M:<- f<,';rth ini- u. M; Mi?, 'i- H li;'--- t.---t !hi-; \ e:;r GONE TO NEW YORK. \l. (l .I 4 i..l UIU4-- JVi:.. iC..a~ - V*it k l.'il.y- :• \ !i:n< !•(•<-n xi-itlnc i>< Ib" home Mv and .Mi/ .T.dni f'.'i«h niifl.f.iTnlty f-i urn we« ks. Mr Mi'i'.irl N inter- i -Ted in tin- v. M r. A work In the 'Mtu :i!n} U;i\^ and h-'is tiet'T) at the T.-M.!- V I'oidi i f>ir siitiif time biit was • ii!.d i» N«-\v Y<-rk Tity f"i tvorfc :h'-i(i Me \va« in tfie n.iv>- tv<irk on Ms tiefm bord-r. M. E. RUMMAGE SALE. The |:idiev ,,f' (be I l-'oiutll' Street ,\!etln>di':f e.bureb bit ye been hnlditiK a I IHIIfTvij.-e in the I n n. K. bnlldlnt Tuesday, Oct.-10th, one day only "Where Are My Children?" !t belief the A'lt'irney (ieniiiil that the stale lleen- «ini; thcMe rlainnietH "hall protect them the Kieiiteftt piodiKtioii, H . a | M i n f r ii, Kr . m( -nt of their rights to «vpr nboM'ti In Hlt-rllnt:; will be *hnwn ; f,,i|o\v thrir xdc.ition, thp samr an In f'hb'iii'o. ,\n day 10.00 a. m to 11:00 p. m. i , MOTHER SERIOUSLY ILL. All SeatS 25C I Mr}< - I 5 !'""'!"- l'a\ve... of . noyeman. "No one umier i»; admitted. Tiiliets ,..,"" ' w ' ln "' ""'"' '* ' '-'•'»* I Inif-day iu<'tnlm: of the very serious !!lne.'--.M of her ilKithi v. Mix. Iliiwex bill JUft J'ecetitly (irrlveil In l.'rophelHtown from the western '*it\' for an extended (vl"ll there and In Humo with relatlve?- jmd friends. Mix, Pawen.i* n dauubler iof .Mr;<. Mars fleavi'lnnd of Hoxeinan. , ,Mo-ntnna. and Mrn. lift«••*< IH hopfm: ja^altsst odd« that she muy find her yet infill alive and with prospc-elM .if ie- jrovery. Shi' \V:IH aeeoinji.inled on the trip by Annis Mi-1/^inv a relatlye who came from another Hty to be with her on the Journey and others of the relatives on arrival. INDIAN RESERVATION. Mr. and Air*. I'M. Kmmoiw rrttirrterl last nlubt from a two weekw" vl»»ll with his brother Iu Illoomflelil. North- "it Kouilh 'tnit until Iniely i«''eupbd >>>• Ihe J^ NV f. The ludli-M b:i\'.' tun H tliK-e dsn M and baye l>ei-n liavint; «-tee||i lit Miiee. s». The .«ale« o!| I'tidav and |oda\ haVe l-een extra 140,,,). v YORK FOSSIL MARBLE. Si,me very pretty lti;i|-|i|j> Is lii'itiK M--ed for the bnse tm.-iriN In the n<-\\ Kannally biiildlnt; on Third fdreet. It it what IN called York I'ow.^d marble, and rotiM'H from the enst. It i« dark and iiddH mtirh*'to the at trai'tlvenrsx of the front. You are Cordially Invited to a Special Shelving of Party Go Frocks Direct from New York Two Days 'Only, Monday and Tuesday Our New York Buying Organization Is Helping to iS/lake This An Occasion of Great Importance ' y* DANCING CLASS AT WOODMAN HALL, 8:00 to 9:00 Social dance 9:00 to 12:00 Saturday, Oct. 7, 1916 HEWSINJBRIEF J TODAY IN ILLINOIS HISTORY. "n 'let, 7. l,7<;,1, (he |(rtli.>di ministry (•"Mu-d a proelairVatToYii""fofliTdirrii.i} any iett|. metill ef ttfiltn jieojile vvcnt of tin <oiald Marfleet ftprnl Ihe day in IMx- 011. Mifse;. |,;va \\'lltiiini'i !ind Ilintna Mos- ioh fpenl ttur da* 1 In t*hlea»;o.. lion/I leii:it IliK'b SHio.d .lan.-liiH ( 'la is>i_i;it \\'ijo' s, to J^.*. Mr«. .lalle i;eh!ernaeh and daiiKhter, Hattkt njii'tit the day In Clinton. Motiabl Nmith. of Uoek 1'alls. nn filenib" In I.)|.\oti today Mrs. Karl Iietw«'iler, whil' ).i fes. U'c \vislijd ('HiHoiiiift 1 thai \\'f arc niciiiiHTs nf a N«'\v ^<>ik s\ nilicati; \vlio rci't't'st'ii! us in (lie Xt-w Vurk umrkrt. This (iru'aiif/.afi«»u rrpri'sfiiN i»\-cr llirtH 1 liiindn'tl of the land's! retail «lry ir«'inls .slort-s in the I'liitt'il States. This means that we arc in a pusitinn to huy nnr'niercliamlist 1 as eheap as any larue store in the country. It also means that \ve are in a position to sell hiuh u-ra<le merchandise nt lowest known cost. Ituivj-s us access to lines of merchandise that would he impossible nllicrwise. ^Unce each week tlie now .thinirs are re ported just as soon as they make their appearance on the eastern market. DO YOU REALIZE what thi.s meaiLsJo ilia Imyiiiir pnl»Uc <Vf Stft'linir .aii'J...viciu.ity' It nienns tliat this store will always he the first to show the new and hard (<'» uot merchan dise and always at a lower ]trice as- the following letter from our New York or HI UNION MOVES. olflco of the Western Tnlon Co., in bebiK illoved today ,,,.,, Xl . hniHkj , T |,,. v w ,. r ,. delayed in ftmn ItH'uhi f|iiar(er« In the ISowman vVestern Iowa lard n IK lit. two or thne lildttlK llinler- the IU'11 Tt ii phone Co, jlnttirw, Ity i\ xtrltiK of freight film belm; otlP .of the new njot'es in the Kan- j piled- tip in a dltHi. Mr. I'lmmoiiH K.-IVN Hnllv liloeU n feu- limn« furllu-r we«t '"' wn.x tbroucll the Indian rexeryntion S 4*Ulf f |IJi*llV**'.* t W*l''*lP. ifl*Mll!i*l *a '. ?» I . reported worm? today, i>ye. of Tampleo. Hpent < Itib lo rtt- K Installed in n to tnnke a aim^r. ,\!IH. .Miller vv HI 'liii ye h.-i de»l< di- iM|ul|»m«'nt. JH l offi«'o iinii it is |»rvtty offiee. The in iiiirlhein \i i/i. and pnyx nearly every Indian drives an auto lnnteid of th' 1 hor«e and huuv.y as of oliK lie JI!MI. attended tile Indian fair, ejven h> I h fly ul the left eiilranee. The table!red skim*-of the n III bf_birK^_ t'tiotiKb for two opeiiatnrK i,.ry(hli>j; on evtijbiti ni lioI'-H " for the rttatlom-ry ;.•- K ,-own by tliem. lie way.s they even ft, but . uml«r. the i-tmHter to|> for records, and other artieh s. (JB wlrof»..7mr~tJFtrnrTCftt,today and fs»rred to the new office. ft l« (but all business \\ ill he done 9Vpr tho wires in tbo m-w offu'tr Mon- Ille ho.xpitdl tH MI^, A, W, I. l-'riday here on ' <*4iieken-~K«H«t>«-l o < lo( ^i luiilubt.* A. 1*. J'ortner t<|iend Krldiiy In Harmon on hfiMlieHit. ,- i'nr loud of IVm-'.i -Jnx't In. fall at -» an In.-w .V rn. Itok l-'alln.* MIMH i'. .At. I'ortner. who ba« been M'iloU»i!y 111 in slowly imptovltiK. ..'MrH. (iimben returned tiom^ r'riday floin a vinlt in Oeep Water, towa. .Mr>. H, V. Illltotf went In «'biea»;o H tnornliiK for a wltb fnendM. 'rhotmiN ConUoy waH a IniHlnesH call- Mt .n Bpprnjor, .•VlH,N___l / ti|:i;_ Tiirner <'lerk, nnd I'M, Jtowerx nij<ht nn-?<- IJKf>r, Tin; furniture was made e.«- clnlly for thl'a. room. -PLAN REPUBLICAN MEETINq, '.The (uxocutlvf' coinmlttei' of tin ItcpubUcan club held a meet' •ld«y' pvonbm in -the office of Mitchell, to e/ill .«mK h t'. .H. MillM ItiiH returned home from a. btiMlnciiN trip and ylnit In rbienKo. MTM. Snruli Johnson and won, Ohar- le«<, of. |)j*oii. Hjienl Tbiirmbiy ,wHh 1 »r. anil Mrw. «!eorKe* Maxwell.. Mlnr< Helen KuKetiKrcn in III and un, , r fi <<••.« .i !|I ' M> '" '"* '*' I"' 1 * dtttb'H at tbo Wyn«»- in l ' ilte ut -: lhB -'Ottzt-'ttt. fail | r>pjivpr H , nr|1 ..._ : .; i K. Ifall, who W.-IH "PLEASE CALL FOR MAIL. It would *i<r>in that nearly half of the folks who "lillvertlHe in .the I'laNwi- lied eoJinniiH triid have their aimwefN them. The -following i New York, N. Y., act. The J.K. Chester Co., S te r 1 1 ng , I 1 1.. , Gentlemen:- ,A'c cord ing to a r rang erne n^t a made w i th" y ou , we a r e sending a ape c i a 1 . eh i pinen t of Party dresses and Dancing Frocks which were selected from -the best makers in the city. As these same garments Will be sent to over three ^erl—o~f~~~cFTrT—c~l"1~B~irt~s~5njn—cran r^ranl~i~ry~nre~e~—ttrzri—Tt—mlfaTn Thi^f7"'TtvV.^^ t ,r < n.I^^n^ " r ' > »:...^'- > ;-. |w .;««"; »:«•! i»''.i.'.'..t Many ldj»cun»ed and actloiiM taken on a num- Bf. It llttH boon ib'clded to ha ye next iy nlRTifTi'TOrt'trxter occanion. Tlu- ban hr>J'Tl CTIgORed H'thT tlu> tlleet- ng will prbiiubly b» befd In the armory It can b«< procured. The ineetliiK for both- mcitjind women voti-rti, and fii HpoakefM will adilrexH them. It is te purpoHO nlm> to oiKnni/e the women g^ jlho city and and ..\vor_k. ^tarted nt mire to that end. ('mnnui- pee* from, nvery proeinet baye heen «d to carry out Die work for the light, More imrticulur* will b« an- u ua tliey are developed. INDIAN "HEAD TRAIL . Wr. IMItl AltH. \V. l k , Hiu-Uer of Mil). i>dgttv)||e rwifhfid Htorlbi^ this after- OH tho Jitilliui Head TtutirMr. 1 IH v|«-<> Prii'iiidi'nt of the Indian Trail Asuo/'lalion \slvfeh tbo road rtinnluK fiom Sterling to ami In* rnarlieil the trail tbt! inijj'KiJiK'trf^rlut iiuy for iUt K Entire. dlHtunc'i from .sterhtiK to Sa- j K.; one fur K.; four for fJ. K,; one for <•'. D. H.; four for II.; nine for J, «.; •ie'yeii for K,; one for I..; one for M, 15.; on* for M,; five for Air. Q.;'. twu. for It. It,; .two for-T,; two for \V.; and one for X, .1. The (iar.ette I'le.'tso call and t;e! „„,, \ v \vtlKin.s oame DEATH OF H. STEWARD. fTai'i y "Kt«-war<t; *iX yearn of ane, p;iss, ed away at hi* home, XH.S South t'ol- ayenue, J)ixon, yfnterday afls'rnoon about four oVIoi'k after an illnec.M t>f about llye week"' (Hiratloti during whirh time he Miiffi-red with a eom- f.»f trotibb'M. .He bad Jiecii «'onlbnid to bi« bml about Ihre*» weekfi.- Mr. Wit-ward w«» a nhoeniaker. Ife was Pinployeit. at Ibe Hhoe factory, hay- home Thiiwlay evenint; after u tvw dayw' yiwil in Chli-afjo, MIsK .Mildred Modler bah- rejsifjned her potdtlitn In J)r, HeardV office, MUis iiertrnde (Souke in taUini; her place. M Uell f il... h le.'i-n in tbtit employ since the rlrxl year the factory wa.i in cV»nna. Tltu- markers of nn i|ienilion in liixon. WAS INJURED BY COW, KltHer Anderson, wlio liven eant of flndltm hfarl painted on n boa id nenil.v fi«i»t lung and ten inches \\ide t9*h»iy'art-'plaeed al every interis<ctioii oilier ro.idn. i>ne IH put'on each of tlje • t'orner, but far enough |way to gtvo the bleu that thele In turn at those cornerH. It i.s e\i>e.-t- ^0(J Unit u jnan with paird and hiu.slie.s twill l>« nlonif on the. Hail in a tow and intl ImndM of nd and fbeneatli the Is MUfl'<<ring from in- ju.rieN received from H .cow Thnr*<day evening w'hib 1 niilkink-. Hi' waa found fron'i home tit the time of the catastrophe, \Vlifii found Mr, Ander«oii wan Htti :iit-irrtroitsrtntifr-riirtritlinTininTt'Tr'WTrTr .snmcT-tiine aft*'!' belllK aMtifMted "tiT'lbe Innise that be wan reKUjdlaled fully. Today lie i« tiiifli-riiiK with a terrible (lain in INN head and hat; been elnre the happKtaticc. DANCES WELL ATTENDED. A laixe number of people from Htcr- aiul Hock l''alls'atlelideil the d'lliei n l-'riday eveniiiK in Tampleo ha^^been viHHin« ber niece, Mr*, fleo. Slaxw'cil, leYt""' Friday'for Mi! ("aiToli for M .visit with rclatlvi'tf. !..,.. Mr. and Mr«. Bttrt Hneeil junl Mrn. I'l-ed Hneed left thlx inoriiltiK in IliVlr automobile for Chio/uK". whern they will viKtt .rolHtivcK for a week. M. II. Hook will li,(\'e a i-arlond of lOarly Ohio iiotntoex on Q. traek by Monday. Thoso potaloe.s -wt«ri»_ I'jilMed on bin farm i'n North Pfikiita.* > Mr, and Mr*.- Henry-•jMcuruH and' Mr. and Mrw. W. N. llanki-ll huvi» Kuno'to in tin- tieuiuis uulu for a nhort purchase of over 5000 of these garments at one time, which ia the' largest purchase made that there i s any record of. You can- truthfully state to your CUB tomers that they will B a v e f r om $3 . 0 0 t o \$ I'D . 00 on e y e r y g a riile nTt i at hi SB p e"c-i"-a"l"" s hi proen t. We must insist on reorders reach ing us within the next 1 Q days as the sale on these ga rinen t B w i 1 1 be enormous . Trusting youmayhave the success that you are entitled t o , i-n—o-f-f-e-r i n g your—nun torn ft r R—th i ft umin naJ opportunity, l>on't forget to Mend your to ,Mrn. K-- |;, Hell'H nu «.-!anft Sattirdiiy iifieriiouii from -:80 to 5 p. in, Woodmen* jfnll,* Mr. «nd Mr*. W. K, MtuiBim tind Mr. and Mr«. Hurry TIUHIIIIN took Hiipper with. Mr. mid Mr». (Jeoi>; ( > HOW of Jlar- at liurden'M ball . and tit I'ro- . (diet«lowii at |)reamlajid hall. Ry prices, pmir» ilu --- \uir- I'HIK.V heiiif |ei'.itii'«« lue or ;i for 2m-. Tiny ulivein eelory .H +'ii-jile'«,* ^!r. ninj MI-H. Milford Johnson nnd Mr, nnd Alrn. S, »S. |{oyei nre Hjiendint; Ihe week end a I t.hi! Nt'ltiou I'owell home in (he fount ry. Mr. <i ml Mrs. Kmij Krerit-liM of HIOHCM, Mrn, Jeiitii! MeKeo mid «on, I'VuitelH, motored to (owa <'ity, la, lodiiy lo •.pmiil Iho weeK ond with ft h nd* and we are R . B r o'the r s . Yours truly, - -v. The New Yo rk Me i*chan t s ' Buy i ng Synd i ca t e . May wo cxpt'ct you next Monday and Tm'sday to inspect this unusual dkjiluy of tlic l;is( fashion f You are wt'h'onui wind lici'yon wish Jo jniri'liase now or 'not, ...... I'ottH'idenee they both hehl on lht« ! • ajiie ni«ht, and ('ochran'H (ircjiei WOULD Bg NATURALIZED. I'hlllji l.auri, of Htetliim, \\,,nis t 1l0Cume an Amerir'an (iti/en and h.t: furnndifd fur both, Mr. Coehran had to Meeuie other (,'ood ->iht him. Those jiUendhiK • from thin , fit> May they were «lven a de|Juhtfu|" MH fliml eMimiiiiition IVb IM, i out bin last papei-H, Alt. Kami j time, and both .dances* were well at- borti tit t'alnta. Italy, and t une Am«Ttca, leading al New Voik .lulj 101(1, Hi- IIUH luM-n living in thix of tile time Milce He \\ill i KNOWS -WHO TOOK THE CREAM, The fhluf of I'dlice han di.scoveri d the name-, ( ,f |m> . who. look' the 181?. Jlt« witne»,.si'>. aie Nicboi.t-.'u-e fn.un from the home of riiafh-H tie and l.nniM 1','mnn lo I'lnhji I'l.i/ei o|j Fottrlli avenue nnd »>. in tin cream and fiuil few Th»' has mil decldid yet what will e done \\ lib ihe host! 1865 1910 There are Some things -^ you miiflit "Stump" UB on, but its not • _ Lumber, 1 and Building Material J'JlOlM 1 Il> \Ulir llt-t'tl ~ - iU\T \Ull W-c will ^ Service, Ouality and Moses Dillon Company See for Coal and Owl Cement Mr. -urifi Mrs. Frunk Ibindttll have leturiud (loin n ueeK'n vNu in AUI- »V,tUl<ee, wh'-fe Ihev Vihited Mi«,s J'lli- rnu XiKlei. inineijile^in n hn-.ine.sH nil. U'Ui> thei'f '('hey m.ubi the trip in (heir cur. and on the return joutney ' ' lloy, will -hts In cbargo of Minn Mary FIRST CONGREGATIONAL Sunday ««rvl«rfs at tb« iiMtiiil ImurK ut thn Kii'Nt ( 'oiii;r ( 'K)t"onal y «ehool nt A.- ai. | fit iu.^5 and tb MTvlec at half past Mtroet, Iluv. otin iiawtor, Kundity Hchoul ai '.i 1 .45, Junior t'oogregation and" rcKiilar morning seiyicn will be combined al |ii:4fi o'clock' imcbM' tbe direction of Hurry TbotnaH . Don't inli;:! llu'g. chalk -talk. • There will be,,-no fyeniiijj i>eryici» . Kpwortb ijeaum-: In the •>' Siibaorlbe for The Oa««tt-«... Advprtisc in Tins dastette. (d In i'!ili,u;d nnd lutiMiirbin (4|ie«»t e;ir tli-Ke|« are on »'le Ul l|ii' ni'tt olliie, tnx'i.1.1 of « 'tuner IniiK-htore Ticket olfii-e \vlll He open Mom (i ;;u A. ,vl, ii'ntil fns-t enleiiiihan fit .11 ,in I 1 M, All I'lUity <'o, 1'UHineMi will bo IIIIIIKII U'tl «|nr> 1ISH I (gill. If IHI.,lll*'S.H lll|l||> " Mr and MIH, 4ieuiKe r,./lto.««H, Mi. nnd Mi'< ll.'iiry Thom,i« and Mi und Mi?> W I-' and their mi' ml liliini: a 4rt|i to The 1'imx the !,in!e |.|i' live Hell (Mffioll, Hijllda\. nKlUK Hull liiHt picnii- Hip .to^etbei t'oi the [ THK CHIJRCUES ) "^TRINITY M. E. The Sunday i-ejr, n > ;j ,n dir 1 TunUj .I'i'Mi'd j.» inwlU'.il i bun b nit* lo bn n(. i -.jii t I || ntlUH foleJKII ,Mlt»Jon I'n vUll lie oli.^eiseil iit Ibe u ; i M J' e it 1a 'in .V \l ^ H h a n ai \ .iddK-.ft by the jutsinr on Ati-^ttrinr: uml Vtin t'hurrtl 4 - i Mhiiid .-it •• ;n A M At , .;u j 'l' M at both LUTHERAN ST. PAUL'S / to Wie J'aet that . KistVI' On account: of tbt» mt'etiiiK of ihe,] eonsregatlon, Tho (lerman Lutheran Uoek Klver ' nfeMiciatioti wltb I hid | CoiiKresaaon ul 1 JXsloii (tb-v. i|, 4>|e!4- u'cliii i», l>r. Jones will cburcb '('m Tlmr«<l ! iy and Prblay of .«eeH ban .Invite,I us, to celebrate I!K< i-oimiiK week, mid" 1'i'HMt on next Sunday, wrvice on Thuraday I'ViMiintr will | ber Sitji. there will lie no bo omitted, 'IUu» invited to i lie ibuti'li and to nil tbu M'Miiona of tile- Itoek Hixer as«f>(>ciatlon. Tlie AH- M'lmon will b»> prcncbei! by ict-H at tnoHt co/- j our clmrch on HUH Sunday. K. IH-yer, tho t-ervicea of i pa.Hto. % . ' " ' • . DR. F. W, BRODERICK - Practic* T4 m jt»Hl to RYE, EAR, NO8B »nd THROAT BRAIN SURGERY Ht)um: 9 to 12 a. m,; S t.a ^30 p, CQ. Fifth inoof Lawrence Bldg. *««rllnB,-.IH.— J —^—- Both B, .T,MOBEHOUSB Optometrist Oy*r Corner Drug • ' 8tor« 4 —I CALVARY BAPTIST. v t'oniei t'-'iftli utreet and l''ittb aveimi', the i{e\ I-' l-Mt-hr ' nnd p 3 ;- A Little Coal Talk eminent <leiK>men, vvt'ibin <bo worship. Sdiooir mibjeci. "The Itib n'tht' Unili« of ihe latioii —and' Ircmjcal t<i^iutii"atu-e of -Illood." l.'M p in .; lyiio, will lie pltiH'Ilt to deliver ,id- l hi oil '!.' tf,i Week, it til (mil! No ni' i 7 n . "-• S H n,i,\ • M-aum Tbi |> ilili .1- ' .-I !! .11 in. l!' ,! In Itli !,,) ;ili Ml I « i i i ill- • I ^ H ; • file (i iM. >1 ..V> 111 'i '') I|M Ili ! W.'K <•! .".fl \ 11 U* .'II 1 •! Mil, Hi. •«( I .'Hit /HI"! toi|i| Uili, i 1 - i ' I • , i-li d i'V lii ' \ .1 ' 'li nn ! -li i' i • * ins II 'i^-ii 'I !.,• « 'hi!-! .!!.;._ J.IH'I ( «,(' -i ! \ t, - V. Id (<•« bt-id *t !t> J' Al h:ilili'( I '\\ Nert \\t«lH I'/'t-tp+e'w helve: SllhJeCt, "Tile try of the t'huri'b as Tauuht by ,.lt".us," j 'Hie j'iubli.c I", cordially invited in \yor- j FIRST BAPTIST' / ^bip with UN. liou-as j^icfctj 1 will 'hold j ,...., . , nn ttll dav meeting \\'edne-:da\\ .,...,... \ Ilinikie jiasiiit. Sunday! "• "• Hcboi'l at a ,'jn, MoinlntC woihhlp at) .. ] Itfi:. I'luidren-h -sermon-"The Ciip-j . Lines .to, Be Remembered. ,. j l-lc'.s tia.dH.n" Ki-uular « The! I I'at'K my troubles In ti^ llltU' com-,; I'lolilimol l-.tin and. .Su'ieiniK 11 y, j I'i lt; ^ »« 1 <'«H for inyself, a.nd ites-er let,' I'. I at it :M. Kveitln^ (' I!", f Ibi'SIl lllllloy Millers. v-SulU'lley,' I. Hnbei t "Tbu (''otiudiftl"!!." Tburhday ; __ ' . . t * ' ^ n ^ _ j' ev< nin,' d'Xotionitl Heiviie .it 7 M \Ve j '-•"•"•""-...-—; .-.'-»,---•.-"———-• ^ Would be K'ad to hale you ionic ^tid < \\oit-bip »Uii iih 'I'he J.idtcx ol -4be; Wijl luihl 14. ujnuii.i^ii Mult.' IViV: rtuj and »!».iiiii d t> uct i;i and Jl i __ ».> Ill' M It 'A HI, Slllul l> Attorney «t Law MONEY TO LOAN On Hewl' K«lulo -friei'nrity 41 1 Luwtfinco ina, III. ilifM' tlays is 0 in jirat'f. Don "I think it will al\\ny.s ln>, .sniniiH'r tiiw*. " Cultl M'oatlu'i" will bo hen 1 hc- rorc 1 \ (,Mi know it. So why N Hot provide for it by lay ^ ij|^ in your coal suj»|»|,v now '"l^V't fis fill yoiir.hin.s jiow, huvt! t-lu 1 - iu)al : -<jiujs---- lion unt of tin 1 wav, T Si' The ! iiui'li and U v * Saud tiiiuii-" "(i,Ui .iii 7 • 1" 1 '(I, it M;. ( "li-m h " Atr II^t.T i i.tMltid ,ti,id i< mi.uti-ttr will h i\e i h.tlMi or the Sibh.ith must, ^,, .>,iii! ( v\j|j nil-el ' AliiiM'ay 4 ^ iVHt.'t; .51. FIRST WETHOOI8T E, U, TAYLOR F.I HE INSURANCE HSAL ESTATE ' and RENTING , , Notary PwW«c « Reck Falli^Hi, Peop^ * ' All grades in slock now -•" ' j ~ M ~ *\ ' * , . t BOTH PHONES . • , .; 211 S %. AVE.

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